Page: 200
Brake Booster and Brake Master Cylinder Testing
How do you diagnose a bad master cylinder?
Lemans or other Headlight kit
Factory Aluminum wheel backspacing
Painting Interior Parts
Muffler advice on BB
upgrading - Carb / Distributor or both??? should I?
Sure would make for an interesting....
speedometer and tire size dumb question
Motor / Trannie Break in...
Need your Opinion
They were thinking ahead….
Im back on the car again
Murfreesboro TN, I sure need help please!
Rear Wheel Camber
Instrument Light Problem
carb jet problem
Those window mounted flags don't work on C-3's
T-5 and tremec experts
80 Rear Deck T-Top Carrier (where to buy?)
Stripping down to frame....
ttt, what the heck does that mean???
Smoke coming out of the crankcase vent tube
fun with pep boys/autozone/strauss
mid america
Questions??? Help please!!
200 miles down...
Gsc3 Ii
OT Where to find parts for classic Fords?
New Heads
Can a title be cleared?
Rear Spindle...
Any Experience with a World Products Engine
Is a cam worth it? C3
Anyone ordered from Gulf Coast Corvette??
OT: Siezed Cars
Mint 78 limited edition for auction
removing flared fenders
What do I torque the nut to on the thingie that holds the ujoint
Max Gross weight for 68 coupe?
Cutting springs part 2 of ??
Is a Fan Clutch Matched to a Thermostat ???
Reduced Pulleys (anyone using them)
Where to buy C3 parts ? Any Catalogs ?
My Paint Sux! Anyone know why?
Rant: Bosh platinum Spark Plugs Cost me $300
78 pace t-tops
Posting pictures
EFI Conversion ?'s
Which HEI distributor
throttle is sticking! NOT GOOD
Stalling and bogging
Starting problems : (
Black smoke inside cab??
QJet question.
Brake Conversion
Need advise on removing headlight assy...
Did you get creative with your seats?
Restated electrical question
Price on a '77?
Pulley help needed for my new engine.
Holley Experts Check In Here
#2 Body Mounts!
Determining Rear Diff Ratio???
Need Camshaft Info
black chrome bumper pics.
Reinstall AC

Page: 201
How to connect dwell meter?
What's involved in installing new front rotors?
Ceramic oil additives
Barrett Jackson a Real Scam
Belt needed?
Sent some stuff to Bairs
GM Photo Archive Site - very cool
Keisler 5 or 6 speed (anyone have one)
E Brake light
Undercar Chambered Exhaust ?!?!?
why wont photos post with signature
How not to get burned with sidepipes?
Engine overheating with no EGR valve connected??
Can't remove antenna from 74 coupe
Big Dragvette article in Corvette Fever
Help with Horsepower estimate...
Heat is the enemy all right!! ( kind of funny,long)
HELP car won't start
weird side light??
To anyone who has done ANYTHING to their corvette. HELP CORVETTEFORUM!!!
fuel lines
Praise for the Eastwood company
thanks PatG
Factory weight for '69 427ci convertible
SB Oil Pan & pump Recomendations
horn location
OT- Can someone ID this steering box?
Any interest in a Triple Crown!!
Power Brake Conversion - need help
Hesitates and misses on Hot Days
san diego area tuner?
OT:My apologies
Power Door Locks
will paint stick to chrome?
Looks Like the Sticky Above Is A Little Dated
Mech Tach Question
Ultimate Garage
72 454 intake casting number?
I'm a sucker for ebay...I just can't help it
OOPS! I hope that carb line wasn't tooooo important.
Just out of much is this tach worth?
Many Lessons Learned Today!
Burnouts, Drag Racing, Beer, and Corvettes! Time to register for Cruise-In III!
Cutting springs
front suspension rebuild
It's Alive !!
Replaced tach circuit board - needle rotates counter-clockwise with power removed??
stupid question
paint question for the paint gurus
door hinge pins/bushings, how to change
Power Steering to Manual Steering help needed.
68-75 hardtop fit...
OT: Need a title???
Replacing Power Brake Booster
AR 383 Running - Have a few Questions . . .
Heat - what works ?
Got my New Boyds (Smoothie II) ON!!!!
Stock fuel pump users.
Finally Solved Wiper Problem
DHL a UPS Competitor...I dont think so!!!!!!
71 to 82 Waterpump
steering issue; need advice
How do I find?
[Electrical] No power windows
Torque convertor
NEED,advice, how to lean out a street demon
Suspension noise
Dash wireing harness question
Current lead times...FYI

Page: 202
Oil Filter Bypass Blockoff - Good or Bad?
Holy mackeral!!! L-88 on eBay
VIN Records Check/History etc
bias ply pressure amount for F70-15 1969 corvette
C3 side marker light mod??
Nose emblem for an '81?
Accidental Discovery....Key Warning Buzzer
The vette that Bubba built
Stock HEI question for a '79
Are 77-82 brakes better than 68-76?
What distributor should I go with?
Mufflers for side pipes
Performer Carbureator
Windshield frame wows!!
when should i rebuild steering column?
Half shaft safety hoops rubbing...
latest ebay listing....
Okay I am looking for a site that sales billet steering columns for my 80
Heads-up racing Vettes v. Vipers Maryland 7/31
Brake Light Problem
Fiberglass Bonding Adhesive
Idle speed problems
Brakes fixed ... new problem
Dialing in stock bellhousing??
Dumb Q: How can you tell now if the posts have a photo?
Posting Rules
Tilt/Tele Steering column for '68
ARGHH need some help. Screw extractor broke off in bolt:(
Need Help Finding Seatbelt Parts
More Motor Mount Problems
OT Beer Me! Look at my new cooler
L88 air cleaner. What carb fits and related ??
C3 rear spring replacement
New C3 owner
anybody have rec. for oil for leaf spring?
What do you guys think?
Pics of my trailing arm assembly on
Anybody replaced the dash wiring harness?
My timing light doesn't work with MSD
BB spark plug wire lengths?
Still need help starting car
Rear bearing replacement
help with belts and pulleys
Where Do I Go To Test Pic Posting
NCRS and Objects In Mirror
New Member with a big problem
Idle Mixture Adjust Help Needed
Anyone have Flow Tech mufflers or like / hate them?
The boyds are mounted and on!
Has anyone used / installed a Dash Cap???
68-69 fender louvers question
[San Antonio] First S.A.S.S. gathering (with apologies to our Austin friends)
Two top piston rings??
Soldier in Kuwait needs help in Ohio
The fugly '72 is back on Ebay...
Car's here - got brake problems
grease fitting or bleeder screw caps
Emissions Exemptions in California?
Instrument panel dimmer switch replacement
Help! 74 seatbelt override
76 AC question How often should it cycle
Carbon Fiber Dash Kits
Paragon Reproductions?
Protonix egnitorII
squeeky rear end in left turns, slow driving only!!!
Lack of power and high RPM miss...

Page: 203
Very odd battery question
Good books on performance building the 700r4 / 2004r
C3 body mount install, Any info??
How much should this service cost?
Question on Speed Demon
Oil line sealing?
How often do U go through old maintenance records
HELP pt. 2--bolts for upper control arms
replacement ignition points
Replacing dist. magnetic pick up?
Seat Back Hoops
What kind of Engine??
68 Temp. Sending Unit Part #?
Paint shop in NE Ohio?
steering coupler
Ebay Scammer???
Anyone have a metal locking gas cap?
Ramjet 350 retrofit
Auto Shifter Sticky
75 350 Engine Block Numbers
Power windows not so powerful
Warning light lenses
1974 Radio Removal, How do I remove it
Valve sizes in stock heads? I'm lost!
Asked before but then i was gone. transmission rebuild kits.
Mod original block or go with a crate
What carb to get? What engine?
half shaft u-joints
Say hello to my little friend ( new Car)
Bleeding power steering pump
stingray badge
Front spring removal a success.
How rare?
AMSOIL vs Mobil 1
Found Sleeves In My Calipers
Who Owns The Yellow C3 @ Top Of Page?
stinger hood?
Teach me about modern backspacing
Where to buy Cool C3 t-shirts???????
Question about brake/fuel lines...
conventional vs. synthetic
Upper control arm stud nut?
How many times are we gonna ask...
Dist. puck-up and MSD check out????
repairing the rocker panels
My steerin column is SHOT. ?ssss
my corvette is on FIRE!
should my tremec leak?
Anyone have a super or turbo for sale?
Where to find cat "bypass" tube ???
Which wire goes to the coil? Image included.
Got a C4 blower motor
How much power loss 1/4 mile to high heat
Headlights quit...
I Got Z06 Seats In My C-3
Pulling to the right when braking.
How do you guys like your Steeroids conversions?
Finally, my new TTII's & tires
offsett trailing arms
Any Forum members near Woburn, Mass?
Front emblem alignment/measurements?
Fuel Pressure Switch
How can I tell if my clutch fan is working properly ?
What to look for in a C3?
Thanks to all the A. S. S.'s (Austin Stingray Sharks)
I got my new site up! Lots of pics of my car.
Pick-up This Months Vette Mag, Profiled Gal's and Their Vettes
Who's vette is that?
Electric Seat Switch

Page: 204
Friendly suggestion for those who are new to high performance cars.
New with an '82
Damn brakes are breaking my heart...and other things
Where is the front brake caliper Bleeder valve???
paint job prep questions
Request for electrical calculation/conversion help
Is this Rust????
No oil pressure at idle
Help me toot my horn!
What happens if I cut all body mount bolts?
Clutchfork position?
Help!! Stuck in Reverse
Cd Player Gauge Bezel
O.T. Hilarious video Take a look LOL
Hood Release Cable
Clutch pedal "popping" noise / feeling (help)
anyone ever bought a tranny off ebay?
Do You Ever Just Take A Brake From Corvettes?
Door Panel Installation
72 wiper door problem
Can this make a car run hot?
whats it worth
Trans swap - why take apart yoke?
Door Spring Replacement
Can we now split the C-3 site, please.....
Harmonic balancer not going on all the way
TOOL QUESTION: What rivet gun/bucking bar combos....
"clunk/scraping noise when turning/shifting
Whale Oil
Who here can lock up their brakes?
Al Knoch Carpets -- anyone use them???
Headlight Stop Screw
what is the minimum power requirement for a compressor to drive an impact gun?
removing body panels
Muncie case to bellhousing?
Need Help Confirming Bad Wiper Motor
Crane XR-1 points Conversion Kit
Car running like crap today.
Fel Pro 1003 center coolant hole in block
"Private Messages" on forum--a mild rant
i got the SQUEAKS! help!
Cleaning garage floor oil stains for paint
Black Batter cable at alternator. Where does it go?
What were the stock 79 L-48 valve springs?
Value Question
Rocker Channel Repair
Does anyone know about the WHALE OIL?
1970 Flasher/Relay Asm. Problem
Electrical Experts-Check My Post in C2
Q-jet secondaries adj.
Torque spec for bellhousing?
68,clutch linkage problems
Any BB's Running Manifold Vacuum to Advance Can?
Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter Thermostat ?
Heater core, what could be the difference?
SB 4-speed guys, what flywheel are you running?
Anyone have a pic of a 68 Corvette Center Dash
Please help with wheel choices
Hurst Shifter Adjustment
Distributor advance spring kit
Little E and the Factory Corvette
Headers and Side Pipes for under $500???
Light switch vacuum lines
Correct Thermostat
Got a question about putting my body back on the frame
what compression ratio would this be?
Progress on interior conversion, almost complete
bumper cover retainer bolt removal?!?!?! rear rotor removal
tacho and headlight question

Page: 205
zip discount??
Nearly died... stupid water pump
ignition wire protection from headers
parts order: did I forget anything
aftermarket steering wheels?
qjet pros. question.
Follow up to last nights screw up. . .
California SMOG Information
C3 Electric Headlight conversion kit?
Wiper Questions
OT: Check out my new website (Vette-related)
free bubble lights!
Front Wheel Bearing/Rotor Assembly Question
Help with Seat ID
Need help installing aftermarket distributor/coil in '81
Dragvette safety loops installed
TH200R4 Transmission mount question..
Electric choke hot start problem?
How did my post wind up on page 3?
Quadrajet Carb Info needed
Holley cab tips
Need tuning help!
What is a good way to protect vinyl dash from cracking?
Collapsing Steering Column
Camshaft break in lube
still having problem with stumble/misfire/backfire on 73 vette
center console help
replacing u joints, anything i should know?
New Guy
78 corvette electrical problem
Big Block Hood dimensions versus Stock Hood Dimensions (C3)
Brakes are grabby - I hate brakes
More brakes! Odd problem (at least to me).
Vapor Canister?
Fix cig lighter?
Hood Replace on 69
HELP!! Do I have my control arms reversed??
DRAT: Headers=new plug wires?
ATT: "The Dude"
Fram Oil filter problem????
Auto to 4 Speed Swap or vice-versa - how difficult?
Boyds arrived today
Pics of my baby before body work
So, I wrote a book...and.....
how to load pics?
when do you shift
Anybody ever used a "Dash Cover"?
Any front wheel bearing upgrades etc.. needed when doing wheelies??
Ordered 383 short block today...
wood shift knob wanted....
Anybody use steel head gaskets?
Anyone use the Freeze 12 (Freeon 12 replacment)?
grrr...need help with new forum search function
Differential drain and posi setup
Cops on Speeders (Corvetters)
T-top cracked!!!!!!!
give away to good home...
Too close to header?
AN fittings to PS control valve
I need information on hooker Headers
What's this wire?
Seatbelts & harnesses need help and advice
...took the vette to an after work function
1972 California Emissions
Gotta love the location of this Nitrous purge. :D
Whats a 79' worth?
i need info. on angeled heads and headers
New Group Purchase – SpeedX
Help! I screwed something up. . . .
new c5 wheels or stick with c4 wheels on the c3?

Page: 206
Sealant under w/s molding. What to use?
Turnkey 10 second '68 for $17k
Backfiring 72 Vette
RANT about brake lines
brake question
1969 Corvette with Bias Ply tires Question
Vector rims 4 sale/trade/help
need help locating backup switch connector
Picture of my '78-- Opinions?
Installing New Whiskers On The Door
Smart Struts Squeak
Leaky intake gasket
Mods questions for you.. Need some advice
A/C Conversion questions
what does the correct 69 wiper washer tee fitting look like?
Rode in yellow rocket
Window Tint removal?
Overhaulin does a '64 tonight on TLC
drive train/broken e-clip?
Clear coat ?
new tail lights and back up switch just in!
Tightening Spindle Nut
HELP! A new leak on my C3- what is it?
help on tie down straps
Louvers installed
81 Headers??
Factory Fender Alarm
Rear compartment trim removal
new body mounts
Front end alignment question
Radiator Fan
Do I have a brake problem?
Rubber ends on springs
gas pedal/throttle cable sticking
1980 Carpet kits
Sorry, wheel/tire question #468
Changing out Creaky Urethane Bushings
Sporadic Starting
275/60 x 15 Wheels on a 8 inch rim ?
Austin (Texas) Stingrays and Sharks Monthly gathering..
C-3 Body Kits
north jersey c3's?
New carb arrived today
Side Pipes - Questions
New Guy seeking guidance
Aftermarket Alarm System in a C3
Dragvette safety loops showed up today!
Hair-brained idea for blower
Carb jetting?
Q-Jet Tuning
Did 1971 LS-6 motors come with A/C
Got a free Performer RPM intake...
Need help identifying heads
Starting problems
Warn bystanders that are too close?
Interesting discovery (qjet horror!)
side exhaust grounding straps
Where to buy POR-15
Some intresting finds and a few ?s
do i have to drop the exhaust
Sticky Ignition
Smelling Gas
Interior restoration question
Loud POP coming from Bell Housing - HELP
New member with questions about my '78
Rode the tow truck home today. Not cool.
New G Tech Competition Pro
78 electrical schematic please

Page: 207
Window Regulator
Redline Radials-Who?
1981 Factory Tire Size ?
Edelbrock Performer RPM Packages: Anyone Running One?
Not bad for 60 bucks huh?
Where is the best engine compartment location to mount an Accel coil?
stress cracks.... ideas
Performer intake on a ’69 big block with L36 hood
Dana 44?
OT (slightly)- Timing Light Recommendation?
Need 82 antenna cable
window question
Anyone Use Water Wetter
Looking for a part......Interior Lamp Mounting Bracket.
What spark plugs are you using?
Overhaulin Vette on TLC
Aluminum 427’s questions
No brake lights!
Forum vendor who deals with SS hose and AN fittings
Dyno testing in Ft did it go?
The old dirt in the needle and seat trick ?
Auto trans won't shift out of 1st!
Interrior Restoration (update)
Electric choke
Anyone have a garage lift?
Help with proper plug gap
best place to get rebuild kit?
No power steering brackets
What do people think of their kyb shocks?
What causes bubbles in paint?
Better mirrors.
invisible black corvette
New heads
My 53rd and the 'vettes 35th BD today!
brake bleeding.
Sidepipe install is done.
Need pwr steering bracket pics
How to build a strong rear end for a C3...
Speedo not working
How would you price this full resto '74, 454 full roller, 4 spd, Coupe w side pipes?
Need Drag strip pics
Hot water valve?
Big Block Cam Timing
'79 Parts
Rebuilding your own yokes
Fiberglass sidepipe cover question
fuel line hitting cooling line
Model Year Question -
vapor cannister
I just got off the phone with Jet Hot, they said.......
Amp. Guage
Storage frame removal for new carpet
Chrome Door Strikers
Headlight Vacuum hose ,& Actuator Seals replacement
Converting to manual steering?
Rear compartments on a 74
Hey Vettfixr! Your Lead Is Slipping
New ET street tires :D
Anyone notice the new C5 prices?
1969 427/435 Six Speed???
I am going insane!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some cam and valvetrain questions (again)
Paging VBP
Post pictures of new interiors please
Power steering pump and cylinder install
Big Block Headers
Looking for thermostat advice
OT (the horror)Cheap Fix-er upper BB anyone????
vette withdrawal
Loose Fan Shaft

Page: 208
Are 487X heads any GOOD?
New guy checkin in
convert & coupe windows
UA6 factory alarm system for 69
Please help identify loose vacuum hoses and wires
Screen resolution to fit posts properly?
Car show display sheets/displays
Just finished my car...
Looks like it is motor mount time!
Wow, *big pic*
HVH Super Sucker spacer on the way. :)
Are all Carbs the same height?
80-82 with rally wheels?
I just go My new toy 1972 Corvette
OT- ???'s about A/C
(OT) Headlamp lens
Looking for choke plug
Gearbox help please...
My Car is a Freak
Is it normal?
Did the Hooker-Jet Hot Coatings sidepipe deal go away?
leaving car outside in colorado opinions?
69 Big Block Pulleys- Help Please
Demon fuel line connection?
Help with Fuel Tank Purchase :)
Anybody running 4:10s on street
Exhaust smells like gas
Couple of pics of my new 18" Boyds
Owners of 82 Collector Edition Corvettes
Vette Viewing needed in Galveston Please
VanSteel running special?
Pulled the heads yesterday, and have some ?s
Brake Booster removal
New carb and intake VIVA LIFE!
I finally got my driver's side t-top weatherstripping and window to line up
Suspension question
Anyone use 40 degress below coolant additive?
632" Big Chief: pics
? 82's with OEM Charcoal interior
KYB GR-2's --NICE!
Starting Problems
Aircon Re-Charge
Anyone Have C3 Crossed-Flags For Desktop
Intermittant Starting
Anyone have a pic of a C3 w/pro street hood scoop
rear shock install w/ gymkana spring
C3 Interior plastic paint
Where can I get new side windows for my '68?
dealer manual for a 77
Where's my Sig.???
Mod Question - Rocker Switch Controls
Carb spacers, any test results???
carburator and exhaust question.
Side yoke and posi questions...
Vette ring and pinion type-12 bolt?
78 SMOG/A.I.R question
T-10 side cover gasket
Rubber Gaskets and RTV Sealant
Working with metal braided hoses
Fusible links???
From Sarasota Sam The Wheelaholic And Handbrake Man!
This thing's a beater, but I like it.
How low is my car??
I need some EXPERT engine part help (rod bearings)
extra guage location
[POLL] What oil are you running??
Possible trying to sell, help me priice it please..
What is with the wiper door?

Page: 209
Losing It?
Bypass the tach filter?
Has anybody used Spicer Chassis parts?
Looking for some pricing help (not dialup friendly)
81 Vent Cover Passenger Side
Wiper Switch Bezel
Canadian Vette
Possible C3 purchase... What to look for?
Side pipes are on -YA BABY!
For cripe's sake, any dirty engines on this forum?
anyone had problems with these size tires?
Differential cover install?
1979 canadian corvettes?
Thinking about a kwiklift...
72 454 - Lower hose question
How to drop the rear? Can someone give me the skinney on how.
L48 vs. L82 question
Buying a C3....hopefuly
Rear Fender Flares
Wiper/Washer pump solenoid
secondaries not working on my lars-bureator
Tire Size Reccomendation
Transmission Kickdown on Edelbrock 600
Soliciting Heat Insulation Input!
how much time do you spend repairing your vette?
Manual Brake Problems – Petal to the floor
What's Up With All the C3's for Sale?
installed MSD Dist and Tach not working
Rear tires on the ground!!
69 battery and body
BBC Pushrods
EFI Fuel Lines
motor mount replacement, one side only
Burn Out Contest
flame pics?
Alignment Shop Recommendations in CHS
79 corvette electrical
suspension question
1982 whats it worth?
Good find at AutoZone
test driving a new one if you own an old one
RANT: Hooker Sipe Pipes and Their Piss Poor Quality Control!!
Been sitting a long time...popping, backfires, and dies
Origin of cross flag emblem?
Car Collector Magazine
No better feeling
How long does it take your vette to drain the battery ?
Adjusting A-arm bushings w/ ride height change
'82 CE Questios
ON topic this time.... engine identification
Replacing Snubber Bushing...Need Some Advice
Lesson learned, Buyer Beware, Year of frustration over.
problems with ecklers again
C3 brakes....HELP
Total Advance Reading - how to
Some quick questions on wheels/tires
I hope i did not get ripped off!!! what should i do?
Help!! 82 died on me today
Anyone use the adjustable RCSI shocks?
O. C. Barry Needs Some Help Here
Ignition System
Hey Moderator, can your new forum do this?
Anybody got Boyd's Magneto wheel on...
T-Top Weatherstrip Replacement on 1980
72 Corvette with 454, which chrome valve covers to use?
A$$holes!!! I Am Soo Sick Of This Crap!
ColdHeat Tool?
Stick with C3 as Daily Driver?
C5 seats in a C3 how big a pain

Page: 210
Events, Help I know I'm slow but ????????
Question for forum vendors and/or fellow hosers
Help! Engine hanging half out…
Anyone Running Proform Roller Rockers?
Finally got her running.......PINGING!
brake question from newbie
need a name of electrical supplyer plz
Speed Demon install questions
Was my auto really a stick??? The story gets even more strange.
Gauge cluster mods
Double Flaring Tool Rec
Can my stock valve train handle this cam?
ground straps
New Side Yokes
Rear Springs
Cutting bezel?
Red font burning my retinas
77 Steering turns to the left when you step on the gas.
EGR cast iron holddown bracket color?
First Road Trip in the '73 Vette
Looking for 1973 Build Sheet (and I have old one from former 1973 car)
Muncie linkage adjust
tire size question
Speedshops in Dallas?
Manual shifting from 3 to 2
57 Body on C-3 Frame????
Muncie to Hurst Conversion?
Question on rear end
What have you hit with your Vette
Classic Car Website
Starts fine at home, not good at work ???
Word Of Caution..OT & long
[Steeroids] My engine is baking the grease out of the U-joints!
tach set up w/ new board?
1970 LT-1 Vert...with A/C????
DragVette Suspension
Timing Mark - BBC
(ot)New vette parts hauler
Engine Shop Broke my block...
Spark plug wires
Cylinder heads (again.... sorry!).
C3 Body Crack
Check this out
632" Big Chief: Latest DynoJet numbers with 4 mufflers
4 Speed Gear Shifting Question
Performer Carb height?
Electrical question on my 1968.
OT - C6 Vette Drove one this weekend
3m superfast urethane question
Gas Tank Resto Questions
'71 LT-1 cutting out
OT: I tracked the bas**rd down!!!!
Antenea Relay Location 80 vette
Cam machining older block
What color are your door hinges
Lar's QJet tuning paper
Bad news/good news
Steering Column (painting it???)
QJet tuning update
1978 air conditioning
A-arm bumper stops
Gaskacinch on Carb Base Gaskets?
Carbon outta my rear
Emissions control systems questions
low speed engine miss
Battery Going Dead ????
true dual exhaust/back pressure
New Avatar
wcsinx's stupid question of the day: clutch pedal return spring
Engine surging in gear

Page: 211
Cam Choice?
Image Resizing Power Tool
Its Alive....ITS ALIVE!!!! dialup beware
Black rear window trim on my 81'
Newbie needs help please! Calipers rebuild or buy, cheap part dealers?
Side-pipes gone
Pics of my seats
Took my car to a local show today
Tach Problem
Urgent Legislative Alert (final Hearing Update)
Brand New Hookers Ruined
A quick way to set rear toe to get me to the alignment shop?
Carb kit suppliers???
Why my odometer didn't work
Drag vettes half shaft loops
Idea for a G-Machine
OT: Look what I added to the stable
So Called "Repro" Parts With Pix
C-3 fuel tanks
what is????
70Baldwin Motion GT Vette
What would cause old weatherstrip to stick
Installed the Flex-a-Lite looks like i need a new rad
Question on Gas tank install
Sure sign of wheel bearings bad?
What throttle cable bracket should I get?
Late model starter retrofit
HOw much can you dent an exhaust Header tube ??
Questions about A/C hoses--
wide front tires
Bubble tail lights
Hey, Steve Bramati
AC R12 not putting out the cold. What are the options?
Help! Half-shaft removal questions for U-Joint replacement...
Black Wheels on my C3?
People that have done the Camaro/Firebird seat belt conversion
BIG thanks to Mike @ FastCorvette...
Can anyone tell me .....
Thinking About Engine Choices
Is there any way to tell if the valve guides are worn with the heads off?
WOW best $$$ spent so far
Bolts or Studs
Mobil 1 vs. Amsoil vs. Royal Purple..
Engineers! Get a "GRIP" on this (Parking Brake ISSUE)
[slightlyOT] How hot is too hot?
Electric Window and Lock mechanism "sticking & slow"
???? Regarding door windows
What was wrong with the old forum?
Anyone Used Romeo Engineering Carpets
Help identify this part.
Clean intake manifold
craftsman gear wrenches
To Stretch Or Is Torque OK?
O Man Did I Mess Up!
I think this ebay seller is optimistic!!
member since???
? Who makes the best quality repro door wheather stripping?
Elect Ground?
OT - Any Nevada folks...a ?
Running after 3 years!! See the video!!
Dashpads without Speaker Holes
Desertdawg, what Happened to the 82CE Website?
H4 conversion Anyone done this?
Dash Pad Screws
who has basecoat/cc on their vette?
Carburator hissing
Saw my 1st C6 on the road to-day
New seat group purchase from Speed Direct
69 BB barn car

Page: 212
Liquid Ebony polishing glaze
Troubleshooting overheating, step-by-step?
Pics in sigature
Three Problem Please Help!
Any Scientific Tests on Electric Radiator Fan savings ??
Cleaning up Window and Lock Switches
Water Spots....HELP !!!
Stretched Timing Chain Diagnosis
Help me un-do my Bubba Boo-boo. (U-joint straps)
What Happened To All The Polls???
Changed back to Rally Wheels.
Is Miker still here?
Door jamb wiring harness rubber tube
Kruse Corvette Auction at Auburn
Forgive Me I Have Modded!
Best looking Vette ever?
1975 red corvette STOLEN in savannah GA this morning
Run-On problem Update
I meant numbers matching not NOM on engine rebuilt or replacement
Carpet cleaning
To dyno or not to dyno...that is the question
Does everything switch over
Mounting New SPAL to New Dewitt Radiator?
Horn shims
Can Someone tell me...
What do you guys think of these?
total bushing kit
can't get my headlight squirters to work!
Best Header Paint in a spray can?? Your Recommendations Please.
Just Testing
I've had it with after market parts!!!!!!!!!!
Does my vette have limited slip?
How much of a difference from changing rear gears?
Got the rallys - should I go with some 17"s
collectors edition...whats it worth???
Need a 1974 L-48 Timing chain cover
Whats with "Dropping the clutch" under avatar?
EFI guys... How do you determine how much timing?
77 Horn...rarely works, help
Who Moved My Cheese?
What Types Of Stereos do you put in a 72 vette
How do I do a quick carb clean?
rough idle and exhaust backfire
Silly do you place a car on stands?
Separated frame on glass T-top
Tap broke off in hole - @#$!$!
quick power steering question
I go away for one week
Differential additive question
Rear Alignment - Setting the Track
70s car show pictures (2)
Should engine be rebuilt or replaced?
How so I find my recent topics?
1st flare done
big block in 80-81?
Part 7 Sharkbite coil-overs
OT: WiFi
Cross Over Pipe For Big Block Exhaust
Resistor Plugs (NGK)?
Upper A-Arm shims
All right, everyone please help me with buying this '79.
Head Gasket Problem
1/4 Mile Fuel Pressure Question?
72 Corvette Vinyl Seat Covers
Radiator Decision (OEM, BeCool, etc)
Please explain this!!!
Did you know that we have a "Help Forum"?
Headlight switch
Steering wheel repostioning?

Page: 213
75 vette in DE ... and exhaust question
CARB questions!
Need Help Diagnosing Engine Stutter
Posting photos with the new software
just bought my first!!!
How do I read replies to my posts
Another Update on the Auto to manual swap
69 vette purchase??
Florida members please help, i think im getting scr**d (kinda long)
Need good mechanic in Dover Delaware!
rear caliper
How bad are the stock exhaust manifolds?
Polished rods. Stronger? Why?
Stuck Hood
New mods listed in sig.
new mods listed in sig.
help! Dufus blows engine on 74?
Sloppy Shifter...
how do i now edit my profile?
That yellow car on top
Kinda miss
Corvette repair near Valley Forge, PA
Sidepipe Packing
My 80 is pulling hard right
If I swap ?
Frame blues
Carb air horn gaskets- any good ideas, tips?
She's on 4 wheels!!!!
Good Body/Paint Shop Recomm. in Indy?
Steel or Composite rear spring?
Wow this is different
Best shocks for composite spring
New forum look OK !
electric fan choice
Water Pump Pulley for Big Block
Water leak
Turbo Question
Bolt torque question
Four door C3
installing distributor
What to expect when switching from stock exhaust manifolds to headers
BB Performance Manifold
If you have an M22 Gearbox...will you answer some questions ?
Acrobat files of GM Parts Microfiche
Electrical Problem
OT Rant about Insurance in NJ
How do you bake paint in the oven?
Question on Historic Plates Liscensing (in MO)
80-82 Body parts on 78
Very minor qjet problem....
powder coat or better paint
old forum
Great C3 video
An easy one for Jim Shea
anyone have experience with this HS buffer?
Traveling To Windsor 7/24-25
I dropped the clutch.....
New owner, inevitable hello with pics included!
New Owner question re: Flushing the cooling system
OT: Just got my 500th post
Which stick was more desired.......M-21 or M-22......and why???
Running your Reverse Lockout without a cable?
carb problems
Braided Oil Pressure Line
Pixel Size for Pics-New Forum
Editing Avitar
Save the WAVE!
New look is sharp.

Page: 214
Ignition class
Where's the button to edit homepage
Engine Pics: 30k mi of burning 1qt/600 miles
X/H pipe and driveshaft removal
Some kinda earthquake!!
78-82 Hood will other C3 fit?
Do we have to enter new profiles
OT: should I sell my 400 K5 blazer whole or part it out?
Need help changing to Electronic Tach
Washed the car last night/ new picture
AAAAAHHHHHHHHH... need help.....
Hey Mods, will my old links work?
Big Block Performance Question
Simple Z car wax
headers in 71 big block 454
Brake Troubles
rear brake question
Wheels on C3's if you know wheels then please answer
e-bay engine
striping plastic bumpers
Average Vette Owner's Age....
Bumper Boyz, Dr. Rebuild or what?
Hmmm.....if my car was a 4 speed previously, then what were the trans options for the LS5 cars?
volt droping
Tranny leak
What Battery Are You Using
L71 3x2 carb tuning
Yet another post about rear differential fluid...
Anyone have pics of this Alternator bracket installed?
god help me
A few questions about pulling B/B eng.
Hot Cam in ZZ4
1 Speedometer Gear Tooth =?
Alternator: Is the small brown wire the "field" wire?
TBI Conversion for my 454?
Totally, mega way off topic - sorry in advance
classic insurance
Opinions on Van Steel?
How to fix a temp gauge?
Radiator Update....Rant
Regular rockers, or roller tipped, or aluminum?
New center console from Ecklers, any good?
rear end and tranny change
Engine hose sizes 69 BB
Where can I get 4" side tubes?
Holding the back window in
still looking?
Edelbrock Pro-Flow?
opinions on flowmaster mufflers
window problem with new convertible top
Need a body shop recommendation for RI.
Atlanta area bumper rechroming and paint question...
The Cost of Good Paint
help with turn signal, I am a rookie
[OT] It's a girl! :D
C3 Coupe window adjustment?
Need suggestions for screw holer filler material
Test Drive #2 Road Noise Reduction (interrior referb)
Side Window Adjustment (Instructions from Assembly Manual)
Solid roller cam/lifters after 30k miles
crate engines
MN - Exhaust shop recommendation
Air conditioning recharge
Anyone looking for a chrome bumper shark roadster without spending a bundle?
Long Style Big Block Hood ?

Page: 215
1969 ES motor mts, short-wide or tall-narrow?
Anyone interested in a Wide Band O2 system???
Air Cleaner and Valve Cover Braether Question
68-69 BB car
National Corvette Homecoming Show July 16th & 17th
In garage or out to the shop?
OT What size bolt pattern does a 6 disc changer fit?
OT: Gas Price Help from Canada.
Can't start the car...need help for an idiot
C3 meets C6...(dial up beware)
Pics of my vehicles and stuff...
Loud Tapping Noise from engine???
Front monospring conversion
Rear wheel bearing assembly removal?
Will Flex-a-Lite 210's work on my car ?
Anyone one have a "custom" C3?
Vette got aligned again today -- car has left pull...
72 Custom coming back
help with front coil's
The best front-end rebuild kit, rubber or poly?
Light gray smoke on cold only on start up
Glovebox modification....
Headlight switch vacume connections (two)
78-82 owners, question about the rear cargo cover
It's a Vette Thing!
Transmission heat shield - Yes? or NO?
68 Power Steering ?
C/A shaft bolt torque puzzle...
Superior service from Zip
Hurst Shifter Adjustment
Holley to Carter/Edelbrock Conversion. Need Help.
1976 special edition?
G95 Optional Rear Axle Ratio
Never Ending Tranmission Learning - Puked out my dipstick this afternoon.
What ever happened to the VBP sale?
Apologies to those whohave IM-ed me (StrayDog & others)
Blew my engine - now i have some questions
And Sometimes the Bear Eats You...
T Top locks
Reputable shop in N. Canton/Canton, OH area?
Dr. Rebuild's Firewall Insulation
what do you guys think of this combo?
Carb tuning question...
Anyone have suggestions as to types of resin and cloth for substantial body repairs?
More air front grill needed for 73 vert
69, does it matter which damper, 6" or 8" ?
A6 A/C compressor on 73 BB
[OT] Something about me that you should know...
1974 454 Corvette - Burned - Sad Pictures
What is so special about a two stage air compressor
posi or non-posi
Battery Cable Fitment
Speed Direct sharkbite coil-overs part 5
Broke My Petcock, Dayum!
Fuel pump/pressure questions
Big Block in a '74
speedo reading too fast?
Wheel spacing (again), I may be boned
Drivers floor courtesy light
AC in a 69
80 Parklng Brake (As good as it gets?)
1968 corvette radiator fan [what other fans are same dimensions???]
What Octain to run in a 78 Corvette
Don't want to damage my hood
Custom Hooker glasspacks after 30k mi
Pictures of the frame
I Finally did it!!!!!
69 350 Lag b/t 1200-02000 rpm
Suggestions for stripping urethane bumpers?

Page: 216
Cross Fire Modifications
Some more HP for a '77
Anybody know what kind of wheels these are?
Top speed
Differenent gear ratio with upgraded engine?
Fasten seat belt light
Painting Question, PSI
Do newly painted interior parts need to be clearcoated?
Should I use adhesive for carpet installation?
new carpet install glue or not?
Rubbing Compound for urethane bumper
2 Cats or not to cats..That is the question..
Motor mt. broken and HB cracked, need advice
Flaky Electrical?
Wheel spinners...where's that topic?
C3 - Best looking car ever?
What is proper dwell?
How many of you C3 owners have a Fire extinguisher in your vette?
Demon carb. real bad boog.
Electric water pump on Big Block ?
AC relay?
Victor Jr. and Holly double pumper under which hood??
Roadside emission tests?
1976 Steering wheel/ Horn button
Formed fuel line - - help!
[Spindle Flange] Was I in danger here?
Header to body bonding questions. Need some help please!!
No brakes lights!
Have you chromed your carb fuel bowls ?
this is gunna be close
Holy.. **** check this out
Rear Wheel Spindle
So I had a dream.
Pictures of C3's with custom painted hoods, L48's if possible?
How to Strip Paint from Fibreglass
68 conv,restoration question
Pics of 17" billet ralleyes from Vintiques?
Fiber Optics Question
Lesson learned about RTV sealer: **DON'T USE ON GAS TANK!**
69 SBC needs starter heat shield
new wheel question
UPDATE!!! 1969 Fake tripower corvettes at bloomington dealer-cnv- has them now!
1982 headlight vacumm scematic
NCRS questions about points deductions
[OT] Not a very good 4th
Q-Jet adjusting secondaries
Suffering from Corvette withdraw
Need Help from Electrical Engineer: Bulb Monitor
labor cost of trans install
bead blasting questions
Interrior Refurb 95% DONE! Many Thanks!
Ash Tray / Lighter Conversion (to hidden switch panel)
TH350 renewing
Stinger hood
Electric Locks (not working)
lt4 conversion.....coolant sensor location problem
spreader bar, what do you guys think?
magnesium valve cover refinishing
installing edelbrock 600 cfm
Front end alaignment
Antenna question
Fuel Pump Outlet Thread Size?
There I was..................
Any tips for cutting hole in new carpet for rear storage?
Proform shift light
Serious lack of power - Q-jet or timing?
Parking / Emergency Brake Issue
CARFAX please

Page: 217
Cleveland, Ohio and vacinity......
6speed converation question
got pulled over......
Lime Rock... anyone else watch SPEED CHANNEL?
Smoky Yunich design???? Is this going to give me problems?
New to the forum, is there anyone from loUiSiAna here.
What are the Consequences of This?
Take a look at my exhaust......
How to polish your mags?
I am so pissed off, battery problem.
CA Sen. Trans. Comm. approves AB 2683 to eliminate the 30 year rolling emission test exemption
Molded plastic panel under the seat
Paint Gun selection?
Help with ticking noise please
Ever have an unattended blow-out in the garage????
Brake master cylinder question
What kind of sealer?
Can't believe I passed emissions testing!
check this out
Double Hump Heads
Wiper Bay... ooops...
Ack! Car dies with illegal booty on board.
Drop Base with Edelbrock Carb?
shifter knob for automatic
can anyone help me with this back problem?
Was in a 4th July Parade Sunday
Solutions for Fuel Boil?
Testing electrical System?
It's Freaking hot in Texas someone lend a hand please.
$8291.31 Paint job?
Syracuse Nationals on July 16, 17 & 18, anyone going?
cant get it to start
Fair price for an 82 California vette and what to look for???
1979 Carb Question Please Help
Reduced my coolant temp by 30 degrees today...
AC Condenser Bracket Problem / March Serpentine Setup?
Amplifier found under dash of 1976?
Vettes In Liberty, MO
Which year/model of the 200-4R should I use?
1976 Hood Insulation Blanket
question: new 350 with vortec heads
Trailing Arm Reinstallation
steering on my 81 feels loose
wiring harness question
Sagging body, please help!!!!!!!!!
Serious Issue #1 - Can won't stop running
Serious Issue #2 - Broken oil dipstick
Need Distributor Install Help
What is the proper torque for an '81 motor mount?...
Heat in the cockpit revisited (from 2 weeks ago).......
Spring replacement (front)
Todays my bday!!!!
Before You Buy Those Shiny, New Wheels...
Funny One
How do you determine if a head will work well on a weak cam?
diverter valve
Turn Signal Question
Opinion please
Why the sudden drop in oil press.???
'75 Instrument Panel
rear wheel
Bloomington Gold Auction good to the '73...
what transmission is the standard 4 speed for 74?
Did some Mustang killing today...
Stick with the TH-400, or go to my 700R4?
Manifold "dressing"
Need advise restoring a 1971 454 t-top
Need to Find 80 Doeskin for Metal

Page: 218
Custom Audio System (on a budget) - lesson learned
Wilcox Website
Vibration at 50 mph, drive train I think.
Burping up coolant now and then but not overheating .Help.
Help with removing flame arrestor
Litevette to be on the road soon. Finally!!!
Refinished convertible top
You Engine Guys
Be thankful this guy doesn't post here!
Vaccum leak?
lights fade
Replaced bulbs then puff of smoke...
15 x 10's under stock fenders?
C3 aftermarket a/c
Follow up on my formula and dist gear.
Strut rod bolts...How are they Installed?
lost the bolts - what size?
3 piece aluminum timing cover?
Glove Box Lock
Report on Max lead 2000
H pipe? More HP?
Looking For Chrome Radiator Fan
Quadrajet Vacumn Hook Up!
stuck bolt/plug for oil sending unit
Anyone know where to get a 3'X2'(roughly) bead blaster for cheap
Muncie Assembly Manual?
Anyone Recommend an automobile shipper
Secondaries won't open
Rear diff leak question
Butterfly C3 at Bloomington Gold
Ignition Timing Questions
Sidepipe Heat Shields
Best Source/Price for SS Calipers?
Do I need to etch this metal before painting?
Update on Auto to manual conversion
Need to lose the polyglass belted tires. Whats best?
Canadians Check In-It's Our Day
new oil pan
power windows on my 81 are getting really slow
[OT] Corvette hobby in Spain?
drooping doors...
LED dash lights
afr heads
What else could possibly go wrong?
USMC flags for your vette
Por15 And fiberglass
glovebox question
My Vette with a B-25 Bomber
Differential Oil Change
Transmission oil temp.
Where is Shane (Bence13_33)
Going Carb Spacer Testing at the Track Tommarow
Mismatched Wheels
'69 Fuel Tank- refinish or replace?
Water leak source?
Anybody with/had a Viper for a DD?
More Reverse Light questions (I don't need no stinkin reverse lights!!)
1976 L-48 with 3 speed automatic transmission
Hot Rod "Pump Gas Drags"---C3 was the fastest !!!
RR brake dragging
ZZ4 Upgrade Suggestions?
Corvette Central Special Offer - Free Shipping
Under hood color?
Shot out to Dave Meyers Corvette Shop
HMMMM! this looks interesting!
Tell me about you CARTER/Elderb. Carb
Spoiler Deciding Help

Page: 219
Tach ???
gone for a bit and back with issues
Have a supercharger?
It has Begun
Need help on camshaft choice please...
Starter problems
Muffler inlet/outlet - both offset?
All Corvettes Are Red Photo Gallery - 54 High Resolution Photos
68 327/350 HP Valve Covers
Can you double check my shopping list to see if I missed anything?
Can Anyone Tell Me the Application of WP Pulley # 90840???
Door wont latch closed
steering box rebuild done!
Cylinder deglazing
Help: Oil on the pedals and drivers floor mat
Storage garage - what are you paying?
Where have all the members circa 2008 gone...
Where Does The Oil Pressure "Oil Line" Attach on a Big Block??
Car Shipper Recommendations Milwaukee to Detroit
All C3s are now going up.
Where do you get a M18 X 1.50 Metric Tap?
1980 Rim Options (ideas?)
Thanks Jim Shea!
M/C for Hydraboost?
Discount Seats Site
Good deal on a Griffin Rad...
Does this block look like a good deal?
Engine ran for the first time in 15 years--And ground strap question
Water pump plug...
Seeking a Tuner in the Philadelphia Area
1969 Fake tripower corvettes at bloomington dealer-cnv- has them now!
Solid, rubber or poly engine mounts??
Flywheel bolts, correct size???
Need help dropping my tranny
What Causes This To Happen?
power valve location
Never dropped a th-350
Need firing order pictures!!
Raleigh, North Carolina ????
Spring pocket rubber spacers
1972 Corvette wheelie
c1 guy wishes advice from c3 guys
changing out the oil pressure guage
Locked hood 68-69
$9,500 Steering Wheel-The Corvette Hobby Has Gone Mad!
anyone have this problem with their rocker panel?
Fan Blades hitting the Shroud
[OT]Awesome in-car video on Nordschleife
Pricing Questions
Looks like I adopted another stray....
Heater blower motor air from ducts while driving......
79 grounding strap location??
Any car shows coming to the delaware area any time soon???
Rear Bumper Emblem Removal
harmonic dampers
Clutch linkage Z bar bracket help
Differential, removing the housing from the carrier.
FYI: ZIP Products Coupon
Rebuilding Headlight Relays
WEB PAGE UPDATED... new tech tip as requested...
FINALLY!!! Ready to roll!!!
I just purchaced my first vette project!
Spinners for TT II wheels
Break noise?
8" bolt rear spring install Help.
Are these worth $100?
Passed Emissions!!

Page: 220
Tremec slip yoke question
flame orange
Off topic: Truck vibration at specific rev level???
compression test, all low, burning oil
This is a stupid question.
? about L82 valve cover breather
HOOTERS is home in Georgia!
Firewall to Floor Pop-rivet Advice
'74 guys... speedo cable question
Ignition lock cylinder question(s)
Someone needs to get these guys together....
NEED AUTO TRANS HELP! the un-corvette.
Tach Help please.
The ULTIMATE new icon for the C3 Forum !!!
Clutch Fan Operation
I thought I hated my color... but I love it now that it's fresh two stage
Need Help... BADLY... #4 body mount cage area.....
A quick's home made lift.
? for A/C Gurus
Indianapolis vette owners.........
New at the Forum: Should I even consider this ....
Interior Parts and where most of them come from
Anyone tried one of these Crane distributers?
Annodizing Rocker Panels -70
73 Antifreeze / Cooling System Questions...
How long is your dipstick?
Nice day to drive the vette...
How hard is it to replace the speedometer cable i a 1968 convertable?
L-82 Valve cover paint
Corvette car show pictures...LS6, Tiger Shark 427
3 colors i would like to see
will vortec heads and vortec performer intake fit
how much $$ to have a complete ready to bolt in rear carrier instaled.....
To blow or not to blow...
Duntov Vert
ecklers hood?
what color do I need to paint my car
Z06 wheels on a C3
Lars tune up session in Orlando at Larry's...who wants to attend?
intake manifold numbers please
New prices?
OT C5 members BB Nova - NICE!
Black Console Paint
Timing an 80
what's the deal with the outside mirror?
l-48 upgrade
Do you have a new stereo in your C3? (help)
A/C High side or low side?
Searching 4 Dennis Ferrara a Motion Dragracer in the 70's
Electrical Problems (PLEASE HELP)
Steering Wheel for 1976
Steering Wheel for a 1976
I screwed up, help?
need pics of 81-82 bright blue metallic vettes
Carter AFB numbers help
I've got some problems, need some advise.
One sick crazy mofo............. (and A Man After My Own Heart!)
Intermittent tach problem
Hydraulic hood operation
Help locating a source for '68 only side glass...
I am Back from Iraq
suggestions for future engine
What's the best way to bake on paint?
Corvette story
Anyone with 200-4R experience, please step inside...
Help w/ my '74 4-speed shifter

Page: 221
79 L-82 Air cleaner vacuum lines?
Need pics of green corvettes
TH400 shifting directly from 1st to 3rd
Corvette Script...
Results: Experimenting with solid flat tappet against solid roller....
Has anyone seen a steering wheel like this?
HELP!!! Cant find those T-Top trim parts for my 76...
I'm a cheap b@stard, wish me luck
Starting to think about putting rims on this 82 Vette, any suggestions?
Removing Turn Signal and Tilt Levers (HELP)
ANyone ever get a bad GM crate engine?
I joined the dark side!! The new C5
twin turbo set up
Rear coilovers are done
Replacing windshield frame and vin plate question for 68 vert
Anybody running a holley 750dp by AED.........
Drag Vette Suspension Who's Got one
Engine and fuel
And you think your C3 has problems!
Battery Quick Disconnect
Code help needed
Stingray image
Black leather Auto shift knob? Who makes one that fit?
Beginning to figure this out...
1980 Cloth Seats: all cloth... or just the center section?
My car turns 25 today!
Need Rod bolt stretch gage dimension
Problem with side mirror!
Reflective insulation suggestions, please.
MSD 6AL Guys. A question for you on REV gaurd pills?
Best-least expensive place to get a complete ZZ4 motor?
Clutch pedal broke!?
viton seals on aftermarket heads
Electric vs Manual Choke
Quick question for C3 guys...
Leaking Oil Gauge
Gauge pod
[San Antonio] Keep the "Classic" in Hills & Dales Corvette Night!!!
Does anyone have a copy of Lars' tuning article?
Lotsa pics from a local Cruise Night!
still got the "CLUNK"!
The shroud of Zirgo
Temperature & Guage Question
My Wife Ordered Me A C6 Today...Well, Sort Of
photoshoot at Hooters!
WHEELAHOLICS! Can You Identify These Beauties??
What's a nice original 68 'vert worth?
Considering an Auto trans swap. Opinions?
Battery Replacement???
Rang Eagle Cranks today and they told me......
Movie Review: TORQUE
Radiator Size....
Air Cleaner Base for 1980 Corvette
interior lights
Carb tuning paperwork
Over Sized Screw Holes
Side Glass Information
Ebay Topic!
What size intake runners for Dart pro 1?
Emissions Question
Tell where to place a vechile identification label for a 1969
A valve seal question
Mated the 454 to the Chassis This Weekend...Progress Pics
bb correct casting number for this '69?
Bloomington Gold pics...
Baldwin motion vettes?
door panels

Page: 222
My brakes don't work.
speedo problemo
thinking of Swaping in a 700r4
Bloomington Gold-Who went?
Dumb Question on Quick Disconnect Bypass Fuses...
Anyone have this prob with turn signals?
Why the heck did I spin out today?
Pics of the 76.... Now what about some help with color???
Please help with C-O-R-V-E-T-T-E rear lettering on my 68
Help with '81 differential carrier
who is runnig a super charger
Corvette Steering box install 90% done!!
What Emissions Equipment is removable from the engine Compartment?
door will not open...
shifter stuck
1969 center console ires
Why does everyone want to buy my LT1?
Power Window problem
80 Seat Belt Buzzer (where is it?)
Another reason water beats anti-freeze
** '79 vette experts please check in **
Save $$ on Hood Insulation Blanket
Help with Suspesnion upgrade on my 73 :)
Who has 20" rims on there c3???
I am soooo tired of defective parts!!!!!!!!!!
Need help with gas milage
Powersticks...a "new & improved" chambered exhaust???
Ripped out my carpet today and here's what I found......
Fuel pump leaking oil??
Looking for 14" x 2" Air Filter
New vette owner
Corvette wreck update
Seat belt buzzer!!! Where is it?
69 Corvette 427 question
color question
Now What?
American Racing Vector Wheels
1982 transmission question
Classic Insurance for a 21 yr old (>10 yrs exp.)
Rear strutrods (6 Link?)
Good Guys Heartland Nationals. Des Moines, Iowa. Anyone Attending?
Adjustable timing control for HEI?
Another Car show plus (OT) Navy retirement ceremony
Tach Filter - The Sequel out there..??
Anyone have a Dash Re-Install book for dummies?
Year One 10% off code?
Emission testing
Neophyte with a timing light and a SBC '74
1st 700+ drive 79 suggestions?
I need ideas for reconditioning my console plate...
B&M Trans do you like it?
Exhaust - true dual?? Air intake....
Help with brakes Bad prop. Valve
Congrats To Sray454!!
Serpentine belt PS pump high side hose leaks
Battery guage needle flickers
Bloomington Gold Pics
anyone use hood pins for hood
Shhh ... listen - you hear that ?
Finally got the rear leafspring/shocks in!!!!!
On-Topic Contest!
calling fiberglass experts
Want to get rid of the rear view mirror
Anyibne with the '70-'75 Chevy by the Numbers Book? I Need info.
68 pass. side windshield trim. Who to call for new one?
71 corvette odometer
{vacation pics at MGM Studios) I was a PT Capt :D (Dial-up beware)
A Volvo Guy's Thoughts

Page: 223
Help: What's this 73 and 68 worth?
Mods to pre86 block if installing solid roller cam/lifters?
Should my hose be swelling & hard?
Paging FAUXRS and other guys with Smart Strut related spinouts!
Member Status Question (status & stars???)
Some more sticker/t-shirt designs
Warning....Mono Spring front end
Msd Ignition Setup
Tire Blow Out
K&N Air filter-worth the money
Best repair manual? Best price?
Air gap intake on BB
Paint Question
Mobil 1 on sale
Best way/medium to advertise Corvette for sale?
How to get valves out of bronze guides in alum heads?
A short in my instruments HELP
Heating up a bit, fan clutch??
GranSport kit minus engine...
HELP! Low Fuel Light???
Camshaft selection help needed.
Car show today
Vortec 350
any pics of stingray's?
Fuel Guage Question
Old header temp mystery solved...
78 oil?
Jacking Instructions...You decide.
Clean your finish without removing the paint
common headlight problems
Steel Wool Usage....
Oil Pan question
Who Didn't, I am!!!!!
Best prices for aftermarket parts
Progress, it feels so darn good!!!
the heat from the headers.......
1974 stock L48 - Carburetor Replacement question
[OT] Anyone put one of these together? [V8 Engine Model]
Crossed Flags History
does anybody sell a GOOD elec window motor?
OT Lots of new forum members lately
Custom knock offs for AR wheels.
question about 1970
Need help with a 1976 corvette....
What color to paint my '68 ?!?!?
Stupid A/C question
Fire Sale! Check this out.
Rear end gears, stock?
C4 guy, need an answer to a C3 question.
Picture post
'69 Seat Frame Question ...
The password + Diff drain
Pulsating Brakes
Experience with Zip Products Repro frame?
Just got a hydroboost from a astro van
NC owners, smog!
Found out this won't work
WOW! Fellow Superstock racer Tim Cole #1 qualifier St. Louis
Looking for UKPaul.......
PB Booster Exchange
Trim Tag Help for a 1978 Please. :)
Sun Visors
Which cylinder is the number 1 cylinder?
what size heads on 406 best
Pics of a nice vette!!
Hooker Side Pipes: What wire looms?

Page: 224
Rear Brake Problem
Walker Chambered Exhaust???
1972 body color & interiors info
Neutral Safety Switch Location?
Hello, my name is Chris.
Need a flexplate for a ZZ4 w/ Th400...
Electric Windows S L O W...
77 corvette color code info
what kind of frame paint?
The " Doc " is OK
Clearance: Tire to Spring
recommended header gasket
cabin lights
'75 Luggage Rack Replacement
No Turn Signals or Reverse Lights. I'm going nuts!!!
Rear wheel bearing replacement cost
A/C conversion
Do You Want To See My Sanden 508? (Pics)
Electrical smoke today ACK! Secondary cooling fan??????
Chrome bumpers, rechrome or new
Electric Fans supplement
Speedo adjustment for new gears
what are the symptoms of a blown power valve ?
Ebay deal, parts car in S. Fla.
OT - New digital clock
Rally Wheel width
Stupid Question/Engine Braking
Factory Side Pipes- Questions -
GROUND for instrument light bulbs? Please.
Yet another tire question (16")
What's this crap on my TCS solenoid?
Suggestions for rear speakers?
Cam End Play: What's Acceptable?
A/C Question (sort of)
Paging MN-Brent: alignment question
Change from stock to MSD timing question?
any good retail store brand paint substitutes for Mid America Doe Skin interior paint?
HEY... Signguy You out there?
Can you hang a CD changer from the rear deck on a 77 or earlier corvette?
OT Corvette Museum
UPDATE...The plan for 1Bad69...
What to look for in buying a daily driver C3?
Big Block Radiator
Nice "C3" (maybe a dupe, i don't care)
fiberglass spring swap whats needed?
slightly OT,88' Pickup u-joint removal
Still having problems with reverse lights. HELP!!!
Running shoulder seat belt through stock seats?
center gauge bezel & screws
**Found, a copy of 1972# 7956's window sticker**
Stickiest Tire
The World Rates My Ride...
Any way to prevent the steering wheel from turning so far?
How Much did you pary for your 17" TTII's (Torque thrust IIs)
was the forum just down?
where to get lamans fuel cap??
Alternative to "smart struts"?
200-4R tranny for my '79
Solid Lifters?...
Motor is still misfiring-Fouled plugs
What's It Worth?
Fan noise
new to the forum
Engine and headers in - exhaust/muffler questions
Yearly license plate renewall question... Can they make you pay for skipped years?
Fiberglass Help
Why do I keep blowing power valves
touch-up paint blob eliminator
79 Questions?

Page: 225
Texas guys--model year license plates?
Radiator and Fan Advice
Pics of a Corvette I found on the net
June 25th-is "Bring your Vette to work" Day
68-72 v. 73
Thanks to all...
Installing door panels...any tips
Jet Hot Headers, FINALLY!
would you sell you vette?? part 1
Tank Sticker, do I remove the tank? Is it worth the trouble?
trans problem
Ebay = :rolleyes:
Very dim tail lights
Has anyone here met this man?
82 crossfire injectors
POR15 Topcoat?
New Jersey - Sunday is Nostalgia drags at Island Dragway
Front ride height question.
Broke off bolts in the rear en cover
HELP! '80 ran after shutoff 2x (not dieseling), then no power at keystart. Ideas?
Show me yours and I'll show you mine ( Custom Hoods )
LS5 Flow Numbers
TCS temp sending switch
Ground problem, I need suggestions
I need front & rear track width of my '68. No wheels.
Speedommeter repair, Can I do this myself?
Cast or Forged
Stereo System for Vette.
Love my 81
4-speed jumping out of gear on hard acceleration!?
Tarantula/TM-1/Torker Intakes...
70 convertible plenum drains
Antenna help.
you guys are making me do some
Floor board replacement
Who is Interested in LARS to SOUTHEAST NY area
Tach Filter
Spedo Cable (80) - tips?
Rear Wheel Bearing Lube
Corvette Winter
Radiator Question
Dodge Ram SRT-10 Vs. Chevys wat?
rear deck and gas tank
500 cfm carb too little?
Ordered a 200R from Bow Toe today
What are LS-6 454 heads, intake, cam worth
Tires, Street - Drag
Pics...Better Late than never?
Vette Brakes & Products Discount Code...........
differential question and price
Timed or Full Distributor Vacuum. What Do I Have?
Power window wiring question?
baking parts
Carpet definitions
Calling Schmucker
Machanical Tach: Diagnosed worn bad side gear and main shaft gear. Parts on the way!
Solid spicer U-joint (the aftermath)
C4 rack and pinion into a C3
HEATER / AC Dash Light Brightness (RESOLVED!!!)
St. Ignace Michigan
Carb Problem?...Advice?
who has the best deal on crate engines?
Another new guy: Newbie car value questions
Bloomington Gold
My lifters aren't turning - what to do now?
Side Yoke end play..anyone? (Van Steel?)
Billet Big Block Waterpump Pulley, Belt Alignment Question
'77 High Blower Relay Problem
Fuel guage and sending unit question - and now the backup lights won't go off

Page: 226
1970 Gas Tank ... EEC vs non-EEC
A few new Pics from today. (sorry dial up users)
leaf spring replacement with body off
What is the purpose of the tach filter
What is the best sidepipe look? With covers or without?
President Bush is here in Reno!
if you have lots of cubes+fuel injection+OD tranny, step inside please
It Lives !!
rear end seal
Edelbrock EPS same height as Performer?
Rear gear change? Difficulty and parts needed.
Hooker Sidepipe Dilemma
Seat Insert
Tranny pan bolts or studs
Low fuel light - doing "odd" things.
Dumb question: 220V -> 240V?
New guy - Yes there is a picture of my ride
Need to find pumps for lights?
OT ?ebay email to update info ?????
TKO 600 shipped
Differential running temp
finally; pics of the two Vettes (not dialup friendly)
Fuel pump thread size
Powerglide Experts. Need Help!
Air cleaner/induction hood seal ?'s
Need help with buying this
Radiator Question
C4 seats
What's happening in Indy tonight after the storm.
Rear Leaf Spring Bolts ????
Squeaky clutch question
Were these Braces only on Convertibles?
What is the best torque wrench to buy???
discount code for eastwood products?
is one cylinder dodgy???
Feedback wanted regarding the purchase of a 1979 vett
Carburetor A/F Adjustment problem
Am I the only one who thinks C3 prices are on the rise ???
if you were offered triple, would you sell it and buy what?
transmission don't shift????
is valve adjustment on 350 to tight?
Corvette America coupon code?
5 speed auto
New exhaust system begins: part one -- the tear down
Early Father's Day! *LOL*
What is the stall for a stock '79 torque converter?
Picture request (easy)
Please help me decide what to look for in a C3.
[1973] rear C-O-R-V-E-T-T-E lettering
A/C not quite
side yokes
Car got stolen :-(
Question regarding mods for 327.
I just bought a 68 convertible. Where is the trim tag located????
puff of smoke?
Removing the A/C in an 80 vette...
Oil pump pressure spring?
idea for cantalevered bike carrier
WOW, Bristol Dragway put my car on there website
Vinyl paint spider webbing?
Light Bulb Number?
which heads are best, if either
engine swap, got to finish tomorrow,
Torque Specs on Valve Covers
Which tires and wheels?
wiring on ignition coil
i you were offered triple, would you sell it and buy what?
Vapor lock or fuel pump?

Page: 227
Holley/MSD Gurus...Overly rich condition..
Vaccum and heater core hoses
Where to get a chrome air filter top?
79 body off project
Quick release passenger seat-ideas needed
It's alive
My girl is sleeping with Mustangs tonight.
Does a larger spark plug gap=hotter?
1982 info wanted
Rotors arrived
mallory ignition,
Brake bleeding question
What Is The Difference.....
Need help installing aftermarket dash (center console and tach cluster)
[DD] Wheel stud broke loose --- what to do???
Rattel in my rat
chromeplating/jetcoating master cylinder
What should I do first?
Rear End?
New Radiator and Electric Fan but its GETTING HOT!
Cam Help!!
Engine question
Tires and Wheels?
OT: Whack the penguin
Who wanted race car pics????? or (redvetracr at work!!)
Gasoline quality and dieseling...... been having a lot of trouble lately
MA's Met. ceramic coated Hedman Headers
Carburetor question for a tripower HELP quick!!!!!!!
engine ID tag?
Dash out need help
Neighbor/friend scratched my 71 - what to do?
Long distance vette deals - need to vent a little, and ?
Autolite 24 in my BB?
HEI rebuild question
Whats the best UnderCoating Kit (especially for inside the frame rails) ?
Need picture of a steering wheels without the horn button
Frame off Resto in progress
How fast can you safely drive with a C3 hood unlatched?
No Help For Me?
Aftermarket Bucket seats in 1974 vert!?
Powder Coating vs. Ceramic
Ceramic header break-in??
New 73 Coupe
Wow asking alot for chrome ignition housing
bought a Grant wheel yesterday...cancelled the order today...
don't buy that C3 , if the interior is out
give your tips for keeping cool without A/C
Who's running a big cam / high horsepower with air conditioning?
Good Mechanic in Northern Virgina
Wheel alignment tip
Any tricks in replacing Power Steering Pump w/o Reservoir?
Help!!! #4 Mount Tomorrow
Time to get the Allens chambered exhaust
anyone fit a supercharger under the hood?
1977 Stingray?
400 trans converter
doh. think the starter just hit the sh!77er
New Flowmaster 40 Exhaust
Your favorite gear
calling michael tucker
Coolant on the ground
Advice on a car that sat for 4 (Four) years
Fiberglass experts...please help
Honda beat a 69 302 Z28!!
Brakes FINALLY stop the car!
If you haven't seen this 1969 L-88 on TV, you should...
Where can I buy a cheap/inexpensive Bra for a 73?
Eckler's Tach circuit board...problem
Plastic behind Door Panel
idler arm-which is best

Page: 228
Know your enemy.....
What happened to Juliet?
Exhaust Problems
New ground cable
Want to see a $200,000 Shark .....
leaf spring rearch
noisey compressor
2nd opinion
Got my new TKO 500 today!
Argh! Just dinged my door against my Fiero's side mirror.
Steeroids R+P Installed -Cheated >:)
Problem removing struts on a 79
1973 L48 engine rebuild
What length JCL baffels do I need?
1978 T-top center molding problem.
What's the function of the '81-'82 auxillary radiator electric cooling fan?
i slip fit the mufflers for easy swapping
driveshaft help
Help on replacing plastic oil pressure line with Summit's SS kit
Anybody use that oil that is advertised for "Higher Milage Cars"
Street Legal exhaust that provides the highest performance increase.
Flowtech afterburner muffler
high speed blower motor problems...please help...
Looking for spark plug recommendations
I was rearended today
700 r4 into corvette, will this one work?
why does everyone on this forum call it a ''frame off''?
Stainless Hooker Sidepipes- On Order
should I raise H about my new paint?
C3 replacement instruments, has anyone changed them out for newer version?
Spark plug choose for a 1969 L-71 with difficulty starting cold
one of those..."boy do i feel stupid"...posts
Oil leak in back of intake manifold...
Question: Will a Performer RPM High Rise with Holley 750 fit under the Hood of my 73 454???
Chasing high RPM pinging
Holley Guru's needed!!!
Looking for advice about 454 HO mods
Its hot enough in Florida in the summer!!!
5 Years Later My 69 Convertible is Done!! (A Few Pics)
How do I remove the anodizing from my rocker trims?
I need console paint advice
OT - Our 2004 Indy Pace Car
How much does a cam weigh?
What did I just do to my tranny.
??? before I break something
Weird clanking in my 81
Spontaneous Combustion. Looking for Answers!
New Magnaflow Mufflers
control arm bushings: rubber vs. polyurethane
finally! pics of my "new" baby.
Now that my 82 is parked, I am slowly loosing interest.
Flowmaster muffler question
Ansen vs. Appliance
WOW, Ebay is insane
'74 454 Trying to fire up... Did I cover everything?
Maintenance on Hooker chrome headers/sidepipes?
cracked manifold
Wiring Advice Needed
Torq Thrust "look alike" wheels?
Talked with Alwyn today.
OK, so i slip fit both the inner and outer bearing today, Part II
black box mounted to gas tank
1971 Rims
Sidepipes v.s. Rocker Panels...
1982: Name this Part
Electrical problem... need help!
Replacement trim rings for 69
Bill Oxley, 1974 Rear End Info....
Paint removal on urethane bumpers ?

Page: 229
Amateur Lingenfelter Video
bb experience needed. How much power/torque should I have?
GM armrests left hand 78 79 80 81
exhaust popping noise????
Where's ole rick moroso...
First time at the track - track times
Another sidepipe question!
Put my vette on a LO carb diet...sort of....
Hardtop - Original or reproduction?
how to get in the 12's
Wheel salesman says nooooo adapters, what do you guys think?
tell me what you think of the website...
Cold Starting Procedure on a 1969 L-71 427/435
Has anyone painted thier Carb ??
Front end knock and near wipe out!
Cigerette lighter questions
Heading to Indy
Radiator Clutch Fan Question
What a bargain...
Hey Twin Turbo. . .
Rear Wheel spindle removal
Found a new part resource.
Energy suspension Body bushing help!!!
still does it help guro's
13" rotors 17" wheel
Yes I started it this past weekend !!!
Are Convertible Deck springs adjustable?
rear shock mount removal tool?
hey! doesn't this look like a great deal????
DIN radio installation?
OT - Garage Door Springs
On the road again!
Seats and Belts
700r4 govenor Do I need it???
QJet choke issue
HVAC vacuum control question
steering wheel ideas
How many quarts/liters to fill a bone dry TH400 and new convertor?
Who of you C3 guys will be at the Cruise in V???
headlights come on but not
632 Big Chief: 918.66 rwhp / 762.58 rwtq naturally aspirated!!
Cool Autocross Video
Suspension guru's needed!
OT: How much does a pickup box weigh?
Spring Compressor
*&%$#@! I did it again!!! *&%$#@!
Just got a 1968 Corvette
WTF is this dogs problem
How Much Labor Charge for Body-Off frame Restore ?
Custon vs. Aftermarket Headers
Free Carfax!!!
Say hello to my little new friend!
'72 454 hood emblem help
"Fasten Seat Belt" light
1975 Corvette 4 Speed Owners, GTR1999.....
Vacuum system Troubleshooting.
Stupid carb question
Backfire thru carb & lil' tapping...
Dealer & Zone
O/T need a lil help here
How strong is JBWeld?
Fuel Pump Install--Postlude
We are off to Cruise In V!!
Shifter Linkage Question
New exhaust. Now tune the carb?
its my birthday
Has my Corvette jumped time?
80 L48 Emission Thermal Vacuum switch Question

Page: 230
Anyone use seat covers that they like? Ideas for keeping new seats new?
Need Help for 81
Convert 1982 to use 1985 Fuel Pump
how good are flowmasters?
Custom Front End
Why is my alternator on the passenger side?
Wow! Found my oil consumption problem...
Jetting a Holley with some weird results.
Car will not start
Radio Install On My 81
whats the best primer
calling all '81 owners
Cold Starting Question for a 1969 L-71 (427/435) question
1981 Carburetor Question
Gearbox problem...
Pictures From The NCRS Wildwood Regionals
Ebay Seller to Avoid
Gas Tank Replacement
Anyone know how to LOWER the rear hatch on an '82 CE??
where is the o2 sensor located on a '81
OT: Dead Play Station
Harmonic balancer broke and fell off!
78-79 Perfromance Suspension Package
Better pics of my new 82. Dial up beware.
1982 Interior Wiring Harness
Battery terminals reversed on my bad is this going to be?
throttle cable help...again
what is a 1969 435/427 matching coupe worth?
MADVET Turbo muffler's
Has anyone used NAPA Premium Organic Pads? What is your opinion on which pads?
NewB here! ? on my suspension...
Can anyone use a set of not so pretty aluminum wheel lug nuts?
super T-10 web ?
My car is posessed
Good Mechanic in Grand Junction?
Does increasing the power shorten the life of the engine?
Custom Parking Brake Console
How do i tell what gears are in my 79?
How many 78 Corvette Silver Anniversary cars had blue interior ??
rear main leak - 1971 LS5
Help I sick is their a cure!!!!
NOM Engine ???
Question 3: lower A-arms anchor nuts
a/c 134 conversion??
Do You Use Wheel Spacers?
WTF barn find!
mysterious component AND rear main leak
TH400 Shift kit
corvette wreck update!
What is the most fun for you and your C3
68-69 shifter boot question
Help!!!!! Dash removal question
Swapping to a 4speed
BB Exhaust Manifold Resurection
Installed a tranny cooler and car runs hotter???
Any Vegas Vette's over Memorial Day weekend?
Air Compressor Advice...Last Call!
Oil press gauge reads low
1979 Rims
Bell Housing is cracked - Will I HAVE to pull the motor and tranny?
75 L48 Horsepower
A Few New Paint Shots......5 not so dial up friendly shots
What kind of muffler is this????
mysterious component - 1971
O/T-Looking for a Video of Bryan Adams-Summer of '69
How to remove melted (burnt) plastic from exhaust pipe?
Automatic shift knob
What's a fair asking price for my '79

Page: 231
show me your wheels
Stock emissions equipment
Shift Linkage question on 79 w/ T-10 Urgent
My summer fun...
Got some Free Double Hump Heads
Flat hood available?
Have a car older than you?
side crossed flags fender emblems (Help)
5-speed swap update
Fixed WebSite
How in the world do I fit Torq Thrust Ds on my Vette!!!
Corvette on TV again
Change Yer Belts
turn signal woes
Shipping Cost!! What a rip off! RANT
Pitman arm linkage/slop?
Can I use my 1974 rear lights with a 80-82 rear bumper?
San Antonio CRAP night
Opinion requested: Do you think these seats are 100% leather?
Wrecked the 70 yesterday! Got some questions.
Know where I can find a good deal on a set of glass t-tops for a 73?
hot vs. cold blower output?
Completely re-hauled website and added lots of pictures
Yellow C3 + sunny day = smiles!
Some plugs oily, some not
T-Top W/S
68 L-71 performace stats? and Dyno RWHP?
Exhaust routing with 700R4 on 73
interesting oil pressure gauge
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Help! I drilled a hole in my brakeline.....
White overflow reservoir -- what a concept!
Gel Coat or Not?
Woohoo! Just bought a...
Steering wheel acting funny
24MPG with new 5-speed!
Why does my thermostat housing keep leaking??!!?
Would spacers/adaptors help here?
Windshield weather-stripping
need a good location for Accusump
Hp predictions?
Update on VB&P monospring conversion
original or custom
seat belt warning light 1969
jealous jerks
Help on 68 BB Side Pipes - new to forum
Good news on my little RAT
Those crazy kids.....
to go sidemount exhaust what parts do I need?
How to tell Z/28 IROC T/A 700r4 tranny?
Anyone try the header insert mufflers?
Please help with major vette decision - I think I'm insane.
Chrome side pipes
Long Water pump and pulleys on a 454 will they work in a Vette?
Convertible part????????
Frame what?
A fwe progress pics of the chassis...ALMOST done!!
Allen's chambered exhuast
Help! Rusty floor pans. Who sells new?
What gives "Vetdrms" sent me a private message telling me to "FU"
Question....I dropped the pan and found..........?
rpm airgap or Lt1 highriser ?
interested in buying a C3 need thoughts
I'd like to thank Gordonm.......
What are these called?

Page: 232
A few new pictures
Windshield removal...
Numerous c3s at ETCC show yesterday!
hi I new to this forum
HELP !!! Can't Stand the HEAT !!
Constant heat
Clock doesn't work, what guage should I replace it with?
Question regarding installing new engine.
Question for Jim Shea on telly funtion
Poor Top-end Acceleration
Help needed. Speedo gear swap with a 4-speed auto.
Sidepipe Length Q's:
carb running rich--jet and rod question
Spare Tire
? on silver anni paint.
(OT)Anyone have air compressor troubleshooting experience?
'70 LT-1 cam card??
thrermostat covers - are they interchangeable?
HELP, Putting the 79 front clip on!
Timing a 350
A/C Ventilation system noisey
Came home on the hook
700R4 Full manual control by B&M anybody??
How many of you have Named your Vette?
OT: SUV tires
After Market Bezels
383 In and Running
Home Plating?
Gas goes up 14 cents around here
security system
Rear Glass
Hooker contact details
Anyone hear from Kamis? Back in Business?
Anyone convert their C3 to serpentine?
Little rough on Acceleration
Engine Vacuum question...
Question 1 of many: torque for fasteners attaching steering box to frame?
rear cross member?
Help- BB owners- What spark plugs are you running?
Carpet Question
Over-kill?? A blown Hemi chopped top, channelled bed pickup.
Changing GMC truck U Joints
Windshield is Out and Time to repair frame
Drag Radial with stock trailing arms?????
shark bar
Car flooded, won't start. Need advice
Hard to push brake pedel, help
OK, so i slip fit both the inner and outer bearing today.....
I love my C3 because.......
Timing changing itself...
New water temp gauge
OT: Saw a sad sight today...
Alternator chart
Born carbureted-gone injected article in Car Craft
Now that my 82 is parked, how often do I need to drive it
While you're at it disease! Power Window Spring Missing!!!
Backup switch, where is it?
Which Way? Colder Plug.
What fuse powers the Idle Stop Solenoid?
question on bake lights switch
1051mi Trip To WildWood, NJ In '74...
Ebay: I want one of these....
Power Antenna Went Crazy Today
What is the MAXIMUM Tire Size I Can Get Away With on my 73 Coupe???
Beautimous paint job 75
Tuning for power??
Ga$ Price$ Revisited
Just got my steeroids, and now I have a question.....
Looking for a good street combo

Page: 233
How did you aquire your Vette?
rear carpet replacement
AR 350 in and running
OT, what spec to torque Z28 lugnuts?
Gas tank modified & reinstalled !
Performance Brakes
Off Topic Garage floor paint???
Big Block Books?
Cam Specs?
Hey guys... ElCid79 here...
C3 Corvette Font & Logo?????
Howes Cavarens
side exhaust headers for a 69 vette 427/435
1 piece front end
rear end movement
Wiper door vacuum
What happened to Dep?
Have the gas prices gone done?
easy Q about VBP calipers
vibration in the rear help!
Dead cylinder?
the next evolution of my vette
ZZ4 and Idle with AC on
Electric Vacuum Pump and Headlights
tips for drilling for nose emblem?
Home From The Local Crusie-In
Saturday fun day
"Chrome" Paint for front Grilles...(Jughead?)
Wretched excess?
LT1 Catchin some rays
What engine do you have in your C3?
Stowing my T-Tops?
How to sound like a Mustang?
Corz, I ot some photos for you..
Red73 Birthday
Air Compressor Help
R134A compressors?
Favorite Corvette Magazine
Rally Wheel Code JJ
What color should I paint my calipers?...
Anybody else get weird about the wife/SO driving the vette?
9 leaf spring
Trivia question
Hemmings Ran a Story if you Had $25,000 what Classic would you buy
I Got a Cool Girlfriend!
Side pipes....this is good!!
Windshield Gasket or just sealer???
to what extent have you gone through to get parts?
Installing cam, tips, advice?
Tuned Port manifold question
Austin Tx. Area Hooters Poker Run Jun 12
Another Ebay scam
Does anyone know if the VC 1810 will work on a bb?
alternator confusion
anti freeze and distilled water
I received my C-5 seat today and now I can't get out of it.
Oil pressure too high?
clicking noise from tranny (TH400)
Two Coils and Both of Them Leaked Oil?
Side exhaust covers installed
MiniRat is finished couple more pics
HI......I have not been here for a while....just thought....
Ancient mystery of loose outside chrome mirrors solved!!!
Replacing windshield frame and pillar
OK professional body men........tear in rubber bumper repair
Interesting spreader bar measurement
Flared fender Sharks galore!
headlight relays

Page: 234
easiest way...
How do I track down info on my motor with the s/n on the block?
OT / Where can I get a good all weather car cover?
Is corvetteworks out of business?
Here We Go Again With An EBAY Bargain!!!
Car keeps running, low performance
Tom Cat scratches passenger door - need suggestions please.
Does your car have any fluid leaks?
FREEBIE - 6qts of Valvoline Synpower Synthetic Oil
Sorry ol' Vette
AC VIR system replacement
Valvoline Synpower rebate will not be accepted
Drove a C5 today
newbie question.... power steering pump pulley
Name my Vette
78 Tilt / Tele Column parts help
72 wiper door actuator, it was working fine a few days ago, now it stopped
Poor Fuel Economy with 383
Carb. Trouble !!!
What size exhaust ...
need trans help
Dist Drive Gear?
O/T Beer can chicken on the grill.
'72 AC help
worm gear Q
Stainless Hooker sidemount Headers & Pipes- Opinions?
PS pump control valve ftg
Lets here about the condition your vette was in when you bought it!
Initial Steeroids Impressions...
Curious findings while researching my 1970 Coupe
69 wiper door actuator question
Calling all aftermarket sidepipe users - would these look cool, or what? Your opinion??
Tonight, Austin Sharks and Stingrays, May 20th 7pm
Broken Speedometer
some sad pics off muscle cars rotten away
FYI - Commander 950 MPFI Race Software Upgrade
[Interior mirror position] Looking for a picture...
Headlight door adjustment help ????
no brakes
OT R.I.P. Corvair engine!
I bet there's no-one here that ....
Oil pan depth
$25 Jet Hot Coupon....Want it?
Exhaust Manifold replacements
Rear Spring Need Advice
Remember those $18 Valve covers??????
Starting Problem
Headman headers with a 502/502. Please read here!
What Strut Rod should I put on the car?
Heading Over to Van Steel Today...
Motor City Classic Show - May 22nd & 23rd
[Pic] of Corvettes Rarest Option 1 of 1 or was Bubba here
Head Gasket confusion (BB water holes)
BB Bellhousing/flywheel Q
polishing Jet-Hot sterling
Moved the motor and tranny into my chassis
Wow!! Finally An Easy Project
T Top trim identification
1970 Corvette Identification 454 390 HP Coupe
Company Car!
Cleaning White Letter Tires
72 Corvette 454, no wipers?
What to use to clean up power steering fluid?
ADIOS - C3 and '76 Registry
Lower radiator hose steel coil
Mufflers: Chambered, Ravin or Dynomax Ultra Flos?
Turbo crazed and flustered!!
200R4 swap out - what am I in for?
Steering Woes on 81 Coupe,Need advice

Page: 235
Rear end removal
Themostat housing questions
AC Delco Oil Filters???
cost of new front bumper on 73
Car won't Start in Park or Neutral....
75 to 79
still overheating
starting problem ? Ignition switch?
Installing new rear leafspring, tips, advice, hints?
Looking for Good Reliable Auto Transport
LED tail lights
Would I be "Bubba" if...
Passenger door cat scratches update: FYI
If the weather holds...
wtf was I thinkin...
Have You Painted Your Brake Calipers?
Anyone taking their vette to the NE NCRS 6/6 in Brookline, MA ?
damaged intake flanges
Mahwah NJ Corvette/Chevy Show June 6, anyone going? Please check in.
OT- AC spark plaugs made in Japan?
Looking for C3 Historic race car pictures.....Can anyone help?
For those of you with 3 speeds...
How do I include an image in my topic text?
Redirect - "Driver door wont unlock"
My '68 is up and running again...
How do I install the starter motor brace??
Drivers Door wouldn't unlock?
Rear Rotor Removal Question
72 SB AC Belt
69 Manual Transmission Identification
What do you guys think about this Ebay car
How hot do headers get?
What should I drive to the cruise-in?
New custom billet guage panels
L-81 VS 350Z HELP!!
Rally wheels for a '72?
Taking the Vette from Monterey, CA to San Angelo, TX
ZZ4 Motor installation in a '70 4 speed convertible
Any Fuel Pump Install Tips
Sidepipe muffler..
1968 vin # problem
Sports Car Revolution episode question. (Kinda O\T but still car related)
-RANT- Garages jerking me around./May sell the ZZ4.
Speed channel right now
BBC water pumps?
Recommended Tires for a 69
My C2 and Former C3 at Cruise Night
rebuilt carb, thanks to lars
R4 compressor rebuild.....
79 power antenna - not shutting off
Anyone use Meguire's new Tech Wax? (Polish & wax in one)
Dumb Question...
First cruise of the summer
Door Leak...what is this material
Trick to waxing/ polishing
is this real ??
Play in steering...
OT-In car videocamera wind noise
Corvette movie on Speed right now!
What should I expect with this cam
Need help with gauge replacement.
Received dash pad and seat foam - need opnion on quality
Opinions wanted - E-Bay Greenwood?
rpm airgap
best 71 tranny lube
intermittent death of my 81--help guro's
A/C Control
astro one piece roof panel

Page: 236
What Header Coating is Best?
Re-coat Hooker Competition Headers, buy new, or leave them alone?
Non-vette but it is a nice car
Anti freeze
Upper dash pad mount question
How do I remove the headrests from the seat back on my '69.....
Opinions wanted on differential condition
AAARRRGGGHHH!!! These chrome bumpers are driving me nuts!!
HOORAY! It works!
How much for a workable vert top frame?
Any info and pics on C3's with Turbo(s)
Autolite dbl plat, AC Rapid fire or plain jane AC's, I can't decide.
good head/intake/cam combo
Anybody install a pusher fan on their C3?
The sun is out so I couldnt resist.
super chevy show @ new england dragway. this week end.
LeMans Style Gas Cap (Rolling Thunder)
Frame Paint?
Trick to getting off the vacuum advance?
Where were all the C3's
Rear Wheel Bearings - Help (73 C3)
Reminder Northern VA, NCCC/NVCC Corvette Show THIS SUNDAY May 23..
AR Racing website or number
[ebay] 1970 Chevelle SS LS6 with 26 total miles
looking for c3, but don't know much about it.
Suggestions on where to buy a new crate engine
re-packing wheel bearings
looking for ben in the netherlands
Just ordered new Steering From Corvette Steering
I have a horn!
Remove Interior trim around rear glass of 81?
What's a Motor go for?
local car show in conroe texas...met forum members
Cutting the front springs?
Headlight doors just stopped opening
Fuel Line Question
Rear Wheel Bearings
79 Front clip install??
700R4 Speedo Gears
Will a Power Steering Pump From a 68 Camaro Fit?
78 Flip-front Vette on Ebay
vacume diaghram
Tach Drive Cross Gear Installation
Verts-get a nice breeze and keep the sun off
Steering Adjustment.....?
OT selling my NSX CHEAP
'72 air cleaner
Stupid question - Zip starter heat shield
Update on the 427.
Testing Brake Booster ??????
How do I repair a loose outside chrome mirror?
brake light help
Final Drive Ratio?
March Altenator Bracket Kit, What the ...?
road to recovery!
Wiring Diagrams
corvette stamp did it ever come out?
Main bearing measurement Please!!
Tall People In C3's
Got $1,000!! Whats best cam/carb/manifold combo for L48
Small Block 427...know anyone that has one?
O.E. brake rotor part number
Updated pics on heater\AC box elimination.
ProForm main body good for about 10HP...
"clunking" ...rear-end?
Thinking of trying Evans Cooling NPG+
bad weekend could turn out for the best

Page: 237
Brighter headlights
No reverse lights HELP!!!!!!
Hello...We're NEW sponsors...ProtectiV-Gear !!!
Intake and Hood Clearance
Looking for Rodolfo from italy
Lectric Limited single wire ignition
Removal Of Stain Around Gas Cap
Wipers !#$%@
Non USA Vette owners, Gas (petrol) $
Vendor for a Distributor Vacuum Advance?
L-82 Valve Covers
Put 150 miles on today "practicing" for CIV!!!
'72 BBC with Holley fuel line help
69 whats it worth
trailing arm bushing question - how to press out!?
Wheel/Tire size and backspacing?
Trailing arm rot. Repair it or junk it?
Some help with plumbing a return line please.
Throttle Cable help
Trailing arm bolt stuck, how would you get it out?
who uses freeze 12 ?
Missing chrome over distributor, coil, etc. What is it?
How high do headlights have to be, to be legal
Chrome window trim.. opinions please.
What Kind of Headers do you have? What kind of Mufflers dou you have?
Rear Tires go at an angle when I back up.
Have I lost my mind?
Steering Question
Stupid clunking question.
uh oh - oil on plug threads
Fuzzy dice in a '79, cool or ghey.
need exhaust advice....What should I go with?
Looking at an 80-82? Anything I need to know?
Rear Bumper Screws
First order from GM Parts Direct.
header removal
Side window adjustments
Look What I Got Put On Today................
Pictures from a car show...
Took a little cruise and this is what happened.....
Anyone have proof that chambered exhaust is more restrictive??
Help! Brakes on 76
Driveline Angles - Confused
Grill paint
Vibration solved!!!!!
WooHoo...Look what i broke....
Who sells the nicest quality mounted seats/foam package?
Does anybody REALLY like their TRW/VBP rear spring?
On a 71'..Does it have dual exhaust or not?
1971 Munich M21 question
Rick C you out there ???
71 front center grille
1970 t top weather strip
OH BOY flames from my carb!
Chastain Shadow rear louvers for 80-82 Vette
68 Ign. Switch Removal
Good aluminum wheel polish???
New Member
Tried out my new pop out rear window - Wow
She just died...
Stereo install in a '71 C3?
Great Weekend cruise
AC Delco Speedometer Cable and Housing Catalog
2500 rpm @ 60 Sound Right?
bowling green
15 x 10s fit on back?
C66 Racing Becomes a Forum Supporting Vendor - Independent AMSOIL Dealer
making tops fit your car out of the box

Page: 238
T-56 installation questions
More gears needed in my 69
Online Place for used tires?
Drill bit sharpeners? The electric kind.
hey, what happened to hydratech?!
Re: Corvette wreck - wheel fell off
Help needed in finding my "72" in SC?
Beach cruise. New Cali-2 pics!
Speedometer/Tach Cable Lubricator
Big Block header owners, straight, or angled plug wires?
Help: Upper Radiator Hose for '79?
Adding head rests to 68 seats
Who has the cheapest Rear Crossmember bushing?
remote central locking fora C3...
A couple questions on 75-77 gas tank drop
I messed up big time
Rear Stabilizer Bar Poly Link bushings
how much fluid does steeriods need
A/C clutch noise. Opinion needed.
western wheels
Moving out of the country, so I selling my 74, tell me what you think.
How do you remove windshield trim
What would cause backfiring when letting off throttle?
BBC Heads...
Temperature Sending Unit
urgent !!! what fluid to use with steeriods kit,
Making up your own Mad kit for brighter headlights
OT: Hey folks in Austin TX
anyone shave their door handles?
68 Ingnition Switch Removal /Installation
OT- Looking for wine racks
First Club Cruise Today
Surprise under the valve covers of my 383...
Finally put her back on the ground, Man I forgot how low it was....
Finished painting car
Looking Four Unique Mod Ideas
interior re-decorating, thoughts please...
Can't get out of the hole power
Input please
Bubba changed the wheel studs, some help on replacing them.
Easy question about spark plugs
Should i buy 76&77
Gas prices gone sky high ! when is enough a enough.
Body to Frame Cable Attachment
Door Sill Rain Diverter
heater hose plumbing - 1973
6 speed again
tremec shifter question for you guys
Windshield Frame ROT!!!
heater core question
Door "thud"
Another hood question(blower related)
1981 - 1982 Power drivers seat switch
O/T This is the McIntosh I was talking about.
Cruise with us to visit East Coast Supercharging May 22, 2004
Removed trailing arms last nite, MAJOR problems
Pics of my new TTII wheels
Carb Question about secondaries
1969 Project Update, Engine Pictures
My dad's vette???????
Are there clips on the half shafts?
Fat fingers and '82 CC transducer removal....Tips??
Bypass stock engine kill on an '81???
'74 Evap Vapor Cannister - hose routing and how many?
Keisler 5 speed installers
Shutting Engine down with MSD 6A
yet another starter wire question.
'75 L48 Automatic... what I'd LIKE to do.
C3 Heater Core Replacement (w/o air)

Page: 239
Terrible thing happened while charging my A/C
Need Some Help from DFI Guys
Guldstrand Suspension
Fix top door to fender gap. Will this solution work?
chicago area guys''cruise nights in lemont
69 Positraction
Air Conditioning, stock or upgrade?
TESTING Anyone with a volt meter. Help (Long)
Pics from local car show (dial up beware)
is it a stingray?
'74 Torque Specs.
Ever Hear Of 200MPH Polish??????
Steeroids Binding Issues...
Pulled Engine & Transmission Out Of My 1975 Coupe Today.....
wheel stud replacement: how?
My experience with speed-o-motive...I will never order from them again.
Barry Grant 6 Shooter Triple D Setup
Installing New Rear Spring / Bolts at an angle
Trans/Shifter Problem - PLEASE help!
Fiber Optics - Again
Qjet is "poofing" at me
Help!!! Where's the wire go?
driving/fog lights for C3??
Do C3 A-Pillar Gauge Pods exist?
Fiber Optic lens
I need some help with a starting problem
power steering cylinder: new vs. rebuilt vs. repro.
Infinity plate speakers
OT- New Project
Keeping power thru cig lighter???
Is there a Blade-fuse box offered for C3's?
Missing your front license plate? Have one made.
Which Flowmasters to buy ?
heater/ac blower motor fuse?
whats up
Anyone using late corvette oil-water cooler?
Saw a 1958 Corvette while in Germany this week
gears/tranny not catching?
Has anyone ever had dealings with?
window motor had water in it...? how do i prevent this?
testing elec window switch...?
A/C-Heater blower wire attachment
1968 statistical/data question
68-69 owners, parking lens
Rad. SB to BB core support switch
whats my top speed gonna be????
12v power suply to battery terminals without dash in???
Need Engine help!
Pictures of my rearend just for Twin Turbo
No dash lights on my 73
72 shark air flow/cooling whoa's
what to flush power steering pump with
Headers + 2-1/2 inch exhaust = rythmic resonance in cockpit?
half bike, half's a vette trike.
Ssnake-Oyl Seatbelts
Lets Talk About Wheel Torque
Like New 82
What LB radiator cap for a 1969 350 sb?
Got a question about titles
Could someone run a Carfax for me?
Been busy - father and son car pics (large pics)
clutch linkage spherical ends
70 rebuild update photos It's Done!! Well almost!!
Recommend a body lift kit?
C3 Split Window!
Whats it worth?-'69 350-350, 4spd
Cali - 1 finally started!
Electrical gurus please help.....problem in the lighting circuit
Frame Repair...HELP!!!

Page: 240
What's it worth question?
displacement and gas mileage
Mystery switches under driver's side dash
One last ? for today - Setting spark plug gaps
Black Sheep Squadron Update
Rear bumper update
corvette wreck today
What are the best 5 point harness seats that fit in a C3?
Anybody make a good roll bar for a convertible C3?
Can anyone run a carfax report for me?
windshield wipers/washers
FuelFilters.. How many on '79 L48
Cant find Lars paper on adjusting secondary wind up spring
LS1 Question
opinions: harbor frieght welding helmet, vac pump & freeze 12
Switching in a New engine on an Emission controled car???
Poll: best interior color for a black shark? help me pick
Gret day for me.
question on jcl inserts for sidepipes.(asap)
Aluminum radiators and elec fans
1:6 Roller rockers
Summers here!! Local car shows all started!!
Air Condition Low pressure side
Ballast resistor in 68 BB?
E-bay Scam...check the thread
AC Problems
New shot of my front coilovers
8K mile original '69 427 wrecked yesterday
"Stump the Dumby"--Problem solved
Another frame stiffening and foam question.
Set backs after set backs......What next!!!!!
'nother hood and intake question
At what speed does the C3 front end become light?
brakes still messed up
What year CONVERTIBLE C3 do you own?
Yet another Ebay WTF!!!!!
What octane should I run in my '74?
just corvettes st. charles MO
I love my Street Avenger!!!
Best product for reviving paint?
POR-15 Rated At 600 Degrees!!
please give me your opinion on which way my spinners look best...
Differential shop in Las Cruces, NM / El Paso, TX area?
Need Smaller Steering Wheel - which one to buy?
Tire Paint-Making raised black letters white?
somebody help me please
Distribution block has a valve?
does any one have an extra Z Bar
fiberglass repair
Performance Brake Upgrade for C3
New suspension is in but steering wheel is now off center.
Interior T-Top Pads
TH350 Trans Tools
Riddle me this......
hooker side exhaust question
Changed rear rotors, had do adjust parking brake?
foot long salamander jumped on my arm at speed
Towing my 68 on a Car Carrier
4-speed doesn't always like to move into reverse
Windsheild wiper compartment
Luggage rack trouble
Painting suspension pieces
Who doesn't run antifreeze?
Bad day for the 850DP
link of the babes section
OT: Check out my new Avatar, we'll see if it will "fly"
C3 Gas tank upgrade??
Rebuilding Headlight Vacuum Relay
Carpet install

Page: 241
Anyone wire their choke open (Q-Jet)
Anyone live near West Palm beach ????
Briar Blue Example
May 13th 7pm Austin Area Sharks
looked at a 69 vert
Reinstalling My Interior - Guidance Needed
How hot is hot?
Parking Brake Problems
Gasoline Price$$$$$
POSTPONED TO MAY 20th, 7pm Waterloo Ice House,
popping in exhaust???
Carb Question
TH350 or TH400
Pics of after market gauges for 69-77
Custom made Speedo cable needed!
Thinking of doing an auto to manual swap
What music system do you have in your C3
If CragarSS 15x8 won't fit how do TTII's fit?
Check this one out
How do you rebute an ebay feedback?
Soaking my nuts with WD-40...
I got a C5
Iraq killed my HP and TQ
Stalling Problem
why does my exhaust sound like this
Heater Hoses for A/C equipped 68?
How much gas???
Valve cover-pvc- question
fuel pressure guage needle has jump
Heard a loud bang this morning...
Problem with diff, T/A's, bearings, what?
Adding Power Brakes and Steering on a 69
Shock mount tool/puller??
O/T : PayPal Scam
Well it's been a while since I was a 2 Corvette owner, but the time is here !!!!
Can you put 1/2" studs on the rear axel still on the car?
Engine Hesitation after Turning Off
The other reason for sidepipes
W.O.T. question
Axle yoke question, rebuild? hardened?
OT - OTher Project Finished
Finally starting to build the motor
Lost oil pressure during break in. Any ideas?
Ractive 72000 Series Seats Clearance Sale
Electrical Problem (commence whining)
Quadrajet carb questions
Headlight Switch Differences
Any suggestions as to what a reputable paint shop might charge for paint and finishing?
Exhaust Cutouts or Dump Gates??
What Miscellaneous Items needed for Interior Restoration ?
Rectangular headlights, fit and finish terrible
Shift Points Revisited. Excellent Article in Chevy High Performance Magazine.
68 headers ???
Owners of BLACK vettes. What wax wont show all the wax dust after polishing?
Intake manufacturers???????
cooling a zz4
srong gas vapors/odors
paddle shifting easy to add to a TH400
1969 Tri-power intake manifold and carbs - how hard to find?
I insulated the interior today...
Anti-theft steering column "Cover", "Jacket", "Collar" ?
HAHAHAHAH... yeah okay... we are a dumb bunch....
Need transmission advice
New England guys.....wanna hang.......Friday the garage.
Parking brake shoe hold down
drivers side mirror problems
Lars-need carb help
I "Seen it All" today in New Orleans...

Page: 242
Ordered my rims and tires today(boyds)
Best Wheel locks
Distributor grease spec
Still Flooding. Any ideas?
1972 C3 small block engine pad #s
E-bay BB - No Bids?
Engine run in stand
how to remove the spindle from the trailer arm
Headlight Door Question
Need Help with Fuel Line Replacement
Brackets & Pullies ???
damper puller
OT Mascots like Vettes
Questions about brakes...
Starter Shims - where to buy??
Replacing #4 Body Mount 1976
GRRRRR! Gas gauge inaccurate again.
need ideas on how to fit a 12" sub and my tops
Will the 68-69 center grill fit other years?
replacing wheel stud - what length/thread type?
Thanks To Corvette Forms & Willcox
Q on pulling the body
First cruise in for the year. Auburn IN
Pump Gas Drag C-3 :cool:
CoolCar Ceramic Insulation
70-72 LT-1 tuning tips?
Ceramic Brake pads, Yes or No....
Help...Raced the 1/4 this weekend.
O/T Need Help With a DD
ignition problem
Need some help
Just order new tires...need feedback...
OT Wooden jack stands
T-top trim removal
how to install rear filler
Vapor Canninster Install: 1978 Corvette
Any pics 15 x 8.5 rims with 3.75 backspacing
Oil pressure plastic hose broke inside dash on my 72....
Sealant for rear main seal and oil pan gasket.
Look what I did..
how to install wiper compartment cover
1972 Engine block Pad Numbers
how much for a paint job on a 77
i re-engineered my wheel spinner mounting...i didnt like how they did it...
Manual Brakes Question
Should I ask for my money back?
I need help quick.....rear rotor question
MSCC Installed My Keisler 5-Spd
detailing frame and engine area
Need help with gear lube.
Body dolly in ATL - $30 but you have to come get it!!
Anyone using this color on a c3?
trouble starting after a few days
Hooters Anaheim May 16.
Big Block in my 1981 C3
Pre-registration for the Cruise In ends tomorrow!!!!!!
driver side yolk..
Odometer not working
Vette all in peices... need more parts
Anyone out there with a Nine inch or Dana Rear in a C3?
Point of no Return
What is this piece called?
Is today April first??
Anyone using an Edelbrock Permastar Inatke??
Spal fan install. FYI
2004 Gumball 3000 C3 Vette...
AC Line Between Condenser 7 VIR
Got to fly a Piper last night.......some pics.
Hood Insulation

Page: 243
Fuel Line Question
How many teeth do i need for speedo Gear.
Question on Engine size for '82
One mile drag racing article in Car Craft
hot start solenoid replacement
Ebay Dreamer IMO.
Larry B. it's official
Jacking a 77 C3
Distance from Frame to ground
Big thanks to Cardo0
electrical help
Carb spacer input
O/T has any one seen this befor?
GRRRrrr!!~! help with this Holly
Best Color
Great day to drive the vette!
You have to see this one for yourself!
Help headlight gurus'
bubbles in the fiberglass between headlights and hood
Instructions on R&R'ing a heater core in a 77 (AC equipped)
Rear end HELP!
Chrome bumper owners: I need some pics please!
80-82 T-top external carrier
Horn Quit Working... Proper Diagnosis? :smash:
Tunnel clicking sound(trans mount installed)
"Wipe Out" OR "Gone in Three Seconds of Stupidity"...
See My New Fender Gripper (Pic)
vette in trouble
Oil Question -What Weight
WTF the tapping goes away after the engine warms up
Keisler transmission Is in --- UP DATE #3
ok I'm TOTALLY confused
alignment in CT
Anybody ever disassemble a smog pump?
Where to find a shut off valve for heater hose-in line..
VBP O Ring Kit for calipers
I'm Tired, two cars is to much!
Stupid Overheat Question
Interior light proplem
Replacing body parts who do you use
O/T Look at this poor Camaro.
sidepipes!! wow what a feeling thanks Signguy!!
Swedish meeting with over 240 Corvettes!
2nd chance on this 68 vert.
Show me pictures of your supercharger installations please!
How to remove shifter console and center guage plate?
Qjet behaving badly when hot
Calipers - Std seal or O-ring?
Post your MPG tips
Pump Gas Drags....maybe I just need a little N20???
Heat Insulation Blankets
Stupid question time
New chrome and pics
Will a C4 alternator bracket fit on a C3?
Fuel Delivery Problem Help
Tell me your Motor mount stories
Where to buy Brake and Chassis parts?
Oh no! I think I have a bad rear wheel bearing!
o/t its my birthday!
try to access my ftp server
Anybody ever refurb a shifter console
How do you remove this??
Stripped AC compressor bolt.
tach reading too high
Torq Thrust II Classics -painted centers - All aluminum?
Oil filter adapter ....

Page: 244
Energy Suspension Tranny mount causing fan to hit the shroud.
76 with A/C right side kick panel
engine rebuild ???
Got some gas for my '69.......$2.05.9 a gal
Transmission leak at speedo cable hookup?
Acceleration Problems
Steering Column Question
brake fluid
do corvette and camaro share the same door arm rest?
coil over IRS
Headlight switch problem?
rear main seal leak?
Bluevette's name changing.
ATT mrvette (gene)
Where to Buy Advance Springs???
Gas is cheap, Car parts are expensive.
Transmission Lines
im making progress
Front bumper removal
rear spring on a 1969
Transmission problem or adjustment?????
help, I need a glove compartment
Z06 Replica Wheels on a C3?
Where can I get a heater core firewall seal for a 74?
one more gear?...
Oil Pan and Pump for BBC Swap
Shifter Throw Question
Inake specialists, original LT1/ZR-1 vs Team G
couple pics of my project-- not dial up friendly
It feels good to get my hands greasy again!
looking for picture of 81 engine without air cleaner
Custom Carpet W/No Cut-Out For Console?
emblem ideas...
Picture of my ride
'74 BB on Ebay
Hooker Super Competition Sidemount Headers
Most expensive part
Not starting - PROBLEM FIXED!
How to test a MSD 6AL?
Can this be done? (I don't think so)? MSD Ignition
Air Compressor, is one better than the other?
Here is the problem I have been encountering
Heater Core Help
Radiator Shroud
No More Vibration.
rear-end question ??
Power Window problem in my 78
Many thanks for all the help!
Help!!! Compression Ratio is driving me Carzy!!!!!!
Carbon build up
4 wheel alignment
Timing sets
Stupid question, realy need help.
What type of transmision I have
Need Quick Exhaust ideas!!!
Know of a good California repair location?
Odometer Reset Knob - Any Alternatives?
Transmission Pan
Rebuilt Differential Seizes
Intakes and cams
Replacement Over the Shoulder Seat Belt Help
Yellow Corvettes Photo Gallery
There was a discussion with lars awhile back about big carbs on 350s
missing "76 fender stingray emblems
New TV Show: "Overhaulin"
Volunteer Vette --- Two Thumbs Up!!
Rockwell test on Comp Cam - not good!

Page: 245
Reputable Classic Car Dealer
Another Thumbs Up for Cloyes.
Who knows how to "break in to" a 1970 Corvette?
Cutting coil springs
Kinda OT-Has anyone rebuilt an air compressor?
Anybody used a "NOS Top Shot" system?
Who knows about locks?
Installing Rug set this weekend. Any Tricks etc?
Another Lars/Forum Thanks
The WORST Customer Service Ever BEWARE
Drive/jack shaft question
(OT) Just got back from Virginia beach,...saw lots of vettes an women down there!
check out the pic of my vette...on my new website
AFR's & Hooker sidemount headers mounted
Another Question for you folks with Headers
Who has used Evercoat Fiber-Tech??
Sharp tapping from the engine..
Need Help / Advice on BBC Heads
California Front Plate
How much would it cost to replace my car?
850DP off the car, now what?
Keisler transmission arrived. UP DATE #2
Finally, pics of the 68 vert for 10k that I missed out on.
Airgap really worth it?
Finally Got A/C in the '77!! Yipppeeeeee!
Front plate in California
New burnout videos !
coolcraft radiator
got a new exhaust system today
Converting my tube frame drag race '69 back to a street car. Question...
How to check side yokes.
Instructions for adjusting a adj. vacuum advance from Moroso.
TH400 Advice Please
A NASTY I think- diagnosis help
Corvette pics from couple of car shows! (almost dial up friendly...)
I added a plate system and upgraded to a Pro Race Fogger
Getting hard to afford a C3?
seat belts
Rumbling and after firing...Help!
Slamming in the rear when i step on the gas and let off
a few questions about my new steeroids
Which shop/service manual?
front end fiberglass loose, suggestions?
Clutch help needed
Does Anyone Have A "Completed" C3?
Aftermarket L88 Hood
how do I list my vette?
Rear Brakes not working.....
Speedo Cable
ignition shielding and shielded sprk plug wires
Strut rod bushings
A/C....Remanufactured or New....Differences?
Cool link...check it out
Where is the horn relay? 1979.
Gasoline prices on the rise again!
Anyone interested in a Dewitt's GP if we can get Tom to agree on it?
The doos and DONT'S of loading a Corvette on a transport vehicle!
New brake rotors.......heard of these?
C3 vs. 04 mustang cobra
Is there anything better...
Frame off resto vs "frame up" or cosmetic "fix up"
who has the best price on offset trailing arms?
Post A Pic Of Your C3!!!
autometer gauges (groovyjay??)
Wings - do they actually do anything?
Coolant in my block?
Running Rich - Need Tuning Advice (350)
Hooker Sidepipes: Do yours make a mess?

Page: 246
slow but sure
need a tip for books and manuals
Keisler transmission arrived. UP DATE #1
drive shaft & half shaft U joints?
Vehicle Noise Levels-SEMA Cali Standards
charging system problems
Headlight on 1977 won't go up or down
My mechanics teacher just bought a Porsche 928, should i race?
I Must Be Getting Bored Today (Pic)
Vacuum.....It really sucks!
Some C3 Projects links
Maryland Tag Law
Upgrading an 85 mph speedometer on '80 Vette
differential question
Exotic tool: Metal lathe...who's got one?
A/C system pressures
which direction does the bend on the front sway bar point?
Speedometer Gear Chart!
march power steering isn't very powerfull?
these cars don't have a lot of room
*Fancy* hood treatment....
Classic Car Insurance
Shipping Companies?
Got my hardtop guys !
HELP! Need Tranny Advice
whataya know about wheel spinners???
Recent cruise pics...
Complete exhaust suggestions.
'94 lt1 into '76 . a/c concerns
Flyin' '68
Is There a Current Discount on the forum for Vette Brake Products?
81 Hood stuck
Collectors Insurance
how much should this vette go for.....
Another 200R4 question...
Paging A78VETTE where are you?
WooHoo finally can post new motor pics! what'ya think?
what to look for when buying a c3?
question about wiped cam lobes
Louvre Question
Tell me about my cam, and other performance possibilities..
Question for those with electric fans
Red Vettes...sign in please!
'69 vert frame in a local car show, 2 pics, not dial up friendly...
81 color coding confusion
Keisler transmission arrived
Anyone using silicone brake fluid? Opinions?
Gas leak...
tire sizes
replacing exhaust - what kind?
Rear end upgrade possibilities??
Is the Hydro boost brake system worth it? Better for autoXing?
Heater core blew! Can I plug the intake and water pump or run a bypass hose?
Need link...
Stay with Sanderson Shorties or go with long tube headers?
Anybody port and polish their own heads?
Resistor wire to turn on MSD Box?
Casting numbers
Help Brakes & Front End Rebuild
bought a C6 @ walmart?
Forum members Vette on Ebay
Need help with wiper motor on a 69!
what are your opinions on this?
Only ALL WOMEN vette Club?
New Heads (big pictures)
Vortec Heads
My horn doesn't work
Radiator seal kit (foam)??

Page: 247
Is there a good online listing of used stuff outside of Ebay
Test drive with new 3.73 rear
How much rust is a deal breaker?
Acrlic Lacquer
IM Help! (Re: Radio IM to Motor City Vette)
P/S pump rebuild tech Q's
quick Q about front calipers
Net worth of effort !
Bad leak around windshield, help
OT- SIGN GUY need your advice
Steering Wheel Off-center
74 Windshield Washer
1982 EST Radio-How do you set TIME!
Rear end problems....
Side exhaust question
alternator amps?
Thrust Alignment vs. Full Alignment: Tire Store Sales Gimmick?
Noisy Exhaust - How do I make it quiet?
HorsePower Add-Ons, what to do when the engine is torn down?
73-75 front clips
What to paint my 71
Thump in the rear when I'm on and off the gas - 72 Vette,
An ebay find
C-3 Logo Help needed.
T56 auto to manual swap
just some advice on an 81
How "Stiff" Should Fuel Pump Arm Be?
tapping noise from rear end
Line-lock part II
bought a '79 Vette for 69 cents
"Stayfast" convertible tops.....what I know.....
Convo Pro or TT2
Trouble blowing fuses when my AC is turned on? Need a little help, please.
Another Stupit Plug Wire Question
A.I.R. Pumps on 1975 L48
My Q-Jet is Whistling
Parking Brake Shoe Replacement Problem 72 Vette
Frame off progress report-MAN- this is hard work-comments-Eastwood vs POR
What is the easist way to remove rear bumper cover on a 75?
painting black window trim...what to use???
Anyone with roller rockers under stock b/b valve covers?
need help on sellin my 80 red with white interior
Determining Differential Codes for 72
Power Antenna question
Wiper cover w/cowl hood?
Power steering cylinder removal advice
where to find a good crate 350
Windshield Wiper Motor
Hooker Sidemount headers and sidepipe question
Bouncing Speedometer
Cabin noise in 82
Norwegian says thanks fore all help
o/t someone try and tell me if it works please
Stainless nitrous jets for less than 4 bucks each
Alternator shaft
A/C belt guide
Exhaust in Nashville,TN area
Help...Hood Release Cable Broke
Where can I find these body parts?
intake gasket... extra parts?
Hello and Question 1: Frame
A little bit OT but...BG in OCT.
Stainless Works or Allen's?
Question about A/C Belt Removal
78 Pace Car
Need Opinion On Color
Nice to meet you, my name is stupid lol!
Help with my Ammeter wiring

Page: 248
back firing through carb.
What speedo gear (#of teeth) going from 3.08- 3.70's?
Boyd Coddington Balster Rims?
Manual into an Auto??
Followup on Spals and EFI
spark plugs
Anyone have a set of Lars recurve weights they're not using?
I need help with 79 headlights
What year C3 do you have ? 78-82
C3 exhaust system help
Need Help... Fuel Filter Removal
Have Faith In THe Younger Generation
Videos from today, 2/2 Les's 70 Camaro
edelbrock shocks
How can I determine the gear ratio of the rear end
Videos from today... 1/2 My 78 Vette
What holds the "Stingray" emblem on the fender?
Tire psi
Kinda O/T... CAD software. Where to get and how to learn?
rebuilding 4-speed...what transmission fluid?
Rear end...what year?
Checking fuses on my 79, what is this and where should it go?
Custom shifter knob
Power steering cylinder overhaul.
Need new plug wires, who uses what and why?
Restore or Replace?
My experience with Cloyes
Brake booster diaphram
5 speed from 80s Camaro/Firebird
New distributor installed
ok i started buffing(then ran out of compound)
Pertronix 2 revisited
OT - my 69 Chevelle..a really old pic..
MSD 6A Wiring Question
tempature sending unit location
gone is that ugly hood latch cable
OT - Help, think I have an ulcer
Just a couple pics from a cruise yesterday.
Muffler Turn Downs Hit Bumper Cover
Quarter miles times.
Plug wires with Stock Exhaust
Question for MSD experts...
carb selection
brake lights problem, help!!!
who has storage bags for ttops
Need Parts Source
Big Brakes
corvette dealers in NJ
calling Mr gearhead
Received My Mahogany Look Steering Wheel Moments Ago
Need help on replacing AC Air Valve
New Plates
Did some clutch linkage re-engineering this weekend...
WalMart Welder...will it cut it????? no pun intended..
Keep my heads or change them?
82 heater core removal
I have to repaint the car which color stock or red
need your opinion on an '80 model
Anyone use Ecklers spray gel coat?
What to look for in a 71?
Building a 383....
73' 4-speed lower control arms
Value of 'PLUGS' in floorboard ???
Body installed - but sits too high. Any thoughts please?
C3 Vette Body Repair/ Prep for paint
Astro 1 one piece roof panel
At wits end w/air in the rear brakes!
[paging Ron / Eddyvetter]
car feels funny when i hit the throttle fairl hard

Page: 249
Speedometer and Tach Lights out (1980)
Interior Color Change
hedders and side pipes
Need help with my '77
MSD Box behind dash?
Hydrobooster help needed on adapters/fittings
Installed New Grills Today (Pic)
Odd starter issues..
Need help
I found my original order copy this weekend
Bogging - fuel pump? any suggestions?
I have a powerwasher for the week, do you think i should......
68-69 Guys, need pics asap!
adjusting the fuel mixture in my demon
some body questions
"Shorty" Headers on a BBC
Console Battery Gauge Reading/Alternator Charging Question on a 1969
The Fog, weirdness in the 77
New 1980 bumpers??
Broken off bolt in engine block... Advice needed...
Power Steering conversion
Any tirick to installing parking brake pads?
AFR Temp sending unit
Where to get replacement for center shift console?
Custom Center consoles? Got Pics?
crappy factory welds on frame
Stahl Sidemount headers.
Crooked steering column
Steeroids Part 2, Installation & Test
Placed a bid on something
Holley Spreadbore Question for Lars or Anybody Else
D@mm&t! alt. bracket bolt broken off into cylinder head!
First ebay purchase
Seat belt question
Tool for Shock stem on front end
Where to find these tires?
What's the best exhaust system for performance?
76 Fusible link, do I have one & where is it
Sidepipe Mufflers
carfax please
A question for SIGNGUY
Rear Exhaust Bezel blockoff... (pix of my 68).
Zaino Bros Products
Drive train Vibration at 75 mph
How do I adjust the kickdown linkage on a TH350? Yeah, I'm not very bright...
Tilt steering collum loose?
Confirm speedo gear Muncie & St-10
Steering Box Rebuild Procedures
I will never complain about working on my C5 again
Problems with Steeroids install...
more progress
Edelbrock C66-R
SmokedTires AFR / Hooker Sidepipes Install, what's happening?
Has anyone removed the liner from inside their gas tank?
car purchase horror story. tell me yours!
Hay Twin_Turbo
Rebuilding Wiring Harness?
Another one bites the dust!
Checking for interest in a Steeroids group purchase
New Jessica Simpson Music Video (yeah well it features a c3)
Bluevetteman.... surgery update
Cruise Control Problems
Charging voltages/gen. light on
And speaking of C3 power steering...
Anyone ever heard of these pistons? Can't find much info on them.
Edelbrock carb help
Help my top is stuck!!
Setting lash with new lifters different than with old?
79 body off update and trailing arm question.....need help
C4 YES--------C5 NO

Page: 250
[PICS] Is this the correct wiper motor for a 1971?
AR engine is in but !!!!!
Casting number help
A couple questions from a newcomer
'Un'polishing chrome
strut rods
Another C3 bites the dust
Steering Gear Box on '75 coupe
Rebuild trailing arms?
steering box is dry
rear end part needed
New upper door hinge replacement...question
68 gas tank emblem
Vin# and ID tags location
Interior Light Bulb ID
Silly Sunvisor Question
VB&P Front Monoleaf conversion...first impression
72 Owners..Crank Pully # Research Help??
TH400 electric kickdown switch?
Trick Flow Heads?
New Tremec
Difficulty of swapping a ZZ4 into my 81?
HELP: Door lock will not disengage (door can not be opened)
Driver's Door droops on my 73
I hate to see cars rot away.
fender flairs
Tachometer, voltmeter,not working HELP !!
Rams horn manifolds vs headers
1981 door lock assembly
One Last Time!!!
Poll on C3 & C4 years
Carb & Manifold Recommendation for '71 Big Block
Need help finding the owner of this car
what do you guys think??
Will the Dart single plane manifold fit under my L88 hood?
Pitman arm?
hood losing it's curve??
Help Identifying This Exhaust Manifold
Starting the top end rebuild in about 5 minutes
Speedo and Tach dash removal...with pics
Merlin has a new owner
427 question
Heat in from the please
Looking for sidepipe sound from a muffler
funky noise when i don't use starter fluid.
Help! Power Steering Control Valve
zip discount code
drove the vette for the first time since november!!!!!!!
Classic Corvette Dealers
Rolling Thunder? You still out there?
Please help identify where this wire goes!!!
Does anyone have pics of an 80-82 fiberglass rear molded into the body?
Build Sheet
Cylinders - need some input...
I should be beaten, read this.
A little bit of that C3 Magic...
OT (2) - Got the car home for Dad
picked up our new vette tow vehicle this week
Anyone using the Edelbrock Performer 800AVS?
Paging Paul67
The reason for clunking in the rear
ignition coil bracket
timing I can't run more than 30 degrees full advance
differential/yoke/U-joint question-help-see picture, tnx
powersteering valve rebuilt
?? Online Source for Maintenance Specs

Page: 251
Check out what I just got from ebay
chrome bumper owners: I need info for assembly
Wheel spacer question
US Body hood
Ricers and their girlfriends
It drives like a new car!
Broke my intake vacuum fitting. Would this work??
Who has the best price on true-flex bumpers?
The Last Oldsmobile...
short in ignition circuit help!!
80 restoration ?
Finally got my Vette.... Back that is.
Zoop Seal For Wheels
I got a good line on a 68, can't sleep tonight.
Quick alum intake clean up.
Hesitation on acceleration
ported or manifold vacuum for timing
Anyone live near Whittier, CA. I need you help to chase a deadbeat.
Part # for a distributer spring kit on a 73?
ZZ4 Engine Specs
Gran Turismo 4 preview/video
Does anyone make a header that will mount to stock side pipes on my L-36?
Silver77 is my new hero!
Windshield Wipers on an 81 Vette...
What fuse?
What brand is the vinyl tape?
Do You Have A Decorative Front Plate?
Guldstrand 5-Bar rear
think I got ripped on repair
i am dying my interior, things i need to know
A/C pressure switch
If You Have The Sanden 508
? about engine rebuilds
VDO center concole gauge install
lug nut ?
Calipers, who uses not stock calipers ?
fibreglass side pipe covers
Finally got my vette
Update from SEMA Newsletter
Crate Engine install cost?
what are the websites for Adaware and Spybot software?
cool pics I found!
OT - I'm buying my father his "dream car" tomorrow
Finally a pic of my 1980 L82
Best Aftermarket Seats?
Question for those with MAD TrueDual exhausts
Gotta drill the rivets out of my rotors, what size drill bits?
'69 restoration progress
C3 racing oil pans who runs what set-up?
I hear a clunk as I am coming to a stop.
a/c ?? on a 78
TCC-keep it or defeat it?
NADA Classic Car Consumer Prices
Bow Tie Overdrives - opinions please.
trim removal help needed please
Ok, Need some engine help...?
Is the dealer tring to screw us?
Flex-A-Form composite spring, andbody using one of these on their vette?
Stupid cam questions
How do I pull the AC unit? I'm cleaning house!
Does this recall notice affect anyone?
Yet another wheel question...
Master cylinder leak
The 200R4 is going in tonight!
Electrical question/help please...

Page: 252
Control Arm Bushings 73
question about pulley
VIDEO:good driving vs. police!
Steeroids Part 1, Removal of Old
1975 Finally Back Down On All Fours....................
1975 Corvette experts please check in...........
Engine Problems - Not Good
427 dyno results in
AR Racing.....Motors?
[OT] Feminine fart pipe
A test and pic of my 1980 L82
High Resolution Corvette Photos - 542 Photos
Who makes these wheels?
shift linkage binding
New car or more money in to old car?
Easy Question - Fuel lines from and to pump...
Pic Of Vette In Shop
PICS - New Radio Installed
DIN Radio Installation
need advice from gymkhana owners on composite spring
Interior pics of my 71 you guys asked for.
Any recommendations on where to get a shop manual for a '72
Bubba, and hood carb. clearance.
Is Ignition timing related to MPG?
Corvette Club
OT...Just got back from CHINA
1975 Stingray Bright Green
HEI vs MSD "Ready to Run" Distributors
Flex-A-Form composite spring, anybody using one of these on their vette?
Intersting C3 Frame. Have you ever heard of these people?
Help!! Anybody have a line-lock on their brakeline???
Should my clutch pedal rod be bent?
metal to metal squeal in rear end
Tune Up Parts Questions
Radiator Fill? 72 350, no AC
Stereo suggestions for a C3
68 Radio Wiring
850DP carb help(powervalves?)
Couple of simple "How's it work?" Q's ('73)
How much should you expect to pay
Window Seals
Painting advice for a 1979 Vette
inside door handle removal
Fiberglassing a big whole. How does this sound?
To buy or not to buy, advice? 77' L82 4spd
How hard would it be to convert a '76 interior to a '77?
Wheel spinners
Have you ever turned a small problem into lots of work?
NVCC CONCOURS 2004 Postponed due to date 23 MAY...READ...
68 corvette roadster question
Fiberglass bodywork question
Generic weatherstripping? Downsides? Anyone have clever ideas?
Spark plug wires Pre-made or build your own?
how to remove/install driveshaft
Carb advice needed !!
Jacobs plug wires are Weak!
custom pitman shaft bushings
Pictures from the NCRS regional meet in Charlotte NC, April 17
attachment of convertible top
My doors be sagging... How can I shim them?
help me with my brick grill idea..
Differential rebuild procedures
thinkin Barry Grant carbs? check this out... much at a time
My fair weather friends... Been awhile... but hey I just fixed my tach!
differential help
Steering Wheel Restration
It Is Great Too Have Lots Of Really Cold Air Again
Idle speed too high?
Pics of dual exhaust routing...

Page: 253
Hooker Sidepipe Installation Question
has anyone added another thermostat switch to their spal fan setup?
Big Block Headers?
Anyone know of a good detail shop in Ft Worth or maybe Weatherford, TX?
Thanking the board for all the stereo ideas!
Sanderson headers help
my car is misfiring sometimes??
are these Corvette wheels ???
Worm Gear Balls
Anyone know how to replace the power window regulator spring????
It's ALIVE and back on the road!!
Will these wheels fit?
OT...going to look at a 454 Chevelle
[Q-Jet] '75 Aneroid/APT question...
Herb Adams sway bars on ebay
Help with GM part numbers
K&N X-STREAM Air Flow Plate (Pic)
Help! Wandering idle
Will Lowering The Rear One Inch
Anyone know what these numbers mean?
Street Avenger vs. Road Demon...
Help motivate me!!!
I need your suggestions on a new engine or cams and lifters
Custom exhaust for the LS1. Where should I dump?
Valve cover baffle
Gearhead poll....
How do you remove brake sheilds?
Brake gurus, need help finding aftermarket callipers
Wheel Bearing, Half Shaft U-Joint or ???
Steering box rebuild
Should i replace the yokes when i change the ring and pinion?
gauge treading change
Almost done!! Rebuild update photos (many photos)
Shock Poll
92 LT1 engine harness, to you folks that have done this conversion
new (to me) wheels
EGR Block Off Plate
Stalling under acceleration?
Cast Iron Manifolds with Aluminum Heads?
gravity bleed question
Brake Bleedin question
Harmanic balancer
AC vents not working
Who sells a full line of set screws??
Another Tire Rant of Sorts
Fuel filter...
hooker headers
Engine miss on two cylinders
Dual exhaust
help in NW Las Vegas
Anybody running 90/10's on the street in a C3??
Just finished drive on ramps, YES (Pics)
Any interior experts in N. Jersey
#4 body mount caged nuts
How do you separate the front clip from the firewall?
High pressure sending switch
80-82 rear bumper on a 74-77 car? Pix please?
Lars is done!!!!
bad news :(
For '78 S/A Only
Where to buy rear exhaust panel
Reducing Side Pipe restrictions, while maintaining the stock covers?
pitman arm removal
oil pan removal
Corvette DVD
OT daily driver oxegen sensor
[San Antonio] Hills & Dales Classic Corvette Night
New intake installed

Page: 254
replacement trailing arm question
How many were produced
POLL on OT - Last Corvette if C6 Doesn't Sell?
What gauge of wire feeds the alternator & horn relay?
Clutch problem???
Come on over Sunday for front end rebuild @ NHvette
Reminder: Forum Party Sunday
Push Rod Length
who's going to the ''corvettes on the isthmus'' at ho -chunk casino
temp. gauge
What are the widest tires possible on a C3?
Thanks Lars!
Where is starter relay located on75
what type of headlight bulb does my c3 use? has anyone done a HID conversion?
C-3/C-2 Differential Rebuild/ Replacement- any advice?
Modules behind passenger seat-need help
Video's of my '76 LT1\4L60E
What is a good alternator to replace the stock one on my car?
Door alignment problem
BB Rocker arm slots
ign moduel question
Looking for blower videos (trying to pick one for my '74!)
Some Random Ideas
Off idle hesitation completely fixed
1974 Seat Belt Interlock Relay Fix, Thanks vettefixr.........
Question about a product for detailing the engine compartment
My Third Rebuilt Chrome AC Compessor Failed The Leak Test
Still singin' the 81 delay wiper blues !
Rotor Runout
Trouble matching midnight blue carpet and dye
New two tone interior
Decided on chrome shop
Hood latch problem
OT: Engine bay cleaning
Skyline Drive was a blast.....some pics
Removing Trailing Arms
Muncie M21 questions, Help needed with problems
Lazy Man's Cam Swap
ZERO compression on all 8 cylinders
A pic of me and my 71 at the LSU Car Show this weekend.
Your actual emissions readings on '72 to '74 (if your state does it)
shifter kit 79 4spd
Ron Stark Wins WCCC for April....with his C3...
Anybody going to Super Chevy at Pomona this weekend ?...
Temp. guage/ sending unit
help with rear deck refurb on 79 corvette
Bubble Tail Lights Question
NJ Drivers!!!
TH 400 Weight??
Stock engine deatils questions... (deck height, etc)
I only get C5 motif now Whats up!!?
Summer Project Suggestions
C3 peeps...need your help
My C3 took First Place!
**ST. JUDE FUNDRAISER 2004** now underway !!!
Skyline Drive...........A few more pics
replaced the ignition switch, still won"t start--- the right way??
questions on installing front swaybar endlinks
Seat Cover Question?
Vapor Cannister Leaking
How do you like my new hood?
Some idiot talking bad about The Earnhardt Family....
coupon for VBP
Original 75 ignition shielding
Urgent calling all Painters-- Help

Page: 255
Tach Replacement...Dash removal. HELP!!!!
Clutch safety switch
To shroud or not to shroud
Corvette body shop in pa needed
I need some help.......
t top storage ''suitcase''
Lowered (Oh no! What have I done?!)
Temperature Sending Unit Connector
What Position is Good?
Spark plugs and wires question
Power steering problem
Bumper Bolts
Trouble during front end rebuild yesterday
L88 Long Hood pics?
My apologies to Silvr77 and the rest of the guys that met yesterday
OT: Need info from Aldata or similar service
Strangest electrical problem I've ever seen....
Carb problem - decision needs to be made
Front Coil Spring Question on a '72 350 no AC
Can a 700r4 handle 6500 rpm shifts ?
New '81 owner!
Body prep problem
Wiring Harness who did you use
Door stuck in lock
New intake, more power? whats up with the smoke?
Paint & trim code #'s what are they
Weiand 142
Need help ordering tires
Cars for sale, Why so many C-5's for sale?
'89 Engine into a 75...
Will this work?
Shocks and Poly Q's
Emissions exempt ??
Who here has a RoadDemon Jr? how do you like it?
Lift off
cd player install in late c3
Power steering question/problem
Cam Selection?? I know - black magic
1981 Luggage / Cargo Shade Help...
rear window trim removal 79
Speedometer cable removing question
T.O. Sharks Pics
Converting a points distributor, which kit to buy?
Half Shaft Removal
C3 Mech in Columbia, S.C.
Buying an 80-82, but Questions about future mods (woe is me...)
Anyone running 255-50-R15s on 8" OEM Rallys or Alloys?
*** Comeback with a BANG!!! ***
Could this cause a missfire?
Car Show pics from 4/24/04
Side pipes ROCK! Thanks, SIGNGUY
Oring Usage in the Steering Assembly
Radio Bezel for 1976
rag joint replace
Atlast my car is out off winter storage!!
How about this 82 "asphalt muncher"
Email notification not working?
March Pulleys Alternator bracket
My flip front flips... YEAH
Digital A/F Sensor
Issues when backhaving a C-3
Tightening Comp Cams Roller Rockers?
side pipes again..
Cracked Head......?
Aligning 68 grills
Running rich, a bad thing?
the c5 song in the c3 forum
Ok where is the power window circuit breaker on a 77 corvette
Holley 80555C model 4175 + EGR??

Page: 256
why are photos not showing
Show me your storage compartment
What happened to the post counter?
Need help with shoulder harness retracter
70 with Mako front end, What is it?
Who is running flares?
Lowering P/S pump pressure and volume for Steeroids...
Will An Optima Battery Fit In the 72 Battery Box?
Factory antenna cable
Exhaust Manifold Studs from Eckler's
Spark Plug Modification
4 1/2" offset~
What should i do next.Help please
starter problems...need help
Help with first test drive issues
A Corvette Tale-#2
Anyone remember Tangee-Vette???
Optimal cam endplay ?
which line is the cooler return line on th400 trans?
Power window and power antenna problems.
1977 L-48 air cleaner
"Buck" at idle in drive, chugs at part throttle accel...
What's the best way to bump up low end torque?
No posting numbersbelow the Sig?
Differential Help please
Chrome bumper guys
OT:19'LCD...what was i thinking??
how do you set timing with vacum advance
possible '69 purchase!
What does a 78 windshield cost? Brain fart mistake.....accident.
Seat Belt Rewebbing...
Looking For Help With The History of This 68 Convertible
Real TV - C3 & C4 crash
distributor points questions----->
windjammer wind deflectors
Vibration ????????????????
went up in smoke at the track today
Out looking at a car for my brother...
Just bought a 427 Tri-Power
what can $20k get me?
Its painted AGAIN
Ebay...does anyone buy there anymore?
L48 Cam details
Could someone help me on color code on Temp Sensor wires for 81 please.
Restored my Intake Manifold
Western Wheels Part II
L-82 Tuning Tips Wanted
Can't remove my Heater Ventilation Box Help!
Michigan's bringing back the Emissions testing
Compared 373 to 456 gearing
Speedometer Face Question
Lowered (Oh no! ..) part 1
69 frame/body mount questions
Need help with composite spring.Thanks
my car just stalls!!!!!! 81
Changing my '80 over to true duals, what all will I need? (Dallas guys-chime in)
broken tops
Long or short W/P belongs on a '73 454?
Should I call a previous owner of my vette?
Vibration gone!
2nd Gear
Heater control unit
71 OEM radio questions
Loose side-view mirror on an '82.....
engine will not run in drive
Dumb question..."Rat?"
cutting coils; what end?
Edelbrock carb vac advance ports which one?

Page: 257
after market b/b exhaust manifolds. anyone bought em?
What shocks to buy?
Will these headers fit my 75 SB?
issues with removing ac belt
rear bearing help
Hey Eddie (Paint Job)
Who has the C5 wheels on a C3????? lets see some pics.
Fanning the flames of the 650 vs 750 carburetor issue
A big Thank you to Tom Dewitt !
Video of our 82 w/ ZZ4 and mods ;)
New Dash Install help...
67L paint??? Help
eBay find ! ....CrAzY paint '69
"merlin"on ebay again
Steering just aint right....
Track results from last night- Major traction problems!!
any c3 videos out their?
Fixed the power steering leak!!!
C-3 "tube frame"
Soft brake pedal
T-Top storage question
Bubba's Top Ten
Power Window Help Needed
A question for those going on the Hot Rod Power Tour
New AR Torq Thrust Wheels and Pirellis are on...
Stupid question......lower half of the rear clip
Positrac clutch problem
OT: Could use some help diagnosing my daily driver--
Street Legal Exhaust that adds the most power for the buck
Engine Smoking - Again
Where's the pressure relief vent ?????
Someone ID this elec part?
1976 Production Break Down
A better look at my 68 pannel on a 82 clip.
What happened to Photohost?
Help! 76 Rear Body Mounts
Racing Fuel Cell for a 72' ?
Finally new pics or project BlackRat!! Whatya think?
how to adjust steering box?
1978 side pipes
Replacing power steering hoses
What size wire for alternator "sensing" wire?
What Is The Best Way To Lower A C3???
OT - Went to a the shop that makes Elenors tonight.
Carzy Looking '68
Progress Pics of the 69
front end alignment, camber adjustment- car wandering
Side pipes on, need to adjust carb?
"Cars in Barns" Story from tonight
MSD ignition - big improvement? should I have it installed?
I need to replace my Dynomax headers what do yall recommend?
[ENGINE PROJECT] Engine guys step inside, need some help/advice
Replacing Front Fenders: Who has done this??
Headlight allignment - anyone understand this geometry
Piston slap
Can't get new Parking Brakes Adjusted
Brake Pads Recommendations
Header Question
Dyno Results: 1050 Dominator on a 350
Got a pick-up notice in the mail today...
Junk the smog pump.
C3 Tire Size
Picture of my valve train
How to clean & lube door lock mech?
Question for '78-'80 owners
LT1 INTO A '76 ! HELP !!
Vette Brakes Bump Steer kit question

Page: 258
What book to buy for engine assembly
OT: Transom Repair?
I am not giving another feedback on ebay..until
Control and A arm question
O-Ring calipers or do the wilwood brake setup
seat swap
Primer sealer/ paint question
looking for a hard-to-find non-corvette part
Do you associate the C3 vette with any celebrity/movie?
Remove body and bumber
need brake measurements
beefing up rear diff and crossmember, need ideas
Edelbrock Pro-Flo MPFI Question
L-82, L-88, LS-1.....???????
Selling my '75 Convertible
Alignment question
Holly do you guys do sidepipes with no mufflers?
Travel Channel convertible show
I need a measurement
GM Parts Direct
ttops adjusting
The Spare Tire
scam tactics
Windows For Dummies
Door Mirror install...hole to large...?
What could cause a spark plug to work it's way out?
Checking Engine Temperature
Will cutting the a/c belt affect other belts?
Anyone try installing a new dash pad overlay
New to C3, not new to the Forun
Engine Rebuild Poll - top end choices.
Sanden 508 AC Compressor
Rear emblem on a 76
Scratched and Scuffed Glass: Is there a fix besides replacement?
6th Annual Hot Springs Corvette Weekend
I need input on Mid America RCSI adj shock absorbers
a/c box prices!!!!
Seat Back adjuster for 79-82 seats
differential assembly, is there a good how-to out there?
Side Pipes
I can see the blower fan through the wiper tray?Is this right?
Carb I.D.
QJet choke pulloff question
Anyone ever see a 1970 LT-1 with manual brakes?
Duracool as a r-12 replacement?
Gas tank remoavl
Can you get Eagle 211's with a 4.5" backspace?
LS7 Oilpan and Oilpump.
Hot Water Shut off valve AC
What is the diam. of the hard brake lines in front?
77 Door panel/Door nightmare
My tach reads twice as high as the engine is spinning
club cruise sat., one last fix-ECM temp sens., broke intake manifold.......
happenings in DFW this weekend?
Actuator Relay "Filter?" on 79 & Actuator Rebuild
someone to fix A/C in tyler, tx
Power steering hose suppliers?
rear spring arc height needed
Today's dumb question: Factory 1980 door panels - are they leather or vinyl?
Need picture of firewall for '69 fire damage repair
unusual stereo problem
Changed Over To Mobil 1 Synthetic Today
Lug nut specs, bolt pattern?
What RPM should I shift at and does anyone want to join me at LACR tonight?
Adding power brakes
did we stop post counts also??
Advance Curve Kits
BB vs SB redline

Page: 259
Hurst question
radiator hoss
I finally got a removable rear window!
You can make your own custom avatars now...
Need help with rear end ID code
79 hood question
Headers for cars with side exhaust
T-top headliners
Engine running a little rough. Cause??
So whats the deal with TRW and their fiberglass rear spring height problems?!
Need help and advice with BBC Cly Heads
4 post lifts on Ebay - CHEAP - good deal for Boston area
Alternator Bad?
Distibutor Tach Drive
has anybody found any problems with an aftermarket one piece glass top for a c3?
Stupid Question about C3 stalling after long drive.
Solid Lifter Cams and Valve Wear
Need help with ZZ4 and Demon Carb?
Gastank build sheet
Wanting to order 6 inch Rally wheels!
15 gallon Fuel Cell for '77 vette
Anyone use the 1969 dash support & Dash Speakers
Torque Covertor mount question
Anyone running Accel 300+ race wires?
Bit The Bullet Today And Ordered New Front Grilles
VIN# question....................
it's a miracle,it fixed itself!
Selling my 73 bb, t-top
[HELP] - Frame Measurements / Front crossmember need specs / lower a-arm mounts
Installed New Head Unit
humidity/ best place for my stereo's brain
Anyone have link to the dead zone trip..?
Top end rebuild
gear oil
radio restoration
ID Help ... 69E or 69L Vert - Lock Post Weatherstrip
Anyone Using Aftermarket Trim Rings
Opinions NEEDED!
My hooker sidepipes got here and some pics of my car.
What brands of aftermarket seats?
Want L-82 to rumble
Paint removal and primer
Choke Adjustment(s) Speed Demon 650 Need help..
Daytona yellow----Looks awesome on this 69
Edelbrock performer or rpm?
Cleaning Driveway..........
Insulation - Being Proactive rather than Reactive
Got my T5 Trans Today!
Pitman arm nut
Anybody done aftermarket A/C in a Shark?
Any Corvette Events in the Seattle Area in the next couple of months?
Anyone running a Comp XE 274 or XE 286 your comments appreciated
Best Corvette Events - Please share your stories
Wheel Experts. Need Advice
Drive 540 to CIV and hang out..or tow it and let it all hang out on the track?
How to lower a 77 Vette.
rear spindle nut
spare tire rim offset
Q-jet inlet repair
Flowtech Afterburner mufflers just installed......
newly updated frame up resto pics 4/18!
Weatherstrip install?
Poor fit on 79 Replacement Console Plate
another test
aftermarket starter and wiring question
BBC fuel pump clearance issue...which plug to use???
Added Horsepower without the Huge Modifications
Vote for the Corvette
New Summitt catalog today! See page 174

Page: 260
81 vette update
OT: Customer dropped his Street Rod off at the shop...
Started on the paint job
guesstimate my horsepower?!!
auto to manual swap, clutch bracket location needed.
"Newbie" C3 owner looking for expert Vette repair in Indianapolis
Is it just me or did late model C3's get more expensive over the past few years?
If you're in Las Vegas on May 15th, Join the WCCC at LVMS
Corvette Central Parts
Best Exterior color to Match Grey Interior
Spring Carlisle
door handle replacement
Black On Blue
Cheer for me guys! I FINALLY have a C3!!!!!!!!!
rough idle
TH350 Shift Point Revisited
Shield under the Intake Manifold
Anyone have any pics of there 1980 Exhaust???
waaaayyy OT - but so damn funny - C5 humor
Austin, Tx Area Sharks
Found the source of top-end clacking...
Got a new exhaust today... What a difference!!!
Spark Knock Problem
Need a new GM forged 396/427 crank for $99?
door hinge bushing replacement
Jacobs Spark Plug Wires
Vacum advance and knocking?
Finally got the outer rear bearing cones off !!! PICS
Who here uses exhaust hose?
Newbie Question about a 72 big block car
Wormshaft seal ?
Hydra-boost Brake Conversion Completed!! What a Difference!!!!
header fit problem
problem with tach on a '79
LS-7? Truth or Ebay Fairytale
Secratary of State mess-up
Steering Wheel Swap
Not Your Average C-3 That You See At Vette Shows...Something Different..
Slotted Rotors?
Put a rod through the pan and block on my L48
Still having trouble with thermostat placement for spal fans on 454 car
'77 Alarm Question
76 alarm switch, can it be re-keyed?
Possible New Owner Soon...
Why must my tilt/tele be "down" to start car?
Keep bending push rods! Help Please!
My baby's getting new shoes!!
trouble with reverse shifter????Help
does anyone make electric headlight kits that will fit a '77 vette?
Distributor main shaft endplay
? about LS-5 motor
Newbie in the Vette world.
C3 Registry?
Rear Glass Trim
Getting the body of the frame on a 1976 C3?
Phone number for Vette Brakes & Products.
where to get 30 amp circuit breaker
1972 rear fascia lock?
May have to sell...what to ask ??
Holley experts (Power valve)
Power Antenna
Replacing Rear Body Mounts 1976 Help!
polishewheels are home!!!
Headlight Door Control Valves
Rear spindle removal questions (for re-greasing only) HELP
Talk to me about alignment options...

Page: 261
I tried and failed....
Ok I give up, where do I send it
Can I just grind a little off my master cyl actuator rod?
Huge Gaps in Doors on a 73 Vette
Demon Carb tuning kits???
And So It begins
Need Exhaust Experts...Came across this today...
Paint code 59L?? whats the L stand for
Help with my '73 build sheet?
Replacing my brake system, need some advice on install
ideas on fixing a badly rusted windshield frame??
Ignition Problems,Can You help Me Hot wire ?
81 conversion
18" wheels
Need opinions: Slight Puff of Oil Smoke in Exhaust
Problems with deleting/uploading pictures to the forum
Is it possible to put a 454 in a '79 and keep the stock hood?
Mallory distributor
HELP!!! Battery dead in 73 again:.((
How much resistance in spark plug wires?
Electritromotive ignition/fuel injection kit
'80-'82 owners: rear end strength?
Let's talk fan clutches.......
Mid America's dual chambered exhausts. How loud?
paging Silv77
How can you tell if a 69 BB car is legit?
1973 problem
Car gets doggy when the fuel tank is low...
Exhuast Options for True Duals on an '82??
What is a good rear diff fluid and additive?
Power window regulator spring changeout
rear differential spacers for carrier on 1976
Electric doorlock question.
Edlebrock electric choke: Which wire goes to the choke?
Got My Aluminum Heads Today!
Big block - big sound - big smile !
Starting Problems
my mystry 79 vette
Radiator Expansion Tank Question on 69 BB.
Need recommended sources for carpet and interior pieces.
Gear reduction starter users.....
Rochester Rebuild-Need Help
427 Owners - Help! Vapor Lock...Your solution...
Woodward Ave. Last Night
those with earlier C3's, or anyone who may space?
very interesting ....E-bay
Finally made some progress
454 stock Corvettes with a 4 speed transmission from 1970 to 1972, performance difference?
Chrome bumpers question
Replacing throw out bearing in a 4 speed
Detailing the Underbody
Going from 3 post starter to new 2 post starter, how to wire?
Got a thumbs up from a brand new Viper today.
79 4.10 Rearend
Exhaust questions on a 1980 L-48 corvette.
Hey Ed-T you have mail.
Who has an 1980 Vette with the L-48? Or had one?
OT- House almost done
Anyone have Pic of there dual exhaust on 80 Vette?
Please Post Pics of L88 Hoods
trans cooler installed today
T.O. Shark Pack ......
Driver's Manual Prices??
No start condition......
Bad fuel pump?
Need help with a t-56 installation
Seat Reupholstering - Anyone have a How-To??

Page: 262
Thanks Norval...
Key/door buzzer "Q". '73
more questions on hooker side pipes
Sometimes need to jiggle the gear shifter before it starts, why?
Ebay LS-7...
Ever have a rear spring bolt break? ...... DON'T!!!
Any info on the new Tremec TKO 500 & 600?
how fast ?
WTB a part for my T/T steering column
turn signal!
Stupid Oil Change question!! Help!
Ignition issues?
Freeze plug question for a 69 427
Finally Got one!!!! 73 L48 Coupe
Water pump to fan clutch studs - Loctite okay?
Body mount replacement
Could someone decode these heads for me?
Gettin' her up to snuff. . .
how often do you wash your vette.....
Project Update. It turns over.....
Battery=good, Starter=good...But still won't start!!!
Alernator and Brake questions
Vent door cable?
shift indicator assembly help
Vote for the vette
torque setting for bolts on exhaust manifold?
Head cating number info?
Chrome alternator case switch
Crack in my much to replace?
Holley pump nozzle w/tubes vs. wo/tubes
Chambered Exh vs Hooker/JCL - which is louder & which is more/less restrictive?
How long do your plugs last
Gas Leaking by tail pipes??????/
454 Engine Temps
Frame up, body off progess pics.....
Another rear spring question
Rally wheel question ?
Took a ride yesterday,now I need to fix it again!
HELP!! Steering column short....!!??
Nooooooooooo! 3/4 water pump and 5/8 pulley!
Smog Nazis are Coming to
Stupid questions about ballast resistors and coils
Is it necessary to get an alignment when installing front shocks?
~paging Cali,68~ more polishing
75* is finally here!!!
Power steering question
Clutch Pedal Install
in tank fuel pump
1978 interior wheel well
another rear spring bolt question
Long rear leafspring bolts are raising my car!
Any of you guys run road courses or AutoX?
new clutch not fully disengaging under hard load?????
Haha! Spals driving EFI crazy. LOL
COnverting to big block and hooker side mounts
What a Difference a PROPER Alignment Makes!
Seat Belt Help Needed
outer door handle rep or gm?
GM Parts Direct
Found part of my build sheet this morning ....
First time I have ever driven a Vette and its mine!!!!
5000th Post
Help! Driver door stuck closed yet all inside parts are moving ok. Ideas?
Hairline cracks in paint Advice needed!
What can mine beat?
1972 Corvette 454. I want to change the valve covers to Chrome Valve Covers
Corvette Events. . .
brake suggestions

Page: 263
'81 Corvette Rear Sway Bar - What size?
Looking For Car Cover Recommendations
Engine Mods other than crate motor
I'm in Love Again! Winter is Finished
Oil Viscosity - What do you use & why?
Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube in Rear End question
Need info on TH 400 transmission
Question on engraving/etching? valve covers
Water in gas??
delco harrison sticker on firewall
71 air cleaner question
Anyone familiar with the STOP LIGHT SWITCH? (78 Pace Car)
Exhaust upgrade for Stock L-48?? Please help me out.....
Trans Question
454 BB
Msd ignition problem
Distributor Bushings
Dash panels question
Rear Hops whn hitting bumps 1976
really need your guys' opinions on the value of my vette......Please Read
How come no one piece intake gasket?
Garage exhuast for painting
Tire Store Jacking Experience
Carb size vs fuel economy?
So, Who Has The Best C3 Sig Pics
Who's payin' what for gas?
Matching numbers block, Rebuild or Crate?
I managed to get Zora to come up as conversation in class today...
Cleaning the undercarage/rear end
71 power window problem
Any one know anything about
Can vortec heads fit a 327 block ?
Strange rattle
Just bought a 69 Big Block
Where to get carpet
Edelbrock discount offer link
Does any one have?
Vette vs Volvo
Help, where do the seatbelts mount to the tunnel
are crossfire engines good?
restoration shop in SF bay area.
How do you like your T-top wind deflector
Revenna, Ohio thread...
**Good news! Promotion and car is coming together!**
Bib block with electric cooling fan guys.
Formula for R.P.M
Polished Rims (finally)
Centerforce praise
Vacum Gremlins....HELP!
[paging} Redvetracr
Qjet problem in reverse
exhaust size question
Paging "Red Sting 70" ....
Saw this on the way home...yesterday
Progress Is In Small Steps
What is detonation?
fender emblems-77 vettes
Hey 3-speed auto owners!
Epoxy Adhesive, Fusor 320 & Fusor 322
Exhaust Question
454 in a 81 with a 5 speed
Is the Merlin website still up???
What do you think I'll do in the 1/4 mile?
1969 PHASE III MOTION on ebay
need Weather stripping who to use
Metric system
Center console gauges sizes ?
Yeah, the engine is in the car !!!

Page: 264
torque thrust wheels, 14" front, 15" rear, does that sound okay?
70-72 Rear Exh Bezel "Blockers"? for Sidepipes
Tach Drive Gear Question?
Just got my small block eng dyno numbers.
Looking for chrome shop San Diego
C4 LT1 in a C3, Gauge question.
Resource for explaining the physics of timing
Lets revisit the in-line fuel filter debate
Two Questions..............
Wax Question
350 Performance Upgrades
dash bezel, need a link please!
Cooling temp question.
Timing advance?
Doug Nash (Richmond 5 speed) swap under way
Lifter Problem (and I already checked archives) - Help!
alignment without body on, a good idea?
Electric Window conversion.
Cheap mufflers that sound good...
OK brake problem has me stumped
How about that dam sig....
1972 Lower Grill Molding
OT/ help! cooling fans run all the time
Value of my Vette
GM Part # Guys Please Help
OT/ Help me out here please
Anybody going to use Jet-Hot coatings soon??
ZZ4 engine disapointment
Corvette Instrument Service, any experiences/recommendations to share?
Pulled Heater Core today...
Stupid exhaust/muffler question
Spreader bar on a '78
{cool video} 2 laps of Road America in an authentic Cobra
Sold my 75 to get my 2000 .
need advice: hood, manifold, carb & more
exhaust maniflod casting numbers
Vacuum pumps, can some one shed some light on them?
Gremlin's In The Dashboard...
Keisler Shiftplate pics
fuel injection conversion
What exactly is a 3/4 Race cam ?!?
POWER to MANUAL brakes (pedal force calculation)
Uh oh, .017 endplay, left rear spindle
need help with windshield wipers on a 69'......
One more pertronix question, gap adjustment?
Australian Corvette Comnvention pics (Dialup beware)
Need some help from you C-3 guy's
How many miles per gallon can a 350 with a 6-71 get?
Now do you remove IGNITION switch.
71 Dash Pad
The Perils of Pauline...acht du lieber...
kick azz Corvette DVD...!
finally got a website...
Motor work, 1974
new member pic
heater matrix out, sooo tidy without it
Need Some Good Sources for Rebuilt, Seasoned 355 SBC Short-Block
Pertronix w/ a condensor?
Yea!!! Mid America Motorworks
Odd question about exhaust smell.
Changes at HP
Calling "Pacin'California"
Hood Mismatch
Oil Pump Drive
Switching To Manual Brakes?
What bulb sizes for 79 dash and instruments
High Heat plug wires ?
Question re. Frame rust proofing

Page: 265
Detent (kickdown) Switch blues.
Info On Convertible Tops-C5 Material
tri-power performance
Braided (or aluminum) fuel line from tank to engine?
Need GM Part Number help for oil filter bypass
Shocking dilemma
Annoying rattle from the rear
Stupid tranny drain plug and Bilstein
1980 Engine Color
Sig Pic Test
Cam and other Engine Specs - LS5
Front Rotor removal
Ebay C3... WTF!!!
72, Auto to 5 sp conversion
70 Corvette Registry
new "to me" brake manufacturer
Cowl induction door diagnosis?
cleaning valve covers
finally got the ''cowl induction ''door to work
Ebay- What's this guy selling?
Front Crossmember Fixed--Better than New!--PICS
C3 in Video
Edlebrock Torquer vs. Performer RPM?
clarksville tn-saturday?
Saw this on the way home today...
I don't want my power steering anymore.
VB&P - Spreader Bar Help
Finally enjoying the benefits of my suspension!
Advice on buying a 69 vette
I need a BIG muffler!
I think I'm in trouble with the transmission shop...
Vibration at idle and all rpm's
How high should oil temp get?
Windshield Wipers
Need appraiser in the St Louis area.
Please read, About Indiana Personalized/Vanity License plates
Spreader Bar
How close is 'ok' for plug leads to manifold?
questions on forum cruise in
Stripping paint????
making the right choice? (2004R/700R4)
How do the windshield wiper motor and window-washer wires connect to the wiring harness on a 68?
Shifter consoles where to buy?
Needed: Window/door Access Plate
California AB2683
OT - Need GMC Sonoma site(s)
Adjustable power steering pressure valve
Best place for thermo switch for Spal fans?
Converted my car into a NCRS car... :D
Qjet thermostatic choke, what other options?
rivets for vacuum switch and Ac control
BBC : Square port intake with Oval port heads ?
Removing Air Conditioning
Stupid Question! How to remove ash tray cover on an '80?
Going On A 100 Mile Cruise In The Morning
o2 sensor help
Hydrolic Clutch Conversion???
Help with shock mount and strut rod removal
68 Vette hubcaps
Hydraulic clutch???
Brake Hose Won't Stop Leaking!
20 MPG Big block??
Water pump question
edelbrock thunder series 650cfm carb
Side pipes on an 80? anyone?
another round of your favorite this part
SBC AFR's with Hooker sidemount headers (good & bad)
Why do my rear bearings look like this ?

Page: 266
Alternator Trouble Shooting Question on a 69?
79 with sidepipes
Alignment Specs
Lightening Hood
5-Speed Transmission Swap - Part I pictures
Need Help - '81 Engine pics
Hooker side pipes
Will the Forum have a Tent at Carlisle in August?
What oil pan are you using for 434 stroker
Glass fuel filters...
Front springs again!!!
Corvette Painter in Phila. Area??
Z-5 On My New Black Paint (Zaino)
Hp gains with spiralturbo bafflles?
30 years ago
how to get the rear deck & 1/4's off in once piece?
What is a reasonable price for this kind of work?
Need advice on purchasing C3
Is the hot cam worth it.
Found a new home for my vette
Hidden kill switch
Ring end gap ?
Parking Brakes
Rear End "clunk"?
18, 19 or 20" wheels on a C3
Questions about "Steeroids" setup...
C-5 Corvette Owners
Hey Ed T
68 Owners and those "in the know": Early vs. Late
digital camera
What Can Cause Cylinders to Leak Pressure Past the Rings?
New Battery
Hooter's of Houston at 1960 tomorrow .. vette show?
The 5-Speed Swap Thread! T-5, TKO, T-56, Q&A within!
Speedomter Question
rechroming costs??
Single to Dual Exhaust additional hangers
Anyone know where to find used parts for a 69 ??
squeaky brakes bad on rotors????
Setting up a holley carb
Secondary Valves - Mech or Vacuum?
I Screwed Up...Help!!
Anyone running oil restrictors ?
another brake question.. changing rear brake lines on a C3
Turbo 350 to 700R Tranny Conversion?
Lake pipes
Holley guys what kind of throttle linkage
Heater Core
BBC PS Bracket install?
I have a exhaust manifold Paint question
How easy/hard is your power steering?
Thank you VBP!
'70-72 Center Grille section, potmetal?
Riding with Mrs. Cali
Could any one?
1968 - 1972 Bumper question HELP
77 headlights stuck up need help
cowl induction door on a 1973 coupe
Guys with amps in storage bins
E-brake rebuild procedure?
Need pics of under dash wiring/hoses - 75 w/ac
Question about the battery compartment on a 79
Got my car painted!
Guess what i just found in my shed
Crap- failed again(emmisions)
Stock fuel pump
76 L82 v/s L48
can't keep the hood from getting stuck!

Page: 267
Out of storage today!!!
brake bleeding
Help...please:( Alternator?
New HU Arrived - Installation Tips for an Early C3???
16" wheels on C3?
AC Vacuum Problem
Power steering fluid turns to foam
Alternator Wireing. Brown Vs Black/white..
Why didn't I mark that?!?!?!? :banghead:
Charlies Corvette
Engine paint WHAT color????
cruise control works!......finally!!!!
Sylvania SilverStars Anyone try these?
Carb Adjustment
choke with aluminium intake maifold
Any tips on getting the seatbelts out?
Leaking Valve Covers
Antenna question--'78 pace
Carb questions------->
Steeroids front alignment settings
brake rebuilds... what's the smartest way to get brakes in good working order?
LS1 ignition on old style small blocks
F.Y.I. Clips for bottom of fan shroud
forum hosed again????
Headlight Questions
Outer window seals
Is my clutch worn out?
intake manifold pan?
FYI: Hot Rod TV covered shaving doors today. Part II will be next week
Changing flywheel size - change bell housing?
Low Speed Vibration SOLVED!
Casting numbers and questionabout TPI
Please Explain?!?!
T-Top Mounting brackets
Anyone done a 3" or larger single on a factory single car?
Would 180 degree out of timing bend a pushrod on start up?
Anyone replaced ball joints ?
TH400 shift problems
4M4C carb question
Oil Filters
4 wheel alignment costs
figuring horsepower??
???on welding helmets
OT - Happy Easter C3 guys !!!
Why doesn't the C-3 Restoration store link work?
Balancer timing mark...
Tech Question: Help Please
Adjusting T-Tops...have you?
1972 Vette 454 , 4 speed transmission, I get a shudder after a while, Clutch replacement
Fan Blade
ZZ4 upgrades
Paint Progress Pics
Tach cable question
My underhood light fell off.
Hood prop question
L88 cam lash
reverse light switch on Hurst shifter ?
Cowl Induction Is Working!
vibration cured!
Edelbrock carb linkage questions Got her fired up today!!
Engine trouble
350 Q-Jet on my 454 question.
Power windows problems!
Oil Gage Sealing
Heater Switch Help!
Custom Wheels and Low Profile Tires
Now it's really spring in Sweden!
topping off rear end oil...need advise please...

Page: 268
Side Mirror Question
switching from natural to synthetic oil.. what are the steps?
1972 Corvette 454 , 4 speed transmission, I get a shudder after driving a while
Exhaust manifold lock question
Glass (see-though) gas filters Waring
Maybe A Ridiculous Tire Question
Quadrajet Numbers
Am i the only one at : 18 degrees initial timing ?!
Wiper motor help
Who made these valve covers???
Dial-up Beware/ NY Auto Show Pics
Finally got what i want, 69 tri power roadster
Almost done!! Rebuild update photos
New C3 Owner!!!
BFG TA versus Firehawk INDY500
C3 Visual ID guide
AAAAHHHH!!! My eyes..............
willcox interiors??
Diesel Oil in Gasoline Engine
What causes a bent pushrod?
Questions on cutting springs (fronts)
Front tire just blew!!! atleast i know were the vibration wa really coming from!!!
Tire Pressure
Well, a 700r4 landed in my lap..... :) Need some help/advice.
Valve Covers for '71
tubular upper a-arms...which way does the offset shaft go?
Coolant Problem??
Heater switch, relay questions
Don't go up in flames!!!!!!!!!!!
So did Merlin get his car back??
Can you guys post some pic of 68-72 Black C3s
PICS of DYNOMAX headers with MIG'd pipes....
Radio wiring?
Quad-Jet question,,,
Which 17" Rally Wheels from Wheel Vintiques?
Registration is LIVE!
How much paint is needed
want u joint girdels for my 81 help!!!!!
Forum Member Proximity Search
Crimson/Crimson Metallic Paint (maybe Dark Red)
Put new engine in today!!!!!!
American Racing 200S rims-Lets see them!!
I feel good.
Tires...Size? brand?
Out with the with the new
Know any good A/C shops in the Dallas area?
Eckler Bonding Adhesive help
Can anyone tell me what size tire 80 vettes left the factory with.
Now the car is shaking and vibrating really bad down the road! motor mount???
1969 Corvette Colours
lower radiator hose replacement; 1973
Intake swap time! Which one to get?
air gap intake users
On lowering again
added a vacumme port to the carb.... now it won't start!!
Opinions On My New Planned Motor Setup
Carb rebuild necessities.....
Rusty Hose fitting removal
Spring has sprung...
1968 Restoration Underway
Brakes Groan to Full Stop
Need help with mounting back up light switch.
Hood question
Universal Joints
LT-1 or ZR-1 ?
Big carbs & small blocks, LT-1 specific
engine identification
spark plug gap & distributor shaft end play ???

Page: 269
Any News on Alwyn?
Shake, Rattle, & Roll....Rear wheel bearings.
Need help locating these center caps (photos)
Ruinned my day...
Dual Spal fan install finished
OT Take a ride through Chernobyl
'73 Coupe on eBay: $23+K ???
What year heads are those ?
Off to get Front Frame Crossmember Repaired....PICS
Need TI Dist Help: Redracer right up your alley
Idler Arm question
transplant time-6 spd conversion?
trailing arms
CI V registration is finally open! Jump on it!
Ordering Boyd Wheels, 17X10 or 18X10
Whats the best deal on a Radiator for a 69?
Question on rear diff
Rally wheel paint color - PPG paint code???
I took the Corvette out today...first time in six months !!
Cruise In 5 Registration Information for Dummies
Suspension Question
>> eXhaust Video & pics !!!
OH NO!!!! I am getting the C4 fever!
77 seat belts
Rear end rebuild
L-88 Quarter Mile Times
AC oil charge
Insurance Alternatives for Your Corvette
New ride for daily driver not C3 but Vette.
Do I need to pre-bend gas tank straps??
Brake Caliper Repair Update
Index for the AIM
broken rocker panel screws
Need help finding a part for a 70 vert
Header Help!!
? about ignition/dimmer switch on column.
[Slightly OT]Need your advice on an engine choice
dual spal fan? relay mounting and grounding
Sponge Mirror Dice
C3 1982 Sharkee Corvette Road Racer
Posting times
What is the Labor Cost for Fender Replacement?
I think the clock is slow
new blow off valve
Walbro 340 pump in an 82?
Saw an exact sister car in carwash.
Front coilovers are done. Pictures inside.
Vette fever among toddlers
Wiring Diagrams?
Fuel line question
Dark road, hit the high beams, bam, no headlights....
damaged the red wire going into the alternator, this is probably why she wont start huh?
I was gonna sell it, but now I don't know if I can
I've asked before but mufflers......which ones?
Q-jet carb. mounting gasket ?
Nice Shark!!
200-4R who's done it?
Oil Press Q
Broken screws on rocker panels.
A Light Refreshing
My birthday present - Tuned by Lars
390HP 427 question
AC Wiring
73 BB A/C compressor question
Rear End Trouble
Lightening the Vette......again....
Dead, Dead.... Electrical Problem
Need restoration shop in Metroplex. Help??

Page: 270
Completley Customizing Interior - How many shop labor hours?
Some Hawaii Cruise Night Cars
Cali my way version thanks to 1bad69
Did anyone use clear when they dyed their interior?
Why are the shifter and clutch throw so long in these cars?
need tuning help !!!!!
Tail light mod, wiring help please
cleaning ceramic coating
Electric fan shroud ?
Who's the Best Shark Mechanic in Lexington/Louisville/Cincinnati Area
First Update--First Pics!!!
Carbon fiber center console plate
It's my BDAY
zz4 is hot cam all that hot?
A Corvette Tale
split in new door panel...should they stand behind it?
posting times and order screwed up again?
Firestone Indy Tires.....any good?
A.B.268 Hearing Details
Going to Sell the 75
Exhaust tips keep coming loose
starter wiring-remote solenoid
Flex plate teeth?
Radiator fluid leak, behind the right front tire??????
Lamborgini style doors
I promised more and better pics... 1980 L82
Speedo is off...fix options?
Corvette Information Center
Is it just me, or is the door hinge pin job a b****?
What's your favorite dream engine for a C3 ?
Any way to fit C5 wagon wheels on a 69?
Another Interior Dye Question
Normal engine temp?
Gas Gauge Question
Need corvette forums help
First buzz, then nothing! Electric lock wiring.
Who makes a frame rust repair "kit" ?
L-82 Mods
Power window spring
Just found another C3 local
L88/ZL1 alum heads....
Check this ad for a 71 coupe.
How to remove t-top cross bar??
Reactec or Sensa-trac?
Need advice on picking a year/motor please
What Is The Best Orange Engine Paint?
gauge cluster upgrade
Running an 850 Demon on My 350 (Mike N - check this out...)
Australian Corvette Convention-Forum Gathering?
'68 -'69 owners/experts...
Fresh restoration, but now my wheel rings are discoloring?
Uneven Front Ride Height
Caliper Bleeder Valve Problems!!
Hey C3 friends. I got a new daily driver
where is the coolant temp. sending unit
C3 Tire Size
Anyone have a "Lookie Lou" Summary of C-3 differences?
anyone know the diameter of 1976 steering wheel
200r4 wiring
New Model Tremec from Keisler
76 vette fan shroud
Liters vs. cubic inches vs. marketing vs. common sense
Autocrosser input on suspension mods wanted.
problem mounting spals
i tested my carb and it's plenty big enough
Slow light pop up
Glass vs acrylic tops
Alarm and Light Questions on Our '77

Page: 271
Defender Tires?
Tire width
Another oversized carb. on a smallblock!
Who was the genius at GM that designed the tac drive?
Need help decoding steel rim codes....
roller cam retro
81 Differential parts help
Head-lights not returning down
The 77 is RUNNING !!!!!!!!!!
Cut Front Springs and Lowered My Car Tonight!
ok stupid question thats kinda off topic
engine install in a 75
63 Split Window 11500.00 WOW
please help
rear saybar on 81
need help with photoshop
Front end ride hieght #2
e-bay: I couldn't resist
E Brake Improvements?
engine trouble
Life expectancy of spindles
help can't see the timing mark
Vacuum advance part 3
How much current does *X* draw?
New Tach filter, new tach circuit board, now what?
Is it me, or is the heater control piece designed to cause problems?
Steering Coupler (Rag Joint) Replacement - Need advice!
Rear speakers for my 73
1982 Vette Engine Replacement Question
Suggestions for garage tools
riverside gold Breakerless conversion
Thanks everyone for voting!!
70 Vert rebuild update photos. almost done!! Lot of photos!!
Paint Revisited
Suspension work
68 Gauge Bezel Layout
How do you Remove the Steering Box?
l-36 views and opinions
brake setup for a 9"ford housing?
anyone using PROLONG oil additive
Anyone bought a car overseas?
POR-15 Chevy Orange
Anyone using Pro Topline Aluminum cylinder heads?
Couple of pics of MiniRat progress
Are the stock 82 heads any good?
ricer sound
ACC carpet question, fitment
Another Dumb Cooling Question
OT....another dailey driver (not a vette)
Speedometer cable lube?
Need some advice-engine,trany mount-
Braided fuel hose recommendations
What is the hp rating on a 72 big block?
Just got Crane adjustible Vac. canister
TH400 Shift Lever Shaft Seal
Aftermarket hoods
Rear Speakers Mounting?
Dogtracking After Front End Rebuild
new rebuild rear control arms are bad
Gas leak
No secondaries for TWO YEARS?!?!? TV Made EZ users must read!
Update on distributor gear...called comp cams (some advice from them)
C4 Seats in ' 77 ?????
That ain't right... (P/S Valve)
Rhino-Coat on a frame??
Recaro or Koenig Seats?
Who had the JC Whitney side pipes (questions)
Hope you guys didn't give up on me! the 72 restore is coming along good

Page: 272
Anyone added a pusher fan to aid in cooling ?
What is that groaning noise....
should i save old original master brake cylinders
Rain Coat Tops....
MORE PICS... Radiator this time...
console question ?
Illinois/Chicago/Wisconson Member Party
What distributor weight springs?
EFI Setup
Air compressor size
Power window motors - rebuildable?
What kind of plug fits the clutch neutral safety switch?
Killer EFI set-up
STINGRY Back on the road - Backfire destroyed Muffler
The moment y'all been waiting for!!! Pics of the paint!
Intake questions
Gymkhana springs
C3 Roll Cage Install pics (not on my car)
Exhaust Cutouts
Auto transportation.......
Fuel return line question
2 9s, 4 10s and 3 11s make up Vette Doctors Pro 8 Heads-up race
OT: Read if you're looking for a tool chest.
Yes...Another "I HATE CUSTOMAUTO SOUND" Thread!
noise suppression kit
Silk Screening chrome
Fan location in relation to Shroud
speedo kinda funny acting
DragVette Suspension Kit
LS1 Conversion Update - Pics inside.
What's it worth?
How long does a gas tank last?
1975 wiper well/cowl area sealant
painting question(touchup/overspray)
Poor perf at WOT under load -- '73 454
Revisit Topic - Folding T-Tops
Fan shroud story
Problem with Turbo 350 trans
Junkyard junkies! Power distribution box project.
Battery or Starter?
Freeze plug
79 Headlight Vacuum info needed
Running nitrous feed line, inside or under the car?
price check on 69
Which C3 would you rather have ?
Trans Crossmember isn't lining back up...
brake mystery solved, but I need more advice
Temperature sender
17 splince yokes V 30 sp. when did they change?
Power Steering moan.
Front ride height issues, spring seating
Thanks, to who ever posted the white vinigar tip not too long ago!!!!
Del Mar Rod Show (dial up friendly)
What kind of spark plug wires .....and why?
Recommendations for portable steam cleaner/degreaser?
hazard flasher
Rear Wheel Bearing Question..... HELP!!!
Windshield frame measurements
Vette rebuild progress...
Rear diff. question.
OMG!! Not using your vac advance!!
Los Angeles gathering at Irwindale Speedway on Saturday April 10th.
Adjusting Driver Door Handle?
Sidepipes how much most i cut the rockerpanels?
OT - Ebay... Good ole days
? about changing w/s heared molding
Replacing gas tank
Electric windows ... I hate them!

Page: 273
Power window problem
Is this a good vortec head??
anyone attending the ''corvettes on the isthmus 2004 at ho chunk caseno
Bearing greaser from MAMW
May take orders to state of Virginia, ehat are the emissions laws there?
T-Arm GP from Van Steel
Useless Sunday morning oil question.
80-82 tail lights / bubbles ?
After a year, and $1500.00
Slowly overheating???
MSD location and 3 Step
heater core went this morning,
Paging Craig F. of Lancaster
A/C compressors in the UK?
Found a great place to rebuild/recurve distributors
starter questions
OT: This Is One Hell of a Sleeper!! 6:32 PM 4/4/2004
ebay L88 Cab?
billet u joint caps ?
Amp Draw on the Clutch Safety Switch
Crossfire idle adjustment
This is broke. What the heck is it?
Painted flames under hood
My WEBPAGE will not let me in????
Ignition key cylinder
The GM goodwrench el cheapo 350
ignition switch
Where to jack vs where to support
Speaker box instructions on e-bay???
Thinking of buying a Corvette
Front end progress - pics
Front end ride height
What size clutch do I need?
what speedo gear for a 4:56?
Need Help with Correct Motor Mounts
Can any old school hot rodders explain this?
OT Gard S ?
tire diameter
OT Misspelled ment GaryS
Door locks
I can't see how to adjust the outer door handle mechanism.
How much air is expected to build up in a couple of years in brake lines?
Who has Edelbrock front shocks??
HEDMAN's Exhaust Equalizer Kit
Used Hooker Headers and Sidepipes Question
Factory jack replacement, I need one.
Spare Tire keep or not to keep
Car Transportation companies?
OT: Texans Suck!
oil pressure sending unit question
Hagerty protection.... whoops!
What is this part?
(OT)What's the downside to using Rain-X on your windshield?
Picture of Jan Berry's wrecked Stingray -- "Deadman's Curve"
Ho does windshield trim come off
Flowmaster Super 40's
Well, it ate another distributor gear....
Probs & Ideal size Holley for Standard C3?
Turn signal lever w/Cruise, trying to find
Header Install complete
Im painting the whole car over
OT...When do I get another
Cheap replacement jack and handle ?
Cali guys whose going to Del Mar show?
OT General (learning about) Engines Question
What brand of water pump for my BB?
short block
Commander 950 guys... Air cleaner options.
Whose running 308's

Page: 274
Please Help!!! Rochester Problems out the Ying Yang
Too Much Mechanical Advance - Help needed?
Clock spins like a motor
help - door needs adjustment after changing weatherstripping
Bigger rear tires changed the camber???
Good Vendor Alert: Penn-Ohio Corvette
Lars' carb and dist. service
No hood pic...
If You Have Dealt With AR Racing, Talk to Me
Need some power lock help on my 82
1971 Tire Size
Adjusting t-tops
Dynomax Cerama-Coat Headers for my 75, your thoughts?
Braided Plug wire grounding?
ISKY vs COMP: Interesting
Drove my car TODAY with no problems!!!
Engine Temperature Sending Unit
Hood Mismatch
ned help with 76 wiring
Thanks Tom Dewitt!!
High School Students Doing Bodywork and Paint?
Need new carpet this month
Any issues putting a Road Demon on a stock L-48 intake?
BBC Install: Head bolst interfere with header flange?
Want to add power to 72 350 base motor
Still looking for some more advice
OT need help with golf lessons....
Grrrr... number one is a piece of number 2.
What's up with GM putting pot metal plugs in their trannies
I wanted to start a poll that will be guarenteed 100%
how about hiding your kill switch here?
Painter at Boyd Coddington's American Hot Rod TV show
Fuel injection Sender units
need your help forum members.....
Indy/Indianapolis Info needed- Vette Clubs and Vette Mechanics
200-4R Question...
Going rate for a removable hardtop
C3 fuel line question
(OT) Bumper repair for a 99 Crown Vic
Body Finally Off!!
Pls post picts of aftermarket 16" or 17" rallye wheels
Unknown Vibration
Shopping for a C3just getting startedquestions
Hugger Headers
BB Pulley and Belt arrangement?
What distrtbutor to replace my points distributor....?
Need some pulley advice before tomorrow. Please help.
how to expand an exhaust pipe?
Check out these jems
Calling all 68-72 owners, need picture of your console!
?im restoring the windshield molding on a vert.whats this type of sealent
OT-For the Star Wars freak in ya'
Bolt pattern, backspace, offset
Posting Pictures
Ethyl Alcohol Engine Questions
Factory side exhaust vs Regular Exhaust
recovering vinyl hardtop.
base timing on a 1978 mild modified L-82
Caster / Camber Gauge Adapters
my website
Rusty rotors.. can I just sandblast
looking for a 6-link
Dallas area swap meets?
Brake Light in Tacho comes on - Questions
Gas cap gasket adhesive...again
Should the price of a car be lowered if you fly to pick it up?

Page: 275
Kick Panel Vents
Is it easier to swap a cam or swap an engine?
Latest Progress
carb is gurgling
oil pan removal problems (in car)
Gas cap lid question
color code
Pics of aftermarket fuel systems needed...
drive shaft balanced and reinstalled, but...
vaccum line sizes
seat belt buzzer part #?
Anyone remember the part # for Felpro 1 pc oil pan gasket ?
Intake Manifold bolts
Does anyone sell steel replacement center caps (and decals) individually?
Dumb Question
More pics of my 60's hotrod......dial-up beware
Annual Shriners' Swap Meet - KCK
OT : Investing for your future....
How do you set timing on a car that doesn't have a timing marker?
Removing Axle Yokes...Need HELP!!!
Keep the original parts or not?
Fat tires, flared fender pics wanted
A picture of my baby
Progress Pics.........(long)
(Event) Nudie V cruise? (Mass,RI,CT,NY,NJ)
Hissing sound when turning off motor...
Rear Suspension/Exhaust
picture ..?
Did All C3's come with Power Steering?
Now THIS Is Awsome (Camaro)
Rebuilding rear--VB&P Rear street/slalom--like to have opinions
Alcohol for drag racing
Milling choke tower on a Holley
3.54 gear is in but...
How We Drive Corvettes in Denver
Hurst Shifter Experience Question
Removed cross pipe. Installed "X" pipe.
my wifes homework...plz help i am to dum....
NEEDED:Valve guide advice
Electrical Problem on a '68
Swap Meet -- Anybody going ??
How about adding grease fittings to the rear wheel spindles ??
Paging Grandsport C3
When you know you shoulda changed the bearings 100 miles ago...
Auto Shift knob
HALF SHAFTS 2 1/2 INCH VS 3 INCH ????????
Drop base air cleaner
I hope this goes thru- help on this steering part
Lookee what I found at a swap meet
u-joint install
Car for sale. Price opinions?
Help me plan my Procharged 350 project (Part1-bottom end)
Upper Dash Pad Removal and Installation
pictures of crossmember damage - help
Front Coil Spring Removal Question
Steering Column Wobble...fixable???
Paint balled Vette
Shocking Install -- RI/Mass -- Beer!!
Frame,motor and paint progress pics
The REAL deal with AR Racing
Secrets to disassembly of a double pulley alternator?
Help me identify these parts
Alternator Adjuster / Bracket
1969 Olds Rocket Block
Water diverters, they really work...
Header instalation tips
Brake question (not bleed order!) Help!
Whats causing this hiccup through carb?
[OT] Check out my new cooler!

Page: 276
Picture of my baby
700R4 out of an 87 vette
My alternator is shaking and vibrating!!! bad alternator or bad bracket?
We just had a hail storm-is my life going to be over tomorrow?
Another exhaust question
How to degree a cam
oh yeah ..another thing
Any tips for finding battery drain-down
Free Spell Checker !!!
76 C3 Hood Release
Fusible Link Size
L88 makes trial run getting back on the road
zz4 and the hot cam low end swap
Say a prayer for Chip Miller
No More Oil Leak!!!!!
68 steering column
1/4 mile times
Tranny's Out! 10 SPLINES!? What is it?!
Best place to buy a steering wheel ?
Pricing on a 79 full body......should I ask or take offers?
I'm ordering my carb and intake this weekend... Help me go over my shopping list!
Has anyone used the street Predator Carb?
This has to be the same '71....
Head light switch
Bizzzzaaarrr issue
Stainless Works Headers for Sidepipes
engine jumping during steady driving
4" Exhaust pipe... Where can I find 180 degree u bends?
What is that company that sells pre-cut C3 radio bezels?
urban legend
Are front wheel studs connected to the drum only?
A/C question
Lead additive
Put it in gear and POOF!
Vibration problem 3500 - 4200 rpm
When the Jan Berry Tribute?
A/C Hose Replacement
Anybody change their tranny fluid with one of these?
Florida residents, anybody mind checking out a part for me??
Factory Clock
Thinking of buying Hooker sidepipes for your C3?
The wheels on the post ("...wanna see a real shark") what r they??
1978 corvette seats
Anyone bend their own transmission modulator line?
STS Baffles
Powder Coated Hockey Sticks
Leather Seats (Pic)
Tail lamp panel is instaled;-)
Should I label my shoes Left and Right?
Interior question for '69
my horn relay started working today
Vacuum Question
Anybody rebuilt their steering box?
Calling '73 owners
WRONG Ebay ad
What does the center section of a 78 PC spoiler bolt to??
Any experience with the Holley Pro-jection fuel system?
Atuo - Manual conversion
no heat or defrost
Changing Gear oil in 4 speed and rear end...what to use
69 ignition key interlock/lockout? lever on column inside engine compartment
Want to change 4 speed and rear end oil
Rear brake caliper on '68
Removing windshield in my 69
headman hedders/patriot sidepipes
battery compartment
Holley vs Edelbrock carbs
What size tubing for brake bleeding?

Page: 277
Radiator Expansion Tank
Check em out!
Great ideas and excellant help from this forum
swap meet Mid America Sat
Missing book!
Exhaust manifold/pipe question
managed to fit a 12" sub in back
[San Antonio] Hills & Dales Classic Corvette Night
Need inf. for 82 corvette fast please.
Which cup holder is fastest?
rear spindel question
Rear sway bar question.
Want to see one RARE shark? PICS
Nordskog digital gauges finally installed
Latest pictures
Question about my Silverado..engine noise
Bad News on the 406...opinions?
Shop manuals/Restoration guides/AIM
1972 454 Corvette Carpet set required from whom please?
Its been a long time
Newbie Pics
Blemished stingray scoops for sale
Offer on my Vette
First real drive with new brakes.
OT: Understanding the rating number for aluminum??
Comp Cams XE 262, PROBLEM.
Body Pains
Richmond/Doug Nash experts HELP!
rear end suspension rebuild
Recomendations for a new water pump?
best quadrajet for perfomance with nitrous
'73 Convert potential purchase, chapter 3
Holley Carb Power Valve
Anyone rebuilt (or in the process) a C3 in Tulsa, OK?
Need help identifying my transmission
vortec 350
How do I lock the steering shaft?
Question on big block valve covers
What would you say my vette is worth?
Will We Have Gasoline for Corvettes in 2013?
Mike Flick Call Tom DeWitt
trail arm bushings do and donts
Fiberglass side exhaust covers
Where to get Cragar SS mag wheel spinners?
viper style fuel filler
April 3rd Heads-Up BRING IT!!!!
New starter bad!!
Roll Cages
Received My Third Rebuilt Chrome AC Compressor Today
C3's and Power Steering
Power brake booster failure?
Maintenence Questions
Should I paint the body on or off the frame?
Can Somebody Show or Tell Me how to hook My horn to a Toggle ?
Just Came In From Expo
LS6 New Crate BB
Will this head work on my engine?
Another new C3 owner.... :D
Why I hate mods...
74 Coupe to Convertible conversion
TH400 TCS switch Question
Fixer-upper project car - '69
Added a web page
Crossed flags logo
tach quit working,need help
Please help me decide what my 76 is worth
OT- No BS shipping
I hate when I do stuff like this..
Out of Fuel

Page: 278
Requesting good source - new calipers
strut rods bent?
Removing TPI Plate
word to your momma, check your straps......
VBP Spreader Bar doesn't fit - suggestions?
U-joints for 1980 automatic
Ecklers Metal Center Caps - How to tighten up the fit?
HELP- another steering wheel problem
Intake-manifold clearance question
mounting 6x9s in the rear
Badge adhesive
Yes! it finally starts and runs consistently
What are my old gauges worth?
OK, so now I'm going to do cam, intake and carb at same time. Help me w/ the cam!
What pound radiator cap should I use?
!!! Need Pics Of Tinted Windows !!!
Edelbrock 600 cfm vs Rochester
68 Ignition Switch wires
Headlight Doors Don't Go Up and Down !!
Oil Pump Pickup Question
Side exhaust Question
Rear wheel rubbingLast Saturday
Paging rear carriar/differential experts--Kinda long
Pics of custom sidepipes
81 Wiring Diagrams - Gauges, Engine?
freeze 12
OT: Off topic forum post
setting ride height
81 Choke / Fast Idle operation
price for paint job
1980 pulls under braking
OK...How was it?
Adaptor plate for Mustang T5 in a C3
3 month search results for a C3 (SB vs BB)!!
700R4 Chugging?
What is the best adhesive
Smog pump rebuild?
Help me choose a Helemt for drag racing
Performance brake pads
Highest HP Vette at Northern California Corvette Associations dyno day
Centerforce dual friction clutch
1983 corvette for sale on ebay!!
High RPMs?
i over did it, opinions wanted
Repair or replace my Radiator?
groovy jay... wheel help
Weekend photos....
Anyone using "Power Slot Brake Rotors"?
Car died-- ignition problem. Suggestions?
Up N Smoke Car and Bike Show
Cam study in chevy Big Blocks....
report on 81' for sale
Q-Jet secondaries not opening
Interior Room -- difference between years?
Shifter console trim question
Crossmember repair template
What are your thoughts on Mid America Chambered Exhaust
Finally got that L-88 hood painted. Pic too.
Adjustable strut rods
Shifter bushing for a 78
brake problem
How much performance would I give up?
"Power Shifting"?
Rocker arm noise?
Best $25 I ever spent
Anyone know a place where i can get a leafspring in the chicago land area?
TH400 Shifter leak question
Has anyone heard of Larry Hollenbeck?

Page: 279
Hey Fevre... You were right, it was the Snubber...
Jet - Rod Question - Lars?
Another pricing request...1980 L-82
My '73 doesn't seem to downshift
78' engine color
Head gasket fit on intake rail
?!? TH350 in 1980 - Should I Rebuild Or Buy New ?!?
After-market shifter for TH-400
5 speed console emblem
Thinking of the Edelbrock Performer intake and carb for my 76 L-48... A couple questions
I wanna wake up my '73 454. What minor things?
Brake / Backup Lights problem is driving me crazy. Advice needed.
!!! 1st Picture Of The Driving Season !!!
Rebuilding Master Cylinder
window tint problem
454 build up update. The fun continues!!!
Where to buy JCM Spirals! (they wont answer phone or return emails)
Aftermarket Aluminum Billet Pedals?
My 77 home from the paint booth!
windscreen not stick in properly
Looking for suggestions -> AC delete
Holley acc pump problem.
Progress report.
just a pic of a dam vette....
Holley 3310 - lean idle condition
What is it with the C3 water leaks and quality?????
Jan & Dean-Another Icon Leaves Us
how do I remove scratches from plastic rear window on convertible top?
Thinking of giving Vette to my daughter
Great help from Van Steel
Vendor Question Penn-Ohio Corvette
Any C.F. Members Discounts available from Eckler's, Mid-America, Corvette Central?
VBP discount code for March???
Speed Demon on a Big Block.....
A dry day, so took some new pics
Couple of questions. . .
Alternator issue
Lost drive belt on the freeway a little while ago! What are some good under drive pulleys to get?
Fresh Air Doors
74 Seat Belt overide switch
Shes on the roll..
Crossover pipe
Update on Cali-1
C3 HATCH......................
G-TECH round 2...getting closter to 3's
81 Gauge Cluster Circuit replacement
Vette Brakes Core Exchange
69 soon to be up for sale
Sway bar suggestions
Smog Pump Surface Refinishing
Where Not To Go For Exchaust System Work On Your Vette
Paint Prep Question
any one tried (Buyers Services International) ??
Scary people on the road
Poly. vs. rubber body mounts?
New tires-wow what a difference
Compression Ratios
Vette seems to wander above 65mph.
C3 Vs C6
steering question.
Headlight Warning Light
O/T Sony 5.0 Megapixel Camera
Shiny'd up and ready for a trip **DIALUP BEWARE!**
Can someone e mail or semd me an early C3 vacuum diagram PLEEZZZEE
need help, what color is 1979 EGR valve on you stock motor?
high idle
Emission Question
Carpet Style Question
Chrome Hugger Headers

Page: 280
Power Steering Fluid
Heddman vs. dynomax headers which one?
Where to get new stub axles???
lower ratio, lower ET..go figure!!!
Key Buzzer re-installation?
69 book
Washed her, waxed her, put her away for the Summer
82 fuel pump fuse
OT: need help with eclipse cd player
what would you pay?
Bought a Sioux Valve grinding machine and all accessories!
Dan at Van Steel is the Man!!!!!!
No more throttle plate holes!!! Demon has done it again!
Planning for The Worst - Compression Test Coming Soon
Anyone running a transmission temperature gauge.........need help.
Old Dash Harness Going In The Garbage
Dare I say... the engine swap id finally over!!!
Radio Install problem!!!! NEED HELP!!!
Cool wheels
ammeter question
What color is this 68?
Cooling system capacity
L88 spec'd engine with R-port round exh port AL heads?
Hooking up aftermarket alarm
Where are the cool avatars coming from?
Q jet Nightmare!!!
Help with Heater Blower Switch on friends 81
Having Trouble connecting Tach Cable to Tach--- Anyone HELP!!!!
Rear Astro vent question
If you don't live out in the open Dynomax Race Bullets will get you in trouble
LS4 or LS5?
Hood Supports
Compression Test Results Are In. Need Your Feedback!
Changed headlights, lost a screw for retaining ring.
HERE'S THE PIX of that new True Dual exhaust (DIALUP BEWARE)
In the midst of replacing door window motor - question needed ASAP
Can someone measure the telescoping push rod for me.
OT c3 and hockey
E-Bay mysteries
Dissect this Engine Combo
Progress report...
Need Guidance: How to Perform Cylinder Leak-down Test
sidepipes just got ceramic coated
Old License Plates.......
Another victim - '68 vette.
1980 maifold
Picture of the C6R!!!
Anyone know this guy?
A little before and after pumpkin pix
Took the vette out today....
New shifter cable and now the horn works.
Outside mirror upgrade help for my 73
My Corvette Library...
1970 to 1972 LS5 454 Corvette times meed some data please
Pro Street '68 Vert...... DAMN
Cooling oddity
body bushing mounts 7 out of 8 ain't bad.
What to do with your numbers matching block...
Citrus County Corvettes in the Sunshine Car Show
68 Dash question
Gas Filler Protector
Why are my brake lights staying lit?
A couple pics of new exhaust and tubular crossmember. :)
Steering column experts needed
Is anyone a big corvette geek like me?
What rivet tool?
1978 gauge cluster, NEED HELP!

Page: 281
79 window trim
78 Tilt/Telescope?'ssssss
Look what UPS dropped off yesterday!!!! (picture)
tricks to cool iron heads running hot
Picture of my old 81
When your 78 Tilt/Telescope is full extended can you see into the column?
Valve cover gaskets . . . What's the best
Failure Is Hard To Accept
Airflow Volume from Vents
Headers/Sidepipes fit odd
Rear window replacement?
frame repair lower A-arm mount
thought on custom headlight....NCRS beware
Need a favor
problem with brand new Powermaster XS starter....
81-82 Oil Temp Sensor
A little headlight help please
What's the secret to using the Forum Search?
Big Brown brought me a box of 'I gotta rebuild my Holley flu'.
bad balancer? should it ALWAYS cause vibration in neutral?
Rear Window Louvered blindes???
Some engine questions about 1976 L48
After market seats
Top 10 things to know when buying an older vette.
[GKULL] "621 HP" Plate vette.
Pictures of HVAC ducting
Eletrical Gurus
Very interesting talk with Barry Grant about the flow of their carbs.
High Performance TCS
C3 pet peeve Friday, take two
Fan clutch won't disengage
AIR system
COMP Extreme Energy or Magnum?
12v start/run
Anyone Coming To Corvette Expo In Knoxville This Weekend
Anyone with a 700r4 run a deep transmission pan?
GTECH 0-60 in 4.7s in the RAIN! :eek:
rear end noise???
Took My Car Back To The Painter Today
Man, Kids are Stupid (Coming from a "Kid")
Speedometer Linkage and Throttle Linkage
hard / soft shifts
On-Air Discussion: California Emissions Bill A.B. 2683, Saturday , March 27, 11:00 a.m. PST
Transmission Trouble
Need fan shroud advise.
Powersteering Pump Pulleys
Carpet Install...a few questions
Air coditioning duct work
Can I get help with the Holly please
What product to use for re-storing Vac Actuator??
does this seem a little high?
Parts after paint - what to get?
Fiberglass Rear Bumper install
splitting the calipers
1978 Corvette Drivers Side Door Latch! HELP!!!!
Need some help on rod and piston installation.
any decent vendors in
Early 76 owners, do you have an idle stop solenoid on carb with A/C auto. or 4 spd?
Tachometer Jumping Around......What needs fixed????????
Mucie shifter buzz/rattle
steering column help-internal pieces
REbuild Eng UP/Down w/compresion
Forged piston to cyl clearance problem?
OT Some pictures inside my shop Dialup beware
has anybody ever shaved the locks on a c3 and put electric remote locks in it?
differential numbers
Colorado Corvette Clubs - Creating a contact list - help requested
Trunk Monkey....New Anti Theft Device
Greenwood body kit

Page: 282
New driveway completed !
Thanks Tom DeWitt and Van Steel
Checkout this '69 vette
test pic's
BRAKE EXPERTS....Help Please
Master Cylinder Leak
1978 GM Service Manual Wanted ! For a 1978 Corvette!!
C3 Tires
Does a 60' turning diameter sound OK?
Temperature Sending Unit on an 82 ?
1982 crossfire problem
Q-jet tuning
HELP - headlights quit - brake/tails still work 1982
Help on Clutch Safety Switch
Wireless Ignition System
Shop manual
Outer Door Handles
can i weld this
Corvette News Vol. 6 No. 4
Off road exhaust
stock '81 rearend gear ratio? Auto tranny
correct bellhousing color
2004 Hot Rod Power Tour
Rear Suspension Bolt Grades
temp sender
Got my personalized plates finally
Ok, I'm an idiot. Where does this connect?
vendor comparison:1 REALLY good.. the decide
Hey, what's with this "Head Lamp" light?
LT1 engine specs
Confessions of an LM1 Owner(Just installed new H-pipe)
Rear glass on hardtop
pics of potential '73 vert purchase
Any good MA vette clubs?
Door lock replacement, any tips?
Sidepipes on a 72
wet sliding car
New pics - '68 vert w/ mags....
Creaking noise from left front side
problem with front end ride height
Throttle Cable?
new engine??
welder advice
Chip Miller Strip
Cost to refinish intake manifold
Guage w/d's
one more cam question...
Supertrap for Sidepipes?
Worn out 4sp. shifter???
Well I just bought an 80' model
1969 Convertible Carpet Replacement Question
test of signature
test pic
Deep Purple.....
muffler sound
chrome TT II
How hard is it to---
What types of belts do yall use?
Dolly Dims.
racing head lights?
just YUCK!
Another dose of eBay
Looking For The Fastest '80
Praise for Corvette America.....
help pricing a '73 L-82 vert

Page: 283
EBay $600.00 Distributor Cap
Can you use a marine version of a cam in a 350
I guess I'm a chichen!
Help again
Lightweight battery
Vanity & Vettes....
What would you do??
Past the point of no return...
glove box lock
Parking brake cable installation question
Rusted Bird cage
Need help- 1979 wheel question-rim size
Pros and cons of BB vs SB is not nice
Cost to rebuild heads
Actuator relays
Could this have been the source of my spark knock problem?
Do any "normal" insurance companies offer "Agreed value"?
Oil system related ?'s.
82 horn problem
spoliers on C3's
75 headlight question
ELECTRIC CHOKE wont open up (q-jet)
Another e-bay 1969 Corvette
Did i get carried away with these rod bolts???
Myrtle Beach Car Show
Shock Recomendation!!!!
Steering Column Nut Retainer re-install?
First spin with new Hurst shifter..............
Is cross over pipe needed in dual exhaust setup
[POLL] How long have you owned your C3??
Glove box contents for flight judging
New True Duals installed
What kind of start selenoid for ZZ4 crate motor???
Putting a 454 Big Block into a '77 question :o)
4.11 Gearset for a C3 - best type and good places to buy?
Fuel line between pump and carb on a '79
Exhaust Manifold bolt sizes
Defrost not working is this common?
Anybody use
Summit rebuilt kits????
75 rear bumper question
Spontaneous Automatic Transmission Leak?
rear end differences/454 question
Corvette Country
Anyone from alberta?
How can I tell if it was originally a BB car?
Can someone explain what makes this 94,000 mile '82 worth 50 Large?
Replacing gas tank on 1970.
1973 convertible pics.
GB demon gurus. HELP!
2 Stoke Oil used as Fuel Stabilizer?
Crush sleeves? I don't use them
intermittent idiot light problem
Looking for a Good High Amp Alternator (@ Lower RPMs)
Look what the Brown truck brought me !
Anyone want to meet up in Redmond/Seattle thursday?
Electric door locks, fix or go mechanical? General questions.
1970 Corvette Registry Milestone - 1000 Corvettes!
Link to view different wheels on your car?
Power Steering Question
Seats are back from the Upholsterer...
Closer look at a Piston Pin's Surface
OT- Why do I insist on visiting OT?
Somebody Needs to Invent This...
Turn signal indicator bulb
I love this pic.......................
Fuel Vapor Separator
idea stolen from the c5r team
Mother Nature what tease

Page: 284
(OT) National Corvette Owners Association?
Compression Test: These Numbers Sound Right?
WindShield Problem
Low speed vibration
Ten Commandments For Corvette Ownership
okay who want's to meet up for beers....conroe, tx
Which balancer should I use? 7 inch or 8 inch, which brand?
Question on hood latch
wiring diagram
VBP 330-lb Composite Monospring - Some Pics
Side pipes
P/S Pump Mounting Bracket?
Pics of my '72
Another stupid question
rear spindle removel ?
My dad's Orange 1973 stingray
calling bluevetteman:)
zz4 enough power low end?
C4 seats in C3 guestions once again...
Victor Jr intakes V's Power plus intakes.....
Question-Gear Lube Experts
Boiling fuel
I finally got a roadster!
L88 cold chamber hood: What size air filter?
GM engine info/numbers
Great transaction with Ryan77!
Anyone know a dude in OKC with a '74?
right front wheel noise?
stress crack?
4.1 second hybrid car?
Fire in the hole!
How to adjust the convertable top frame?
81 evap system question
1981 Cracked Header Options
Windshield Wiper Motor Wiring (Help!!)
well this SUCKED!!!!
Need advice on fixing seats!!!!!!!!
Need a new hood...
Howl from rear, where to look?
ZIP dicount code
I'm new here, rivots showing on nose of 72 coupe, Problem?
A/C questions.
Paragon come through after all!
Temp switch and upper rad hose...
U-Joints for the drive shaft and half shafts the same for 1972?
New on the board ,72 vette
Mechanical headlamp motor, new guy on the block.
Found A For Sale Sign In The Door
Rubbing 225/70/15 Firestone tires -- Left front fender 1978
LARS/ carb guys
C3 Engine Oil Consumption Persists
One Front wheel rubs.
BB plug wires advice
L-79 owners
okay accelerator cable ??
New 5leaf spring installed! (Several pictures)
keisler test drive revisited- long, but necessary
looking to buy a 1980 with 305,california corvette.
Can heat be the cuase of intermitant no start problem?
Is my Avatar from a 59 Vette?
Stainless steel Ring/caps and chrome (best cleaning solution?)
The newest addition..........1976 !!!!!!!!!!!
Where to buy Spicer U-Joints for my 72?
Need new clutch!!
Aftermarket metal fuel lines
Bubba's Instrument Cluster, really, it works!
Starting Problem
raise car 36" to install headers?!

Page: 285
Big Block exhaust smoke and oil consumption
Frame dip locations in South FL
Is a Cam button needed?
Finally got my 72!! Dialup Beware!
Do these plugs look right?
Over Priced C3 in Argentina
Hey 1BAD69
Steering Column Removal - Help Needed!
defroster problems
What plug wires should I buy?
No lights when doors are open?
Pondering Paint - what do I need to know?
fuel pump leak
good body shop in clinton n.j.
Exterior Paint-Thanks to a Forum Member
OT A new friend
What would you say is a fair price for something like this????
What color should the heater box be?
ever hear of "Wheel Repair Specialists" in Hialeah Florida???
Wiper Door hung up on my '69
stainless steel brake calipers go bad after no use?
Someone here owns a Mini Cooper who was it?
How tunable are the distributors on 80C/81+ cars?
68 coil bracket question.
Problem areas in a 78?
Spiral Baffle Questions
I need new wheels!
one of my dogs.
Who here is running hedman headers??
Secondaries opening?
Spare tire
Having an ENG Built
Wiring diagram
anyone with neon vette clock troubles
700r4 is on the road again.Speedo question.
(OT) Friends tranny ( 1990 Mustang) wont reverse
Well im gone to have to use my 15x10 rallys
12:1 Steering Gear? Anyone have one?
I need help with a Cam Thrust Bearing and Plate question
Alarm in my the CAR???
Pic test 1973
E-Bay Grand Sport
Western Wheels
Brakes Bleeded??
new convertable top.
71 BBC Aluminum Water Pump
Too Much Timing Advance..?
Carpet question
seem welding worth it?
Off to the shop today.........
Glass Top blackouts
headlight switch gets hot (1979)
Water Pump dead! New stock one or high volume? What brand?
heater core reassembly questions
The dreaded seatbelts
Can you beat this................1971 Vette for $325,000.00
horsepower tv on spike has been cool today
4spd muncie experts=help
Daily driver?
Let Ferrari owner drive the '69
80 door pull / armrest crossrefernce???
Starting bottom end assembly tonight. Couple ???
tv cable and throttle cable not cooperating
fixing drivers side mirror...window ????
quadrajet ?for Lars or someone with qjet knowledge for 78 L48
Proper Way to Route Seat Belt in '69
Now that the paint job is finished do I clay bar it?
What type of resin to use?

Page: 286
PRAISE! Good service from Bowtie Overdrives
Side Covers for Exhaust on a 73
Differential swap question
posting pics
Rear Brakes?????????
Header Flange vs. Cylinder Head Exhaust Ports - Proper Gaskets
baffle options for sidepipes
Big Block v Small Block-List the pros and cons
new diff installed
Interior Package
Fan Clutch Interchangability
Sterring Knuckle torque
Technical question : header Flange
Replacement window motor and polarity?
help tuning quadrajet
Car starts without stepping on clutch - ???
Need help with AC installation
T.O. Shark Pack!!
Look at my latest purchase!
Is there a way to reform weather stripping. T-tops
Any interest in How to videos??
Met a ZO6 0wner today
Brake bleeding question
Beat On Vendors Threads
Engines in, running! Thanks Gordonm
Water temp gauge indication wrong?
Balancing Rotating Assy Question
Body swap
I need a GOOD double flare tool
Anyone keep her outside in the Northeast?
Does Anyone Here Have 235 70 15's On Their Car?
Decal on '69 Steering Column
Does this look right to you guys?
3250 small block horsepower!
Alignment gurus wake up!
Calling Shoptek...
Captive belt P/N
Some really cool EBAY stuff I won today !!
Tranny Gurus... whaddya think about this one?
Where to get new 350 block only?
need help with 73 nose
Automatic Transmission C3s
No fire in the whole.
Vacuum problem driving me crazy
Guestions about '75 original front springs
Cool C3! Fixed headlights!
How to make money from a Corvette
Barrett Jackson
Help diagnosing power window problem
what do ya think about these??
Front Sway Bar Question
Need your advice
Where did I see the plans for wood frame to hold body while off frame?
full coverage ins?
A/C rebuild update **Dialup BEWARE!!**
Converter Bolt Torque
T-10 Rebuild
Finally something went right, my fan clears the shroud
Looking for a chromer in the Mid-South area.
81 Radiator Question
Took A Few Better Pics Of The Paint Today
What's a good source for a reliable 400 block?
AMERICAN LEMANS.... anyone else watching?
Something Is Out Of Whack Here
How to route undercar exhaust
New Fan Clutch Runs Hotter
1969 seatbelt switch

Page: 287
Some pics of the 406 and a little video.
Cannot get into gear
Nice paint job on this ebay sale
DIY 62 vette and garage.
A/C condenser??? Body about to come off frame. radiator?, what fun that was!
Trailing arm alignment?
Heater core Leaked,Whats the best way to clean carpet?
The most fun ive had in a long while!!!!
Rear adjustable strut installation steps?
Dragstrip results, '71 BB...
New wheels, how much back spacing?
Help! Body mount removal
any help removing driver side dash??
Yet another paint thread...
1971 LT-1 vacuum leak
O/T-Sanyo 5.0 Megapixel Camera
What to do with old parts?
Dragon's Breath Performance loves C3s
heater core replacement in a 78
Adding a hardtop to a 69
Fresh Paint Pics!!
Alternator alignment with water pump...belt question.
U- JOINT Yeeeep......I bend the outer flange getting the old u joint out
Could my frame be bent?
My Harmonic Balancer completely let go and now can spin freely-any other damage done?
Cool AZ 80 Hugger Orange except...
Dumb Decal Question
DYNO numbers on 327/350 (L79)
Can you MIG weld copper?
Local '69: before and after
For all you Ebay scam police
Reliable carpet supplier reference, please.
*PHOTOS* C3's in full RACE uniform !
Nice 70 Ebay Vette
New Dodge Hemi
FS - What's fishy here?
test fitting carb...throttle adjustment ????'s
Willcox Wholesale Corvette Parts
$51,000 for a C3?!?!?!?!
Small block timing
cam install: hesitation on acceleration, trouble tuning
Brown bread question
Rebuilt L48 break-in?
Shift cover install... (how)
SCR and DCR?
Can someone educate me on 4+3 transmissions...
replacement ball joint bolt ??
The Paint Job Pics
Holley Systemax
Can Anybody help me? Need Dupont Lacquer Mille Miglia paint formula
Lookin' for 82 CE Gurus
Looks like a bargain......
Is Superfast80 Still Out There?
I found a 69 BB auto, Need Help
Longer rear spring bolts - impact on front height
C3'ers - please vote for my car!!
Oh dear!!
pic test
carpet pics please.....
power window problems
Another e-bay abortion
Corvettemail down???
Carpet PLEAT size????
California Car Duster
D-port header question
Paint touch up question
Bilstein shock question
First drive of the year today !!! Finally
Vette wont start? Have all lights, radio acessories, amp gauge goes crazy!!!

Page: 288
'82 headlights won't lower
Head Gasket = motor Rebuild,,ouch/YEAH
Battery Drain, 1980
Speed Channel Vette Show
front shock replacement - steps?
Anyone see the new commercial?
Would You Trade This C2 for a C5?
1980 Passenger Side Mirror
Contacting Marks69BB
Fiberglass sidepipe covers Ecklers vs. Vanacor
Wiring Gurus" Gauges Stop Working
Is this possible?
front end alignment and rear toe-in adjustment
Sorry to beat a dead horse (very specific wheel size ? ...again!!!)
open sidepipes-no mufflers -quick movie clip
Help ( I really mean it)
Sun Visor Question on 69
best fit 75 bumpers
thin strip white wall tires
th 400 auto Trany mount HOW?
Question for those who've replaced BB oil pan
Up and running again or was it just me!
HELP- turn signal indicator switch
Alt. connection wires for a 78?
Right Tire for 68 BB Vert
whats the best tool to use to install door springs?
C3 Knowledgeable alignment shop in Central Jersey?
Ignition on positive power in engine compartment
Hardtop Mounting Help
What are your thoughts on a Sleeved Cly in a Blobk
Well after a week I got the motor running ....but
Are there internal and external balanced 454 flywheels?
Crane Radi-Arc Rocker Arms
Need a Measurement - Outer Drive Axle
Hi every-one I am looking to Buy a Shark, I will be asking many questions
Need help with BB Exhaust Manifolds 66-69 vs 70-74
Can I really get a 45% HP increase by redoing the exhaust on my 76?
Rating on 7 leaf spring
Question from new member
1970 Driveshaft - Why so small?
It realy sucks out side.
exhaust popping?
Electrical question....HELP
Is This For Real People??? 1967 Convertible...
Would you buy these wheels ?
Are you turned-off by Barret Jackson
Has anyone installed Vette Brakes O-Ring Pistons in their calipers?
I bought a protecto plate
Need VIN Traced
plug wire routing on a 454
Upgraded Plug wire for a 454
Tranny/converter issue- diagnosis needed ASAP
Question For Anyone Who'll Answer
C4 A/C blower in C3
Used Qjet Needed
Help me mount my sub box
Yet another paint post
Alternator woes....
Whats the longest drive you've taken in your C3?
79 rear interior storage compartment handles?
Quad rods for a 80?
Tomorrow Is The Big Day
Radio block off plate
Dupont or PPG primer, any recomendations?
not sure i would put these tire on my car!!
68 Corvette non tilt to tilt????
Long & Short water pumps ?

Page: 289
Lunati Cams anybody with a bracket master 2?
edelbrock performer-plus cam
Which is a Better Intake...Edelbrock RPM Performer or Stock LT1 Aluminum
What spark plug for iron vortec heads ?
2004R or 200R4 auto
3.08 gears what should I change to?
Trailing Arm Tools
R-12 or R-134A???
Manual brake question
What do you think about this Vette?
true miles on car
[Off Topic] I need your vote
69 Wiper Motor Rebuild
largest tires that will fit on stock 15X8 rims? Drag Radials possible?
1978 corvette door latch?
Dissapointing Dyno Results Part 3 GOOD NEWS 404HP!!
Anyone seen my baby?
200r or 700r4 transmissions
Speedo needle bouncing badly up to 20 MPH (approx)
Yet another radiator question
Yes, another window motor post....
Did I get ripped off???
what size dampners on a 68 L-79
Jet sizing...working on the carb....Lars plz step in I'm using your paper.
Anybody interested in solid rear axle coversion MUST SEE THIS -->
Check out this Vette!
Valve cover baffle
Cam sprocket timeing question
Piston ring installation. Please help.......
Tire Size, 305/50/15 too big for rear?
Steering box rebuild
Where can I find a torque wrench for steering box?
insane motorcylce rider video
Exhaust diameter for my '71 454....
Question about BB Exhaust Manifolds
Gymkhanna suspension ?
JCL and Roller Rocker questions.
Are Bug catchers, streetable at all?
Selling the C3, bought a C5
How streetable with high stall speed torque converter...
Help with Rally Wheels
Base/Clear Question
69 Piont Dist. how should i finish?
Interior pictures
Looking at Magnaflow mufflers... opinions?
OT: Relocating to Massachusetts
Flame Orange Dupont paint code
'74 Door Panel, What Size Attaching Screws?
Speedometer odometer problem
TH400 to 2004R auto
How to determine redline.
O.T. Off to Florida
6.6 liters: 890 lb-ft and 520 hp at the wheels
Opinions and help: full new exhaust system for the '69
How strong is 69 rearend
They're selling me on the web
Chevrolet by the numbers anyone have this book??
C3 with C4 suspension
OT: Any golfers in the Conroe,TX. area
am i missing something here?
C5 Dual fans in an 81 C3
Any media/powder blasters in the DC/Balt area?
Couple of Questions
High CO's on emmisions test

Page: 290
I Need a under hood Wiring diagram for a '80 L82
The parking break project
Who makes a wiper-door delete hood?
CAT connecting rods ?
wiring guru's please step up
My 78 Corvette weighes 3550 pounds.
How to R&R steering coupler for a '72
Front calipers shot, need advice on what to do...
Rear end ID numbers
Header clearance ?
Window sticker storage
Green Beer-St. Paddy's Day Tomorrow
New C5 vs. C3
Small Hole in L88 Hood
Dropping a drag link/center link
74 AC Bracket?
car wash ??
3 Questions: Top, Headlight warning indicator, >4000 RPM
50 Fastest Muscle Cars - Corvette has 7 !
Have prices gone up that much?
Picture of my car
Most of front suspension in place
power booster test
Some questions for European forum members.
TPI & TH350
Ceramic Coat or Powder Coat Intake Manifold?
Anyone want some double hump fuelie heads?
Help on 4SP Transmission identification.
Caswell Plating any body used???
Calling all Fiberglass repair/custom body guys. Does this look right?
Stainless works Headers/sidepipes picture attempt.
Carb choice
Any photo's of '74 Corvette Gray out there?
So I need a new carb. Buy my buddie's and have it rebuilt or a new one?
nuetral safety switch
Changing Seat Covers
L-82 Questions
1978 L-48 gear ratio.....
BB water temp sending unit?
'69 upper dash pad removal, what's the trick?
Front speakers behind kick panels in a 1969?
OT This is one of my other creations
What has been your experience with 200R and 700R builders?
Got the solid roller in and running...ran GREAT...BANG...not running.
Sanderson Headers
Lima Ohio swap meet?
C3 CAD file
Wich rear spring for the real low bad butt look? ;o)
For Canadian Globe & Mail readers
Is this sticker original?
Cool Racing Vette Video
Cobra sidepipe heat shields
CFM for a 1972 454 Q-Jet
Online C3 Vendors??
108 Corvetteforum Neighbors within 10 miles
My '77 failed inspection and I am over joyed :hurray:
Does anyone know who's car this is?
has it been wrecked?
Heat insulation under carpeting. Comments? Does it help
BB plug wires
All over the road
OT-C6 Vert in Road and Track
Some quick help needed, please.
Sloppy Tilt/Tele!
Rear Suspension clean/paint progress
need advice on resto
Where the heil is Merlins car

Page: 291
700R4 external differences pre-87 to post-87 ?
what makes a good head?
Anyone ever use the Krylon Fusion paint for vinyl and plastic???
need help identifying what carb this was made for
Failed Emissions in NJ
Anyone have the Chicago Chevy Vette Fest Ecklers catalog discount code
Blasted and now frame repair time!
has it been wrecked
Winter Project update
Why is Bubba such a popular machanic?
Lost my panel lights....Help!
T-Top adjustment ?
okay...carb affecianados...tell me if i'm on the right track...
More Frame Pics
EBay Corvettes Under $5,000
Where 2 buy vert top, carpet
how strong rearend?
NEED PICS OF "H" PIPE and "X " 71 is next for new exhaust
77 Vette. Wheel specs.
3.55 or 3.70/3.73
Pic of my weekend cruise
largest cfm electric fan?
Need air condition help for 77
BG Speed Demon vs Holley St Avenger
Cracks in the dash
Need help with '80 Vette alt and power steering brackets
Radios? What do you have. If anything
Cost to paint the nose of a C3?
Orange at VetteFest (dial ups beware)
Transmission gurus, pls decipher Muncie tag code 3856436
Off idle stumble-Edelbrock carb
C3 Gen - What does the J56 HD brakes include ?
So where is that mysterious illusive secondary opening screw on a Holley?
Lock Wheel Nuts Stuck
Proper fit of dash panels (upper, lower, and center)
Alternator Amperage
Rare special production order shark on ebay
First posting as a newbie!
700R4 -- Think this decision was a bad one...
New member & question about Foamseal & frame stiffening
What are the engine variants such L48, L82 etc in C3's?
OT : brake job on wife's car 101...
Post ABSURD -Corvette eBay stuff here.....
Wheels - shipping question ?
Quieting the holley electric pumps.
My first post and of course my first question
Car dies in gear
Aluminum pulleys for my BB.
Now this is weird, ever heard of this?
Bubba strikes again !
Window regulator bumps bolt on window motor, how to fix
Run to the Sun show in Myrtle Beach next weekend.
Seeking advise on carbuerator for 72 / 350
LR, RR, LF, RF; Brake order, Is LR the driver or pass side
Children need your help.
tell me about this cam/head combo...
Let anyone else drive the Vette?
HELP!! Does anyone have a complete left sport mirror they don't need?
valve in 5/8" heater hose
Need Advice - Lower Shock Mount Removal ********
'79 Electrical Problems
Spicer U joint part numbers?
Vintage Museum Oxnard, CA Gathering 03/27/2004
Javi's tip of the day: don't throw away your ugly gauge cluster lens.
c3 seat problem
Need Advice on Tire Installation
B&M Transpak DIY

Page: 292
Will ZO6 style wheels from camaro fit 1980 corvette. More info inside
U joints - dumb question
Need Advice on 427 BB Build Up
Dumb question...What is an L82??
Oil Pressure relief valve spring
Replace body mounts
Cruise control????? need help!
Bad 1980
How To Test Temp Gauage ?
Shield over inner door lock? Is it still made?
Which is better
Dargon's Breath Performance
L82 pushrod guides?
C3 Books - What do you recommend
Hey nitrous guys
Places to buy overdrive trans?
photo test 1973 convertible
AFR Heads Arrived- Quick Question
Eastwood Metal Blackening System
Turbo kits for my vette?
Fiberglass guys (Lars or others) SRP VS FRP
Nine months wait for a tranny, it won't even start!
electric windows REALLY slow
Questions about those beautiful 502 C3's
Fuel pump, mechanical or electric?
A new option. Whadya think/
Digital (and other) aftermarket guages
Door Key really hard to turn
Mechanical Temp Gauge
Proper way to determine push rod length?
pace car or silver anniversary?
Comp Cams- Where's the Website?
Interesting Ebay listing.....
Stuck Bolt
oil presure gauge at 5 o'clock
anybody have paint mix formula for Dupont Milli Miglia red?
another radio question.. is '75 radio same as '71?
What a beautiful day
Composite Leaf Spring - Phase 2
Hood Sources?
Valve Cover Resurrection
I have not put any money into my car in three years
Paging MotorHead
Is that metal piece behind the seats important?
How common is a non-standard interior color?
red vette with a stinger hood........where are you
Keiser Speedometer Cable...
Best C3 for an investment!
Restoration Question: Painting Rear differential Case
Zano vs. 3M polish and swirl remover.
Stupid Alternator Question
congrats to " Little E "
Save The Wave
Did 1982 Corvettes have Clear coats
Dep where you at brother?
Trailing arm bolts too tight???
new to the forum
Can standard auto transmission handle 350bhp?
Clutch Assembly question....
C3 Electric Fan install
1982 idling at 2k rpm! Help!
Is this steering box eliminating the PS cylinder?
What color speed-o gears do I need? Anyone know?
idling fast
Just bought a 73 coupe...anything I should know????
Need infomation on the diiferences between the '68 and '69 Corvette.
Richmond 5 speed users please step inside.
Question for those with dual mount VBP rear spring
Another engine numbers question for discussion

Page: 293
Exhaust casting numbers needed.
Is this a ricer mod?
Lectric Limited vs. GM Braided Wires for '69 BB
DeWitts Group Purchase
Anyone have a picture painted on the underside of their hood?
NCRS Folks-Thank You
Question about Dynomax Ceramic Coated Headers
Looking at a 1978....w/out air...aftermarket air?
Something always needs work on these cars
Has anyone bought a crate engine from ebay before?
75 Headlight Question??
Spal dual fans
Side pipe covers
Recipe for a 300HP rebuild on an 80 L-48?
Steering Column
Paging Paul67
Interior Work Almost Complete...
gas tank return
No dome lights or footwell lights?
hanging light???
My Next Project-Gauges
Brakes are done :-) :-)
can't figure out what rear end my 68 has??
Front Frame Crossmember Broken--Am I Done For?
Cam Selection? Is summit good enough?
Help Please, I think I found the short circuit, now what?
Engine update....
One more question about the L-48 rebuild? Please help....
Having trouble with cold starts on 69 BB - Need Advice
The 70 is red again!! Body work update photos (many photos)
What are the gage diameters in a 1971 Vette?
Big wheels
Fuel Gauge prob?,or Bladder in the Tank?for 75.
Super Chevy Shows
Need pics of electric vacuum pump setups.......
Dale Jr. Commercial With Red C3
Rear Calipers Rebuilt
T-top headliners .. re-attaching them
Power door lock help
Interior color change
HELP! Rear bolt on pivot shaft
Quick question about intake manifold gaskets...
Question to Roller cam guys with mechanical fuel pumps
Fuel Lines on a 69
1972 Corvette 454 What is the best engine , 4 speed transmission oil and grade to use?
pics on the CF
Information on dropping the differental
Todays drive.
Deleating pics my homepage
Rear ride height
NCRS driveline magazine looking for hard to find parts.
my lying gas gauge :cuss
Yellow 78 owner in reston virginia today!(Saturday)
side walls
donut, nice screech but no smoke
Float Chargers
Man, am I in some trouble - Tall Driver (revisited)
Calling all Black Corvette owners!!!
What's it worth?
Update on ''The Diva''. 5pics Dialup UNfriendly
Rear End Rebuild Update
Weather-Stripping Advice
Does a 73 have SMC Panels
Did I get ripped?
Hedman side exit headers for side exhaust..anyone got em?
steering tele/tilt
Do '78's and '82's use the same interior?
stock 69 overheating
Found this on the net for the Fort Campbell, Kentucky military guys!
Front spring install completed, but...

Page: 294
Okay, all negative 700R4 statements are retracted
Front and rear seams...
Ordered my hooker sidepipes
Can't start my newly rebuilt motor
Thanks to supporting vendors
Bay Valley Corvettes car show in Michigan
TH400 to 700R4
HYD. ROLLER CAM from hyd. flat tappet
I think this Ebay seller is a little optimistic!!
76 Went Dead - Electrical Problem?
WTF...What makes it tick (electrical) ?
eBay Poll on vette parts
70 vert body work reaching the end, color paint going on!! Photos
Calling Rogue Wave (speaker set up)
Pull the doors, or not?
Want to upgrade shocks.
Battery and amperage.
Speedometer cables
Calling member "nothin"like'a'69'"
Cheap method for front ride height adjustment????
The Grandfather of the C3 rack and pinion
New addition to the family
Where to buy Vinal T-Tops???
First drive with new Tremec
rear deck spacing along with stereo set-ups
Did GM use grade 8 bolts when assembling a vette?
Central Va Shop Recomendation
72 Carpet installation question
Some odd sounds coming from my backend when I lay off the gas...
maybe OT, anyone use the TBI spacers????
Door panel fit procedure?
Vented or Non-Vented?
Transverse leaf spring for the front?
A pic! Finally figured it out!
steeroids, any good for Uk daily driver???
New Lucas 20-50 racing oil
How did you route your plug wires on your BBC with sidemounts?
Wrong Shocks after the Front End Rebuild.................???
What would y'all do when Jet-Hot wants you to pay shipping both ways on a warranteed product??
1978 Regular Production with Glass Tops
What do you think my wheels/tires are worth?
Uh oh... The sun came out... PICS! :D
Paging Dale Jr.
78 anniversary edition value?
temp gauge not working??
WTF did they do to this C-3?
Took some new pics of my '68..
Who sells shorter rear springs?
I'm back(again)
etching primer vs primer filler
New Pics on GP T/A's from Van Steel
How many of you are VETTE-poor ?
Interesting stroker build-up from Royal Purple
Front spring, is this right??
I need a 79 T-Top
i have cracks too
connection for the Idle stop solenoid
Picked out rims, don't have size I want, will one of these 2 fit?
Proper way to bleed or prime new Power Steering?
Vacuum source
Any tips on installing Hooker Side Tubes?
trailing arms/body bolts update
Very cool rims
ZIP Discount?
Modified rear exhuast panel for sidepipes
seized U joint on half shaft
Attention NEWBIES !
Another Ebay what am I missing? $500 radiator cap!!??

Page: 295
Good or bad deal?
Another UGLY Corvette ***PIC***
BB Hooker sidmount owners: What Plug wires are you running?
Ceramic Spark Plug Boots
Awesome '68 race vette !
Big Block 69 question
Anyone think this is low?
Oil puddle on the intake
vacuum operated wiper door question
A Funny High Pitched Noise From the Drivers Rear Tire
input needed
Fuel tank gasket/O-ring???
speedometer needle is it replaceable
??? Block Numbers ???
Oil pan job day 3 of 3
Basement bargains ! ! !
BB guys with sidepipes...step inside please...
Buying a car 2b shipped- the payment process...
LT1 intake conversion..
Hey where can I find a halfway decen......
**HIGHLIGHTS** Sacramento Autorama - Portland, OR Roadster Show - 2004
need interior pics of your 80-82 (dk. doeskin camel)
Metal To Fiberglass Bonding
Argh! How do I get a hole started on the hinge pin?
70 Seat Hinges (Hockey Sticks)
80 Radiator Cap?
frankenstein corvette in the local buy&sell
Re-install of torque bolts?
Harmonic Balancer
327ci Mystery Problem.
Absolutely STUNNING 1968 Corvette ***PICS***
GM C3 picture site
Cool Split window coupe Pro Street
LT-1 hood decal and stripe painting
Temperture Switch & Relay
Vacuum Pump Q.
Alwyn678 trip postponed...
Custom Stingray Emblem
fuel press gage
Corvette flags
My front wheels are WAY out of aligment, please help!!!!!!!
Paging Craig F. of Lancaster
Spring cleaning last weekend
1923 Corvette engine.....
F41 front springs
Conversion...........132 in lbs -- in ft lbs?
G-Force 5 speed Test Drive!
1-7/8 vs 2" BB header
According to an rpm calculator, w/ overdrive my car has a top speed of...
Homemade cross shafts to correct camber
Got My Rechromed Bumper In
American racing s 200
I'M Back.....Thanks everyone..
Help me identify these parts
72 Corvette 454. 3 questions please. Battery and Seatbelt
Anyone make replacement for 82 gas tank
Tremec drive shaft???
V.I.N. rivets
69 4-Speed Shifter Alignment
Wheel bearing torque?
Tire Size on a 72?
80 exhaust vibrating against bottom of differental. Am I missing a hanger?
vacuum leak in heater/ac control
Is it OK to ask "What is it Worth?"
Need pic of OEM air horn install
68 conv Weaterstrip install.
71 LS6 on e-bay
intake rpm ranges question
Damper blues...lollllll

Page: 296
Problem Area In Front Fender
how do you tell an original brochure from a repro??
Aftermarket Seats
My Corvette Steering power steering conversion
Do front springs wear out???
Central Va Shop Recomendatio
Northern VA Shop recommendations
Chicago Vette Fest
Semi OT - Vette magazine ?
My '70 in Vette this month
vacuum system question
Cat converter smell!
Were Spicers stock?
(Tools) Need help finding socket and wrench storage ideas.
Trailing arm removal, body bolts, I must be a masochist
The wife gave me the shock of a lifetime.
Ground clearance with headers..
Car is in the shop, engine goes in today. Parts for sale.
TORQUE SPEC FOR TIE ROD ENDS............. 1971
E-Bay Tremec...would it fit?
Prices rising? What am I missing on this Ebay item?
did you tell your TH400 you upped the power?
10/11 March '04: Is the Cross-Fire Vault 'down' again???
Turning the Engine Over by Hand
Hawaii body shops
Jet Hot jerking me around too- their recent coated header offer
What year model are these valve covers from?
Do I need splayed main caps on a 2 bolt if I stroke it?
Question about new heads and intake prep.
OT.......what are.....................
BB water pump pulley studs?
Light weight waterpump?
Used interior parts?
Where to find thermoswitch for elec. fan?
u-joint girdles
C3 electric tach conversion
"D'oh!!" Next time tighten ALL the hose clamps ......
IM on T&T Telescope Problem
Door hing pins
Frame diagram
How do i cut my dash to install my brand new alpine 9813
tell me what you think of this story
Keisler 5-speed install and light-weight flywheel
Is a straight cut gear tranny gonna be too loud?
Cali back to stock - page 2
Rear Window Defroster Switch for an 82?
OT Walgreens drive-up com.
Spring has Sprung
OT - herd of C6s spotted near Sealy, Texas
New muffler upgrade for Covette
Bracket Paint
SEMA in Vegas
TT Steering column? Who carries this part...
OT MSN hsa picture of C6 VERT
1982 CE with Draining Battery
Here's a better story....
Hurst shifter mechanism needed for a 69 SB
Cluth install 1981
Transmission kickdown cable
rear valance panel
Good inspection sevice?
Started welding the frame seams
So much for the paintjob... engine buildup!! Also about a great day of driving...
Battery Disconnect Switch?

Page: 297
best way to prep/paint rusty metal parts using rustoleum?
Hazard lights and brakes problem
Body off. What am I missing?
Check out the progress on my Martin Turbo set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
T-Top Trim Adhesive
Anyone running these rims?
Dissapointing Dyno run
Dissapointing Dyno run Part 2 ...better, but still not there
82 fuel pump
Ebay question from a novice.
CB in a 74
Steeroids tie rod length question.
Loss of HP with factory style sidepipes?
New gas cap gasket...what adhesive?
Forced to drive the C3 to work.
Rear Suspension Tools
best radio solution??
1968 Factory Big Block question.....
Edelbrock Performer RPM 7101 intake manifold - will it fit?
POLL: Have you had a cam failure?
Removable crossmember pic
Shifter advice for "77 Coupe
Hooker "Stainless Steel" Side Pipes
Passenger-side power window motor spinning, window not moving.
Where can I get the floor plugs
Launching and wheel hop?
Since everyone else is posting pics.... (dialup beware)
IN THE GARAGE - Type of paint on wipers?? Semi gloss??
Battery cut-off switch
One year in France?
Houstonians Unite! Housont Humane Society Poker Run with the Harleys!
Help Pricing for 70' NOM
another one I gotta have on Ebay(NOT!)
Seat Cover Installation
Upper door hinge pin slipped out...
Nose Emblems question
Suspension Recommendations !!
Replace Front springs/rear spring bolts? DIY or shop?
Value of a 77 vert with less then 5k miles
What do production records really mean?
Original radio question
C6 sighting!!
Sidepipes on my 68, really need opinions
Notice: Chevy Vette Fest in Chicago Next Weekend !
Place a small order with Paragon today.
Any other fan shrouds to use on a 69 small block, 4sp, no a/c
Power Windows....broke help!
Look what I picked up for $4
Stock Air Cleaner Housing Color question for an '80
Another ebay funny with a side of rice.
Any street legal headers?
Rear Speakers
440 Valve covers
550 vs. 460 Spring on 74 SB
Need Insurance Help
Thread Sealant
? on the 82 collector edition
My 74 all put back together
Torque ? SB vs BB
A sunday cruise.....
Water Pump Casting Number
Decoding 4 speed trans

Page: 298
Gimme Fuel - Gimme FIRE !
Projection Headlights
Seat track lubricant?
Lars-Built 750 Speed Demon System Installed on SIGNGUY's 350
Replacing AC/heater blower motor
78 seat recovery project
I am quite pleased with my purchase from ebay...
noise from new clutch and resurfaced flywheel?
Another Picture !!
OT: Ideas for fund raiser?
Interesting Front Spring Removal Technique
1 Piece top for the "T"'s?
Temp after rebuild/mod
Brake work [Rant]
Demon Throttle Cable Question
Yes, you can fit a supercharger under a stock smallblock hood
OT-Where did photohost go?
Torque on Lower Ball Joint side bolts......70 ft lbs is this correct?
Spicer U Joint queston
Is anyone using these tires?
Rear shock absorber length?
79 seat brackets
Can you show me pics of Ghost stripes ...
C3 Convertible, 5 or 6 point roll bar pics needed...
Rear alignment questions.
Tire rant
Need Quick Help :withstupid:
Engine bay pics (Dialups Beware)
81 Heater Core Replacement
Speedo cable help
What do you guys think of this corvette??
Fuel Delivery
wheel/suspension prob
Check this Out!!!
Made my first purchase through Summit...
69 big blk car
C3 Tires
Carburetor suggestions for a Fastburn 385 Engine
1978 vette power antenna!
pic test
Astro Ventilation 101
Cali rides height pics
An interesting observation on belts and hoses
Thinking of going back to stock
Speedometer Gear ?
Posting pics for AnthonyLT-1
WooHoo I won a valve cover auction!
I have to order a new top convertible top. What do you recommend?
Headlights not opening
looking for pics of engine bays.......I would like to see if anyone has
Seat Cover installation..DIY or not?
C3 Rear Spindle Removal
Started wetsanding the flares-pics
Best Starter
71roadster Video (dialup beware)
Restoration pics '69
Should I wait to install the calipers?
Ft. Lauderdale Intl. Auto Show Bus Trip
Hood Clearance help
How much height above performer manifold and Holley 600.
Speedometer Picture
Heater hose ?
Michigan Show needs Forum Support!
Factory exhaust covers not lining up.
Lacquer Paint or Basecoat/Clearcoat
Why no picture in my sig? (It worked last week.)

Page: 299
flat milling heads
My Suburban has a 44 gallon tank - why not my 69 BB?
I checked out this 63 split window coupe. Do you think this is fraud.
ARP main studs, finger tight, no silicone sealer
Is it just me (ebay asking prices)?
Anyone have an old AC control panel?
Torque converter lockup questions.
Need quick help!!
What are these called?
69 won't start
Tragedy at Lars' in CCCland....
Cam questions...again for a L48
Chrome/Polished A/C compressor?
6 link
How to Set up & Install a 750 Speed Demon on a 350 (dial-up beware)
tail lights
our Vette club had a get together today...pix here...
Cleaning front grills
First drive since December 31 :)
Please god let me win the lottery so I can buy this chevelle....
Electrical Question ???
96 corvette seats installed
Wipers won't "park"
P/s control valve from Bair's
What is this thing I found in my dash? Radio Component?
C3 owners are.....
1979 Hood Latch Issue
Something is missing from my front end. Know what?
brake problem
Win a '62 and $50000!
Where to buy John Deere blitz black
Need quick help!
Heater Core Bypass Which Hose ?
Late Shark Power Options
First time Front End Rebuilt........UPDATE and Torque Question
Must See TV
Factory markings on rear of inside glass panel?
Alternate Newer Wiper System???
It good to be back
painting my 75 got any electron blue pix I can look at ?
common ground
ballast resistor usage?
Trading reverse lights for brake lights, how to ??
Switched back to white letters
Install Kenwood KRC-2007 - Install problems
Get yourself some good plug wires
Distributor/Mainshaft: Base or Hi-Perf. ??
Anyone running drag radials on the street???
Cross-Fire torque spec help
Cut out Crossmember to fit March Serpentine
header question
I'm still having pulley problems!
Wiper motor removal
82 Collector's Edition Pin Stripes
Pitman arm steering box centering
can I install cam properly without degreeing it?
Carbonfiber airfilter lid..
Hey HUDMAN, remember the smoke?
Traction control revisited
When you're not in your C3 you're......
need help with crate motor identification...
Question on Cam Break in.....
Corvette club?

Page: 300
Front Right just collapsed....what happened?
After watching some of these custom car TV shows do you feel like...
Just who said that side pipes were loud?
Interior light problem need help!!
Seafoam = Marvel Mystery Oil?
Where can I buy emergency brake return springs?
Failed Inspection-HELP
Corvette Posters
C4, C5 power seats question
ebay mess
Newbie in need of education...
B&M automatic chifter owners...
1969 side exhaust covers?
Seat cover installation tools.... up for grabs for free
running lights???
Can I see some pics of your subs?
C5 seats---Will They Fit????
Attidude difference between C2 vs. C3 sections?
Picture test
Frame up resto begins.......03/07/04
Power Brake Booster Installation
Need help with initial start up
Mixing ratio for PPG DP48 and DP402???????
Caliper rebuild
forum question
Gas Cap Emblem-How to Mask Off?
Steel or Iron, how to tell?
Question about rubber under coating for the wheel wells
it's raining - yuck
Droplight ?
Want to buya c3,need help
Which Wheel setup is better?? Wife dont like the Boyds...errr!
Trailing arm adjuster from Dream Car Garage
The Ultimate 'Bubba System'
Lets talk Valve Covers
i started painting the rear flares
FINALLY some engine assembly pics to share !!!
Pleasant EBay Experience-It Works
Update of Squeaking rear end
Changing my password
Wiring....some help please
Forum member's 7sec C3 !!!
OT: New daily driver
Rear Rotor Help
WTF..Who the heck designed the C-3? Better hope I don't find him!
Pulling Out Rear
vehicle hauler
Weaterstrip leak question
What is a SEMA SPEC 5.1 rim?
REWARD for my dads car !
Video of My car at the track
My 1978, "Please help me if u can" !!!
Keisler tranny transmission yokes
Belt driven fan - what a drag .....
ebay, this ones funny
Exhaust Manifolds - modifications/port match?
Spent too much money getting things done by a mechanic!!!
Question on t56 installation
Better Choice - PLEASE Vote!!
Anyone know where i can get a sweet deal on a Stall converter?
1998 Corvette Fever magazines Need info
If your near Cape Girardeau,MO
my rearaxle is dancing
Finally a decent digital camera & pic
Removing rear view mirror from doors on an '80?
Finally to the next phase in ''The Project''
a small scare on my shake-down drive today
Here's a weird one!
Oil in water.....Why????