Page: 402
troubleshooting non functional gauge?
Luggage rack mount fot T-tops
Rubber from 1-2 Shift above 3500rpm
Removing front clip
Engine Hood Question
76 wheels?
another interior update with pix...
Raffel Off This Monstrosity??
Oil pumps
Anyone near Cleburne, Texas?
Just bought a Vette, need some help!
timing tab?
What have i done!!
'72 Exhaust Suggestions
Selling some realy good parts, ROD's, cams, intakes etc
Interesting Way to Trouble Shoot Battery Drain Problems.
Pumping water
changed out my water pump today
Please tell me this isn't the NEW C6
[ebay]What year is this???
No start question - need help
Stock vette quarter mile times (Kind of long)
82 CB radio option?
permacap gas cap
Newbie needs advice on possible '72 purchase
Headers & MPG
Tranny swap question
Water pump prices
Windshield Wiper Pump Rebuild?
Engine Pings Under Load?
Engine runs after I turn it off!
Best A/C replacement systems
Quiet mufflers for C3?
Grrr!...Wiper Motor #*!@!
Switching Radiators
Fan shroud affect overheating?
What is the vacuum can that is behind the drivers side wheel? 1980
Synchromesh Equivalant?
"Big Guns" Horsepower Shootout Dyno Day Results...
OEM alarm wiring
Spline Count Questions
1980 Noisy blower fan
Videos of new 406 in action.
aftermarket gauges in c3
4 speed crossmember welded to frame
Tach Question Need Help
O.T. Candy thief found out.
Car just died!!
Bleeding brakes with hand suction/vacuum tool?
Photoshop Pros HELP!
Pictures of my new baby... in my new baby!
Rally wheel codes
68-72 Forum Member Pics Updated
Rear Bearings - What tools do I need?
Which wire separators for headers w/ AIR tubes?
74 vette, support under rear window
Timing chain cover replacement.
Sun Visor Problem
brake question: 82 vette
Gear change
Going Two Tone Tomorrow
I found a very good site for online manuals!!
How many volts do I need to the solenoid?
Windsheild washer on 1980
OT Acura Integra wont shift from park
Overheating and PCV valve?
~~~C4 with Th400, need help from C3 Forum Members~~~
Where to buy or how to fab this thing?
BEWARE!!!!....A forum scammer is back under a different name......

Page: 403
hydratech brake assist - hood clearance problems??
Conte's Corvettes
Whats Up?
Won't shift out of park...
Just another Big Block question
Hazard lights stay on & no turn signals
National or regional glass replacement company, Experiences?
Yes..Starting to build my new engine..
Tank to pump fuel line replacement.
Paging Wrencher, Lars, other carb guys--could use some insight
What did this pile of rust use to be??
Will this carb work on my Vette?
Smithville corvette show....some observations
Male Hood latches, how to dis-assemble?
Help! new seats too tall.
OT - S10 Blazer Turn Signals/Wiper, Need Help
Power Loss
C3 7qt oil pan that will fit?
Which carburator for ZZ4?
E-brake dash light won't go off -- ideas?
Car Selling Question
Big block valve covers...bummer
Anyone repaired the door arm rest/pull on their Vette?
Can You Get In Our '77??
What is exterior code 14L on a '74?
New blower motor question. Reverse polarity???
My rear
Dyno results are in
C3 stereo guys…
Brakes won't bleed
Cool Year Specific T-Shirts
Need information on 69 L89 vettes, any help appreciated!
coil spring sounds
How to diagnose bad coil
OT: Chatroom
can someone show me a picture of 68 dark blue interior
Attention: All Side Pipe Vette Owners
HELP - REALLY loud Screeching noise coming from front of carb?
Install Fiber rear springs?
too much compression with these heads??
Silicone to Dot 3
73 4 speed - which transmission is it?
Weird noise, maybe gear drive...motor mount ? also
72 454 1 HOT 1
LS 1 Update as requested.
1973 Corvette Letters
Egg-crate side grills
New front rims and tires installed today.
OT - Deals for the taking....Cars etc.
What is the easiest way to remove the power brake booster?
Finally installed some Dynomax headers
custom interior parts
will this cam do it?
[PICS] New pics of my '68...
OT: Chat Link
Trailing arm REMOVAL PITA ?????????????????????????
Front Brakes pull to one side when hot !!
Rat running hotter now?
My baby died...need advice!!!
Can someone help me, I need some pix of an radio in a 79 vette
Matching Numbers Question
Anyone want to check this out for me?
Good article for all of us with the 73 bastardchild vette
auto meter gauge instal
auto insurance
Replacing carpets - Ay advice? Lessons learned?
distributor numbers
OK, we've discussed rotor runout on the rear, now what about the front?

Page: 404
Speed Direct's Steeriods
Where to get "My other car is a corvette" license plate frame?
L81 Specifications?
Wiring diagram for 76 electri tach.
Vacuum Hose Replacement
Hey Big Block guys??
Which ignition wires to buy?
Other reasons for fluctuating oil pressure.
Just got back from the Ecklers Corvette Reunion...
Completed 2 fun projects on my 68 vert
OT, E-Bay C-3 Vettes for sale...LIES LIES!
Headlights On Light won't go off
'79 Interior... Silver/Chrome trim touch-ups... how do I do that???
started fitting flares to the 73 today
68 - 69 questions
Rotor Recommendation
Advice in purchasing an 82 corvette
Anyone New Lake Villa, Il That Can Check Out a C3??
Interior Light relay/switch
Exaust for 1980
Removable Fiberglass SUB box in the jack compartment?
Dual Pattern VS Single Pattern Cams
Power Steering Return Line Problems
Odd Steering behavior
OT: Pictures from the LeMans race at Road Atlanta
Lame username
calling Jim Shea - steering column question
1975 Stingray In Need of Power
Power window conversion. Has anyone done it ?
More Power from the 77' L-48 Please!
Driveshaft loop: Please read
Head casting 3931063
Heater controls and fan switch question.
Wheel hop questions..
Fiberglass rear spring ??
'82 check engine light and smoke
Electric fuel pump relay
***PROJECT UPDATE, 99% Done!!! (Pics)***
strange gremlins at play again!
Sorry very OT, but hoping I could get some advice on a crazy situation... bank error.
Can a T56 fit into a C3?
StonGard Film?
Are Steeroids worth it????
O/T.....setting correct time?
Corvette Expo
who is running a electric water pump in their vette?
Helping my fellow vette fanatics
Replacement Brake Calipers
Finished my nose and chin job!
Dynomax Ultra Flos?
have you carpeted your vette? what did you do about this???
True Duals or Hand Bent?
How to cut new door panels for door pulls....
How much work to install a Dana 44 in my '68?
Fuel Sending Unit
anybody know if 68 carpets will fit a 73?
charged battery...started up car... could see smoke behind the start now
Off Idle Stumble When Cold
Electrical problem-'75 and up
Seatbelts- Swap new belt into old retractor?
What Shocks to use? (For GT Springs and Composite Rear)
My car and the start of Steels Cities Grey painting.
Lost over a gallon of antifreeze????
Anyone hear of Crown Auto Top?
C3..need to buy a O rear letters...
San Diego area test-only smog station

Page: 405
[PIC] My new Convro Pros...
Could someone help me get this blower motor working Please?
question on 73-74 big blocks
New pics. Cosmetic resto complete!
79 radio wiring, what is the power antenna wire?
Rear Control Arm removal
Mechanical fuel pump for a 540?
Finally replaced non-functioning outer door handle.
Gas tank question
Best radio for a '71 without cutting bezel?
She bogged and hesitated going up the mountain yesterday, Q-jet is rich?
physics of speed according to wheel size???
OT - marketing 101, or snake oil in the 21st century
Winter project, rebuild BB
What do ya'll think of these wheels
Illinois Vetters
Vendor claims 16" TTD's won't fit C3 w/o spacers...WHAT?
flowmaster part numbers
When removing your engine........What did you detail and paint the bay with
Could someone host some videos for me?
Hell hath no fury like................
Forward shilter console. Who has best price?
Rust Bullet First Impressions
Center air duct
Side Pies on a Car with Rear Mufflers?
Progress Report & Three Interior Questions...
who's got a 69BB automatic with A/C?
----O.T.----are there still bugs on this site ?
'79 - Has anyone changed a Radiator Overflow Tank or a washer fluid bottle?
California Emmisions standards???
PLEASE HELP! starting issues
Wipers won't shut off
Engine.. Header temp mystery...
Cleaning & Detailing UnderBody after Removal from Frame 1980
What's a set of 427 Aluminum 074 heads worth?
Brake Bleed Problem!
YAHOOOOO!!! Fixed my tach! It was the filter
C4 seats
Doeskin dye went on the dash tonight...
Brake rotors replacement
MY RESTORATION PICS (before and after)
what circuits to kill with kill switch?
Pics of my new speaker boxes
At Ecklers Today
What Is Best Great Paint Job
Question about mounting chrome letters to fiberglass bumper
Hydraulic clutch?
rear seal on 73 4 speed
dash is back in...WOO HOO! and how i fixed "the gap"
Glovebox lock problem on my '79
Custom Overdrive Gears and Differentials....etc.
Rewiring engine bay - what wire to use
Calling Brutus
Physics for intake and exhaust
Backdrive cable??
Heh..!!!.... Don't Forget The Smithville New Jersey Corvette Show...
1980 Steering wheel is OFF center (and bugging the hell out of me)
About to turn the key...
Weight distribution
Frame/Suspension restoration? Who does in the Houston area?
Jacking Off ... Confusion?
LAST CALL - 2004 C3 Calendars
Carpet Kit install on my '79... anybody know of the best adhesive???
Corvette news magazines, worth having?
First Vette - 79 L-82 Light Blue
**FORUM FUNDRAISER** St. Jude Children's Research Hospital..paypal

Page: 406
Just installed True Dual 50 Series Flowmaster!
Exactly What I thought - Power Window Problem Drivers Side
What do you guys thinks about these BB Manifolds
Question about PVC and advance hose routing--AIM has got me confused
L88 ZL1 fender flares from Mid America
what to use for vinyl protectant instead of Armour All crap...
Number of C3s Produced. Stats.
Embarassing...Why does my '81 sputter after I turn off the ignition?
How can you tell if timing is off 180 degrees??
I got it 1/2 price!!!
Power Window
Are there any spinners made for Cragar SS's?
torch red 68 is alive again after wreck(pics)
Metallurgy question?
Congratulate Me!!!!
valve cover sealant/gasket?
Ultra Rare '77 On eBay...
'82 crossfire code flashes
Dynotech Engineering's Open Dyno Day Tomorrow!
Door Panels
Sweet Thunder
Ported Vacuum--at idle, I should get no vaccuum at the vacuum advance, right?
What's the better year; '78 or '79?
Should I take the Stingray to lunch or the Viper GTS Decisions decisions(pics)
HEI rev limiter
What is a good price on a short block stroker motor
Which Hood Do You Like Best? (PICS)
Por-15 how much to get
Trickle Charger?
Now for something complety diffrent.... DYNO NUMBERS!
Oil consumption
Antenna removal?
Very scary happenings this morning!!!
Door Adjustment/Aligment
Trailing Arm rebuild or not question?
Beat a 2003 Z06 at the 1/8 mile track last night
headlight coversion
Tie Rod end torque
Best way to provide "Frame pictures"
Problem with rear breaks squeaking?? Check out this thread.....
Black Magic electric fan
Partial brake upgrade ???
Rear spring ?
427 StingRays Please check in
After 10 months, finally started the '69 again!!!
I am in need of some expert help
Crate engines?????
WHat can you get for.....
Paging Bamavettes...
New Console side panels
It is a sad sad night....
destroyed my MSD
OK guys I have a hard question Help!
OT - HELP!! Need Pics Of Cars....
My First Engine Swap !!! - Movies (ZZ4 Running/Crap Tach)
Is ANYONE running a Holley??? PLEASE HELP
HRE Wheels on a C3
Aluminum card shield?
Who sells hood scoops???
Where to find:
Using C5 wheels on a C3
changing odometer reading...?
layed down Reflectex tonight...pix
Another sidepipe question
Check out the cool new video by Scott (c3sharktank)!
Need Some Tips On Lowering Rear With Longer Bolts

Page: 407
What about this setup?
Tranny Lines 4 78 Vette
Can anyone show me a picture of the Oil Pressure Sending Unit?
Drove my '71 to work today!!!
missing wiring...can I pull from other chevy cars of the same era?
1978 AM/FM Stereo Wiring Diagram
Voltage reading at the coil BTW:Thanks Lars for the carb loaner!!!
I am looking for a 427 shortblock..............Any tips on the best place to search
Calipers done! Only 1000 more parts to go!!!
Can anyone identify these head numbers??
Quadra-Jets, all the same?
How do I check to see if the numbers match?
norvalwilhelm i have a ? for ya
No platinum plugs for MSD!
Door handle replacement help Q
Quick Crossfire Question
Which aftermarket valve covers fit???
Intermittent wiper question
wide rear tires
Did a stupid thing, need alternator help--
80 Rebuild (Van Steel)
post frame off (body off) sites here!!!
Sputtering past 3k rpms
Schoenfeld #151
Roger's Cruz'n Maitland Florida
Hotter plug for BB
Prep for engine install
Rodney Dickman's Tach Filter??
[San Antonio] Hills & Dales Classic Corvette Night
Forged 383 and FI might have to wait....
Rear Outer Bearing Confusion
[OT]Hey George... 3-0 Marlins in the 1st!
Pics Of My Car-dial-up warning
C3 Drag Racers using front skinnies - I have a question for you..
Corvette Expo. Knoxville. I am loaded up and ready to roll
Vette vs Viper Day NED -- Sat Oct 18
Opinion on VB poly bushings
Headers, 2 1/2" duals & Q-jet tweaks?
Which Rims Look Better On My '80?
Does anyone know anything about this crate engine company?
C3 cage
OT Spring cleaning
OT- Pics from this weekend's offroading fun
Steering tech question
Subframe connectors
Anyone have part #'s on Spicer U-Joints?
starter ground
paging GENE...
whats this "door" for?
Seam welding on frame??
I need to buy brake pads that don't sqeak
More TT2 questions, 18x10 w/5" BS?
81 Electronic QJet Tuneable for Performance Engine?
Looking for QUIET mufflers.
Somebody chime in
[HELP] -- Inverted Flare Fittings
Hole poopie!!!!!!!!!
Switching out carbs... brackets and cables?
Leaking Freeze Plug
Rear suspension rebuild
1980 vette transmission
Who makes custom metal plates with shift patterns.
My corvette is finished, I go to pick it up friday.
L88 Hood Clearance
How I fixed the hood clearance problem in the 71-
Torque converter removal
Check out the C5 Boat
No Dash Lights and need help with the Ground on My 76
corvette radio, aftermarket
Lights Popping up?

Page: 408
Need some detailed AC and HTR control pics please
Calling 79VetteMike
Drag demo from nitto
Delphi XM ??? whos got it? how did you mount it? PIX?
ticking noise
Why does the oil pressure guage flutter intermittently.
I'm installing a 2-circuit kill switch in a '80 and wondering what circuits might be best?
Help/suggestions with air tube connection on cat
Interior delete starts tomorrow morning
Search for 16" tires making me BONKERS...HELP!
Ignition Coil
OT: Pics of my 278hp daily driver...
Question - Shark or Stingray?
Stabbing the distributor...
Weird Amp Meter Behavior--what does it mean?
Rear End
Dropping the tranny
69 transmission conversion
Klasse Products?
Air conditioning in 68bb
Need answer on Ralley Wheels
80 Rebuild
rear end oil (grease) and aditive recomendations please???
Bubba'd Hood Surround!!
Heads, what to do or not to do?
What can I use to clean/polish my carb????
T-top replacement - any good?
HalfShaft Sizes?
T-top question - please help!
O-ring calipers?
81 brake system upgrade??
Front shock install?
tachometer and speedometer
Got my front skinnies (Convo Pro's)
Long Hood or Stock?
Link to (maybe) a cheap wiper intermittent control
Number for Caledonia Corvette
69, VBP suspension & TT2s 17x9.5"s?
Show me pictures of ext. mods. GFX, rear wings, side pipes, wheels etc.
Pennsylvania Smog test??????
Corvettes Against Breast Cancer (Oct25)
Bizarre Power Steering
Cool PaceCar Pic
POR-15, how much?
Help identify these bucket seats?
Looking to pick up a 72, what do you guys think on the price?
Will changing from 3:08 to 3:55 give me better take off?
At what RPM does your cam 'Really start to Work'
Update on driveshaft loops
1981 Engine performance Modifications, Help!!!
True Dual Exhaust vs 2-1-2???
Help, sputtering at 4000rpm only in 4th gear
question about oil temp gauge
Jacked up stingray pic?
80 vette - Made changes...No improvement
Ecklers Reunion Oct 17-18th
New brakes for c3
power steering hoses
Alignment in SW Florida
Will my stock hood clear the Air Gap intake,carb & cleaner?
Build your own ramp set to raise your C3 up for easier work underneath.
flushing engine due to metal thingys
Side Pipe Covers (Revisited)
seats for a 79
Bowtie Convert?
steering wheel question...
Whoa, check out that Ferrari...
What do you call the upper door trim at base of window?

Page: 409
Waves, Smiles, and Open Mouths.
Creepy! Rice rocket was taking pictures of the vette on the freeway today!!!
New invention, Ground to fiberglass bodies
Need advice for installing Camaro 5sp in a 69 vette
Who has the best valued brake rotors?
Whats involved in changing out my gears?
Bad day! Rear wheel U joint blew up and trashed axle and wheel yoke. HELP
Park it till spring,or drive till it blows(700r4)..?
questions: holley mpfi commander 950
Recurve kit for Distributor
Improving engine cooling by painting
(OT) Florida residents, what are the laws concerning smog testing / vehicle inspection
VIN location?
OEM Rear Bearings?
Door "Q" Help what goes here
oil capacity 75 L-82
removable rear window leak, how do you seal it (the window)?
Intake and Header Torque?
Engine Pipe Dreams
Early Year C3's (68-72) with modified Wheels and Suspension
I "think" I found the problem
BB accessory brackets. What do I need?
vacuum diagrams
Power steering rebuild...
Sway bars and rear spring recommendations.
ST-10 backup light switch ??
>> Help with wire in idle circuit of Holley 850DP
new drivers lower dash panel, Any tips?
Differential Side Yoke
Ford's sport car market
Even happier with my flex-a-lite fans.
>> Gas boiling in carb?
those modern, new fangled inside mirrors with compass & auto dimming...?
Hi my name is Chris, I am a recovering rev addict.
Newbe..has a few questions.
ZZ383 Info
tie rod end, LH and RH thread?
255/50-17's with front spoiler.... Son of a @!#$*&%
Hooker glasspack inserts or spiral baffles??? which is better value
My mechanic says she's running rich, how do I adjust my Q-jet???
77 Gearing
What do you use for Fender Covers (mats)
CAUGHT!!!!! GransportC3-Octobervette 03
Wet Okole Seat Covers
Tip on installing French locks
Rear wheel bearing plus
ground wire
C3 includes "84"
Last cruising for this season... (pics inside)
The Tail Light saga continues.
ZZ4 people, how have you modified your engines for more power?
Interesting carb question
C3 Lovers in Portland Area
Exhaust pipes and gas tank
Stop Leak
Got my new powermaster 17294 powermaster alternator today
Parking Brakes?
Lets see those convertibles!!!
Adding Positraction additive
interior progress...pix too :)
Need Blasting Cabnet Advice for 69 project
Dropped the chassis yesterday
Need pic of water diverter in door jam 78 vette
Having some tuning questions.
little help-edelbrock carb install
What RPM would 3.55's run at 65-70 mph?
Timing & heating
help assessing value of this 68
Proper steps for sanding????

Page: 410
Power window gear replacement.
Smart Struts have low IQ
OT Did anyone tape ER last night? Need to stay in good with the wife.
anyone want to meet at Island Dragway in N.J. today?
Am I in trouble now?
Dana 44 Differentail
Good news...Sorta
Who has 17" wheels? Some Pics please
Little OT: Anyone watch Law & Order Criminal Intent last night?
Anyone know that shop that puts C4/5 upgrades to your vette & 55-57 chevy?
headlights? C3
Factory or Dealer installed option?
Finally received my Convo Pro rims...
Rear end noise......Help
Brake Pad Replacement?
Up On Jackstands, Again.
Muncie 4spd questions
'69 Left and Right Front Grill/Headlight Assemblies - Value?
Help! Major Engine Stumble over 4000rpm
Just thought I'd share...
Can an Alternator do this to a battery?
Spare Removal?
L88 Fiber Optics
Guess what vehicle I got to ride in this weekend!!!!
engine rebuild
Powder Coat Hooker Chrome Headers???
1980 gear ratio
Just got my new heads !
I'm in Wiper Hell - HELP!
Restoration Pics
Inside Rear Window Moulding?
Still running rich!!!
How do you properly fill the cooling system
69' Lenght & Width????
Speed Works car show October 19
Carb help
Good buys on the Forum now
Volvo Temp sensor in my ZZ4 head...Seems to work pretty good
81 - BB transplant if my pic posting work.
Time to play where's that wire go? ('68 wiring question)
78 L82 Parked for 10years
Shorty vs. Long tube headers?? Help me with pros/cons....please!?
Who gets the title?
BB68Vett and Alwyn678 the beer's on me!
Article on Building Speaker Boxes
OT for C3/Last Ride of 2003/C2
speaker placement
AR Racing engine dyno
Fuel tank Anti-Squeak strips alternative?
OT: Ebay alert----chrome Hooker sidemounts...
LED for rear taillights
Anyone gut your cat? sound & performance
What do I need to go from a THAuto back to a M21 4spd?
Vehicle Dollie
Seeking information on crate motor companies/ builders
extended warranties - who do you use? are you happy with them?
Extra Rich at startup
changing spark plugs
`68 427 L88 I built, can I get opinions?
78 vett for sale 383 stoker 25k
Need advice -81 carb
I need rearend advice!
Firehawk Indy 500 & Speed Rating
Chevy turbo desiel truck wanted some !!!
changing spark plugs on 1980 corvette
MSD Blaster HVC coil location?
Carburetor Problem
Starter motor shimming and operation questions......
462 bouble hump heads
FREE passenger side door panel in black (78-82 I believe)

Page: 411
O Ring Caliper Kits Picture
(OT)My new addition :-)
Wooohooo Update
Window question
Where to locate a L-88 Hoodscoop on a 77 hood
73-75; want different intake & keep cowl induction
Help, What's causing backfiring?
NOS Curb Feelers on EBay!
whats this gap???
Help me solve a problem
Can I replace the fuel level part of my in-tank fuel sending unit on my '82?
Choosing a new engine - ZZ4 or AR Racing Engine. Any recommendations???
Riveting Restoration
Can anyone de-code this engine??????
Power Steering Pulley Pandemonium!
74 Auto Transmission Tunnel Boot
Eagle Car Alarms
Spare Tire Cover sizes ??
What for sound deadening
Help ... still no brakes !!!
November 16 @ LACR is final event for 2003 West Coast Corvette Challenge drag racing!
ceramic coatings
Lift Off
Uh-oh, Forum going down.
How Much Oil Pressure Is To Much?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally have a Cardomain site for the Vettes
another interior question
New to Forum: What is the right way to ask for help
Scat connecting rods
No Power 2200 ++ RPM - All happened after replacing carb - HELP
Interior questions
Interior Color Protectant
$75K in receipts....... yours for $16k
Cluch pedal hight
AN Fuel line question...
What is the best source of info for working on the AC and ducting system (1980)?
need suggestion on how to clean brown crud on inner plastic of cooland overflow tank
Elongating push rod holes...
Quick tranny question.
TTop roof panel hold down bolts
Which one is Tower 1 on my distributor?
Oil burn info
Anyone have wiring diagrams for '71 GMC/Chevy Truck?
Rear Swap.. good idea?
Cryogenically-Treated Brake Rotors
Machine Shop Killed my 454, What Would You Do?
Curb weight?
Curb Weights
Help in removing differential in a 1980
World S/R Torquers....whose got 'em...
tie rod end removal?
California Exhaust Noise Testing Program Open for Business
Grand Opening of Dragon's Breath Performance in Knoxville
Toyota Celica was playing with me today...a lesson in self control
Take a guess on what my repair bill is going to be
Haggery Insurance Commercial
Body mount replacement on a 77
what dye to use for dash pad?
Poker Run..
Is my clutch slipping?
turbo exhaust manifolds
Using heat Gun to Strip Paint
HELP me decode a block stamp number
Web sites to Radio repair shops. . . .
Paging Lars.... '71 454 Q-Jet Carb

Page: 412
Question.... Custom chrome trim parts??
L88 questions
pics wont enlarge...?
Advice needed on 82 headlights
Lets see those Convertibles
Vendors are going to be pissed!
painting 101-- enamel or base/clear coat
Quality of C3 ragtops?
TKO Shift Pattern
need picture of back of speedo/tach assembly
Car runs leaner now, a good thing?
Shift kit ?
VBP Aluminum Hubs
Test Drive after 3 Years WORK!!! Pics
New heavy duty copper/brass radiator, I just bought one on ebay for $160
FiberGlass Side Pipe Covers
A few questions from a rookie
Introduction - first-time 'Vette owner..
How do I find a short causing a battery drain
Engine Break in - and Oil Additives... Tips
Oil pans...
best heads for the cash?
1980 Being towed
O-Ring Calipers
Seatbelt Hits Seat!!!
Cylinder Head Question
OT: Anyone here ride Sportbikes?
C-3 Maintenance Site?
I think this is the last good week of the year for cruisen' for the ragtop in MI. :(
79 to 81 vett owners ..need your help
OT - Anyone have the most Recent Jpcycles coupon code?
76 Steering Column in a 71???
How Far Do Side Pipes Drop Below The Car? (pic)
center console - DIN Stereo?
Is it typical to upgrade the fuel system when you drop in a crate motor?
DTE's 2nd Annual "Big Guns" Horsepower Shootout & Open Dyno Day
Still pinging after retarding timing?
Points or HEI?
removing capiper pistons/seals
Big Block Header Install
Please Help with 1980 wiper wiring!
Project progress. What would you do next?
OT C2 price
1974 door panel crack, who is best retro supplier for quality?
Finally Have the New Black top inside...It was white before
Corvette with a bar!
What's Broken in the Forum???
[Off Topic] Fall Skyline Update
Car alarms
Waht is needed to convert from a hydraulic roller to a solid roller cam?????
Neutral Safety Switch ??
A/C o-rings
'78 - '82 gas tank
Hydraulic Roller Cam and My ZZ4 ...
Install headers on '77 - how hard to do
what am i missing
interior job update with pics...(some qestions)
Ecklers wheel spinner kit...any good?
Cruise -- Rhode Island - Saturday, Oct 10
Vibration in Second and Third Gear
You just have to love these spelling wizards here (OT)
Spindle Knockers
4-Post Lift Collapse - Final Chapter
Tunnel Ram for SB anybody have one on?
OT service manual arrived today
68 Seat Upgrade

Page: 413
New to the Arlington Texas area!
Need a pic of upper control arm w/ no bushing... ?
TH400 Trans mount doesn't fit, can't find one that does......
UH OH! I think my '72 popped the heater core. Advice please.
How fast can your car go in second gear??
Rookie do I use a timing light?
Help! Alternator Wire at Battery is Burning
Need some help identifing a driveshaft
Rally Wheels?
Original Cam Specs ?
Do I have the right torque convertor?
Engine replacement question
Replacing RH Exhaust Manifold on 1972 454 with A/C
Need Help on AC Evaporator and Sandeen
Alternator rebuild question
"Bubba blast enclosure" or "What you can do with duct tape"
comp cams xe268 or xe274????
Hoods stuck...tried the tricks....still stuck ---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Does anyone make drag springs for a C3
Raise car, lower car...? Header clearance.
Help Please 82AC description or pictures
Looking for prints on drive on ramps
68-72 frame questions
Today was a long day...too long.
Engine ID
exhaust offsets
1977 L-82 'Stop idle solenoid' question
Strut Rod Bushings......
Whats the average weight of..........
well engine and tranny change only--ya right!!
Need diagram of body cradle
Help me build a center armrest for my stereo installation
Aluminized vs Stainless Steel Exhaust
L98 in 76
Correct Holley carb for a '71 454?
Who's goin to Cruisin The Coast?
Bigger Tires
petty44's halfshafts (you'll never guess who paid for them)!!!!!
Are Jet Hot and Hooker ceramic coatings the same?
OT Anyone see the new HEMI commercial yet??
One piece fel-pro oil pan gasket install, any advice?
Hiss from wiper solenoid under dash
New sig pic
I hate Bubba
Im starting to hate Demon carbs.
What happened to my sig??
327 Performance Part Retailers
Changed filter in TH400- Not bad...
Anyone have any experience with the AFR hydraulic roller rev kit?????
??? CFI/'true-duals'/O2-sensor ???
Unusual racing spark plugs
fiberglass rear spring
Protect-O-Plate question
tilt tele rebuild
Front Camber adjustment help
OT: Cool vid Z06 vs WS6 TA
Which tire is the best for traction???
Can Leaking Brake Fluid Ruin Rotors?
where to buy parts in eastern pa or new jersey?
Ford GT40 & L88 Corvette Pic
Ramps Revisited DOH!!
Reply from Car Creations
Question about trailing a '75
What will give first in my rear end?
where to get Moog coil springs in the West???
Thinking about a new cam. Need some opinions.
need help on tire size for a '73
Holley carb questions.

Page: 414
Help with 84 fuel pump in an 82
is anybody else getting this error message here on the forum???
three questions about interior stuff...
Dead bearing in steering column(stuck and it won't come out)
Power brake conversion
Anybody out there currently using vortec heads????????
Need help de-codeing this 427 E-Bay engine
ZeroForum Error? Forum Issues?
Will cut outs help me?
brake caliper 'o-ring' seals?
2004 vette? C-6...when?
A Paint Question
Auto Ins. (Grundy)
'81 Nose Emblem on eBay
327 Heads
whats up with the server
Anyone have a part number for spicer u joints for a 74 half shaft?
Gas Guage doesn't work
Why would my core charge be different than what I paid?
79 valve covers
DynoMax glowing during break in
Telephone Bubba
Chrome rear license plate
2 Topics: Vibration, and joining the 100K Club
rear wheel movement
Left Rear Brake Problem, Help!!! Where is the air coming from?
I need a shop manual!
Pull motor to swap cam ???
72 vette hood alignment
2004r BowTies Overdrive Question
Anyone in hawaii got a spare gas tank for sale?
Cam Clearance
finally got it running again
Anyone have brighter back-up light options?
Painted Rat Motor
My 302 Z-28-engined Vette crushed a bunch of stroker crate motors!
Car Won't Start; Then Won't Shut Off
Power window circuit breaker question.
What cubic inch is a 454 bored .030 .040 and .060?
factory 8-track and external amp?
70LS1 I need pics of your clutch.
Should I remove my heater core and blower motor?
Electric Choke hookup question
Help- 79 windshield wiper switch
Wiring diagram
Stealthram working!
Can a Kwiklift be used for a Body Dolly?
How do torque converters multiply torque?
Tail of the Dragon
Thanks for the assist.
Thank You Free State Corvette Club! Ocean City Weekend Pics
feels the same on choke
Rear Bearings
Intake vac connection ?
Truck motor in a C3.
[paging] Van Steel
I need a shop manual for a 1980 corvette!
heater fan
Twin Turbo tell me it's not so!
'79 & '82 stereo
Power Steering Replacement Completed
The stealthRam thread makes me ask
Worn valve guides?
Checking Frame Straightness
Unknown wires
Tach problem fixed!!
Pulling the engine out of a 74'

Page: 415
I'm right trashed, how are you?
Getting excited!
Where is the best place to get 80-82 chrome wheels?
OT. aluminum oxide-blasting
WILD! Whatcha think of this seat cover???
427 , 454 merlin block ,help im confused drag racing and time slips.
Brake Caliper recommendation
Gen VI fuel pump pushrod question/debate
OT-Optima battery sale
Who Has the Best Quality Weather Strip Kits Out There for 69's?
how much would it cost to replace or fix a rear differential on a 1980 vette?
Stock 81 piston Q
$159.99 for a rubber trans mount!!!!! WTF?!?!
128mph at 5600 rpms?
Hey Guys - I'm Back... Kinda (OT?)
Running on 87 octane... Tips an tricks?
Stock 81 Emission Control System (long)
OT: Corvette song
L88 Hood: Scoop or Whole Hood?
'82 engine vs. '84
Pre-oiling the engine?
VBP Smart Struts
Re installing the window tracks. It's been a long time.
brake line replacement with body on car??
"nice" ebay car for someone?
AR Racing Engines
Water and anti freeze remover
All about Vortec Heads
Need 327 300hp Stock Cam Specs
various body bits
whats so bad about 81s
Help.. I screwed up my first effort at painting...
How do you put the hood on by yourself?
Jams, lacquer or enamel?
GM 350 HO Deluxe
Paging Tom DeWitt - Electric fan question
72 Vette Heater Core Bypass Question
Engine Delima
Geometry of the Tie-rods and Lower Control Arms (Bump Steer)
started gutting interior...questions and pictures...
I got good news & bad news!
What fuel pressure for my electric pump?
need help on car seats, PLZ..
found a 700r4....advise me
Who has flex fiberglass bumpers
Engine tech: Studs or bolts?
part# for hedman headers???
Somebody please shoot me...
Who's Going To Fall Carlisle?
How do I align my doors?
Fuel Cell in a C-3
$300 question: R&R gas tank when R&R rear bumper?
New intake manifold--->
Cost of good paint job on 1973?
Saw The Post On C3 Calendars
Have You Taken A Close Look At Your Gas Cap Lately? (Pics)
Found radiator fluid in passengers side floor board is this a bad heater core ?
72 Vette Interior installation question
Gas Filler Thingy
Havent checked in here for a while.. saying whazzzapp!!
OT..Jay Leno Profile Camaro
Battery ?
OT - Please help me convince my friend
Still Highway Heat
Brake Problems - I'm done with trying to fix the problem
Need to know sale value of my 71 LT-1 vette
Radiator expansion tank replacement

Page: 416
Broken brake bleeder removal
Just a Comment on EBay/PayPal Payment Methods
(O/T) My "Lars-ified" Q-Jet on eBay.
Just got off the phone with Centerline...
hello everyone
How do YOU dress your gaskets...?
Sway Bar Special
Engine Replacement: What to do with the old one?
Monospring front suspension for a 69'
I have the best wife part 2 (the real reason why)
Nude pics of evaporator box removal
(OT) Mechanix gloves on sale $9.99
1980 Power Door Locks
Stereo blows fuse
Do you remember this car???
Headlight switch.
What Are The Indicators That Would Cause You To Replace The Gas Tank?
Chevy Muscle Car Documentation
Test (picture link)
4 speed shifter for auto tranny?
Fuel line replacement question.
Steering Wheel Restoration
lift survey
325/50R-15??????? Drag Radials
73 manual to power brake conversion
Burn through while buffing, any fixes?
Whats it worth? 1978 Pace
Vaccum reading at manifold port??
A.I.R. Pump removal ('75)
Car Creations and a question on wheels...
OT- Be careful, Atlanta Thrashers Ferrari crash pics
[OT] Look at the fine print on this shop's work orders !
For you BB guy's - Gas was $1.26 a gallon in McAllen, TX
Where does the hose from the Charcoal canister go?
Can someone give me a power rqange of this Cam
Tuning my Speed Demon carb
L-46 heads
Dynojet for Michigan members
Luggage Rack Opinions
Radiator Hoses
Front Coil Spring Removal
Found a 79, Am I lucky?
Hydraboost break installation
Kudos to Lars
Son of a....
Just got my q jet back from Lars. what a difference!
Question on wiper motor, help!!
Wysco Flexikool Radiator Hose - Question
Degreasing an engine - dumb question
2004 Calendar featuring all C3 Vettes
need detailed instructions for dash removal...
dash removal...easy or hard?
Glass break sensors, do they work?
Need ideas for body dolly!!!
My wife is so great...
Need to vent ( Gas Cap )
Something stuck on the carb?
For those with electric headlight conversion, i have a few questions
Retro-fitting dual snorkel to Holley carb ?
73 dash lights
sizes of fuel line hoses ??
can the carpet on the door panels be dyed?
Help Hood is stuck down
Which kind of carb spacer?
OT: PVC chemical?
ZZ4 Cam Any Good?
I do not have a wife
OT: Overseas Scam

Page: 417
How "lopey" should the idle be on a stock '69 L-36 427?
thought id share this handy tool with ya'll...
Distributor Tuning
Head gaskets... School me on whats what!
Car Cover Recommendations
how many were made???
Back-uo lights not functioning
69my way...Chris...I have spotted
th350/400 swap
V.I.N. #........?????????
Exhaust Outlets On My Car
Been Happily Married HOW LONG?
New site launch (
Hey Dath (and other AR owners)
New Control Valve Has Play
Trailing Arms on my 69'
What to do with a 400 small block?
Anybody from Minnesota out there?
L82 Indentification
Flowmasters ???
[EBAY] Rusty 73...
Quarter mile help for a rookie!
Vert guys, almost cold, Top up or down?
C5 Rims on a C3 (72)
how hard to go from lap belts to shoulder belts?
Where To Get A Quadrajet Rebuilt?
Selling the house to Move back to Bowling Green.
69 ignition system questions
Help with info on late model C4 6 speed into '79
wobbling headlights.
What type of carburator do you guys with crate 350's use?
straightening "warped" roof panels???
Tach drive HEI's for less $
Adding wire looms...
Has anyone got a C3 into the 10's I know there are some 11's
Who sent an IM message to me?
Another Carpet Question
Why so Many engines & Trany rebuilt
TPIS Mini-Ram Induction
North East owners !!
Stupid question about distributor (ignition)
Hydraulic Clutch Conversion....
Tire - wheel combo
Corvette Clinic AC Kit
Help me choose a motor!
Here is a quote for my 5 speed conversion
OT: Place to post your vets for sale
C4 checking in...........
Free online advertising
What gears are in a 82??
Started question
Dropping the engine...
So that's what big block power feels like! Love my new qjet
Electrical - STILL!
Need pic of stock 81 engine
Lets See Some LeMans Blue Vettes
Who uses the Mityvac?
Choosing Coil overs?
Is the Rocker panels for a 68,69......Same as the 70-78 model year?
park brake suppliers
ZIP problem?
help me get my diff back up
Took My AC Compressor Brackets In For Plating
A very BIG picture of my car. [Enjoy]
Plug wire routing
Big Block Crank to WaterPump Belt #?
O/T but i need your help to fix my truck. can't see the forrest for the trees
Color Combo
Custom Interiors

Page: 418
OT-San Antonio car show
Son of a ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steering column upgrade ??
Four days in the air...
77-82 steering column in early C3
Oh yeah! I may get my engine next week
Back from the Dyno !
Looking for a good body shop in the S.E. Michigan / Ann Arbor area
Pilot bearing and VIBRATION
Off Topic, Dallas Ft Worth area information
Met Kevin Whitlow (Kevin_73) yesterday...
Dropbase air filter base
'Vette wont start after its warmed up
T-Top Stainless ~ Repair or Replace?
How do I test compression in each cylinder?
This has some good pics of swapping a TKO 5 speed into a 76 corvette
identify/describe functionality of this part please
half shafts = money!!!
What are the major differences between a '68-'69 L88 & L89??
Fuse for heater fan keeps blowing???
U Joints Bad, How to Tell
Which Carb
What is the best way to set your fuel\Air ratio for the most HP
5 speed transmission ID- Part II
Tuckers six-speed
AC Conversion
guesstimate of ideal swing arm length (suspension topic)
mandrel bending in dfw
Lets see if this works
seatbelts arived.
Bummer X3
81-81 Canadian Corvettes
Is there a Strong independent Rearend from a vette that will fit in a 1969 Camaro SS
Jasper motor or ZZ4????
New speedo/tach circuit board came in, now what?
Wash and Shine: for a great cause
Any corvette meeting places in southern cali?
Expected HP, camshaft L48
Procharging a 77 vette
Kiesler kit group purchase?
AC High Speed Blower Wiring connector and starter relay bypass connector help needed
plastic socket inserts for lug nuts...
Corvette Animosity...
Trannsmissions, flywheels, torque converters and more...
Boofer.....need your help
BB alt. pulley ?
Paint question--rivot dimples
Pressure rating of overflow tank cap?
Heat Barriers Questions????
New tires made a HUGE difference.
Talk Me Out Of Painting My C3 Black
Some pics of our "new" '82!!!
My Vette is falling apart.......
Corvette down.....
Door handle broke Help!
Lost Reverse after a simple tranny oil change.. HELP.. PLEASE!!!
Glass Replacement
What's your gas milage?
Rust Bullet. Anybody have experiences with it?
Torn/Cracked frames?
Entered my first car show Saturday..
OK, can someone tell me what 5 speed trans this is?
Touch Up Questions
How do you mount the drivers side mirror on a 68 and mount the....
Help.... K36 surfacer question
What intakes fit under 81 hoods?
Wiper Door Rivets
Came home to a *Certified Letter from Hagerty* notice

Page: 419
BB pulley's
Drilling fiberglass
Frame is home and ready for Paint (dial-up unfriendly)
Can I use HEI distributor in my '69?
What do you use for cleaning electrical connectors?
Broke a piston ring #$&*#($ now what?
Vette goin' into a parade..
Parts In Denver
Blueprints for C2 chassis with C4 suspension mods????
ZZ4 and Nitrous?
HELP! Will paint stripper ruin my vettes fiberglass?
Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap or 1970 LT1 intake will it clear hood
SSBC Force Ten Calipers?
If you could rebuild a 350, how would you do it?
About Painting
Help me diagnose problem with my 413
Rag Joint
What wheels fit c3 corvette?
PS Control Valve Leaks - Rebuilt Replacement from VB&P
Electronic Choke Question.
Power Window Re-Assembly
C3 wheel and tire sizes
Which OD auto transmission for high power applications
Where to buy bolts online?
Remember the Dallas Cowboys Special Edition Vette?
Recessed headlights
OT: I have the best wife in the world
how to convert 1/8 to 1/4 mi times
[San Antonio] Hills & Dales Classic Corvette Night
Has anyone replaced the vent ball felts????
seat cover
Closed thread re Ricers
Water pump questions
Throttle cable adjustment question
turn rotors or replace them?
Rebuilt Brake Calipers - Beware of Your Vendor
6-speed ROD almost in---any final tips?
High Beams Flash when Left Turn Signal is on, What's UP with this?????
OT: Transmission repair in Indianapolis??
window adjustments
how do i prep plastic interior parts before dying?
Down time right when good driving weather is about to start...
2 questions about a Tach for 79 L82
Need Q-Jet jets/rods: any Forum supporting vendors sell any?
Hood height
FOR SALE: 1980 Passengers side door panel in black
STS baffle "cap" questions...
Refinishing aluminum parts
Swap the left rear wheel hub for right?
testing something, just ignore
OT ya gotta see this
Build Sheet
Who here had ever done a front tilt conversion?
82 starter wires?
Comb Chamber cc's on stock 81 heads?
Vacuum vs Mechanical advance.
Fired up the Big Block, open headers sound great !!
No Fire!!!???
replaced the tank and fuellines...
Header Install
'77 leaf spring
installing an electric fan
Finally my first run......... WOW
[Heads] What size runners ??
Wiring harness in and electrical problems present
STS baffle insertion
Performance Upgrades for an 81?
Whohoo! 72 is now at the paint shop

Page: 420
Winter project on 1970 Vert!!
Here's the GM part # for 82 crossfire intake cover gasket
Rain, RAin, RAIn, RAIN!!!
Flow Master 40's or 50's ????
72 Wiring diagram
is there a coolant drain plug on the engine block?
Changing steering box?
Get-Together at Gatlinburg ?
another new guy
Front Differential Bushing Questions
Cam questions
Sig Pic
'73 - need info on speedo cable
For those considering a TILT FRONT CONVERSION for their C3..
ram air c3 hood?
More Kudos for the CF's Most Valuable Resource: Lars!
Cutting Gymkhana-type front coils
Mirror Blew Out Of It's Frame Today
Tranny Leak??
Brake Squeek Question
Cost for Front T-Arm bushing replacement?
75 clutch Z bar seats
Need some tips on launching with an auto trans.
Basic Question - best plugs?
More info on the Liberty / Richmond 5 spd
Simple '77 rear end lube question
spark plug wires..
1969 L-88 cam specs
what are NOS door panles worth
Thinking about a 69 Vert
Check out this kill switch!
Serpentine belt conversion
best compliment from a z06 owner...
Tips to pass Emissions ??
Need Windshield Frame Repair Advice
The stroker is alive again!
Need Opinion On Car I found
Frame is ready for paint... chassis paint or POR15?
Excessive oil fouling of plugs?? Possible causes?? Need help!!
OT But you must see this EbAy auction hehe
Doghouse = Birdcage???
Engine build - follow up - w/ picts
shifter handle has hard time going into 1st
Looking for suggestions on L-48 rebuild
Am I damaging anything by driving around without any power steering?
EGR Valve
I smell gas..
Fixed the P/Steering leaks but ...
Calling Dep. An NCRS 302 Thread for You!
Fuel strainer replacement help needed (pics)
Question about replacement window motors.
Pretty girls in my Vette.......
herb adams relocated
Liberty to announce prepped Richmond 5 spd good for 900-1000 hp
Tachometer problem
Rear spring removal question.
Getting real close to knocking this project out!
Who makes upgraded brake kits??
OT: I am the world's worst welder !
Autocrossed for the first time in 3 a regional Corvette event
Holley & Q-jet help--#s
How do you know.......?
New addition to our garage!- - - an '82
were can you get c3 blue prints
2200-2500 lockup converter recommendations?
Question for '69 owners.
what speedo gear for 1970 350/350 man.
’74 EGR valves. Two types?
OT: Bought a pressure cleaner today!

Page: 421
New signature... one less vette
Rear Transmission Bushing
What is the lube supplied with O-ring brake kits?
Wheel base length for C3's? And drag numbers!
My garage smells like fuel...
Another e-bay project
Has Hades Frozen Over?
Calling Pedro 74
How To: Dana 44 into an 81?
Ok....Help with retainer spring on rear parking brake shoe
Changing grease seal on differential around yoke on a 1980
Removing differential in a 1980
tranny/bellhousing seal
That time of the year How can I get egg stains off paint
73 Vapor Cannister
Distributor caps with cross indexed posts
Caliper core charge
bleeding a dry brake system 73
help me buy large valve heads
My best Bubba Fix so far ... cellulose shims
I feel the need ...for an alarm system. Any suggestions?
General big block questions/pic request
Muffler pictures
Using a strangers Vette....
Stock stall converter speed? Cam selection... 75 with th400...
references for 3d visualization
Rear speaker enclosures
Need to disconnect 75 Alarm
(OT) Harbor Freight Owns Me
Widow switch on the fritz after very little use
MSD SYSTEM, How hard to set up?
Richmond Six Speed install updates
What does "flash chromed" mean?
ANY ONE know how to post pics let me know asap????
502 oil consumption???
72 brings 62nd anniversary gift to Mom & Dad
Crate vs. Rebuild
header ident
PAGING 427v8 - Wilwood Adapters
need picture of 71' TCS solenoid installation
Burnout on the Power Tour
FINALLY happy with the way the body sits on the frame
Steeroids rack and pinion steering
Anyone have access to Carfax?
new carpet too cheap?
offset trailing arms
cheap 69 vert in cali, no motor
too much money?
OT Radar Detectors?
has anybody found a good set of 'shorty' AIR tube headers?
Help - Valvetrain Problems---AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Cruise to Mystic Show??????
Power Steering
Original Parts Needed? P Steering
High performance with a muncie
Are distributors same?Big vs. small block?
OT - My new Monitor :-) :-) :-)
Brake troubles long does paint last?
help me drop the diff. crossmember
Finished after 2 years!
72 corvette overheating
Vanacor Hoods?
Where can I see carpet color selections???
Post your 1/4 times
LOTSA PICS from last weekends Cruise Night!
Best small block cast iron heads?
Lets talk Chrome

Page: 422
How did it come from the factory..painted gills or not?
Hiss from under my dash?
Suspension KAPUT!
Bigblock (68) valve covers
Opinons needed. Why is my car bucking like a bronco?
Ignition problem
Engine Building Question
Anyone been to Fall at Carlisle Show
gas cap problems
Jet-Hot.....Awesome Company
If You Where Going To Buy An L88 Hood From Whom Would You Get It?
interior roof panels...?
Looking for Intake manifold cover gasket for a crossfire
What is back there?
Corvette Restoration Kit Phone #
build your own stuff/machines/car parts help
RPM's with 3.55 gears
Gen 6 & Gen 4 clutch question
What's the best way to remove undercoating?
Instrument lamps
2004 Vette Event Submissions for 2004 C3 Calendar
Headlight won't go down
The Saga continues: setback #2,684 - rear bumper disintegrating!
Looking ahead, what to do prior to starting car after 10 month "vacation"
DP77VETTE---Temp. Tattoos
Edelbrock tuning
Forum decals -- Interest??
Proper Plug Gap with MSD Ignition
I need a close up pic of the back of the power steering pump!
The C3 Forum Times are Changing...Assist Principle(sic)??
breaking in cam ?
Need some pics of how your pump to carb line is plumbed!
'80 Choke relay substitute available????
79 interior questions
restoring the interior, need suggestions.
A question about dealership *promos* on vettes
Flares VS Wheel Size
original miles...hhhmmm?
Trubo for a small or big block chevy plz help
Canola oil - not just for cooking! (drag racing)
Flywheel torque?
Rust Dip
Need advice on 1972 LT-1
VPR Suspension, Offset trailing arms & Rim Size
ZZ4 plug wires?
Major Acceleration Problem...Help
no spacer for american racing wheels?
Selecting the Right Torque Convertor... Help me ... Someone... Please!
Pistons, HP and Compression
thinking about purchasing this stereo for the 74
Need some under dash electrical parts. Need source.
If you removed your cat converter, what did it sound like?
Anyone tried the Headman Husler headers ?
A/C removal
Engine Dyno Guesses anyone
Had it with the emissions n a z i s.. what emissions equip can I get for $3000??
Question for ZZ4 owners (headers)
Steeroids vs Cancel Cam vs HD Flasher
History question
A.I.R Pump
Would you guys give me some advice on these pistons?
Lets See The Steel Cities Gray Vettes
power window motor
Hot Rod, Custom or Vette shop in Myrtle Beach?
Suspension Question .
Slotted brake rotors....what do you guys think?
Q-jet choke kit avail??
Computerized Corvettes (1982) Questions
C3 Extravaganza

Page: 423
73 Fusable link
Rare '86 on eBay - one of 50
So you want to upgrade to a 100 amp alernator? Summit Sale )
How old are your tires?
Deciphering alternator codes
paging van steel
Rocker arm adjustment
Anybody know a red '73 in Frisco area - License Plate reads '73 IT IS'.
454 question ?
transmission swap from auto to manual
FiberGlass Leaf Spring?
Cross piped helped quiet exhaust system.
Anybody know of a good re-chroming shop, either Austin TX area or mail order?
Still Thinking Exhaust for 81
Paging Van Steel II
Help with fuel pump upgrade on an 82 ...
Sneaky Heat?
Armoral weakens threads.. Any Truth?
You know you are obsessed when..........
what do i need to pass smog
Tach Ckt board schematic
Need the help of CF members from around the world!!!
Vid of TeenagerWith74Vette's car and a track run.
Why C5 guys don't swim, check this out!
Best sb full length headers?
Used Body Parts???
Great service from Hagerty again!
Headlight switch question
What is the upper switch on my brake pedal?
Highway Heat
Stock 81 2.87's to 3.54s
Replacement power window issue
Remove Radiator to install tranny cooler?
LOT (Little OT) 1/4 times for my Formula.
Good to See American $$$ Sinking
Grundy Rant
anybody break a rear fiberglass leaf spring
OT RANT: Assist Principle making me get a new muffler
Steeroids and Sidepipes ???
Amp reading across battery
Have you heard of these new intake manifolds
Does anyone want some like new black vinyl seat covers?
A glimpse into the future - Your next vette?
Guy's & Gal's Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cut out the panel to fit an am/fm cd player?
Interesting topic on the ABC world news about old Tires.
How do you post pics?
Exhaust leak?
Intro... and a question or two
I need an antenna mast...
Oil filter numbers changed???
2700 Clams!
Intake Manifold Coolant Snout Removal
new demon carb and valve covers. have vacuum question
Help please! Electrical questions (Switch/wires)
AR 383 owners, Can you help??
The Real Deal L88 on eBay
Help me please
Oil Turns Jet Black
Original vs. Restored
Carburetor adjustments
Urethane Front Bumpers
Engine trouble!
Off to the Dyno next week!
Center Console Cushion
What could be draining my battery overnight???
Need a pic of 4 speed reverse light rod/linkage

Page: 424
Finally back to building the engine...a few shots
Clutch Neutral safety Switch.
I need drive shaft height help
I need some measurements please!!
Squeeling noise from right rear
What's wrong with this picture?
79 Vette - Want to Remove Power Steering / Convert to manual Steering
Vette owners with water leaks, please read this!
MSD install tomorrow. Any suggestions before I start?
Greenwood Flares on a 1973 vette
original 8 track radio for 1978
Need Heat Shield Info!!!!!!
I finally found and bought some rims for my 79.
Banging/Vibration under my feet Mount broken?
Flaming Filters
Got somethin cool in the mail today
Headers Jet Hot Coated $385.00!!!!!! :o(
head question
400 miles today, What a ride....
[EBAY] Cheap Cragars WTF???
Gymkahana Rear 7 or 9
Any JCL Sound Clips?
manual tranny swap compatibility question
Have You Remove The Spare Tire?
Picked Up Some New Rims...
Finally won something on eBay!!!
I'm confused about wheel size/backspacing that will work!!!
454HO Crate Engine ( Good Deal? )
How to clean/polish aluminum wheels?
To Stroke or Not To Stroke
C.R. anyone heard of this?
rebuilding my 350 -> 383 (input needed)
VBP Suspension Questions
Anyone going to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge show?
What is the fascination with the 78 pace car?????????
New to forum have rattling glove box issues
Wiring Diagram for JVC radio
Anyone using an aftermarket AIRFILTER that is worth mention?
windshield wiper motor problem
Where Did You Buy Your New Gas Tank?
I feel the need ...for a good alarm system. Any suggestions?
cable for autometer speedo revisited
Someone must know where this sticker goes!
Early or Late?
Hot feet in a Big
Steeroids Recall?
instrument cluster
Chrome Wheels and Brake Fluid
Headlight Warning Lamp Question
Good deal? Buying a modified Stingray 71
who has 81 140mph plus speedo's
rear end problem?
Need opinions on who has the best brake lines and parking brake kit.
If you had to remove the heads from your LT4......
QQ for 3.08/O.D. late model C3ers
1963 Promo Model set limited edition now available!!
Nice Pic of My Car From the CFCC Corvette Show
Bent frame, how to fix?
Fuse Question-79 vette
BB/SB swap, have questions
OT - Is this a good deal?
How Long Should 76 Vette Fast Idle
Truck freight coming tommorrow:):)
Value of 71 Stingray with C-5 running gear?
Why is this????
Birdcage rust question

Page: 425
What should a clutch cost?
My 72
fast idle on Holley 4160
Question on headers/exhaust
Big Block Engine Pic
Transmission Kick-Down Switch
OT - Smog rules in North-East
Great website for calculations
I think it's time for a new distributor :( suggestions?
q-jet air horn service
Help-backup lights are stuck on
CD stereo possible?
Favorite Wax Poll
New clutch disc with used pressure plate/cover
Evaporator Removal
Doc Rebuild follows through.
Dist. cover support bracket install??
wiring harnesses
Electric Window Switch Substitution
Winterize questions
Wow What an Eye-Opener on Matching Numbers ( Read )
Anyone got a picture of Custom Autosound c3 kickpanel speakers?
[car stereo install prob] custom autosound radio
O-Ring Seals Received with Rebuilt Power Steering Pump
Parking brake trim installation
anti theft woes
L82 VS L48
[custom autosound]probs with my stereo install...
Dropping Gas Tank
Holl Ferious Oxide!! New Tank?
Question about 79 factory option
Nightmare projects
Back from deployment, and the crate motor is in the vette!!!!!
intake question HORSEPOWER???? #3963569
dyno day disappointment
GM 545 or 502 oil pan clearance
Weatherstrip Questions NOS
Are these good camshaft specs?
BNattery Draining Were To Start
C5 Exhaust for a C3?
Holley Carb #7002-1
Will the hood close withis engine??
Fan Clutch Eliminator?
buying a engine how to tell if it is legit
Fender trimming on a 78??
Any thoughts on Pigeon Forge, TN Rod Run last weekend?
sport mirrors
L82 questions?
How Long Should Changing The Gas Tank Take?
A Buddy of Mine Received a quote of $400 to Have block Re-stamped
Here's an odd question I haven't seen on this forum!
Saw some 255\55\17 TTII's and Kumho's last weekend. Have a question.
Help With Engine I.D.
Build sequence Number
Square Wheel problem SOLVED---CF6873 & VinceVette
Which exhaust should I run????
Crate engine disaster
Great site to buys wheels at
Where is the oil going??
454 keeps killing condensers
What TH400 filter did you use?
My first and second Corvettes
My lock-up converter is not locking up, help!
Need some "best" pictures of 1974 orig engine compartment, for purchase help
whats a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed trany worth? wanna buy one?
oil temp problem????
Rear Transmission Mount and Rear Seal Replacement
Low cost rev-limiters?
HELP!!!! Can anyone tell me where I can buy original NOS or numbers correct ignition parts for an 82

Page: 426
Compression Ratio
Passing Gear
Twin Turbo for Small Block Chevy...
Found a 69 Vert for sale got a question
Best header coating?
A few C3 pics from the local show!!
Project update... new gauges and fuse block
Steering Control Valve Rebuild It Or Replace It?
engine pics from the '69 (not pretty!)
One more nice pic from this weekend
No passing gear, TH400
ontario orange
Engine Rebuild Time...need specs for 75 L48
ya C3 ers got to check this out
Holley Street Avenger question
Headers for a stock '77 C3 L-48??
73 parking brake
help with posting a pic
Seatbelt buzzer removal
Radiator cap problem. Help please.
Found a survivor
Just got a quote for paint...
WOW! The best patriotic C3 I've seen.
Help i.d. this Chicago area Vette shop.
Why are my headlights doing this?
How much Nitrous can be sprayed before the block has to be O-Ringed?
This one seems like a bargain.
Air conditioning belt flap
Super Chevy Show in Baytown (Houston) link to pics
To those with Boyd Wheels... turn off your signatures
Exhaust System Questions
rear window louvers
Anyone have a Fuel Pressure gage for a crossfire I could borrow?
Not sure I understand the motivation- check out pic link:
Finally Took Some Digital Pics
[OT] Just Learned that a friend I grew up with is has terminal cancer...
fast idle and hot box under hood
Simple Question
Tach went nuts
Under car neon lights!...Massive spoliers! low rider rims
Do you want your Vette in a Book...I'm doing a new Coffee-Table Book! Need your photos!
Removing the Brake Shields
Can someone describe proper vent ball installation
How Do You Feel Doing 75-80MPh
275/60/15's should fit the rear if I relocate the E-bracket?
Steel rims vs. aluminum rims weight differance
Holley 4150 with vacuum secondaries
Another fake L-88 for sale.....
Oil leak--Need advice
Looking for a crate motor 383
Help removing strut rods on 72 vert
How do I solve handling problem due to ruts on highway
Not dielectric, but __________?
Gas guage stopped working
vette got egged!!! AGAIN!!!
C3s are slow.
Quadra-Jet rocks!!!
Trailing Arm Bushing Replacement
additional parts on a gauge restoring job?
Thinking about buying a 280zxturbo
Engin size?
HELP, figuring how many amps needed..
Fel-Pro 1 piece pan gaskets
Would someone mind posting a few pics for me
Installing Dash Cover, need help removing headlight switch knob!
repair cracks in the rear and front bumper of a 75?
Your opinion on sidepipes VS Duals
Rich fuel mixture help needed
Rhoads lifter drivers check in!

Page: 427
Almost got stranded!!!!
6'-2" and trying to install clutch pedals..............
Monster Spring in the steering column
850DP adjusted, Thank you!
off to the track....guess my times.....
My new sidepipe heat shields
Sniped some Convo Pro rims for the track on Ebay...
Anyone have Mike from Zero Tolerance Ind. new number??
Winter project, new cam help for BB
tail lights, which would you do
a vinyl top coupe and a you gotta see from Car show Austin, TX
vaccuum line cap off ?
new sig
Fusible links
BIG difference btw the interior color for in '68-'69 vs '80-'82??
Cranking voltage test, avoid a dead battery
Updated my website with LS1 conversion
Car wants to stall on hard turns, etc....
Have questions- new window weatherstip is...
Ques on factory paint method
Car "runs on" or diesels" after I turn it off.
Where can I find the "LARS" Papers
i now carry a spare fuel pump
[off topic] Newest family member (puppy)
Going Away- Should I disconnect battery??
getting cold "up" in Canada
5 speed convertion questions...
77 Tack not working
Transmission swap
New pics...
hood paint
Engine compartment decal placement on a 75.
Sidepiper lovers
what '82 mods.....
High beam indicator light replacement
Beltronics Vector accelerometer.....
Rear Spring
Need Guidance on Steering Control Valve/Slave Cylinder Removal
Muncie servicing
What Color ??????????????
building crank case pressure
I just got the new world products catalog
Anyone ever repaired break in printed circuit or rewired without printed circuit?
got my new carb today
Q-Jet + low vac = rich at idle??
Aluminum Rearend?
Just a quick engine pic.
How many of you guys have burned a "Corvette" brige and regretted it later?
Wow! HP surges with rebuilt carb and new fuel pump
[1969 Corvette Registry] -- Update
Death Race 2000!
Getting desperate!! Still need your help guys!!!
OT - REAL C6 Spy Video
Glensgages---check out this ebay auction
If I hosted your sig pic, open this post.
Update on massive rear body repair (pics)
headlight setup
drag racing in virginia with a hint of dyno testing questions
76 tilt steering column in a 72
For the C3 collector
dyno testing
spent some quality time with my '77 and my kid today
Rear Spring Alignment
drag racing in virginia with a hint of dyno testing questions
Vortec heads on SBC? Do you need aftermarket pushrods?
Need help taking off rear rotor
Brake project finished (well, is anything EVER finished on this car?)
Edelbrock gurus, help with numbers please.
Is anyone runnig Victor Jr. heads on their small block

Page: 428
Bellmore Fair - Long Island
used power window regulators?
Need advice on what way to go on building engine
motor and trans in the car , YAHOO
JCL Spiral Turbo baffle "uncapped"
c3 radio pushbutton removal (possible to do?)
Pictures of new 406!
Rear End (square wheel) problem.....farther investigation
help please---lookin for a wheel
CANADIANS, need help from some of our ontario members, eh!
Thought custom imports were cool until this morning.....
Ain't she purty!How quick they grow up.
Question on Headers and stock side pipes
Speed Bleeders
Steeroids instal questions
76 wiper arms
Anyone answer a queston about heads with raised exhaust ports ?
Hot foot!
Any Texas Guys?
Making more progress on electrical system. Need 2nd opinion on diagnosis.
Radio help
Broken lifter? what to do?
shorty exhaust headers, which fit my 1979 L48 ?
Summit retail store counter guy sucks! (rant)
(OT)East Coasters... Anyone making plans for Isabel?
Spark Plug Gap
Anyone have dyno sheet on 70 Ls5 454 ?
color opinion
Hood removal
What's the correct way the measure collectors?
Ebay, cheapest ZZ4 i have ever found
Whats this switch do?
door panel painting?
Rim Choice
Headlight wobble
Guages, mechanical or electric why?
Do I need sway bars?
New speaker location.
Paging all 69 owners
Fresh engine dyno results for '69 427/400
How much more is a 4 speed car worth compared to an Automatic
Persistent guy made me an offer on the vette
My Engine Plans
82CE Hatch Question
rust removal using batt charger
Time for everyone to update their signatures
New Engine.
Bad start this morning, red lights in rearview mirror
Thinking of the winter months and storage, what is there to do?
Rear End Questions For 9sec Vette
Roller rockers what brand?
What's the BEST way to check the differential for problems??
Hagerty insurance question
Ordered a set of AFR heads !!!
Summit NJ Car Show Sunday Sept 21
Need Carb Tuning Help - Holley
HELP! Lost Passenger Side T-Top on my 69'
Any suggestions on removing old rear view mirror parts?
How much higher does my car have to be?
'68-'72 bulkhead connector question
Speakers: Components with the tweeter in the vents?? '68
Electric Fans versus Stock Fans
Electric fan angle?
Add intermittent wipers to your old 'vette.
N2O shot level?..
This Ebay auction tops all others
Build Sheet Project
question about roller rockers?
Anybody got a striped car? Pics?

Page: 429
Still need a photo of clutch pedal assm. and firewall penatration.
Square bore or spread bore?
For those of you that just like to sit and look at your car.
Broken hood latch cable
What aftermarket PROM chip.....
Time to start wiring the 78, Now where is that harness at?
Lessons learned on a Fri evening.
Radio knob for a 78
1PC Tilt Front
Old Vs New
Advice on a '73
Can oil leak from the fuel pump area?
Auto to manual transmission, where do I get the pedals.
Suggestions when replacing fuel sending unit on an 81?
Krispy Kreme Korvette
Continuation of *scam*.... very funny!
Modifying C-3 Vettes, Will this drive C-3 prices through the roof and make stock cars extinct?
Dart heads
check this out!!
Looking for some info about 454 engines
Engine removal - Easy or not?
Anyone live near Morgantown, Wv
Roll bar is finished...for now
New at the forum!
need to sell, need to know value please
water damage.... ha ha..
Torq Thrust IIs with runout. Beware!!
Temp sensor, which one?
Are these upper radiator brackets?
Transmission cooler and oil questions
What is the “E cell timer module” and where is it?
Help!! I need socket for locking lug nuts!
Demon Jetting
mechanical tachometer to electric tachometer?
Power Window Motors
Well I feel Good Oh maybe I Should feel Bad
Who's heading to MidAmerica Funfest?
73 inspection expert needed in mid long island
shiny exhaust headers for 1979 L48? where can i find some?
Started my frame clean up
trailing arm success, (i think)
Upper & Lower Control Arm Assembly (Bushings)
I had a helper work with me tonite
Two Turboo-400 questions
Paging Moosie 982
Wiper Door Closes on RH Wiper - 69 Convertible
Need `68 detail info
roll bar progress
Dumbest question of the month...
One more Q-Jet Question Can I ?????????
Pictures of my new extended spindle
What parts can you still get from dealers?
Corvette diecast, why no 70-72's?
Looked at my car last night!!
Does anyone sell a custom gauge closter for an 82?
Brake pads for a 70 Driver
New Dyno Numbers are in!
thm 400 problems
Here's my "crossed flags" tattoo.......finally
Dash lights, the adventure continues
aftermarket hoods
Flex Fan Sucks!
Looking to buy my first vette!---Help
look what I found
Argh! Window motor replacement ('77), can anyone help?
10+ years, looking, finally found vibration!!!!!!!!
What is happening to my carpet?
freaky oil pressure
Does anyone have aluminum driveshafts/halfshafts??
What type of cleaning/shining/entertainment/intoxicating supplies to take to car show?

Page: 430
Underside of 69 hood, what color should it be painted?
How are You Surviving the hurricane is it as bad as we hear on CNN?
is dyno tuning worth the cost?
Thinking of putting my C3 up for sale
OT - Paging Keith in Ohio
Parts wish list...... !!!
Elect. Question
New experience with rage today.
VID: Hedman Hedders, revving in park!
custom body kits
82 collectors edition
(DD)Hot auto trans shifts hard from 1st to 2nd...?
Pictures of removed luggage rack?
Found my build sheet
FYI- Holley fuel pumps
Just got pinned as Chief
Got hit with a *Buyer Scam* today...
Can someone splain how an electric choke works?
350 SBC Engine question
TRW Speed pro forged pistons... and what kind of piston rings?!?!
help installing fuel line hoses to mechanical fuel pump???
[INFO] Here are all the paint codes, 1953-2003.
Coil Spring Tricks
Edelbrock Torker II Experience
Shipping a hood????
newbee where to start???
A very positive verdor experience !
Heads for my BB - Alum/Iron
Desktop Dyno Settings
Some neat stuff found here
Electrical, Finally some good news!
Engine Build up, thoughts, input and ideas:
How do you remove the main plug that plugs into the back of the printed circuit for the gages?
ZZ4 Head Question.
Help identifying PROM
GM's Auto Show in Motion
How MUCH is it worth??
speedometor problems
Going to look at an 80 this weekend
78 anniversary billboard mounting
Electric headlight conversion kit
running very hot 220*F
67' 427/435 Tri/Power with only 11 miles!!!!!
What to use to wash the block before assembly?
Snow belt folks. What do you do with your car for the winter.
Torque Converter - El Question
Is this price high?
Off Topic but interesting
Can someone confirm the reinstallation of my wiper arm spring?
Borg Warner T-10 Or Super T-10?
Going with aluminum radiator... which tranmission cooler?
Eng building tips opinions.
Dash lights went dead???
[PAGING] Bluevetteman
H pipe or X pipe. Help me decide.
Nashville Tennessee area?
What is the tap size for a 1/2" sensor?
Help ID a 69
Removing the vacuum reservoir from a ’68 BB
dart heads
1981 Interior Color Names
Suggestions for ram air and bumper removal for '79
Car needs a diet.. what do you suggest?
C3 factory stereo radio
Replacing the frame cage nuts.
First problem with the 75, power steering leak.
Getting bored with the TT IIs?
Rear end/differential swap
Ebay listing
C3 Lovers: Which group do you belong to.

Page: 431
???on ported vs manifold vac-Lars?
Thread Compound?
Phat modified Vette!!!!!!!!
Did 0-60 tonight with the new hedmans.
You have got to see this....unbelievable
Some ideas how the 75 will be like...
Valve lapping ?'s.
IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!
Emissions in New Jersey -- How strict?
The spreader bar is finally installed..........,the test results are in.
Amp Gauge test
meziere water pump for sale
Best How to Paint book?
OT 98 C5 Trade-in Value
why is my V8 running as a V6?
Cleveland, Ohio guys
BRAKES GO TO THE FLOOR???????????????
What's hangin' from yours...
Who finances C3 Vettes?
drag radials vs street tires
A 69 worth looking at
Body back on frame-- Almost finished!!!!!!!
Does anyone have a pre-'79 Assembly Manual?
2500mile 69 L88 on Ebay!
What Sizes Are These Hoses?
Orlando winter NCRS meet.
What would it cost to build a ZL1 engine?
[OT CF TIP] Turn pop-ups on for the Forum
Engine # verses VIN # ?
To Zerk or not to Zerk?
4 speed ID specialists
74 4speed reverse interlock cable connect
How do I raise the radiator shroud?
1974 stock rearend.....POSI??????
New problem, car is over heating.
What to look for when buying a 73 contvertible?
Side Pipes
Finally getting my black vert top installed tomorrow
A ride in Norval's vette by MikeC---- its a long one!
Checking power steering fluid
prefered 69 BB spark plugs
instrument lights not working
Hmmm...C3 or C2 need some help
turn signals; need help
Original GM blank keys
first road trip
Connecting timing light?
64amp or 100amp Alt?
full roller rocker tick
Which WIX oil filter do you use?
17" rims, what fits my 81?
Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. Why do you think we got one issue for Oct-Nov
20 summit dollars
blowing TS fuse what to check for?
Did I happen to mention I hate selling anything?
[PAGING] Bence13_33
Ocean ity Corvette Show On The Boardwalk...Cool..!!!!
Anyone know what this starter is off?
Didn't have time to work on the engine so I took some pics instead.
Is it possible to find original key codes?
140 mph speedometer for 1980
Crane Cams Web Site
Is there an easy way to set up a points distributor without having a running motor?
Edelbrocks Cam Recommendation
Camber/toe Shims For Upper Arms - How to replace?
81 running lean
Protecting your vette during hurricane
any do a carfax for me?????

Page: 432
Living vicariously in California..
MP3: Let's play a game...
OT - New Daily Driver......:D
Oxygen Injection? Stop me before I do something stupid!
2000 Posts!!!!!
where to get a paint job?
They don't build them like they used to!!!
It gonna be along week
Can you narrow a corvette rear end?
C5 brake upgrade this time with PICTURES!
Drilling holes into aluminum valve covers ?
Looking for a C3 in good shape.
Question on fuel pump pressure...
Sell me your extra 1981 hood emblem?
sealing air cleaner to cowl intake-- should I bother???
Should I produce special C3 shirts and hats?
Trailing arm weight??
wiper motor delema
Evaporator Removal?
3" pipes for a 1970?
Where can I get a PowerBeam HeadLight?
WOOHOO! summer is almost over! it's driving season.
Tranny cooler
Fan hitting radiator shroud
Holley 4175 or 4011?
car stalls when hot
Come and get it!!! C3 body dolly free for the taking in SE MI.
Rethinking the BB buildup
Amusing AutoZone find.
Had the Vette out today for the first time!!
2 quest...Can my alum rims be repaired?? and... Can this rim pass for a stock one?
Sell me your side emblems (L-82) for a 1980?
how much HP will a stock 74 rear end take.
Help with rear bearings.. Whats next? [Pics]
Stinky Exhaust
CAT and Proform anyone used their roller rockers etc
Register to win a Free 73 Corvette Vert
Engine Weights
79 Engines
possible to change auto to manual transmission?
stock vs modded Vettes part II
Fuse locations on a 1979
Summit Distributors
I'l a side piper part II
Who was looking for a Brake and clutch pedal setup recently
Could anyone near Boise, Idaho that can look at a car for me please IM me as soon as possible?
Looking for a reputable 700R mail-order company
Engine build-up
Can someone post a pic of the rear x-over brake line?
Suspension advice for my driver? Pwweeaaassse?
jet hot coating on chambered exhaust
Old Corvette magazines - What do you all do with em?
Squirrel story
Yet again more electrical questions about the brake lights.
Aren't vacuum hoses ridiculous?
Coil spring spacers?
EFI tuning page
anyone else find it VERY difficult to install mechanical fuel pump?
How much power do typical C3s make @ the rear wheels?
Driving the Vette after 8 months in the Pacific
sqeak from rear wheel, found it
Can someone check out this car for me....
fuel injection hood clearance?
Breaking in an engine with ceramic coated headers question.
jet hot coating exhaust manifolds
post your picture here!
For those looking for a cheap C5...
What do you use to protect aluminum wheels after polishing ?
Definitive answer on oil pan torque...

Page: 433
Hazard flashers on a '71. Ideas on why they may not work?
After 2 years on the Forum, just figured out how to add photos to my sig. . .
SUNOCO Gasoline
The pain of wheel bearings
Some parts from my engine failure....
How do determine/select the right PCV?
Got a new radiator cap at K-mart for $1.00!
Good Engine shop in the Austin TX area?
Dynomax Headers/MAD duals for a 1980
Question about rebuilding my TH350
Removing computer -- 1981
If it were only a 4 speed
Cylinder heads, cams, etc.
Differential fluid change
Seat Back adjuster for 79-82 seats
Took Some New Pics Of The '80 Today!!!
700R4 What is to much? HP/TQ
Curse You Winn Dixie
Electric head lights instead of vacuum??
how do i get my sig to show up??
my wife is great-gave me $200 for vette parts
Come on guys help me win a competition (Corvette trivia question inside)
Headers with AC question
My friend crashed my Vette.
Review of the New Hedmans
You have the Hot Rodding Disease when...
intake port volume?
New Website for 82CE Owners
To those in the middle of your projects...
Service/Repair manuals
heater fan only works on full
cleaning Intake Manifold
74 Convertible seat belts
check out my new hood (NCRS guys - beware)
My gas tank is in :-)
Headlights won't close
Which Distributor & water pump for my 427 Big Block / 77 Vette
Power & Electrical cutting out - where to look?
Interesting note on Demon jetting
Rookie Update
383 guys
Interesting Ebay listing
Fan shroud ?
cowl induction on a 77
removing tank liner please help
How do I clean up my coated headers?
Modern size wheels and tires
door question
Tuner in Detroit
Sorry Gang " One more q-Jet question"
Fan Shroud
What's the crud on the plugs?
Where is the C3 (late 70's early 80's) going?
Working on my rear end clunk
74 shoulder belts
Who replaced there own windshield??
Vortech supercharger
Kudos to a non-"Corvette" vendor...
a/c blower motor question
Fuse block question
What is this?
speed bump stalling -or- my problems with fuel pressure
Edelbrock Performance vs. Performace RPM intake ?
Can a q-jet off of a 350 Z-28 work on a 454
The 75 is home!
Installed Proform HEI- 30% better throttle response with 12 volts!
Got my new wideband O2 setup working
Whats it worth?

Page: 434
Need pics of both inside/out clutch assembly..
So long Pertronix....back to points
deep groove
proform main body
Pulling the drive shaft on my 69 350
Brighter head lights, How to rewire
C3 TPI conversion site?
Waiver for the wave
Rocker Arm Studs/Spring Loads
Heater/AC controller
End of the Power Antenna saga
Electrical driving me NUTS. I just don't get it. Please HELP!
Here's a pic of my `79
I hope this works!!!!
The dreaded 4-0.....
Wiper motor and wiper door switch wiring
New 383, no power.
HELLLLLPPPPP! '76 stingray clutch/tranny problems
Need advice for Air cleaner mod for Holley Adjust-a-Jet
Earl's testimonial
OT Will you be like Larry when you are old? cartoon
82 Collector with hot start problems
Paint Supplies
How do I post pics of my Vette?
Stainless hooker sidepipe shields ;;who sells them ?
GOsh Dang it! Sun of a Beeaaaach! Help!
What would you do?? Advice Please!!
Help: Electric fire at alternator -1976
A 7lb 7.5 oz future Corvette fan enters the world!
Advance Questions (Demon & ZZ4)
Stupid question time!
Where should I advertise my Vette?
have you replaced your fuel lines?
Who has the fastest C3 now?
1970 Stingray/Len........gas cap...
Big Block Water Pump Question
Just got my girl two weeks ago.
Made it back home with my baby
Winterizing Vette
Almost ready! (after 16 years in "storage")
Wipers not working
Right blinker not working
Heater actuator
Carb Guru's...need help
rear end used to skip out when hitting bumps but
Today's gonna be a good day.
Reverse T-handle - how to fix?
I hate fiberglass!!!
I want to get a Corvette tattoo, does anyone have a good pic of the crossed flags?
Tell me what you think of this engine deal .
72 Transmission
Spark plug wires
M21 transmission questions
1975 350 Modifications
Latest addition to the family......
Help me get this rear spring loaded !
Holley stealth ram
Guesstimate my next 0-60 test.
Another Ebay moron
Need some advice about a carb
I'm becoming a side piper!
Transmission question .Lock up or not ??
How can i tell?
installing new mechanical fuel pump...should I use gasket sealer?
Body-Off Econo-Rebuild Update
Engine ready to go in. Any tips before the torture begins?
Exhaust heat shield qustion
Catalytic Converter modification
If you are looking for your build sheet (1979) I may have it
Aluminum radiators work!

Page: 435
Steeroids finally finished.
Can someonr run the numbers for me? (decktopdyno)
Poll---does you power steering leak
wiring question
Starter Issues...Need to Relocate Solenoid
C3s with open headers...
Need a 72 B A/C fan with pointed end tips
need web site for exhaust sound clips
I have a 69/350/TH400, would like to convert to HEI
Just installed new valve covers "pics"
Oops, there went a nut. Warning, Graphic!
some engine & suspension & gauge questions on a 68 Vette
rear storage compartment questions....
I have a C3 ? from a C4 guy
Almost put my car into the 9's!!!!!
1970 Fan
competition vs super comps??
herb adams stuff
Replaced Oil Pressure Guage Today
really OT but ya gotta see this auction.
Carb problem almost solved! Help!
Picked up my Vette today and............
Rebuilding Carb
expansion tank cap question
Engine swap..stock 350 to a 96lt1
TQ: Horn Button Repair??
2 New Pictures
c4 6-speed compared with c3 4-speed trans....?
Looking for a chip for my 82 Collector...
Found my fuel pump problem
Rear End Leak
Vacuum Explained: Manifold, Venturi & Ported - New Article by Lars
LS1 in a 69 Vette
Looking for replacement carb
Headers on ZZ4 engine ?
Master cylinder?
OT My respects to Johnny Cash
How much do you think my C4 Seats are worth?
1976 L-48 Question on Dynomax headers
New wheels and tires with pics
How t spot an externally balanced flywheel?
Ring end gap????
I need a crash course in engines!!!
Laser Beaters
Corvette Cocktail
Impracticality of a C3 daily driver...
OT. do your windows updates
License plate brackets illegal in Texas?
Hooker Competition Headers
seat belt relavation
Just wanted to say thanks........
Wow, now, that's the sound I'm looking for!
How does an LS-6 fit under a small block hood?....Ebay
LT1 engine option?
Drove the 73 to Work Two Days in a Row
Specs on LS-6 cam
seat tracks?
What dist. is this?
very nice corvette limo...
Hooker Sidepipes with JET HOT coating
Moved to Maine, and got a radiator leak ?
What hoses do I use with a BE COOL rad?
New Side Pipes! Sweet---but need some help PLEASE
Head question
Troubleshooting factory alarm
OT: Why is my Original 1972 7042217 Carter QuadraJet worth so much ????
red 72 convertible lt-1
Radiator Cap
Do Ya' ll find these as funny as I do?

Page: 436
Maxjets anybody using them?
Fuel Injection, what are some good choices?
BB Cylinder Heads
high torque mini starters
Guys who have switched from Auto to Manual...How long did it take you?
Oil Filters????
Where can I find Lars' carb tuning paper?
Flags instead of "Stingray"/Matching numbers
Rough Idle
OT: Daily Driver Help !!!
Low oil pressure resolved
A/C-Heater Vacuum Control Help Please
Air cleaner assembly replacement
68 "True Convertible" on Ebay
78 L82
What size valve seals do I need?
My 454 loves timing advance
Question on book: Corvette Weekend Projects: Maintenance and Repair how Tos for 1968-1982
73 BB stock filter
Rookie Update
Factory Alarms
burnin' oil after an oil change
Bizarre high idle problem
LS1- 6spd and Steeroids?
Best way to get front toe set at home?
am i the only one that does this?
Hydroboost Problem.
Collector Edition Radio
headers what to buy??
I should be a Vette owner by Saturday!!!
Shades of semi gloss black?
Dragon's Breath Performance Visit for the Vert.
73 BB stock
Just want to say "hey".....
Good mechanic in Riverside/Corona Area
need help findin deep dish rims
1979 A/C blower or fan type question?
Checking the cat
Best way to install headers with 69 factory syle side exhaust
Bolt on Rack & Pinion steering
Tach Filters are available
Hello every-one, Just registered on this fine Forum
Pics of Engine compartment needed , Hoses, Hose paths, wire looms and such
It's alive and running after 15 yrs.
What Wheels look best on a 69 big block??
Who makes the best/cheapest fuel tank????
What should the compression be?
Tomorrow Is The Second Anniversary, Please Drive W/ Headlights On!
More tips on tunning 850DP
lug pattern
Another Q-Jet Question
O.T. Dexcool question
big block headers?
WOO HOOO My 79 comes home FINALLY!
The Portable Vette (Update)
C3 Sill Plates
What is the weight of a Muncie M-21
Ring Gear
C3 grand sport.... kinda
Road Trip Anyone???
Help pulling an 80 body off
Power window issues...Part 2
Should I buy offset trailing arms?
paging lars - timing rehash
Front end question
Factory Codes

Page: 437
car transporter
Looking for a C3 patch for my jacket - source???
[GEEK] DCOMbobulator
Blackish colored brake fluid
Custom C3's
1979 L-82 vrs 1967 327/300 -Impressions
Cruise Control Cable confusion?
my project begins
these switches are mixed up!!!
wacky tack revisited...HELP ME PLEASE!!!???!!!
Astro roof for C-3
who was it that asked me for the Vette computer program?
Wanted: Corvette Inspector (NM)
Couple of problems solved
Any Corvette Girl Tatoos?
Holley Choke Question
Reassebling the body
"WANTED" herb adams stuff
I am ready to drop the motor in the rolling chassis and break it in, how should I cool it?
Shift Kit?
Steeroids rack and pinion group purchase
New Russel fuel pressure gauge show no pressure
ebay-78 L82 Rally Sport (RS) Package?
Bogging Out - Dies
Soft T-Tops
Power steering control valve leak????
Power Steering Rebuild Kit
Starter Solenoid Replacement
WHY? another ebay gem.
Wiper door vs Vacuum?
Carb Replacement Recommendations
Looking for a good C-3 hat....
How many have rebuilt/replaced their alternator
Wire colors?
Anybody need a nice '69 hardtop?
removing rear discs
Need advice on C3's
ok it's been 2 yrs.where do the wires go on the starter?
Does anyone know where I can get the Le Man's style headlights?
Carb adjustments , need some help please.
Rice & Muscle ( Long )
electrical/power drain questions
Guys w/ auto and G-techs
Power Steering Question
ROD 6-speed almost in--but need massive help with peddal assembly
My Tach is broken- Should i rebuild or replace?
73' BB - broke a valve spring! HELP!
Power window failure...NEED HELP !!!!!
Corvette Revue 2003-Shreveport, Louisiana (This past weekend) CHECK IT OUT!
1980 Parking Brake Experts - HELP!
How are you guys with base engine cars doing 0-60?
Exhaust Manifold Question?
OK, last time. What Drag radial size should i get?
Ported Vacuum at WOT?
Does the hardtop mark your paint?
Poll----time slip choice
Leaking rear end seal
charcoal canaster
What Color should I paint it
New 350 for a '75
Help centering steering wheel.
Interstate shipping
Anybody have a dumbies guide to setting timeing?
maybe a vacuum hose?????
Upper radiator hose diameter ?
Aftermath Of My Fire
What size tires are you 17X8 guys running?

Page: 438
All I can say is " Thanks"
Les's car is not slow.
Holley Street Avenger?
C3 + Sawzall = Fun (slightly OT)
82 gas tank meter or gauge "HELP"
Ram Jet 350, how do they get 350+hp out of it?
Pics of my '81
Edelbrock Perf 1910 Quadrajet
eBay - All the 'special' people come out.......
Why does my car wants to die under braking
Bilstein Shocks are Excellent!!!
Show'n'Shine pics
Metal finish
HEI conversion
do i need to upgrade alternator if changing to electric fans??
Flex Fan Better than a Clutch Fan?
Speed demon carb and drop base air filter
Differences in early and late c3 brake Master and booster?
Replacement seat covers for 78 Silver Anniversary-leather trim/cloth inserts?
vette alum. valve covers ?
ATTN Toronto Shark Pack!
Real Motion car on eBay ???
1980 Jumpy Speedometer
Lower a C3 2" front and rear?
[Granbury, TX] BRCC meeting this Friday night at the 377 Grill
265's on stock wheels
Does anyone have POR-15 application tips?
What is the difference in a GM marine engine?
Help!How to identify a corvette
What should I expect to pay to have the battery box reglassed?
Are my C3 Dreams Foolish?
Swapping out engines ?'s
Big Block hood question for 1970 Vette...
Placement of Electric Fuel Pump?
Faulty Oil Pressure Switch or Gauge
Window motor gone out, need help.
NJ Guys, anyone ever hear of Jacks Auto Service in Edison NJ??
What are the advantages of MSD systems over stock?
Shop Manuals
Bad Gas Tank?
How do you date a carb?
Clock going OUT, A/F gauge going in
Decision go with a new A/C VIR or go with the eliminator.
When tracing an oil leak, does it ever travel uphill.
Fuel pressure regulators?
RADIATOR SUPPORT QUESTION??? help me out again......
Which spedo gear for a 3.55 rear end ?
[San Antonio] Classic Corvette Night -- Now Twice Monthly!
Linkage Question
What brand and size tires were OE on the 77 L82?
Mechanics's Humour
Bummer, still running rich!
Troubleshooting hot air at side vent on a 78. Here is what I found
OT I guess, but I really like those epoxy coatings for garage floors
Can't get the fuel pump bolted back in!!!
Does this vavle cover vent do anything
Sears Engine Analyzer Question....
[RANT] Parking brake shoes
"OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE LOSERS" stickers for your mirror...
Steering Wheel
horrible fuel economy/demon carb, need help please
No power to starter
Went to the Vintage car races at the Glen...
Corvette name plate on the back of 1969
Do our Vettes "share" radiators with other GM cars?
powder coating

Page: 439
where did you get your new fuel tank from?
I put a new water pump on my car.
Ok, what am I missing here? Centerforce DF & clutch fork alignment??
Intake valve ?: How much goo is normal?
Start up this Thursday.
Still need help !
which one....4speed auto or 6speed.....i need your help
Shock sensor
Help with Holley Carb Identification/Specifications
Tail Lights Out
Found someone to tune my car!!!
Greenwood Registry
Eckler hoods
carb and power brakes
New Solid Spicer U-Joint Problem ... HELP!!!
Hi, I'm the latest newbe to this forum
Quartz clock conversion
Need help!
Easy way to determine if you have a 1977E or 1977L?
Side exhaust questions? Help
1980 corvette engine removal
1980 engine build up
center grill cover...anybody seen or used this?
Where did you get your door panels?
What is the value of an Eagle GT tire that was original equipment on an 81 Vette?
Pics of Factory 69style side pipes
900rpm at 16 degree's
Has anyone converted to electric headlight lift motors?
anyone have the book "Chevy by the numbers" 1966 part number needed
Calling '68 and '69 owners with Flowmaster mufflers. . .
distributor, why a 3/8 and 1/4 hole?
Motor playing up....could do with some advice.
5 or 6 speed tranny question? I am a doofus.
Rhinebeck this weekend
I Promised Before and After Jet-Hot Pictures…..Here They Are!!!!!!
HOW loud is a Rockcrusher Transmission?
'77 Water Pump rebuild information needed
1976 early, how to tell which transmission ?
Help loud knocking noise
oil pressure guage and line
Corvette images or desktop background
Got a flat today while doing 70mph.......
Installing New Shock Mount into New Support
Stock G.M. side mufflers-answers please
Door panels
Jim Shea or anyone else they may can answer a turn signal wiring question.
Los Angeles Jack78 Memorial Poker Run September 14th.
Donnybrooke Green, only 1970?
Mystery smoke
Track Pics (dial-up beware)
Beautifull ZL1 clone
Speedo works
Headlight Assemblies.
Love at first sight... can hurt! ...Update!
edelbrock carb metering rods and springs question
Hotwheel Ebay Vette
1970 Ebay Vette
C6 on cover of European Mag
hi all,newbe here
Just Had a Strange Experience
Rear Brake question
180 stat instead of 160?
Turn signal Signal Relay Help
DFW - does anybody have a pair of tires they need to get rid of?
Wiper blade spring?
thread locker on carb/intake bolts?
brake line question.
Rant of the night- It's my fault!!- Pertronix...
Offtopic Manual Questions

Page: 440
Side Pipes on a 79?
Removing Pressed on knobs
Anyone have a pic of a console armrest.........
Chambered exhaust is on!
Bad fuel pump?
Not so Groooovy, baby, I think I've lost my mojo.........
High speed fan not working on AC
Power Brake Conversion
Fall Rod Run in Pigeon Forge,TN.
A/c for a '68
tears in dash pad....suggested fix?
First Impressions...Mcleod Street Twin
How to bend CONVOLUTED exhaust tubing?
can speaker hole tears be repaired?
Something's been bothering me since Monday...
454 into a '80 Corvette- any info. out there?
NTB / WTB Drivers Side Window Regulator
How do I switch to a non-A/C car?
Mufflers and Cable Linkage
TPI conversion - GM or aftermarket electronics ??
Right Front blinker won't cancel!!!
Beat my best ET today
First extended trip (long)
Peparing The Firewall for Paint
How do I checkout and tune a AM/FM/CB radio before installation in my 78 vette
lower shock mnt????
Engine identification
Anyone near Durham, NC?
1970 coup for sale. MAYBE?
Lost Lug Lock
Drive shaft play..
foreign made door handles
73 on Ebay, Yuck......
ok all opinion/input time, esp. from the hawaii guys "help advice"
69 suspension suggestions
Question for those with aftermarket center guages.
Saw a very cool '69 today--Astrovette
Ignition key stuck
Adjust timmig, which direction
Installed my new brake master cylinder today.. Thanks to Shoptec and Electron Blue'02!
Anyone in Toronto?
I found a '68 BB vert for sale, what's it worth?
Hanger queen rolls again!
GM history quiz ?
C3 6 speed tranny swap
Brake light trouble shooting help?
C3 Vinyl Hardtop Pics?
Anyone with a spare $100,00? Hmmm?
How to identify a 700R4
Glue removal?
How to jet edelbrock carbs
test my photo
7 leaf spring
o,t.-how do i get photo out of geo cities account to village photo?
Feedback: Tach/Speedo/Gauge restoration
Newbie with a dead Vette, HELP!!
Invite to join my thread on C2 Forum (Dream Garage) because C3 Owners have good taste!
Performer Intake install went smooth!
1973 t tops
Went for a Sunday cruise..ok, I pushed it out of the garage really
1980 - Brake Bleeding
Cowl cleaning question...
Frame off Question.
Upgrading to EFI
Any one going to the Fun Fest
Door will not open...Help!
my nightmare witha product called"shiney tires"-THE TRUTH

Page: 441
Switched tires today and the '74 placed for sale
Posting Pictures
A/C problem on a friends 1970
New to forum and Corvettes-some questions
Flowmasters going on in the morning. . . .
Chambered Exhaust or Flowmaster Delta Flow 50s?
Do C.F. Members receive any Discounts from Eckler's, Mid-America, or Volunteer?
Get a Good set of Ramps....or this could happen to you!!!
Couple of questions for big block guys
Super fantastic ultra rare one-of-a-kind part !
Possible Rare Parts.... How much?
Clutch Fork????
Strut Arm
Reproduction Tachometers
100 octane on race day?
AND NOW....MY 4,000th post.....I PRESENT.....
Sitting un-level
If your C3 got rear-ended, is this appropriate behavior?
If you thought Corvette wagon is fugly check this out...
Troubleshooting Interior Lights (Bubba was here!)
My Harmonic Balancer Fell Off - Help!
Vacumme or Machanical secondaries. Whats the best? Whats the difference.
Thanks for the powervalve install instructions and an update.
78 -79 good choice?
Does anyone have the LARS custom distributor weights?
Got to love Ebay...
Gkull's Return to Hawaii
It's my lucky day...
Weather for C3's awesome
454 radiators
Flex Fans Performance?? - Staggered 7 blade
Need help finding heater control for a 78 from another GM
Square Wheel ?
Oil pan
my nightmare with a product called ''shiney tires'' THE TRUTH
shifter problem....can't get it into reverse
Power Steering Question (Blew the adjustment cover off)
OEM Seat Belts.... where to find?
Jumpy Speedometer
How can I tell if my EGR is working?
Cost of Tilt\Tele?
70-72 454 owners I have a ?
Credit or cash? How'd you pay for the restoration
Master Cylinder - Fill 'er up?
check out this cool coffee table...
Check out this 74 Corvette.
Cruise gone wild! NEED HELP.
help with vin number
Sellin' my '76 in the FOR SALE Forum
Almost there....3,999th post...
What's on your CORVETTE TO DO list?
What' wrong with this picture?
Help please - serious gas leak !
F.N.G new to here
Lemme see those dual-cat exhaust pics
What years used the Borg Warner T-10???
Harmonic Balancer Issues - Slipped Forward and Threw a Belt
Desperate For Trans Pic!!!
OT - Big Car Show in Frankenmuth, Michigan this weekend
Will a owr brake booster fit in my '69 BB?
Top Pole
World's Fastest Pace Car???
A very sad week turned better...
1977 brake light
Corvettes in Scotland
Sad Day in Michigan
Brake Fluid leak below master cylinder.

Page: 442
Something To Jump Start Your Weekend
Glassing in a battery box
For my 3,998th post....
Just an interesting site for you. 650 CI
Oil pan drop - special tools needed?
Install engine with tranny attached or separate
Exhaust manifold '68 427/390 with or without air
Holley vrs. Edelbrock. How to choose?
Oil on threads of spark plugs
I am approaching 4,000 posts, sooooo......
Lars dist recurve kit...???
quickee radiator help needed!
Finally got to drive the Vette for the 1st time in 6 months!!
GM Performance Radiator Fan
Missing hole in engine block!?
Brake Booster Vacuum
Speaking of swingarms
Found me a '69 big block
Mystery sending unit
The police pulled me over, for this?
Floor jacks
milling intake
Forum member Needs help in Tennessee...
Shift Kit and Stall Converters
Water Pump replacement on a long & how much?
Winter coming, i need a choke
Astro Ventilation
New Headlights
A very sad week
Question for those using a chrome timing cover
Tonowanda question & unleaded fuel question.
outside door handle broken spring
Could someone run a carfax for me please?
Oil Temperature Sensor
Oil Temp Sensor location for aftermarket gauge?
Question about original AC Delco 8 track radio
Headlight adjustment
need pictures of gkull's interior!!!!
How do I tell if my vette has a performance cam?
Two 74 corvette verts for sale on Ebay package deal
New rear sway bar .. dang what a difference!
Joining the crowd... '74 will be history
Junkyard raiders.....
pre-lube eng help
Gas tank refinishing
*** It's my Birthday, wanna see my present? ***
Albany NY Junkyards
Aluminum vs. steel rockers
need advice on new radiator
any heating experts? (new garage)
Got my ET Streets + Rims today...
The Devils in the details!!! (79 cam swap, the shark has a bite)
Address: dr rebuild & Last Detail????
Finding windshield and t-top rust?
Mid-to-high RPM power drop -- Uggh!
Rusted Sills on my Bird Cage (Potential Damage on Pillars A&B)
Where can I buy an R-134A Accumulator?
Spark plug sizes?
OT - but had to share: One Quarter Million Miles !!
Fuse Panel Layout?
Can anyone do a car fax?
Turns out, you never need to change the oil in your car
Brake Pull, Your Help Needed!
Blower Motor?
Help with Dial Indicator
SWC Duke--help on LT-1
My car won't start...
Header woes...
Vacuum or mechanical secondaries?

Page: 443
Progress pics...Centerforce clutch, pressur plate & bellhousing.
Cut hole in hood for Carb? need advice!!!
Vibration caused by bad u-joints?
What is the name of this thing?
Classic car regestration in Texas
starter fire
flywheel ?
Differential yokes
Need cyl. head I.D. help
So much for 3.7 gears
Starting problems
I noticed something very disturbing about my drivers rear swing arm last night...
My Corvette was vandalized/robbed!
my "signature' pic ????
EBAY - 73 454 - Interesting
More carburetor issues
Replacing frame
brakes are going in the vette... suggestions?
OT-- need help with the front end in my work truck....
differential cover help!
OT Free pre 1981 corvette carfaxs by George 73-454...
Anyone use Hedman S-curve header reducers?
GM restoration package
anyone got a step-by-step on changing a powervalve in a holley.
Completed seat cover installation. Here is some advice\suggestions.
Will Chevy bring back the L88 name?
Rear Spring; Steel Glass or carbon Fiber?
How to decipher results of A/C system pressure?
AR Racing Engiens Link?!?!?!
Schmucker/Dad Coil overs
Storing my car
Does the L-88 hood have to be sealed to the air cleaner for proper engine cooling air flow?
Got new Mcleod Twin Disc!
Newest addition to the family
OT. Olde Tyme hardware stores....
Carb rebuild - needle/seat issue
ZZ 454 ???
Gage restoration
*** First impression of the 75 ***
source for seat hinge cover?
Engine builders, need help
Hey Lars, have a recurve Kit Available
'69 front valance and pace car type spoiler needed
Serpantine Covnersions-Need Advice
Seat belt sequencing module question
Van Steel Front Monospring conversion?
Drove over a drunk guys foot Friday night....
New Chrome Wheels with spinner center caps
Going opposite...Power Steering to Manual Steering
Crimson Armada Website is Up&Running
383 6 inch rod
power brake booster or manual brakes is there an alturnitive
Buying 1977 Vettes - sight unseen - Kudos
OT: Why I Don't Street Race
Where can I find?
Next Project: Steering Gearbox Pitman Seal and Side Cover Seal
Anyone have a pic of their TV and throttle cable hooked up?
Holley carb choice??
Cold Air intake - test results...
Thanks for the help
82 is going to be history soon
Finally some pictures to show!
Saw what looked like a Motion rear cap today.
1980 corvette rear
What is polylock?
Advice on Rollcage doorbars as well as Aftermarket Seats
Pilot bushing content
Told you so! 850DP too much
exhaust manifold numbers. please help.
What tire size ??

Page: 444
Non tach drive distributor?
Exaust manifold: 2" or 2 1/2"
1980 with performer rpm H/C package
drop spindles
Opinions needed one more time
anyone using the GM 70-71 LT-1 solid cam?
Drag racers let's keep em shiney side up.
Hydraboost Plumbing Question???
Is it against the rules to post price comparisons?
Muncie to Bellhousing bolts?
1972 Key Codes???
Seats and 68 shifter plate
flywheel/starter size
How do you like this rear spring?
Herb Adams suspension parts/catalog
Speedo Rebuilding Service
'69 worth?
im baaaack.....question about those who installed 6x9 speakers in the rear compartment area
Car show in Seaside Heights?
Early C3 (68-71) anti-theft system questions
Did a stupid thing today OFF TOPIC
cam&rear gear combo
Valve under Steering column?
body not sitting level.
How did YOU polish the stainless steel trim on your C3??
Exhaust Valve
Inverted Leaf Spring - how dangerous
Gotta read it and see it to believe it...
Spare tire,size and type?
Has anyone else ordered the SS console plate?
Exhaust Manifold Options
OT, kind many???
Is this a master cylinder problem?
Frame restoration
Spark Plug Wires and Headers
What type and make of aluminum heads are you using with your hookes sidepipe car?
Formal opinions on steeroids as I will be ordering today.
Question on 70 front grill
Remanufacturing a shortblock
Flex Fan questions
electric cutouts on ebay
I need seat parts?
Seats? can I drill to the original frame?
Things I Should Watch For...
Turn signal help please.
Lost speedo gear in tranny case - help!
Stock Interior pics 78-82
AC vent door actuator
Will a 77 frame fit a 80 body?
I killed one of my brothers tonight.
HOLLEY 4175.......GOOD OR BAD?
C3 floor sound / heat insulation questions.
Wax and Antifreeze
Instrument Panel VAERY DIM
Are there any Summit Racing discount codes out there for this month?
I drove a Z06 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rattling headlight on an '80
Gauge Pods?
What horsepower and ET should I have?
Changing rear gear ratio
Anyone have the exact name and auther of the Ecklers Fiberglass book?
Question for those using Aluminum SBC Heads:
What type of oil pan uses the 68' 427 engine?
Do your seats lean?
OT: Rant -- Home Depot
Fuel Additive
Still Not Sure about my Vette!

Page: 445
79 vette wont start
Anti Freeze disposal
Corvettes as a profession
Another crate engine
Manual or automatic transmission?
Can the '80-'82 pumpkin be modded to fit a '79?
C3 Custom Interior's?
Choke on Speed Demon?
New Nuts, Bolts & Washers Resource
Speaker Enclosure Pics
Exciting weekend- Loud Rattling noise....?
Just finished the Hydrotech install
painting center console plate; masking techniques?
mn/wi members
Help finding coolant leak
1970 Expansion Tank
Van Steel
Seatbelt Cable
to start or not to start
Back from vacation, hit a deer...
Relays on Heater Box ??
sunken headlight replacment kits
St. Louis Corvettes
Questions about painting vinyl
Maybe I done Bubba Proud - Radiator Support Quick Fix
82 CEs with FE7
Testing Spark Plug Wires
Heater Core replacement help needed.
For those that don't run a thermostat, and interesting stuff for others
Just finished the 02 Quicksilver paint job
Patriotic paint
Head Re-Torque Question......
Temp Sender Wire Connector
One very confused E-Bay seller.
custom rad support????
Headers on angle plugged heads.
I need help from the Tremec Swap Guys
Smog Gear Question For Texans
79 coupe rear emblem removal?
alternator question
1969 427/390 distributor ?
For those looking for the fuse box in a C3.....
Power steering fade
Non working Unilight tach..
"Chevrolet by the numbers" anyone have one covering 1965??
Flare or not to flare that is the question.
Ever Use Brown Bread? (Sound Deadener)
Corvettes in Fallon, Nevada
Non A/C heater core
Master cylinder/pwr booster question
Bought my first Vette!
Help with 80 vette
Anyone live in or near Rhode Island?
OT - Vettes in PA?
Removed the Gas tank today, Build sheet a total loss :-( Vapor Separator Good :-)
Speedometer Repair
Gainesville Road course In January, Winter Jam 2, one C3 signed up
Help - How do you take off the outer door skin?
On holiday in L.A. & Vegas October - any tips?
More stupid cam questions
timing for 350
1976 fan shroud and me?
Flex fan ?
GKull: Did you get your license?
Remove Bushings from Upper & Lower Arm Assembly (1980)
Raditor support question
(Knock/Detonation/ESC) sensor question on an 82
Help getting an idea on values
Engineering rant - serp power steering pump removal.

Page: 446
Bringing it back to life
OT Need help: Tips on stripping clear coat off aluminum wheels & polishing
Vortec intake manifold weeping
Wiper door spring... help...
C3 birdcage removal
Looking for interlocking motor mounts for 1981 Vette
OT, found a good deal on vette checks.
AM/FM Radio Restoration
Which car would you buy?
Have You Ever Wrecked A C3?
Holley Projection 4 Throttle Body Injectors....HELP!
title search in Florida
Fixed the deer thread.
speedo does not like mornings
Break-in Time?
Aluminum or "Dead soft" Copper header gaskets
Roll bar progress
Intake Manifold/Carb swap- Linkage advice needed
body work question
I'm looking for unique Vanity Plate pics...
Pulled my headers today for the Jet-Hot treatment :-)
Gonna be moving to Rock Springs AR, anyone live near there?
Just got back from Carlisle. Interesting observation.
Dash Lights On, Cluster Instruments Off, Vice Versa
Question: Ralley Wheel color?
Where can I get Sport mirror bases or gaskets for a 78 vette
lowering a vette?
Back from the track
Greenwood Vette pics ?
AFR L98 heads
Built a cold air setup for my '68...
"70" Fan Shroud
So much for cruising around this weekend... Texas weather reeks!
HydroBoost Leak?
MORE leg room for TALL C3 Drivers?
OT:EBAY Strikes Again!!! 74 Vette Lotsa Gold for the homies!!!
How to fix a floor board crack ?
Italian Happening - Anybody Else Go?
Thanks for the Response! Ignitor Kit
Ignitor Kit
Insurance....Are You A Gambler?
OT:Chevy Hightop Conversion Van TV wiring?
oil leak around spark plug
STOLEN/CRASHED 'Vette or... Airplane 'Vette
What is the best octane boost to use?
Homemade spreader bar is finished.
Braided Hoses?
oil leak in interior on top of transmission housing?
Question for Tom DeWitt or anybody who knows..
What the heck?
Problem with idle on my 77
Looking for a Chicago area tuner
82 CE speeds up on own initiative
Different 502 possibilities
Purchasing a 75..
Edelbrock Victor water pump for sale #8812
Looking for topic about getting car info from the General
Ocean City Maryland
My 78 SA Got an older brother today!
It's always something (78 Caliper spew)
corvette news
Anybody know a good AC shop in Southern New Jersey?
Anyone near Moseley or Richmond VA?
Which way???
Late headlights

Page: 447
Interesting R134a Conversion Reading
Any news on Merlins car coming to MN
Project TPI: Almost done....
Vette Vues Magazine
Sidepipe owners... need a pic please.
information needed about 1968 big block coupe(WARRANTY MOTOR?)
VIN History for a 1978 Corvette?
Dash Removal..............Help!!!
updated web page
i remember seeing a website that had a checklist of things to looks for when buying a C3
Corvette Boat
79 vette wont start
Tappet --> roller
Painless wiring
New seats 1/4 done not bad
Great evening..
Anyone tried turning a lawn tractor into a vette-cart for kids?
Glasstown Corvette Show in Millville, NJ?
The 81 is gutted.
tips for flexiglass bumper intstallation
Anybody use the solid lifter XE268 cam yet?
Exhaust popping after being parked for months. Any suggestions?
Alignment Shop Recommendations, LA or OC, [CA]
Switching to side exhaust problems
What do you think about buying a Vette with a rebuilt title?
1968-82 Left Lower Vertical Ignition Shield Bracket
Wheel Bearings
front parking light surround alignment
small valves to large valves
Floored by Luxucruisers 1/4 Mile Times
Where do i put the freon
which octane gais
Steeroids vs Bump Steer?
Seeking a Personalized License plate ......Thouhgts?
Radiator Overflow Valve
Flowmasters on Stock 1978 exhust anyone have sound files of how this sounds?
Carpets for 75
How do the Headlights come out?????
quadrajet rebuild kit
This is a nice C3!
New Block Purchase?
Coolant Recovery Tank
Whats the easiest way to show a couple photos?
Hi volume water pump-froths water?
need help with C3 retoration. A couple of questions
Anyone interested in buying a set of SS brake flex hoses?
Brand New Corvette Club... Okeechobee
Nothing Fits Like OEM
Front end removal
My Car FINALLY got painted today.
dynomax headers ?????
The Long Road to a Hot Rod... The beginning, searching for Information.
Transmission question (long one)
Can someone explain what this means in layman's terms.
convertible conversion
Stainless steel park brake hardware????
To C3 or not to C3, that is the question
Do You Have An Emergency Kit In Your Car?
Insulation for rear wheel wells
Car As Been A Total Fascination For The Past Months
Whats the Value of a Retired Turbo 350 Tranny in LA
79 nose adjustment
Rear Wheel Out 3.3 Degrees..................
EFI Gas Mileage?
got my new project home 79' vette
shim kit for rear rotor or rear rotor resurfacing machine??????
Whats the best place to get a new replacement carb?
Is my 79 vette engine a mongrel?
Vapor coming out of PCV hole, coolant leak?
Bloomington Gold T Shirts...Anyone?

Page: 448
Moving to NC (Need Advice)
trailing arm bolts
Autometer speedo and cable help
Saw this post on another C3 forum
Fuel filter before fuel pump question.
Where to find rectangular headlight setup?
Some cool Carlisle pics
Who wanted the 77 Steering Colunm?
Stock 327 vs 350 gas milage
Extra wire connected to my starter
defroster grill
What kind of exhaust to get?
would it be possible to install a 3 point racing harness in a C3 coupe....
81 Fuse Box
Anyone in the Perryton, Texas area?
Broken Bowtie
After 30 minute ride my wheels are too hot to touch--help!
Clutch Z-bar frame mount
383, dart heads, hedman headers and can't put together ARRGG please advise
Any pics of exhaust cutouts?
ss exhaust system purchase from Ross78
Ear plugs and testing
Metric or standard which is it?
Correct throttle cable adjustment
Cold Air setup for a C3?
Flywheel resurfacing
OT: Now this is a cool model of a '69 vette!
Gauge Mounting?
Corvette - The American Dream Television Series
Use of 9 volt battery to keep radio sets when using cutoff switch
1968 Road Race Corvette on E-bay
Changing from Tuned port injection back to carberation - what do you think
Challenge for C3 owners
Arrrrrrg, broke rear spring on the way to work
World head question
Gonna take a long drive tonight...
Need pics of c3 vettes.
new wiper switch, motor, still nothing
76 brand "Cool Blue 100" gasoline - anybody tried it?
Stock Shifter Linkage adjustment????
Looking for a rear yolk for a M21...
Alternator upgrade -- how big do I go ??
No Low Or Midddle Speed On Blower Fan Help?
Have you put a v-belt on JUST the crank/water pump pulleys?
Anyone who has had a vette set over 10 years HELP!!
Help Forgot to install upper windshield trim clips before installing windshield
Keisler 5spd and exhaust systems
Not a C3 but nice anyway
which ignition wires to buy?
Another "What's it worth". '76 W Only 9K mi
How do tell if your rear mono-leaf is worn out ??
Roller Rockers vs stamped steel rockers
anybody use those fiberglass seat belt covers...underneath the seats?
changing seat color
My C3 at Dragon's Breath Performance
TRW 340 lb. Leaf Spring
Gran Tourismo 4 pics (C3)
Questions about a good MIG welder
1970 Stereo
interior dye
Slight grinding going into reverse
Speedo cable
Dinner Friday night in Bowling Green
Stock hp on a '77?
Anyone have a font like the '76-'79 Corvette logo?
Engine question.
Cooling Problem - Theory
Battery Drain

Page: 449
Glutamine83's Morning Rant about Old Corvette Owners
If You Do Not Have A Fire Extinguisher - Get One!
400ci assistance, please...
Have you ever heard of this happening to your ignition system Big Block 427
Suggestions For Mods?
Anyone near Tuckerton, NJ?
600-mile road-trip in a C3?
1969 Baldwin Motion Corvette up for live Ebay auction
ZZ4 and my HEDMANs - ¿¿¿???
headlight switch replacement
Mach 5....(based on a 91 vette?)
How to remove a cracked center console?
What are my Rally wheels worth?
anyone got pics of autometer guages installed into factory bezels?
Gear reduction Starters
How do I diagnose this electrical problem?
Dropping the drive shaft in my 69 350
MSD Tach Attachment
break pedal goes nearly to the floor
Any free simple mods for my 69?
Dash Light Questions
Still getting air in brakes
Can it be done?
Coil spring length?
[San Antonio] Hills & Dales Classic Corvette Night
Car show (DE)
Fiber Optics repair info.
Has anyone had they'r O-Ring Brake Calipers Stick.
Anyone had their original windshield washer motor/pump restored
New guy here...question about body mounts...
Has anyone ever dealt with Performance Coatings?
Is there a special tool for this?
radio replacement
Water & antifreeze dripping...
Check out updated web site....
83 Corvette question....
edelbrock crate engines
Posting Pictures
Anybody Recognize this guy?
Red Hot exhaust manifolds, WTF??
Temperature sender
Window Tracks??
carlisle ricers
[PS2 owners] Think of me when....
72 Distributor Tach Drive Help/Suggestions
OT- Saw a REALLY ugly one yesterday
Florida Licensing Information needed
Where to get Evercoat products?
Speedometer not working. Need help.
Painting Fiberglass T-Tops, Help please
Paging Twinnie... See my post on the Red Hot Manifolds...
You guys don't know what you are talking about!
What in gods name would cause this!?
Lakewood scattershield question
what size rear tires are you running???
Power Steering fluid on empty any damage?
C3 in-dash speakers
My post 2000 calls for a little toast. Bubba style. [pic included]
Who's the guy with the White 'Vette that used my cleaner at Carlisle?
Driver Door handle won't open
turbocharge or supercharge?
White Stuff on Windshield
Corvette Corral near Burlington, IA
Brake Job/ caliper spreader
#@*& shock mount bolt
Rally Wheel Question
porting the vortec heads and installing larger valves
Bad fuel pump?.....or stupid question?
Birthday money = suspension mods !
deer strike

Page: 450
Anyone else in the process of ordering Hedmans?
Headlight door on '81 binding upon opening. Ideas?
TankSticker Forensics
Distributor Installation - Setting Proper Height
Blower Motor Inop at All Fan Speeds
Any one have a car fax account?
Wiper Door Closes on wipers on a 71
Good AR Experience...
trailing arm bushings
Vacuum Canister Leak
Key Warning Buzzer on 69
Midwest guys and gals, come for a drive...
Ignition of interior lights on?? help
Does anyone have a pic...
How much should the driveyokes move in the rearaxel?
Headlight vacuum relay question.
Original I.D. of Brake Caliper Piston Bore
sumlimital messages
No reverse ( Its making me mad)
Anyone running a 130gallon mech. pump...
Car Club Liability Question
200 4r
Has Anyone Had Their Stock Radio Converted To Digital?
gear change
Finally fixed off idle stumble - Thanks to Lars Q jet paper
Anyone used a Crimestopper alarm?
Rear Main Seal leaking...will I need to remove the crank?
mice repellant---post from last yr--do u remember?
700r4 acting up, any ideas
I need help with carpets?
wife may get mad
Another Start Problem Question?
68 convertible for $11000??
where do you find inside skins for the C3 Door
Anyone Live Near Pinehurst, NC?
Very Nice Custom Job
No Key To Wheel Locks, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1970 Frame-Off Restoration
Video of me Vette.
The neat Honda tv-commercial
77 flooding problems
Let the horsepower wars begin !
Restoration/Rebuild Questions
Oliver, (GrandsportC3) are feeling ok?
[paging] C3 Shark Tank
A knocking noise followed by a hiss, help!
Do I have a brake problem??
Left side idle screw has more effect than right?
Did 69L71 Ever Settle On the Lift Accident?
Heater control valve?
Looking for Corvette Dealers of C3's and older in St. Louis area
Honk Freakin Honk..Where the ^&%$..?
Speaker boxes heater core in my 78 with AC but....
Name that rusted part...
5-SPEED Reserch
Pictures of my toy
What color is your vette now?
Told I should disconnect vacuum advance?
Woodward Dream Cruise C3 Pics
Toronto/area dyno day final confirmation...
E-Brake Backing Plate (rear bearing assembly)
Exhaust - true dual vs. uncorked stock setup ??
t56 rear gears
Anyone live in Atlanta?
Manifold Leak
who's changed their seats over to a shoulder belt pass thru?
Something I found in the '71 today....
Questions about underdrive pulley systems

Page: 451
For those thinking of updating to C5 seats.
Low profile air filter
Bloomington Gold T shirts?
American Musclecar's 'Vette' episode on Speed channel @ 8:30edt
Dying Carpets
Is there a good way to stiffen up....
racing the vette in NH
Restauration metal parts, painted or not ?
OT: where to get custom axle cover for my truck
TPI guys, I have some questions for you all......
Roller Rockers: Where and which one to buy?
T-Top headliner removal
Flowmaster question
Do your trim rings squeek?
[DFW] Can I borrow your engine lift.
Heater\AC cotrol assembly.
carbon fiber center console pics - beta unit
Replacing the headlamp actuator seal. Can you provide a step-by-step procedure?
Anyone near Kutztown PA?
Necessary to bleed backs after front caliper change?
Fuel tank question
Help removing tie rod ends from spindles
Need help with stereo install
1'st Baldwin Motion 427 Phase III?? Help?
Holley 4150 carb question
Please help with ideas to find electrical / starting problem?
Price for a 68 hardtop?
Is this Bubba?
frame repair sections
Has anyone done BIZ is a division of Dallas Export Sales ??
what kinda heads do i have
shifter knob
Air Conditioning in my '79 is blowing out at my feet & not across the Dash Help
Anyone near Kutzville PA?
Any good Corvette shops in the Allentown and Harrisburg PA. area?
True Story..
bad electrical problems
Seat track restoration.
How to fit 5 cars in a 3 car garage!
Selling a set of original Rally Sport Wheels....What should I sell them for?
video of power steering control valve
water temp gauge pegs out when I turn headlights on.......
Couldn't wait any longer
good or bad idea,, light switch
(Tech Tip) Tail Lights - Keep Water/Dirt Out of Edges
Washer Pump Tips
Aussie Forum get together?
68 Gas Door
Lakewood Bellhousing alignment & dowel pins.
Got cool new chrome trim ring for 68 gas tank lid!! How do you mount it????
FS: '73 454 BB Carb
carb base gasket torque?
Any tips on cleaning the exterior of a carb?
Holy Crapola! BB triple water pump pulley!!!! Get them while their hot!
Diehard stick guy going to an automatic
Rebuilding 350/350hp, Need Suggestions on Good Intake
L98 Identification and Engine Dress-Up Stuff
Value without numbers
'77 Hood Removal Question
Ok, silly question but what does
lots of suspension mods and frame strengthening pics on ebay car
Air compressor ???
[PICS]Picked The Camaro Up!
need help with the headlight and wiper door assemblies ...
Who makes the best replacement side yokes?
heater core replacement - 1977 vette
Thought I found the ultimate bargain... FREE seat belts!
Help with 74 Power steering pump adjustment
1970 Rear Driver Side - Frame Repair - Where the trailing arm connects????

Page: 452
What should I do with "Wig-Wag" switch?
Gen light always on
Wire Wheels on ebay
Best place to sell/advertise a C3?
Need a Step-by-Step Procedure for Steering Box, Valve, Pump, Hoses, etc. R&R
NCM Labor Day
Radiator Support Bracket??? - Holy Rusted Metal Batman
racing the vet at Nh
Header Gaskets Recomendations
Wierd Arching on distributor cap
Still Tring to get dash lights to work--Help!
For Post 1000, I would like to thank.....
I need brake help please
Safe Paint Stripper for Radiator Shroud?
Corvette value guides?
whats the process for entering pictures with your topic?
Which pulley size is correct?
T-top storage in garage
Fuel Filter location on 76
What the *#*#* is that noise!!
GM Crate engines
Rear camber adjustment.
Vette feels like its surging while in 3rd or 4th gear.
Manifold exhaust studs
Pressure plate bolts?
'71 454 oil pan capacity...
Aluminum Water Pump
Who Remakes/Reproduces/Manufactures Air Conditioning Lines???
Pic of my '81 w/Yoko Avid S/Ts
Just got back from the drag strip...
Lets See Some War Bonnet Yellow Pics
Looking for a '73 Tank Sticker
Something you don't see everyday.
Electric Fan Sensor Location
Looking to purchase a 73 vert. Need Advice
All of you "Old" Timers
Dunlops or BFG or Goodyear or Pirelli or Yokos or ?
Missed the wave
Serp System Done (pics)
OK, got the go ahead from the boss for new paint...
First Pics - '80 Project
I have a question
75 "Stingray" fender script question?
Need some opinions on next fix.
Starter going!
Who's running a CC 270H in their Big Block and what do you think?
Free picture post site???
Gotta Leak
Lets talk Speedometer
LOOKING for a link to funny race car thingy HELP
question on half shafts
Finished....... YES.................
Alternator trouble, arg!
Okay, I"m lazy! Please help.
OT....My first 'MiniVette'
Windshield Wiper rely just buzzes on 1981.
Anyone use Edelbroc intake "knockoffs"?
Rear Spring Replacement!
Hi Beam relay
project 1981 Corvette w/383 stroker... what's a fair price?
1971 C3 Issues?
Need some ps pressure hose advice.
1980 Spark Plug wire routing
'80 Driveline of a different color
inner rear spindle seal
'75 differential yoke
Tachometer Cable
69 w/- factory flares.
What nuts for Erson Roller rockers?

Page: 453
Houston area C-3's... HRP Sunday invitation
removing signal lever with out dismantaling stering colum ??????
Rear Differential Carrier Cover Bolt Torque???
Where's Bence and his new race car?
Has anyone ever heard of walter doering of Lake Park, Fla.?
My Uncle's new toy...
400ci engine gurus!
Anyone near Pennsauken NJ?
Quick Question ...
Is this ugly or what?
What a 75 can be
Another Headlight Question
distributor gear
rear camber setting vs. offline traction
New Camaro belts, can I dye them?
Hydraboost Adapter for Drain
BB crank pulley
Interior lights all burned out???
OT Header Crazy?
Guess what I drove this week?
Before and After Frame Pictures
C3 Forum Time Saver
Electrical short problems
Wooo-hooo!! Gotta love ebay!
Body lift Questions
Getting Ready For A Little Football
Cost for a front end rebuild
bubba's homemade gasket
A story for all ages.....(long but worthy of your time...enjoy)
Gas Tank Removal
Hydroboost experts I need your help (long)
identifying motor and tranny
somewhat OT, bought a truck and it's a....
Best way to learn what most of you know.....
1981 Vette with LT-1 motor
Super clean low mileage 1978 (not a sales pitch)
headlight electrical problem
How do you mark and cut the rocker panels for Hooker sidepipes
Engine Wire Harness Install Hard or Easy???
Guage Pods for a '77?
81 350C Trans
Need Speedo Calibration Help
POR 15 or anything better
Can different oil have different oper. temps?
Anyone have the monospring front suspension?
When can you use a locking torq convertor?
rear supension/ brake questions??
Which application is best for a TH700R4??
Rechrome bumpers
Home made spreader bar update.
Timing Question - Help !!!!
Non-matching numbers engine
Speed warning speedometer info needed
68 guru's- paint color question-corvette bronze
Key tumbler on rear of 70 LT-1?
Turbo Guys... Is this a good deal?
Rear upper strut Q
Classic Car Insurance?
Fuel starved??
For those that have installed the Dewitts Rad/dual fan setup.
Diagram available or technique for making sure distributor wires not crossed
1980 Parking Brake Experts ??
Who's going to be at Carlisle today?
Front suspension ride height
AC conversion
1981 Alternator Hot Wire from Battery Junction Box R&R
C3 LS1 computers....
Try this one... Tailights...
Newbie question ... loss of battery power

Page: 454
replace 68 fiberglass frontend
Where should the front speakers be?
Well, Help Agin!!~!
Am I crazy??????
Which torque converter should I use??
After Market Mod parts for 700R4 Conversion
[Nomad78SA] Neil, here is your rocker panel pics.......
Steering wheel restoration
Help! How do you correctly install and adjust iginition points?
Battery question
1980 Interior Light Delay timer
Smog Pump Vacuum Lines?
Tranny Temp gauges
Woodburn, OR -Dragstrip today 8/22
80 Bumper replacement
Vender Kudos
Adjusting Stance (too much airspace)
Found some neat SS heater hose & by pass fittings.
Help Please...Mirror Catastrophe!!
77 side emblems
Anyone from eastern Ontario heading to Carlisle
80 style bumpers on 76
[1970 Stingray] Len, here is the Poly Mount pics.........
What Goodies Are You Going To Buy At Corvette @ Carlisle
Are there any buys to be had at Carlisle?
OK I rebuilt mycarb now to tune it
Well, I made up my mind. I will be joining the C-3 LS-1/6 speed club.
Another Starter problem
Anyone see this 79 burnout???
95 Borg-Warner 6 speed going in with my big block. Couple questions
Am I missing something here?
Experience with Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros?
Any West Coast C3 drag racers in here?
Tach outta wack?
Nitrous Purging Concerns...
What would these tires be worth
Painting/Clearcoat Question
Found '76 coupe with a 454, however........
Corvettes have doubled in price
Anyone going to Carlisle that could check out a car for me?
Removal of exhaust manifold studs
NHvette-together and pig roast went well ... almost (Danger Dave PSA)
Great video
Computer viruses... Anyone else's parts late?
Beware of the dew!
Joke: Mechanically Speaking
Hood latch question
Dual Point Distributor--How to set up??
L82 or L48 ?
(Dupe) Here is how you will recognize me at Carlisle!!
Steel fuel line routing question
Gear Vendors Overdrive?
1980 score
I should have found out price first
Stupid--remote starter switch for a BB
Please Help - Did I bend my frame at the shop?
Sad, Sad, Sad
Initial impressions of new CenterForce clutch
Custom A-Arms? Got link?
81 Tail-light problem
Cool old C3 Pic...
E-Bay Watch - What Gears for my '80?!
One more step baby step
Wheels sizes on 72??
69 t-tops 427 435hp,with many l88 parts , what's it worth???
'69 BB power steering pump--how to mount belt?
Brand new motor "CLACKING" and backfiring (HELP)
need info??!! C3 Zl-1 engien c3 zoradun vette,,trackcar??!?
I Have Borla Mufflers, But.....

Page: 455
Best L-48 Setup
Look at the price of this vette
Any Maryland caravans headed to Carlisle Friday morning?
Removing paint
Finally Completed A Few Mods Today
Speedo Gears
the wal*mart epic
Need some Refrigerant R-12, check this out
Transmission output yoke travel?
Lets talk heads.
new carb for LT-1
Cruise control compatibility question.....
Starter wiring scheme
Has anyone tried this? Wouldn't it work great on rear brakes???
Looking for advice on 77 A/C system
Update on Dale - who was burned with coolant in my driveway.
Pressed piston pins..Removal?
Thinking about purchasing a MIG welder.
Second try at a long cruise second time the car fails me
Self Advance Issue
Wire/Distributer Cap power loss
I need 1 header :lol:
Wiring up Ultra-lite gauges..plz help
Check out my new ghost flames on the '82
Oil Leak Help
Headlight Won't Go Down! Help!
Q jet choke???
Upgrading misc. driveline parts/rear end
Wiper arms
As is purchase. Any grounds for misrepresentation?
Are Flowmaster Mufflers a simple Bolt-On??
caution using Silicone sealer on sheet metal
electrical question
Horn problem solved
Close-up of a antenna
Dropping the Dash........
Tough question.
Someone double-check me on my electrical trouble shooting
MSD 6AL Problem?????
Hood Height
Fuel FLow Intermittent?
Front suspension guru's: I have four questions!!
69 frame body interior
Which tires for 1979?
Timing Questions
OT: Got a promotion.....but
Yon got to check out this E-Bay Corvette
Gas Guage
DYNO #'s-something aint right!
" Finally Carlisle..............."
1979 Horn Relay
Wiring Gurus: Fusable Links and locations???
O.T.- Got a interview with Ferarri tomarrow.. Wish me good luck!
What is the best way to re-install the wiper door on a 1969?
need help with wiring please
Vacuum Line Diagram?
Went to a great car club event last Saturday!
Thinking About An L88 Hood
[Project 79] Update on the Project
I found my tank sticker
clunk when selecting drive
Noisy Crane rocker arms
Let the super mods begin! (long and a little ot till the end)
Raise engine????
Sawzall + beer =
Question about the GF432 fuel filter
Question on Fastburn 385.
I just can't get my oil pan to stop leaking

Page: 456
I need a carb Guru troubleshooter
HELP!!!! '74 won't go out of reverse!
RONAL WHEELS at Carlisle, more...>>
Switching Hoods on a '72?
Temp. gauge off by 15 degrees!!!!
Anyone in Harrisburg Pa?
car cover
holley carb trouble, help
Horn Relay location
My C3 budget stereo solution
period correct music..... 1968
1980 frame repair
engine noises...bearing?
Paint code?
Night Ride
brake booster question
Runs on Sunday
Bleeding Brakes
Playstation 2 fans!
Who was it that used zip ties on seat covers?
Waaaaay off topic......but i need help
Calling UK Vettesters!!
Did anyone see the Keisler overdrive upgrade in Corvette Fever?
What not to do with Classic Car insurers....
Measurement for CF Clutch
CALLING LARS!!! I need carb help with my qjet!!!
Lars' timing paper.
shift plate to console?
Go cart Racing, Southern Ontario
Help me choose a new username
What is the amp rating of the stock altinator? Elec. fans + under drive pully = dead battery
How much wull GM charge for the ZZ383\425HP?
Oil Capacity for LT1 engine?
anything going on in San Antonio
Installed Tuff Stuff "Supercool" Water Pump And 180 Degree Thermostadt
1968 L88 on ebay
Starting problem on an 81
Autometer speedo guys, what speedo cable are you using???
Check your alternator impeller fan.
Help, complete electrical failure, my 1st Vette, any advice appreciated.........
Replacing seat covers
Power windows stopped workin
Finally got some work done on the vette!
objects in mirror are losers...AKA, my new mirrors
Wiring diagram for 81 power windows
AC DELCO PF 35 for a LT1?
Awesome C3!!! Take a look!
I'm a One-Corvette Man Once Again...
Steering column bearing
got my headers from jet-hot today
Engine Question
Engine seems to run too cool
slow headlights..
Was told Motor had to be raised to install headers.
c3 muffler placement...other options
Custom Pinstripes Complete - Not Dialup Friendly
New 383 Rod Knock???? OH NO!
Anyone try the AIMCO Extreme front rotors?
Back way into Carlisle ....look here
Overheating after installing headers
454 rocker adjustment
My Fan Switch Shuts OFF my Vette!!!
Show Car Sign.....what do you put on it? How big?
Wiper canister seal
Power Steering Pump Question
Which Carb to use
Coils 101
I saw at the Chevy dealer today.... two unloved, unwanted, unsold
1968 Exterior Color Question - Please Help.

Page: 457
How do I build a harness to start my engine..
Carlisle Question
How OLD are Your Tires? Near Tragedy For Me!
determining compression ratio
Door Panels
(Follow up)One Snake-Bit '74
8-Track problem (again)
If you got $25k you can get a new Gen III LS6.
List your 3 Most Recent Fixes/Mods to your Vette
1980 Air Vent Selector Experts
Brother, can you spare a screw?
Where did you buy your C3?
Having a problem with CenterForce clutch installation
Is it possible to search the archives???
Got the Vette A roomate
Summit has some good stuff on sale this month.
What do you think of this 75?
1980 electric cooling fan
Spark Plug recommendation
How do I find a good car?
K&N Extreme lid, what does yours look like?
Air conditioner vents
Performer Manifold + Lars' Distributor Recurve Kit
Faulty wiring harness problem, HELP!!
new tach circut board failed
Fuse panel help
Headlight Vacuum Schematic Needed
Secondaries don't open...
Can I live with 5" back spacing
Warning buzzer unit perhaps??
Let's review this motor set up, please feel free....
Por15 on the exhaust system ????
HELP, speedometer cable leaking ATF?
can't spin tyres
Polishing stock wheels... Got PIX?
Check out THESE rims!!!
Heat riser
"Performance Handling, The Complete Guidebook" by herb adams
L88 air cleaner ?Question
Brackets Setup??
Pac Grove & Laguna Seca pics- Steve's Pace Car & a Sweet 66 BB
Antenna Replacement?
Finally found rough/high idle problem!!!!
OK, mebbe a dumb question...
Anyone live near Portsmouth Va?
Forum Vendors on board with support for our Calendar!
Door Weatherstripping Question
GM alternative to Lakewood adj clutch fork stud
What kind of Holley mod is this?
Missing A Page In 72 AIM
How to open your hood if the release cable breaks
LT1 VS L98
Some new pics on my web page
head light pops up
Air/Fuel Guage, ZZ430-like engine, Holley750, Tuning
Teach 'em Young
What is this connector for?
AC-Plating in Bakersfield CA, any good?
me thinks i need new frame
Radio Question
Pitman Arm is killing me....
Listed my TT2's + Drag Radials in the Parts for sale section!
Wiper Motor Test
Painting Headers?
71 vette sketch or drawing ?

Page: 458
New Cam break-in. What to do, what not to do?
My DIY lift / ramps
Squealing brakes
Anyone ever heard of Martin Turbo Systems??
A few pics from Wasaga Corvette Weekend....
Non functioning horn
Block Casting Number
Paint on 72 Bumper Guards... What color?
Exhaust Tips?
PICS OF 80 L-82
C3 sales calls
Most accurate wiring schematic?
Getting the "Ring around the pinion" from local Rearend Shops
A/C Hose Question: BBC vs SBC
609hp on Pump Gas!
Frictiondiscs to the diff..
79-82 Seats question......
How Do You Get This Thing Off!
Headers and X-Pipe.
anyone have a carfax account?
68 hardtop damaged in the move...
Door Panels, Lock Mechanism, Adjusting Window Glass & More!
Just bought some ET Streets with rims :D
Matching Locks and Ignition?
Which oil Weight?
Which carb to buy
New AC lines?
New house new garage, need tips
Why do i have two horns?
TPI / Fuel injection gurus
Comparing your own car against other forum members'
Anyone know whats up with dewitts?
One Snake-Bit '74
Clutch binding
Moving steering column rearward for Steeroids install
Will a RPM air gap fit under an '81 hood with a dropdown air cleaner???
1974 Roadster carpet instalation help?????
How did you clean yor engine bay?
plugging snorkels
thanks to jvette73-john and kymmie
Finally some pictures, thanks ML67. Hope they come through!
Seat cover install update and some advice.
Anyone have a CURRENT Summit or Jegs discount code?
Is 11.3 to 1 compression ratio too much for pump gas?
Will a borg-warner T56 six-speed from a 95 Camaro work in my c3
Help with gauge cluster removal
Big Block Hooker Side Exhaust
Design and Construction of Corvette Chassis Book
painting frame and using under-coating
Gotta Chance To Drive My C3 On A One Day 400 Mile Round Trip
502 w/ iron oval ports
Engine DPFI gurus...
Anyone make a waterfall to fit a C3?
looking for 80-82 clutch pedals
Fuel Delivery Problem
Thinking of buying this 73-454, How much is reasonable?
Final finished painting my '70 (pics)
How do I wire this radio direct to the battery?
I made a new bracket.
Help needed with front clip
77 turn-signal arm removal
Strange noise in rear end
HELP!!! Sand in the Fuse Box
Timing marks
Catalytic Converter AIR tube question?
The 383 Lives!!!
What do you think of this C-1? Sat. Humor.

Page: 459
Power Antenna - 1980
Handling, heavy springs and bump steer.
Low RPM throttle responce
Hooker sidmount question
75 C3 brake fluid leak
1973 I need help to identify part...
? on Music from a Vette Video - Prowler Orange?
Help! Replacement spark plugs not fitting.
Vapor Lock...Part 2
[POLL] How many miles have you driven your C3 in the past 12 months ??
I can't find a 170 degree thermostat!
They only sent 7 pistons!
Lubricate Muncie input shaft?
How much does a litre of gas weigh?
HELP!!! 1972 Electrical System Diagram
Plug Wire routing
Diff is getting hot
1980 Cruise Control Experts - HELP!
Could somebody explain compression and why its important?
Austin Vette Show
Well the 700R4 is toast.....Crap
how to replace glass on sport mirrors?
Help buying a parts washer...
Dallas area pro's
1/4 mile times??
hood scoop
Flywheel installation.
choke stays on too long on my Edelbrock 1406
Corvettes out the wazoo in Austin/Round Rock TX
Free Dyno Day in Beaverton, OR
C3 interior differences
Help please, performance on stock L48? Kinda Long
Engine dynoing questions?
High revving vette..
Fooling Chassis Dynos
Progress report: C5 brake upgrade
Thinking of buying this '69 vert, what do you think???
Need help concerning leak around gas tank.
1st Startup Problems... distributor wiring?
A couple pics from Pacific Grove Auto Rally (Les's 69)
L88 Hood installation latch question
power valve
I'm 20, and looking to invest in a C3, I need some help
New England Dragway vette vs viper
Plug wire routing on a 79
Had a good compliment today on the vette.
Figured out how to consistantly chirp 2nd
Off-Frame Vs On-Frame Restoration
Plz advise on body panel replacement techniques (big pics)
Cool C3 toy
Does anybody have pictures of C3s with superchargers
Toledo OH to Carlisle
C3 Attack helicopter?
new C3 owner needs a little advice on tranny swap
%Oxygen relative to Air/Fuel Ratio ???
700R4 tq converter inspection shield bolts...
pics ?
Fixed High Idle, but.....
Rear Brake Rotors
test drive a 68 vette
Centerforce 2 pressure plate FYI
why does my car hate me? transmission leaking more than ever
Wiper motor Rebuild/Repair?
Is my harmonic balancer normal?
guage instead of clock
List the Top 3 Problems with your Vette...
Should this happen?

Page: 460
Need firewall pics to see what grommet goes where for a 78 vette
Guldstrands Bumpsteer Blocks
someone has lost their mind
HELP!!! Do I need a ballist resistor?
Paging all '81 owners with headers and stock carbs.......
Should I sell my TPI and get a BB?
Play in steering with new parts
Monospring or F41 front-end?
HELP!!! Stripped caliper bolt!?!
I just finished building a 1960 Corvette now I am starting a 67 BB VERT
Transmission cable adjustment: Turbo350
Any good Mopar performance web sites
Dad, I want a 6 sec Vette.
Bolt size - seat belt bolts ?
Gettin' back - back on track (get off my back) - frame repair PICS
would you 'jones' without the forum?
Calendar Car-------1973
Some probs just don't go away easy!
Center gauge cluster removal
Where to get replacement Altenator harness??
old gauges out, want cool after market gauges, got any ideas
Need Pics Of Black Bumper Cars Please
85 Wheels on a 79
Sway bars....
Pwr window motors. Shocked by price....In a good way.
Looking for Chrome Grille Inserts
New to Forum. Using JB Weld on Headlamp Support?
TH400 transmission
Ignition Coil
speedo cable: Help
Power outage just cost me the Vette for the weekend.
What piston with 58cc heads...
Old Gas tanks and fuel systems question.
Ball Joint Rivets
One night I did care about gas mileage.
Need OPINIONS Please: Who Does QUALITY Gauge Restoration??
Let's say Corvette Forum closed it's doors
Babies and Corvettes.....
Contact info for Caleodia (sp?) Classics???
Forum Booth at Carlisle?
sb 400 heads
Trouble with the Forum??
Wanna see 9 second Vettes?
Oooops..... Brain fart!!
I love this sight
Maryville Glass or anyone stocking old Ecklers parts?
headlight beam adjustment
Brake light bulb for a '79
what's my car worth?
Anyone want to give me a ride?
HELP! Looking for someone who does QUALITY re-chroming work
Happy Birthday to ME!!!!
Are you ready to howl at the moon? Check this Ebay travesty
F.A.S.T. EFI Experts please help.
Any options on getting hardener for eckler's resin locally? They forgot to send..
Dash Restoration
paging brutus
Reasonable price for new paint job???
Key warning buzzer for a 73
I have a nice box. You can too.
Has Anyone Ever Cleaned Or Replaced The A/C Evaporator?
Selling cars at shows??????
Vette brakes performance plus package
Help, my hood does not open!
Gameshow Bob - Got that LS1 runnin' yet.
trying to post pics

Page: 461
Tricks to installing clips on the seat bottoms?
How Many of You Are Arm Chair Mechanics - Sometimes?
Are you running a crate engine?
Anyone use this power bleeder?
Orange Coast Corvette - ???
Who Has Actually Installed C4 AC Blower On C3?
What color is this??
Cost to Get Bumpers Re-chromed?
fixed the problem with my alternator...
How much to replace all front chrome on 69????
Power to manual steering
Leaves blocking Evaporator
Engine Detail Tips and Tricks...please.
Looking to Buy A Vette - Here is some help
Coil springs revisited
Vacuum Problem - Help!
performance alignment specs
OT got the fastest ride of my life tonight
proform main body
Power Door Locks Sticking/Stuck
The never ending carb questions
Wanna See My New Spinners ( Pics)?
Looking for NC member that needed BB 502 info (had conf flag in sig)
seat belts in my '73 vert
Purchasing a C3
POLL: What's your Vette's Color?
700R4 shifting problems
what is this fuel thing, and do i have to drain the whole system to change a couple hoses?
Where to by TH400 detent solenoid - can't find one!
transmission wont come out, help
Air Conditioning Recharging
IMPORTANT NOTICE: No. VA Corvette Club Concours 2003 CANCELLED due to...
I'm off to the races at Bonneville Salt Flats.
Blower motor works, has power to it, but will not run off of switch?
Alternator experts... question
1979 L-82 experts please check in !!!!!!!!!
Corvette Pulleys
Painting advice needed!!!!!!
Nothing like a nice 100 mile run after work to clear the head
Popping from exhaust when shifting...
Should I butcher a perfectly good 78SA?
Finally cranked up the 355... kind of
Fuel pump looses pressure upon take off, good pressure at idle.
Oner-Heating Part II
Horn relay buzzer goes off without key in ignition
Can C5 brakes be retro-fitted to a C3??
cooling problem
How should I make my Rear End Bulletproof at 600HP?
Spark plug wires and headers
Hurst comp shifter, how hard to install..
Compression Test results - We have a problem
Installing Harmonic Balancer?
Photochopped VDO Gauges
Installing Door Wearherstripping? Please Help!
Vented gas cap question
? ON AN 80 L-82
How much to replace interior on '71???
Converting 73 front bumper to earlier 68-69 chromies???
Kilometers to Miles
Calling BSEERY/ AZ Vette Owners....
Mako II
I really want my Hydroboost!!!
how do you post a pic on here
8" Harmonic balancer
Alternative for C3 Pop Up Headlights?
Old Red to New Black interior for My 81

Page: 462
Steering Shaft Play Question
Wipers and Fan circuit.... Common problem?
Starter Weirdness
L-82 balancer install
Camaro 10 Spoke SS Rims on a vette?
My Home Computer is Down
Cold air intake for my engine? Scoop?
which mini starter should i get
Help with date code on 73 Big Block water pump
Vaccum system troubleshooting and replacement?
Good places to find used C3's???
[CARFAX] Can someone please run a VIN for me?
Front Chrome Bumper help needed
paging dath, frame issues
woodward mininvan cruise
Tach Help
Girls!! My Former 1979...
WASAGA !!!! 2 weeks away ... Who's going and when?
Show and Shine -- Sunday, Aug 17 -- Danbury, CT -- Cruise??
Keisler's at Carlisle - has a ring to it - don'y ya think ?
Pics of my rotted bushings
1980 spark plug wires
Pulling transmission w/out removing exhaust?
Cool Muffler Setup
Wiper Door Opens when Car is Started???
carb rebuild question
Tachometer.... mechanical to electronic?
Coolant flow question
how do you clean your tank?
VBP monoleaf f/t susp
The case for the RARE 1979 Corvette...Uncommonly common
how to adjust cruise control
My web page is now in
Driveshaft loop update
Sports Mirrors for a 1977 corvette
82 cross-fire engine rebuild
'82 owners-please help
Kudo's and many thanks.....
No more PF-25 oil filters?
Which one to go for, opinions needed
do you watch "Windtunnel" ?
fuel gauge not working
What Are These Wires For On My 1969 Convertible?
I Can't find any info on Neutral Safety Switch. Anybody have some ?
Where can I get a fuel filter with a return line?
Convertible or LT1/air?
Correct me if I'm wrong....please !
any one know about corvette spinners?
Found a 79 coupe, C-3 guys, I need your advice!
Head bolt and gasket sealant
this is gonna make me sound dumb, dont be to harsh
Another Wheel/Tire question..
Any clubs with blocks of rooms for Carlisle have any extras?
Door pillar weatherstrip question
rear end lube??
"Corvettes For Kids" - Road Tour 2003, Sept. 14, Greater Toronto Area info.
Can someone post a pic of what jack should look like when in car?
Where should I buy ring & pinion from for the '82?
1979 Center console trim removal question? HELP!!!!
rear end trouble
Just bought some parts from Zip...
Hey Hosers!
Yo "SIGNGUY" I like that box!
L-82 vs L-48
Help with transporting new C3 across country!!!
Rochester Q-Jet identification...
vettes in hawaii
Brake Problem...

Page: 463
weatherstrip R&R DIY info?
Lars, other carb Guru's
Ride upgrade from 71 to 82
68 L88 Vert on eBay
Best Headers to use with TKO and Steeroids on a '68 BB???
Corvette Magazines?
Any electronic conversions for MSD Pro Billet dists.?
81 LT-1 powered vette makes MotorTrend appearance
Does this sound like a blown head gasket?????
M21/M22 trans differance?
How much SLOP at your rear Wheels?
95 Seatbelt pic.
Heavy Duty Starter (Mean Green)
Modified Seats
Personalized Plate Search-Help!
radio bezil mod
Nice '69 for cheap on ebay
70 ls5 cluster guage problem
Hybratech install questions...??
Anyones knob as hot as mine?.....
Color observation
What am I missing here????
Found some rust on my 81 need advice
Is It Possible To Order An Original 1972 Dipstick?
Qjet Carb
tilt-a-vet ???
kick down switch connector for '73 TH400
1.6 : 1 rocker question O/T
Lights and Wiper door will not go down on 1968
dies on hard turns
New alternator yesterday, still not charging.
Nitrous Oxide in an 81 vette
SB 400 w/2 bolt mains? Where should I look?
Steering Column ???
Anyone interested in a tilt front end?
Why is this 76 not selling?
Painting new mechanical components
Free Engine anyone?
Does it really make a difference?
Need air cleaner for demon on top of LS-4
Snorkel covers for L-82 intake
Oil cpacity of a 454 ci engine
Movable BB.
502 HO problems???
Corvettes on Speed Channel
I think I am retiring the 78 from Drag Racing
New wiring for entire car??
Anyone here live in New Jersey?
Mallory Unilite distributer
Very important...Test fit your headers!!!
Curiousity Q?Anyone know if there's a Grandsport kit available still?
Finally Got One!
electric choke conversion
WINTER JAM 2...Gainesville Road Course, this is the place to sign up
turbo cost for a c3
Kinda OT, but OMG this car is phat!!!!
do we have a buyers guide?
Is my 1972 convertible the last bumper car convertible built?
What books should I get to restore my C3 ??
Check out my engine combo..
Why are ½ of my plugs covered in a Thick Brown Crud?
Is It Possible To Take A Dipstick Apart?
4spd shift rattle, leason learned
Options on 1969 using your VIN #?
[paging] Van Steel..
Where to get 3/8" fuel feed and return lines that have stock routing???
69 trim rings question
Clutch problem
Wiper door bolts are NOT 1/4-20!!!

Page: 464
One hot Mama(My wife)!!!!!
Reverse Shift Lever on '71 4 speed
Arrrgh, engine fireup issues...
What should the Forum be used for?
front lights in the uk
Will a Holley 850 be useable for this application?
Air in brakes...but no fluid loss
Old Super Chevy Mags, anyone have some?
HELP!!! The seat cover install not going well......
Mixed Signals
Matt Gruber...o2 question for you and anyone else
Decals, manuals, and books
Needs Advice on upgrades
need a wheelchair carrier
Paging PyjamaSam, a possible solution to your starter problem
Is Lars still rebuilding Q JETS for us forum members?
Motor help! AZ D&J machine, ebay motors?!?!
Report on Little No Name
Need a header recommendation for our 79 Project
Need estimate
Power Window Adjustments
Need engine tuners opinion
Very nice 71 in the Dupont registry
Contrary to popular opinion,825 HP IS streetable!!
700R4 or 2004R?
Custom 66 in NW Texas. Excellent workmanship!
Where to get frame patch panels?
I need some initial tuning/timing help...
Carb question
2nd Request re: luggage rack
Better hurry! $870.00 Teak steering wheel.
my rim choice what you think?
165 MPH speedometer, and 8500 RPM tach
Help troubleshooting short in ignition wire...
Ready for the Woodward Dream Cruise
Poker Run .. Recap
My Power Steering Isn't
Could anyone out there help me with the Brake Booster (vacuum assist) on my 1978 Corvette?
Frame off??
Seats are in!
Just saved another C3 last night! :D
Bought Chrome Master Cylinder
Trialing arm bushing replace vs rebuilding the trailing arm.
1969 L-36 engine problem, did this happen to anyone
Attention 82 Collector Edition Corvette Owners!
New Exhaust In!!!
Texas inspection tips...
Are these stock exh manifolds?
OT - Q-jet number
Check Out These Motors.
VIN Numbers Mystery
81 corvette panel lights
Circuit breakers instead of fuses?
69 350 8" balancer - will it clear crossmember?
How are the seatbacks supposed to be mounted
Another AC Question
Anyone been to the Valparaiso Corvette Show??
Stupid brakes !
Up-date on body off project.
compressor vibration 1981
TEXANS : How did the C3 do in 109 f. temps ?!
Say what???
OMFG, Poor C3! Why would someone do this conversion?!?
Adding a/c to a non-a/c vette
Weeping/Sweating Fuel Line at Carb
Carb problem, Lars or other Guru's

Page: 465
Undercar Insulation???
255/60-15 Dunlops vs Bridgestones, any opinions?
Driveshaft loop for C3... options?
First day pics of my 69 vert!
Phoenix - Here I come!
Need some expert opinions
Just finished off Lars' ignition kit.
Mandrel bent exhaust in SE wisconsin, northern Illinois...
warped tunnel covers
Neat Original Owner Storey (mid-year owner)
Manifold to Header change?
Tach Rebuild
Finally found the cause of the off idle stumble
Vacuum Gauge As A Tuning Tool........
Brakes on a 1981 Coevette
Rolls in Park :'(
Notice: name change from Tot. Area Vetters/Sharks etc to Tor. Oddlots
700R4 Trans temp gauge readings
Orange wire with black stripe coming from fuse panel????????
Electrical/Coil/MSD question - duhhh!
Ever see a split window C-5?
When should my secondaries open
Anybody dealth with this company ?
Toronto Guys...FREE BEER!!!
You would never believe these are the same rotors
how is the charging system wired???
Home garage
79- window regulator question
burnt my paint.....
So who here is running a blower?
Resetting check engine light on a 82
78 Corevette Silver Anniversary?
Burnout gif...
Removing Rear Spindles
update on rebuild install
Pin HOLE in GAS tank!!!
rear shock r/r in TX
69 Factory side pipes question
How do you secure the parking brake cable?
Toronto Yonge Street cruise - soon?
Carlisle detailing clinic
16" or 17" Rallye Wheels
So who did I walk by at America's Covette Show
Seatbelt Removal Problems, Stuck Bolt
Any special things to check from -82 CE
What are these heads?
Anyone ever buy a car long distance?
Brake question, Rotor Rivets
Calling 454CanAm
Cheap Seat belt suggestion?
I met some Corvette Forum people today
Will this overheat my motor?
396 -> 454
Ontario guys. Where can I get used parts?
Pops, sometimes backfires when I let off the gas.
1971 A/C
700R4 -- weird behavior
87-95 Engines, are the heads the same patern as vortecs?
Choclate Milk!
Paint expert question. How to make all the body lines straight? Lars?
Carlisle-Rechromed Bumper Companies Attending?
Anybody else running CC 286h cam? My vaccum is very low
Any one know if any garage rents out a bay and a hoist ?
i am tired of fliping my gas cap
Toronto Guys, where's the best place to buy shocks??
Steering Column Lock Cable Binding! Help!
Modern Convertible Top Material
Here's a new one......
OT: Ever do a burnout???............. On a Dyno?
b/b hood clearance. what manifolds?

Page: 466
what carb ?
Poll---Tranny tech section?
the brakes are not working!!
Ebay bidder buying spree
Finding birdcage rust
Having one of my Centerline rims re-sealed..
Houston, We have body separatation!!! (long)
O/T-Knock-offs on a 1967
Short throw shifter
Anyone ever disassemble power antenna mast shaft?
March underdrive pulleys-who has 'em
Need to shift body for tire clearance .
Plugged Bypass valve..
# matching Clone Pace car on e-bay????
What do you think about this idea?
I Have Gone Competely Crazy
What engine to use?
What is a "Power Steering Rack"
can't find this piece anywhere.
Rear window defogger
First year at Carlisle, question about vendor parts availability.
Corvette Storage
1976 neutral safety switch
'82 performance question
Smart Shopper
Going To Pick Up My Car On Monday!
Kudos For Gary Gruhala
has anyone here relocated their battery?
stroker kit need advice
BB guys using cast aluminum timing belt covers.
Going to the Dyno
15x8 Knock-Offs - Are they available?
High gas prices rant
Differential cover removal
Anyone else having chrome problems?
Does Anyone Know Inside Diameter of Lower Radiator Hose?
Is this worth price and no hassle for differential oil change?
Pennsylvania emissions testing (Long Post)
Comp cams 268XE users I have some questions????
Body Bushings Question
Power window question/help
Leaky power steering heads up.
6 speed
A/C ? how much pressure should you read on the low side?
New Spring Size ????????????????????
What set Gymkhana suspension apart?
Chevy engine part and casting number books
81 vette upgrades
Engine troubles!
Is this a safe jacking point on the C3?
(8/9) Inspected part of the birdcage last night
76 - Oil Pan Replacement
Amp Ground '79
Zoops polish protectant?
Check out the underside of this Vette
New Memeber
Windshield post replacement/VIN tag replacement
Check Out This 69.
what to clean my soft top with?
Tons of Corvette pictures.....
69 help
Is there a dowel pin for crank to flywheel?
Z06 gauges in a c3?
Wheel, Gear & Seed Calculator
More speed please
sick body kit
Finally ordered new rims
Wet or Dry
New Wheels

Page: 467
Thoughts on Thermoglass exhaust wrap
Cruisin With The T-Tops Off
O.k. C3 guys...I need your professional opinions!!!
Stress Cracks
Balanced Themostat
1976-79 ACDelco EGR Vacuum Control Switch
I have a Question
Anyone have a nice clean pic of how 68 rocker panels should look?
Can oil leaks cause clutch to slip?
Seat Disassembly?
CO detector goes off, call fire Dept...and guess what.
Is there a way to know if your ECM is bad?
Does anyone know the torque for the three bolts on the spindle/steering knuckle?
Testing for short circuits
Wiper Switch Question
seat track question
78' rear spring?
New pic of our vettes
It's so cool........
1970-1972 a/c blower-fan
NADA Guides/Rally Sport Package
Dampner to crank distance
transmissions, which set up i need, and how i like to race
OT NEW 04 vette
what circuits are un-fused in a C3?
Side Pipe Shields (anyone deal with this company?)
t shirts
Corbeau Seats
Wipers work only when washer button is pushed???
Which service manual is best for C3
My 1969 Convertible is Painted and back Home!!! (Pics)
$$$$...but it looks new!
Need to Rant
78 carpet
AC Front Adjuster Brace
Vacuum and Emissions Hose Routing
A Couple Rearend Questions
Love at first sight... can hurt!
Brought home a 69vert today!!!
How do I Remove and replace Stingray Fender script
Air cleaner for Performer Vortec manifold & stock hood
Whata You Think Of MY New Wing Nut? (pic)
Detroit area bumper rechrome group purchase.
tried 8 times, still cant get trannypan to seal
heavy duty valve springs
Are there any honest mechanics out there?
Heater Hose
Texas Emissions on a 77?
Heater Control Valve under hood went South, What did you guys do to fix it?
Does anyone out there have any advice on car-bra's?
Any [B]good[/B] subsitutes for pillar pod gauge mount on C3?
Exhaust heat damage to fiberglass floor-pans. Can fix upsidedown?
Autocross video
Clutch problem???
OT- pics of the truck i bought
Tilt/Telescoping Column Rebuild?
Just Ordered Keisler 5 Speed
Keisler 6 speed details and pricing
Toronto/area Dyno day..update
Found a TKB Big block today, but....
Going to the 1/8 mile tonight.
700R4 & 3.73s: too MUCH gear ratio???
What size socket to remove pitman arm nut?
OT Wicked looking kit car, what do you think ?
rebuilt the Q-jet....
Spinners (pic)
Exhaust issues
Vroom, Vroom

Page: 468
Timing HEI?
1980 Mystery Wires/Connectors under shifter console
What Mod are you most happy/disappointed with?
New A/C System need help!!!!How much oil??????
Holley 950..
Finally... pics of my '69 BBC vert !!
Saw a C-2 Grand Sport Replica yesterday.
some vette show pics
Jet Hot Coating
Carb question from an aquaintance:I don't know the answer.
Prototype Spied!! (Many photos)
No longer a troll!!!!
What do you think of this 80 on ebay?
Not to late: Come to our pig roast and 'vette-together on Saturday
Rebuild engine, good deal or not?
Advise needed, manual tranny that will handle 850 HP
PS controller installed, 100% improvement.
VBP Smart Struts
What happens to VIN when replacing frame????
What type of guage can I replace the clock with?
throw-out bearing Delco part number?
78 R134 conversion adapter won't fit on hose assembly
No matter how careful you are ... ...
Just bought flares for all 4 fenders
4x4 corevtte!!! wait to you see this
Reading/Learning Material
Hooker sidepipes question???
Holy Crap....
Vauxhall VX220 Turbo...I think they borrowed styling cues from C3
Gave 8T1 Bionic Vette a treat tonight....Racing Gas 100
Can somebody tell me what these numbers mean?
Theft Horn HELP
Help with carb...
Anyone ever have electrical problems in their 80Vette? Please come forward and tell.
Anyone know an easy way to find if balancer has slipped?
Dealing with vapor lock
Flex Fit Front and Rear Bumpers from Ecklers??
People who know SUSPENSIONS, Vette or 90's GM
Rewiring of blower fan, radio, & lighter.
What's the best high perf. clutch for my C3
Saw the coolest C3 of my life yesterday
Turn Signal Flasher
Broke my car =(
Power Stearing Pump?
My stuff from Van Steel looks so good I decided not to put it on the car....
Steering Gear Box Question
Power Steering Fluid check......???
How much is a disassembled car worth?
Fusible link help on a 74
What would you say to this issue?
Differences between C2 versus C3 <> Mechanical and Body, fit and trim
what kind of balancer is this?
Hard to find part, any ideas?
79 Suspension Issues
Show off your Engine Compartment?
Anyone ever seen these on a chrome bumper car?
pics of "winter project" progress to date
Any news on Merlin's old vette lately?
rear end questions
What engine for me ??
rear wheel fender flares?
Lower Ball joints
Help Replacing steering wheel!!
looking for good shops
planning to make video footage of my Corvette
I just listed a Corvette for $1500 in C3 For Sale
stupid timing questions

Page: 469
Mounting Side Pipes on a 69?
1970LT1 distributor problems
Tuning Help, Please!
Heavy Duty Coolant system flush additive question
Someone Gave Me These Spinners Today (pic)
What color speedo gear for 71 BB auto w/4:11's
Do composite spring settle ?
2 more g-thech runs, starting to get the feel of this thing a bit
How to remove windshield scratches caused by wiper?
Removable rear window tray
O/T Check Out this Blower for Honda Step throughs
Vapor Lock??
Can air compressors be bored and stroked for more AC?
Brake system info
Help locating the EST bypass wire on an 82
Where To Get Chrome Stud And Bolts That Hold On Master Cylinder?
Which engine do you want?
What are the specs on the LS5 and LS4 cams?
Tilt steering advise (change out)
Hooker Side Munts: Anyone have to use spacers?
Is this your 68 convertible?
Pressed pin to floating pin..
Sweet C3 roadracing at the local track.
Los Angeles Hooters Anaheim and NHRA Museum Gathering August 10th.
383 Install Pics...
Deal of the day
L-88 ?'S
What Radio Do You Have? Stock or Aftermarket
Keisler 6 Speed pics - really :-)
Forum Calendar - Your input needed
Anyone looking for a pretty nice '69 coupe?
Take apart C6 yoke for Tremec: Need info
can you get optional 1st gear in tremmec?
FYI-Fixed a long, ongoing brake problem
I hate to say but my 71 car is for sale!
Danny Whitfield of Autovision Artwork?????
Vette buyer strikes again
Installed Trans Temp Gauge -- What do you think?
Hello from Enduring Freedom
How far is the brake pedal supposed to travel?
How does a color change from original affect the value of a car?
Removing Console
Attn: Finns...
Noisy Roller Tip Rockers?
How much would you pay for my car?
Alternator part number
Bad Day for the '77
Good Price On A '68 'Vert
Full synthetic engine oil comparison: Mobil 1 vs Castrol
Check out my Stainless Steel Dash Kit!
This stroker has one more chance!
couple sub questions...
Original side pipes for 69 Value?
Need a ignition sw. I can't get my key out of the ignition.
Where the heck is the timing mark !
Are there any 10 second streetable C3's in the Forum???
Windshield Replacement: Anything to watch out for?
i need help with saomething please
Computer engine code retrieval
Hooker vs Hedman
HELP!! Floorboard holes
WANTED: R/Window Defogger Relay help!
summit order advice
Security Systems
Chrome AC Compressor
What is a L82 or, L8?
Whats it worth? 69 vette
all corvette show 8/9 joliet,il don't miss this one
Thorley Nickel Plated Headers vs. Dynomax Ceramic Coated Headers
78 Pace Car T-top?

Page: 470
Original or Custom?
Window Motor going
Loose smart struts
76 Vette Value
LT1 vs L36
(Tampa Bay Misfits) Check into this thread for a possible party.
Warning light lenses, where to buy?
1969 monaco L88 for sale
Octain Boost Additives????
centrifigal supercharger
Replace dash speakers, Help please
Correct timing help???
Carb question for Lars or anyone else who would know....
GM Performance Crate engine swap
Anyone have a CenterForce clutch in an '80
1st time Vette owner seeking help.....(long)
'69 BB cool running now!!
Attn moderators - & hacked
ebrake handle parts
Finally got my shark!
Questions about Automatic to Stick conversion?
Any NCM member feel like placeing an order for me??
need help finding parts for 72
Edelbrock intake/holley carb
To shield or not to shield?
Basics of oil leaks and filth...
Seat belt too short.
Motive Power Brake Bleeder
71 Experts Please Enter
454 vs 496..
Intake manifold (Performer RPM) question
Got my Summit Order in yesterday...
Federal Mogul engine kits
Picture of my 75,I hope
removed all fuses, battery cables get hot as soon as connected, won't start
Location of the valve cover engine cod sticker?
Distributor hose connection to carb
I saw an 80 advertised for really cheap yesterday.
War Bonnet Yellow
Special C3 Parking at Corvettes @ Carlisle 2003
FREEBIE.... Car Fax Report. Good through 8/6/03
Looking at 1977 need some help.
Z06: OMG!!!
HELP!!! How do I wire my starter?
Picture of my 82
B & M shifter
Picked up the vette from the shop today....BIG GRIN !!!
Any tips or tricks for seat upholstery installation?
will PS control Valve need adjustment
Another Cruise control Q
Who's got FE7/F51?
Slightly O/T: Sears air compressor - Any good?
Composite Monospring Woes
ATTENTION '81 OWNERS: differences between st. louis and BG, wiring
Fiberglass, SMC & Epoxy .. HELP
So, What Is Involved In Changing The Master Cylinder?
Big Block Header question, Help me decide !
Modification for LED tail lights
AR Torq-Thrust II wheels, who's got 'em?
Upper Radiator Hose for a '79... which one?
Anyone in Sioux City, Iowa
Calling anybody with an 80 vette, can you check something for me??
Special timing cover for Roller Cam???
where to get bbc brackets OEMor after market
battery light
Eastwood Hi temp Coatings?
Big Block Oil Slinger, needed or not?
seat belt help (pics)

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Interior door handle.
Don't Ya just love It.................
What Advantages Does a Quartz Clock Have Over an Electric Clock?
OT - What should I buy for a back up cruiser during painting...
7/16th Torque Converter Bolts (my day for questions)
Has anyone bought from this company?
VBP Suspension Kits
I got new tires, but it has this blue stuff on it...
Article on Cooling system basics for 63-82
T-5 tranny install
Need Edelbrock Intake ID
Problem with Fan High Speed
New mod....vette running like garbage!
Where to connect vacuum advace on carb?
Stupid Freakin' Shifter
Woo in Aug.
WOO HOO first in class
78 Pace Car owners, tranny pan question.......
Bubba never ceases to amaze me
Forgot to fill torque converter...
I posted this question in the for sale forum but hope to get better results here
OK I am ordering today unless any of you stongly disagree
How do you make your engine compartment wiring cleaner looking.
Help - Power Window
6 sawzall blades, 1 hour and $10.
Brake calipers sucking air?
AC Lubricant
Corvette is drawing 7.6 Amps with the key off.
So, Our Cars Are A Year Older
66-82 Vettes most stolen collector cars!
Big brown brought me some new toys........
Yet another weird little problem
What does a radio delete plate look like?
Hey, where do you buy your engine parts?
question on installation of aluminum locator plates on crossmember
Relocation of Emergency brake brackets on T-arms
Squealing sound...source?
Engine Install Questions... (yes, more!)
What temperature difference can I expect....
Vacuum level?
Posting picture?
10th Corvette Meet pics from Finland
Dreaming... about cars
70 Rochester Carb Pics???
B&M stall converter?
Any Correct Electrical Diagrams Out There?
Which grade of Oil to use?
Mid Winter Corvette Run Lake Taupo
75/76 fuel tank
Found where my oil is leaking, but what is THAT part??
Bilstein shock absorbers
Bubba's Next Two Most Valuable Tools
Dr Rebuild, anyone buy from them
First Time In The Rain!
Austin Show & Shine on Brodie ln.
List your mods on your C3:
Chrome plating on Plastic?
How many members have a 73 convertible?
Got a pair of drag 0 to 60 was 2.7 what do you think .I WILL
9 Second IRS C3........... :D
Has Bars Leak made anyone else's car run hot?
How do you remove the knob? Help!
aluminum radiator
Help and advice needed please!!
Vette meeting in Gemund , Germany.
Forst impressions of new motor combo
rear mono spring questions
corvette boneyard in So. Cal?
4 speed identification??
What is the Offset of stock C3 Alloy wheels?

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OHHHH! What a feeling...
modified spoiler
sandblasting rims
wiper door owners--HELP!
Battery Question
just gotta love the C3
my car was invited to be in a show...
do you think this could be master cylinder???
How screwed am I?
Bill Mitchell crate motors
C.A.T Rods...
Electric Fan Setup????
Can someone explain how to operate the seats in an 82?
Tire question
Long Island Corvette Tuner (?)
What gives with the GTech HP measurements ?
Muffler for a 79
Corvette Show&Drag GA/TENN Sep 21
Determining Size of Harmonic Balancer
SR Gaskets, better ones needed
Air Cleaner Seal on 1973
OK, now I'm confused. Offset vs. Backspace
Which Of These Valve Covers Do You Like Best?
are these a good buy?
Just weighed my car, big suprise for GTech users
Along with NEW junk parts.......
The Longer I Own This Car
'69 at the drags my TH-350 skipped 2nd gear at WOT (and still ran 13.880)
Torker II vs. Performer RPM Manifold.
Need some help with exhaust manifold numbers please.
Where to buy AC-Delco Oil Filters?
Replacing Heater Core - 69 Conv. w/Air
Mutso-bitchy tranny....
Colder AC ?
help, gonna try to strip car's paint myself
niagara on the lake bike trail
70's features
Has anyone had problems installing Brute Force U-joints?
Need advice in new Distributor and Ignition
160 Degree Thermostat
if a live horse was dyno tested how many HP would it have?
Drove the 73 with the 396 today for the first time!
Ummmm this is different.
Dyno #s - Where is my bottleneck?
One rough Saturday?
Roll-A-Way $79 garage AC up and running
What is better on a c-3 17" wheels or 18" wheels
THinking about putting a 78 interior in my 76, will it work?
Poll: 1975 Coupe or Convertible
Engine experts ! Quick question
pics of Z06-style wheels on a C3
Switch to TPI?
Check out my new plates! Cool or what?
New Keisler Website Up!
Greetings Forum Members
Painting Bumpers 76 Vette
Which Alternator to use?
6 speed - installed view
oops, empty master cylinder
1972 Seatbelts needed (new/refurbished)
More Keisler 6 speed pics
test - ignore
Keisler 6 speed install pics
75 Front Bumper removal??
I think everyone should own a pair of "Mechanix" gloves.....
Engine runs but only on 6 cylinders
What's Your Experience with Headers and Proximity to Steering Box?

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Anyone have experience with synthetic transmission fluid?
custom hood
Thoughts on this cam for a 383 build.
Went for a ride tonight... car died. Help
Installing new plug wires on an 82...
engine to frame ground cable
Hey, whaddya know... C3 depicted in an arcade game..
OT, buying and selling cars
New Name, New Status.....
MSD vacuum / mechanical ??
(OT)For a short time only... "FREE" positive feedback auction on E-bay
Okay....installed distributor....started the car......
For those wanting to do serpentine belt conversion.....
Modified 383 LT1 conversion - stock harness & efi or aftermarket like DFI?
Fuel Line Flares
eagle forged crank
What is G-tech?
[1973] automatic shifter "pointer"; where to buy????
Electrical Question: '74 Sequencing Module
Car show
Electrical Question: '74 Alarm
T-top leaks on 1971
Are cast aluminum tranny pans worth it?
Glad to be here.
Diesel oil in a gasoline car?
Do I need to degree my camshalf?
Do I Need Professional Help Or am I Ok or To Far Gone
Salvage yard supplied electric fan...
'75 Speedo Removal??
what octane for 10:1CR?
NEW canvas soft top pics!
Who Has Classic Or Antique Plates On Their Corvette?
Battery cut off switch....what is best
Corvette that has been sitting for awhile
Headlight support brace broke loose, now what? UPDATE
Have You Seen This Car Before?
At the drags last night: my '69 BB & C5 (vs. ZR1 too!!!)
installed my new tach circut board today...
option sticker question
Location of 1980 Oil pressure sensor ???
ac question
Two thumbs up for the vette. A wreck today.
Power steering pump?
Steeroids Install
Best parts supplier
Anyone have a carb/EGR etc vaccum diagram?
New Engine Fireup Advice?
Voltmeter Readings
Correct way to use a Pitman Arm Puller
BB hood number measurements needed!
Edelbrock Performer Carbs
Carlisle just around the corner...anyone going?
Breather & PCV Grommets
? about wheels.
Jim Shea: Steering column tool> Pivot Pin Remover
seat rubuild / reupholstering question
Painting the Vette--Is this difficult?
My Former 1979 Still Looks Great!
VIR AC System Temps
Remanufactured Steering Box - Ebay??
Resonators/Pre Mufflers?
'75 Luggage Rack
Well, after 8 hours she awoke form the dead…
Poor old 74 Vert...Someone save her
Is There Going To Be A Cruise-In V?
'68 on ebay- "all it needs..."
may go to a big block
Dream CarGarage...Installing the soft-top of the L88 Today.
'75 L-48 Stock Heads

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Power antenna removal help needed on 1979 Vette
81' Drivers seat back!
75 convertible L-48 - Heat, Carb, Brake lights, blower
Q'Jet Secondary Adjustment
'69 Balancer Part/Casting #?
Did anyone ever confirm the temp sensor from the volvo's?
Can a power antenna be fixed without removing the drivers muffler?
corvette american interior parts
Laugh later, right now...where's the @*%$ fusebox?
A/C Assistance
OT, E-bay, bonehead with 0 bid life just messed up this sleeper.
corvette magazines
Finally got some pics up. Have a peek.
Bouncing Tach??
Coolent Temp sender in block(stock location)
Concours Car Show
Shipping arms to Europe..Lars and the CCC)
Basic Mods for a '79 L48
How to remove the front spings?
Need some intake manifold help.
Quiz: How to avoid water in the gas tank!
Special tools needed to service a tilt steering column
Long bolts to drop the rear...
Does this plate frame exist?
Need opinions on brake lines...
Win A 73 From 3Com
Help on Paint Problem
So Close, Yet So FAR
1980 Oil Pressure gauge
engine rebuild
Transmission Coolant Lines !@#$
My lights do WHAT???
Finally found an awesome alignment shop!!
ZAINO First application--------WOW!
Damn! Doctor Rebuild has some sweet vettes.
Power Steering Pully
Looking for this '68 - have vin number inside...what companies can I use to help locate it?
questions for those of you with lars-tuned carbs...
Help Me Find Some Decent Chrome Valve Covers (Pic)
Thanks to those who came by today...
Los Angeles Jack78 Memorial Poker Run September 14th.
need tips on front seal replacement
Starter alignment question
Anyone ever install P/B on a non-P/B C3?
Hood Insulation Replacement...
Which weatherstripping kit?
[RANT] Replacement parts that don't fit
Water Leak In Kick Panel Vents
all corvette car show 8/9 in joliet,il
Wiper - exploded view
Brake calipers
windsheild washer problems
I keep losing a cylinder!!!!
Tuning before starting
Body Dolly
Hedman Hedder Flange thickness
What's the easiest way to get stale gas out of the tank?
will zr1 or z06 9.5 inch wheels fit c3 with stock trailing arms?
Steering Wheel Recovering
History of your vette
HP Question???
Straight axle conversion
How can I get a hold of Merlin and it's new owner?????????
Need Advise on Rear Window in a 77
Any one know how to remove the shift knob?
New San Diego Drag Strip
Brake issues.....need help

Page: 475
Door shields (clear Plastic) replacement 76 vette
please post pics of your hooker super comp headers part# 2134-HKR
Determining correct timing degrees?
Hedman Side Pipes
Where to find?
TH400 Troubles (oops used FORD tool)
Soft Top Color - Pro's and Con's
75 rear bumper cracks
No plate ticket...took care of it today...
Timing chain or Gear Drive?
Turbine Wheels need a cleaning
OT- Anyone ever see the movie "Junkman"
Guess What I Found!!!!
Any one Using Electric Impact Wrench
need help in ohio w/454
Crankshaft sprocket install - Heat?
Is Propane hot enough to loosen bleeders
Aluminum flywheel for BB?
1980-81's with 700R4 transmissions .....
78 nose collapsing
South Caroliners
DeWitt's Spal Wiring Question?
1982 CFI Idling at 2-2.5K
latest girls i picked up
Trustworthy repair shop in Abilene, TX??
Removing concrete ...
Pitman Apm Play
Rigged a way to cap and uncap STS baffles in 5 Min.
Q-jet, divorced choke - reassembly - any tricks?
Its all mine!!!!
putting interior back together tips needed
'81 intermittent engine knock at idle
350CID questions.....
engine retrofit
What is the best way to sell a car to an overseas buyer?
Suspension advice...what to get?
bellhousing area; what am I missing?
[Lots of pics, not dial-up friendly] Interior Project
Fuel Pressure Regulator pics and advice
A Simplistic Question For All You "Know It Alls"
Houston i have a problem - need help with seats and heater core
17X8 tire question.
Rear bumper holes mystery solved!
Update on my BTO 700r4 no park situation.
Electric Seat Motor
gave the vette a good washing yesterday, with regular unleaded
Got a good deal today on stock rims / caps / rings
Speaking of Broadcast Codes
Carlisle For the Forum.....
distributor end play shimming
Pontiac finally going to drop the Firebird and Camero?
damn cat...
Finally got the C3 that I always wanted.
Roll-a-Way AC for the garage?
New G-Tech best...
AC Cutoff Switch
Starter Party(Houston)... HELP!
Corvette production 1980
Toronto Enthusiasts, I need your Help and Suggestions
5 Speed Console Plate
Any 700-R4 trans guys out there, need some help
Yay new tires!!!
Just Got Back from Toronto Canada, What an eye Opener
What do you and your sig other call it when
I thought my steering wheel fell off!
LOUD radio noise
OT: Really Peeved with Pep Boys and Peeved is Nice way of saying it!

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radiator cap for a '75
I just tried some paint remover on my
Best place to buy aluminum radiator?
temp sensor (again)
Found a 454bb with HI PER PASS F9 in the?
Engine finally done!! Dyno results...
Parking brake replacement
'75 Tachometer Prob
Fastest Street Vette in Texas VI
side exhaust ???
77' 350, automatic.....what size exhasut manifold outlets...???????
Hot Legs II
They're stuck! I need help getting the calipers off!
more pics of my new 77
TH400 shifting for stock 350
how do you move a dead car 10' by yourself?
Yipee!... fixed my Cruise Control!!
Double Pumper or Vacuum Secondary?
Question for DavidOrr
Our new toy!
Who Has BowTie Chrome Valve Covers? Pics ?
Small block ((Question)) HELP Motor gurus help please!
Coilover pictures... it works
Lost my cap...
Leak from Speedo Cable -- not at trans!
heater control vaccum line
Basic front wheel bearing question
Underbody care
Backup lights always on.
Seat belts that don't retract
Who's C3 with TX's plates is on a car carrier in MI?
Mine's 10 inches...of vacuum at idle. What's Yours?
North DFW lunch thursday
Hot lead for the distributor is not getting power????
Demon Carbs Question (s)!!!
Coupe to Convertible Conversion
Alternator pulley, drivebelts, and a lot of beer
O/T - 14 Hours of paintball in Ontario, Canada
76 comaro seat belt install question
Another boring radio Question.
[not really OT] I got 'tanked' at lunch today.
How to pull door panels
How Many '69's
new '76 L-82 4spd owner NEEDS SOME HELP!
70 Lt-1 w/AC??????
A/C advice (motor out)
'79 Brakes.... are they SUPPOSED to be S**T?
Need info on 77-82 Tilt/Tele columns
Project: Insulation
How to remove carbon buildup from engine?
Bra or no Bra ?
Self Repairing Antenna
Who has a Crane Hydraulic Roller HR288 in their BBC???
Rear Coil-over shocks -
Harmonic balancer from 502 to a 454..
Just ordered my Hydrotech!!!
Flowtech vs Dynomax
4 wheel alignment
502 with a Quadrajet?
Jeg's 8 point roll cage?
Bellhousing for a 427 MT
T-Top cracks....
72 LT-1 AC Convertiable club???
Any Americans Comming to Toronto " Sars Concert"
Rivets in rotors
To cry for
Motown 454 sb runs in high 11
I almost had a coronary today. Thought I wrecked the vette.
Living with Bubba "go fast tricks"
Best in Class winner

Page: 477
Are you Sick of The Word "Issue"
bonding on a scoop - how to questions
Crank Fatigue Failure?
Power Piston for Roch. Q-jet?
The Mini Rat lives !! But I think I have a broken motor mount
chambered exhaust & dynomax headers-final project
Ontario Members-Need 1967 Licence Plates
AIR pump or No AIR Pump?
ride height
Gtech Results - post here
Hey guys have a question for you...
Rear Anti-Sway bar
Does the AIR pump steal any power from the engine?
Corvette driver allegedly provokes Souped up Honda driver to street race
78 SA Wandering at high speeds, does yours?
spun #1 rod brg as suspected
OT--found in storage...
anyone own a '90s pontiac grand prix GTX or a lumina Z34?
Any sharks going to the Victoria corvette show ? ? ?
having trouble matching a customers buckskin interior
Trim/Paint Codes?
Taking off brakes tomorrow, words of wisdom?
brake/tail light problems
The CorvetteForum Rules!!
starter party
Anyone know a good Photographer?
Car progress
Engine compartment Flames
Clutch bleeding 101
thoughts on a paint job
Ugliest vette ever created!!!!!!
These pulleys are drive my
Insane? stupid? need advice/feedback
Love my 73-454 Monster But (Olds W-30 vs. Challenger 340 T/A)
Engine paint question
Wife's in Maine for the week - so I'm back in the tub [Lots of PICS]
Gas Tank Straps, how do they attach?
Universal joints again??
ebay cars
Vette's at the beach
Lets see your Pinstripes!
Stupid carb question
Burning Smell
When is TH400 suppose to up-shift?
Wiring diagram for 71 Transistor Ignition
Any thought on under drive pully sets?
Is there any HP gain by switching to Electric rad fan?
Does anyone make heater controls without AC?
Mufflers... Which sound the best??
Finally got a c3
Differences between the bumper guards 68-69 and 70-72
Windscreen wiper switch
Pulling engine, need dumb question answered.
Turn the key and.... nothing.
Trim ring clips
Sparkplugs, Wires with headers keep burning
tpi on a 388
A couple of questions about my 68
Foam radiator supports, or seals
Analysis of Polls
Getting ready for the track, did a little NOS blast tonight
Frame reinforcements, pics or description please
Got to drive a 73 454 coupe on monday.
Chasis dyno in Michigan?
fuel injection
roller cam & dist gear question
L-82 Electric Fan
BBC Vette owners.... intake & air cleaner question

Page: 478
New engine smoking on startup...please advise.
sanderson headers for big block??
Door Panel mounting thingies -- What & Where to get?
Finally cranked the engine over.
found: '53 corvette in my hometown (neat story)
L88 hood with air box
(OT) Factory Correct??
Another New Addition
[eBay] -- L88
new outside door handles
1969 radio installation
What is the ammeter supposed to show.
corvette video
Brakes pull to one side!! What's going on here??
Got my B-day present yesterday! Seat covers!
Gm Goodwrench dealers?
MAD Exhaust + Borla
Mid America.... Do you like them?
Performer/Stealth/Action Plus - any of these give more hp than stock manifold?
Failed Aircare
body work question: will fiberglass adhere to ABS plastic and vice versa?
1000hp Radiator on this 73
Raceway Park, Englishtown NJ - TAKE A LOOK!
Dumbazzes that think they know corvettes
Did I see a real L88 in Jackson, MS today?
At A NewsStand Today Glanced At the Corvette Trader Mag
I finally did it!
Caliper/ rotor upgrade?
pipes with hooker super comps
4 post lift in an 8ft garage
Radio update.
OT Found a 82 Camaro Pace car 19 miles!
Please Help ! AC not working right
How do you mount (secure) the weatherstripping to a '68 decklid?
New guy here
instrument cluster bulb sockets
window weatherstrip replacement?
mid late 70's vettes
Can you use XE262 with stock springs?
What tool to use to flush rear diff?
LS1 Picture, for those that asked
Custom Tags
Toronto/Area guys and gals.....
Question for Drag Racers- Re: Window Markers
front suspension help
Okay... Now what... BRAKE CALIPERS??????
Aluminum auto trans oil pans.........yay or nay?
What is the advantage of EFI?
Lights ground wire?
Electric Fan Toggle Switch Hookup
Hooker side mounts or 3"
Dyno #s for new BBC combo
[Link to OT thread] You guys will want to see this!
Timing was advanced, car running hotter than before
Looking for a good site that lists Vettes for sale....
'69 Big Block Fan--5 blade or 7 blade?
Hooking up throttle cable to Holley carb
elec. headlight motors?
Power steering pump/brackets question
Would like some fellow C3 opinions on a new toy
how do you post pics???????
Header question for Big Block
Dept. of Motor Vehicles Trouble in RI!!!! Help!
who was the member that gave us web space at
rebuild tilt-tele steering column
Hot Legs
Interesting Story...
fuel problem (I think)
don't you just hate sagging door handles?

Page: 479
Stereo doesn't work
Engine knock and Fuel question
c3 with borla xr-1 race mufflers
rotor/distributer problems...? please help
For carb Gurus , HOLLEY CFM rating ?
desktop dyno question
Timing Light Hook up
Serpentine system for 78 possibilities?
Problem with '81 not starting, can anyone help?
Gasket between block and intake you guys use it?
might be selling tpi stuff for 96 lt-1 install
Fuse for windows on an 81??
What do you do for a living?
Input on welding a crank.
All these parts are starting to look like a big block!
Electric Fan in an L=82
One-More Rant "Mike and Julie's 1980"
Does anyone drive their C3 in the winter?
Classic Corvette Night in San Antonio
grinding starter
Dayton, OH Cruise In .....
Engine removal question
Am I missing part of my nose?
rear shock mount question
Let there be (head)light ...
C3 Rotor offset?
Need to fix brakes SOON! any suggestions?
Have One Original '70 Center Console Vent Knob
Where to locate the ECM?
Power Windows and Power Door Locks Part 2
1981 Front Air Dam
Any recommendations on changing from side to top post battery connections?
Window tinting - 1978-1982 owners - rear window.
DRAT! No Cam for I need a compressor.
Who's got some in car C-3 drag videos.
all of you guys out there with beautiful interiors...
Happy Anniversary! Lookie what I got
C/C Transducer
Has anyone checked out "1977 & C3 Corvette Forum"?
Gotta Little AC Issue
Dose Anyone Remember The Song "SS396"
Water pump replacement
Battery Hold Down Bracket Bolt Size?
Reassurance, please.
Rich and Cold :-(
L-88 hood air box question
Kind of sad.... looks like a morgue
Rear Plenum Air Door (thingy under rear deck)
wiper door vacuum stuff
Got the 255/60/15 BFG's mounted on the vette
Look what's for supper
Taking Plunge!!!!
Lars' HEI recurve kit instructions.
Got my Demon and torker2, now for the finishing touches
Fender gills functional on all years?
Desktop Dyno me please
Car almost out of shop.
New best 1/4 mile ET and MPH
Desk Top Dyno !
Transmission crossmember question on 82
1980 L48 Automatic
Should I pull the tranny with the motor??????
RPM Air Gap
Steel Spring or Fiberglass?
There is a difference in manufacture quality?
Project update
Pro Action Heads
Source for Original Carbs?
700r4 Shifter for vette

Page: 480
Texas vette owners - license plate question
Headers or No Headers, That Is The Question?
Tranny Fluid reaction w/ Brass welding/brazing..???
Engine Decode --the sequel
Milestone in our 72 rebuild!! Coupla pics!!
Part dropped out wheli working on car anyone know what this is ?
Attn: BB owners/builders/exhaust experts- opininons please
This was probably a good buy!!
Bellhousing Runout?
Waterdown Ontario Cruise July 19, 2003 link to more picture from cb
Fire extinguisher, mount and Shark Bar group purchase
alcohol in gasoline for emmissions testing
Corvette Headers from Summit Racing
Well, i got a ticket today in the Vette...
For those with Superchargers
79 runs hot---waterpump??
How to repair screw hole in headlight housing
Nitrous plate question (and engine pics as a reward)
Engine decode for vette. Thanks
Another "Tip of the Hat" to BSeery and the UPS Dude!
Well, BTO 700R4 likes to run so much it won't go into "Park"
questions about 71 454
Tough, Tough question - Seasoned C3 Owners needed
L-48 Intake Plug? What is this thing?
door locked and will not unlock
Front bumperettes on a 77
Another Brake question????? ARGGGGGGGHHHH
C4 brakes in a C3?
Can't push car backwards - Why??????
Some pics of Corvette race cars I have seen at the drags this month
need a new A6
I just want to scream!!!
Can someone desktop dyno for me?
Strange Noises and Squeeks
What does a spun rod bearing sound like?
A hundred questions, a thousand thank-you's per answer
Trying the great Zaino
Heard a great cruzin song today
MSD Billet Tach Drive Dist Help!
C3, how does it ride compared to a C4??
Holley carb question>>>>can you change.................
C3 1974-1979 Class win at E-town
Wiper Vacuum Overide switch
Forum Member Dr. Stingray returns to duty with USMC, photo essay
Help! RR wheel is making loud sort of grinding noises!
Building an AC Throttle Positioner Solenoid
1st real "performance" drive today... HOLY TIRESMOKE!
Cruise Control Troubleshooting and reconditioning
77 Engine Temp??
Cooler Engineoil ..
Why doesnt anybody ever upgrade to a C4 trans?
Cheap side pipes--Yea or nay?
How much HP can a Vette handle before it's no longer streetable??
where did it go?
Putting C3 on blocks?
Carb BY Lars
Power window switches
Need ideas...something is draining battery.
Gummy deposits on valves...
Timing suddenly changed....a bunch! ???
Where to buy.........
More pix... 71 Vette
Hooked-up a new G-Meter (by Escort) to the '69 WHOAH!!
Carb experts......
Org BB hood price..
Block clearances for 383
There must be at least 15@ 78 pace cars on Ebay.
The best $2.95 a month you can spend.
What type of ignition?

Page: 481
Electric fan question
torch red 68 i painted just got wrecked in maryland
Ontario/Toronto Guys!!! Anyone interested in a night cruise?!?
Front End Question.........
First drive in the vette ever!!!
whats your dream vette?
bargin book at barnes and noble
LT1 Swap
Water Pump Lessons Learned
Anything wrong with adding another set of mufflers for cam break in ?
Can we get a discount from Bowtie Overdrives?
wanna see my interior?
1981 Project car on Ebay...
help with spark plug boot protectors
Guess which car legend I met today
How much oil to put dipstick!
Need help removing rear rotors on 79
Anyone Install The Performer Series Idle Compensator Kit From Jegs?
ahh... the rear bearing went
'81 4-speed
need input on heades& side pipes vs. ram horns and chambered exhaust
Body mount project started
1972 Bryar Blue question
C5 owners with broken arms!!
Can you pull the torque converter without pulling the whole tranny in a c3?
Rear end noise
Decode my Quadrajet Carb part number anyone?
1978 evaporative canister hose routing
Are there any underdrive pulley sets for a vette-Short water pump obviously?
Well, Dad frigged up my vette......
Anyone have a vacuum diagram?
What's a rolling chassis worth?
396 In a Vette stock ever?
Who will be the Guinea pig? DOHC 32-Valve Big Block Heads........
SS or aluminized-That is the question?
WooHoo! Engine and tranny in, vette is running!
Just saw a 72 bb coupe - not for me, but is it for you?
What auto transmission in 1973 L-48 engine
Another windshield trim question
something broke bad, now need help to figure out what?
What breather to run w/ these valve covers?
Texas-Louisiana owners... Corvette Challenge Series - Houston
Blower Wiring/Electrical Question (1982)
Door handle question(inside)....
Is it illegal...
Distilled Water in Aluminum Radiator?
Corvette Forum Cruise in, in Canada?
Cam Bearing Installation Tool in Detroit??
Questions on breaking in engine.
Do Not Show Signatures - SAVE
Dynomax Sideliner sidepipes--Anyone got'em
Replacing Brake System on C3
17" Billet Ralley Wheels
Steering stabilizer for 73 s/b coupe
Ticking comming from engine
X-Ram for Crossfire any thoughts?
heater core LEAKS!!!!!!!!
Another Bird Cage/Body Frame replacement
Gas Tank Filler Neck Question...
MSD Tach drive distributor question, vacuum advance
Need help removing A.I.R. system
Anyone running 3" exhaust in their C3??
What a suitable core for a 383?
poll; throwing flames from your Sidepipes?
What is the correct finish for steerng box/column and clutch arm, etc?
4th time at drags: sheesh my car is slow.. but consistent
Which cam for stock L48
Just Order Chrome Supercool Water Pump
Turn Signal Cam

Page: 482
question about tire size, speedometer accuracy, at given axle ratio......
Fixed up that daft looking 74 Pro Street on ebay
Almost got hit twice today!!!!! I am scared to drive my Vette???
Any special paint for the master cylinder
What a time to run out of beer!
What creates hot master cyl
While fixing the lighter socket for the GTech to work...
Not a good day...
Thanks to Matt Gruber
Off Topic Rant: What in the He!! is wrong with GM?
Gear lube condition... what does this mean?
Assembly Manual
power shifting (T-5)?
Inlet manifold underside coating-necessary or not?
68' wiper and cowl area paint questions
How's this for Exhaust!
Painting Rally Wheels, What store bought paint is a close match?
Englishtown this Saturday anyone?
ac has a leak somewhere...
'71 vette arrives... pics & my thoughts
Removing tire from rim
Who Owns A 75 Convertible?
got a ticking on the passenger side... looking for additional ideas
Quick Swap Gears???? Anybody Running These?
Bubba seat update
vendor rant....dont worry i will not supply name
Who Has Installed A HEI Curve Kit In There Vette?
Suspension is fixed!!!!!
About my order from summit yesterday. (for an intake manifold)
As pics of '69 BB roadster
Question, a little basic, but it is my first mech advance distributor
Fixing pillar post trim
weird rev problems -car keeps dying
Gotta love the look of new roller rockers
Just got these parts back - Take a look !!!
By Pass Vacuum Switch?
1980 lights
Jim Shea, and everyone else of course-interesting steering column find...
Advice on exhaust -PLEASE
Need Mechanical Fuel Pump Recommendation
Hey Twin Turbo, Graydog and Lovemy82.
What size header tubes, 1 5/8" or 1 3/4"?
Coolant leaks from Vortec head
My engine bay.....after a years work.
My Gas tank was imploded
tips on changing water pump please.
68 drivers door wont open
Confused about sidepipe headers
Cruise to Gas and Glass Vette Show -- Sunday (7/27) Univ Rhode Island
Took the 77 to Watkins Glen yesterday
Victor Jr. or Performer RPM?
Rooms are going fast!!!!!
OT -Synthetic Oil Question
Are '69 Carbs Really Going for This Much?
Chicago Area Cruise Nights?
1980 Stock Speaker grills
OT: Catalytic Converter
Summit discount code good till 8-7-03
edelbrock performer rpm
Stupid Question/Waterpump/Plug/Tool?
website updates 700r4 / fuel system compents / etc.
I have something special to sell for you. Are you interested and what should I ask for it?
t-top weatherstrip help?
My 69 Vert Got Torched Yesterday!!!
Man oh Man have you seen the new commercial with a C3
Wanted: '82 hood pics
!@#%$ Lip Seals! (Help Please!)

Page: 483
I beat a Viper
Differential Cover torque specs?
Old plates for texas vettes?
head help
seats and 4 point harness.
clutch info needed 75 L-82
need EO number for hedman hedder
Electrical System HELP!
Danger..New VB&P Performance Plus Suspension owners check your componets carefully Problems
Spare tire
Hooker Sidemount Headers
I cut up my frame [Lots of PICS]
New digital camera: Vette backdrop in 1280x1024
will 17x8 with 4.5" backspacing fit a 69
Which wires and looms for my 75?
looking to buy a 77 L82
where to find an interior diagram to get an idea how to...
Haven't Seen much tecnical stuff here lately?
o.t-posting photo
C3 serpentine conversion
greetings from Bar Harbor!
Where can I a find carbon fiber dash for my C3???
why did GM abandon cowl induction in the C3
Help me get the right intake manifold from summit please.
Need opinions on a Moroso BB "Kicked Out" oil pan.
Poll, what year is your corvette?
Speedo cable question
connecting russell braided lines to 82 corvette sending unit
RPO #A85 - Custom Should Belts
Too skinny for teh pigface1
5-speed increases or decreases value?
Alarm won't shut off
G-tech Perf. Meters $59.95
Summit 10% discount extended.......
Rotted Birdcage... how much bs am I looking at?
AC Compressor Putting Alot Of Drag On Engine
CTSY Fuse keeps blowing
door spring replacement
Holley commander 950 MPFI - Calling Cookingwithavet!!!
Rear brake failure on 1979
Best way to check a/f mixture after jet change?
Coil Overs for the front
Header bolts?
door fwd edge cracked
I've got 8@ of car neon, what do I do with it?
Rogers Corvette L88 - Is this car REAL
New Engine Pic!
Adding another vette to the family!
Disappointment with Body Lift Straps & Clearance
anyone have more information about this car (picture/link)
Started backfiring...
Looking for a book....
Vacuum break assembly - primary side adjustment question for Q Jet
OT-Search not working for 17in threads?
Anyone have a pic of AR Corvette center cap on their TTIIs?
Engine mods done
82 owners, what shop manuals do you recommend?
How big can you bore a 502 block?
Gotta Returning Item Problem
1973 Yellow metallic
Problems with Street Avenger. Car died first run after installation.
afr heads?
Horn Relay, Horn Problems, Cant figure this out
Does Anybody Have A Picrure Or Diagram To Help Mount A 73 Radio
SB to BB
Rear wheel noise
what electric fan for a C3 without a fan
Having My '70 350 Rebuilt By Wilcox Corvette in Jeffersonville IN, Any Input
Yippee!! Vette gets delivered tomorrow!

Page: 484
Header temps and such
The "mysterious" left bezel!
Carlisle Question
Quiz-Check your carb jet math
82 sending unit and fuel pump
thinking of going with sde exhausts
700R4 driveshafts
will LS1 / LS6 / LT1 heads fit a C3 with an L-48 350 using TPI
Tach circuit board,new
L88 hood and matching up to my stock fenders ?
Lets see some pics of sunflower yellow 71 or 72 models.
serpintine belt on 77
Anyone use those $149.00 ricer seats from Jegs.
im dumbining
Brake Lights problem with my truck
History of Drag Racing on HIST channel right now
Thanks BSeery! Just saved $100 at Summit :D
weird power steering behavior: please help
Rear deck vents
Though of design for cowl intake on 79
Looking for a cruise!!! not the water kind, but in my vette.
Side air vents
how can i tell if my block is a zz4?
Thought some people may enjoy this... Stingray
Correct spark plugs
looking for a website
cam help
memory wire
Dynomax Coated headers???????????????
Just ordered a new Delco A-6 compressor.......questions
Fuel line question.
tall valve covers on 77
U69 vs. U79 Radio
Cappy, I ran a 11.94 at 117.2, and they made me leave the track.
orice tube location on an 80
What is the fastest you have gone in your or someone elses Vette
just got back where can i go
Bowtie Phase 2 Heads
What are the top 5 performance enhancements that I can perform.....
Spark Plug Wires 8mm or 7mm?
Foam pieces around radiator-79 vette
Bent frame
AR Racing's website?
Finally got one 68 bb conv
List of GM RPO Codes
gas cap
Dad's driving the vette for 2 days
How many of you BB guys are running aluminum heads?
79 production numbers
Part numbers on CD
Give Me Some Tips On My Oil Pressure Guage
TT II offset?
Brake fluid leaking from reservoir??
Suggestions for size and manu. of a cam for the best performance and HP increase for a '71 350 SB
Pro street 74 on Ebay........Ready to go
brake system flushing
Corvette Clubs
variable assist power steering is finally available!
North Carolina folks: All counties to do smog checks by this year?
Cerama-Coat Headers ???
Special Valve Cover Gaskets for synthetic oil?
Electric vacuum pump ?
Catalytic converter question
Who's got 17" x 9-1/2" on the front?
Wear on lifters? Need insight on engine wear.
Corvette Therapy
Looking for a corvette club in North Houston.
What's your favorite crusing tune??
How much can you bore a 454?

Page: 485
Bubba at work
Crate motor or rebuild?
I've Got No Brakes ?
Woo Hoo, Cool weather !
Upper Control Arm Bushings
Birthday 30
Mazda Rev It Up
Planning to paint flames... anyone have ideas for color combo?
1969 350/350hp 4spd Vert - Pix
Dwayne 76s' wife is on the forum!!!!
starting problems PLEASE HELP
I need a 12v line for my electric choke...where can I look?
Which is better A-6 or Sanden A/C compressor
Need some Parts for the '69- Best souce/price?
Grease/Lube for Poly bushings
Does this seem correct, Over 22 miles to the gallon
Over heating... any ideas?
CarFax Help.
Another fuel line/pump question.......
A wise man once told me "Its not a real corvette if the tops don't leak"
McCord power plate
Need help trying to identify a Rochester QJet
How do you polish out 78 aluminum slotted rims?
It's 102 degrees outside at 7:30 and my garage thermo is pegged, she's a warm one...
Starter Bendix question... 153 vs 168
shiny car
OT-- well, my Son is finally home....NICU
Losing my cool (and my heat) on wifes 79
Check out this ebay engine Got enough $$$???
There are a few good ebay deals....
Next mod for my vette?
Good Muffler?
Interesting site
Am I really lucky or really unlucky?
How can I cure the odd misfire at idle?
PICS - Toronto etc. Poker Run
Finally have a stuck headlight on the '82...HELP
Where do I get a 4spd rebuilt in wetern Chicago.
HELP!!! 73 Ground wire question, To the bell housing?
Why does my Power steering fluid leave me after sitting up?
U.S.S.R. Corvette..damn Ruskies!
Side exhaust?Headers?
Is VBP still a supporting vendor?
Nothing But Old Farts In C3’s
Just got my AC converted...
R134a conversion now what?
Rear spring, bottom pad loose (composite spring)
Crankshaft pulley part # for a 76 or 77 with air
Weird smell/cloud
Finally! Just bought an 81 all orginal. There's just one thing.....
Pace Cars Wanted... (California)
Just finished installing TRW glass rear leaf (from Van Steel)
Name Me This Body Kit
ZR2 for Sale but hold onto your pocketbook!
Is there a hot and cold lash setting for solid cams ?
Corvette Caravan Kentucky Speedway Video !
Not that I'd really want to calculate the gas mileage ...
Looking for Chrome High Flow Waterpump
High Side AC line
Electric Actuators
I expected it to be bad, but not this bad....
Do Jet-hot side pipes burn your leg?
help with 69 fan clutch GM #
oil pressure drops at idle (72 350ci / auto)
centering steering wheel after control valve install?
Why is it so 'Easy' for Magazines to Build 350hp Small Block Chevy Engines?

Page: 486
Anyone have luck jacking on non-cement driveways?
F'n Sidepipes...
Does anyone know if there is an HDI headlight upgrade for C3's?
Just got off the phone with Summit Racing.
How do I get my Headlight to go down?!?!
Monty is selling his car !!!!
New engine start-up pointers
replacement t-tops
Swapping oil pan what do I drop ?
QA1 coil over shocks
Need help with water in the engine
I'm really bummed. I bought some nice blue glass tops, but...
water temp sensor... where? - 1973- L82
[RANT] I'm having major problems......... Needs some pics if possible
just bought a 77 vette need to know a few things
Seat Belt Latch Stuck - Any advice??
Exterior rear window trim/stripping for '77?
assembly lube
Tri-Power ?....
Questions on '73 454
Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara ++ Charity Poker Run Cruise, Register Now!!
C4 GRRRRRR>>>>>>
vette brake products-grand touring kit #42001-how is it
Changing the water pump?
Started out as a cam swap here the "While I'm at it" list
Anyone running a deep transmission pan on a 700r4?
Car wont go into gear. TH400
For those of you with Demon carbs.........
Radiator and condenser -- best buy?
Turbo-Hydromatic Geyser
Smells like gas
C3 mouse pads.
Yeah, so GMPP screwed up...
Another Vette in the Garage?
pulled up a little too far on a curb...
New rubber....thanks Forum for input!!
Idea to help forum congestion
Breakfast in Dover Delawre
Parts prices going up??
WOOHOO! Headlights fixed!
Anyone heard of Power Beam headlights
Look up "1980 Corvette" on and it's me!!!
red, yellow, or blue optima?
Anyone sell pre-modded gauge bezels?
How do they "document" milage?
[OT] Anyone know about early 40's Military Deuce and a half's?
Finished Pics... ok almost finished
68 corvette value with 427 tri-power
Replacing differential clutch pack
What's wrong with this picture?
When buying an 80-82, what should I look for?
Took my nephew for a ride ...
Slightly OT - 396 Big Block w/Holley double pumper
No oil to the left bank!!!
Dash removal HELP! Please
83 Vette?
SEM Plastic Prep
What color?
Should we be setting TOE IN or TOE OUT?
dissecting the sunvisor......the untold story
Was at another forum today. Boy are we lucky here.
What's this tube on my TH400?
Sears Floor Jack under $25
Noise from the rear end
Problems with my homemade tire balancer
Aligning the bell housing this is getting attention lately.

Page: 487
Why is my steering column too short?
Carb tuners - help!
What size guages??
camaro 5speed?
Seat Belt retracters
Goodwrench crate motor
68 frame off
Found some interesting stuff today!
I'm back!!!!! 5 days, 1800 miles, one busted steering column.......
How big of a problem is a blown head gasket?
holley spreadbore: will it fit/
Ak to CA tuning changes?
Helpful Hint on Holley Carb Heat Problem
effects of differing left and right exhaust backpressure?
foundvettelifeisgood, took a picture of your Vette...
Spirited driving as time passes
Something's drawing way too much current
New fuel filter for 6AN line, which one ?
Ah...don't you love it when your mono leaf spring breaks
71 Chevelle engine to 77 vette
Bolt Size Question: Engine to tranny
Correct valve covers
Anyone know who makes or sells this hood? (pic attached)
Manual steering help
Adjusting timming, dumb question
Pro-Street... or Not to Pro-Street...that is the question!!!
High Speed Fan Relay???
Going to Dyno Saturday, Anyone Want to Guess????
Hey Pat and Budman, what do y'all think of these valve covers???
Air Pump Bracket
EGR Valve
Need a part number for 82 Crossfire EGR valve
Where is this valve?
See My New Fire Extinguisher From SpeedDirect (pic)
heater/AC fan needs replacement...
a/c blower motor output is terrible!
1000 miles and strange encounter
Centerforce DF clutch?
looking for Brent Lenig
Tranni help
Pilot bearing or bushing?
dyno day for the vert
Entered my first Road Rally today
Removing spare tire carrier
Fender Flares - Where did you guys buy your flares from and which are the best?
Twiddling my thumbs.
[pic]Me and my C3! How about you and your C3?
Of 188 LS6's made in 1971, 2 are for sale on ebay right now
Got a new Pink C-4.......
engine decoding, pls.
Paging Corz69!!!!
Vette is back on the road...
Intake /carb
Electric Fuel Pumps
Body mount questions
Anyone running 10 inch Cragar SS on the rear?
Replacement exhaust
Strange find in washer fluid resevoir- '76 Stingray
How-To Question: Replacing motor mounts without removing the motor?
do you moniter yur idle to check on condition?
It's that time of the year again! Bonneville Salt Flats
True TRW composite spring?
Holy Smokes, my Car is a beast
A quick writeup on painting pieces!
slight popping noise from exhaust
Going to Carlisle...check here

Page: 488
Got the hood on today!
Interesting find rebuilding 75 rear bearings today
82 check engine light
Paging Brent Lenig
Heat Soak Question
rear leaf spring/body lean
quadrajet sputter at idle
What headers flow the best?
Summit Racing 10% discount.
Hagerty says old vettes are the #1 stolen car
[PICS] HOOTERS Cruise in Fort Lauderdale 07/20/03
Valve lash...can someone check me here?
Removel of the heater Control from Console
Hole in the floorboard
Oil pressure sensor won't fit!
Center console A/C ducting 1980
ROD vs.Munlcie vs T10. Suggestions, comments, advice?
H - Pipe??
dean's list - cars likely to go up in value
question for chambered exhaust owners
How much horsepower can a M-20,21,22 handle?
Starter wiring harness
Sorry again, but any tips for 6-spd in 1980 auto?
Spinning the Vette @ 100+
my trusty jumper wire works again.
1979 speedometer question
***EFI update. Progress at last.***
radio ratings
Fiberglass rear leafspring--GOOD or NOT?
How do I shim an angle holed mounted starter?
New bling-bling for my baby ;)
$2.99 Multi-tester. put one in each car!
Compression ratio calculation
Off topic (stereo) question.
Anyone think it'd be bad to clean the whole engine with carb cleaner?
[Television] Greenwood Vette?
Thanks to John H. Ortner and the Forum
Aftermarket intake in '76, clearance problems ?
Running Out Of Stuff To Do To My Car
Causes of burning oil
Keisler 6 Speed :revised post
Big blocking my small block 69, what problems?
How long have you had your Optima and how is it holding up?
How do you install new "corvette" emblem on rear of 78'
Lars IS the Man
What kind of adhesive for front clip replacement ?
It'll only take an hour........
For those buying G Force Pro Meters off ebay
Where can I get upper windshield trim clips from for a 78 ???
Mallory Dual Point Distributor
Is Just Me “ The C3 prices Seem to be collapsing”
Tranny trouble
what rear ends were available in 80?
Car wont'start
Got my parts back from the machine shop today.. I have some quesitons.
New lift arrived
Comp cams for 454
Opinions, please. Rechrome my Cragars or replace them?
Anybody Have A Factory Original Two Tone Interior '76 or '77???
Keisler 6 speed kit for C3 details !
Heater control valve
Didn't need the Precision calipers after all
73 NOS light saddle deluxe door panels info
HELP!!! Flywheel torque please.
Fixed my high/low beam indicator light
Parking Brake light on?
Stewart Water Pump Purchase
High Performance Starters for Big Block
A/c rebuild questions

Page: 489
74 Vette Mudbogger on Monster Garage tonight/now
Paging DVG73
vacuum check at 17 in of Hg
[Help] Has this ever happened to you?
re-chrome bumpers
Leaking fuel sender
wiper maddness
Camaro seat belts in a '68
more ncrs hershey pics
Hood do you install it on a 75?
Mallory HEI w/ vac advance?
Front suspension issue
spare tire
How 'Bout DynoMax Group Header Purchase ???
Getting the '69 back on the road today!
spark plug gap
A couple new shot and angles....
Interesting header coating article.
pictures of c3s from ncrs national!!!!!
Any Ontario guys ever deal with Loyalty Auto in Kitchener
air conditioner blower impeller in 1976
blower motor (interior fan)
Lets Have Another Virtual Car Show. (Post Your Pics Here)
Post from next week "How many have gotten tickets or been in a wreck due to their GTECH"
Interior dye questions
The C3 Forum Video
77 vette grinding sound when starting please help
Preventative Maintenence?
What is close ratio?
Headlight switch wiring
69--She needs a little help
Painting the engine compartment, crazy idea...
Discussed before, but lining up a car shipper today
Car Fire
Rear wheel bearing replacement on an 82
chrome or ceramic coated????
Too Tight Pinion?
I used STEEROIDS and lost 15 lbs.(I still have binding) HELP !
{OT} Car Bubbles
Where can I find AC hose - expansion valve to drier?
How to Reduce the Compression Ratio......
@#%$!&* dipstick tube
Accel Digital Fuel Injection / BB-Chevy SuperRam
Trailing arm shims
Lowering a C3
[1970]: Help, mismatched cylinder heads: 3998920 & 3986336
From the Early Ford V8 forum....
YIKES...Custom 69 on trader online
Just back from NCRS National Conference - 360 degree picture (.mov) link
Rear Spring Replacement
Anyone Receive Fire Extinguisher From SpeedDirect Yet?
Doing a 180 in a vette
Can I switch my Dynomax Super Turbo's with the Flow 40's? tool: don't spill fuel!
Strange parking brake behavior!
Demon guys what size -AN lines are you running.
My center console doesnt seem to fit right
Opinion of Ecklers
Okay, What's Wrong With This Picture?
'69 Stock hood clearence?
HELP!!! Which pivot ball for Centerforce DF clutch?
What colour should I paint my calipers?
Calling Corzvette69
power steering valve
Who here has more then one vette?
Best method for removing the AC accumalator
Pulling to the right when braking
Who makes/sells intake bolt adaptors for the diff head angles?

Page: 490
Valvesprings on LM-1 -- XE256 cam ok?
[Door] Lock cylinder spring-clip installation help?
Flexplate question
How to test backup light switch?
Anyone using Doublepark List (DP-7) - Experience and Pricing?
H-pipe in front or behind X-member?
They dont come any cheaper than this!
Can I install the new sock in the fuel tank without dropping the sending unit?
Automotive Lifts?
Rear Suspension Options .......
Bilsteins installed;What a difference
Edelbrock prices
Rams Horn Exhaust Manifolds
OT Printable Version of the Forum?
STEEROIDS installers...questions for you guys
Finally Finished! Here's what it looks like:
I have the only surviving aluminum body C3
Parts interchange manual anyone?
70 Alignment Specs
New Vet Owner questions
I have some extra t-tops any way to tell what year they are off of and what they will work on?
selling my vette
Electrical help please
How do I remove the rear Caliper?
sony image station
Bilstein v. KYB shocks for my '77
Sudbury Corvette Show and Shine
What hp reading from a G tec do you have
A/C fuse
OT: how many posts do you need before you can change you profile picture?
Classic insurance ( delaware )
what happened to the Jet-hot GP thread?
Lug nuts size
Can someone please explain how to change alternator wiring for upgrade.
It came off
Anyone with a 700r4 ever run in neutral and still feel like it's in gear?
T56, Tremec, Viper, Richmond--Need help with six speed conversion
Electronic Ignition
Whats this 69 worth?
anyone going to be in the north myrtle/myrtle beach area july 19-26?
10 Percent off from Summit through Jul. 31
Biltmore Details are Posted!!
What oil pan you running?
New Corvette Inspection Step 1 of 75
Rear yoke seals --Tool?
alt wire help
Invitation to out big summer party ... apply within.
Half-shalf U-Joint screw?
Before I do something silly...
How to get the e-brake cover off?
Dur. 272°/284° , Dur. @ .050” 216°/228°. Lift: .454”/.480”???
The Keilser Guys will be at this weekend's Super Chevy Show in Maple Grove, PA
Help-Need Rebuilt Differential w/ 3.70 gear and NO Core Charge for a '73!
Parking brake adjutment 1982?
Gtech newbies (like me): vehicle weight
Need painting
best tranny behind a ZZ502?
Thinking of buying a composite spring from Muskegon?
ROAD TEST: '82 Owner Drives a C5
Anybody know Corvette Country, a dealer in Hickory NC????
76 In For Work & Found 74 Frame Off For Sale
How to identify Heads
Rustoleum and Exhaust pipes
Transverse spring weight rating
Is this too wide a tire?
1975 corvette factory alarm
ordered a pair of Precision calipers
How many of you are contemplating a C5?
Flex-a-Lite fan wiring
DFW lunch or happy hour

Page: 491
anyone got pics of exhaust with headers
Headlight support rivits...
Water temperature gauge increments
hooters gathering 7-16-03
Heavy duty differential cover
How many times have you burned yourself on your headers??
(OT) My neighbor's roadtrip goes bad in CLEVELAND
window trim
Question for TPI guys
Flowmaster question
My Vette is getting back on her feet
Starter wiring configuration help!
Is there a net- to - gross conversion for hosepower ratings
1969 steering column removal
Has anyone lowered thier C3 & what did you have to change.
ignition switch? HELP
FI guys did you pull your socks off?
my spark plug wire readings-accel 300 +
Gaskets, bolts, etc.
A/C Rebuild
Wouldn't this motor be sweet in a C3--
TKO folks...tranny mount height problem=broken weld???
Wanna see the seat with the big hole in it?
True Duals and NO Cats??? Can someone explain this, please?
Any good articles on the net regarding Big block cofigs?
run on ( timing question )
what it needed for L98 head swap
Monster Garage Got It Wrong!
Rims For My 81
Ecklers Question
Headlight support brace broke loose, now what?
I'm turning 2800 rpm at 70 mph.
[pics] Intake leak... help!
Question for those with a high volume/pressure oil pump
Turn Signal/CC Switch replacement
wheel offset
Determining correct PCV rating?
New to the Corvette hobby
Replacing front brake line?
Update -clunk in rear
Strut Rod Bracket Problem!
Eagle Alloy Wheels
Clicking/creaking noise from rear
Engine still not starting on the 1982 Corvette - update
Suspension air bags in a C3?
Help. Car died on the road today
Holley vs Quadra jet?
Silicone brake fluid
New Frame Rail Pics
New Carb Part on Its Way
Convertible top question?
I'm leaving...:) I'll be gone for 5 days....
1969 Protecto Plate Decode
Unlocked thread
Florida ballot recount - split decision goes to Supreme Court!
Drained tank today (at Tom454's urging) and guess what I found
[Detroit] Anyone have a bead blaster?
car pulls right when driving and left upon braking
Camaro T5 in a C3
1968-1982 Sports Car Color History
How to tell when detonation starts if you can't hear it?
Cam Specs
Water Heater Valve
Auxillary Fan Recommendation
Desktop Dyno Request….Please.
30 Lost Aussies!! Anyone got them?
Speed Demon Advice

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more tach circuit board talk...i recieved mine
Hood Question
Approx weight of my C3 SB Vert?
Braided Fuel Line Project
(OT)TX-LA vette owners... looks like nasty weather
Missouri Car Registration Question
Not just fishing, price question from a C-2 guy
Got a ticket for street racing.....
69 Tank Sticker info
a girl told me a Corvette joke.....
Anyone know the Mfg. OEM Part # for the power steering pulley on an '80 ?
how do i drain oil from rear axle
Please explain Spark Plugs
77 L48 specifications
VIN help
Fake Hooker Sidepipes installed (pics)
78 Pace Car
Cam break-in and oil recommendations
Monster Garage Turning a '73 454 into an off road vehicle
mobil 1 synthetic 75W90 use in M20?
I let the smoke out of the wires. :(
Ground wire to block or ???
Fuel line; aluminum or original tin
Blower Fan Troubles
Those useing Griffin Universal Aluminum Radiators........
Colorado Member!!! Help and Advice
[pic]What REALLY caught my eye at Vette 50th celebrations in Nashville!?
Eastwod's exhaust coating
Steering Column Cover
Very Cool Video
Chevy ignition problem Pls help
Tom's Differentials aftermarket rear spindles/rear axles?
Bay Valley Corvette show- Big time event!
Powder Coating=Pretty
Muncie Fluid Change?
well i got the engine out
C4 Owner but need help on 82 clicking noise in rear.
Check engine light - Help !!!
Website question! The website with clips of different exhaust?
aftermarket radios?
Vettemeeting choose a 68 !
Fuel pump quit.
Middle Tennessee and Nearby Forum members, please read!
Best Brake Pads?
need help w/ A/C blower
Back From The Big Island
Anyone have a picture of there rear window tray?
Motor mount identification
Does your 350 small block do this when warm?
Monster Garage: Corvette/Mudbogger. Oh NO!
Wet Okole seat covers
Got tools at Auction!
'74 owners, what octane do you run in your car?
water pump question???
Auxillary Hardtop Mounting Help Needed.
[MINT!] My Neighbor's 8000 mile '82
Slight problem with my Bilstien shock install
Spark plug wire boot removal - Plug wire crimping instructions - How ?
Need Help from Richmond 5-speed Gurus
Question about replacing brake lines.
Uncorked my JCL sidepipes.....
Barn Find / 1972
Chambered vs free flow mufflers (Flo Pro)
Road side repairs - much easier if you know your car.
who has the best quality/price on brake calipers
'81 idle speed adj. after timing adv?
Another ebay winner....
Posi units
Do you put sealant or something under the stainless T bar (t-tops)

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Differential and Posi Traction Parts?
Setting ignition timing
Looking for a BB cam in the 2K-5Krpm range.
windshield moulding
all corvette car show 8/9 in joliet,il
What model Holleys do I have and which CFM on one
tach circuit board
squeel from autobox
Bleeding brakes,yet another ??????
I need an agent for my Vette
Real ragtop , where to get from ?
Did a little dabbling on the vette today.
Auto Zone or Twighlight Zone, part 2
Broken Z bar (clutch cross shaft)--replace or fix?
warning about tire tread separations (not corvette related)
Home made hi-tech spreader bar
What thickness steel is C3 frame?
1 piece front end
Ever see grills in the middle of the front bumper on a 78 vette
why a 3 pc. lower rad. hose?
Weatherstrip? does it go across the top behind the T-tops too
Degree-ing cam? Absolutely necessary?
A game! Name that price! LT-1 valve covers prize
OT- Please help(if you can) with speaker wiring on my daily driver
3.55 or 3.90's??????
New Wheels
Need help getting up with vet parts person in Atlanta named "Mack"
Anyone have the Car Chemistry 2 disk insert in their hooker sidepipes?
Power steering belt
J56 brake caliper brackets ?
Flexplate Questions...
windshield washer pump.
Isn't Lars Great!!!!
69 T-TOP Numbers Matching - need some help on the price??
Electrical question. Can I remove these.
TH400 Flywheel. Which way does it go on?
I think it's time for drag radials - suggestions?
Headers for a '74 with a/c and L31 Vortec Heads????
Goofy Sunday morning question -- Have you ever heard of anybody putting a six cylinder in a Vette?
Getting those intake bolts off the stock intake manifold
Conv Top Frame - ebay
New Shocks...which do you recommend?
Fuel line question......
TPI people... what did you use for a throttle cable.
NHRA's attempt at reducing street racing. (Kinda OT)
How do I remove a tank sticker ? Need HELP!
tacho not working on '81
I need help from a Tach Guru!
I'm hearing some strange noises.
Dwell Connector Location ??????????
Creeking noise in rear end
Anyone interested in hosting my nitrous videos?? 25,000 downloads so far...
squeaky brakes
C5 Owner With Collectors Edition Question
Rear Body mounts installation
It actually moved under its own power!
Hot C3 in new Charlie's Angels movie
Hood release cable broken!!
Test fitted the front skinnies today on my '68
Electric Fans are small glitch
I found BUBBA's today
Why does car stall when A/C is on and I push the brakes?
Bring in the vette or just the wheels?
1980 with Daytona Front End
How many military member?
play on steering
Dyno results on BB...
Under hood temp
Did something I should not have

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Summer mod manifesto! Comments/suggestions welcome.
What's the best way to add Tilt wheel to a '68?
The 8-71 Motor Might Not Be Going Into The 'Vette...
Saw My Car On HOT ROD TV
engine identification Guru's
The view of the road...
Any way to tell whether I will need to relocate my e-brake bracket for the new wheels?
Brake Bleeding question on a 68
72 registry?
Need a Little Help, Looking at Early Sharks as a Replacement
Attn. Zwede
OT: Flooded chevy and needed AAA tow home!
82 block 4 or 2 bolt main?
battery drain
What ever happened to Juliette???????
Crane xr-i conversion
FRONT Fender Flares
Evaporator/Blower housing
Door glass hitting t-top bracket..
L82 specs 1980?
i'm about ready to bring her to a mechanic rant!
Are all Chevy V8 motor mounts the same?
Mufflers for 72 Shark w/350 L48
Paul67, aka Paul79. One more question for you.
New best mph at the dragstrip
Super T-10 ID numbers
finally heres my pic
Does your car's tilt steering column ever do this?
Battery dead after using the fans
No high beams
Overheating Issues
Is this a Bubba fix?
C5 wheels on a C3, can they be safely adapted???
Theft Horn
Paging Bluevetteman--how to rebuild a balancer?
Mid-America/Ecklers/Zip Discounts
Weird noise from rear
How the heck are you guys running JCL's uncapped...
Torque thrust 2 fitting
'79 wiring question (console harness)
new sig pics
Turn Signal Problems
An exhaust/dirty plug question
Before and After Pics...
Vacuum question
Can you install a new fuel filler boot without dropping the tank?
Fiero seats in a C3??
Mc Donalds.. WOOHOO
HELP!!! Installing ball joints
Slightly OT...but cracks me up every time I see it!!
I can't open passenger door.
Best way to cure too much total timing?
new home for the vette!!!!! soonish!
My front wheels look like someone tried to pull a 'Dukes of Hazzard' style jump...
play in steering on 72 shark - thoughts appreciated
Paint question.
Alu heads OR Injection..
79 hood on an 80 vette?
How do you remove stick on emblems
Oil Additives: Ya or Nay
Throttle linkage dress up
Timing question
alternator installation
Why would you put gum on your garage floor?
I saw a blow chromeillusion C3 (looked like a 78) from Washington on a tralier.......
Are These eBay People For Real???

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Brake question????
Body damage
speed and tack bezel ?
question adjusting secondaries?
17 inch Wheels
Quick question for someone with a 76-77 electric tach
Help: Part Defect from Corvette Central?
Portable Air Compressor
Question for you guys with lifts in your shop.
Removing kick panels
My time to RANT...Parts purchases off of C-3 parts
Compression Ratio Charts
FYI - Patriot sidepipes don't work (IMHO)
Giving credit where credit is due... Dewitts
Outfitting a C3 with cruise control
Quick tech question, heads
Opinions on new Radio/Cassette
Halfshafts: Level or Slanted ?
Found my smog problem. (I hope)
OT: Daddy's Little Girl ....
T-top question
What do you guys think of Precision?
Harmonic Balancer 6 3/4" or 8"
O/T: payback sucks
Stock intake
Anyone driving their C3 to Carlisle?
I've had it!
stock L48 350 -> 383 $$?
100 oct gas avail nationwide.
had an attack of "while I'm at it"...
water pump - thermostat gasket HELP
steering gear box question
'70 - '72 Side Vents
Short vs Long Waterpump/Steeriods
79 t-tops leak
Painting of Trim Plates
Great big THANK YOU
ZL-1 article in newest issue of Corvette Fever
Stingray related English assignment - your opinion
my t top tried to fly off
(OT) I love the U.S., but send your parents to Canada
c3 seat swap and dropping the interior temp with side pipes
Got the wave today...
Intake/carb fit
Do I need new calipers?
New intake installed on the '69
I know where the squeeking/scratching noise is coming from, how do I solve it?
Stumbles going up hills
So which way do I face.....
If you were looking at C3 classified ads...
Rear end ratios...what's in YOUR wallet?
Muffler inlet/outlet???
Re-charging R134 A/C
Seat belt troubles
Rallye Wheels- trim ring clips
AR 383 Arrived Yesterday!
Anyone going to the Long Branch Cruise?
Dyno Results: Increased RWHP and RWTQ
undercarpet insulation question...sticking down Reflectix???
Zaino Success!
Q-jet -> Holley Street Avenger. Ways to connect kickdown cable and throttle cable?
I found an old junker I can learn how to drive stick on.
side pipes or no???
A/C Heater Control 1980
o/t what was this?
Astro Vent question

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How many have replaced front grills?
help putting in distributor
Speed gear formula
Cruise Control Re-install
did I mess something up? Higher ET's
Dad's C3 Update and someone in Miami FL PLS
chrome vent grills for 80-82???
Bad Mechanics
[OT] truck was given to me, has problem
Calling all San Diego / Los Angeles members....
Alternator Mounting .... Double Hump Heads
Going in a Straight Line at LAST!
Has anyone changed their interior color? What's the cost?
5-port washer fluid pump
So... Who else is living in a SWAMP?
Help me shut my Pontiac-loving friend up (hey, Ganey, jump in here!)
In '72 which engine was rated at 360 ft/lbs?
14 x 3 Air Cleaner with 1" drop?
$600 and change later...
dragstrip damage: alternator and tranny, any advice?
Should i swap my ZZ intake for Performer RPM?
1980 Wire harness
Need new Spicer numbers for driveshaft
Aussies Invade Colorado!
Now I'm really confused about transmission rear seal repair!
What the hell is this?????
Finally pics of my '77
extra lighting? yea or nay.
Lars - hearty kudos on the fuel line whitepaper
rear spring end mounts
Vette Mag Calling My House
I Want a Lighter Spring on my Vacuum Secondaries
my spanish exchange student
Need an engine guru in the Detroit/SW Ontario Area.
Harmonic Balancer Cover ???
80 Auto ->> Manual
exhaust leaks
Almost done with the intake and street avenger carb swap. Few odds and ends and questions!
Need Help With 75 Front End
Dwell Meter hook up...
Who has pics of the 50th event?
Cruisin' The '74 With NCRS Road Tour Towards Hershey Tomorrow.....
I Have an overheating problem!
This is un-believable!
Smooth out the ride?? havin power problems
Shift Kit is in!!!
Anyone have pics of Bare aluminum rocker panels on a '79-82?
zero tolerance? how good are they? contact info for zero tolerance?
Headlight Question
I pulled it off....
instuctions for new a.c. compressor?
Air Cleaner
454 cylinder 1 location
Test and Tune Veterans...
Will an edelbrock RPM intake manifold fit under my hood
Gen light came on, I can't beleive the cause!
Shifter rebuild
Oil Pans
Demon ZZ4 Carb
Difficult shifting 4 speed ........
Some pics of a custom c3
Need Aftermarket 17" Wheel recommendations for my C3
How to tell what engine my car came with?
Vert with roll bar
Correct TQ?
Troubleshooting my Rear Window Defogger....Any help?
new rims 17 or 18??
No sound out of radio

Page: 497
Trailing Arm Removal S#$%!
I'm a little pissed with the presswork done on my A arms (pics)
kinda funny, I have a bees nest in my frame any ideas how to get em out?
camshaft upgrade:Do I REALLY need the spring kit?
JD Power rates long term ownership!
TRW Composite Spring
First time cruising around town/ one of the most horrible experiences in my life.
frame wax
Removable back windows conversion
Rear Trans Seal Replacement - 1978 4spd
seat belt question
C1 with C5 interior?
LS1 in a C3?????
Zaino Pics? Someone Impress Me!
proportioning valve
New orders.. moving to Seattle area!
Power Steering Cylinder removal
Fel-Pro one piece oil pan gasket
t-tops on rear rack
has anyone used a flaming river steering colum?
77 Tach problems
69 Rear window storage question
Before, During and After Pics...
mechanical vs. electric tachometer
Quiz- test your knowledge
Will a 29" tire fit a stock C-3
Stock intake manifold REFUSES to leave its home under the hood!!!
Is a 4.25" backspacing going to be a problem?
Multi spark ignitions: Do they offer any performance gains in street machines? ie, MSD6A ?
Crane's new pointless conversion: Anyone try it yet? How about the IgnitorII?
71 auto coupe FOR SALE
Crane XR-i pointless conversion - installed.
took a quick ride
OT - Display your NUTS proudly
Wrecked Corvette's
help removing rocker channels
Still dies when choke is knocked off
Buying a 69 Big Block, 4 spd Vette Whats it worth?
I'm going on deployment,..this equals a badder motor!!!!!
'Head Lamps' indicator light stays on
Is this an early or late 76 VIN?
Should I paint an aluminum radiator?
What size balancer on a 79' 350L82?
T-Top Triangular Wedge Guides
Most inexpensive carb'd C3
Very new to the Vette scene
Brakes (or the Lack of)
I am having problems with my 71 headlight switch
Holley Custom Speed Shop.
Correct dwell for 383 strocker
Beat bya monte
need some help
What RPM stall converter to use?
Who has the best looking alternator out there for the c3 140 amps or better?
AC Vent Question
(CF Tour) Stars & Stripes Forever
Saw the ultimate abomination!
Where Do You Order Your Parts From?
Much awaited pics of my car.(not dialup friendly)
side yoke slop
Hey Mods Sadam needs to go.
Help Brain F@#t--------- replacing carpet
Overdrive Anyone?
oriface tube inside the Evaporator in a 76 AC shark
Vintage Air and TPI Update...
How do I get Weld Pro Stars to fit?
These radiator prices seem too good . . . ever use this company?
Does anyone have the TransGo Reprogramming Video for a TH400

Page: 498
Putting a '78+ dual snorkel intake on a '76 for a semi-stock looking lower restriction intake
control arm bushings
How can a F41 suspension on a 69 vette be identified?
EGR valve - can it be removed? Follow up
T-top weirdness
OK, now my 82 CE is starting to drive me crazy, need help please...
octane levels and combustion temp
"Paging Cajun75"
Horn Operation and Problem Diagnosis
Those with 700r4's and tranny temp gauges,what temp do you run?
rim width vs. tire size
Front suspension poly bushing install - questions
Monster Garage
Pic of my 383
Fuel Pump 101
New daily driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Videos of 1192rwhp runs finally up...
Hood alignment with fenders
Thanks guys
What's this 1980 Vette worth?
When do you know if a master cylinder is bad?
You gotta see this. Originial #'s matching radio knobs and more [pics]
So I finally got rims
Who's got Steeroids and a big block?
It's been a long road! Found a pic from 5 years ago.
what's the drop on a BB air cleaner?
Strange starting problem - and solution
Rim width vs. tire size?
Again with the L88 hood
Floppy Rearview Mirror
Fibreglass Cracks
Does anyone have the Corvette Clinic's web address in Florida???
Just wanted to say hey
Balancing with 6.0 vs. 5.7 rods.
Need Wash Tips & Zaino Canada Problems!
Need new tires for my '72, any suggestions?
Rim resto pics, thanks to all, not dialup friendly
Seat covers for my B-day. last minute questions.
Will Chambered exhaust from a 69 fit on my 75
recurve kit: 93 octane does the trick!
Rainman69, you owe us BIG TIME!
Do I need a new tach board? Where do i find one?
Stingray Emblem Installation
High Performance Fuel Pumps
79 Radiator ??? What type stock and....
Help removing bolts from Rams Horns
A/C cycling on a '79
all corvette car show 8/9 in joliet
68-72 Wiper Door Bolts???
Suggestions? Trans fluid tube leak
stranded on the highway!!!!!
Stalling when I turn?
EGR valve - can it be removed?
"Import" Intake Manifolds
Loose turn signal stalk...
fuel percolation
anyone have any luck using the product ''shiney tires''
Flat Spot/'Bog' Eliminated with Richer Secondary Metering Rods
need a brake er brakes
is it bad to drive your automatic liek a standard?
B+M Shift Kit install question
a ugly vette
82 Vette Key Codes.
The Good and The Bad
u joint mayhem
no more car shows for the rest of the year!
Where does this go?
Engine bay decals
how do i
Front suspension rebuild price

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Seatbelt Install Pics
You guys with crates motors, what are your 1/4 mile times?
Will 26 x 10.5 x 15 ET Streets fit of '74?
brake adapter
Wet Okole in a C3
Lowering a C3's suspension
X-Mas in July!
Rear End Life Span
Time to cut crosssmember - suggestions?
Anyone stabbed in a Kiesler 5 speed?
Air conditioning dilemma (production or vintage air)
Let's Play.. Name that shifter!
Wiper Door Opens When I Shut Engine Down!
Calling Lars and other carb experts for an opinion-what is happening now?
help! my insurance is screwing me!!
Received my wheel adapters today...
69 wiper door questions
Clean Seat Belts
Representing the south,...
Remind you of anything?
Sequential transmission
Door handle issues....
Wonder why this Local does not want to go to Clemson.: )
Tool Box
R134 Pressure again
AC experts inside please
WOO HOO! Double header!!!!
Help with numbers
What happens when an 88 Vette and a 01 Monte Carlo Pacecar meet?
Windshield fogs up when it rains...anyone know the fix?
Engine won't start - suspect static timing
Good news, Bad news, good news!
went crusing til 2:30am last night.
paint job / ready to tear my hair out (long post)
Does anyone have pics of a blackcherry vette
Speedo Cable Replacement
Fuseable Links?
454 from a 86 Q..
Cars dies going into gear (reverse)
TPI question????
where are the sigs???????
New emblem water stains
Tinkering Again...
Aussie Vette Show!
after market half shafts
Anyone have a pic of the Edelbrock 454 wheels on a shark?
Removed Water Pump
Power Windows Quit - Help!
Headlights pop up now, finally. ?
Rebuild FINALLY done! What's Up???
Head Gasket Sealer (copper)
do you turn off when the cops pull out?
M21 Verses M22??
ill be offline for a week-going on vacation
79 dual air snorkel hose alternatives?
Looking for an old Texas license plate store
Need HELP from Atlanta Corvetters...
went to a drive in movie with the vette lastnight
New Seatbelts are installed
Play in steering wheel: Overcharge for repair, maintenance tip
WTT C3 Rolling Chassis for New Computer in Ontario
Will Gelcoat hide the holes from my luggage rack ?
Replacing bumpers...
Ignition lock troubles on my 72
Where can I purchase a new 1 1/2" throwout bearing for t-10?
O/T...My new Daily driver...
U-joint needle bearings

Page: 500
how strong are are rear ends
New car, new sig
Anti Seize
Bloomington Gold
ZR-1 LT5 C3?????
What is wrong with my car!!!???
Anyone ever dealt with McJacks in Santa Ana, CA?
OT 1996 Blazer won't shift out of park?????????
Six-Link Rear Suspension
1st time Vette buyer needs help!
Los Angeles Gathering Irwindale Speedway July 12th.
vacuum heat and A/C controls
Need Help with "Degree Timing Tape"
How to fit 1,000 passengers into a 2 seater....
Events - Winter Jam: West Coast style - Las Vegas ?
Suspension Help near Pittsburgh
Got my vette
Speedo is Reading High
tell us your embarassing corvette story.
updating distributor
Vette car show in Michigan this weekend
Header wrap
Engine gurus: need some advice
Wheel choice help!
How Much A/C Compressor 'drag' with A/C turned off?
Solid cam break-in: Any last minute advice?
Installed 460 springs tonight
Problem-rear end- HELP PLEASE
VBP front coil specs please
caught in the rain with t-tops out.
[pics] Pics of my new Drag Race Skinnies and my new Drag Race Seat :D :D
Electrical problem....aargghh!
Transmission tunnel Insulation
BFG's 255/60/15 Gonna get a set installed what is the average price
Replacing 1/2 shafts - U joints
Spark plug wire routing
Allan's Exhaust
Just Purchased A Camshaft!
Aussie Vette Show....lots of pics!
updated cooling tips, are you using a recovery tank?
Sooo, we're cruising down the Pa. Turnpike, when.....
Broke down today
Is anyone running sidepipes on a '75 or later?
Finally figured out how to post a pic (I hope)
Bubble lights on my 78SA installed, on to the next project
Replace non-functioning clock with another gauge?
Brakes, yet again
Replacing the tail housing rear seal on a 71 four speed.
BGold pic- Not an NCRS C3
Hooker Side tubes: Any install tricks??
Corvette Challenge this weekend July 12 - NJ and July 13 Rockford IL
Gold Cad Paint Question
Just installed new carb, intake & MSD ignition
Blower motor hose question
Back Firing
Cruise Control Trancender 1980
Niagra 50th celebration...Pics
Anyone move their alt to the passenger side ?
Corvette Check Book?!
Longtime lurker-first post
LARS Finally Gets His C2!!
Spare tire carrier as a trunk?
Could have lost the vet in robbery last night
Ahhhh no A/C in Vette
Aussie Motorex Car Show Pics
Maybe OT but.....
Windshield removal
Advice for value of '81
Lt1 motor exchange

Page: 501
First ever San Antonio Classic Corvette Night pics now online
What Tires?
Awesome birthday cake (cookie)
Engine Plate & Shifter Pattern on Trim Plate
Engine Numbers Question
My ideal woman........
ramps or jack stands?
GTA or GNX wheels on a shark
id this quadrajet
Does anyone know what wheel this is...
The electrical problem is fixed!!!
distributor 1973 L82; run without vacuum advance (part broke)?
Calling any Steering Column - Horn Experts 1980
thanks to all for the detailing tips- took FIRST IN CLASS today at the car show!!
Is this a safe way to raise a car?
NAPA Water Pump
Adding a Roll and where?
Traitor?? It appears one of us might be soon...
1969 Differential Casting Number
Mixed Feelings. Sold my 1979...
Can you identify this object? (Plus mouse nest)
Mothers Mag Polish
A/C Installation
should i buy stock?
Early shark rear speaker set-ups
Which belts to use?
How to??
Troubleshooting Inop Cigarette Lighter
Bubba has been under my hood!
Headlights Rubbing
speedometer troubles
Not to beat the wheel subject to death but.....
Squeeking Brakes
Antenna 1980
Adjusting belt for power steering pump.
Anyone Use Musclegloss?
Need Ideas for a Custom License Plate
I'm back from the road trip with the 82
Steering Coupler Question
Anyone here sprayed a gelcoat to seal their vette up before painting ?
Spraying interior pieces?
Vette as art...but you won't believe
What type oil do you soak pilot bushing in?
Electrical or battery problem?
Can anyone identify these heads?
Woot! my very fist web pic of my car!! finally!
aftermarket seat belts
UKPaul is getting married on Saturday! Post your congrats here!
Compressor on 77
Interesting 68' Vert on Ebay...
Corvette Garage Posters?
C3's and women, nothing in life is sweeter. :D
Hood Insulation....which is better?
OT: Brought my baby girl home yesterday...
Hot Rockers?
Baddest Black C3 Coupe.....I think so....You decide
out of subject
Fluid harmonic balancer/damper?
Body seams on a 73
Anyone got pics of the firewall grommets for a 78 and know which is what
guys with comp cams rollers(retrofit)gkull too
Headlights on 68
Underhood Elecrtrical Supply
Bought a BMW!!! Motorcycle that is
Lars Recurve kit installed!
Best cleaner/polish?

Page: 502
Thanks for the welcome
radiator shroud and shroud extension
Vacuum and AC vents ..Question..
To Matt Gruber, Figured out how to get the cam out!
borla mufflers or entire rear section
VB and P
O/T: can anybody explain to me how a 'radial' (aircraft) engine works?
How long for a frame up rest. and how often do you work on it?
Yousa the Summer is here!
What to look for in a Big Block test drive?
Open-End Ratchet Wrench from Alden Wrench.
Where should I get cats?
Question After New composite rear spring Install
what seat belts work?
What size garage is necessary to work on a vette?
Hard starting after engine is hot
Disabled C4
O/D auto trans/rear gear combo...highly recomeded
Need a accelerator cable bracket for a holley and overdrive
850DP idle adjustment
84 with 13,000 miles, RRR What's the point!
Toronto Guys: Canadian 50th Anniversary gathering in Niagara-on-the-Lake this Sunday, July 6th
Lowering front ??? again. Cutting Coils.
Vettes in parades
Headlight switched installed;easier than I thougt!! pics
Buzzing coming from the dash speakers.
Leaving for Watkins Glen tomorrow... wish me luck
[HELP]...Need Munice 4spd / Shifter plate install help...
Will Performer RPM fit under the stock 75 Hood?
Has anyone blown their Mallory Ignition module?
After almost a year the vette is done.
Has anyone installed an overflow tank on a 71 with ac?
found bad fusable link or very shabby wiring
Tons of Pics Here
Removing gas tank videos.
Ring & Pinion Backlash?
max seat width??
From now on C5's must wave first
Happy fireworks
Holes in the floorboard
Why do I keep blowing fuses on My electric fan.
VBP Performance PLUS System
Paging Simon Alexander and Dalannex Re: Best $1,000 Suspension package
High fan not working
Suspesion Issues.
for those who installed camaro or firebird rear seatbelts in their vette
Has anyone along the gulf coast seen my car?!?!
Flywheel & Pressure plate Analysis needed
If you have an MSD distributor...
Who can post a video for me?
need help with shock bracket
help! need some engine detailing tips!
Please tell me what you guys think these are worth.......
454 big block questions
Water in my oil....?
75 is almost done!
Paint Recomendation for garage floor
VIDEO IS UP FROM OTHER POST, who can post a video for me
Update on the 80' Duntov..
fuseable link, WTF does it look like?
Driveshaft shop recommendations?
anyone have vintage air in a c3 ?
Best free mod ever: 72 now LEAPS into action
Carb Jetting Opinions...
NEW Limited Edition Fuel Injected ZL1 WOW!
Help! 3x2 center carb trickles fuel at idle
YE-HA the Air/Fuel meter works
Has anyone here had a bad experience with BowTie Overdrive?