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Am I getting BS'ed on my paint Job?
Repack Front Wheel Bearings
Need quick reply: Brodix 8-pro or Edelbrock Performer RPM heads?
Brake caliper paint
Finally got to drive my vette again!
How low is your rear end?
i'm installing headers & converting to true duals.............
Build your own adjustable Low Fuel Light
S.S. Side Pipes+Headers?
I'm ready for the ricers..pic inside....
T-Top W/S Questions ...
A black light:Funky!
400 small block
Need help diagnosing problem with front wheel drive car
Electrical Advice Please
spare rim
Trim on '80
sticky valve help
I need a good source to find out what a vette is worth
Has anyone sprayed a new layer of gelcoat onto their bare fiberglass cars ???
Heres some links to full size pics of our 73...Nice!!!
biggest development leap between C-? generations???
Changing Shocks
Belton & San Antonio swap meets
My Steering Wheel has been Peltonized...
got my seat covers and foam from Wilcox today
So, you think YOU'VE dumb things?
Air Restriction Solved. Car Now Runs Like Scalded Dog!!!
Carpet dying
more custom plate suggestions please
Pulling a Rear End on a 1970
Paint timing for restore project
Rear plenum drain
FM Modulator Users
Rear wheel bearings, what type?
Cam specs. @.50 whats best all round? new engine? your choice?
Brake bleed - a small lesson
Which tranny??
Brakes part Deux
Who has rebuilt their T/A's?
Those with JCL Spiral baffles..Did you drill your tubes or just slide them in?
alt-2 wire/1 wire?
OT - need help with daughter's car
Base engine codes???
Those of you with JCL Spiral baffles
Sealed intake with Permatex Red instead of Blue... is there a difference?
Very important info for all of Hawaii's Vette owners!!
Talked to a ricer at the lights today...
OT: very quick question
Fixing Door with replacement skin?
Adjusted timing, ran fine, now won't run... :-(
Just bought a 1980 Corvette L82
Opinion for this paint job on a 76.
HEEEEEELP!! Oil Filter will not come off!
69 BB Carburetor Heat Shield/Gasket?
Installing O2 sensor on carbureted car? Has anyone here done it?
Specs on 487 heads?
Cleartastic Paint Protection 10% off SPECIAL!!
Swappin out a L48 for a ZZ4.
Ceramic coatings... GKULL
Vette + Old Barn + Cloudless Day = Pics!
Original 454 owners, please check in.....
Our True Human Shields!
My first vette
Rubber Bushings
anything going on in DFW this weekend
Home Made L88 Air Filter Base Hold-Down Piece
OT - how did you leard to drive stick?
Taking Vette out for first run of the year...what psi should tires be at?

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Lose exhaust pipes - all the nuts fell off?
Anyone Coming To Knoxville Corvette Expo This Weekend?
Tricks to shimming an aftermarket starter?
Check this out !!!
Blaster 2 coil mounting question
why is she bucking like a bronco... riding rough?
Finished the body dolly today
Jacking car up
454HO SWAP!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!
Electronic Ignition Upgrade
Chrome Distributor Cover Question
Fan Clutch (Modified)
New Advice Thread.
In all honesty my car is jacked
Van Steel Group Purchase
New sig...
Compression ratios and aluminum heads....
atf fluid 700/200 trans. what do you use
Is there a Corvette parts dealer in the DFW area? I need a valance panel
OT - Anyone into SLR photography?
Ok Chevy guys… Who supplies the best bang for your buck? [Crate Motor]
Those of you with experience with AR Racing / please chime in
O/T San Diego Vette owners
I'm getting closer so would like some bb setup advice from you guys.
jacking up a 69
Dual Diaphragm EGR Valve: Ever heard of? How does it connect?
Update - CA smog bill SB 708
my frame is breaking, i've heard this is common...
what temp switch for electro fan
Will 100amp Alternator Damage System?
Sig Pic Question
My Next Project-Exhaust Manifolds
Amp Install-Looks Like Rear Jack Compartment
Rear Window Tray
DynoDay Dissappointment...
see if this worked
Now.... what heads for TPI?
Calling on all you Electrical gurus or anyone else that may know
New engine
Question about lifting body on a '73
ULTRA RARE Prototype C4 Found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sludge in the Tranny pan
Carburetor Problems (Rochester) Help!!!
17X10 Wheels, will they fit??
painting your engine block?
Painting the intake manifold, I have a question please.
shift kit for 4 speed manual questions
Help: AmTops Vinyl Tops Revisited
Hurst Super speedway shifter..
No windage tray and scoring of cylinder walls - the sucking sound from my wallet continues
Corvette Forum Cruise Inn Vendors!!!
Valve/rocker noise stops when I pull spark plug wire, any thoughts?
hey engine gurus , what is the ideal temperature for a BB ?
OT/ Anyone own a Suburban?
HELP.......Failed inspection (NJ)
pics of recent upgrades...
Mickey Thompsen tires...good for street? will they fit stock rallys?
79 Cruise Control info needed/ Parts for cruise and air cleaner needed
What are the benefits and differences in value of BB & SB in vette?
I may go bankrupt, How Do I Keep My Car?
Finally. Pics of Paul79's borla's....
bad new block from machine shop :(
VBP Front Monospring on My 1981
Rod/Piston pins...floating..questions.
New dist -- New carb -- New Coil -- New SMOKE -- No start -- No fire
Hazard Switch
water pump and pulleys
What happens when rear end parts break / ever wreck?
Power Steering hoses
Caliper paint

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my 700r4 trans woes update-im happy again
Big block exhaust
1968 Front Wheel Hubs
Have you ever done this??
Vette Magazine May 2003
Making a lower half live under HIGH RPM the sig to work.
Intake Manifold Gaskets - What's The Best?
Old Car Emissions Exemption Remains Threatened in California
Best way to wire an acc to the fuse box?
71 wiper door problems
O/T whats this 69 stang fastback worth??
Fast idle question
Distributor/Coil Wiring Question
Any body ever used these?
C3 Power Steering Upgrade
96 Vette wheels on my 80
'75 speaker problem
Edelbrock vs Professional Products
Who makes the best rearend gears.
Holes in ZZ4 intake manifold. What's going on!?!?!
Heat Riser actuator removal
Houston Area C3s
Show me your sway bar!
Brake problem after rebuilding
Windshield replacement tips/tricks/ warnings
1970 Radiator ???
How can I recover the serial # on my block?
T.O. Pack..>>>>>>
70 suspension upgrade
Power Steering Fluid on Underside of Hood
Speedometer light replacement
Line Lok Pics ?
chrome platers - who has recent results?
*** How can you chrome plate plastic???***
Gritty Engine Oil
I can't believe I sold it.
Source for bulk interior carpet?
"NEW" 1973 Chrome Leading Edge Grilles...
'68 door lock pushbuttons on ebay
1974 Transmission Kickdown Question
Points/condenser ignition question
It's time to strip the paint with Spra-Strip, any advise?
Progress Update: Fiberglass Sub Box and Stereo install
HO Slot car Vette on Ebay--pretty expensive
Any advice on painting block & other stuff?
check out this ebay auction
paging Silvr77 - Ed
Still looking for a "Pre Cut" Chasis for a radio install on my 74........
A new garagemate for my C3 (OT)
Good news and well sometimes kids are frustrating news.
1970 Fender Grille Chrome
choke not closing all the way
Anybody with Summit billit fuel pressure regulator?
old post, someone had factory radios for sale
Cheapest place to order Autometer gauges?
Trivia-1979 Electrical Auxiliary Cooling Fan
The more I see em, the more I want em!
1980 l82 & l48 track times?
engine swap question
Alignment question "during" front end rebuild.
Need help getting Chevy V8 to start
My rear end is making odd "popping" sounds...
Opinions needed;keep glass t-tops?
Replacing transmission fluid in my muncie

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1974 radio and knobs
What Color Are Exterior Accents?
Run out on tires.
Interior colors, interior dye, confused....
Got any MSD pills you want to get rid of, 3500, 6500, 6600
What Rear Gear??
Front control arm bushings
Solid Transmission Mount
Rear bearing difficulty??
Dogs and Vettes (C3's)
Loose Telescopic Column what should I look for?
Hose Lengths
Senior Member!!!
This seem funny to anyone else?
OT: On car care.......
Electrical gurus needed
Exhaust leak at cat connector.
Senior Member!!!!!
PT Cruiser Tail Lights
I've got all the Head bolts out, is there a trick to breaking the head loose??
O/T Can you hear me now?
Anyone tried these Craftsman rounded bolt removers?
Bair's Corvette
Car is idling at 2000 RPM!!!!!!!
AR Torq-Thrust II and Goodyear F1 GS-D3 on my '76
Immediate help needed - can't open door
Centerforce Dual Friction installation question
Finally Finished the Model...
Brakes, Brakes, Brakes
a different alignment question
L82 vs. Mustang GT
Will an air gap manifold fit under the hood of our cars? new EPS anyone?
Trivia Question
Adjusting Door
Anyone have a picture of a trim tag rivet?
EBay Got Me-Lesson Learned!
can anyone tell me what the o-rings are for? (Steeroids)
Anyone else been burnt by American Sports Cars in Ata. Ga?
Driveshaft for 700r4 conversion
universal alu radiator modified.
TPI and BB's
Speedometer is reading backwards?
TPI Project Update... photos
Looking for best all around gear with a T-350 tranny
17" wheels on a C3???
A few BB swap/Spal fan install pics
Fuel tank leaks
This can order size up to 18 and any back spacing.
Rear Caliper Air Pumping Problem Fixed...
what kind of (mech) fuel pumps are you guys using with 383 motors?
"Hot" New Alternator??
LT1 Fan Wiring questions...
Do the C3 tanks have a rubber bladder in them?
4 Vette Models On Ebay
Cruise Control Finally
OT '54 vette for sale in FL
[PIC] My favorite C3....
Need Help w/Headlight switch vacuum diagram (79)
Collector Plates & Classic Insurance
What's better mechanical or electric fuel pumps?
(Pic) Bubba 700R4 Crossmember
Hello. Anyone feel like sharing some advice?
Date code for 69' manifold & carbs
3rd AND 4th seats in a vette

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Bilstein or KYB Shocks
Sanding questions
intake and carb recommendations...price?
[homepage] Guestbook is now working..
"Performance" manual steering rack?
Took the 70' out for a blast up to Home Depot..
Need help getting Chevy V8 to start!
Wiring question: Take a look at what I found.
Rear Bumpers?? Does Anyone Know???
81 Timing
rear spindles?? Who has slip fit "outer" bearings
Anyone use a display board at shows?
Hurst shifter problem
Calling all Paint Experts
Gauge pod for 72 vette
Maximum TQ/HP for stock rear spindle?
This Forum is good medicine
rear wheel alignment with smart struts?????
Can't get the rear end to drop.
tire selection
Does anyone make repro trim rings without the seam?
AFR 195 heads installed...reflections and lessons learned ( a little long)
offical Corvetteforum preesence at the 50th in Bowling Green?
Parking brake question please.
Wire and vacuum line detailing
1974 clock replacement
Modified your motor? Check your spark plugs.
Need Opinion
chambered exhaust capabilities
Gotta love those 77 year old ladies who love Vettes and sidepipes
Nice wifey...making Vette curtains for the garage
Lowered! with pics
{OT} Very cool war video.
Please Post Pics and Info on Interesting GAS DOORS
Getting old? I think I'm on that edge....
How about some pictures of your air compressor set up ;;;;;;;
Need to rebuild my front end**suggestions??**
Valve noise? new heads/new cam/new lifters/new push rods..What could be the cause?
Fastburn Heads - aluminum vs. cast iron
74 timing of manual L48
looking to change 75 rear cover for 80 any problems i need to know?
How accurate are stock tachometers?
Just burnt up my 700r4 and im not happy
Oil Filter Question
1979 Exhaust Manifold Choke Heat Stove
Tee tops
calibrating tach
3 sets of U-joints in 3000miles. Need some help please.
New Aluminum Cylinder Heads - Check em out !
dana 44
Wanting to add fuel injection question
UPDATE: 3 sets of u-joints in 3000 miles
ok update on transmissions,need oppinions
Clear Coat Paint??
Put the new plate on today...
Can someone show me a picture of rear carpet?
question on hooker side pipes
grease nipple on a arms?
So I needed an excuse to drive the vette yesterday
fuel cell
POR-15 = no fun... but worth it.
Car Ramps
silly ricer, honda's are for moms.
Can I get by without a heat riser??
Priming Urethane (Rubber) Bumpers
Trailing Arms 77 coupe
How do you tell if it is a L71 engine?

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Seats for my C3
Trailing arms are almost off....
Need seat help.
ok guy.......who wants a tilt-tele column.....
San Diego C-3ers lets band together!
OK, The hardest thing to do is "?" on a vette.
Flowmasters for C3?
1980 L48 Need REAL advice
Holley 3310 plumbing problem.....any thaughts?
Machine shop finishes work - woo hoo - big images.
Poly or Rubber Differential Mounts?
R-12 to r143a conversion?
oil leak???
1978 stereo/ cd player (st. Louis)
Frozen flare nuts on caliper brake line
U-Joints what would you buy
Microfiche link
Hood Insulation from Mid
Question for the Toronto C3 Shark Pack
Holley Carb.Help with ID
Adjusting the eBrake, hard job?
went for the 1st ride of the season on saturday and of course...
Anyone tried these polishing products, 1/15 price of Zoops
Got a question on the correct oil pan
*stretch* Drove my car, 92 C4 tonight. Handling thoughts. New sig pic.
O/T: are you offended by :withstupid: ?
"78 stock car alarm
Motor Mounts
Need help with my fuel pump!
Are my old "ramhorns" worth anything?
First pictures of my fiberglass sub box
*** Project UpDate, Paint ***
Roll Call..Who's going to Corvette Expo. Knoxville
FL Corvette Challenge Results and Pics!!!
Solid Roller Cam?
AFR 195 or Trick Flow 23*
Edlebrock BB EFI pro flo (3550) update on my 1968 502
Irag - Here we go.. the whistle has blown..
Diagnostic help - water comes out of the EGR valve
O.T. Website Check
One Trailing Arm off One to go
Need Pics Of Headlight Washer Nozzles
msd blaster 2 coil mounting/ blow out msd box
Spark plug heat ranges
Electric fans, where is your thermo switch?
Removing the clutch linkage on a 69 (Header replacement)
havent been on for a long time just a catch up from New Zealand.
MEAN GREENS C5 BITES SHARK BACK in fl corvette challange
Halaluya!!!..finally got all the air out of brakes
Wiring fun...
Help! Need Classic Auto Insurance
Almost ready to lift body
Intalled Sidepipes- most disappointing day EVER
High MPH Speedometer?
2 tickets for NASCAR next sunday March 30 in Texas
200r4 Rebuild help: which kit?
Custom Autosound Radio Installation
Does cutting springs change the spring rate.
Finished off the suspension for now...
Cam and lifter recommendation
Steering Column
Steeroids goin on today! what about alignment specs?
How difficult to rebuild the top end?
Woo Hoo... The engine is out!!!
78 Differential
VIN Help
Some day it is gonna happen.
any advice on what companies to order parts from?

Page: 610
Alignment Question?
77 front bumper to later style.?
[Electric Fans] who's got 'em, who wants 'em? i need brands and pics pleeeeez!
GEN VI Oil Path Questions
This weekend could be the one!
Big Block vs Small Block? What should I do?
1979 Upper Dash Overlay Ready for Install
Electrical Question
I Just Purchased A New Cam!
Power-Plus polished intakes anyone?
Door Help
Sqeaky steering column, any ideas?
Let's talk 350ci 350 horse engines.
'85 1 ton truck clutch master cylinder
I need to get a steering coupler
Updated my Homepage...
Help needed on Bubba'd distributor setting.
Need help ID'ing Headers & Carb
Crane HI-6 or MSD 6A or Mallory HyFire
Adding L98 heads. How should I finish the valve covers ??
Corvette Summer car and my vette
Parts Question
Questions? comments, RPM's, gears etc.
another O-ring caliper question
[THE GOOCH] and son
Got my new block yesterday...355CI, now the fun begins!!!
Upper A-Arm, Which side is left and which is right???
Need help and advice please...
Check Out Hydratech's Revised Website !!!
How do I put the top down on a 69 convertible?
Rear quarter panel retainer??
Gear Ratio Change
Zoop Seal, anyone ever try ?
Wiper Door Vac. Canister - How tight?
1970 Convertible 4 Sale
Muncie 4-speed, Heavy Duty Aluminum Case
anyone using caliper O-rings with non SS calipers?
Engine go Rattle Rattle
How come rear lower shock mounts tend to break?
Underside Hood paint ??
The F-16 in my avatar is now flying cover in Irag
Luggage Compartment Bulb 1003 or 1004...says 1003, but....
Engine fired right up... but now smoke is coming out of carb.
Whats the worst thing you've do to yourself
Flashers used to work on 81...
What does smoke at WOT mean?
Pre Lead Free Fuel C3s...What do you burn?
HEY..Is This The Same "Geopar" From The Forum??
Cool C3, check out the link
Help - Center Console
Need the name of an exhaust manifold paint product.
Fasteners for 81 grills
Anyone else hate the seatback angle of thier early C-3?
Drag racing , speedvision , NOW...
MSD Ignition question
Vortech supercharger for BB...impossible fit?
After market shift kits??>>>>>
georgia emmisions??
Dang, new throttle cable installed.
out of ten year storage
Steeroids users..tie rod length
Just took her out for the 1st ride of 2003!
?? for 700r4 conversion
Shortening Body Lift Straps
Paging GDH
Paging MG62

Page: 611
Distributor wires... what is the difference in milimeters?
Hood alignment, how to question.
All of you #24 fans (IF ANY) paint color
OT...Importing Body into Canada
Help! Hood won't release.
Pros and cons of the long vs short L88 hood to replace my stock bb hood 68
'68 strut bracket bolts different from '70?!?!?!?
A couple of pictures when I first bought my '72
Engine Gurus---what could cause this squeak?
service engine soon
Paging San Deigo Paul/ FAUXRS
1969 Headlight replacement any trick to remove the bezel? difficult
Rear end painted... want opinions
Water neck falacy ended
Which di you use? MSN, AIM, ICQ
Help! Does anyone know the stock pushrod lenth for a 73 L-82
Radiator Measurment??
Cam bolt size
Holy Bananazzz just spent ANOTHER Grand!
fu#@%^% Hail!
*** When your C3 brakes down on the freeway, who are you going to call? ***
Got my new Plates!!
Has anyone installed the New 17 or 18 inch Cragar S/S Forged Alloys on C3
Another ebay "deal"
C3 Tshirt Iron ons
C3 Emblems. Here's one option.
Loose throttle shaft in quadrajet advice?
Danger Dave Does Dopey Disaster (I bet there's no-one here who ...)
Put intake back on... question about distributor intall now.
That's The Brakes!
What sould I do with my TH-400?
1971 Hood Release Snapped!
Tranny trouble in my daily... 4L60E
compression test --- how much should I be disappointed --- what next
Fuse locations on 82 model
More Piston Compression Questions.
Non-Vette ?? But cool car though.
Can someone help me change my avatar, or please post a new pic for me in my sig.
Door guide conversion
Dynomax Sideliner Sidepipes
vac advance
Oil pressure gauge problems
Used Head Value?
Clutch Experts please. Need to help my son on his 79 Camaro
hooker sidepipe install
72 Compression ratio and gas?
Relocating ebrake for 275/60's
Need Spring Help!!
Foam filling the frame?
Van Steel Rave! Good peeps! Great Experience.
Remote Starter - How to hook up?
What is this? - Holley Carb
Need help ID'ing Headers
Big Thanks To Scott Dixon!
The CCC Ships Weapons to UK Forum Members...
Saw My Old 71
rear suspension colors?
Has driving a C3 changed your personality??
How do U I.D. original rims...
Cleaning Rubber Brake Hoses
Where can I find out what part number 4919549 is? Website
My Spark Plug Wires Are Getting Stiff. Too Much Heat?
Baldwin-Motion Stripe?

Page: 612
Thanks sdixon! Super guy Super deal
rear end side yokes
Trans fluid turned PINK! WTF!!!
Whom else from the TO Shark Pack is heading to Bowling Green for 50th?
O-ring caliper conversion questions
While I'm in there question
Original 1979 Glass T-tops-Fair Price?
MODS/ADMINS: Can we add my new (:danger) emoticon to the list ?
[ebay] nice chevelle
Great Birthday!!!
CHEAP 73-on E-bay...
[Fuel Injection guys] - Where did you put the computer and route the harness?
Does full seam welding lower value of a frame?
Has anyone used stainless hard line for radiator hose???
Body gasket Kit for a 79
Help with Poly control arm bushings
Why the derision for C3's?
Bubble tail, and back up lights...
Emission Systems "back then"
OK ready to pull the engine...what do i do to avoid bad things happenings???
Steeroids test do I like it?
synthetic oil - blend - (homebrew)
35 mph....big, big tree.....
76 front suspension drop
Project Update: Stereo Install
Bubba's bondo feast part deaux
Anybody out there know......????
Where, Oh, Where
*** Custom C3 with DVD and PlayStation2!!! ***
O/T - I made top Ten List with My Z28.
B&M quicksilver installed
Yooohooo!!! My motor is finished!
Would anyone here be interested in these toys?
Caliper question
Vette specialist in Philadelphia area?
Patriot Chrome Side Pipes
73 TCS Vacuum Advance Solenoid... Questions?
Hey baby pic.????
This is to anyone that has changed there brake lines....
Control Arm Rebuild - 101 - Pay a professional.
Philly-NJ area rechroming shops?
Overdrive trans ordered.
Frank Who wants wiper motor and ? call me.
Help with Steering Pull Problem
Torker II Intake vs. Weiand 7546
OT - they shut down the highway (Rt3) that I take to work (terror suspicion)
Automatic shifter
Yikes! Almost $800 for rotors/pads! DIY or pay?
C4 guy needing help with C3 stuff....
Shipping a C3 cross country?
Poor boy serpentine belt conversion - Pic inside
To THe Military On THis forum
1979 wiring harness interchange question
Right Rear Caliper Leaking...
Cool Valve Covers
Edelbrock Q-Jet recommendation?
'79 oil pump
Don't you hate it when you buy something and it's missing parts?
New rear bumper complete
Not a good day to take the Vette out. Not a good day to take anything out -Pics-
Need A/C solenoid for AFB (Edelbrock)
82 Collectors Edition Graphics cracking..pls adv.
Ok, I see this really nice 72 Roadster, so I pull up next to it
To paint or not to paint aluminum intake?

Page: 613
Door Interchange Question
Once again looking for the best combination... Carb/Manifold
Hood repair,need advice-a.k.a. "Stay the hell away from my car"
If You Could Be Buried In Your 'Vette After You Die, Would You?
Side pipes - Part 2 - Fair price
I'm Screwed
Opinion on KBD Targa muflers?
It 's off ,but I know I can get your help here.
Vendor Price Comparison List
Finish this project? Darn thieves are making it hard.
float adjustment on quadrajet
Califonia Smog BIll
1974 Door "Hardware"
Seat Belt Question
Over-Exhaust Wire Looms or (Stock) Chrome Under-Header Shielding?
B & M Trick Shift fluid in TH350 - worth it or not?
WHAT..No Impact? I need some help group.
Recieved my new parts today
Fixed Vacuum Leak Now I Have Carb Problems
Lost??? Where is the block oil pressure sensor on a 72 block.
Anyone try installing a compent set in the rear instead of 6x9s??
Just spoke to trans shop ... ...
World's worst corvette book - revisited
Check my planned it correct?
can you identify these headers?
John Lingenfelter Recovery Fund
what's wrong with my car!?!?
Help with vacuum hose routing
I know this has been here several times but.........
Brake Pads
Rear Calipers, anyone ever experience this?
OT Whats up with the POP-UPs?
C5 Brakes on a C3 ???
# locations in trans and rear
What water pump are you guys using???
Shifter Adjustment
1979 "Z-Vette with LS-9"???
Finding parts
blop blop blop sound from exhaust when decelerating?
OT Who's got family/friends in the middle east?
Recomendations for a sealer for aluminum bellhousing and Muncie?
How deep of an oil pan can be used?
Clutch options
How to remove the inserts
What valve springs to buy?
Corvette Cruise-In Caravan! Who’s game?
A"Rare" '69 LT-1 on Ebay
I've Been Hard At Work....
has any one used the "vette works" fire extinguishers?
# of bleeders on rear calipers
Gravity bleeding on vettes--less successfull?
Chevy High Performance - 200r4 article
are chevy fuel pumps the same? BBC guys needed
New Cover for Steering Wheel
Anyone with a ZZ4 and Holley 4150 Carb..... need some help tuning
383 Short Block for Around $1000 (plus shipping). Good Deal?
Going to Myrtle Beach, where is best steak & prime rib ?
How Much H.P. Increase Can I Expect From Porting Intake & Heads?
WILL IT FIT? yes again
What is a Hemi engine?
Front Grill for only $1?
Early C3 Stereo Install Questions
New member with general Q's
Did anyone see Two Guys Garage this weekend?
What is the correct number for a 1969 l-36 intake?
3.5 or 3.7 new gears questions

Page: 614
How do I wire an amp?
882 heads......
New RAM 400 Flywheel
Wenol Metal Polish
2,000 miles!
I can link to the post ,but not the pic.
Wasn't the water pump....
I recently acquired a 1980, l48 vette
[ebay] rare '79
my ebay ad. :)
I need pic. of the sidepipe shield from JCL.Please
Finally got my first pic up!
Stroker or better heads?
Royal Purple oil, any users?
Primer on Fiberglass?
Sidepipes vs regular mufflers
1969 SB exhaust manifold question
Compute your own Compression Ratio
Picture request: nice door jams, other hidden areas
Carburetor parts
Cam Break in
Putting a blower on my 79 L48 350
A couple issues, thermostat and pulley removal.
aftermarket steering wheel ?
Loose Steering???
help decipher block #
OT: Supporting our soldiers
LQQk here to see what I found, my 72
More horn craziness!?
1970 Manual Brakes
Steeroids install pix...
68-75 Owners-- Did you know?
I HATE CARBS! They hate me too. Dumping gas.
Mr. Bence are you out there??
#'s Guys...What Do I Have?
[Misfits] Event this Sunday!!!
Virtual Car Show---------Now Open
How to get to the birdcage for welding and painting
Does your car have "French" on it?
[OT] Fuel efficiency by strapping this device on your fuel line - Is it possible?
Which mechanical pump to get!? Help.
Door won't open ???
Finally putting things back together ... step 1
Changing body mounts --- UGH!
How many w/ fiberglass spring and 8" or longer bolts notice this?
Everything Works--What should I "Fix" next?
Radio shuts off when at idle with all power accessories on and if playing very loud.
1970 Convertible door striker
Trans work in Northern Delaware
POR-15 questions
Roller lifters... worth the money?
Wiper door vacuum system on a 72
Does anyone know where to get advance limiter bushings?
Center Grill for 73-74 on Ebay
How do I post pics?
tach cable problem
AFR 5031 Polished Intake Manifold
What is supposed to seal, hold in the rear window on a '75?
'74 fuel gauge does not read accurately, where to start checking for faults
Ansen blowprouf bell housing
Does Anyone Know.........
Custom Hood Emblems? anyone?
Any dyno sheets on 70 454 LS5 engines ???
What kind of Pistons should I get???
will it fit ?
73 vin sticker info...?
Wilcox Chervy
Just curious -- chat?
For those interested in turbochargers........

Page: 615
Engine compartment decal for oil recommendation(CANADA)
Can anyone run a CARFAX for me??
Question about numbers matching
EngineFactory 383 Stroker?
Stall converter - More torque = more stall?
Does anyone have "Corvette, Weekend Projects", by John Pfanstiehl
Anyone know the difference between early/late C3 doors ?
Rear caliper mounting plate
camaro 5 speed transmission
ANSEN bell housings
(OT) Audi Forums?
Dyno sheets for 427 big blocks??????
new Belgian member
Entire exhaust system is welded together.
HELP! Who's got the link to ASTRO TOPs?
Fiberglass rear spring experience... anyone got a spare right rocker panel?
New Guy with a question.
Pilot Bushing installation question
YAY for steering!
Wheels and Tires - FYI
Got my antique plates..
Color of headlight actuators
Factory side exhaust keeps loosening. Any suggestions?
Engine gurus.... another question
Oil seal and timing chain replacement question
Spotted a Callaway C12 today!!
xmsn help
82 CE on ebay at $5700 with NR
locating special '72 vette
Underhood cable on an 82
HELP, I can not get the WSW to wash
Does anyone know where I can find out...
Piston to valve clearance question?
Lower radiator hose on a 76 fu@*!ng pita !!!!! help?
Los Angeles Gathering at SpeedZone April 6th.
What is this?
Myrtle Beach Run to the Sun show
Dang this is an expensive hobby
Thread files on sale
Torque converter lock up
Weight reduction diet?
Removing Rear Bumper ?!?!?!?
Timing Retard - How much lost horsepower?
Sale!!!! (OT)
1572 miles this weekend - woohooo!
New Monospring on the Front End
See more C3's in commercials
What RPM does your tranny upshift at WOT?
Progress on paint stripping ...
Tach or speedometer Question
I am helping a buddy search floor pan parts-1979 coupe
'68 Front Grills
Where to Find Dealer Code and Dealer Zone for '72???
Corvettechange Race THIS WEEKEND 3-22-03
Adjusting Valve Train
So I test drove and priced out a Z06 today.....
Show us your Headers...
Isn't $1,000 too much to install rubber body mounts on my '71
New pics of BlackRat. (Carpet install and misc)
Good color to compliment the body color?
Headers and dual pattern cams?
Should I buy a new block?
should i go 'rice' or not?
Slip yoke
Coil-Over suspensions for C3

Page: 616
Adjustment to make transmission downshift quicker?
Visual differences between 400SB and others
Cooling fan not coming on...
Talk about stuffing wheels on a car.....
Crooked Engine?
Picture software
Correct Gas Cap Color??
Need info on 75 L-82
RE: Brake Project
spring in ignition lock?
Is there an advantage to getting Historical plates in Ontario?
Where were 454's built?
All Corvette swap meet ... Lima, Ohio
Engine Setup Questions
Who was drooling over Fox's Laurie Dhue?
I just ordered my Hydratech power brake assist unit
[OT] Wife got accepted to Georgia State today!!
SOOO close
Does a 1979 Vette (L82) have a long or short water pump?
Retro hyroller cams?
Dynomax Super turbo's
vanacor corvette
Flowmaster or Walker SuperFlo's
Oil Gage Line Sealing???
1970 Convertible Ebay
Making tach work for 72 w/ electronic ignition
Engine is in - pwr streering went into meltdown
Where can I purchase a pedal assembly to convert auto to stick?
POLL: Full seam weld on C3 frame ?
Show me your best blues
spark plugs (74 L82)hot or not?
Vanity plate link?
MONDAY CAR SHOW - Show what ya go!!
My Car is enroute to Van Steel!
Anyone have head flow #'s on stock GM BB rect. heads?
A little police humor
Engine Knock - Too Lean or Too Much Timing?
Texas legislative alert (now it's our turn)
Is tach affected by a hot HEI setup?
MIAMI NAPLES Cruise pics...
Welding on C3 frame?
Are ZZ4 valve cover gaskets reusable?
Help on 76. Good Price?
Here are some pics of my vette project
69 vacum hose
74 Headlight Vacuum Schematic / Diagram
frame stiffening (updat #2)
Desertdawg's Saturday ACE cookout....
Got my pics on a host site, now what?
Hooker Sidepipe Install Problem
Most popular cars 1931-1956
Body Lift
Headlight Washers
Sidepipes With '69 Fiberglass Cover Questions?
POR-15 the Underbody? Color?
ok, got it sorted out, here is my vette!!
ZZ1, ZZ2, and ZZ3 owners check in please
Speedometer and Tachometer Parts
Our area's Corvette ralley on My Classic Car tommorrow (Sunday, march 16)
How big of a project is it to lift off the body on my 78
It was a spring like day today in the northeast so I....
Heater core disconnect or shut off valves please explain?
Problem solved....I will build a new engine block my darn self!!!!
Interior paint gurus, HELP!!!
Crossfire questions on 82 model
82 rear suspension question (Gymkhana?)

Page: 617
Cleaned up my car for our Virtual Car Show Monday!! do you do this??
C4 Hood
Arcing across coil, what should I do.
Ignition wire.
finally got some pics of my just washed Vette!! ( know the deal :D)
ran last week but not this week
Timing plate I don't see any numbers what about the notches
Started Stereo install. What the heck did I find???
OD Tranny, anyone here of a 5L60E???
New Sharks
Glass experts, pls read
Holley fuel pump - Sounds like a bilge pump!!
Water pump: Stock vs Aftermarket?
Losted post on hood adjustment
ROFLMAO 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Oxygen Sensor
Anyone running Yokohama Avid S/T Tires ?
Hooker Sidemount Headers and 4"pipes for C3 with ZZ4 and Fastburn Heads?
drop spindals
Can"t locate eng miss HELP PLEASE!!!
Rocker Panels 74 C3
Had a good reason to take car out of winter storage today
anyone ever broke a 2004R?
Virtual Car Show
Rear end "thunk" warning
Jet Hot
Specifications on 75 & 76 Corvette
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Washers? Are They Special?
1982 paint code?
Should I drill my Thermostat???
Removing clutch linkage (69 small block) to remove headers
CLR as a radiator flush?
Fitting Electric door locks
Question about body shaking
Aftermarket HP engines... planning on using your parts? Think again.
Body Work Question
Thanks To Paul79 and Everyone else.......
My dream car garage...
Timing Chain Gears ???
Damn water neck!
Demon throttle linkage problem
Need Carb Help.
Ever wonder what it would like?
call us "Stumpy" after we put gas in our vettes this year
Fasten seat belts warning light doe'sn't work
Advice needed on power window switch
Did anything ever come of the Muncie 5 speed transmission rumors?
New engine (8 months) flattens cam...
SSBC & Van Steel Hubs
What's the secret ???
Exhaust header wrap hoses, any good ?
Any recommendations for removal of shroud and radiator form a 71?
Paint Tip
Sidemount Headers and 4"pipes for C3 with ZZ4?
highrise hood from
L36 427 engine question
Engine swap
Alloy Callipers
Freeze plug painting question
Had my mechanic give me a Rear Diff. Drain Plug
Rock Hard Radiator Hoses...
My 74 is in this month's Corvette Fever! :D
What would you do ???
Getting High...Spray painting that is.
Pulled my engine...woohoo!
C5 Mufflers are on.
Whats best for filling the holes left by the luggage rack ???

Page: 618
stock fuel pump outlet?
Mosquito fogger?
A New Do!
Ways to get more power and use less gas!
Hatch Back Conversion
White Lightnin' hits the streets after a loooooong winter...........
What I am doing on my vaction
1969 350 4-speed out of commission/busted clutch?
Tranny swap
Interesting 68' Vert project car on Ebay...
76 fuel line replacement,HELP!
What valve spring compressor should I use? Help ASAP!
Any way to test guages before installation?
Canadian Insurance
Does anyone have a carb'd SuperCharger with Intercoolers ??
What cam do I have?
Failed Inspection...need help !
gas tank drain?
re-skinning door panels
Dimmer switch fixed thanks to forum
Door handles dead...
OT: Anyone Into Minor League Hockey
Trans. install tips?
'69 350 w/ Power Steering question
Dropping the fuel tank -- how hard is it?
What is this - Round 5 - Starter ground?
Replacing WW Wiper switch (pulse) on a '78
Tach removal help
sts baffles
Engine replacement
Frame Painting - Horror Stories
What is this wire #2?
Stainless Works Exhaust
Any tricks to getting lifters out
Cost for paint job?
What is this wire #1?
Tryng to find upper dash hardware
Sharky resorts to plan B...crate engine, anyone use checkers core switch!?!?
California Emissions legisative alert!
Why is this in my 69?
8T1 Bionic Vette won car of the month for Mobil 1 Oil.
1981 New Battery Voltage Loss
50 degrees this weekend yeehawwwwwww !
What questions do I ask body shop on paint
Fuel injected 73 454!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Window adjustments???????
Herbert Cams..
Hood Cable Problem
Suppliers of Tremec TKO's??
Corvette care products???
Buying a new Carb, Which one to get???? Holley or Demon
Posting Pics?
TH350 leaking some fluid at the shifter shaft
Tips for droppin in a 454 with sidepipe headers?
Shift Kit installed
Good Picture Hosting site for those needing one
Results of painted on decal kit on 78SA (masking removed bottom half)
What do you guys think?????$$$$$
question about my 4 speed transmission
Login problem need help
Mis-aligned guide plate + 4000 miles + high RPM wind-up = . . .
Philadelphia Area Paint Shops
81 Turn Signal help....
does my pic work??
New starter question...

Page: 619
Picture for signature
service engine soon
Ball joints and roll centres
Header Painting...
78 Corvette PPG paint code sheet
Pics of my new 71
I just scored a 200-4r! for $25!!!
still trying lol
Ebay Observations Rant
strut rod bushings
Lessons learned on installing new emergency/parking brake console!!
What is required to put in a big block?
California Bill to Exempt Inoperable Vehicles from Public Nuisance Ordinances
stupid gas pedal!
Chambered Exhaust... Stainless or Aluminized???
Debate:74-77 vs 78-82 vs C4s
Aren't C5 mufflers very restrictive?
TH350 Removal questions: Cooler Lines, Top Bolts, Cable, Dipstick
ride height vs crate engine
Carpet install question.
Thermo-Tec header wrap...any tips on install for me?
[Vacuum system] Round 2 - Wiper door opens but does not close
Alum. heads and stock iron manifold question.
Massaging Old Dead Paint
Vacuum problem on 74 - need help
Electric fans?
Dwell Meter recommendations
Bigblock engine troubles in Belgium
VBP composite spring & 8" bolts question
Another automatic to 4-speed swap question
What is this - Round 2
Interior Restoration.
before & after pics of 74 engine compartment
POR 15 on INSIDE of frame
Search Illiterate here, I can't find Lars tech paper on body and paint
planning on a turbo in the future, what to do now though?
Pull Over Seat Covers
Need an Expert on Early C3 Frames
Hey Merlin522....
PUTTING BODY BACK ON: Body mount/shim questions
1970 Owners Check In.
Paint shop questions
trying pictures 74BB
Has anyone tried an electric water pump?
Very Rare(Seriously) Corvette On eBay(Not A Joke).....
Rear Spring Question
Praise for Bobby at Zip's!!!
Steering column and steering wheel restoration completed
Torque Thrust II Pics?
Who was using the Graphite spray? Paul79 from Canada?
17" Wheels on a '72 C3
Alternator Bracket cuts into upper radiator hose.
Current Discounts/Discount Codes for Venders?
Water Pump Pulley Question
New steering wheel picture
Has your mechanic ever meet his completion date?
Used VBP Front Traverse Suspension Setup - Worth?
About my oil pressure and check engine light ???
[pics] South Florida Vette come together..
Frame paint
Wanted: Skilled professional willing to work with a novice.
Frame odd, please help
Heater Hose
Is 15 degrees initial timing too much?

Page: 620
Got my St Patrick's Day present today!
What is this - Round 4
Anyone from the Northeast coming to the corvettechallenge race next weekend? 3/22/03
Found a Kill switch
C5Rs qualify 1 and 2 in GTS at Sebring
Turning Brake Rotors
Anyone here have electric headlight motor mod???
Great Deal!! $49 stainless steel 2.5" mufflers at Summit!!
Electric Vacuum Pump
Attn: Lars...Holley tuning??
Anybody else hear this????
The Fed Man Came
Synthetic Oil and Cams, Comp Cams Tech Advice
What's a baloney tube?
body shop recommendation in southern california (LA AREA)
Bolt grade and torque question
Jack Stands
AARGH, Anti-seize on new carpet
Will my rear end drop enough with axles on?
who owns the black c3 with the engine sticking out of the top?
Is there an Oil Drain plug with a loooong magnet available ??
Corvette Limousine WANTED LQQK
[Tuning] Holley Street Avenger
Picture of my first 3 hours with the razor blade stripping paint::::
horn or security siren?
1978, L-82 tach and speedometer rebuild completed
pic of my 74
74 Pics
Who sells this part?
[Vacuum system] Should be a simple question
What is this - Round 3
Corvettes we have owned over the years.. *Dial-ups BEWARE*
Most popular cars 1957-1972
Let's play a few rounds of "what is this"
Did the '77 aniversary model just come with the 6 cylinder engine????
I need a vacuum port diagram for a holley 4160 600cfm...
New heads old temp. sensor--my answer
Torque converter lock up.
AFR 195s on order, will be here next week!!
Corvette Mike experience
Why do the push rods need to be kept in order?
Can you fit a C4 glass spring in a C3?
Carburetor help needed
Finally, Bottom paint shot on my two tone Silver Anniversary Edition vette
vet infection -new guy
69 427 390hp carbuerators
Corvette Race Cars
vette jerks to the left when braking
[Ignition] OK, I'm just full of stupid questions today
lifting engine
Pics of the engine bay
Rear Shocks
i got my first corvette wave today!!
Front Suspension Rebuilt Kits....Who's the best?
Another C4 or maybe a C3
$41.60 to fill up!!!!!
Brake proportioning valve / distribution block *#%@!&*@~!!!!!
Automatic Transmissions Revisited
Drive it till it dies?
What is the ideal rod/stroke ratio for a big inch SBC?
Need some help locating parts.
POR-15 Frame.. Increase or Decrease value of car?
fake fuel injection look... crazy
Question for you electricians....
Gymkahna Suspension
68 production & off road exhaust questions

Page: 621
L 88 hood with air box
82 CE Stripes/Decals, looking for a shop in Northern NJ who knows how to install...
Think this scoop will work??
1971 Window Adjustment Points
Anyone have pics of VB&P Complete Performance Susp. Package installed on a 81???
Fuel Vapor evaporator lines Question????
% Of HP Loss With Options?
L-46 engine install question
'72 Corvette - Brake options
Anyone running 240+ degrees@.050 running a vacuum can?
Corvette .5 sec behind Ferrari in GTS qualifying.
1974-1977: Can I see your tailpipes, plz?
Check out my cars. More pics.
Supporting Vendors and the Charlotte Auto Fair
Timing light
Webpage update for C5 brake retrofit
New Headers for my 69 small block (square ports)
Alt belt broke. Yank P/s pump to replace?
Used Bike Brite On MY Wheels
Only 10 minutes left HURRY
Anyone rebuild their calipers with success?
Update: C5 brake upgrade (with pic)
C3 in new 10-10-220 commercial!
Bought 4 rotors, calipers, pins, pads, and just bought the stripe and decal kit today...
More news on the Arizona emissions bill (important)
how to get more gears
Oil Pressure Sending Unit 72
While-I'm-at-It disease: one step forward, two steps back
Classic White paint formula?
VIP Article
clutch slipping?
Thanks to Vetteworks NY
Water pump replacement
calling wesch
I seen the WalGreens Commercial lastnight with the forum members C3 in it .
The Shooter of the Two NY Undercover Cops is Picked Up Today.
crate motor goin in this weekend.expansion tank?
5 speed swap question
I couldn't take it anymore.....So I took Vette out!
Which Blower Wire?
Check your steeroids carefully
Another carpet install question. Please help I am lacking confidence.
Little M, or Sportsman Block?
clutch fan
How do I determine if I have a TH350 or Th400?
We need to have a C3 virtual car show next Monday
(OT)? Consumer Reports Top 10 most influential vehicles in last 50 years
Good Deal? LT1
K & N Extreme filter
3:08 or 3:55
Anybody ever bought from Discount Tire & wheel
More education about being a new Vette owner
Another Electrical Question, Turn Signals.
Hey MassVette
I can't afford an aluminum radiator right not, but...
Who actually likes to drive their Vettes?
I need to bypass the blower motor relay, will my ......
(Part forum) Have a new 1980 shop manual available
new water pump = burst heater core?
What size bolt fit the 700R4 mount support.
anyone in Florida want to sell their C-3?
I have 2 hoods for sale in the parts forum if interested.
JB WELD....IS....GOD!!
1970 Engine Problem - Help!

Page: 622
Dumb Newbie Question (Mirror)
(Commercials) Have you seen the new Hemi commercial?
1980 Exhaust
Caliper Question... I know.. I know....
Flex-Fit or Fiberglass?
2003 Corvette Shows
C3 out numbered C4s and C5s on the road this morning
Used Parts Vendors, what's the deal???
New VBP calipers, speed bleeders & gravity bleeding
Can this VIN be right?
Brake problem?
Have Fun. Let's Debate. 1970 vrs 1979
Belt Dressing And White Vettes Don't Mix
Installing new door weather strips on 68 roadster
Who's Seat Covers Should I use On My 1981?
Best way to clean original tail lenses........
Anyone use a Heat gun to strip the paint off their vette????
Cleaning/Painting Frame with the Body On?
Oringinal 73 Aluminum wheels-E-bay...
Show mw your curves............
Question about O/D transmissions
78 seats reupholsted??? shops near 92508
New guy update
[Project Vettefinders] Project update
fuel pressure for Carter carb?
No oil to the valve train
255/45/17 AND 255/50/17 ON 17X8 RIMS????
1 Piece for you, 1 piece for me, 1 for you......
Need pictures of factory correct engine compartment (71 sb)
Vaccuum torubleshooting - Wiper door
For all you guys that have flared your fenders...
help, I want to swap in a 5 or 6 speed but I have 500hp.
Edelbrock Carburetors
Corvettes STILL on top
Volunteer interviewee for college research paper?
Smog Legal Headers?
Anyone cut out around their shifter to install a shifter boot.
Need Help buying a '76 Stingray...
Lettering on Center Instrument Panel red lights - question
Lifter valley exposed for cam do i clean this area up?
Dream Car response when I e-mailed them about it not being available
Who has had their C3 the longest?
Anyone want the 90+ rear bumper for their C3, ending in 3 hrs ...
steering gear box
Trim paint
Exhaust Cut out covers
couple of pics under hood
Got my seats back,,New Real Leather. These are Beautiful !!!!!!!
How to get to 400 ft/lbs torque
Smoke!! Thats not good....Need some help with power window question
'79 heater outlet
Need help... radiator and support
Window Regulators? Whats best?
81 color question
Spring choices
attention cappy and others
Ignition Lock install question
question about brackets and headers
Got my ball joints last night
Valve stem seal replacement help needed!!!
Modify a 78 pace car to a convertible
Another question about heads....487X
Explanation of cam lift and duration
Which intake, carb and heads for my 1979 L82
Visor Disassembly
Automatic trans shifting questions...
How would these wheels look on a C3?
electric fuel pump
Electric fuel pump install pics

Page: 623
Electrical troubleshooting
Another frame question - ok, two questions
Anyone near Van Nuys, CA?? Frame looksee
How do I know if my torque converter is locking up?
Hose sizes for my '73
centerline autodrags
Free-flow CAT
? for chambered exhaust owners
Message for Alwyn678...
windshied wiper problems???
Anyone see the new "Dish" TV commercial?
Carbs or injection?
Link to pics from Raleigh car show - Dial-uppers BEWARE!
engine running after 2 years - but have clutch problems
Vacuum booster - yahooooooo
hoses to heater core
I posted this in Factory Correct but I'm not getting much action there.
New ignition for my '71. Suggestions
Preparation for decal placement, a couple of questions please.
Anyone near Lake Worth Florida????
Got my vette back from the mechanic tonight...
head milling?
New Exhaust on 1980 wow
Weatherstripping problems!
(slightly OT)Becoming a judge. . .
Need info- Replacing front clip - '76 Stingray
Leaking water necks
Name that sound
New Guy - Sorting of topics
454HO is loaded! Have $300, need electric fan setup. Which way to go?
Need PICS of AR Hopster..
Auto Meter Phantom Speedo & Tach Mounting
Will modifying a performer intake work as well as a RPM intake?
lb-in to ft-lb conversion ?
Comfortweave or Leather-like covers on a '72?
Proper color of power brake booster for a '70?
New to the Forum-Need Help!!
In The Summit Catalog
I got the Grand National 200-4R!
Connecting Rods?
drive shaft & u-joints...2 questions...
Block Hugger Hooker Headers
The old "Will 255's fit my front without rubbing"?
Power booster update!
Rechoming bumpers and other parts
Desktop Dyno ???'s
'69 horn?
Door Removal
Is there a trick to removing alternator pulleys?
Superfast is 73-454's son!
Last touches to front suspension
First post 1969 Vette
Cam for LS-4
Rear Main Seal Install Instructions
wiring diagram
How's this for weird...?
Leather vs Leather-like
Finally installed the Dynomax headers!
Dream Car Garage...69 L-88 Restoration
Looking for pictures of C3s with Scissor-doors!
P/S Control Valve Post Installation Questions
Loose Steering All of the sudden. Is this tie Rod ends?
Clutch question
Weekend Update with NHvette
Any forum member live near Slidell, LA (70458)

Page: 624
1981 Have disconnected most of computer need help
clutch question
Can someone give me a translation here?
Annoying Buzzer
Horn and buzzer relay
nice day so i took it out and took some pictures
Wheel Weight
GM mini starters
I think I found a good deal, but I am a C4 guy, so I need HELP!!!
Overflow bottle hoses?
window allignment
Pressure washed my vette for 4 hours and I feel it today.
APOLOGY TIME - to/re gdh - please read
Opinions on a solid valve-train, please
gdh is not 73-454
How to ? add a pic
Speaking of leaf springs......
new jersey-can we use regular plates on antique insurance?
Doesn't it sometimes make you wonder why you bother?
Woohoo! Detailed the 82 yesterday!
Leaking tranny
I know I should know this but what is the TCS system on my car (71 4-speed)?
OT: Lazy Sunday morning - working on the study model of my 74.
Header help!!!
Calfornia Emmissions
Well, took the dash out of my 71 today...
what does a pace car go for????
Who know more about this corvette?
The cost of HP
Recurve saga continues.....
Popping on Decel
1970-72 Corvette NCRS Technical Information Manual & Judging Guide question.
Recommended oil for my vette
77 seat options?
Parts & Number Guys..HELP!!
82 Taillight Problem --- HELP
Dye-ing to know
Demon carb kit?
Cross-over pipe?
front bumper is peeling
Great day for cruzin
Stupid Question of the Evening-What Holds the Leaves of a Leaf Spring Together?
Using stock clutch disk with centerforce pressure plate.
Removing a rear window from a 76 questions ...
Dash-top Weatherproofing Protection (1978-82). One Possible Solution.
Advice needed on air dam replacement
Anyone interested in a complete '77 454?? Toronto area....
exhaust manifolds?
Advice Needed: Window Electric Motor
80-82 Dana44 pinion bolt torque?
Northeastern members...
C3 Oldtimers - Who has been here more than 2 years
nitrous questions
Overdrive swap in a manual
Ceramic coating vs high temp wrap
Dented oil pan. How to swap?
Steam Clean Engine Area?
Door Panel Problem
Weatherboots. Can They be Dyed?
Where to hook up the oil pressure cutout switch ?
Yep, another motor question regarding numbers.
how to tell an 80, 81 and 82 apart?
changing brake pads
Vettedan-Will this work on my TPI?
Ordered the wrong ball joints
Caliper housing torque specs 130lb F 60lb R
Shocks, rear spring, bushings

Page: 625
Hurst Shifter for TH350...anyone have one ????
how to remove some door parts???
Im getting aggrevated with my car......
Anyone use the plate tat bolts to the intake to Pull/set motor.
How do you guys clean greasy parts?
More Horses
Got Sidepipes Cheap! Confused on Installation
starter options
Electric fans - what costs the least but still works?
exaust question
third brake light...
RTV in caliper rebuild
how difficult and pricey would it be to build a new C3 using aftermarket parts?
gdh is really 73-454
(OT) Metrinch tools
Just did my taxes......
Fiberglass sidepipe covers.
Engine ID
Replacing fuel and return lines at the gas tank on a 1980
What gains to expect??
Grand National 200-4R, bolts right up? And other questions
bolt size, length, and thread for brake calipers???????
Thermostat rating ?
turning brake rotors on car
Edelbrock Thunder Series Carb Update. On the Road.
Saturday Trivia-FE7 Gymkhana Suspension
Motor oil looks light brown or milky
outside nirror fell off !?
Crimson Armada Member T-shirts
Replacing the heater core in the 76. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
turbos and superchagers
Trying to decide what color to paint my car
Need an opinion on front and rear spring replacements.
insurance company ???
Atlanta area transmission shops?
painting underside of hood? should i prime first
The Holley 950 MPFI Should Clear My Stock 81' Style Hood
aftermarket trim rings
Emergency question!!! Autocrossing tomorrow morning, car didn't want to start...
79/81 seat question
Exhaust cutouts on C3's?
C3 times
Best sway bar size for BB car?
Cleaning Aluminum Rims with a Dremel.
OT Say Thanks To The US Military
Anybody know where i can get a power steering pump BRACKET for a 74?
82, Major engine problems
I KNOW This is off topic but C3 forum t-shirts??
Where should I buy my exhaust?!?!
Anyone looking for sidepipes?
Mech Oil Pressure Gauge
How much power from stock fuel pump? Replacement opinions...
My 76 is over getting pained at Jeff Knight's place and...
Out of storage today!!!
Rear Differential date code help please.
Rear Differential numbers help please.
front suspension springs
Calling all Carb/Choke Experts! Need Help
short throw shift kits??
Tomorrow is the Corvette's birthday... I need ideas.
Paging Dep/302!
Muncie transmission "tin tag" numbers?
rim width vs. tire size, backspacing q's, etc
O/T What should I do? Not the Vette but..
Header installation nearly complete / electrical problem?
Rear Main Seal Removal Help.......
Is it dangerous to sandblast in an enclosed area??
What to do with all that extra spare time!

Page: 626
Day at the dyno
Had to order a new daily driver for my wife....
Stupid Question about Steriods?
Hooker Sidepipe Installation Question
How often do exhaust manifolds bolts break off in the heads?
Steering Column Expert Needed
Wiring Elect Choke
O/T How many of you remember the first oil shock in '73?
What type of 4 Speed Transmission did an 81 Vette have?
Car won't idle
Has anyone built/bought a custom tube frame?
882 vs. 461 vs. Vortec
1979 Exhaust Manifold to Head Bolts/Studs?
who's using Steeroids without power steering?
More new pics of BlackRat!
Converting to Dual Exhaust , question about O2 sensor???
Headlight problem - bulb or wiring?
'77 Fan runs when ignition is off?
what waterhoses to get for alu radiator
New Member
Transparent Dist. Cap (?)
Engine builder pushing SBC over BBC???
OT History Channel - Automobiles @9:00am CST (60-70 Muscle cars)
Good, reasonably priced steel flywheel for 1980 350?
What are the biggest reasons the numbers DO NOT match?
What size Ram's Horns?
Problem with Perma Cool fan, any ideas?
[EBAY] Big Block AR engine!!
O/T Gimmi a break...
Need Flow Numbers for DART Iron Eagle 180cc Heads for SBC
HID lights for C3s?
Posting pics what am I doing wrong
Jim Glass Corvettes
anybody on the forum have a baldwin motion vette?
rear logo and gears?
stock 72 heads
I have a new signature!
[ebay] Check out this Vette
"Custom" rear alignment specs?
Cappys car ran into a tar pit....Pics inside
Removing differential cover to change fluid?
The sun is out, its warm outside, the T-Tops are coming off!
Anyone seen these Carbon Fiber Half shafts?
Caliper o ring pistons?
Help my power steering wont work
Where to buy retaining nuts for emblems and side marker lights 78 vette
C5 drivetain in an 80?
Aww... Shucks! Just got bad news from the machine shop...
Difference Between "Chrome" and "Flash Chrome" Valve Covers
OT: '05 Chevelle, Make Mine RED
Dyno 2000 Results: Impressive!
Need to replace rear spring--fiberglass?
Differential Crossmember Removal
Broken Seat Frame on a '72
Wow! Alternator fixed my power windows too...
Setting up a better IRS
California car owners - it's time for action
O-ring T-stat housings
1979 Exhaust Manifold to Head Bolt Set?
Replacing brake pads
Windshield washer pump
Hey check out my new custom made emblems!
Attn fellow Canadians ... looking for a 240km speedo?
[TIRES/WHEELS] Will I need offset trailing arms?
153 or 168 tooth flexplate with mini starter and offset mounting bolt holes?? Need help
How can you sell a Corvette or Corvette parts without a Price

Page: 627
Chrome Rally Wheels
Rack, Feel, & Alignment
Engine mods, or new engine? Help and options please.
WOW..Check out this 69 BB F/S
Brakes on my '71
A.I.R. Pump ???
Brake caliper question. Rebuild or Replace
GTR1999. email me..........
Powdercoating parts...
What a fun day at the track.
Emergency Flasher Switch
melted poly engine mounts !
So that's what that drain plug is for.
Windshield installation, DIY or farm out.
I need a HORN!
in a perfect world......what aftermarket brake setup would you guys want
I hear clicking when I try to turn on my wipers
63 amp Altenator too much for a '77?
Compression Ratio, this too high?
Binding Interlock Linkage Cable - 1969
Clevite 77 bearings... Question
79 L-48 Headers
Gassed up the Vette this morning,just couldn't wait any longer.
New vendor to corvette forum
What's this part?
Just Curious
Trailing Arm Discussion
deepest regrets
Poly or Rubber T-arm and Strut Bushings
Dimmer switch
69 ZLl-1 Auminum Block on E-bay
broken bolt
Clay Bars
Need '68 L88 Information
Pics of "While-I'm-at-it Disease"
Smog Pump Diverter Repair
Need tips and lessons learned on removing and reinstalling exhaust manifolds.
Quick altenator/charging help needed!
Pic/diagram of rear sway bar
I drove a Z06 today!
[Corvette the American Dream TV] Webcast on now
Snow not a problem now
Atlanta Group website
ok - I got the tilt/tele column - 1 question
New heads-- cockpit temp sensor
I think I found a distributor. Any input??
Looking for VIN Tag Information
Does your C3 do this?
question about bird cage
what do i remove to install steeroids?
Electrical wire insulation questions....
Should I buy this Engine??????
Universals.. with our without grease fittings
Got my new heater core. How do I test it?
My Hat's off to the dedicated restorers
Turbo guys - Heat Management Products
Edlebrock EFI folks: What is your headlight vacum source hooked up to?
C3 - Power steering pump question
Anyone Near Dr. Rebuild's Shop?
'69 COIL
Voltage Regulator
c-5 seats in my c-3?????
Putting an LS6 into a 78 Vette
Motown or Dart Block?
Tach light
C3 Posting here... $100k plus Vette?
birdcage and frame rust

Page: 628
69 Wiper door question
What distributor to get for my BB?
Speedo and Tach Rebuilds
Rochester Carburetor Electrical Question!
Holley Carb question?????
Driveshaft Loop Questions?
Detailed pics of the rear interior area of 70-72 convertible?
Painted 2nd Coat of K36 - Pictures Inside
Looking for an education on C3 horsepower ratings
Please post pictures of C3 with stripes or stinger
bolt pattern on a C3 wheel?
Rocker Panel rust question
1981 rim anyone
A question for you owners of 1974 vettes
C5 brake upgrade update
I`m really sorry,rim Q
harmonic balancer removal issues
need help with 8-track player... again.
VBP kit install and rear wheel bearings......a few observations on the job.
first coat of JB Weld is on...i hope this works
100 Amp Alternator????????
Lower Rear Shock Mount Removal?
New Blood in GM, but what car is he pictured with?
Air Filter Question
What is the minimum cam duration and lift to ensure a lopey/rough idle?
Anybody who lives in Florida cost near Stuart /West palm beach Pleeeese help!
Engine Builders in the Charlotte NC area.............
Any Tampa area people interested in a dyno day?
can you put a boarg warner 5 speed 75?
Finishing putting the short block together - a couple of quickies
ZZ4 shortblock - need opinions please
?? about Hardtop hardware for 70
Oil/ Scuff Packages
Vacuum problem
The brown guy brought me some goodies today!
Luggage rack removal ?'s
Mounting C3 seat tracks on C4 seats
This is why I am on a budget for the Vette. [PIC]
SSBrakes Force 10 calipers
Any Solo2 racers here? (My first event ever is the 9th)
Exhaust Manifold French Locks
Ebay Question. Same Item Posted Three Times!
Clicking Sounds revisited
help me i'm stranded....
Why are non-Vette musclecars worth more than Vettes of the same year?
Emissions and Crate Motors
70 Model Owners,
check out my new fuel pump from ebay for $35
The guys at Jet Hot came through again!
CI4, You Thought Adam Shaving his Head was Extreme?!?!?!
Pic's of my Baby/ Money Pit!!!!!!
454 Smallblock 600/575
Another reason it's nice to be single...
New Corvette Fan - Daddy's little girl!
Miss in engine - need help
It has been year this week since I sold 2TONE82
Body Work - Sanding Primer (K36) Question
Getting catalogs from manufactures?
Manual to power steering conversion?
steering gear box ratio question
calling PROSOUTH
Can a few people take a measurement for me?
Anybody got pics of the C3 race cars?
TH400 to 2004R swap question conversion u-joint??
Ontario C3ers: Heard of this place?

Page: 629
C3 people, what's your Vette top speed !!??
mystery cooling part
Engine ID...HELP !!!!
Any of you running silicone brake fluid in your C3?
Will a Victor Junior fit?
LED dash bulbs
doing cam swap... any advice, pitfalls or heads-up!?!?
Hood Adjustment
Simple question about Air cleaner/Breathing ?
NACA Duct cover - Twin Turbo High Rise Hood
1980 Interior
looking for a cool pic
Replacing hood hinges
Interior dye/paint
Power steering nightmare
Have you noticed when it gets warm that .....
can cloth seats by dyed?
Oil pressure question
Oil Filter stuck
Check out this garage!
Does your wife let you keep vette body parts in the livingroom ??
Newbie here. Need info on my '71!
Paint Shop Needed (Northern Illinois)
Changed Tire Size Need Your Opinion
Dome Light Switch-Please Help
TH400 seals
High Tach numbers - Causes?
Another question about rear end noise??
redoing driveshafts, rear end-any photos out there?
Fender Flare choices?
Cam recommendation question
wiring diagram for a 73
Need info B4 new project
Please help with strange noise at rear
C5 in the Garage
Can anyone tell me which aluminum flywheel I need?
Please See My Post in "For Sale/Wanted" re 1979 Exhaust Manifolds
Anyone use Performance Chevy in Az for AFR heads?
C3 Profile CF LayOut Is The Best
Wanted C3 Corvettes for Petersen Automotive Museum Corvette Day
replacing upper, lower a-arm bushings and ball joints
Need timing settings for 75 corvettte 350 for smog
Can You Imagine -40F? I Can!
Hydratech Braking Question
What kind of cheap heads should I look at picking up?
Ground to the radiator in my 79
Where to get an adustable power booster pushrod?
Your experiance with dealers
U-Joint size? New half shafts?
Got new oil pan
what do treat your tires with? this stuff's awesome!
does anyone have a bunch of pictures of Jet-hot coating on hooker sidepipes?
Steeroids group purchase -- Jan/Feb -- new thread
Shades of the Simpsons, tricked into a trip with Selma and Pattie!
Is there a way to tell if it is a spun bearing or collapsed lifter without tearing the engine down?
Brake travel ?
Check it out for me!
Monty about your sway bar?
Desktop Dyno2000 questions...
what rings are best????
(2) Damaged Centerforce II pressure plates!
Quarter trim panel screws
can't find after market wheels
70 LT-1, engine setup
1979 #3932461 Exhaust Manifolds. Same on Both Sides?
Insuring Vette kept in carport?

Page: 630
Differential clunking
What's involved in a/c removal
POR-15 Drive and half shafts?
69 side fender louvers
should I buy these motors?
Q-Jet ID # Where do I find this #?
Wheel Studs Revisited
Found a '69 today... What can you tell me?
Anyone running Bosch Platnium 4 Spark Plugs.
1977 Very Rare Corvette Orange Dealer Built ???
Where to install radiator electr fan temp switch ?
Carpet dye for door panels
hooker heat shield
Buy or Rebuild Rear
clutch recomendations???
Need help on torque converter selection as I'm clueless
C3 Brake help
Sometimes I hate coming across good deals
71 4-speed shift feel and pressure question.
power steering problum on 81
Hello...New to Forum, and Thanks!
anyone need tpi setup-c3 parts has one
[Ebay] '68 427 coupe, not a bad price.
New Intake and Carb install. Pics
1977 Chev 454 - truck engine - NEED INFO..
[Project Update] The Vettefinders Project
78 Front grill mounting question in true flex bumper
Vette off to a mechanic... What to do with the space?
Auburn or Eaton???
Brevard County, FL Vette Show (lotsa pics...sorry dial-up)
What size rims
Anyone running a electronic tranny (700R4 or T56) with stock speedometer?
Alighning Trailing arms? anyone......
Differential Play, quick question?
Hello all, i'm confused need help on posting pics!!!
Midnight at the Oasis - Yuma, AZ - next weekend
How High Do I Need to Raise the Body?
Before and after pics of my 71.
Filling in the holes
Before and after pictures of my '68.
KYB Gas-A-Just (High pressure) shocks
Picked up my C5 Vert today :D :D
thread on collasped lift
BB help-oval or rect heads
Might paint wheels - let me know what you think
Exhaust manifold maintenance questions.
Yet another rare Vette part on ebay
anyone know of aftermarket direct guage replacements for a '74?
Does anyone else have the passenger side jacuzzi option in thier car? HELP!
need some hood latch help
Help with bad paint job
Long-term storage question
[OT] This is why you never argue with your girlfriend while driving your Vette!
Nice to see TireRack helping out on the forum, but...
[PICS] BBQ at Marc & Lisa's house (SHOPTEC)..
How to tell?
C3 Exhaust/Muffler Options..Help
Door spring (roller) help
Any experience rebuilding stock 4-speed shifter?
Advice for pwr steering rebuild install
Digital pics
Carpet installation help please!
14 hours of work on my brakes and I'm no closer to a solution
Is it normal for a TH-400 to leak a bit
Converting an automatic to a 4 Speed

Page: 631
corvettes and ebay.....
Remove a/c????
Ebay auction.. very sad...
Wheel bearings..mid process....driver side done...question..
Anyone have a good link with step by step engine removal instructions?
How do you R&R Rear Strut rod bushings
Mufflers for a 70 454, give me you're opinions.....
Anyone see this??? the NEW C3!!!!
Looking for a cheap web site
Headlight Light Stays On. Help
Motor Question?
Any tips on getting the windshield washer fluid bag out of a 71?
69 Expansion Tank Question
LA NCRS show - check in here
Electric fuel pumps, anyone got pics?
I think my Steering Box is 'Oozing'...
Another Cali Cruise
Concept one pulley system
Hydratech brake booster on the way (any suggestions)
TEST...tell me if this works for you please
Nice lookin shark made COTW
Any c3 have LT1 and Centrigal supercharger?
Ignorant C5 owner with a few C3 questions...
What would you pay for this '69 Vert Vette?
Tore down my engine. Not good. Opinions pls
Nice C3/1979 Frame on EBay for $900/Buy It Now
Jeff's '74 Corvette Project...Phase II underway! (100% DarkSide)
Putting it together - your opinions please.
1970 Trailing arm instln question
Rita Crosby
More buffing stuff
Free Rear Clip...1979 style--North East Florida
ZZ4 Oil filter adapter gasket????
Do you ever look at your vette and think... it's not "perfect"??
Edelbrock 2501 performer ?
Door Question!
Rear shock: Bilstein sport or xtreme?
O2 Replacement
Whats the easiest way to identify your transmission type?
Correct sizes for '74 454 water pump
Will an Airgap Intake fit???
Another Bleeding Brake Question
What happened to the t-top company?
AIR Exhaust Manifold Injection Tubes R&R
Will this turn on my electric fans?
looking for old parts
Rear Spring and Shocks Replaced, anything else?
rear calipers
Help needed from those running March Pulleys...
For those of you running Dynomax headers on sbc....
Kool Blue (pic)
Throwout bearing linkage?
Big Thanks to Jet-Hot
Painting with doors on/off
How do I put a picture in my signature?
Lowered the crossmember...
Carburetor question
Engine compartment plastic
What is my compression ratio?
C3 big-block swap
What to do with stripped alum head boss?
Carpet Question, Where to buy?
Anyone running 10.5" wide wheels?
Do magnecor wires really live up to their promise?
Anyone heard of Ragtop96400 on the Forum?
1980 Rear Yoke Bolt STUCK!! ARGH!!
Speedometer problem
Engine compartment wiring questions
Replacement seats???

Page: 632
Has anyone bought heads from Air Flow Research in the last 2-3 months?
Need new brackets with new headers??
Any body watching Dream Car Garage right now? It is getting ready to start.
Whats faster old Hemi cars or Corvettes?
O/T Darn Pop-ups
Giving back,a real blast
Should I do it?
Aluminum wheel restoration
Can't get caps back on U joints after trailing arm change - need help
O/T How to pay for the war in Iraq (using my C3?)
Interesting Ebay listing
L84 cam in L48 engine, good idea, or not so good idea!?!?
Edelbrock Thunder Series AVS??
Billet Power Steering Pump?
oil pan fit/depth issues for BBC swap?
Where to get good BBC chrome valve covers?
Gas Prices and Octane
LS-5 vs. LS-4 - what's the difference??
A little overdue, Hi to everyone here on the forum
fiberglass repair
NCRS Question.
Kansas City World Of Wheels Show
Installing a C4 suspension this summer.
[PICS] [Dialup beware] 7 Pics of car show in Melbourne FL
Q-JET primary side vacuum break lever missing
Setting carb?
engine top parts?
Got my car back after differential rebuild :)
Anyone here about UPS and Fedex merging??
What not to do when you buy new rims
clutch chatter
Any oil pan or other clearance problems with a 383 stroker?
400 SBC - Starter?
Ride height on 72 T-Top
Legislative Alert for Arizona! This is actually good.
68 Door Locks & Keys
My 74 is up for sale in the section.
Garage Lighting
T-Top Carriers for sale on Ebay
Oil pressure sensor in 454
I need aftermarket parts for my 81!
Pics of my cars
Cant get out power steering dipstick
Toronto Shark Pack - it's gotta be Hooters time already!
Cam Break-In Lube Question
Wheel standing '68!
AR Racing motor 355cid/425hp what degree of timing?
Your $ is worth more in Toronto..a few ads for you guys....
Boat load of toys came in! I love Friday's....
Hood spacer differences between early and late C3s.
New member
Where can I get a wiper motor for a 69?
What movies have C3s?
been away for awhile, status on my '74
5-speed, tpi and steeroids... hope it runs
Car was just blasted - should I replace these body panels?
WOW..Check Out These Custom Parts
Shifting Side Transmission Seal
whats wrong with this picture?
Had a question about verifying the integrity of other users of the forum when making purchases.
Does anyone have this program??do not open if you want tech. stuff..this is OT..
What kind oof glue should I use...
Dye/paint for 79 door panels
Off-topic question for Canadians
WOW! New members every day.

Page: 633
Gas mileage questions for mid-70's small block vs. big block
Something I never saw before from AR... 350/385HP
Polished rims, came out nice!
strange "snapping" sound coming from front of the block!?!?
Front susp Rebuild... Cut springs or no?
How to tell if original mileage?
Spring 2003 Annual Corvette Gathering
Stingray emblem on an '80?
Im retarded
Way, Way, Way to many OTTTTTTTTT'sssss
I need a RH exhaust manifold numbered 3989036
Anyone know the chamber size in stock 81 head?
C3 spotted today on side of MA highway !!!
How many of you are winged your new engine combinations?
OT-Trucks with Borlas
Where can I buy these clips?
Beating Emissions Testing? You be the Judge...
Need advice installing new a/c dash vents
Is It Possible to Repair A Valve Cover
SoCal Mountain Cruise-March 1
POLL - decide whether I work on the vette tonight
hooker ceramic coated headers
Am I buggered?
Misfits.....Chris Maynard is in Town, Dinner TONITE!!!!
700R4 with 3.08:1 rear?
Can somebody in the San Jose Ca. Area look at a car for me?
steering gear box replace or rebuild?
QA1 adjustable shocks
Well, I put my car on ebay...
headlights experts needed
ethical question
Fuel gauge problem
Corvette Show Saturday March 1 in Melbourne Fl: Who is going?
Bottom side of 4spd shift plate pic??
Driveing down to Hilton head area in a week or so ....where do I
I could live with this set-up
Carb problems on a friends car.
Rear end/differential carrier experts w/in, please.
72 temp guage
SHE'S BACK!! (Not dialup friendly)
Old carpet out, heat barrier in, saved $$$
[ebay] sharp 81 custom vert
Long Story Short On the Carb
What happened to Vettes "B" Known???
Been asked before but what should I do to my '75 Coupe???? NEED HELP!
WWC-3F do?
Has anyone ever paid to have their Convertible top put on??
Just got my new Autoweek..........................
Bought a C5 Vert today... :D :D
Worst Corvette book ever???
Alarm problems
What rear do I have
Question about corvette TH350 tranny size.
Wiper Relay for a 72
1971 Interior color guide, is this discrepancy?
Broken valve springs - whats the cause?
Now I have a Pic of my 72 on here
Convertible Top Vendors and Suggestions
73 Vs. 74 Difference
That C5 wheel equipped top chopped vert...
Going to the dealers bodyshop.
Flowfasters or not flowmasters??
69MyWay-Electric Headlight Conversion
Exhaust shops in Houston?
Cheapest price on gears? Rear
O/T Does anyone Live near Lynchberg Tenn.
Best investment for a C3

Page: 634
Attn. Rat owners that have run the 1/4
Driveshaft loop?
427 small block
Whileimatit strikes again.
Awwww %*@&!!!!
My New/New Mufflers-Intriguing Design
Drove my 69 427 Sunday.... Holy S#!T !!!
ADVICE? getting ready to mount the '75 firewall on the '70
1968 Gear ratio's?
Painting Question on a 1969?
synthetic brake fluid changeover.....
Convertible Top Mounting Problem
A few questions about side pipes...
What if GM decided to install six cylinders in Corvettes?
ZZ4 valve cover question.
PS Engineering Wheels
Collector Car Insurance???????
70 LT-1 worth
Repainting a Bassboat
Forum Member Trying to Sabotage my ebay auction!
Anyone with an 1980 LG4?
Mark70's Vette in Corvette Fever.
That ugly space where the wipers hide?
[4X4] Jimmy's new tires
Need new gauges: Autometer, white face, black face, digital? Opinions?
Right exhaust manifold, need a matching number replacement
Update to "getting rid of electronic controls on 81"
To the AR engine owners... need some help
What alignment specs do I go w/?
Seat Cover Instructions Online
Dart Pro 1 heads, and head porting question
Steering column question.
Zip Tie Fun
On a bad moodT-Spied new 06 Trans AM
Exhaust question
Corvette Drawings
Comp 1.52 rockers?
Rear suspension kit recommendations
Romeo Engineering carpet
Brake line question
Whose dome light still works?
thinking about selling the Vette...
WUZZ-UP Alwyn..& the rest of you daytime guys??
How can you tell what gear ratio you're running?
Clutch pivot arm (?) anchored to block? is that normal? how do I get it out?
I figured out why I always could smell exhaust and oil in the passenger compartment!
Did you add a drain plug for the Rear End ??
Changed actuator seals, still no go. what next?
Best place to get an M22 or T10?
New brakes came in the mail!!
4-speed shifter rattle
O/T - Wheels on GTO from XXX
Screw Ups (honest only pleeezzzzz)
Big problem. Heater core?
Bent Lower Extension/Air Dam
Centerforce DF clutch, what size?
Looking for assembly line buddy...
Not too OT. Who created the "Soap Box Derby"?
Gymkana Suspension package
Anyone running a TV-made-easy system ?
New signature Finally some pictures
water pump oil hole?
I'm pissed at Autometer!
going to look at a 68 BB convertable

Page: 635
got a new Sony digicam...a few pix
outer door handle rod
Question, has anyone replaced radiator support seals on a big/block ?.
Can anyone confirm the carb height when switching from a Q-Jet to a Holley 3310?
1979 engine swap zz430 eng installed but no tach
Need floor mats for '71 coupe...
Direct Bolt-in for 1977 Aluminum SB Radiator?
id cam lift etc.
Starting problems
Building my own sandblasting cabinet - pics inside
76 Red *sold* What should my new username be?
Friends Oil Turning White - Water Leak
Steering column-Jim Shea-Anybody-HELP!!!!!
jet hot hooker headers with side pipes anyone? (GP inside)
Help! New Valve covers but not the right holes?
How High Before U Park It?
ROLL CALL : What are u paying or gasoline ???
Went to see a '74 today. Help me assess the value
Today's C3-related Knock-Knock joke...
Paul, What are these Protecto plate code meanings?
1970 LT1 Value
What have you done to your car that was most satisfying?
Wire size for Spal?
Does anybody have a Protectoplate Decoder or know how to do it?
AFR heads - 190 or 195 and angle or straight plug with headers
Making Z06 wheels fit ??
4 spd swap question?
Headlight won't go down
Brake lines on master cylinder
Cutting on a Wood Dash kit, fit CD player.
Baldwin Chevrolet in Baldwin NY close date?
Dart Pro I aluminum heads
Where can this be bought (wire insulation)?
Wipers acting crazy-Please Help
hooker sidepipes group perchase?
buyer beware 1970 coupe purchase
I am confused! (Dream Car Garage)
New to Forum
Wanted: Car and Parts Corvette article
Stereo Options For C3
Okay, what are your other favorite Muscle cars???
Jet-Hot Hooker Side Pipe owners and even non-jet-hot owner please check in!
Cheap 1972 Vette
TorqueThrust II's - where are they?
Quick Carpet Check Please
carpet behind the seat
'70-'76 deluxe interior wood trim - correct reproduction part
O/T Licence Plates for Veterans!
71 wiper door tech question.
Powder Coating Price.... Help!
C5 18" Wheels
wheel stance
Anyone have a picture of a stock L-82 motor. Orginal setup?
My new wheels
Who has bought tires recently?
Shifter assmbly
Clutch pedal busted, daily driver...
Paint Gurus: Sanding K36
Trailing Arm Removal Procedure
Rear Wheel Alignment Issue for a '69 - Need Advice
New CA smog law!
I have to rebuild the 79 engine, Here is what I am thinking.........
custom paint jobs
my lights aint woring on the Speedo cluster
Gotta Small Leak
CC'ing Combustion Chambers?
Does anyone else find it funny... (dash lights)
Need help on Rallys!
site update...lots of new engine rebuild pix

Page: 636
Update to paint fallacy
Legislative Alert For Californians
Does anyone know this equation? C3 + Nightclub = Ladies!
These side pipes any good
E-bay: Merlin or Hemi Challenger.......
Windshield wiper motor
cool dyno combo site
Recovered the Build Sheet. Experts Chime In Please
wiper motor and rear spring question
Should I just forget about this, or keep pestering them about it. Corvette dealer!
I'm Back!!! I see you guys have been Reeeeaaalll Busy!
What does Grandsport use for lights?
Stock Heads?
Got her back !
1970 LS6 ???????
Painting and Door Jambs
Speedometer/Odometer Question
I am keeping the 80!
new digi cam
Dolly for Frame Off
Pic Test-Please Ignore
Okay Slapped on the "New Center Grille " while I was at lunch
any Florida members interested in an Old Town get together?
Old Town Get Together...[B]DEFINATE DATE ![/B] WOO HOO!!!
Stock or Modified ?
Had a thought... anyone reface their own gauges? Darn white lettering.
check out this for sale ad
Vaccume hoses and Headlight problems..HELP
Factory Frame Stencil Location?
how do i get my hood close with an edelbrock performer manifold.
Repro Door Panels Comparison
Longer spindles and Roll Center
Attention 80-82 c3 guys
Just added sidepipes!!
Help! : Who has this part?
Hood Insulator Retainer Pin Remove-Install?
Any recommendations on a detached shop?
what do you do with old oil?
Need advice-- rebuilding power steering cylinder
Does Anyone Have The Flameball Knob Installed?
White Faced Gauges
engine mounts
Cadillac engines
Great deal on a 78 project car.....
Posting car for sale
All this snow and cold has to be part of Sadamm's maters plan.
Where to find Turn Signal Switch for '76 w/ T&T???
Improved my performance for 0 $
Oil Monitor?
Winter startups.. Do or Don't?
Help!! My rear end is sticking way up!!!
Was cruising the Monster Garage site and found this vette....
Everybodys got 'em... Who really likes 'em?
A sore subject possibly, but "How much have you spent so far on your C-3"?
Headers vs. Ram's Horns
I found a bad lifter when I was changing the Intake manifold.
Ice + big-block = Exciting!!!
Intake Bolts/Torque/Difficult Access
Crankshaft..Cast or Forged ??
Check out this car!
Link for Lar's Ignition Timing document?
Halfshaft/Driveshaft U-joints----weakest link
Can anyone suggest a good set of mufflers?
Rear Spring Removal
DynoMax Installed (PICS)

Page: 637
Mid Mo Car show
Received My New ZZ4 Emblems!!
Just got my edlebrock FI unit . Anyone install one on a BB? Looks pretty straitforward
Calling all Brake Experts
ex '73 L82 4-spd owner, got a ? on another one....
Who uses there C3 as a daily driver
Fuel Filter Connections..
Compression Question.
Effingham Annual Corvette Funfest
Steering Gear Rebuild
Where to find speedo/odometer part
Anyone else had problems with a replacement rad. core support???
1982 collectors edition on ebay cheap!!
Cant find new trim pieces
Drag tyres
What gets more looks?
Steeroids installs..facts/opinions
Is there any members from LATIN AMERICA???
1972 Corvette Registry
Help identifying fuel filter
What is the thread dimensions for 69 side exhaust covers?
Rear End Yokes
Hydro matic Brake System
Flaming River Steering Boxes
lead additive
L88 Hood Scoop For Sale
1974 Horn clarification
Trailing arm shim ????????????????
FYI. My GM/Lars Rebuilt 1103291 Distrib.
Anyone have official production number..
C4 question...gas tank removal?
Need a Good Picture of '69 Sidepipes
Woo hoo Got my Center grille today for the 74
Has anyone ever used......
New Twist on the Maaco question?!
Wahh.. waahh..
Head Lights Assemblies Interchangeable???
What's happenig? Please read
79-82 Seats!!!
Stock Harmonic Balancer?
Trivia for Old Farts' Club/Marlon Brando/Motorcycle
Do they make chrome grill inserts for the front bumper?
Freese Plugs/ Drain Plugs
ash tray pin part #
Can you get oil pres from the hole above the oil filter?
Thinking of getting a house on a gravel road, Any suggestions?
Any reputable shops in Fort Worth or Dallas area that you'd trust to press control arm bushings?
'76 Build Sticker location?
Sharks Have My Number....Hammered Again!!!
cost of a project car?
Thinking about a 700R4 swap
Sick of this weather. Ready to move to a warmer part of the country - suggestions
my Vette is stuck in the school shop...i need a motor!
HI everyone!!
can someone edit these pics for me to make them smaller?
My website has been redone and is operational!
What happeded to the black sheep squadron
what compression ratio should I get from this combo!
Converting from a Q-Jet to Hollet 3310,need suggestions on brackets.
Kool Blue filters.. anyone used them yet?
Think I found a steal.. Your opinions please..
How do you stop the headlights from going down?
Hi everybody
76 owners. Good news for aftermarket steering wheel replacement.
Timing chain cover question
I'm having a while-you're-at-it moment...

Page: 638
where can I get 200-r4 Rebuild and Shift kits?
Question for the drag racers
Start up after two years in pieces
69 Corvette
I Got my STUCK Driver's side Door open FINALLY
Picture of a bad roller lifter.
Tilt wheel an option in 68?????????????????
adjustable ball stud...why and where to buy?
Can someone post a picture of a vacuum modulator for a 1980?
Engine rebuild progress pics and link
Brute Force U-joints
front suspension bushings
I just got my short block back!
Guages go dead when I turn headlights on??
82 - Belts/Pulleys are acting up
Just Purchased New U-Joints
77 Dash light bulb
vin tag
85 mph speedometer to 140 mph conversion by whom?
Vetteworksonline Sharkbar
Stuck amp gauge?
Electronic Q-jet, E4ME
Tilt/Tel Column
OT: Who's watching Rides on TLC?
L88 hood - Place to buy?
250h cam on ebay
Back in Black!
FYI Craftsman tulzz on sale
Welded my front Y-pipe to my Dynomax headers...
Why I like C3s
Now that it looks like the car is sold the wife......
Series 34 Locked & Loaded!
Integral Power Steering Swap??
Awww heck I've had enough
FREE Carfax! Today and Tomorrow ONLY!
OT Idiot light
Is the breather necessary?
68 Rubber Front Bumper?
Help Needed with Clutch Neutral Safety Switch
I need a pic of a 68' door handle please.......
The list of wheels for a C3.............
I Need One C3 Alloy Rim. Just One.
water pump/fuel pump/starter suggestions for 350 rebuild
Collector Gaskets
OT: No auctions for me any more!
Parts store preference?
How to remove Sanden AC pulley??
Big block valve cover questions
20 degrees out, snow drifting all over the place....
69 L-88 is on Dream Car Garage on Speed right now
Clutch Pedal Return Spring
Lars rebuilt Q-jet for sale
OK, I took the plung and ordered my Carb
Kansas City area
fuel pump noise?
My Thanks to Ed T...
My Vette Is Painted
wanting another vette
Calling anyone with 9.5" wheels on the rear.........
Fouled plug - part three
New sig pic / pic of lowered vette...
banged 2nd hard...heard a clunk at the rear of the car...
high idle bracket for Edlebrock carb?
Can anyone suggest a good timing light
Need help locating where a parts goes??
OK... what do you think of this 73?
anyone else have grundy insurance,i just applied.
best stroker intake with hood clearance
plug wires

Page: 639
less than a day and doing good [ebay]
Vin ID Information
Muncie shift shaft lip seals, can they be replaced without side cover removal?
This info is not in the AIM!
My darn clutch linkage Arghhh!
Broken door handle
i put together a little web page...check it out?
78 Indy Pace Car gives birth!
RANT - Painters
Alternator problems
OT. Canada votes to send support for US in Iraq.
OT for the Civil War fans, "Gods and Generals"
Turn on Speedchannel right now
Where can you get goods with the C3 logo?
proper jets and rods for 71 bb
Rear wheel bearing rebuild
Aftermarket A-Arms
Pics of brake pedal/spring before and after
FL Corvette Challenge, Round 1....A HUGE Success!!!!
turbo on a big block(1974) swapped into a 1979-1982 stingray
Titanium Valves?
Instant Messages
Where to buy smog pump replacement pully and help door hinges
Do locking rocker arm nuts fit under stock valve covers ?
Just trying to figure out how to put images in my signature
OT: Sunday on TLC - Rides
Big thanks to Turbo-Jet...
cheapest place to buy rear gear
Help Finding The Value???
Ignition Timing (Lars are ya listening)
How much H.P. for a stock clutch?
Help rebuilding the wiper motor/washer
New Toy
Converting an Ampmeter to a Voltmeter
So my Sister bought a 5 speed '95 Eclipse GSX...
How do I remove old, dried up gorilla snot?
Chrome inserts on Big Block/LT-1 style hood....
Updated webapge with EFI and other stuff. Have a look if you're bored.
So Cal Mtn Cruise II one week from today!
Good deal on a 400 block?
My car was crushed
1972 engine compartment detail
Help with gas for big blocks
What are these rubber tubes for?
What does this do?
Anyone using a Zoom Clutch?
What is this wire for?
Got the rear spring out...
New steering wheel came today...
Oldest Corvette Owner & Driver
What is this plate/part??
Rear Gear
Apparently, this '65 will make you urinate.
93 LT-1 in aC3
another ? on steel vs comp. springs
Timing for 406?
Mother nature threw me a curve ball.....
Tough Chev/Pontiac Trivia for CDN/USA Geezers
C3 Couch and a Fireplace-The Solution to Winter
Just got home with the new trailer...
Leaf Spring Question, Steel or Composite?
Need help now - horn re-assembly
Coil Wire
New addition to the family... 1970 Cortez Silver LS-5 / TH400
Any suggestions on buying A rebuilt Q-jet
Anyone know the resitance values for C3 electric gauges ??
Wrong fuel filter?
700R4 and Tremec transmission crossmember adapters "Purch"
Black Sheep Squadron stuff

Page: 640
how to lower front correctly?
Wicked! Computer reset itself to the Year 1601 on boot-up...
Are These "D-Ports"?
New kid on the block here!
rear corvette letters
First dumb question (more to follow)
Comp Cams High Energy 268 - any comments welcomed
Rear wheels
OT: Finally replaced our 1991 Honda Prelude that was stolen.
Another Silly Question-This Time Portable Garages-Reduce Width
Power Steering Pumps with Remote Reservoir?
HydroBoost Brakes?
How to prep fiberglass parts for paint?
1971 fuel gauge problem.HELP!!
did vacuum test to check for leaking intake...
Slip Fit Rear Wheel Bearings
Hey drag racers, check out my new avatar!
tach distributor shaft
Vendor for a True Flex Front Bumper
macco paint job
refinishing questions
Has anyone switched to a 12-SI alternator?
Late model starter for smallblock & 11" clutch?
78-82 seats have broken tilt tabs
anyone running an aluminum small block?
FL Corvette Challenge, Monthly Drag Series!!!
Ceck out our League City, TX car club - Off Topic
eBay buy of the year.....
Electrical problem
Installing Throwout Bearing on Clutch Fork
Has anyone plugged thier Oil Filter Bypass ??
WARNING: OffTopic WAR!!!
Which head gasket to use to increase CR in 81?
Original VIN tag
Quick theres an auction tomorow
Need the original GM P/N for a 1980 radio antenna assembly.
79 Vette L82... how much can I get for it?
Chrome Hooker Sidemount headers...Where?
knoxville area dyno run
How much can I cut coil springs and still adjust camber?
Yet another wheel question... offset trailing arms
Lunati Cams
Ignition cables on a BB..
Amp Install. Rear Centre Bin. Plausible?
Another bucket mouth actor/actress
Oyster interior owners inside please
Please advise, blowback valve.
Hey guys a friend of mine is looking for a T-Top or Vert 74 L-82 or BB only
Neat Vanity Plate Available In Florida
Parking at school
Anyone Recommend Vancor's Fiberglass Parts?
$260.00 for TRW composite leaf spring ?
Need Good 'Weather Strip' Solution for A/C & Heater Ductwork
Any experiences with Kumho tires?
Anyone running an aluminum flywheel on the street?
HELP!!!! Who knows how to remove silicon gasket material?????
Anyone have Hooker headers on a small block ?
Can someone shed some light on the GM P/Ns?
WaterWetter ?????????
steering questions
Swapping from 68 to 80 seats!!!
C4 factory service manuals
What's that saying? Right in your own backyard?
Basic BG Speed Demon Carb Setups
[OT] Am I a lazy bastard ?
Wiper Motor Connection
'73 A/C compressor on a '79?
Gauge question on 80

Page: 641
Best carb for me?
old distributor
'81 rev counter question
RWHP on 427/425 Vettes
Free Carfax report
Distrib Gear. Wear. Opinions on this One.
race headers
Vette Vues Fact Book
Ammeter or Volt meter question?
The following oil companys DO NOT obtain oil from Middle East.
Car Alarms
Can someone PLEASE post a picture of a car with back fender flares on it?
HELP...antenna motor running
Slipped Balancer - Normal?
TKO: metric or SAE speedo adapter & what is loose cable?
More news from the engine builder-I guess I spoke too soon!
Who's interested in E.T AVATARS..?
My car got a little smashed up today
Real world value on a 74 vert?
new guy here...
common wiring problems in antenna / dome light / horn circuit?
How does this sound for home made sidepipe baffles?
tire size for 16" wheels
Headers arrived today. Suggestions?
How can I remove glue and NOT the paint?
Rat Fink merchandise
Converting from Points to Electronic Ignition
How can I ship a fender from Ohio to California??
Can an HEI Coil be Tested off the Car?
broke another u joint
How do you setup high RPM v8?
C3 Restoration HELP
Is anyone making 500+hp still using a Q-Jet?
looking for replacement steering wheel (13' or13.5") for telescopic/tilt 1980
Is this a carburator problem?
Summit discount code
How does a rear spring wear out?
Snow got the better of me... and my 300ZX
Which steering wheel to replace old one, maybe smaller?
Remember the 76with the tricked out interior on Ebay?? Look at the PRICE now
Has anyone used a Predator Carburetor?
The CCC Does a Complete Front Suspension & Brake Rebuild in 6 Hours....
Door weather strip question?
OK, I'm looking at a '68 roadster. What's it worth?
OT: Can anyone here run a VIN check for me?
Who has rebuilt a Hurst?
mid seventies seats
78 Pace car owners Does your engine number match your VIN ?
Wheel Bearings, Spindles, TA's - Oh My!
How-to: Determining moment center
Steering gear question...
People said about first time welding?
Wood dash kit
tranny question
I created a C3 Dupepolice :D
Valve cover gaskets - how tight?
Can someone de-code my Vin#?
Building a garage (what's mandatory)
Los Angeles Area Proposed Gathering at SpeedZone
Black Out Paint on inside of door
Run Forest Run!!!!!!
How many Q-Jets did GM produce?
69 to 72 European Light Lens's/Units Orange.??
Throttle still sticking
Putting the front end back on, what types of adhesive?
also would like info on vin#'s
A/C question

Page: 642
C3 trailer hitch
Rush Hour vette!
[OT] Building a shop - opinions, please...
Tail Lights
Dumb question....
Recommendations for engine compartment insulation?
Need advice where to buy an engine block, who has the best offer?
'Nother '68 question: original paint color
C-3 Coupe to Vert conversion questions....
Corvette Only TV Show
New battery: conventional or Orbital?
any advice on solid motor mounts??????
Can some of you help me with multimeter testing?
22 year old "new" Qjet
Chucking my Old Dana 44, TH350C and X-member...
My First Post
Electric fuel pumps and necessary gph flow?
Where to find?
There's A New Vette In Town!!
Two breathers instead of one
Good clutch for new ROD 6-speed?
hmmm Boss,i cant come to work today
luggage rack
interior getting closer
So I'm going with a new carb...need a little help with the details
what to use to mount camera in car
is this switch heavy enough for my vette?
Has anyone installed a BB Roller motor in a C3 ('73)
annoying turn signal switch
Vette Brake products - Whose parts do they use. Are these what VBP said they are??
The AFR 383 Project: Series 0
Tire recommendation
Production Numbers
Headlight vacuum cans
Thinking of buying a 69!
How can I get an old copy of Corvette Fever magazine ???
3000 RPM Backfire?
Corvette Insurance??
How do you know if the starter or sillnoid(sp?) is out?
How do you change a tire....
Q for guys with built up motors and stall converters
credibility check for SIGNGUY.... [B]EXAMPLE[/B]
Best rear spring replacement for a 1980
O.T. They'll try to sell anything on Ebay
help with prices
all this talk about a credibility rating system got me thinking...
My radiator won an award today!!!
pro-street 74 on ebay
Anyone else feel like beating up the previous owner of your vette?
Question for Lars or anyone with Q-Jet experience.
Dont Miss Out!
4 Speed Gurus(Tailshaft removal)
MountainRun II, SoCal
Rear Spring-Tire Spacing...HELP!!
Carb tuning problems...recomendations welcome
Engine numbers - any meaning?
MSD Just What The Doctor Ordered
Pwr window Power wire question
Toronto area C3'rs Pro. Pics?
Speedo not work
Vette off to the painter, almost done
got a new DD..old one is for sale...
C3 (76) Bolt on Performance Questions??
Getting closer..
Your Pick for the Daytona 500
Spelling names
what's it worth on ebay?

Page: 643
Anyone running Gen V 454HO with mechanical fuel pump?
73 4speed on ebay....
advice please on a new leafspring
Accommodations in the Bowling Green area
E-bay auction from hell finally came in... CVR starter
My 1971 bionic Vette - Recipe
Who else is doing a 700R4 swap.
Parts Interchange Manual Worth Purchasing?
Hagerty Network benefits¿
Pitman Arm/Power Steering and Removal?
Smog Equipment Survey
what size rubber does your vette wear??
100 Amp alternator
Rochester Quadrajet Question; Which size metering rods?
383 Hood Badge Interest Count
Auto transmission help
Has anyone used the Holley Q-Jet replacement carb?
T Top weatherstripping
msd 6al worth it? whats better?
Carb Fire on start up --- Help!
Smog today... good as always.
Collectable Corvette Insurance??
Grand opening at Summit 10% off, I'll meet ya there!
Vendor for TT II's
How do the Dual Spalls attach to the Radiator?
New carb or rebuild?
I have put the 76 on Ebay
Look who was spotted at a demonstration against war :eek:
2 feet plus of snow expected today,...
Any real difference btn the MSD noise suppression unit ($30) and the Radio Shack ($15)
Driving my auto trans Formula feels weird
I watched the engine builder tear down my engine today-really good news
Cool Car Show in Central FL
[pics] Did I finally get the springs on right?
Dumping electronic controls and pollution equip on 81 - need advice
Any advice on painting wheels?
Just bought a supra today!
Hood Emblem
Another Vintage Air or Hot Rod Air question
Re-ringing my motor
Can someone take a measurement for me?
My Semi-Annual Defence of 1979s
Houston Corvette Show... rain let up & I went
75 Rearend & transmission gear ratio's.
Misfits and FL Forum Members!!!
#@*& Diverter Valve
Time to get into body resto
!Big Thanks to Kenincanada
? for guys with hookers....
Crate motor for an 81
Who has installed Vintage Air?
Aluminum Bowtie competition valve covers
'79 Electrical question
HELP!! I think I broke it
jack and spare tire tool storage
23 rooms left at the Hampton!!!!!
1979 Glovebox Dimensions?
Anyone ever used these exhaust cut outs?
Removeable Rear Window
Wiper Limit Switch wiring question?????
Who can bead blast my intake manifold?
Will ice hurt my body???
Seat options other than redoing originals
quadrajet repair
Butchered My C3 Auto Shifter for 700R4
Centerforce Dual Friction installation question
?'s on polishing

Page: 644
A/C rebuild vendor
Has anyone tried the Ididit aluminum tilt/tele column?
L-48 performance Q!!!
Check out this old Navy Recruting poster!
Will Edelbrock Performer EPS intake manifold fit under the hood of an 81?
Project Update: 700R4 and rear suspension upgrade.
Anyone have a killer 406 build-up ?
L82 Valve Cover Grommets?
Windshield washer wiper clips
What gears are in a TH350 3 speed automatic?
Tech Report/Radical Muffler Design/I Bought Them...
Aluminum intake plating/ coatings ?
572cid/620hp.....On the Street??
Rear bumper installed
why are there 2 pilot bushings?
Gorgeous '69 vert' on ebay...........
steering wheel refurb options?
Anyone going to the indoor Classic Car Show in Atlantic City this week?
Seat Question
Big Block conversion question
Anyone Have Flow #s On "074" Heads?
YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Part 2
'69 Covertible
Electric Water Pumps
Rearend Damage Revealed
It's a bad Night!
Why's he calling this an LT-1?
Don't buy from PAW
dress up cover for the A6 Air con?
In need of a Houston Vette mechanic....
Another center grill on ebay..These things are expensive
454 Compression ratio
Recycled Vette Part
A few questions while I'm cleaning up the speedo & tach
Looking for rear.
new to the forum/throttle problem
Line Lock or Roll Control for a 4-speed????? BURN OUTS
I Screwed Up My Door Locks!
[pics from today] A typical winter day...
Russel/Airquipt Bed,Blue finish remover?
Horse Power Question?
Chrome alternator for '79?? Any Ideas??
Hot Springs Corvette Weekend April 25-27...who's going?
What size battery
Removal of front brake hose
How Much Is Gas Where You Live?
She turns over but,....... she dont start!?!?
Windshield Motor & Switch.....HELP!
March billet altenator brackets
Snow started in N.J.
Have had heads off for few days, noticed some slight surface rust in pistons, what should I do?
Fel-Pro recommends drilling a 7/16" dia coolent hole in block??
will a 1970 gas tank fit in a 75 vette?
Does Anyone Here Miss The Babe Forum?
Some SNOW PICs : Enough snow already
Bow Tie Overdrives Hmmmmm
Well, I do love my Vette but....
AC question - Mufflers?
Alternator died. Lifetime warranty is nice
Decal Question
Been looking for a car trailer....
One piece oil pan gasket, Big Block, suggestions please...
OT remember 300th episode tonite
Cool little corvette program
To those looking for high performance stuff....
Anti Terrorist U.S.A. Spirit booster, need help!
C4 rear spring on a C3????
HELP!!! I'm in WAY too deep

Page: 645
L82 help needed please!!!!
JASON STALEY Tell Us About The Chassis Flex Results !
1971 exhaust for a 1976?
Trick Flow cam degreeing
how long does it take to get the forum stickers
Demographics of C3 Forum. Who are we?
454HO mechanical fuel pump pushrod question??
Where can I Find Engine Numbers?
Who had the ZZ4 decals a while back?
i love playing head detective!
Paging Chuck Pelton re Steering Wheel
Battery DRAIN from CTG lighter, Ctsy lamps???
Headers with a 90 degree bend
Anyone tried a HID/Xenon conversion?
C3 spare=C5?
question for car cover owners
lowering a 78
Will a TH350 yoke fit in a 700R4.
Difference in bumperettes on 69 & 70 vette.
Congress just passed my new carb!!!!!!!!!!
What do I do now?????
Thickness of a Stock Muffler...
interior door install clips
Way to go MW.
How much HP/torque will a stock TH350 handle?
speedo cable and Autometer Question
The old "Do I need a spare question"
C3 in Albuquerque--
Holy valves Batman !
Problem with Power Door Locks
None typical location of tranny cooler.
U-Joint Star Bolt Removal
Problems- 71 vs 79- my first resto- related to Paul's defense of 79's
OT-Woke up to snow this morning in Dallas
Chrome plating shops in Mass. area?
arm bushings
It's Alive!!!
Knoxville Area Caravan Forum Gathering June 26-27. Who's going?
Can my factory alloys be modified?
New Intake !!!
i am getting ready to install my new dewitts aluminum radiator. what to fill with?
How do I bolt the Alt back?
Anyon have pics of their Linelock install
just got back from a topless cruise...
looks like my door is really screwed...It is not the lock
Let's play name that part...
Help Please! Sticky lifter or crazy rocker problem...
Baby seats?
where to buy a fuse panel...not neccessarily corvette...
Had To Pass A C3 Apparently Broken Down
Fixed another wiring issue on my 68'..
Tips for de-rattling doors?
Got The Original L-88 Hood installed.
What is easiest way to backflush transmission cooler?
garage update...
Empty Trailer in NC - need to get to TX
Need help to identify Hurst shifter.
Backup lights after bubble light installation
Engine compartment clean out
Fiberglass repair advice?????
TH400 (72 MY) specifications
Any Corvette Shows in Hawaii Between Feb.20 & Mar.4/03
Chicken--Need a pep talk
Proud dad report to the C3 forum.
12Volt supply to ballasted coil ?
Battery relocation
Team G intake?

Page: 646
Any advice before I replace my brake system
Alt bolting question?
Holley Idle mixture question..
1982 hood question
Look's like yet another @$^&((*! fun filled snow shoveling weekend!
Just wonder ring about hydro lifters.
MSD Ignition Good And Bad??
(Follow up to) the new fuel pump thread
Req tips on cleanining alum intake manifold.............
L88 Latches and Air Box questions. Having trouble getting things to fit again.
Low brake pedal problem?
Reconditioning leather seats
Performer Air-Gap Does not have rear coolent cross-over, Will this cause cooling problems?
Fast Blinkers
For those looking for a sweet 406 buildup.
SBC coolent rear xover
Another tires question
Does Hurst sell shifter rebuild kits?
[eBay]Hi Performance Heads!
What is this part called?
Silly Question-Re Intake Manifold Gaskets (Reuse?)
power antenna pics needed
Headlight Vacuum switch under dash near steering colum
new approch
Replacing pump to carb fuel line
OT: Anyone with Access to CarFax?
1971 interior colour help
Oil de-jur
Nitrous Specials for us C3 guys!
Follow-up on acceleration stumble
seat covers...leather or leatherlike? and where?
[Off Topic]Ouch
my new aluminum radiator from dewitts shaved
Crimson Armada Roll Call
My AR 383 Crate update and off to West Africa
well, it wasn't the freeze out plugs... :(
Looking for a mechanic SW Houston Texas
1: Your vette looks good. 2. Yeah it does, but...
LT1 conversion in a C3
O/T How to search for...
Question for Paul Borowski
I need opinion on price & quality.. Please
Getting ready for the new core support install----dropped off rad. at the shop today
69 Rochester 4MV float level question
For What Reason Would a 1963 Become a 1967?
Where can I get a frame for a 72 coupe 4speed?
I Smell Gas
Just moved to Chapel Hill, NC!!!
Oklahoma Corvette Owners
One step closer to Heaven
Some new pictures of my CE with the first wax job......
C3 question from a C4 guy
*** A 68 Roadster with 40 seats, only on EBay ***
who's your daddy.............LOL
More Corvette magazine articles
Corvette Prints...ever seen this web site?
Looking at a '79 this weekend.
Help! Should I restore?
69 vette and 81 vett cockpit space ?
Another BB bracket setup question - this time w/visual aids.
Do NOT do business with.............
How can I tell if I have Hydraulic or mechanical lifters?
Vacation time!
Radiator and expansion tank for a '69
Hood alignment
Which Speedo Gear for a 3:55 ?
Is there a Hardtop C3? Like the C5 Z06

Page: 647
Houston Corvette Show
Here's Another Hacked-up Vette!!
Windsheild spacers
please help me select a new Sig pic
What do you do with all the sales propaganda?
Gauges, Stock or Aftermarket???
My car's Favorite hangout
Do you think this going to be over price on Ebay ?
72 tilt-telescopic steering column hazard warning switch?
National Drivetrain Gears
Which header would you choose?
*** Best looking C3 custom interior, ever! ***
Is there any benefit in running 1.6 rockers on intake and 1.5 on exhaust?
headlamp warning light on 69
Will it fit? ZZ502 & 1982 Vette
Tire flat spots from sitting.
Electronic carb wierdness
Outside Door Handle Replacement...PLZ Help!
F1 style paddle shifters
Question for those who have been ripped off on the forum.......
4 speed backup switch wiring
SQUEKY BELTS!!!!!!!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!??????????????
Is starter heat wrap worth it?
How to control wiper arm motion?
Twin Turbo on CARB oor TB Injectors?
Alanis Morissette - rice boy song!
I learned something today - about my 68 fuse block
running hot
Upper A-Arm removal
Rant about s & h charges
77 Electrical help? Cig lighter wire?
Quick-drains for the Block!
Just ordered ROD 6-speed--what else do I need to order?
Choke adjustment - Q-jet
washer pump
Repairing stress cracks and bond seams
inline fuse for blower motor on 69
Going to Vegas tomorrow morning.......
RPM Air Gap ?'s
distributor & wires help!!!
Offset Upper Control Arm Shafts
My Car is in SUPER CHEVY Magazine
Alignment Specs For a 76 (?)
ZR1 Motor
The vette is FINALLY on the ground. :)
getting rid of my ccc need serious help on rebuild
Weatherstripping how do you you remove????
Vette prices timeline and current prices.
What paperwork came with your ZZ4?
Found my electrical gremlin...
Any Tech Articles on MSD Distributor Install
progress on the project, w/pics!
ARP Stroker Engine Status
Calculating the CFM for Carburators
Nice looking 69 on Ebay
got the new alu radiator.
Why doesn't my tach work?
Just saw the Dodge Ram Commercial LOL
Decided to sell my 1972 coupe
Thanks a bunch Norval.
anyone with power steering and aluminum pulleys?
o ring caliper kit?
C3 dash cover / pad
Is my coil spring binding? How to fix?
Preferred Power Steering Fluid?
Tire Suggestions for '69

Page: 648
valve lift?
Indy Area Members...Advice Needed
Got an original L-88 Hood, but my latch doesn't fit now.
200R4 in a 79?
Admissions by EPA
Are original Braided wires for 71 BB solid core
Discontinued parts..
OT: Replacing our stolen car car, looking at a 93 Nissan 300Z. Opinions???
Engine build questions
Drivers door
gov't and gas
I like this one.
Just curious about your Vette
Want everyones opinions pics.
converting a '74 4spd manual to tremec tko?
1977 positraction ?
Spongy Brakes - Light Illuminated
Solid U-joints or greasible the best?
Anybody familar with Speed-O-Motive Engines & Quality of Work
Do Any Corvettes Actually Sell On eBay??? Seems As Though......
Show me your pics...
How Long Will It Take A Good Muffler Shop To Install Headers On My 72?
looking for a little more performance
vin #'s ?
Calling all 77 owners
the Fram Sure Drain...who uses it?
A-6 A/C compressor experts
Intake is off. You should see my valves!!!!
Don't you just hate it when!!!
Need a good body shop
Rear Crossmember bushing?
Just Got High speed Internet
Is there a wiring for dummies book?
How 2 ID which rear end on a '70
Automatic to manual
rear speakers
Solid U-Joints and 3.70 gears!
Which Steering Component Do I remove??????
Can anyone help to identify this part..? I found this when I opened up the motor
Antique plates: mileage restrictions, smog exemptions, questions
Header Installation
Shock Mount
What punishment do you get for cheating the EPA's test?
Question for Orlando area vette owners
Custom Corvette License Plate Petition
C3 carpet
Modernizing a 74 Vette
74 Roadster..Check out the grille on this 74..Car is pretty bad azz
MSD Ignition Question
Question about the Horsepower TV episode last weekend.
Are light scatches inside the cylinder bore a realy bad thing?
Turning ability
1970 Non A/C to A/C
Mystery Part - HELP
Q-jet float question
temp sending unit
Turn signal lever replacement
MC disconnect from Power Booster question
Interesting Vette on Ebay...
Anyone have underdrive pullies?
Just couldn't resist pulling it out, winter and all
Aluminum Wheel Repair
Interior Dye questions
How much could you make parting out a low milage vette
Tracing a water leak
Hypothetical question.....

Page: 649
"Annoying rattle in the back"... fixed? Dynamat...
Ebay big block car. Whats it worth?
Rear Speaker Box Templates
Chrome/nickel/copper/gold plating kits for home use !!!
Pre-sesaon inspection
[ebay]what do you think - good buy/bad buy?
Big Block Twin Turbo Setup
corvette prices out of hand. what is MY car worth.
Pacin'California Is the MAN!!!
ARKANSAS Owners: can you help?
Replacing Speedo gear -- do I need to drain first?
[sidepipes] How long??
Leather Steering Wheel Refurb Reference?
SB oil pan question
Rear Emblem
Desk Top Dyno
resto help
How can I put my C3 on a diet?
My Shark "Fetish" Began With A '68, So Shall It End, Amen.....
rear driveshaft yoke disconnect
bent frame question...
Can't just ONE thing go smoothly?!
My Dream Engine! 540 Big Block!
Are C3s really slippery for Police Radar?
Anyone else speak to the previous owner of their vette?
With MSD Dist. Can I use Stock Dist Cover
Another cylinder head question
"Gold cad" spray
Big Block 1/2 Shaft Torque Spec
For those of you considering sidepipes.
Poor 72 on Ebay :( :(
Fuel Preference for 1969 with l36
Is yur shop bench messy?---top this
Compare & Contrast: Lars Q-Jet vs. Holley 4010 600cfm DP.
New Toy
What tranny should I buy?
signature image, cant post a new one
Basic supercharging questions....
Is there a wrong way to install a torque convertor?
opinions on American Sports Car Center in Atlanta please
Original tires from my 1980 Black 4 speed
OT: Shuttle Wreckage Photos
Value of this vehicle...
good radiator flush?
Why do my friends' cars suck?
Another guy with a carb problem
Bolt-in halfshaft safety loops....
Left side lean carb ?
Indy repair shops
Atlanta Dyno Day
Cam Question: GM 327 350HP
ENGINE GURU'S, Pulled heads last night, have some general questions..
Worst freaking mechanical tasks on C3
what are symtoms of a bad coil?
Italian connection ?
The only bad thing bout electric fans...
A friendly reminder
6 speed question: Does anyone know........
Cost of importing parts
Here it is! Hatchback for late C3's
fan clutch question
side pipes and motor mounts?
Crate engines for C3
I Was A Bad Boy Today
What Brand Motor Oil Do You Use?
Gonna go a little crazy w/ exhaust wrap, also rear spring...
C4 aluminum water pump fit a C3?? Its cheep!!

Page: 650
Cashed in on X-Mas Present-Car Painted
I need a hotter spark plug any suggestions?
How Hard To Get Plates Refinished?
Hood questions
Question For Rowdy Rat('70-'72 LT-1 Exhaust).....
Billet aluminum A/C brackets ????
He's One of Us
HOLY COW !! IT'S FINALY DONE !! BSeery's 1980 ZZ4 Project gets some exhaust !
-OT- How Many C3ers will be at the cruise in?
Hood Insulation Material
Wrecked a Vette--picture
500cfm too small?
How Teenie Is It?
What's this part for?
Anyway to fit a High Rise Under a Stock 76 Hood?
coolant temp sender unit accidently disconnected...where does it go???
Will a 76 hood fit a 80
Next project...What do I need to know
Has anyone taken off the factory Oil Filter Mount housing the bypass ???
TPI Gurus, friend in C4 is having hot start problems.
Merlin's car
Spicer U-joint p/n
pics of my seats
thorley headers
Wheel Polish
Thinking of putting Richmond 6 Spd. in a 72 coupe
Trailing-Arm Removal-Yikes...
Anyone have fuse block pics or diagrams?
Z06 Added to the stable! thanks, Mark!
Heater core replacement C3 vs C4
What does TTT mean?
Power steering pump brackets, same or diff for BB and SB.
Just a suggestion for people looking to get pictures online...
electric choke
Who did this today????
Idle Caution Decal?
Supercharging vs. Crate
Tell me what you guys think about this idea.........
Need Help I.D'ing Old Delco Radio
Shaker hood
I think I may get one of these
Pic of "Roscoe's C3s"....'73 L-82 Roadster, '73 L-48 Coupe & '79 L-82 Coupe...
Questions for you non-stock carb guys
Anybody have a Fast Burn 385 or GM Intake (12366573) in a 69?
Performer/fuel line
Fuel line to new Speed Demon Carb???
Should VIN #s be printed out?
68-76 Radios
Headers that will work
Carb problem, Help please
Anyone installed aftermarket shifter in automatic?
new guy intro
Pulling the 79 out to take this new sig pic I spun a bearing Question enclosed
Cause of Drained Battery?
LA Hooters Cruise Feb 23rd at the Ontario site
rebuild power steering cylinder and control valve?
TH400 Shifter Leak?
For you guys with BB's aftremarket TBI or EFI.. Whats the better component
Look what I won on ebay 74 center grill
'81 Temperature Gauge
'78 alarm horn
vacuum line routeing
vette wagons
Steeroids w/Hedders
VB&P perf plus question
18" wheels on my 76

Page: 651
Hey Norval, is this where your speedo adaptor is located?
Raised Exhaust Ports?
Demon Carbs
Nice 69 Vert on Ebay..
All audio guys check out my post in the audio/electronics forum
How much Trouble am I now.....
Does this rear spring look ready to install?
Paging Jim Shea or other steering colum experts
New Supporting Manufacturer!
What sammyb paid for this 70 convertible
Changing headlight actuator seals...quick ?
gkull...8T1 falling on her face 1/4 mile?
rear bumper install question
dash rebuild
Do I really need baffles?
Any Helpful Hints - Clutch Rod
If anyone is interested, a cheap alternative to Tilt/Tele
Smog Check
A front suspension specialist I am not... help
Dewitts alum radiator, Spal fans, Stewart water pump trials & tribulations
can someone run me a carfax?
Max AC Fan Speed Problem
fire extinguishers???
Race Pics from Phoenix
1975 Gauge Bezel Removal & Installation - Tricks?
keyless entry goin' in this weekend!! who's got it??
Stupid Question Time
Where can I get replacement parts for the #3 body mount support?
Holley or Edelbrock Fuel Injection
Posi-Trac Fluid Change?
OT-Computer Help
Assembly manual part numbers
Laguna Gray a rare color in 1970?
Need advice on aftermarket hood
Should you try working on your Corvette yourself?
Nice day surprise..
transmission Question
Help with my moms car
Stock Fan Blade Question
Spark Plug Wire Routing
[L88 HOOD] Where can I get one new/used?
caliper bolts will not budge
Eggcrate Replacement with Shark Gills... Maybe
Finding axle ratio on "78"
my passenger vent won't fit, WTF?
Valve choices for 350 rebuild
TPI Cold air idea - Will this work???
Winter Projects.......
[EBAY] 1969 L89 TH400...
OT: Garage Door Opener?????
Chrome Alloys?
MOTOWN 220 Heads
Heater Control VALVE
Is this the original spare for a '73?
rebuilt my window regulators today...what a difference!
Opinions please......
C3 frame
Doesn't this seem too good to be true?
Alternator or battery?
Sludge can cause serious engine damage!
Trivia-Distributor Weights for HEI-Your Preference?
Wheel weights w/4 clip trim rings. Do they work?
Should I paint my motor chevy orange or black?
Front Bumber Rubber Bushings
Anyone do convertable weatherstripping themself ? suggestions
BUMBERS! WTF is a bumber?
Should I leave the rear luggage rack on or remove(PICS)
Firewall removal
Got my Steeroids!
Can someone tell me how this attaches (pic included)

Page: 652
Small Decal or Lettering CORVETTE
What Wiper arms correct for 71
Clutch problem
picture try
What would you pay for this 70 convertible?
1968, 1978 and 1980 registry numbers
Trivia. Did Roy Orbison Drive a Corvette?
Jeg's rollcage kits... any feedback, or info??
Corvette parts catalogs
Where is the ground wire to the frame for interior lights and dash panel?
Looking for the thread on opening a jammed door
power window motor advise? i need to buy one...where?
Gasoline, how long does it last?
Rebuilding calipers?
MOPAR Corvette??
"New"bad front caliper
runnin in the cold
Aluminum heads, what can you tell me about these?
OT: anybody into 4x4in or offroadin?
(Removable) Differential Crossmember Question
Anyone know the inlet/outlet size of stock muffler?
Did a compression test tonight(results inside)
Starting Idle
DD2000 Cam Files?
Anyone switch to 17inch wheels?
POR15 question
Got my frame back!
Distributor Vacuum Advance Motor
Big Block Accessory Brackets and Hardware Questions. PLEASE!
Stereo location
Can somebody post a pic of the power steering pump installed with bracket.
How about we buy a gas reserve just for the forum?
G-tech Pro Comments?
Suspension Components Moog or TRW?
Old exhaust cutouts in the rearspoiler....
Finally got around to tweaking the distributer and you won't believe the results.
Okay . . . we're rolling with the loss of a car. Now, what do we buy?
Any other coating rather than chrome?
73 Alarm problem
changing oilpump,what has to come out?
Other than GM
Borla's Did not Sell on EBay
Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires
Gas Mileage
cam/duration question
Black Carbon
What Is Best Way TO Polish A Black Car
Project ideas
What size tires look good on a 17x8 rim
Muffler Inlet Size
This is probably a stupid question - 69E vs 69L
HELP! Re: rear scraping sound ID
Anyone got a loose composite spring from VBP they can measure?
hydraulic clutch conversion: hydraulic line
Attention Ohio and surrounding states
Cleaning conv top window.
What Numbers Should I Expect?
Anyone have the OAl of an '82 Halfshaft?
Something that might look good under our hoods
Trivia-Early 1960s Vette vrs. XKE/Deadman's Curve
How much MORE would you pay?
Underhood Lamp Question
distributor servicing
anyone use energy suspension urethane bushing
I am now CONTENT with my 1980's Power/Performance
Does anyone know of a good source for 2 1/2" Mandrel bent exhaust pipes
its good to be back

Page: 653
New Mexico?
Best brand aftermarket hood
77 Hood Blanket
Power steering leak
Ol dip stick? What the heck!!!
A bit of color under the rear?
Can I use non-T/T turn signal switch?
What a bad azz engine!
What use would anyone have for this? Fire sale!
Great Deal On ZIP Weatherstrip Kit!
Engine project begun
Still can't find a chrome water pump pulley???
454 Identification Code
Powder My Fan
Which non-stock shifters will require least modifications.
How do I lubricate sunvisor arm?
Posi question
Nitrous systems with and without superchargers
OT: CNN's poll on most popular presidents. Please go vote
Brown Just Delivered My Headers (Picture)
Looking for a picture - 74-77 Vette with 80 Front Bumper
Tire size?
Kenwood Amp with JVC Stereo
(OT) Reading my son a story last night...
Regina Sask Car show get together.
Best place to buy a spindle bearing set up tool?
Brake calipers with O rings, has anyone used them and how was it?
Mirror mount
Question about Vintage air.
Why does everyone use Spal's?
Side pipe covers/heat shields
Saw A 5,100mi Bronze '68 L-89 Coupe Yesterday................
79 headlamp actuator?
While the differential is out for re-gearing...
Safty Stickers.....Pain in the butt.
Submitted tech tip, but it's not being posted????
Maybe y'all can help me
Time To Do Something To My Motor...
Today was just one of those frustrating days.
Frame Stiffening Model Update
How many Amps for new alternator???
Anyone drive a shark with a gutted interior?
Ignition shielding difference from 1969 to 1970
Not a Vette, But cool anyway!
Trying to post pics of guage panel I made.
clutch question concerning my truck
Get your own junk yard...
1980 Floorpan
Underbody Short Exhaust Options
pitman arm removel on 81
got better gaskets to seal leaking intake manifold
what color & how many teeth?
How Close is the Gas Tank To...
My sagging door
Heater fan
Need some parts looking for a good deal...
Spindle's won't remove.
Need a good paint job in Louisville, KY...
A.I.R. on all C3s?
So Cal Mountain Cruise II March 1!!!
Which bellhousing for a T-56 6 speed?
Do you like these style rally caps(pics)
Too much power steering fluid... side effects?
Technical question
Projekt update: I can´t feel my fingers any more, bwhahaha
Fair Market Value vs. Appraised Value
Wing on a C-3 Covette, show me a pic?
Need opinions on paint and body work

Page: 654
New Mod - To my garage.....
OT- just saw a cool license plate
Check out this Mako Shark for sale
Good racing video(a bit OT)
Louisiana NCRS show
need zz430 picture
What goes in this hole? Right above oil filter on 427 block.
Thinking about a Project c3?
Th350 vs Th350C
Dual Spal install question
Custom Wheels on '72
Holley Street Avenger Carb
What a day
shiny wheels
Just got screwed by Ebay!
"Rare" '73 on ebay
DynoMax Headers On a 72 SB - Did You Have To Relocate Plug Wires?
Ever consider one of these
'77 Oil Pressure gauges
Chrome Platers
Can i convert a 3 wire alternator system, to a ONE wire alternator ??
Anyone with a '77 with the Convenience Group Option???
Anyone here work at a Chemical company that needs new Engineers??
Best Prices on Stroker Rotating Assemblies
My car is driving me crazy!!!
OT-Need Help-Cell Phone
IT'S BAACK! Massachusetts Bill OUTLAWING Non-Stock exhausts!
1970 LT1 Gas Cap..Vented or Not ?
Which carb should I use.........
Have you watched the Corvette the America Dream TV Show?
I need a tire rack
Whatever happened to that Ecklers TV show?
Just got cost to install roll cage in 8T1 Bionic Vette
Where to find do it yourself ceramic coating?
What size (or number) is the primary q-jet rods/jets for the '79 L82
Is crusing at 4000 rpm for 16 hours really bad for my engine?
Working on buying a pair of C5 Sport seats.....
Engine Guru's Chime In
Here we go again. Which Headers are best?????
**More pics of my finished project**
Radar Detecter
Headlights - LeMans or Euro?
Vaguely considering the possibility...
Header Gaskets (DynoMax Headers)
Aluminum radiator group purchase anyone?
Ryobi buffers= junk??
TPI motor question
Curious about transverse front spring...
Need a source for ORIGINAL, WORKING radio antenna assembly for my '80.
How do I put a picture on my profile?
Oil pressure gage-73
How can you tell if your car is an L48 or L82 by the vin?
Polyurethane engine mounts?????
What is a good damper for a street application?
*** Can you help? Brain Aneurysm Foundation ***
Temp. Sensor in Aluminum Heads?
Local GM dealership cringes when I bring in the Scoggin catalog!
Shift Light for Mech. Tach.?
OT Help. Ford Explorer Rear End
700R4 TRANS IN A 1979 ????
Emmisions info
Decals peeling off
Paging the owner of parking spot B92
Will a 82 crossmember work on a 700R4 conversion?
Build sheet & window sticker-1974
can anybody identify this gearbox for me from these codes ?
Just picked up a rare Corvette item

Page: 655
'74, sbc & bbc motor mounts the same?
TH7004R or TH2004R?
Where do I go to get Heads CNC'd?
Can anyone desktop dyno this for me?
Poly Trailing arm bushings
Silly question: Does my 76 have a mechanical or electronic speedometer?
Lesson learned the hard way
(Drag Race)Who makes 4-6" ralley wheels for skinnies
Where can I buy the LT-1 hood paint decal?
Update on Engine Rebuild. Comments, Projections, Ideas?
TH400 stock in 75?
C5 Mufflers on a C3?
What else do I need to buy if I get Smart Struts?
Vacuum checkvalve too stiff?
Jet Hot - And now they want me to send $25.00 for shipping
power window truoble
Distributor for 1968 with 350HO crate??
Minor Miracle Corvette Story
Single-plane intake manifold for street?
Question about decals and stickers in the 71 engine compartment.
World's Shortest Man drives a Corvette!
Was thinking of this tattoo???
VBP Monospring & A arms
Rear differential crossmember?
Recieved Yoke for tremec - wish I could use it!
So, what's wrong with my Holley Carb??
Why does everyone hate NCRS?
Ontario guys read this
If you could change the NCRS what would you change...
What is Ecklers willing to do for my Business???????[Rant]
ignition shielding bracket question
[PICS] Visit from the german Corvetteforum..
[CRUISE INN 4] Hampton Inn has 50 room left! info on Crane HMV-260-2 Cam
78-79 rear end cover NEW
How do the Dual Spalls perform at highway speeds?
Edelbrock carb questions.
Retaining Clip installation for door locks
OT: FINALLY got job - C3 mod money...mmmmm...
Only 3:08's, now What!!!
Hey 71,454,4spd - contact me
I thought the rear hatch on the 80 was usable?
Question about removing the wiper covers (doors) on a 71.
One lap of America
Right headlight does not open. What do I do now?
Car won't start, HELP!!
Any Discount Codes for Summit Yet This Year?
Water Pump on "72" L48 Long or Short Style?
OEM wire retainers
how to delete blue advertisements
Speed Demon??? AIR FILTER???
How much to have new rear gears installed?
Help me hear the music
77 Paint Question
Hot rod air kits
Great Information.
Do Headers Change The Exhaust Tone?
Why won't my rotors come off?
college classes
Where can I get grease for urethane bushings ? (front end rebuild)
16" Rallye wheels
'glass side exhaust cover paint
need help
Aluminum heads
Cooling Fan Design
Anyone Remember Naugahyde?

Page: 656
140 speedo in a 1980 - finally!
Trans Lube of Choice?
What does an IDLE STOP SOLENOID do?
Free Beer
I'm stumped....
Bet you never found one of these during resto ...
Check out this 81 Vert on Ebay...
71 Coupe, shoulder belt retractor repair.
Radio Installation help
Gunson Gastester ever used one?
BMW seats
How much vacuum does the brake booster require to operate properly?
I 1Bad69'd my car. Hmmm that sounds naughty...
How much gear oil in my Muncie?
Instrument light ground
ring gear i.d
Any '77 Electrical Experts out there?
750 DP Still Running Rich - Tuning Tips?
1979 L-82 Underhood Emissions Decal
79corvette vin # help
Modifications and Illinois Emissions Testing
79 headlamps stuck open
My garage is full - 69 Vette has arrived!!
Cerama-Coat and/or JetHot
Battery Charging Question
Does anyone ever see my old '70?
hooker sidepipes- black painted
HOOKER SuperComp Install HELP!
Windshield Frame on Ebay
engine mounts
Carfax Please!!! Sorry not a vette.
Speakers: Is this too many??
1972 Can-Am Corvette. How valuable are these?
[1969 Registry] -- Many Changes
window regulators - comparison shopping
Oliver, question about your cooling system.
HEADLIGHT EXPERTS: Are these what I want?
Auto transmission
BB brackets
Trashed the new balancer cover in ten miles...........
535ci short block/ $3199
Which One??????????????
TT Rebuild - Calling Jim Shea
4.5 " backspace ?
RF headlight assembly
Look who came to give me a visit this morning!!!!!!!!
What are the specification differences between the L-46 and L-T1?
Anyone install a 160 Elec speedo?
Another triva question.
OT "Corvette Summer" alert
Olivier, Question For You?
First ride, she's licensed and tuneup questions
Has anyone used this Carb??
harsh, cold winter + plain water in cooling system = :(
Replacing rear rotors and calipers, any suggestions??
Question on door alignment. Help!
State of MI title transfer FYI
Thanks Clutchdust
ATTENTION: All Toronto Shark Pack Members!!!
I have to be the worst welder!!!!
stingray on e-bay
Alum intake swap onto a '71 LS-5
Not a bad price for a '57 "project"
does anyone have a pic of a medium red 1974 c3?
'73 Center Grill
Best Competition to C3???? There is/was one.....
body filling?

Page: 657
Both New Rear Quarter Panels and Tail Light Panel are in Place on My 69 (Pics)
,Which back bumper?
Pressure Cleaning Undercarriage
Finally Ordered it!!
Fuse panel question
Installing glass front bumper on 74
Trivia of the Evening. The 1 Millionth Corvette
Turbo/Supercharger and vacuum operated stuff???
Well, well, well. Look who is behind Corvette Magazine!
(on knees, begging) PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE, speed up the forum!
Oil consumption revisited (after leakdown)
My buddie brought his Cobra over....Pics inside
Car electricians, chimne in...battery question please.
Side pipe exhaust covers on ebay
***Project finally finished***
found a pic of my old 79 vette
Chrome Water Pump Pulley Who Sells Them?
The Need For McSpeed
300 KPH Speedometers ?
at what point is your engine worn out?
I think this will be My next Engine
WHICH Bellhousing for my 4spd swap????????
Dash / door panel repair methods?
What's your favorite style C3?
What's this part?????
(off subject)what flavor of brew Pop
1980 true dual exhaust
Brakes Sticky / Making Noise after applied?
Paging 71Ultra
C2 Side Pipe Covers?
Just found out Old Air Products in Fort Worth can integrate AC controls
WTB MSD HEI distributor!!!
Can this happen or am I just being paranoid???
MSD Distributor or no???
Time to open up a Doctor's office
Interested in a L-82
Wheel well paint
Headers - Big Block Chevy - Lessons Learned??
Ratchet Shifter for C3???
Winter work
Removing gearshift knod-1982
(OT) Kenwood Subwoofer Help
Installing new rear bumper
Don't want to ruin it!
Need help identifying rear end
Inch Pounds versus Foot Pounds
So who's going to tbe the FIRST to install this in their C3?
Go Dynomax :)
fiberglass to metal bonding...need help bad!
71 rear struts....more info?
L88 hood
Chambered Exhaust??
See what your vette looks like with any wheel/tire combo.
Dextron 2 or 3 in TH350
GMPP alum. BB do these rate?
Request help to ID engine block 14010207
Saw a very cool 78 on the way to work this morning ..
Turbo 350 tranny went out suddenly today??????
What clutch fans are available ?
radio repair who
Coolant overflow reservoir
Vender Reference for Corvette Perfection
Champion spark plug triva question
double hump heads question
What is this?
Anyone ever install/rate the Mid-America Undercar Chambered Exhaust System?
Small RANT about Aluminum Intakes!!!!!!!!
Egg Crate Alternative...... Ideahs?
What are symptoms of a bad A/C (A6) clutch?

Page: 658
Vender reference needed (Vetteperfect)
Made some progress over the weekend
Carb backfiring ... ONLY during off idle.
Places to Rechrome Bumpers in Georgia
Air cleaner to hood clearance
motor before/after pics
Racing stripes!!
Seat recovering and carpet.
OEM sidepipe covers
Front End VBP Monospring or Grand Touring Coils on an 81?
Why is my '77 beeping at me?
Clutch replacement questions-I am going with a Centerforce DF
I thought I knew what I was doing... Wrong!
Body Lift Tech Tips?
March Pulleys on ZZ4 (79)
17" wheels on a 68
what web page do you use?
Measurement please?
Aluminum Intake - To paint or not to paint? THAT is the question
CD changer
Timing pointers for degreed balancer....any suggestions?
My 1979 L-82 Intake Manifold Saga is Finished!
My toy in 69
I found my first vette again today!
The Forum comes through again. Thanks, Stewart's74!
Finally A BB Honda
The secret is???
79 vette emissions
69 Coupe advice/help please
Repairing expansion tanks?
Anyone looking for a Pace car
Aluminum pulleys
Hmm, custom shock mounts
Wish me luck....
My AC plans, comments/suggestions requested
Cheapest Interior (seats) for an 82?
Looks Like No Repairs This Year!!!!
flywheel question - 350 to 383 conversion
160 degree Thermostat
Engine dies at low speeds- help!
What's wrong with my steering!?!?
T-Top Value?
Why does every bolt have to be so tight?
How do I get my window up?
Any info.,articles, or suggestions on installing a 200-R4 tranny in a C3 Vette?
Cast Blast or Manifold Dressing - Which is Better
? on cleaning and coating exhaust manifolds
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #58: 1953 Corvette EX-122
Minor snag in the T-5 swap
Rear struts bent?
Non-Vette: Original GT40
Best place to rebuild my trailing arms?
Anybody using Eckler's Stinger hood for C3's?
1971 Softop replacement
Question about window regulators
Anyone running L98 Aluminum cylinder heads ?
How can I determine if........
Please HElP!!! What is the best antique car insurance?
Forum jump window ?
Water pump numbers?
[OT] Oh, oh......the new GTO will NOT be available in Canada.
Still feeling trapped
Cleaning all the vettes
Heads 993's VRS Double Hump? Building Now!
Door Latch Lube?

Page: 659
Are Power+Plus "Professional Products" intakes any good?
Dreaded coil spring removal
Valvecover spacer..
Any White Letter street legal drag tires ?
OT- My condolences for the NASA family
Hooker headers installation
Insurance Question for my FLA Brethren...
How do I remove the rear spindles
$@%!#$%# Shock mounts!
The Chevy 396cid BB hp Ratings. Trivia
2-1/4" versus 2-1/2"
What's the secret?
Ran into my second scam on E-bay - not a Vette
Merlin Dyno Videos
My driver's door will not open...
Looking for pictures of C3 with Cragar SS Mags
Dialup, DSL, Cable.... what do YOU use?
Rear End Code Help needed
1968 327 Pilot Bushing
Q. Re Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Clock Replacement in 79
My 74 is DONE!!!!!!!
Lead substitute
Do you tell??
Sidepipe costs?
Another Master Cylinder painting question....
Alternators...can you have too much?
newbie, needs help!!!! No don't figure.
How do you hookup the fuel sender on a Summit or Jazz Fuel Cell
16 inch TT2's. Pictures?
Toronto Area guys......
least favourite generation of corvette poll
Fuel pressure regulators dial type any good? 5lbs.?
Anyone wanna teach me how to use a helicoil?
Calling all Space Shuttle veterans
Calling all Australians.
140 MPH speedo?
clutch problems
Hey C-3 Guys we got DISSED HARD by Smirnoff(superbowl commercial)
This Head/Cam Combo Good??? Please have a look, getting ready to buy.
Wrong parking brakes?
Pinion Seals
transmission yoke
John Lingenfelter Update...
ot- space shuttle missing- no contact
Old subject but oil question?
What is my 82 Silver Green worth?
what my b-day? What about the other numbers?
Brake master cylinder, can they be painted?
Got to meet "Mr. Motion" today...Wow!
Figured out starter problem
Cruise Control Poll
PLEASE HELP! Just bought car and windshield wipers are possessed!
any websites that show carpet colors ?
Lost my only ignition key!!! Arrrgggh!!!
Where's Dep?
Proper way to seal an intake
Ride Height
How long does it take the oil to drain back to the pan in a BB?
Walmart or Eckler's
Expansion tank location?
check this Hooker side tube inserts.
Corvettes At Rolex 24 Hour
Tilt & Telescope Adjust/Rebuild Question
C3 catalytic converters and higher performance
A/C line heat protection
Does anyone have pics of thier weatherstripping installed?
leaking brakes.

Page: 660
Transmission guys I need your HELP
(OT) You warm weather people missed out!
Idle Problem
A question on Flowmasters
OT: Ebay Lingenfelter Cavalier 1100hp 4cyl !!!!!!!
carpet...what do you guys think about 80/20 vs the furry stuff?
What does this wear spot on my Diff mean ?
Hanging starter
Is a 454 internally or externally balanced?
Best approach to fixing wire connections?
Pictures of my 80's rear end..
Anyone know where to find....
How do I replace the power window motor? 1977
400 block sonic checked ok!
Temperatures almost back to normal..
which way to go?
Front clip adjustment.
Car show at Moroso on Sunday
LOL, starting bid $4,501.00
Whats My Birthday?
the corvete forum stickers
Winter Corvette Recipes/Mine for this Evening
Courirer Arrived This Week!
Corvette Summer 1:18
Wow! Mri is worse than being under a vette!
Sorry Lars. The Re-curve Kit...
Major state of depression setting in!
If you don't have one of these, you will want it!
Just a quick note on how great this forum is!
Air condition Retrofit - 1971 BB - Has anyone used sn "Old Air Products" kit
[OFF TOPIC] Anybody know a good 4x4 forum?
C3 Power Steering - a fluid question...
Front clip removal on 75 ?
OT - My wife won a raffle at a Superbowl Brunch
'68 Wiper nightmare!
I am probably gonna HATE myself for doing this...but.......
73's where do they fit?
Looks like I'm not selling the 82 afterall
(OFF TOPIC) A question about the Lincoln LS8
cant open driver door,,help please
Anyone race slot cars or can help me pick one out
knoxville area members
Where to buy switch for electric fans?
making my own sidepipes?
Lest we forget our priorities in life....
Quick help! PCV valve hose replacement?
Thinking about getting some new shocks, maybe drag shocks
Corvette Show--HARRISBURG, PA
Pusher Fans
C3 California emissions testing
Question for you guys running a Holley 830 annular
Rally rim center caps,which ones should i get.durby or flat
Head light door removal
AR Racing 383's
Auto Meter guages...whos gottem? how much $? got pics?
More sidepipe muffler questions
350 punched to 383
Which sie electric fan?
C3 Drag?: are 2 Steps legal at Track?
Now that the rear is out, need rebuild kit...
Average cost of rear end rebuild ????
Races in Phoenix this wknd
Retrofitted rubber bodymounts on '71. Results inside.
powder coated a few things.
New Zip catalog??

Page: 661
Air cleaner replacement..PCV valve?
Q. re Selling Corvette Parts on EBay
500th post!
What's the going price for a '74 vert hard top?
25 years ago today
'69 manual steering relay rod ball stud
Got Brakes !?
How to tighten turn signal lever on 69?
speaker of 69-70 vette
Value of my '73??
torque converter?
Best way to Remove Hood?
Frame up resto e-bay?
astro vent
i found the cause of the mysterious squeek...
Rechrome valve covers or replace???
Since I'm doing all of this should I just get a new torque converter too?
Gen. V/VI BB torque specs - need help
Right head light will not go down??????
*PAGING Bryan78SA*
whats a 69 with an LT1 worth
Is this a good price on 3" exhaust?
my radiator bit the fan
??Will the front and rear bumpers from a 80-82 fit a 79??
How do you assess a car's value? (was: '69 Project. What would YOU pay?)
Finally!! The NEW largest handling tire on the planet.
Door handle spring
Toronto forum members
Old Geezer Vette Owners-Sign In!!
Trans Gasket leak over and over again
68 seat belts
Caution with adjustable clutch pivot ball
Who can ID my rear end?????
Front springs and Rear spring which should I buy?
Dart Iron Eagle 215 heads........?
IT RUNS....but something aint right
Has anybody got some lessons learned from installing a power antena on a C3?
20x9.5 wheels will it fit????
Need major help with Oil Pressure switch and Temp switch
[ALERT] W. African Car Buying Scams....
Which Roller Rockers to buy?
Help!!! Cassette/Radio Quit Working!!
No C4 for me
Brass drain plugs-good idea?
Will meet with..
Phase II braking system
One Hot vette need help....
soft lobes on comp cams
best place to get "console side trim"???
Cruise control surges on 82, why ??
What flywheel is on a stock 78 auto, 153/164? 700R4?
Check out this pic
New Zip discount code!!!!!
For a mini starter do I need?
estimate value for 72
The wife bought a present for the Vette!!
(Geek) Computer ??
Shock questions...need help
Carb base throttle shaft repair
Brakefluid..What kind?
Jan-Feb Summit : Is that a C3 on the cover?
Tremec - custom yoke
LA Area Final Update for the Nethercutt Museum Feb 8th.
Power Brake Retrofit
I have a bank lown statment from May 82 vettes earlier owners!?!?!
Now that the Duntov is gone...
How do you guys get video of your vette on the computer?
Anyone play around with electronic spark control ?

Page: 662
new member introduction
Over the hUMp on engine install!
Could I sell this?
Which vendors have C3 power antennas in stock?
So I stopped into this engine shop today....
My Sidepipes Rock and My Neighbors Hate Me
I want to Thank a Forum Member
Anyone have extra bandwidth to spare?
Went to buy carb parts and ended up with a new carb?
Double offset T/A's compared to Single offset?
Coil-over (semi) shocks and springs installed
Suspension Rebuild (PSC kit?)
What the 411 on squeaky brakes?
T/A's rusted out?!?!?
Questions for the Gurus...
Leather Seat Dillema
cam choice???
Negotiating the sale of my 82
door parts & problems
We have seen how to put rear 6x9's in, how about 4x6's in the kick pannels?
again part two
1st mods and New Pics
What would you buy first?
tire speed ratings???
Check out these hood gaps
Problems to look for, things to avoid?
Stage II exhasut vs. Chambered? Differences?
1978 corvette factory repair manuals
i know its been discussed here a million times...but...wheres the best place to buy carpet?
offical new old Forum member announcement (spellin')
Smog pump questions
Caswell Inc. - Copy Cad™ and Zinc Plating Kit
My Borla Mufflers are for Sale
Don't you love it when you fix one thing only to break something else?
Chrome Thermostat Housings
She's gone...
Hood question on a 72
How many coats of clear do you put on paint??
How to identify Big Block valve covers
72 BB heater core failure
parking break kits?
Car Going To Shop At 5PM
73's - What Exhaust Tips?
Avatars or sig pics?? Please vote.
Differential Rebuild Suggestions for my 71 BB
One of the Beautiful twins are getting a new lease on life. :)
I hope this is a minor problem!
Comp Cams soft lobes?
FYI. Driveshaft/TC weights
Almost there with wipers...
Please help me with some pictures!
got production #s for cloth seat optioned 78s?
Are Coated Headers worth the difference?
DEATH RATTLE on cold start
Check out these bb headers on Ebay...hurry
OT: funny joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ATTN] Kragen discount.
Some nice Corvette wallpaper
Who owns this Millennium Yellow 71 Vette?
1974: Can I add rear speaker mounts?
what brake pad compound are you using , ferodo,hawk,etc
Oil Pan Gasket 72 w/stock pan, Thin or Thick front gasket?
How far would you drive for a Corvette Forum gathering?
Pics of 295/50-15 or 275/50-15 Please.
Wow! A matching number L88 on ebay with a low reserve-Better jump quick
parking brake handle question
is it just me or...
Not sure what to do...
Recover Center Console?

Page: 663
What's the average weight of a 350/383 with trans attached?
Anyone Done This????????
1969 Rocker Panel Question
What's a good electrical book?
Anyone use MSN messanger???
Some nice pics from my project..
Who sells the Stinger Hood ....
Feb Discount @ Zip
Shopping in NY
T1 internet Excess
Brake and Power Steering Noise?
Can someone look up the price range for a
A happy differential story!
engine pull brackets and distributor position
Gas Tank issues
dash parts on ebay
clutch/brake/gas pedals
Spiral Baffles--Hooker side pipes--Big Block music--and an update
Noooooo...Poor Vette
Heads up disp..
Speedo & Tach lense replacement ?s
steering control valve, sloppy ball stud???
Am I seeing this right? $110 for a dinky car?
anybody installed a 6 point cage in c3?
Anyone have a pic of the upper spring inspection hole?
Arrgh...wipers stopped working!
Accel turbosonic kit on ebay
Seems odd to me - a NATIONWIDE epidemic of Child Service failures?
wiring harness guru's.... need info
Corvette 50th celebration at Amelia Island Plantation, FLorida in March.
** HELP ** Need Crooked Machine Shop Advice...
SpinTech Mufflers. Anyone Familiar....
new england vette owners
Merlin Dyno – sort of…
My Vette Caught On Fire!
Tips for rear crossmember/differential removal?
New Paint Job...Have you ever seen it and do you like it?
Summit discount code?
Yet another headlights ?
Belt AND suspenders: replacing valve seals
Post some dramatic before/after pics.
I need help.....not vette
Body mount hell, part deux
Received a nasty email from another forum member....
WILL SHEPERD, check your e-mail no text
New motor mounts dont have enough 'spread'?!?! Help!
Fancy paint jobs.
too many front A arm shims
Testing a Tach.
Malt liquer commercial featuring a C3
Thoughts on this 1964 C2?
Parts check please?
Street Leagal, uhm...I think not, but hey lots of fun
I think I am gonna park my 80 and....
New personal best (or worst)...
454 swap
c-3 movie ?
C3 rear suspension
Engine swap
New Seat Covers-DIY or Professional?
Sanderson Headers came in...
Winter what Winter???...
HELP!!! Clutch Pedel Z-bar Removal Stuck need help ASAP!!! 4-speed'ers
Muncie rebuild ???
Headlamp open sensor
AFR 180 heads and Hedman Headers. Anyone have this combo?
Emmision legal headers for an 81
'69 Frames. Manual vs Automatic

Page: 664
Need help from an '82 owner
Is there such a kit?
Another Edelbrock Cam/Header/Intake question.
78-82 AC Systems - Are they an accumulator and drier type system?
dynomax/jc whitney sidepipes
guage lites
Got the VIN number info please
Damper Removal Question
Body Mounts
Look who I found on another foum talking s*#t on Merlin! Anyone remember this troll??
ZZ4 350 ???????????????
Merlins car on ebay?!?
Anyone running 16" Cragar SS
Problem aligning leaf spring with new trailing arms
Check out this AR Racing engine...
Serpentine Belt System for C3?
Rough HP estimate
*** I'm looking for new rear gears, where should I get them??? ***
O.T. Just nosy. How many of you owe money on your C3?
Another header question
Internal/external flexplate????????
[VIDEOS] 1bad69, yup he's got a bad69!
IM Apologies-Something Funny Happening
questions on 1982 ce
Blue Book for 81 Vette?
carb selection help
Corvette Forum Webpage Blues
Do we wave?
How/what to buy
Just read something interesting in "Cars & Parts, Corvette"...
What kind of performance can I expect from my headers and pipes?
Widowed friend has problem with 1975 Vette.... Thanks Andy
Exhaust hose to vent out the garage -what do you use
where do i buy rims
[PICS] of my damaged posi case and spider gears...
picture try
tranny or brake leak?
ignition wiring
Grand Sport painted C3?
Whew, site 95% done and updated!
What will happen to Olivier if we Don't let him post for 24hrs?
My car had a 10 leaf spring.
Question about Centerforce clutches/transmissions
Need help with torque's
Installing a Performer Manifold. Gasket question
Replaced Radiator Hoses and now running hot
1980 Duntov Auction POLL
Sale/Rent Trainling arm/Bearing/Spindle tools
Need suggestions on how to fix carb leak
[EBAY] ~~~~~ Heres one for Dep.
Good place to buy parts in Canada!
HELP!, hood cable broken
dual exhaust installation
Drivers Side Header Instal on a 4-speed, What the F#%k? HELP!
Cheese grater gills
B__tard U-joints?
69 AIM page j295
Opel (GM brand) Rekord 8.0 V10
Anybody tried Hoosier radials on their C-3?
Need a new Torque converter - opinions?
L-82 Crankcase hold 5 qts right?
carb question
Anyone running the whistle tip mod?
Help with imfo?
Will Geo Metros eventually outrun our C3's?
Project Money Pit
Automotive tools
Alarm Switch - Change between early and late 70?

Page: 665
1974: Is this wire for Security System?
Anyone use this cam?
My pics from the NCRS show in Orlando...
Wow!! Cadillac built a really cool 2 seater sports car!!!
Electrical Question
My Farm 79 Rig!
What is the best one you have heard :-)
Celica Seats in C3
Sealant for Gas Tank Sending Unit
1982 blowermotor stops blowing.....
Is Holley 750 DP a good carb?
how to route side exhaust???????
Raiders fans: Raiders DC-10 pics
383 on a 2 bolt main??
installing O.D. trans.
Who to buy rear calipers from?
Where is the best place to wire up an electric choke???
t/t steering question
Alignment specialist needed please
68 Headlight electrical issues? They are shorting out!
Another Corvette Forum Accolade...Thanks Guys (SanDiegoPaul Specifically)
77 expansion tank
81 seats in a 75???
Muffler Cones/Noise Silencers
[PICS] Even more from the Orlando show
Q jet electric choke conversion?
Help please! E-brake lever removal for new slide on a "71"
Pics from the 2003 NCRS Winter Show!!!!
70 VERT $5000 and just posted today
ZZ502 cam is in!
Seats for my 74 coupe
is it just the C3 forum not working?
POWER TOUR UPDATE (info needed)
Paint the Vette admiral blue or electron blue?
I won!
Anybody in tool business? Need help!
If I pull the engine for a rebuild, what else do I need to do while it is out?
Auto Transmission problem
Headlight assembly removal/installation question
Question About Quality
Super Bowl/Societal Behaviour/RIDE
Not a Vette on E-bay, but I wish I had the money
Got a leaner,, HELP
Has anyone here ever had custom emblems made?
electrical gremlin... please help
shock question
Who Has The Flameball On A C3?
Openable C3 back glass
Dart Valve covers came with no breather holes...
Dealing with high comp-ratio BB engines today (non-vette)
joe krings 69 in vette magazine(ls-1 powered)
If anyone's looking for Monza Headlights ...
Oil leak at center of Intake?
Track results: I got the boot
TKO with FIXED crossmember...HELP?!?!?
Which thermostat would you use???
Anyone converted to hydralic clutch????
Another puzzling ebay auction
[CARFAX] Request.... Please
Value of a 77 Top, 17,347 orig miles
looking for opinions concerning collector's status
Who makes the quietest sidepipe mufflers??????????????????
over adjusting ?
March/Zoops pulleys...
Who is sitting in or on your car?
jvette73"s pics from WORLD OF WHEELS
My Yellow 1980 In Cars & Parts Corvette Magazine(Again).....
Looking for a couple of parts..

Page: 666
Safest money way to buy a vehicle in another state?
How much should i shim my distributor ?
Lets play "What's your Job"
Corvette "Deals of the Century"
Body off or not? Opinions PLEASE!
Contact info for Detroit Corvette.
Updated progress on my rebuild.
horn contact brush
Is Vettefinders site down?
VIN number help please
carb question
Ordered the 7 leaf and have a question????
Seats for my '79 at Carlisle!
Radar detectors what do yall use?
Where Do I find T-Tops for my 79 Vette?
How to replace the flexible steering coupling on a 76
82 AC Compressor Vibration - It's getting bad!
Save the wave petition
Automatic or Standard transmission?
air cleaner
I have a chance to buy back window with defog for 76 should I?
World of wheels Custom Car Show today
park brake grommet, console
intermitant wiper circut box repair...i did now works!
Starter help needed
tracking C3s down
Windshield Water Bottle
descriptions of bolt/screw part numbers ?
Paint Stripper???
3" Exhaust with H pipe and Flowmaster 40s installed today
Moonroofs - how do yours fit-up?
Never bought so much brake fluid!
Gained appreciation
Corvette people are pretty cool
[GAH!] Trying to find someplace to host a video of me riding a minibike!
How many C3's have you owned so far..
How hard will this 1969 roadster be to find?
New Leather Seats
Rear Window Tray?
help me figure out noise
Aftermarket starters... CVR protorque
Hell.......I ain't old
Looking for an electrical schematic, 70 wipers
Cragar SS can they be installed on a 70 vette
Divertor valve open or closed?
How rare are 3 speed C3 Vetts?
Duntov update... It's getting interesting..
carpet glue recommendation
Alright!!! Making progress
more free parts....
Electrical Connector for 69 Temp Sender
Where can I get some heavy duty U-joints?????
T-Top question
Whats a good oil for weekend driving at 40-70 deg. F?
Smell like Exhaust after driving???
Hooker sidepipe header leaks at HEADS!!!
Please check out the latest Vette I am going to look at
U-jount hitting floor?
Having trouble w/ the springs still.
Help with cold start injector please or at least that is what I think the issue may be
Water Pump Replacement?
OT: Reached a personal goal today!
Vette graveyard's.
Marck, Monty, Frank... Another quick question, this time it will be. :D
Back on the road!!
Show me your back ends
Time for Chevy trivia. . .
What's the most common first name for Corvette owners?

Page: 667
Differential removal.
Temp sensor loaction
Get Ready Folks, This is Just a "Warning Order", A Corvette Forum Gathering!
California Car Duster care...
Best place to purchase rebuild Diff
Engine won't rev past 4700 rpm's?
OK. Looked at "69" vette this morning .......
Side exit exhaust - not side pipes
BB waterpump long or short??
Need Help---Intake Man. Casting No. for '74 454 engine?
Turbo applications - assembly lubes, anti-seize, stainless steel, etc.
corvette L98 heads......10.1:1 compression, ...good for an L48 or no?
Lubricating Rear Bearings? Remove half-shaft???
Short or Long water pump
Black colored sidepipe covers for those that asked
Street Rod Forum?
Replacing Radiator - While I'm at it
motor mount question
Hey Tom73 do you have one of these??Brochures
Advice Needed: Pushrod Length on SBC
***** C4 owner needs advice please, looking at a 69 tomorrow *****
Edelbrock knockoff intake manifolds
Engine pulling question:
convert to HEI
Carb Question...yep, another one
EBAY: Anyone need a ski rack for their chromie ??
What do you think about..
How do i activate my alarm?
Manual trans bracket, what funtions does it serve?
anybody ever had frame twist??????
Fuel line Q..
GREGG-73 Makes VETTE Magazine.................
Final Window Adjustment on Convertible
Wheel Spacer - Alignment
Which power/torque curve would you prefer? Check out the graph...
Ryno clutches...good or bad?
are our engines internaly or externaly balanced?
J56 brake questions
Fustration Building
How Do I Keep My Battery Charged?
Pictures, FINALLY!
Holy grail drama (1970 LS6)LONG THREAD!!!
O/T--enough salt already!!!
How much oil does a 454 hold...which oil filter?
My new HEAVY DUTY Posi unit...
Put my damaged DUNTOV on Ebay...
Bench Test Gages???
I turn the key and it won't start...
Signature Pics?
To those restoring or just doing things... How long has it been apart?
Tip of the Evening/Dry Slide Graphite Lubricant
Spall install this weekend...which thermostat?
Rearend advice
OT - Joke (look for the Corvette in it)
C3 drag racers. Whats your ET/mph?
Brad Johnson to the Pro Bowl!!!!!!!!
Need some wheel/tire help
Pic of the 'Vette
question.. Just curious
How many of you drive in the snow?
T-5 shifter needed
Dwell metering values during cruising
15x10 rally rims anybody have them on there vette?
New Carb time--What to buy??????
Being a writer for a Corvette magazine
Saskatoon car show?
'78 Pace Gourley Chevy
Console Detailing
Rear Compartment Pics

Page: 668
Does anyone have the Merlin 509 (Complete) Engine ??
Cold!- Antifreeze!
"S" spring for driver's door
Lakewood Bellhousing w/adj. clutch fork pivot ball
Got Plates?
Can I get front alignment now, rear later?
HIGHLIGHTS - Grand National Roadster Show - San Matero, CA
What are balljoint tq specs?
OT-JATO Rocket on an Impala...
C3 Wheel fitment
harmonic balancer?
1974 C.A. Smog Exempt?
20 + mpg II
Engine ... to paint or not to paint.
Photos of VanSteel offset trailing arms (before and after)
Now's your chance for big brakes from a real dealer...
Tach Cable
Do I have to disconnect the brake lines to remove the rear control arms.
? on correct air cleaner
Check Out This Interior
G-Teched the Vette (kinda long)
Should we have a 35th anniversary celebration this year?
wheels... yes, again
Pics of 550 springs...
San Diego area???
Stupid question RE: Brakes
Wheel spacer question?
Anyone watching Barret Jackson Auction
Dry Gasoline
newb question from a non-newb....
new side glass wanted
Info on re-chroming valve covers, air cleaner, ignition shield, etc.
Question on cylinder heads and cams
Roll Bar recommendations?
Its cold and getting colder
Need the capacity for a stock fuel pump on a 1970 BB
After front spring job, noise developed...
Looking for opinions on a Holley 3310S carb.
WTF is a "GRX"?
Bash me if you want but......
Ignition Glitch!
Important notice about IMs
Tip of the Evening/Anti-Seize Compound...
oil pan gasket
Which "Corvette" magazine is the best?
Installed VBP rebuilt steering control valve...
Pretty Cool (if it's real)
MSD Single/replacement wires...
Those of you with 20+ mpg C3's.......
[PIC]who said Our pop-up head lights look goofy, or out of place....
78 Pace Car for $20
Clearance special on cam degree kits
Can you bench test a manual trans?
Sellin my Vette how do I post pics from a disk??
What is this ?
454 performance
Congrats RedwingVette, I see you made Car&Parts Corvette
How do you jack your car up?
Make a Convertable?
how fast was stock
This seems high to me for valve covers
I have a theory as to why my rear suspension is fubared
69 body mounts
Day 4: Half shaft UJoints are KILLING ME!
"Turn Down" exhaust?
Offset trailing arms considerations
New Low Idle on my 1980: Stable 600rpm in Drive with Brakes applied

Page: 669
Ouestions on Battery Tender unit
Great place, please post more pics of modified C3s with C4-5 wheels
To Flex...Or Not To Flex?
4-speed to 6-speed conversion
Say what???
Build sheet & RPO codes
Got Faith - Can Am Keeper
Why is there always a gap between the e brake pad and console?
washer pump
Pic For those who said our Headlights Look Goofy or out of Place
Sharkbar harness bar
REQ: Pic of L88 hood with Wiper Door Open, PLease
Anybody Driving the Vette to NCRS in Orlando?
'74 454 stock hood max intake Ht?
Whats this stuff about Vortec /87 or newer corvette heads?
Convert late model C3 to Chrome Bumper
my new signature answers the question that alot of you have asked me...
Looked at the 78 Vette todays, check out the pictures.
build sheet-now what?
Anyone know where to get a thermostat bypass fitting for intake manifold??
Headlight fuse
Pics of my old fuse panel...
Stock SB Alternator Output?
What's your opinion of this auction?
No Exhaust Manifold Gaskets???
improving start times aka 0-60mph
What Jetta? I think he got lsot on the turnpike. Must see!
dont like my Flowmaster 40's...what is mellower sounding?
does your heater/ac fan run even if your heater/ac is not turned on?
Where to get independant values of old corvettes
I'm confused, are these cars American or are they Foreign?
back bumper material
Bouncing Speedo
Factory Distributor specs for '71 base eng
[Misfits] NCRS Show, Plans and Caravan!!!
Urethane or Fiberglass????
Engine Pinging! Please Help!
K&K Insurance
Anyone see JAG tonight, Harm messes up front end of his Vette!
Anyone got a picture of Burgundy Poly??
Ready for the Street Once Again
late model 454 swap
467-Ratmans Induction System - K&N Chrome Lid
Anyone have fuel cell part numbers?
Pacecar Flag Holders.
Tachometer/Distributor Question
It's So Cold...-28C (-20F)...
Anyone have any luck with a Milodon oil pan?
Difference between L88 hoods
Coil overs or fiberglass front mono spring?
Members in Flint, MI
Are C3 prices going up?
Mark IV cam in a Mark VI
Headers a problem for anyone?
Disconnecting the speedometer cable
Is the forum biased?
My car is going to be world class soon (T-5)
Starter/Clutch Lockout Switch
San Diego Appraisals
Ugh, I can't take it anymore
Short or radio
Does anyone have a 80-82 gas door emblem their not using?
Update on Parts Microfiche CD
Ignition vacuum advance connection ?
Best shock and tire combo
C3 Frames ?????
VIN locations

Page: 670
Before and after pics from last night - POR on birdcage
69 Headlight Switch-Vacum Leak
HELP! Fiberglass Guys
Steering Wheel Restoration-Pelton's
Flexplate gear question
T-5 converts (or just plain smart guys/gals)input needed
New motor questions: '98 Vortec truck long block in my '70??
New Front Springs installed (550 lb-in)
LT1 - Converting to EFI from Carb
My new Brodix heads !
Spark Plug - higher heat range - whaddya' think?
Need Pics of 77 center console side panel and ?
how do you tell if your car came with a Gymkhana Suspension
For you Electrical Guru's
inside lights not working....
Door panel removal?
Auction results (Not Barrett Jackson)
LOUD pops
Aftermarket L88 Hoods - advice?
[PAGING QuickVet] Here are those pics from lastnight.
Body lift harness
A couple of brake questions?
exhaust manifold bolts
Chrystler 300M
Halfshafts for '79
question about clutch/trans with drag racing and normal street driving
Oil heater?
C4-C5 wheels on a C3?
Anybody ever rebuild a auto shifter?
Convertible Top Mounting Points
L-88 Style Hood
Fluid changes on 78, synth or not?
New ACDelco R45TS Spark Plug - Different
rear end help!!!
How can i get a 20mb video on here for u guys to see???
diverter valve
B&M Perf Shift Kits - Are they for real?
A little OT, career options in cars...
More first time buyer questions.
'69 and '70 interior and exterior items for sale on ebay
Hmmmmmmmm 74 coupe with Blower on ebay
'68 and '69 vette owners : temp guage wire ?
Ramps for working under car.
Art Carr 200R4 tranny
Video Help
Custom shoulder belts
stumbles at ideal
Paint Stripper?
HELLLLLP! -- Bolt hole stripped, part two!
Kind of OT! C3 owners/SUV owners. Which gets better gas milage [Rant]
Late model Camaro electric fans in a 78, what is involved?
Firestone SS20's? Pics?
Anybody running 325/50R15 tires on their C3??
carb problem
corvette wing.....
Just got my offset trailing arms and rebuilt bearings from Van Steel
Too tall for a Corvette?
Day 1: I am in over my head
Advice on buying a Vette
couple of interior questions on my '71.
New seats?
Advice on buying a Vette, part II.
Comparison shopping a C3 - what other cars do people go see?
Suspenion Help Needed!!
Replaced my Carb Gasket. Car Now Warms Up Great!
The sound of a bad alternator?.....
Help ! ! Can't find headlight to fit my 69
Someone knowledgeable - please school me on '68-'71 Big Blocks
This looks like a great deal on a 78!!

Page: 671
body dolly
Wheel and tire package
Crimson Armada T Shirts - Preorder NOW
San Diego Run Yesterday! (1/19/2003)
wires under the seat
"CORVETTE" Windsheild Logo
Heads from Tracy Performance
Any interest in an Indy Speedway track tour this summer?
Wanna Go Faster? OT
1969 build sheets
roller rockers
What happened to my Speedo? Tranny gurus check this out.
New BIGS carb came in....
-69 engine dilemma and tank sticker restoration
OT: Gas prices
EFI Accel Guys - Need to pick your brains
Best 383 combo until now. Check it out and tell me what you think
85 has no power--HELP
Top Rad Seals - How do u they fit??
Tremec 3550 and TKO owners.....
How and when did you learn to work on cars?
[OT] $175,000 for a bogus Shelby?
1968 BB Coupe
(ot)So what do you do when its 7 degrees out and its cold in the garage?
Thanks to SteveG75 the next big step in the project is coming up.
Flameball Shifter Knob in C3
Spark Plugs----charts?
"my dream car is a BB '69 Roadster" a friend
Why are HOOKER HEADERS so much more expensive?
Ceramic Coating
New spark plugs, recommendations please!!!
corvette fever
Catalog mufflers
Is this a C3 power seat track?
Headers or Stock Manifold
Corvette Colors on my Project Car - your suggestions welcome
Can you spot any inconsistencies in this Motion/Baldwin model ?
Engine Dyno Software
Door Lock Removal Tips?
Changing body mounts sucks. (LONG)
???any corvette,harley guys going to bike week in datona???
Project Vettefinders 79 needs some help
intake manifold gasket
Music Trivia-Saturday Night, Let's Go...
squeeking sound coming from new engine???
Sleeping Beauty
Need advice on crate engine and transmission alternates.
[PICS] Hey C-3 folks...check this out!!
Plastic timing gears, why and for how long were they used?
Installed the "Painless" Fuse panel today...
I need suggestions to overcome this issue Drv shaft Ujoint/ Yoke missmatch
'68 L88 gets $125k at Barrett-Jackson
engine ping
Anyone running an Aluminum driveshaft?
C3P: Are these decent BB heads?
This is a shame.........
Kids today have it too easy (NA)
Gourley Chevrolet
Drove the '68 to work today !
Virus warning - Pro Team
[UPDATE] C3 addition to the family
So the project begins
Removing sensors - will they break?
Never ever disconnect one end of a sway bar- bendy bits

Page: 672
Steeroids Installation Question
Convertible top question???
Sidepipe fit Q..
OT/reved my 350 chevy and blew it
A/C air box sealing
Near Miss @ 60MPH
Question for all those Fuel Injected C3's out there !!
How do you wrench spinners get oil of off your drive way?
free water pump and headers
Engine Paint
New mufflers inside the Hooker headers
C3 Alarm Help
Brodix Vs. AFR
[OT] Why does Reggie Jackson think his cars are worth so much?
definitions: racer vs. ricer
FINALLY got it to work... pic of new wheels
I got a pleasant surprise
Lead Paint on 71 Frame?
Benefits of Solid Cams? Help.
1976 Registry - Out of Space
Fellow Forum Members-Please help me quantify rebuild costs
Identifying a transmission?
GRANDSPORTC3 Racing Results...
Ignition box mounting
What is the windshield gage hole for?
Will a "long" water pump fit on L48
Thinking about switching to an M-21
Any way to keep chrome headers from turning blue?
Check out this awsome Vette on Ebay...
test to see if pix will post
Small Claims Court, Botched Bearing Job, Opinions Wanted (long post)
T-10 manual for rebuild?
t-top head liner repair or replacements
Anyone need a template for drilling 427 emblems?
1979 fuel pump question
Optimum engine torque to lounch you car - are more than 400 lbsft. senseless?
Got my Hooker sidepipes installed!
Corvette Trivia.....this one's not easy
One more time---which ROD do I want?
HELLLLLP!! Bolt Hole Stripped!!!
The swap is on!!! (BB that is)
?? for guys running Flex a lite 210's
Starter thermal interlock
Did you see Carroll Shelby fall asleep at B/J Auction
Quick Question please.
Aftermarket 1969 Sidepipes
Replacement Exhaust / Header Fit Guidance?
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
low oil pressure and smoke
1980 Duntov update...
How hard is to replace the radiator and what tips can you offer?
Cam Opinions
Anyone Near Summit or Jeg's? ARP Intake Set
Thermostat Question - Warm Climate?
Holding an '82 transmission in 1st gear
What is the deal with 69 wiper door?
Took some new pictures of the car today
Best place to buy new bumper
Exhaust Tips for Borlas
78 t-top rpair and getting top dead center ???
25th Anniversary Registry HELP!!
From numbers matching to modded, why pay a premium?
This price seems a bit HIGH to me
Just painted my car! Hows it look?
Water pump growl???
Oops.... gotta cut the ZL-1 flares off.... but
Maybe too tall for a Corvette?
let"s try this again!
Paging ram82fire
C3 Front/Rear weight ratio

Page: 673
Edelbrock Performer RPM or Dart Iron Eagle?
flowmaster headers (not ceramic coated) this a good idea?
Revving engine to 3500 in Neutral . . . eeek!
stuff to clean the cooling system
mazda seats in a vette
A C3 Insurance Question
Supra twin?
Fox News Beauty Laurie Dhue...what happened?
Stock wheels, hub or lug centric?
Barrett-Jackson Auction Results.....includes many Corvettes
someone has got to know about clutch rod adjustment
Buy ZZ4 or buildup L48?
Ash Tray door rivets - Where do I get them?
Good Morning Dave!
Roof Panel Carrier for 80 - 82
easy tip to get heat fast
Cold Starting
Oil I blind?
756 HP at the Dyno!
What are the differences between 77 versus 80 aluminum wheels?
Final Rear End update!!! Rear End Rebuilt....
Cool T-Tops on Ebay
Tranny fluid leak!
Starter motor teeth
interior heat on a 77 L-82
Air in brake lines, part 2
Heat then no heat?
Value of a 25th anniversary vette?
Anybody ever see a jet powered Corvette?
blew a head gasket today...
This is amazing looking Z-Car!
Visited another shop today
Got a fire extinguisher? Neither did he....
78 Yellow vs Black Spare Tire Rim
Will a 68 rear spindle fit an 80?
What would you do?
San Diego appraisals?
Painting C3 frames
Pushrod Length??
Pulled the engine today...
Can't Wait Until Spring Gets Here!!!!!
Body guys......A couple of fiberglass questions (with photos)
Need a compressor and air tools suggestion
Question re: conversion to EFI - return line?
Has anyone ever used TRI STATE CYLINDER HEAD INC. of Evansville, IN.
Live Auction On NOW!!
Help to identify electrical actuator under dash
I need help starting my car!!!!
How do I remove the lighter from the shifter plate (1978)
Changing spark plugs. (Iron manifolds, small block...)
How do I attach my L88 scoop?
Black and Blue: Had to change my signature a bit.
Car Appraisal
Hagerty Would Not Insure Me
melted tach cable :-(
Just drove the Vette home in a snow storm.. I think I need a drink.
Half shaft U joint removal ?
Side-Pipe Exhuast
Be Cool radiators
Need Price for a '74 Vinyl Hardtop!!
[ebay] Did the '80 CA 305 cid Corvettes come with iron intake manifolds?
NCRS survivor award
Need picts of CUSTOM vettes for website
C3 Corvette rear wheel backspacing. Is 5 in to 6 in possible
860 h.p. arrived at my front door today!
It's Snowing Again, Arrgh! : No Vette today, my life has gone away....
4500 for a damaged 68...worth it?

Page: 674
37 Corvette Challenge events for joke
Worth a try...
1978 Chevrolet Corvette - Jamaican Edition ???
After 16 years I think I'm starting to rub off....
1970 BB for sale on ebay. BEWARE!!!!
Chicago body shops and repair work
Valet Envy...
Body Removal Update
Let's beat this horse for the last time: 2 bolt vs 4 bolt
Engine advice/help with my '81
Edelbrock Accelerator Pump Replacement
Question about rubber valve covers gaskets....
Can Vortec heads be machined for non center bolt valve covers?
<80-82 owners> need pic of air dam
shifter rod adjustment
Cutting a coil from VB 460# springs
81' Dash color and back "tray" color..restoration!
Octane Booster
replacment radiator ????
Spark Plug Wire changing tip.
Got the blue beast back tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Astro-Vent Rear Door Rebuild
ot/ what the heck is a burbalanche?
Torque Thrust pics
Whats the remedy for soft plastic?
Stewart Pump Owners -- Question!
WILL 18X9.5 FIT ?
advice on a tpi conversion
Joining the C3 ranks
Who makes these rims? picture attached
Anybody know of a MANUAL CHOKE KIT for a Q-Jet?
I think Chevy should bring back the C-3's!
Apple users pls. read.
I need a new air cleaner, what size and brand will fit
Will damage to the engine occur?
Changing speedo gear -- do I need more teeth or less?
Transmission shop in Dallas area ?
Carb question
Nice 81 for sale.
George Etter!
What size sway bars?
Need advice on how to get a door open on a 76
Paint removal on rubber bumpers?
Where are you Brett M.?
More Steeroids info please.
New Transmission (auto)
C3 Autocross
Borlas Arrived Today-Comment on Import to Canada
auto to six speed
Another Insurance Question
converting a 2-bolt to 4-bolt small block
To anyone knowledgeable with Vortec heads.
Article and pics on installing aftermarket electric fans on 68-82'2 as promised
Barrett Jackson (and other) auction(s)
Replacing Headlight Switch on 69
Who has aftermarket pulley set on a big-block?
Vette Brakes Front Monospring installation--Need Help!
Cam Purchase, Need Help
To Supercharge, or not to SuperCharge?
Rear Camber Strut Rod Installation?
Where's a good place to find -
Generator light stays on and voltage guage dose not move
changing the harmonic balancer...any suggestions,pitfalls?
Best Routing for C3 Spark Plug Wires (8mm) with Headers - Small-Block
On a Q-jet rebiuld, power piston preset?
What springs combo? 460/330 or 550/360?
OK so I finally DID IT!! Whoppeeee!

Page: 675
Feb. 9th Road Racing
Anybody ever seen one of these??
Rusted floor pans, where can I get replacements?
Grundy or Hagarty????
how wide of a rim?????
OT Going to look at his F-body, wadda ya think?
Playing with Photoshop
MassVette info....please
Will be racing this Saturday in Bradenton...
Another Header question - sorry!
Diff getting too hot?
Air Cleaner Help?
Taking next week off....Its Vette mainenance time
Question to cam gurus... Why would somebody choose a hydraulic race cam shaft?
VB&P discount for CF members?
Torque Wrenches
T-Top alignment
For those with "QQ" plates....
Reproduction interior rearview mirror quality
Must see! Go-ped vs. pontiac!
73 Vette-Tire&Wheel Size Info Needed
Jim Shea questions
alignment shops in Ft. Worth tx area??
does your love of your vette result in you neglecting your DD?
Can you match a Victor Jr. to the FelPro 1206 gasket?
Anyone got pics of a 81 front on a '77?
Who's Driving There C1-C2-C3 To Bowling Green For The 50th
Who was looking for locations to buy a Sanden AC compressor?
Shock removal woes and my differential destruction!
Wheel backspacing explanation.
75 degrees in the desert and everyone had their toys out...
How much work for body mouont brackets and radiator supports on a '69??
WARNING: eng crankcase flush
Can we say potential FIRE!!--Wiring issue
Reubuild complete; what am I forgetting?
Modified or Stock
Delay When I Stomp On It
Think I can make my own soft tops?
Standard Rear Axle Ratios for 1975 L-48 and L-82 Automatics???
Anyone going to go out to Carlisle?
Open Question for Jim Shea and other steering gurus?
Water temp sending unit
1969 suspension rebuil/new member long
finally installed my msd box (picture)
'80-'82 owners, how strong is that front bumper reinforcement?
Front Clip Bonding?
1980 Doors windows rattle...HELP
Carb question
Horsepower Question (Ricer)
Holley or Edelbrock intake
stock short hood/long replacement/stock long hood differences ?
Cig Lighter Doesn't work when headlights are on
Is this true?
I finally figured out how Ricers spend so much money!
Need help with 1980 speedo and tac removal
Bad News on my 406
Anyone got any pictures of /or using underdrive pulleys?
Thanks to all for the hood suggestions
Need pics of soft bumper cars with hooker side pipes.
Door Panel seperating from door 1969 corvette, Quick Inexpensive FIX?
another clutch ?
Air Tool Questions
The Quest for More Power
New Exhaust Tomorrow
any tips on changing the universal joint???
Belts for underdriven March Pulleys??
Looking for Vacuum Diagram
how long does it take

Page: 676
starter shims
Wouldn't these make a great bumper sticker for your OTHER car?
the "short clutch rod"-"ran out of adjustment"-"wrong clutch" saga continues...
Birthday Today-How Screwed Up Am I???
oil numbers?
What should I use to bond L-88 cold air to my hood?
'68 door panel trim strips?
t tops need painting
Dumb rear spring bolts
Engine options - opinions please
Steeroids Users....
Clicking sound...
performer/Q jet
74 BB Coupe
radiator leak
OT ---Stealth Turbo install--- can you spot the turbo on this C4?
Timing light and MSD question
And now for something really different...
Zip Catalog Question? Convertible owners?
Who wants to let be borrow their mirrors? :D
To the drag racers... anyone running a shift light?
Need advice on project steps, logistics
What was that post about this forum costing people money???
Be Cool or Griffin
Hooker Side Headers. What's A Good Price?
Why the heck do the boxes have to be so BIG? (Rant)
How much does a wheel weigh ??
upper radiator hose advice needed
Is this correct wiring for 81 alternator? Thanks
Is my 200-4R tranny gonna blow up on me?!?!
Bought air compressor. Life is good!
Drop-in ignition update?
suggestions for installing carpet where rear speakers would normally be
Standard Water Pump vs Serpentine Conversion
Bionic 8T1 in the 11s!
Stewart Water Pumps
Added photo to sig
Sears Inductive Advanced Timing Light/Canada
Need Advice on Aluminum Timing Cover
renew motor
CF discount ZIP ??
sig test
Oil temperature sender source.
Trying to contact old owner of Pace Car with first name Arthur from Mass.
Are ya like me...
Attention Seattle, WA forum members – my car got stolen last night
NCM Needs Your VOTE!
A 'classic' Corvette story.....
What rear gear am I running???
Think I damaged my clutch or linkage. Need help to diagnose
Who wants to buy a muscle car junk yard with me?
Rear End... Update 2
68=69 corvettes. What wires go to starter and selenoid?
Power Brake Booster Install
Survey of those of you who purchased 15" Pirelli Scorpion Tires for your C3s...
Coffee Can Behind Front Bumper???
OT:..Some TopFuel info..
When You Are On the Road
Pretty Nice Ebay 72 For The Price
Need a good exhaust shop in Fort Worth, TX
Newbie Question
Anyone know what it takes to import a car from Canada?
Dress-Up For Top Of Radiator Fan Shroud
Installing interior....need some advice.
Pics of final windshield frame repairs prior to POR

Page: 677
Want to see a wreck?
Rear window trim removal.
WAS BUBBA HERE? (Carpet removal & reinstall)
Question for "Turbo-Jet"
External or internal radiator sealant
We got out sweet
Summit headers, MAD dual, and Summit mufflers
Is this unusual? Q-Jet question...
New Guy on the block
Does anyone remember seeing or reading an article in Vette mag......
Speedo and Tach Lighting Problems
Anyone have a loose 460 lb coil laying around? + Digicam?
A question for all with a TH400......
Fiberglass repair
How Do I Time My SBC Without a Timing Tab???
Started my webpage tonight on tpi install
Intake Manifold Porting Advice
rear view mirror??
Air Bag Steering Wheel Conversion?
Got an email from Steve (merlin522) today.
Fan Questions- Permacool Vs OEM Vs Spal
Paging WA 2 FST
Am I really wasting my time?
I see a law suit in somebody's future!
Floor pans.
best place to buy (find) a trany front input shaft bearing...?
whats this ground wire go to?
Reluctant oil pressure
Anyone Used these Fel-Pro Intake Gaskets?
Thanks to sb69coupe
Who Says Weight Doesn't Matter?
Thanks Kaiserbud !! New GIF File Working Fine
Rear End Gear???? What do I have???
Wiper door conversion?
Super charging, anyone done this?
installed a rod 6 speed help
1982 700R4 transmission upgrade
Never been asked ...
side exhaust for 1979 -is hooker the only one made?
Cragar SS now in 17"!!!!!
Info on 4+3 tranny
idle adjustment tool for Quadrajet
My hardtop is painted! Pics inside...
Snow in Texas ! - PICS
Need webpage site to post on how to install aftermarket elec fan with pics
Post your '69 Pics
Easy water pump question and opinion please.
What's the correct carb fuel pressure?
How much HP can the borg warner T-10 tranny handle?
Electrical wireing Q...
Carburetor swap
Turbo Guys - Wiggin's Clamps
When DO you use hi-beams?
New starter when converting from auto to manual tranny
New water pump?
Battery compartment question
1980 - L82 vs L48 Intake Manifold
How can I tell what rear end I have?
a little embarrassing...
Brake pedal to the floor
SBC 383 assembly kit, looking for advice on this deal
Control Arm Bushing removal in Raleigh
Mileage Range?
700R4 in a late 70's corvette????
Horn Relay/Key Buzzer Location
Dart Pro 1 Aluminum Heads

Page: 678
OT Got Ripped at LOWES Today
low fuel light repair
i would like to know your pressure plate thickness...please
1953-1982 Corvette Parts Microfiche online???
Rear End issue update...
New Seats!!!
corvette video
Cn'V Corvette Sales?
Are my old cylinder heads and intake worth anything?
Trans Snagged the Rivets in my Trans Tunnel...
Final up-date for the San Diego Museum on Jan 19th.
There were factory BB's in '73 were'nt there?
[ot] Can anyone guess what's new about my sig... 1/13/03
My vette and I are moving North
What is the width of factory aluminum wheels?
Hooker Side-Pipes finally inserts = HOLY LOUDNESS!!
Cheapest place to get seat parts?
Another newbie question...
What new 400 SBC blocks are avalible?
MSD advance curve, what worked for you?
points to HEI easy?
How difficult / expensive is doing your own welding?
Changing FUEL pump Hard/Easy???
Will an 82 fiberglass spring fit in my '77?
Distributor W/out Vaccum Advance.
looking for a 69 350 block
EGR Differences? What are Those?
Does this crank sprocket look OK?
Calling Ontario Owners re Emissions
Is a 69 brake booster different form an 78 up unit so that they're not interchangeable???
KBD Targa 'mufflers' in the mail, what am I in for?
A little bit of advice before I start my new project.
Mystery leak...thoughts ?
Heet / Gas Line Antifreeze
Bubba's Alive and Well and Living...
Racer or Ricer?
Awesome drive yesterday
Check out this custom c-3
True Flex Bumpers installed, 1 anyway
StingrayCrazy, Monty, Twin_Turbo... i have a quick question.
Need Help - Carfax Report for Wife
Has Anyone with a BB car installed Steeroids on it?
Numbers matching 73-454 Reborn
LA Area Gathering Feb 8th at the Nethercutt Auto Museum
Calling Auto to Manual trans conversion guy's. I have a question.
Repair Manuals - Which one is on your bookshelf?
Help! Paint Trouble
Calling Chuck Harmon: L88 cam?
I wish I had not gotten out of bed this morning-DISASTER
attn Yellow 72
OT Need GM Passkey 2 help.
Wanna see a mess?
Off Topic - Volvo rant...
Cam card suggestion
Im starting to take it personal!!!!!!!!
5 Speed on its way
my steering gear and Zip Corvette...
Fan hitting the shroud, what the hell?
I want that Mustang sound (muffler advice)
Wife's Upset With My Cooking...
Corvette cross stitch
Why was the post office 10 miles away?
Headlight warning lamp
Which rear spring should we use?
Almost Died Tonight!!!
A couple of pictures of my motor
new member question

Page: 679
deciphering the code stamp on my diff
-75 wiring diagram
[OT] There arent enough Stupid Ebay auctions... Wait! Heres one!
What swaybar do I need for my BB?
Good Vette shops in Indy??
Interior Trim Repair Help
Melling M-77 BB oil pump spring????
Results from this weekends swap meet ... what do you think?
Gold Anodized Engine Parts...
got ripped on ebay..probably was my turn
L48 warm up advice needed
A-Arm Bushings (HELP)
San Diego area Gathering Jan 19th at San Diego Auto Museum
Trying to figure out which transmission I have
OT computer novice trying Boomspeed?
T-top headliners
how hard to replace freezeplugs?
1971 Corvette Registry
speedometer gears
Big Block Hood Question Please
vacum help
Identifing TPI motor
cylinder head options
Im making a topic with pics, on installation of aftermarket cooling fan
Uhhhh...what happens when you put too much tranny fluid in?
Cooling system upgrade started on 81, Dewitts, SPAL, Stewart
Help with engine build ideas
time for new tires
how about wires?
Low Fuel Light Warning Option in '77
Headlamp Actuator Help Wanted!
Coating on Bolts - Aluminum Differential Carrier
Rear Speakers Installed
nitrous lines and solenoids installed
Exhaust "Test Pipe" . Anyone Have One...
Serious electrical problem (Happy freakin Monday)
Engine tear-down, part 1...
What to clean aluminum intake with?
Went to the CF event in Fort Worth today (Sat), a good time & one photo
Dash pad repair question.
no low beams....???
What is special about "drag racing only" shocks?
Show me your Spark Plug Wires
Drive shaft half shaft u-joint removal??
Number of teeth on starter?
O.T. Goodyear Rubber
Need mechanic in St. Peterburg, Tampa area
l-88 short hood
American Motors AMX helped produce the LT1 Corvette?
body on restoration
Old paint cracking...use in cold temps question?
OT: I'm Having An Affair
Forum more important than ever
71 dual snorkle air cleaner
Hydraboost users....
Aligning new cam with crank & timing chain.
Distributor cap question..
I made up my mind - Daves_rusty_75 - no more posting from me
Whew...3.5 hours on one bolt..
Replace A/C Blower Fan?
Carb spacer plate
Crank is in...Going to start piston rings today. Any advice??
Corvette with turbine-powered engine
Cleaned it up now it looks to good to put in the Vette
Need DD2000 graph for an engine please
First drive with 17" wheel/tire combo
Pulling the rear suspension off tomorrow - need advice

Page: 680
Sorry Guys - but I'mmm Baaacccckkkkk !!! (sans rust)
New Distributor Help.
E-bay hilarity - check this out
How much does the stock 78 spare weigh?
water pump
mallory unilite electronic
Will this work?
You might be a vettoholic if.....
how many L-48 4/spds in77
Excessive oil consumption
LS1 into C3 With 700R4 HELP
Biting the Bullet.. Transmission Rebuild
Another Child Has Arrived In My Household.........
Is it spring yet?
Sort of OT - Radio wiring on my vette
What is the stock L-82 Combustion Chamber size?
Resetting Tach...???
anyone got the link to Ryno Clutches??
Fuse Pannel Question
Wheel Bearings - Hard Job To Do?
Wheel Spinners! Any opinions?
81 Rear Window Tint
Progress on the Winter Project
Fuel tank modifications? Anyone done this?
Tv problem solved,of intrest to Edelbrock Q jet users
Oil Change Comment
Sidepipes Question nr235:)
Power Steering - rebuild
I Have "EO" (Exhaust Odor)...question about exhaust smell...
OT mickey caught . . .
Poll to choose the NEXT user name for George.....
Part Number
Dose anyone have a car Fax Account?
Canadian Vettes...What's The Deal?
would like to know the weight of a new C3 brass radiator
84-87 wheels
Trailing arm Bushing removal and instalation
Old times sake.........points and condenser installation
JCL baffles installed this afternoon
Interior Redo .. cost?
Jacking Points.
Best heads for ZZ3?
Roller rockers -- worth the $$$?
Launch issues, How to after using line lock
AC Conversion Question
Paging Southern Ontario Events Co-ordinator....
77 whats it worth
Went to the Chevy Dealership yesterday...
Wheel fit question
What do u think of these fins...
often wondered
I have the steering wheel off on my vette. How do I honk the horn?
76 rear sway bar
Anyone know where I can find...
What kind of leaf spring is this?
wierd electrical troubles
Going for the Gold!!!
Stock rims
Which wires to use?
tech forum, yes or no??????
Merlin522's Sweet Monster Corvette
Lars recurve kit
Going to a swap meet tomorrow .. need help.
Front springs??
Trivia! 1969 Side Pipes...
I have loaded the Corvettes parts microfiche.

Page: 681
2-1-2 exhaust Q
Pioneer CD Player
Center grill-73..Q
C3 Frame blueprints
[PAGING] still-learning
Bleeder valves on mastercylinder
One piece or four piece ??
The sign on drivers side between the door hinges...
Quick question! (Suspension)
Here is a program that calculates Dynamic Compression ratio
bell housing bolt on a 77
How can I tow a 70 vett
how much power can the TH-350 trans handle?
How to secure hubcaps?
Afternoon Project 2
my letter to Lars and where my motor stands now...
my dark confession...
Paging all 69 sharks...
vacuum hoses
New tach with an HEI conversion? What did you 68-72 guys do?
Tv set up ?Need help.
how does the battery clamp work???
Need Wiring suggestions
steering replacement question
57 Corvette
Wichita, KS Area 4 Wheel Alignment?
Let's all diss Merlin!
My car seems like it takes forever to warm up in the cold weather
Really O.T. but I need to use the F* word
Check this out..Demon Vs Quadrajet
Brake Fluid Replacement
Let's beat a dead horse: HEADERS!
New weatherstripping kit has let me down, car still leaks like a sieve...
As promised: Pics of the 71 with 17" Thrust D wheels
good price for half-shafts
Need technical specs on 1979 L82 engine
C3P/Historical/ZL-1 Road Test
Motion Performance GT but not a Corvette (I wish it was)
'81 Question
Hey Mike69...
Bow-Tie OD TV Made EZ Cable and Kit for Q-Jet is On Its Way!!!
Went for a drive and saw Merlin!
Fel-Pro Gaskets????
305 versus 283 Parts Interchange Tech Info
swapping out steering wheel
Maybe I'm dumb, but what happened to the IM icon?
Rear alignment h*lp after lowering
20 Inch wheels on a C3????
anyone doing a trailing arm rebuild?
Starter Spins wont engage..sometimes
Compression test results - OK?
12 steps for vetteaholics...
Turbo 400 strength
New Animations...Cool!
14 1/2 to 1 compression ratio!
Amazing Nitros test!
And so the engine rebuild begins ... with pictures!
Straight 2.5 in BB exhaust....
New member looking for body shop in DFW area
No RPM performers on, maybe some headwork will do!
Cam clearance
What prep work have you done in your performance blocks?
Flex a lite Blackmagic electric fans?? help.
Can't get rid of engine miss
Where is the VIN on a 69 body?
Would it be sacrilegious if I.........
ever bought a bad rebuilt steering gear????
Calling Annapolis, Md area folks - Anyone up for a Lunch get-together this Sunday 1/5?
How many cans of paint for engine?
starting problem HELP!!!

Page: 682
Something about this car really fires me up,
New Sidemounts arrived this afternoon!!!
Water Pump Question?
antenna Q
Help! My garage is filling up with numbers matching parts...
Looking for northeast CT Corvette owners
Vert Guys...who'd be interested in double hoop roll bar?
what causes point bounce what are symptoms
do L-48's & L-82's have the same clutch?
How fast were the L82 cars?
I really am enjoying my Trans-go shift kit
Vortec intakes for QJet
Speedway engineering sway bar mounted
Vehile contract... Personal Loan Conditions?~! plz help
need a new battery
Quick Help w/ Part - Vacuum Switch for Heater Line
Will GUNK eat gaskets?
Need Info on Re-stamping Block
calling budman78
how big is your cam lift in your 350
Black and Chrome..
Lost C3 guy needs help
Late x-mas present came in the mail...
Super rare 10 cyl sbc camaro
Rear Suspension Tools...........
Mickey and friends in my garage. Help!!!
Parking Brake on 1981
700R4: Parking Pawl Actuator Rod Installation
marietta ga area lunch
Door Latch removal...HELP!!!
Forum Calendar Problems
Any Canadians Use Lars for a Q-Jet rebuild?
Now that was funny!!!!
Will 82 Spring fit 79?
68 steering box rebuild, advice?
Replacing rear strut rods -- any glitches?
Removeable Rear Window Conversion ('77)
'70 vert on ebay
0-60 time for 1969 BB Conv't
My Forum IMs are working!
squeaky fan belt
Differential update..
Restomod project...done for now (new wheels/tires pic)
*** Project update, back to square one!? ***
Do I really need them???
Benefits of Front Monospring
Little afternoon Project!!!
Can anyone decode a V.I.N. ?
Does anyone sell a camera mount for C3 convertibles???
A/C shutdown
Stock or mod,young and older.What do you think?
Crowfoot Wrench for Intake Manifold Bolts
What is the definition of "Diss"
Re-Doing the window trim...
More on C3 Perf/Tech forum.
Signs of getting desperate???
Shipped or paid for Shipping on Cyl. Heads? Ebay#@&%!
My 530BHP 406 Arrived Today!
casting numbers, head and intake
Know anything about sandblasters????
I think I found my new exhaust ...
"Lost C-3..." with Accel FI Q
1968 Big Block hood for sale asking $ 350 plus shipping
Question about gaskets and intake manifold sealing on my 350... need help!!
Torque coverting need help

Page: 683
How Loud are Borla Pro XSs?
New front calipers and
Can someone post a picture of these lower windshield trim pcs (68-72) in place ?
Login in to edit homepage?
Rear view mirror
Carfax please?
custom avatars...can we do that?
Australian Summer Nats - pics
Carb solenoid question
I was a teenage Riceboy (incredibly long)
Does anyone have some favorite web links for used performance parts?
How do i clean my carberater floats?
OT - Relay Switch
Im thinkin of instaling auto start into my vette!!!
What's the trick to removing a belt???
Paging Marksbb69
What carb would you recomend?
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #57: Chevy's Heavy LIGHTWEIGHT
Smog Checks with Engine mods
EBAY - C3 mid engine Thunder-Vette for sale
Headers for my 71 BB
Tire question???
Carb crying "95" Tears. Had 100+ hits, has no one got the answer??
suggested Jets for holley 750 in sb, (also detonation problem)
Oil pressure 35psi at idle & about 70 psi above 2000 rpm, Normal?
Whats the best bang for the buck on secret audio?
Radiator Hose Diameter
82 Tach question?
Calling C3 tpi converters
Why do I smell so bad?
Whad'ya think? No A/C in your Shark
1980 Duntov Damage estimate Poll:
Need more digits on my speedo...
Wanting to temporarily use a regular 350 in my 79
If my 80' Duntov is a total loss..
Bouncing gas gage needle
After changing the differential fluid yesterday....
Door glass wont roll up all the way
Summit billet electric fuel pump..this ok?
Muffler Shop Monday
Best De-greaser?
I need some cam help.
Changed my differential fluid...
Boy am I going against the trend
Tech Info Requestors: My Computer is Down!
Ever had a Vette nightmare?
Cracked block now what?
Mad Max Interior
Aussie car tops 1206 RWHP
Would someone DD this for me PLEEZ?
tpi ?
lowering a c3?
What a "Bloke's" car should be like.
Looking for a Paint Shop in Eastern PA
OT: More Fun from the CA DMV laws
Removing clock on 69 convertible
I know, I know
if you could go back...
Nashville in June?
Finally going back to work on the RT project.......
Brown grease on alternator connector?
engine mount (again)
Cool Air Intake
Hoses...again (sorry)
MY corvette had a little joyride
Can you make non polished manifolds shiny?
Stoked engines and small base circle cam...explain?
Stroker Oddities

Page: 684
TI coil for 69 BB
Three point seatbelts......
North Georgia Road Cruise Friday the 10th!!
OT Want a vipor between your legs?
Lemans/GT style Headlamps for 69-72
Center grill for 69?
Brake calipers different types?
Swaping a t-56 to my 76 Stingray
Convertible top installation tape?
Do I need a regulator or not?
Exhaust rust protection?
Pro street Vette on ebay!!!
Changes to 1969 Corvette Registry!
Sidepipes rusted together!!!
Probably asking for it.............
Club Calendar. One of My Pics Made the Cover!
Parts here... No excuses now!!!
Body mount shims.
alternative to splitting the c3 forum (tech/general). whatcha think?
Take the good with the bad! Comp Cam install problems.
What else should I do once I've pulled the engine?
'74 wire colors
What makes a "turbo muffler" a "turbo muffler?"
OT-8 Lug Rallye Wheels
Infinity Kappa 6x9s in 78...
are merlin's dyno results up?
[ebay] See anyting goofy about this acution???
700R4: Selector Shaft Seal Installation
Need help with 69 headlights
Dual Exhaust Bracket
Wiper switch
New cam install--6 oclock/12 oclock or 12 / 12
New Radiator on an Automatic?
OT - competition, new 2005 stang pictures
Cam discussion/advice for hyd. roller 454
New EFI 454 - Head/Cam Advice
Questions for you guys with the AR Racing 383........
Wire Identification
OT: The simpsons. Groundskeeper Willie drives a C3!
Clutch pedal assembly
Temp Sensors In Heads
Introduction & Question
Turbo Guys - master cylinder heatshield/power brake fluid reservoir
Close call with jack! BEEEEE CAREFULLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you buy from an owner or enthusiast?
Pros and Cons on Chambered Exhaust.
My first C3, well, not happening after all
choke thermostat question
Heater Fan And Switch
Holley carbs... Double pumper?
Electric Fan options?
Pilkenton Glass Mfgr, are they formerly LOF?
`69 registry
OT - I LOVE my mother-in-law!
What brand of paint stripper to use on my C3 ??
Stock ralley wheel weight?
1000hp v-16 from GM - Cadillac!!!!
Alternator on C3s
How do you pick a stall speed?
Exhaust manifold donuts
March BB pulley sets?
Opinions on what color would look good with the medium bright blue interior??
Steering Wheel for a '73
Have you guys seen the hood on this bad boy?
Where are all the 1983 Vettes????
454 engine swap
Rear window molding.
C3 wheel question

Page: 685
C3P - What is the fastest color?
Tele-Tilt Question
What's the best treatment to use to protect weatherstripping?
Long term commitment or just a stepping stone?
Crotch Rocket and a Stang
C3p/t L48 mount question
Oops! I ordered more parts than I meant to.
Approved Vendor List?
What's this car worth....69 400 air coupe?
New Toys from the Big Brown Truck
LS-5 ignition and spark plug wires etc......Help!
Can someone run a VIN for me? [CARFAX]
Alternator problems
Build Date
Best carb for the money. 76 L82 Stingray
Door Jam Rust Through
[tech post] ignition advance, mileage and performance
Looks like it is time to return timing to stock
1970 original spare tire and carrier. Whats the approximate value?
Changing spring end links...
New Tires finally on
Question about your "donor" car.
People with shift kits-
Finally got garage pics
vintage plates? wtf?
71 Headlight Switch Question....
collecting C3 pics 4 a screen saver, send if you got 'em
Center guage cluster on a 71. Help please
Paging 69MyWay
Horrible noise! How do I stop it?
Anyone going to the NCRS meet in Orlando?
C3/PERF. AutoX question.
What was the NET horsepower for a 71 454?
Gas tank sources?
Door glass fitment
Stainless Steel Hoses...Opinions Please
Front End Installation
Older C3 rotors
Are these 1968 crank pulleys? If not, what are they?
found a performer RPM manifold cheap ...anyone have pros and cons about this product!
C3P/BB Rat Motor Cylinder head questions
Just received one awesome Birthday present
1970 LT-1 Questions
*** Nice Mako Shark II for sale ***
Items of interest about Corvette Forum
My Vette has been neglected for too long!
Aftermarket water pump & fan question
Whos the Guy with the Ultra Shiny Black Chrome Bumper?
what happened to KIll stories?
{CALLING}Houston Vette Owners...
Got in an accident.... My 80' Duntov was severely damaged...
Jan. 18th. @ LACR = All Corvette Drag Racing with the WCCC!
? on plastic handle on parking brake
Does Canada have a Deoderant Problem?
RamJet 350 - Hood Clearance
The most fun you can have ... ... ...
need your opinion on this rim size
Chris81's car running through open headers [mp3]
77 power windows
For those of you who wanted one of these, here it is!
How-To: Install Corbeau A4 seats to stock tracks
New Problem
Lift, Drag and Downforce...
TA Removal need help!
Dufus, Bubba's cousin installed this rear main.
Muffler Shops re Borla Universals/Can they do?
Recommend me a header!

Page: 686
OT: GO San Francisco!
C4 seats in a 82?
need help with gas line removal
Which PCV valve?
Corbeau Seats & Modifying stock brackets
Anyone got pics of a 69 engine caomparement w/ air??
Electric fans
'82 Corvette Rear End Asm. Take a Look
Best looking vettes? Lets see those beauties!
gear/speed/drag/compression/HP calculator
Winter Reading- C3 Restoration Guide
Anyone have the long L-88 hood on a 68-72?
Anyone have a pre-cut radio bezzle for sale..Need it for my 74
[Please Read} The BEST part about this forum....
A few questions
idle engine
Dynomax SuperTurbos
C3P/T starter sol
C3 Performance/Modification section on C3 Forum
1973 accelerator cable change
Forum answers all, Right? I need a new printer for my computer, your input would be appreciated..
Look at this pic...Power Brake MC or not?
Which electric fan are you using?
Anyone know how to get indents out of door panels?
???'s about T top for a 78
Group Purchase of Steeroids is set. *Sign in here.*
can't find miss HELP!!!
Mysterious electrical component on an 82
Hooker side pipes come with gaskets, bolts, and bushing??
HEI ignition modules
Any Widebody Owners on Board?
Need advice on used interior trim: Am I spending too much ?
Need help
another carpet install ?
key warning buzzer switch
What is your favorite power tool?
Too cold to work on the Vette,so I made a web page instead.
POR-15 Application Question
Isn't it time for a NEW national holiday?
Wiring Radio - Through Fuse Panel?
Need some CARFAX help guys?
Over Spray on Paint Job
New E TEC heads from Edelbrock?
Help me with the gap-toothed beast!
Paging SpyderD
Cleaned the garage and...
Beginning the interior restoration...where do I start?
We now have 164 paid up for Daytona winter cruise in!
Separating connecting rods?
Mystery Vaccum port on Quadrajet '74 BB
Car leaking like a 2 dollar wh*^# = Mold in the interior
1 Hot 1 .. 72 454
Oil pressure gauge line??
What are 882 heads worth?
Floor pans and frame bolts?
Anyone running a 16 inch Spal fan??
Anyone have Autometer's or aftermarket gauges?
Speedometer trans. leak seal question...
i need 3 hardened push rods
Carb Question
Frames: inspecting and sandblasting; headlight actuation
Anyone upgrade their stock mechanical fuel pump
69 Restoration question
'77 AC Q....
Where to look for stamped #s on heads?
vacuum tank ?

Page: 687
OEM hood storage.
who provides good ? Cheap classic car insurance
Is it the Sender or is it the Gauge?
Most cool garage!
1981-82 Owners. Need Pic of Oil Pressure Gauge Install...
Uhh... What happenned to Kill Stories?
NOS 1979-80 Fan Shroud with Trap Door/EBay...
Tire and rims setup
Fuel Vapor Canister Hose Connections (80 Models or similar!)
Assembling Jet-hotted headers and sidepipes
GMPP Ram Jet ZL1
Seat cover installation ?
convertible wind/rain/noise
overheat alarm
I found the leak!!
AC upgrade - where to buy Sanden compressor?
Impending coil failure?
Never thought I'd miss extra cockpit heat!
Ignition distributor shaft ?
Hood clearance questions with a supercharger
Ignition distributor main shaft ?
Alignment Keeps Going Bad?
window rebuild...what parts do i need ??
Carburetor Tuning Program - Interested?
Nomination for C3 Parts Catalogue of the Year...
Anyone have a sound clip of a big block vette with sidepipes?
fiberglass bumper installation
A couple of pics of my LT-1
Please CARFAX?
Kudos to Cookwithvette
Need a vacation.. Any swap meets coming up soon?
Cheapest place for TTII Wheels?
Underhood Quiz: Do I Need It?
Dash and Console wiring...
Upper Firewall insulation?
parking brake woes
Computer/Printer help needed -
I am amazed 18+ mpg on roadtrip!
Donor vette in a blanket (Let's see your driveway pt2)
Valve cover gaskets, What are the best out there.
Radio installation Quest?
Fender Well Exit exhaust?
Transmission problems
road trip?
My virus program doesn't like some FAQ article!
How come all these tuners don't run specials for Us C3 guys????
Help with Engine Rebuild
Added some new pics of the frame off on my web site It's back up.
Engine removal with auto tranny
Spring get together
Vinyl covered T-TOP
what is your favorite (individual) c-3?
price list of my rebuild
Anyone in Tampa, Fl?
1970 LS5 water pump numbers
Thanks to those who shared their C3 pics.
My Christmas Present (A Better Set Of Heads) Are Going On This Weekend......
Speedo Cable Length?
Any BB C3's running long water pump?
ZZ4 oil gallery plugs?
Update on search for rebuilding engine.
No airco/heat and no lights on air/heat switches either
Where do you get the spinning wheels?
Bonneville Salt Flats?
Need a picture of a 71
Anyone want to TRADE LINKS with
any 8 track guru's out there?
Steering wheel moves forward and back
80-82 wiper blade holders, 15" or 16"

Page: 688
slow power windows
Here's a real gem.
Automatic vs.Manual Tranny Frame Cross Member
The Cool Hose
Installing an XM antenna?
TPI conversion in 77
does this frame seem good?
Frame Rust Treatment
Is anyone using this Holley air cleaner?
Brake Console 1976 Question
pulling engine
Good condition conv top frame ebay
Air compressor shop setup: advice?
This is funny... well, sort of(Classic Car Insurance)
5 NEW Road Tests Articles added to archive....
Carpet replacement questions.
Art Carr 200-R4 trans?
How many other seats will fit?
Non-Supporting Vendor links
New Digital Camera - A couple pics...
does anyone have a used rear wire harness for a 74?
C-3 Engine Builder of Tampa
CF "Jedi Mind Trick" Threads
Calling Michael Bonomo aka DEP
Garage clean up time?
Radiator with Dual fan question
A great link to all of our C3 parts and components.
centerforce clutch ?
Road Atlanta Race Day
Car show pics from December
Seat belts?????
Gauge Pod Question who has the baddest high horsepower rebuilt/built up L48
Fuel Drip under right front fender...
Front Bumper Bolt Bushing
Intake Manifold/Carb Upgrade Question
Ordered the 385 Fastburn crate and the hot cam kit as well! Wahooo! 430hp!
Charging light
1/18 scale Radio Controlled '68
Mufflers for a 79 and a couple of other questions.
Anyone Know Who Made This '80 Style Hood ?
68' Hepp..Wiper door and wipers not working
Torker Intake
LT1 Hood Question
Rebuilding '74 PS pump?
These seatbelts on Ebay look pretty good ...
need some help PLEASE!!!!!
Timing and Total Advance Questions??
Mark IV BB oil pan----7Quart??
Replacing 74 rear bumper?
Hose & Other "To Do" Question
A post in advance for HCDave1... ignition cylinder stuck
What would you guys do if there was nothing left to do on your vette?
Corvettes on the cover!!
Coil Wires
Thanks EdT. Santa was a little late...
Does anyone know?
Engine Swap SB to BB in a 75
Calling Joe Lucia
Early Sharks Aftermarket BB/LT1 Hoods??
A Z28 even Dep will Like!
C5 "Deep Discount" Rant.....
How would I get a car inspected that is in MI?
What Engine to buy for my 71????
[VB&P] anyone buy these rotors?
Cars&Parts Mag.
How much is my parts car worth?
Remove Crossed Flags on 1982

Page: 689
Started off the New Year with mixed emotions............
Do BBC Corvettes still handle well?
C3 Wishes for the New Year
X-Ram Crossfire Manifold
Mid & Late-70's Corvettes have been taking some heat here
Distributor timing program addition?
Check out Santa's Ride!
Big block
Rear sway bar questions?
3.08 to 3.55, can you feel the difference?
Hooker sidepipe headers...where to buy
What do I do?
1982 performance upgrade
CarFax Please for '78 Pace Car
If not football on New Year's, then what?
Dirt cheap C5s! Are you tempted?
The jury's still out on the 1.60 rockers................
broken car lift..what brand
350 Turbo shift point adjustment question
spare tore lock ?
Holley Street Dominator
Lots of black smoke?
what do you think happened.....
BB Head gaskets for 0.060.
2 tone interior
1982 Performance upgrade
Received My VBP O-Ring Rear Calipers For My 1980.....
looking for feedback on front monospring systems
Trans cross member chang over.
Who has the highest horsepower ZZ4?
Oil Flow to the Rocker Arms - How much is normal?
On the fence regarding aluminum heads..need a push one way or the other.
Thanks for the Chistmas gift sray454!!!!!!!!!!!
headlghts-silver star conversion
Anyone Using Glasspacks or Chambered pipes as pre mufflers?
The hunt for bad vibrations
For those of us with adjustable ball studs coming loose, I have the solution.
How in the world did oil get in there?
If I need a 1969 big block worked on in the area of Charlotte, VT any suggestions
Post emissions control owners without cat cons check in here
Help with headlight housing removal
Seat Bucket Repair
Need pages in gm. overhaul manual on differential rebuild-
Looking For Some Crazies who are Driving their Midyears Or Sharks To BG
ZZ4 Weight???
Got a great Christmas gift from a forum member
Vacuum Vs. Mechanical Secondaries
New member with questions
anybody need tpi setup>for sale in c4 section
Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge Tubing....
im looking for corvette related shows or events
2003 The Project Begins !
please, need help
What choices do I have for an after market L88 hood ...
Distributer advance kit question for those that have dared to tinker.........
Difference between rust and R_U_S_T?
Are these 69 Corvette Seat belts?????
Replacement front calipers...copper washers?
To all my C3 friends....A Happy New Year
It's been a good day!
Ever noticed that new parts don't fit correctly?
Stock '76 Hood VS.Performer Carb and Manifold
75 Sport mirror retrofit
Happy new year everyone.
Lost IM sent yesterday to me
Coil Spring placement
Anybody have a PS control valve???? More tales of woe.
Calling Jim Shea
700r4 overdrive!

Page: 690
Tremec owners - can someone give me images....
Engine Detailing Tips?
Question on storage for prolonged times on a 1969
New Guy Here
Dynomax headers. Will they work with MAD true duals?
'77 turn signal lever broke
Newbie with first question
Has anyone dealt with a BIGS performance carb?
Scary moment, sure this has happened to more than a few of you...
bought a brand new set of heads today...
Timing and Advance Wierdness!?!?!?
Help me find an Air Cleaner Base for this carb, PLEASE!!
Have a safe New Years
What SBC+BBC aluminum blocks are avalible?
383 owners...check in here!!
Need rear suspension leaf spring bolts that adjust ride height
Pros and Cons of a Big Block Swap
Top Dash Removal
Do I have a 350?
New PC...looking for Corvette Engine Sounds & Desktop Themes
Martel Bros. Performance??
Heater Core - looking for removal tips
grilles 70 style question
lighten up!
probilly been asked b4
Flat tire on my 68...
You Won't Believe What Happened To Me!!!
Rebuilding '77 suspension
Radiator Shroud Air Intake - Needed?
Help w/ screw sizes-Please Help!!!
poly main seal?
Polyurethane Body Mounts
Questions about Big Blocks
C5 Seats in a '73
need help again!
Intake manifold question
Stiffen your chassis up to 40% and add less than 20 lbs in weight?
68 Shift plate on ebay
Booked Hotel for Carlisle Today...
Is it only my I.M. that does not work
How fast should it be?
Got Sidepipes for Xmas!!! Have a question about installation...
Un-official aftermarket C3 in-dash gauge replacement thread!!!!
BBC Cam Specs for the Gear Head
Steering Column Rebuild
Replacing Antenna Cable
Has anyone replaced the windshield posts and cross bar?
Cleaning Tires
Electric Fans
Jet-Hot contact info.
Who knows CORVETTE CITY in Englewood, Colorado?
Ballast Resistor???
Did a C3 ever come with a digital clock?
Advice needed: Should I pull the engine??
Cheap Hedman Headers on E-bay. 3 hrs left...
C2-C3 Frames Exhaust hole size
My first C3, coming soon to a home near me
Carpeting ????
[OT - HOUSTON] Here's what's coming
Moroso 7QT SB pan
Looks like my 76 is sold. I think the transfer will happen Thursday.
Cooling a 600 hp BB using only electric fans.
T-56 6speed owners inside.
C3 key ring wanted
Help identifying electrical garbage
Questions about the vacumn system on my'72
Anyone using the plexiglass covers for the rectangular headlight assemblies?
O/T: does anyone NOT like the magna styer "53-c5"?
My vanity plates finally arrived :)

Page: 691
Was there a factory Grey Interior?
Check this out... Some guy made a 1978 corvette transformer.
L81 C3 Engines
Big Brown truck arrived TODAY!
Rust questions
Lurker No More, I'm Comin' Out
I think my car hates me - more PS woes
whats the easiest way to pull the engine on a C3?
Need a C2 vert top frame and a C3 vert top
Header suggestions HELP
left side sitting higher than the right.
need instructions and set-up for vette differentials-
C3 calendar recommendation?
Project update: Sound Deadener. do not look directly at pics.
Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend...
Need recommendations please. Rotor, Distributor cap, and plug wires.
need a light bulb # for console for '71
This Line Lock is awsome...
Help with rear crossmember bushings
Brake Fluid?
My son decided that me knowing the time was not good enough....
how much $ for my 72?
to paint or not to paint?
Integrated Power Steering Box Install
stainless test?
Timeless 5 wheels just came in!!
Kit car oppinion poll
fiberglass noses and tails '73-'79, aftermarket gauges, and dashboards
Cable Question
Weather Forecast for new years eve...
Who's the Hottie in your Vette?
Wipers gone mad
Always interesting to tear an engine down... 3 pronged AC plug?
did you eliminate cowling when installing elec fan ???
Door ajar switch
Anyone know what happened to Timeless Replicas or GSR?
What to use to paint underside of body?
Rear bumper removal.
C4 Owner needs info from C3 owners
Let's see your driveway!
Rear Sway Bar: Help: Can I mount????
Checkerd flag and a?
Back from vacation. Time to get to work.
New differential drain plug kit for '63-'79 vettes.......
Let's play, name that part...
most likly a dumb question
A Few Nice Chrome Bumper Deals on Ebay
What is a protect-o-plate????
Pics of new interior.......LOTS of pics!!!
driving my 79 in the winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
help.....hood stuck shut
Attaboy for 1979VetteMike
Converting Mechanical Tach to Electric
Nitrogen Intercooler Cooling Manifold...
Possibly getting a c3, but need to ship from Colorado to New Jersey
Why do I need to spend $100 extra dollars on a Fiberglass spring?
What is it worth????
front and rear hub questions
VB&P Rear Strut Rods
Tach not working, and timing light not working.
locked up rear brakes
Bubba's tool box
Do new engins need a break-in period
Found this link to GM RPO BB engine codes ....FYI

Page: 692
Free #14007378 Intake for a 1979!
Paging RON CONRAD in St Joe Missouri!!!!
1979 Auxiliary Cooling Fan for Rad
SandBlasters - You got one? Asdvise me on what is good...
Distributor Recurving Machines. Where?
Car Started YAY...But....
Purpose-Trapdoor in 1979-80 Fan Shroud
PF25/35 vrs PF1218 (Oil Filters)
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #56: NCRS - In the Beginning.....
Project car on the Autotrader..
Wheels - help me decide...
What type of plug and what gap should I use on my 400?
Radiator Pressure
Problems cutting the radio bezel
Coming up on year's end - we posted a few [REPRINT] stories that you may remember
700R4 loss 3rd and 4th Gears
Replacing Power Steering Pump?
Where to buy a 454 crate motor?
My 71 now has a DEMON!!!
Differential Removal, Air Tools, and the Car Gods
I can't get rid of this engine noise - any ideas?
My garage is starting to look more like a garage.
How do you change rear diff. fluid? ASAP!
longer fork to z-bar clutch rod?
Crazy Update... Intercooler finished... Man I'm Siked!
Anyone have a link to removing control arms and rear spring.
Little problem turns into big mess
650 or 750 carb for small block????
Roller Rockers and ratio on stock BB Vette?
Wierd Noise
Here is an example that it is cheaper to own 2 vettes than 1 Expedition
Check out this Corvette joke in OT!!
Engine Paints. My Choices
To all Swedish members – from your regional coordinator
Lets play name the part, again.
Engine change... a question about center intake bolts
We need a C3 TPI tuners section
Started my winter project of paint strip and prep for new paint job...... for the real truth
Help me with brake bleeding
Complete engine rebuild or....
4,000Mi 1971 On eBay-Well, Had It For Awhile...
replaced heater core now I'm in trouble
How can i change the color on cloth seats
Maiden Voyage tonight - WHOPEEEEEE!
what size flywheel is in a 71 muncie 4-speed?
Battery Charging Question
Pics with the new Dunlop SP 8000's.....
Early C3 dashboards
Driving The Beast (New Merlin Video)
Tire and Rim size for spare
Checking Differential Fluid?
What's the difference between Polyurathane and Polygraphite?
77' Auto Trans Shift Linkage Adjustment
UPDATED Pictures - It's been a while!
Removing rear suspension/leaf spring bolts
'77 Differential Crossmember Removal
Quick starter question....
1975 hood air duct question
Hood insulation retainers
What is an annular booster????
Bore gauge
Congrats, MIKE69 is a Supporting Tuner
OH NO!!!! What have I done?!!!!

Page: 693
Sidepipes out of round
A/C control head
Rear End - Was Bubba Here?
GM Shop Manual
Looking at 70 LT-1
Anybody running a electric water pump??
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #55: The 1968 L-88 "Mulsanne Monster".
Need a Gear Mathemetician
Restoration... Do you use rooms in your house to store things?
New "rattles" with Hurst???
""The '68 and '69 Corvettes were the low points in Corvette performance history."
Silly Question about turning the crank
Any advice on auto transport from CO to NJ
brake kits
Air Compressors
best approach to fuel pump replacement
Orange Vettes, and mods, What do you think of this Avatar?
Camaro wheels
New 454 for me - Max Seal (gapless) Rings????
The steps I took to decide the transmission and rear gears to use.
where to mount an msd ignition?
Will I like the Ultraflows??
Rear End.. possible problem...
looking for price on rear glass and place to buy
was offered a 84 Corvette today, need price info.
700R4 tranny with pneumatic OD switch?
What's the best gear oil to use for the tranny/rearend???
Saw a awsome 73' today on I-95...
Don't you it love when a plan comes together...
Since the dog's out of the bag, here's a peek...
Can anyone see my signature?
The 1000hp Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L EcoTec Engine
Exhaust shop in south Jersey needed.
What is your impression of the repro redline tires?
pulling engine ???????????
replaced the cable....
The distributer spring thing...........
another one in the stable
Dynomax Boss turbo vs. Super turbo
HELP---removing dash for new speakers
Wax vs. polish
Listen to these files - Does this sound like a loose valve lash setting?
A corvette every day during 2003 for christmas!
Front suspension question on 71 conv.
Does anyone have a spare 69-74 Vette to trade?
Installing New Carpet in my 73 any tips?
Thermostat question / coolant temp question...
Stupid question # 1463
Poly Bushing Which assembly lube ?
O-ring brakes
Forum's IMAGE-SIZING software is Not working properly, so have another.....
Hood stuck out of alignment
who knows what happens when....?
Did I set valve lash correctly?
Interior Code 762 in a 1978 corvette?
Flowmaster 30 vs 40 vs 50 ???
Correct tire size
Where can I get a universal fuse panel??
Front Suspension Colors
do i need a wheel spacer
2 birds with one stone - tpi and 5 speed help needed.
Changing 68 headlights to composite headlights?
Shifter rattle?
Carpet/Seatbelts question
HELP!! Do I have a '77 early or late??
rare option discovered
Stereo question
Santa boned me!
how in the heck do u post pix of you car in your bio
"How to" question about the area around my Wiper controls.

Page: 694
HOw much hood clearance is necessary?
Guess Who I Ran Into At Wally World (or what ran into me). :mad
Ohh, the Schweeet sweet smell of new engine!
C3 chrome mirror question
1972 350 auto electrical gremlins..............please help
C3 power steering pump
68-72 Front lower grill/bumper question, I'm puzzled!
Whats wrong with this picture?
Who sent me the article on the Mulsanne Monster?
what color should my 1980 corvette motor be?
Thanks for the welcome
Aluminum Corrosion/Pitting-Causes?/e.g. Intake Manifold
is this bumper worth plating?
Quick electrical help
free tricks in lowering 1/4 mile ET
'69 fuel pump problem
Why kids will become ricekids
Anyone know where I can get a completely forged rotating assembly from?
Hinges....What the heck!
Yes TwinTurbo you caught me !
GMParts Direct - bummin me out.
Trade rear valance?
What's Santa bringing you for your Shark?
Painted or Note Painted
What's needed for a ZZ4 GM Longblock conversion in a 350 4spd 77 Vette
Cali77-L82 & I cruise on 12/24
[CRUISE INN 4] Hampton Inn Room Count!
Jack's Vette Recovered today!!!
So few posts here in the C3 section..
The rear storage compartment lids on C3's, what are they made of???
Ordering Tremec, what else should I get?
Is it possible to refit 68-73 rear clip on later cars?
How much did you pay for your painjob??
Christmas presents!!
Medium compression using Cast Iron Heads
Looking for that Trim Tag to finish your 1976 project?
Headers wont seal..EVER, help.
REpainting my 78 vette
New brake project.
5 Generation Corvette Desktop Wallpaper
car wont start...what do you guys think
Will see any difference in sound when I install a set of Dynomax headers?
how do U drop the steering column on a 77
ZZ4 crate motor install in a '73......
Flowtech Afterburner Muffler
Holiday Poll
Merry Christmas!!
Lightin 'em up on Christmas Ohio
Merry Christmas to All from the land of Canuckleheads
Best C3 For a High performance Build
Rear Spring Question
Merry Christmas C3'ers!!!
*** It's ALIVE !!!! It RUNS!!! ***
Are any C3 Owners going to the Daytona Cruise In?
ATTEN: GregP & Juliet
82 crossfire idle
Any other suggestions on a Headlight switch...
Bad Vendor experience... VanSteel
81 steering control valve and cylinder question
Question on the location of the DF decal in the 1969 427 engine compartment
Best headers?
Delco ignition parts online?
Who makes emissions regulations?
Have you ever felt sorry for your darn car?
Performance Suspension for 73 Stingray Coupe
1979 VIN Door Jamb Sticker. Need Info

Page: 695
air conditioning in my car??????
Cold Idle Speed
how can i find out what dealer my car came from
Not enough traffic here today to suit you?
Griffin Radiator Question
Calling Spike
Vendor Praise
>>>>>NEW MEMBER ALERT!!!<<<<<
Performance Plus Suspension
Help - Converted to manual steering UNINTENTIONALLY
Radio Delete Plate?
Cranks and Cams?
Houston People: Quality Alignment Shop: Want to get the new tires on TOMORROW
Silly question of the day
Retro fit hydr. roller lifters - What engine block mods are required to use them?
Engine gurus inside......
How to tighten parking brake?
Who says Vettes aren't for roadtrips?
I saw a box from Summit and MAD today!!
Last Run of the Year
XE262H cam
Electronic Choke Question...
Can someone scan and email me the JetHot Coatings Warranty.
vacuum leak sound
Merry Christmas to everyone
How do u cram a fat man into a racing seat and then into a stingray?
a simple headlight question :)
Pro Street '65 with over head cams NICE!
Anyone know the Quadrajet series for 81??
Anyone Have a C3 Build Date of December 24?
Install of edelbrock fuel pump on 350ci ?
Calling 69 N.O.X. RATT
Rounded a lug nut completely, any suggestions?
Kick panel vents??
My Christmas has come early...
Hard to find 12" chrome or K&N air cleaner cover.
Purchased a helmet yesterday at the track..
Need help with 79 defroster duct
Corbeau seats in stingray?
Thinking about doing the prep work for new paint job''' Winter project......
Little Thingies-I Can't Resist
How Many of 542,411 C3s are Left...
How critical is rod bolt torque?
Paint Job
Need Recommendation -- Differential Rebuild(er) in Richmond, VA
700r4 crossmember pics
Windshield Wiper Motor for 1969
Paging Michael T. re Instant Message
boy do I feel stupid, but
Stupid people and their vettes......
Finially...My vette is of new paint.
Transmission tunnel insulation
[Houston] Where to find Spicers?
Any Frame Rust Pics?
****GUN*** I bought another dang gun!
Its Time
Sunday Morning Routine Has Been Upset. Oh Yeah!
Hooker Compitition headers, spark plug clearence, angle plug heads
looked at a "been in the barn 20 yrs" car turned out to be 1 of 240
Finally did it!!! Ordered a 383 crate engine :eek:
Stock SB
Any one tell me what this BB was out of originally??
Why would my paint just all of a sudden go to hell? [pics]
Christmas weather report - not looking good for racing.
Happy Holidays
dinky electric scooter is faster than my vette!`
Amount of Charcoal in Vapor Canister?

Page: 696
T&T and Standard Steering Column Disassembly Paper #1 Revised
C3 Registry/Community/Information Website?
Touch-up paint for these vintage cars?
Restomod project coming together...thanks to several C3 Forum members!
Before I put the intake back on???
Pulled the heads off today and could not believe the deposits on the intake valves
Anyone using "Secretaudio"
chrome wheels
Happy Holidays
Anyone ever use an AFR intake manifold????
Fan Shroud Again - Remove A-arms?
Is my new sig too big??
Rear Vent Grills - need fixing
i need to know the spec on my wheels, cause i want new wheels
Request help to identify engine block #361959...427??
Head light door vacuem
So I want a C3...what do I need to know?
tall people mods for c3's
IM Scrolling help....
my dirty, dirty 'vette...
Please keep an eye out for this Corvette in the Seattle area...>
I have no low-beam headlights
My wife got PO'd
C-3 Chassis Flex
Muncie help!!
What the heck are these things?
Checked out a 69 vert Yesterday
How to piss the wife off 101
Differential Cover Removal on 72
Question on GM advertised dealer installed items and NCRS rules
1979 seat backs - what is original?
need a rear bumper for my '71
Half Shaft question. Need opinions.
[Misfits] Race Rock, Orlando, 12/23!
Took the Vette out today
New steel building
Check out this OT Thread...
[PICS] of my 68 from today...
Bubba paints his bumper
Wheel Vintiques ?'s
Paging Cappy
Late model sharks...battery/battery cable questions
Well it is official I now own a 1969 427/435 coupe!
Vaseline as a sealer/lubricant?
What do you guys think??
Driving Merlins beast mirror
Just ordered my winter project parts. How am I going to get this all done by summer?
Erratic Timing on Timing Light
:CRY I was SOOOO Mean to my vette today!
Tell me I'm NOT the ONLY ONE !!! ... .... ....
who has a solid cam???
Why does the production number start with 40,000?
*UPDATE* My Big Block project continues
Stingraycrazy screwed up my plan. What to do now?
Water Pump wobbles
My 5 Generation Vette Pic from this morning
PS Control Valve Rebuild
The dreaded coil spring removal - tips?
Santa came toy for the garage.
video of tpi running in car and in gear with sidepipes
Something not right...need help.
454 instead of 350?
Brakes: C3 vs. C5
Wanna see a wreck?
Original vs Stock vs Modified Holiday Poll Summary
Do I Turf the Intake Manifold?
progress report on my 383 install

Page: 697
Just installed KYB Rear shocks
Anyone in the Pa. area have their distributer recurved?
Mahwah NJ Pics>Can you spot you car LOL
which way to turn nut to adjust 3rd gear?
The Dragon took its toll
Just so that Vette owners don't get too swelled a head
Body back on ... steering couplings won't lineup!!
Hey Steve aka Merlin
Aftermarket Pulley...Worth it?
How to bench test my 68 ammeter guide
Merlin For Sale
I ran the dragon today
1971 ZR 1 , 14,700 miles, $19,000
My heater works [for now], but defroster stopped putting out air.
Crash Landing!!!
Help !! Loud "clicking" noise...
Lost some illumination in my GM radio...
*Merlin* trash-talk....some shut these people up please
*Paging* GrandSportC3
Homemade Vette Cruisin' Music (MP3)
C3'ers help me decide..
1979 Frame Mounting Holes for Rear Sway bar
How not to protect your paint job
Rust Proofing
Visited Steve and the wicked wicked merlin today.
It all started with a thrown belt...
White Shark Corvette/512hp
Question for '82 owners and air flow
New Jeg's catalog came: what to buy next?
Need Insight...Talk To Me!
Sterio system in a C3
A beauty found in Vegas.
TV ALERT! Fri 12/27 and Sat 12/28......Corvette: The First 50 years
infiniti speakers
Best of times...Worst of times...Track night...
69MyWay gets big spread in latest Vette (March 03) pages 36-39
Aluminum water pump
Tips for removing Hooker baffles from sidepipes
parts storage shed
LuckyGirl on a Billboard!
Ugly Quickvet :sad: hahaha
How to Tell a Part Supplier That You Don't Trust Them...?
They Found Jack's Vette
Hooker side tubes..removal
got any pics of "out of service" 'Vettes to share?
Filler Grille for '73 & up front bumper?
Question about Twin Turbos with Side Pipes
Another stupid brake question
Do any of you run straight undercar exhaust systems?
Should I replace my trailing arm assembly?
The big brown truck made it with my new pop-out rear window ?date code?
When is the Corvette Homcoming in B.G.KY?
Quick Education Vette or Vert
Starter rear brace and heat shield?
Crate Engine
Can you educate me on the 68 vette. Engine systems, ignition type ect...
Today two Mormon missionarys knocked on my door.
Lucky Man. His wife just bought a 71 Vette from me to give him for Christmas
What's The Best Value in Exhaust Manifold Gasket (Hedman Hedders)
engine ran great but it wasnt all good :(
Window trim removal
Worn Differential Yokes -- What's My Game Plan?
Seat question
Going racing tonite!!
Are you kidding??? (ebay)
Frame- blasting/ dip what options do I have?
Check it out, 295/50's installed

Page: 698
OT Is the Forum seem slow to you????:-(
Evans Waterless Coolant?
Why mine all OK?
Will a 5.0 TPI from '89 fit?
Misfits Lunch and Christmas Lights Cruise!
Transmission Question
Anyone running a roll bar in their convertible?
Trailing arm ???'s
BM hood?
UPS in JVC Radio in Europe
Corvette Mack
installing 6x9s in the rear of a 78
Air/Fuel Ratio Guage
I need better tires!
Wiper door question
rear main seal leak?
sbc heater hose connections to water pump
Can C5 rims fit on C3s????
How do I make my car non-A/C?
can someone explain rocker ratio's to me?
any C3 videos?
Another answer to the CenterForce setting
Got a bit of overspray on the inside fenders of the 74 when painted
Would You Buy This New GM 350 Engine for $900US?
69MyWay on pg 68 of Vette!
power steering leak - 76 vette, c3 newbie
*** Monty - The International Super Hero!!! ***
Strater rebuild
Looking for the proud owners of this cars
OT - looking for driving gloves (Xmas present)
I am gonna try to post a pic
True Duals Installation
Removing water neck fitting from alu intake ?
Okay, What is the downside to running new plug wires over valve covers instead of stock routing?
Plug Wires
Smokey Bear Check Point
Anybody using 325/50's BFG Drag Radials on the street??
Administrators please help!
Just got an air compressor - how much can I do with it...
Fleur-de-lis symbol
Please educate me as on roller cams.
Is anyone using these headlights from ebay?
I'm about fed up with Wilcox
Spare Tire Tub
OT I see many parts arriving at my door in the near future...
What is the highest production year of a C-3??
Check out my theft recovery strategy
Lets put a Value to my front and rear clips off my parts car!
L88 Hood Insert Advise
My Vette in Walgreen's TV commercial
What is this thing on my carb?
Radio Install question
Lingenfelter Update!
Front Bumper Repair
torque setting manifold
question 3 - roll cage
question 2 - when do i need to have my rear bearings rebuilt
A few more heater/heater fan questions... anyone got vac diagram?
My vette passed for collector's status!
West Coast Corvette Challenge announces second season of all-Corvette drag racing series!
1982 rear hatch struts and rear bumber interchange
New / first corvette questions
Best source for axle shafts?
tpi air intake almost done(thanks70 LS-1)
Q-jet info
What was the first car that got you hooked on this thing we do?
Carpet install this weekend
Vette magazine feb issue page 68 Chris Mcdonalds 454 69 roadster ...
HARD Decision

Page: 699
New Weatherboots for Christmas...
Update on new oil pressue at gage
Those of you in the NorthWest... read this...>
Suggestions for an alternator bracket?
2003 Corvette Challenge dates have been published
Possible Fuel Problem???
Stock GM FE7 Rear Sway Bar (7/16") Complete Available
Show me your best blues [cars]
Tip I got from an old Pro I thought I would pass along
Corvette ownership is tougher than I though...
Eastwood Powder Coating - Anyone own and use one??
Anyone using the MID America Rain coat Tops
OT-The Coop likes NASCAR
[MODS] How do i get this to be added as an avatar?
What other PRODUCTION cars had fiber glass bodies?
Seat Belt Mounting
Tach needle pegged all the way to the right
Are you anal
Fan and cleaning q's
Anyone converted a non-A/C to A/C??? Need some pointers!
(O/T general mechanical) car sat for 3 years, engine runs but car won't move
Motor & Transmission Plates, Anyone using them for the street?
[tech] Thoughts on roller camshafts…
My Dunlop SP 8000's came today...Man are they bad azz..(Warning 1 LARGE picture)
it ran for 10 seconds!
What should I use?
Going to drive the Vette tomorrow
Interesting 68' Vert project car in the Autotrader...
Ebay - Under $6k for a chrome bumper C3
Plastic Dying
Back compartment soaking wet
DON VESCO (current wheel-driven land speed record holder) dead @ 63
? on fiberglass side pipe covers
Having Special license plates made..?
Decent '72 project on Ebay
Never seen t-top molding this clean
what are exterior door handles made of?
What am I looking through?
Corvette Poems, check them out!!
my next engine will be .............
Ignore the fact that it's a's the paint removal method that's of interest
door window
Which L88 style Hood do I need?
Bigblock experts check in please...
Another ebay winner
Guys check your nuts!!.....and bolts.
My Christmas card picture going out this year
This is a reprint of a [REPRINT] on the Motion Performance SS-427 GT
Vette bone yards
I F'd up.... Damaged my 80528 carb.. :( :( :(
anyone want 18 & 1/2 cowls?
Paging Rick Church
OT: Someone is using my email address on the net
Ordered my TransGO Kit today.
Bubba be gone
They Keep raising my DAM$ Insurance!
Big Brown truck arrived yesterday :)
Motor Mount Question
Need Help
OK at 60 MPH i am at about 2700rpm, what type of rearned do i have please?
I need a valve adjustment...
First attempt at cranking up new motor a no go--help.
sparkplug gap question
Whats the deal with luggage rack on a 76?
PVC Valve-Symptons of one not functioning are?
Roller rocker alignment?
Since were talking about PCV's, do they make a "twist in" PCV and breather?
Attention Chrome bumper guys: Need new chrome?

Page: 700
anyone heard of Euro Conversion clear headlights
WTF Center Grills
What do you guys think of Flowtech headers?
A Basic Header Question
How is 0-65 in 5 sec?
AFR 190cc LT1 street heads.... a few questions
Anyone know the torque for the front spindle bolts?
77-82 Heater help!! Emergency!!! ;)
What the ?????
My Headlights keep poping up
Teach me something today......
How To Tell if a Lean Mixture Caused Your Jet-Hot Headers to Peel?
Motor Mounts
Where can I find info on MOTION Corvettes ?
Header Information Source....
Best $1,000 Suspension package
Reman. steering boxes
Interesting info on Chevy motors and transmissions
1979 turbo vette on e-bay
How to disconnect clutch linkage pivot for engine removal
Felpro BB gasket sets??? R.A.C.E.????
Sidepipe cost and delivery direct from Jet-Hot.
Chasing down rattles! What a PITA!
Odd-ball trivia question
SANTA brought new foam padding and seat covers! Any suggestions...
[MIAMI AREA] Does anybody know a good carb shop..
I broke down and I am gonna give the ZAINO a shot
where to buy c3 parts?
How do I choose a tire?
83 crossfire guys(supercharged setup)
Remind you of anything?
Hooker sidepipes, trim rocker panel?????? JCL sidepipes???????????
'80-'82 guys and body experts, help me out
This stuff really amazes me, what a jerk!
Last Pics of new paint ( I promise)
Simple Speedo Question
Air Cleaner heights
Valve covers leaking....
I am putting on a new luggage rack and can't get the middle two bottom
OK a retarded question from a youngen
Dumb Question!
Has anyone done this?
[pics wanted] looking for high quality pics of '70 daytona yellow vert
About to order a new speed DEMON, which one 750 or 850?
Ideas to help Steve keep Merlin...
Electrical problem
Aftermarket SS exhaust
Question for the TPI guys
Anybody have a discount code for SUMMIT I can use?
Won't be working on the vette soon
fuel injection guys check this out
C5 autox accident mpeg....
Hey guys, Should I bid on this????
Another Newbie signs on
Oil consumption through fuel pump??
Good weekend and I have proof.
Looking for leakdown tester in the North Dallas (TX) area
Call me "Grampa"... I'm a Grandfather!!!
Detroit guys, was this you?
C3 Batmobile in Houston?
Diff oil Q?
No heat. Help!!
Faded black seatbelts? Fix for $2.50
corvettes make Mondays better!!!
Selector Shaft Seal: 700R4 Removal/Installation Instruction Needed
brakes: power vs. standard

Page: 701
Fuel cell mounting
Drivetrain Upgrades for C3 (77) Vette
Grundy's Insurance
Did the Partridge Family own a Vette??
don't AFR's come with 1.47" valve springs??
Removed rust from fuse panel contacts...
poly or rubber - from the installation perspective
Need deep groove pulleys; Got a source?
Nice chrome bumper C3 on ebay.
Rebuild time - threw 2 rods!
1969 350 rebuild, update
Not sure I like the 1.60 rockers.
Wednesday eve we finally fire it up!
Try this site(GM Perf Parts) Great prices
Looking for a website I found a while back, someone help
transmission swap
AC Replacement on a '77 L-82 question
Tacometer Question
Got a chance tomorrow to buy a very nice 72 corvette coupe
Compression Ratio Differences
I need Restoration Advice
Headrests for 78-82 Seats
'70 LS-5 vs. 2000 coupe
Originality revisited
Rear window trim
Big Jet-Hot Box Arrived Today!
Research complete and decision made, Comp Cam 260H and Heddman headers
took the tpi out for first drive
Anybody ever had this snap?
which mufflers?
Best looking rims for 77 vette?
Newer LT1 cam, in 77 350 block?
"5 Inch Autometer Carbon Fiber Tach With Shift Light"
Do You Have More Money In Your Vette Than It Is Reasonable Worth?
hello! new member here
Just got done spending 2 days zainoing my car [pics inside]
Under carpet insulation at Peppy Boys
Evaporator Canister Removal
"Newbie" on the block
anyone have pics of aftermarket gauges installed?
Engine Terminology! PLEASE HELP!
hot air choking tube
How do you determine valve guide wear?
repair hole in alum block?
Line Lock 1981 Corvette?
Need Help.
Polyurethane bushings, I found the hook up!!
Leather Headrest?
WSW vacume relay valve mounting question.....
Electric Window prob on 75 Shark.
Timing Question & Valve lash adjustment
Female vette owners
After driving a car this weekend with no Power options.......
Turbos, tires, and traction
power antenna
you think i can cram this beast in my enginge bay?
Expansion tank blues - advice needed....
Finally, LS1 sound clip
thisnameisshort's tpi picture
Your opinions please... Which gauges should I get?
replacing door control assembly...
What do you guys think of the HEDMAN headers?
Vacuum hoses routing HELP!
What is the limit of a 350SB?
Carb thoughts...
Bay Area Mechanic?
What do I have to do to have a fast car, attach a rocket to it?
curve kit
will autozone vacuum pump works as one person brake bleeder?

Page: 702
Short in horn
Interested In Comp Cams XE
2004r tranny in 79'
HP from Serpentine Conversion?
Silver State classic in a C-3?
Anyone re-wired their C3??
Tall rocker covers - clearance probs
Carburetor adjustments- Help!!!
Bringing 69 AC system back to life and need some PIC help
Hey Guys, Thanks for the advice
If I did not already have enough projects to dooooooooo
Its Here!! My new engine from AR Racing!!
Can Am Crunch Time
Questions about the Tremec
Help troubleshoot my "other Chevrolet" (not starting).
Routing brake lines
where to get a poster made?
How to fix rattling convertible hardware?
Review of winter projects to be completed - what' yours?
Small Ding in Forged Piston... OK?
New Sig for you future TPI guys...(Burnout)
Made some t-top storage hangers
cylinder walls
Spirited Ride Before Hibernation!
loose "floppy" windows...have you tackled this?
Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gaskets - Poor Packaging
BBC Head Gasket Mismatch?
New Holley Stealth Ram EFI.....
Dill Bit reccomendations - lock cylinder
video help
Fed up with MSN Photos
carb questions
70 350-300 HP Water Pump
New Non-Vette Car....Here's A Pic
Installed my new shift lite last night...
What hp can I expect out of 400?
MSD, Crane or Jacobs?
Im 30 year old a long way from home,I NEED HELP! Callin LARS or any carb expert .
Air Tools
Changing brake fluid
Nice C3, but $60K for a CLONE??!!
Good Body Shop in Clearwater, FL Area
another 78 problem....
Starter heat shield
The New Paint is DONE !!!!!
Did the Beach Boys Actually Drive Cars...
How many TOTAL degrees advance, with Vac connected?
Calling LARS and other Carb experts. . .
Aft Seat Mounts on 73 Body
Have you seen the commercial about The Dish Network?
C3 six-speed conversion
What's the best way to ship a hood?
Toronto Area Guys - Lets get together during the holidays.
what cam to use
changed valve covers to edelbrocks what do you think
Hooker Super Comp Headers Impact on my Spark Plugs
Calling DJUNOD
Cam question... XE262H or XR264HR ??
Question on PCV value and hose for a 1969 427 L-36 engine
Arm rest repair pieces?
77 L82 or not?
Carbeurator Question
What Think
Side Exhaust System
ASAP, Heater core removal and installation advise
Yellow Jackets Embroidered Items READY!!

Page: 703
454 update- It runs!!- 1,000th post!!
40K for this car???
Hard Top Replacement
Can someone run my engine on Desktop Dyno for me???
How the corvette forum helped me
Corvette Magazines
81 Automatic shifting problems
Silicon brake fluid, worth the switch?
'76 350 TRANY LEAK
Door Panels
flywheel dia. on a 270 hp 71 muncie?
Thirty Year Old Florida Plate Authenicated
My EBay Al Intake Manifold is Kaput...
For those of you who switched to dual exhaust...
steering wheel lock
engine work choices
Carb Noise can"t figure it out
Angle or Straight heads -- need info. please.
First trip and MPG with od
1969 427 390HP placing decals in engine compartment need help with PCV decal tag location
Anyone else in Canada or northern States have their Vette out today ?
Project List -- Your help requested...
Replacement Ball Joint question
The Vette is finally mine.......Big D is over
Demon Carb?
Pro Street '72
What do ya think about my new sig?
Tire pressure
idle up solenoid for a 71 Q-jet?
Interesting TH350 - TH400 adjustment information
Power window broken
Test-Manifold Pic
Edelbrock 600-cfm carb rebuild
Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers
Progress REport, Guys and Girls!
What do I do now?
TPI conversion... cam recommendations needed and desktop dyno info
HELP!!!! Vette won't start!
Mr. Dep, How is that LS6 manifold working?
Help! Choke Light will not go off!
700R4 Pump Cover: Fron Seal Mating Surface 'Nicked'
Dumb Starter Solenoid wiring question
Paging Lars - Paintingg question
My Christmas Present To The First E-Mail.
Anybody put a Comp Cam in there stock 454?
Front Trans Seal Replacement (700R4) - Help Needed
Should I buy this '79
There, I have pics, not too good, but pics of all three Corvettes + others
700r4 guys with approx. 3.70 gears
wooohoooo just got a 700r
will a 385 fastburn crate engine work with Hooker sidepipes and what about hood clearance?
Posting pictures within a thread
OK the decision is made
FEL-PRO Exhaust Header Gasket
OFF TOPIC: Anyone else here collect / shoot firearms?
Where to get a good rear bumper
VENT...ripped off on AFR heads. Just the facts...
Anyone have a link to TRANSGO ... trans parts mfg?
Vendor "The last detail" .... anyone have experience with them?
Rear window tinting over defroster
Just put my mufflers on my sidepipes
question 1 - body mounts
is this not the coolest trailer door you've ever seen?
Yo Guy's.....IMPORTANT MESSAGE....from your friendly Moderator...
VETTEAPHILLA: Do you have it?
C3 body weight?
wireing help needed

Page: 704
Best aircleaner for under $100
My christmas present early-franklin mint car
No lottery/raffle players out there?
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