Page: 1008
New Heads - Trick Flow
Simple re-ring and bearing replacement instead of all out rebuild?
Florida Laws??
I'm buying all my tools at Sears...
Where to buy '69 gunmetal gray shoulder harness & mounting hardware
DEGREASER - I need something to use on the underside of my car
How to diagnose window motor?
Best Suspension Kit?
Is anyone using Caliper 2000 Brakes?
Needed: Upper Alt. Bracket for '74 SB
Missed Opportunities 101......
Big Decision - Sell 74 Coupe & step up to convertible?
A Little Help From My(C3) Friends.....please
Thread size?
First Occasional Michigan CorvetteForum Hooter-in (Details inside!)
It's the Small things that will kill you every-time
Holley Street Avenger 770 or Demon Carb 750 for a 1974 454????
L-36 intake going on LS-4
Police pulled me over Sat.
Which throwout bearing should my car have?
It's ths Sall things that will kill you every-time
Carb Questions Need help
street hit last night...Pager car alarm...check it out/opinions
What happened to "geopar" we made a deal and he disappeared
Was this ever a Corvette?
Is 4.11 gears a good match to700R4?
I bought a 3rd VETTE!!!!!Calling all ZR-1,M-22 Historians!!!!!
History Question
Thanks, Fixed the stalling-out at high speed by simply removing
[FL Misfits] March Vette Event Announcements!
What tool do I need to buy to . . .
Header Recomendations1981 With 700R4 mod
Oil Pressure question
back up lamps?
restart from storage
Carbs: look alike to me?
Members from michigan,have your senator support HB 4007
My Triumph - Finally Running Again - Lots O' Pics
Broken spring
Holley set-up
Article on different aircleaners/filter sizes in Car Craft
71' Headlight Vacuum Problem
Touch-up paint or ?
How Valid is a 1970 Chevrolet Pre-Delivery Service and Adjustment Sheet?
Worth of a set of Rally's
A/C Conversion
Brake Assist Upgrade - Firm Up The Brake Pedal
I Have Discovered "Paradise"
Rear shoks
Slow turn signal
Very nice Big Block 70 for sale
Dead Gauges
Help! What was on this thing originally?
need info please
Valve tappets loosened during high rpm run today!! (kinda long story):
How tough of a job is it to remove the Light Assemblies
Hey guys...Check this out!
GM Restoration Parts
The Holley Saga Continues
New exaust
how much do you think labor would be for a ring and pinion swap?
Does anyone remember this car?...Unfortunately I'm old enough to.
Changing your vacuum tank from steel to alum.
I'm putting my car on Ebay tomorrow!!!!(Funny)
Cam selection
77 Corvette Registry approaching 77
points or HEI????
68-71 radio delete plate on E-bay.
Tie Pressuver VS Wear

Page: 1009
Best T-Top Weatherstripping
HP Ratings - Some Reality Please!
74 Registry
Best Brakes
timing is just not right
Q-jet fuel mixture tuning -- couple quick questions.
Duel Exhaust Clearance Issues
69 Windsheild Washer - turning but not pumping fluid
Oil Pan Question?
Silly Question of the Evening
Which carb would you buy???
An other ex Bubba job rectified.
How do I Lube Rear Wheel Bearings?
Edelrock Carbs (Questions)
Need Tips on Cleaning Pipes
Can I use a C3 as my daily driver?
Best Brakes
Head Gaskets?
check out where i installed my oil pressure gauge
Front yoke tourque question
Rear Bearing Install Questions on 78SA
ST-10 making noise shifting to 2nd.
Good Idea?
Apology to 77 Registry Members
question about richmond 5 speed
Question for those with the NJ "QQ" plates
Starter motor pinion meshing with flywheel probs
$5,400 ? WOW look at this Ebay Vette, is this for real?
Touch-up paint Where can I order it ?
Anyone adjust valves with motor running?
alright, to you stall speed experts which speed with this cam and gears....
Anyone of pics of the inside parts of an engine?
proformer rmp packge
Distrib question
Portland, Oregon Dyno Day
Got new master cylinder, should it be painted?
Everyone check you air filters!
Clag in cooling system.
Carb flooding. ????
WOHOO !! I have gauge lights and working gauges at the SAME TIME !!
Muffler Flubbing???
Need Help With Finding Out Build Date Please
Crate Vs. Rebuild...True Power?
Body shims
Rear deck grilles (coupe)
Finally! A New Engine. Just need Diff Info.
Calibrating fuel and temp gauges
Best Brakes
Who has been looking for a lighted vanity mirror?
Info for 81 owners and maybe others
New Interior Pics>BIG<
C3 Vette Appreciation post!
Shaved door handle install
M21 gearbox whine
Autocross Pictures
383 vs 383
Temperature Gauge Going Crazy
painting frame with body on?
1971 Lt-1 fan shroud part number?
Carb parts: Where can I find a teeny tiny screw.... ?
Torque plus intake gaskets
Need to defend C3's honor
Long water pump - short water pump = ???"

Page: 1010
What is my Compression ratio
C3 Magazine
Whindshield wiper help
moon roofs ?
temp gage not working
Were you the owner of my 77 VETTE!
Oh yea!! What about the disk pack??
Does lift affect idle/emissions?
What the $*$@#& is wrong with my tach, stuck at 500 rpms
Anyone heard of All Chevy in Fort Worth?
UCON Ring and Pinion?? Ever heard of em?
got laid off!!! anyone need any mechanical repair work done(detroit)
new site: STINGRAY LINKS !!
Tons of understeer
How cool is it that one of our members has thier own diecast model???
PICS for Wing and Flares!
What happens when no car title is available?
vacuum or mechanical secondaries????
Mojor Oil Leak
ADVICE: '82 Bumper Covers
what is youre favorite gadget - tool ?
2 questions about Dynomax/Hedman headers
Are these paint prices about right??
solid lifters Vs hydrolic
We may be going to the National Corvette Museum!!!
A Chartreuse Vette in '77???
Got the filters for my TT today....
Damn Leaks
(Bubba) TPS...Whats it got to do....
Question about Cut-outs
Seat belt retraction/locking...
I have a few questions (on engine mods)
Piston Ring HELP!
Brake problems
God bless Lars! Re-jetted carb and it's a whole new ballgame! <long>
mounting alternator
My Sad Story Of Woe (long)
Rebuild Questions
Major Blow by through the pcv valve oil all in my aircleaner Bad valve???
Want to own a piece of Corvette History? Here is how!
My speedometer just broke down...
G TECH compared to track ET ?
Need Help Vette Overheating and dying at High Speed
Fuzzy Dice
Big Block engine swap???
Engine Breaking Up
Houston Car Show Pics (39 pics)
Who makes a racing seat that will fit into a C3?
engine and heads
Do it yourself Alignment
Water all over the floor. Leak from side kick panels. (old post on correction help)
Q-Jet Backpressure
Correct Engine Color
Modern Motor oils/Exotic oils
No back-up lights for safety inspection.
Which Holley to get
How much are secondaries supposed to open and how to adjust?! Help!
Mileage Question
Transmission Problem
"Beware" I Screwed Myself Don't You {help!!!}
Timing chains - help?
easy way to get phantom gauges...
Gasket for Dynomax headers extension
Cylinder Head Question
Hey Everybody what are you rolling on?
Any-one try "Engine Restorer"
Caliper Piston Question???
Looking for an engine builder in Southern Maryland

Page: 1011
PITA Hooker exhaust kit from hell!
Anyone have a trick to install Hooker Sidetubes?
Check out this big block!!! Good deal?
door lock/alarm trouble
MSD Digital 6 vs 6AL
Vacume valve inside air cleaner?
paging kim lee!!!!!!
1975 Tilt Column Klunks!!
Does a 80 L-82 have an ECM?
1/4 mile times on this Corvette???
Anyone got crome rally wheels? pics?
Fiberglas and I'm an idiot
which style tranny cooler is better, regular (radiator like) or heat sink style?
LOL do they seriously think people are this stupid ?
1969 corvette spark plugs
Maaaco North Jersey
How was the Houston Vette Show?
I need Pics of vette's with ProStar wheels...
More on side yokes
Suspension Upgrade
Anyone have pics of a 69 Burgundy car?
Are roller cams and roller lifters REALLY worth it??
Questions for Lars
1980 L-82 Radiator Shroud
1982 paint question
ATTN differential GURUS
Drought restrictions in parts of Northern Jersey
Water in mufflers?
Gas Tank Removal
Holley Manuals
PSA: Edelbrock now sells crate engines
What's up with Jegs and Demon carbs ?
97 LT1 in '69?
Stock '68 Seats and Belts, Worth What?
Paint shops in the Tampa, FL area
NCM location
Quick question: What is the bolt pattern on a '76?
seat back stuck up
Bellhousing alignment...what's the skinny???
Replacing the shifter boot???
***NEED SOME HELP*** PLEASE C3 break questions.
What's your projects??? Let's hear it...
If my calipers are bad, will I see puddles of fluid under the car? What are the signs?
THIS FORUM ROCKS! Thanks MIKER! He helped me modify two brackets - pics
I have wings ...Errr....WING and Flares! :-)
Woo Hoo - It's the 1st time since october....
Need help on wheels
Thinking of starting vette webpage to catalog vette mods commonly asked about.
WOW! AC Delco Rapidfires
Could I do this...
Popping on decelleration
Bubba has risen his ugly head.
Driveshaft ujoint R&R
Is there a difference between a 69 BB 3rd member and a 74 SB 4rd member stregnth wise?
C-5 Hood Hinges on a C-3
Raylok okay?
68' 427 muffler question - flow vs look
Got Rebuilt calipers from auto parts store, 2nd set leaking! Can't get cores back!
Need info on removal and installation of Dash Pads
Attention Wheel Shoppers
Shakedown run this weekend...project results
Holley Power Valve
Just a little Vette vs. Shelby race for your viewing pleasure.
Paging Jim Shea
Tach and Spedometer Cable for 1969?
Jack stand concerns...Need advice.
Hydraulic Clutch for a 79
kbd targa or monza mufflers ?
69 Odometer Repair

Page: 1012
Fried my clutch, what do I replace it with?
What would make the vapor canister fill with gas
My new engine is "desieling", please help!
Rainy Day
I Had Some Free Time So....
TH-350 is really a TH-400 What's the difference
Headers - How close is too close?
What spark plug for SB chevy
Help with '69 speakers
Anyone Going to Vettefest in Chicago?
How do you reduce fuel pressure going to a Holley 4011
Brake bleeder valve sheered off, now what??
photo hosting sites ?
Les, your car is killing me!
Auto to manual conversion
Tach reading high
Are your Hooker or Hedman big block headers close to the clutch linkage?
rear end
Lars woke up my sleeping big block!!!
Toronto Area Vetters, its that time again!
Shield under Driver Seat on Frame
Puffs of smoke from my new 383 engine ??
Sad to sell..
A new shark?
Cheapest place to buy offset trailing arms??
Let talk Rear Main seal replacement...
1974 Orance Metallic Pictures Please
Someone want to web host my Vette vs Shelby race?
My dad's 80 Vette and my uncle's 75 Vette (pics inside)
1977 tranny upgrade
My '69 Speaker solution
Rear Mono-spring Install Questions
Canada VS. USA
Good News Carb is fixed!! Well for today
C1s and C2s in the snow back in the sevendies!!!!!!!!!!!!
chevy racing team
Ignition upgrade - any recommendations?
Windsheild wiper nightmare
changing from points to electronic???
Pics of New Chrome Extinguesher.
Question for machinist (aluminum fabrication)
Pic. of Bad Main Drive Gear
80-82 Guys rear 1/2 shaft question
Van Steel
Vortec 5300 Swap.
Alright GM part # bigshots
Fuel Line Novice Needs Help
Picked up my long block today HELP!
Suspension parts(Springs)$$$$
Time for a tune-up?
My little drag race video
Quadrajet Problems - Car won't slow down
Send your sound files!
Terrible 0-60 times
HELP problem#2 - TH-400 won't come out of Park
Remind Me! Installation of GM GoodWrench 350
C3ers, thinking about selling my Hoosier slicks and chrome rally rims...
AC blower motor hi speed
Dynomax headers have Oval ports what gives ?
When did you last clean....
Wife Rant: Your Stinking Up The House Get that Smelly Whatever Out Of Here
Rear Gears with ZZ4
Check this site out for good pricing.
Gear ratios, what's the cheapest way.......
Houston Corvette/Chevy Show
"Corvette Roads" is back on line
Need picture(s) of C3 Corvette pulling the front wheels off the ground
Where does one buy 4-spd. trannmy parts?

Page: 1013
Special prize for 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge winners.
Vehicle Security
[FL Misfits] 2pm Sunday Lunch!
pictures from the atlantic city car show(big ones)lost of em
Wheels - Time to Polish
Stupid question.... Which way to turn dist. to advance timing?
Check-out my detailed 454 with Flex a Lite Elec. Fans
Does anyone have...
Engine balancing????
Heat Riser... Can I Trash It?
Holley/Summit divorce?
Vette Doctors Dyno Day 2/23/02
Test clickable pic
Points racers from 2001 Cartek Corvette Challenge...please read...IMPORTANT !!
Is this color original?
Who said a C3 can't have a stock font clip that tilts?
Anyone want shifter etc for an 80?
Isn't it always the way?
Time for interior!! Yay! i get to spend more money!! oh wait...
1969 corvette 350hp - distributer ?
Question about an oriface....lars?? anyone else
Thanks for the loan Lars!!!!
Just got the price estimates for paint.
autometer phantom guages
So Who Was At Arizonas
C3 in music video
Idiot of the Day Award
1970 prod. 25 M-22's (non ZR-1 cars) and 25 ZR1's (M-22 equipped)
sripped header bolt
march underdrive pulleys
Pics from my trip to the National Corvette Museum
Distributor Question.
Anyone ever replace the seal to the steering gear box at the worm gear shaft??
Need Help converting Word Perfect Document to MS-Word
Transmission selector seal repacement!!!
Power Window Motor Compatibility
Toronto Area Vetters - Whats the plan?
Vacum Problems
BANG !!!! how bad did I hurt the rear end?
Just saw "Hulk" Hogan driving a 78 CONVERTIBLE 78 Pace Car
Differential noise
Air Cleaner Decal
Eastwood Chassis Paint
3" driveshaft
Our Midnight Cruise (long)
East Coast Drag Racers
Dammit!! Broke an ez out off in a seat frame screw, need ideas.
G Tech/Track ET
Finally - all 4 wheels touch the ground
How do I adjust the timing on my 75 vette. Need help quick!
{Rant} Has anyone ordered any parts from Ecklers lately?
removing window crank handles
So what's wrong with this one?
Removing AC condensor box from my 71 , Big Fun!
New G-Tech with first time
Looking for a car
U-Joints done... now the fun starts
HELP problem #1 - Horn is blowing all the time
Corvette Internet Radio Show
Over here from C4.... got a C3 question....
soft brake pedal
Power window not working. HELP!!!!!
[Ebay] At it again...
New pic of my 69 , check it out!
Blower fan ?

Page: 1014
Got an email back from American Racing regarding TTD's(CL205's as they call them)
Hooker headers melting plug wire
Pep Talk
Ooooh.... Supercharger. Should work with all (carbureted) C3s!!!
motor change
AFR-190 or AFR-195's?
automatic tranny question...errhhh maybe stupid?
St Louis Dyno Day - Interested
Holley Rebuild.
Building a Better C3 Seat?
How Do I past a photo of my vette
Carb help. where can i find...
69 L88
Is this Forum just as slow as before the upgrade?
Momo seats
Aftermarket Tremec T-56 Retrofit Website - THANK YOU FRODADDY!!!
Cool C3 Related E-Bay Feature
Cruise RPM range for these cams ?
When is a door not a door.....?
Vortec 5300 Swap.
Stock Edelbrock Q-Jet carbs, any modifications for performance?
How do you do to clean your nuts, . . .
Contemporary Corvette in PA
Batt light, choke light on. Tach quit, Temp guage pegged max and Batt pegged low.
whacky update
Fire extinguisher??? Halotron I
Got The Trans Out (Again)
Question about Dynomax Cerama-Coat headers
Starter Interlock Override Relay. Mystery to me, do you know what it does? (pics)
Rear Window Tint
What's happening when...
Will it smog with a GM Hot motor?
About to buy my first vette..
Mike69 is really Jimmy shea the Gold medalist
Just put my TTII's on...HOLY @#$$ THEY LOOK GREAT!!!
It's U joint time !!!
I'm Mr. Question Guy today. Next question. How much does a cam swap run from a shop?
Leather seat question
four post lifts
Set off 3 car alarms on my street last night!!!
Spark plugs for BB
Where To Purchase POR-15?
GWHITE75, how about some pictures of your Vintage Air Install?
Power Steering Fluid Leaking? Help Please
The Carb Loaner Program Works!! Thanks Lars!!!!!!1
Suggestions please for mounting the O2 for my big block fuel injection
Who uses DynoMax Ceramic coated headers?
Got the exhaust...WOW!!!!!
Why are there holes in my front calipers?
'80 - '82 Hood paint
Questions before installing headers and hooker exhaust system.
Does anyone have a sound file of an XE256/262/268 Cam?
When do you apply the gelcoat?
After 2 years my first pic. check it out.
Paging Tom in PA w/Aqua '74
68 repo radio knobs available...
Installing trailing arms
which carb?
Has anyone heard anything from MELVIN??
Valve guide removal and installation
Adjustable rear composite mono spring
Was caught going "Vrooom Vrooom"--Hmmm
Can a 71 be worth $32,500?
How much side yoke play?
Wheels. I need to see wheels!
Tubbed C3???

Page: 1015
Seatbelt advice needed
Biggest cam I can fit in stock cube 75?
Just had L-88 hood painted, will it fade at all
CARB HELP! What size secondary rods are these? (pic)
decided on these rims.....
Performer Manifold and Carb. Need Help!!!! Before I Die!!!
427 Small Block...???
aftermarket speakers?
LT1 vs. Qjet vs. L79 intake
Rebuilding a clock
K&N air filter cleaning
Some "house keeping" things
body removal
Got an AWESOME deal on glass tops.
Best way to install BBC in vette?
Tranny Power.. lbs rating?
fuel regulator setting
You '68 owners better hurry before this part sells on e-bay!!!
Wheel backspacing
Big block hood goes to make room for L-88 hood!
SLOW??????????????? I can't even reply to my own thread!
Should I "Varsol" my lifter valley?
Project update
Excellent glass tops in for sale section....
Another '81 Vette almosts bites the dust.....HIT AND RUN
Valve Stem Seals-I'm Confused
Anybody any good at tracing shorts, or has anyone ever had this problem before?
Need stall converter advise.
I have a few questions to ask before I install the new exhaust system.
carb questions??? what to do?
Cam installation. To advance or not to advance, that is the question?
WeatherStip Book
700R4 and Cross Member
Lowering Headlights Manually
'74 Wiper Woes
anybody looking for OEM aluminum wheels, check out the 4-sale board.
Can you say..."Side pipes!"
Funny story about my buddy and my NOS system
Anyone put C4 front parking lamps in a C3 front....I know I saw one of u did !
New Kid on the Block/Muffler
Working on differential crossmember support--need help...
New exhaust system.
Carnk installed, #1 installed pics inside
Dynomax Header Install PROBLEMS!?
Forum Comes Through Again!
C3 rear letters
Paging anyone with a Bazooka bass tube installed
You won't believe this... I think I am ILL!!!
My 100th post*
AIR Pump Belt-1979
ShiftKit Install HELLLLLLP!
Seeking advice for a first time Vette buyer
Radio help Needed!!!!!
I bet a lot would like your garage to look like this!! (pics)
Anyone polish the spindle bearing surface?
What Oil for M21?
Bob Jenkins...
Has anyone put in an aftermarket AC?
Where to purchase an L-88 hood??????
Hurst V-Gate shifter
If I ever post something about rebuilding my headlights ever again...
electric fans?
Anyone purchase GM High Performance Heads??
HELP- Selling my car

Page: 1016
anyone interested in a group purchase on 63-79 rear yokes
AC/ heater door adjustment
Oil overfill and possible engine damage?
Replacing Body Mounts and Bushings
CSI Mini Starter
The Crank Is In!
1999 Suburban Vortec 5.7
#@%!! calipers leaking again!! Any suggestions??
Pace Car value?
Anyone using a two color interior?
Rusty window frame can crack windshield?
How do I remove headlight switch knob on a 73
I am Going to be driving the vette 8 Hours from Atlanta to Tampa for a Wedding
New Track Times!!!!
Oil pan gasket: Small question.
What paint should I use to paint fibreglass sidepipe covers?
Texas Emissions Laws??
Clutch size for 70
L-88 Hood, long or regular style for 71?
question about hurst shifters
What is the cost to reinstall wiper door?
ALUM Radiator for '80
Tire and wheel well clearance
71 Alternator Mounting
Dyno results
CanAM questions.
Thanks to the welcome committee
what car is it?
I need a pic of a rear sway bar. 78 if possible.
Good deal on CE or SA stripe kits
My interior, What do you think?
What are your idle speeds?
Where are all the ground straps?
Dream Car Garage on Speed Channel had a 69 L88 featured last night.
Project update.
Help! Carb/Distributor? low speed cut out
How to replace leaky fuel pump gasket?
Big Block fouling plugs.:(
Where can I find a GOOD schematic for a '79?
Looking for "Lightening Rods" by Hurst
Got the side pipes on. They are the cheap ones but look good!
Wouldn't a chat room be nice?
Qjet vs. Edelbrock cleared up by Lars
Door Handle Repair?
Where can I find a child seat simpson and what is the minimum age?
Starter Motor Gasket
What size of iron eagle heads to buy?
question about the shifter
Trying to decode my vin...
68-72 hood questions
Fuel tanks on Ebay.
Help. I just lost all power while driving!
White Rag Top Cleaning
anyone like these better than the TT2's...
Looking at a '75 this weekend
Are there better doorlock available for C3s??
Pro Touring C3
OMG !!!!
Engine Building Tools+Items Needed
Carb Tuning Help - I hope!
4 speed to 5 speed
Mid America
new to you- but actually quite used
Happy Production Day to my '79!
Q-jet ?

Page: 1017
2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge welcomes it's newest Associate Sponsor.. Shore Motorsports
(Babe) Hey Shrike, nice shot of your car...
Which BB valve covers?
Merlin - Fuel System Info
Toronto Meeting
May be old news but I just found out: Corvette is pacing the Indy 500
Best pwr steering control valve
Subscribe to NCM News
Ack, gremlins are in my electrical system!
Replacing stoplight switch on a '68
has anybody used
Hooker Side mount headers...Who's had the best price?
What is the Corvette Cruise In??
Best price for Poly A-arm bushings?
Fuel injection question (possible L98 purchase and install)
aluminum wheel cleaner
Snapped it off
Egg Crates in later model?
Before I install headers... Questions?
Need help!! FAST!!
Got a 377 Stroker, high performance 700R4, now I need TPI, Help!!
Urethane or TrueFlex front bumper on my '80
touchup paint?
Need tips and advice about using interior dye
Power Brake Conversion
Anyone ever run aviation fuel in their Vette?
If you are going to Vette Drs Dyno day Feb inside
Oh no, Not the Cutting coil spring ? again.
VB&P Front Suspension Hardware Install In Progress
Help...How to replace tachometer cable
stripping ALL paint
Rebuilding My Distributor..Question on parts
removing steering column any pointers?
Shift linkage rbld kits?
Electric Fuel Pump Question?
Redturbo's shakedown run with new fuel injection
Window regulator roller rivets...
Welcome to J75. Corvetteforum member # 30,000!
Fuel line replacement w/ body on???
Shifter Ball Question?
Missing Part To Distributor?
74 tops on an 80?
Any of you guys build highly detialed models of your cars???
Quick front end rebuild procedure question
Hidden Kill Switch
My Vette Lives
Header Experiences Anybody???
Just thought I would introduce myself
A poor man's 6 link
Electrical Gremlin -- my clock is working when my battery is disconnected
Refinishing The Master Cylinder.
Fuel Pump poll
$$$ prevent Richmond swap - going Tremec instead (Monty, I need info)
Dual Exhaust???
Sidepipe + cover mounting..
Went to the track today...
Dart or World?
Wheel Spacer Tech
Alaska Fur Rendezvous Corvette Show Pictures are up!!
stock rear end for 77?
How many Vettes in your family?
Fuel line
Who has a 73-454 with Air conditioning “I have an air Question”
I'm a Newbie...just bought my 1st Corvette!
[40 pictures inside] Hawaii Car Show pictures
HUGE thanks to BAD-L88....
leaky Transmission in 79 Vette????
Hood is painted and on!
Update pictures on '74 in progress

Page: 1018
Discount Tires -- Free Fix a Flat...
does 68-72 vettes have solid or rubber body mounts?
Desk Top Dyno 2000 #'s of my motor
big thanks to gwhite75
Stupid Question of the night....[Rearend gears]
EBay/Intake Manifold/I Should Know Better
Removing paint from rubber AC hose?
Update on my engine
Q-Jet question.
Rear Bumper Cover Question
Alternator Question 79 Corvette with air???
Targa Tops
What to do !!!!!!
head number check
Picked up some heads...are they better????
Installing hatchback on a -78; Can I use my original rear window ?
Pressure testing power steering components
need help with bulb ID
Cam removal, Help I'm stuck!
T56 Transplant
Test and Tune Results from Sunday
What do you think my 78' SA partially completed project is worth?
Stock fuel pump or Holley/aftermarket?
History Lesson , Corvettes 101
Does anyone have white interior or pics of white interior?
Interior upgrades for 74
Best iron heads? Advice please.
secretaudio stereo system "Custom-Autosound"
Blackbook type of question.
L88 on Speed Vision
jet and rod sizes for 454....
Pic from local Corvette Car Show
rocker panel molding
Which way to Bloomington Gold?
What heads/cam package for a 75 vette?
What do you think of this x-pipe ??
74 Fuel gauge question
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Stuck!? Advice?
Can a metal bumper front end be put on a 73 ?
day off so i took some pics(big)
Will these Heads fit on my 76 L-48
(1969)What is the Electrical Component in the passengers side rear storage compartment?
Transmission Gasket?
Dyno results for my 79.
NEW rear rotor rivets question
Rear end installed - picts
Big-block: "shorty" headers / aftermarket hood
What's the best way to ship a hood?
Effects of different TPS settings
Vehicle History
15" wheels on NASCAR vs 17" on street?
Poly VS Rubber
Another question on 17 inch wheels
Just back from the track.
Potential downtime today
fuel pump problems????
Dream Garage
Last Exhaust Manifold Question...really
Aircon condenser
Hot Tank Solution.. Lye? Solvent?
Check out this Greenwood Corvette.
What does this cam specifications mean?
New Pearl Paint!!!! - PICS [BiG]
One side off, one to go. (Questions)
Oil Pan Removal
Yes I know... More paint questions. ARGH!!!!
2 questions about brake rotors

Page: 1019
Hello!!! I am a member
temperature sending unit
Mounting locations for Dual Horns??
a really nice photo
Power steering patience, and a many new parts
Did I F@~* up? Your advice needed!
Leaf spring in!!! Just need the Stabalizer bar and the rear is done!!! pics inside
Paging all BB's...
Transmission rebuild
350/350H.P. Rebuild
WTF? gears
Electric choke?
cost of a transmission rebuild?
reassembly tommorrow - last minute tips?
help, think i messed up transmission!!
1969 corvette ? motor
Shipping Heads
suggestions on sway bar sizing
Should I hone my brakes?
Fuel Pump Rod Question.
Buying New Tires after accident...suggestions?
Anyone looking for a 73 vette?
I'm OK, but...
Has anyone used astro tops
X-Fire Injection Forum
Please help with the miss/stumble in my '81.
question about 81 rims
C3 Stats-How Many Remain?
Are rear sway bars worth it?
Gotta Love It.
Engine/tranny in car [pics]
ez out blunder
rust clean up
Such a beautiful day! And I'm stuck at work. :(
Better Horn?
Anyway to restore yellowing coolant resevoir?
Nitrous Filled in NJ
5 Point Harness... & SilverStateClassic.COM
Removed my gas tank today/!!!???
front suspension rebuild hard??
Need help identifying ring gear!
Elmers Auto
Need GM part # for master cylinder lid
does our th350 tranny have a lockup TC ?
posi question and rear diff stamp question...
Do I need new rod bolts ?
Rubber vs Poly bushings
Q-Jets Rule!
Lars tuned my Holley yesterday!
Does anyone know where to find....
thanks for the help,.... but i still have problems
Possible serious damage
Found 2 Vettes, Pretty Sad
2-1-2 exhaust questions
Brake System Nightmare!
Zip Products?? Advice
Does anyone have their rear end out or apart?
Re: LARS - Been Said Before - Needs to be Said AGAIN
model car sites
HELP! Speakers shut off after a minute!!
Surprised it even ran...
Riverside Gold for 1969?
Jegs pricing on Crane Cams and Lifters=insane!
Radio's - - - Where do you have one rebuilt ?
Performer RPM under a stock 75 hood
How to attach piece of wood to uppper back of car.

Page: 1020
Rear Rotor Rivets???
HELP - Dynomax Headers
Hello!!! I am new
New Battery shows 16V! Bad?
New blower motor installed and a couple of other question
Chevy high performance engine swap ?
Separating Ball Joints
427/435 vs. LS-5 454/390 Character, performance and reliability?
i need to hook up a HORN, beep beep
This can't be right... 75mph and 3700rpm??? stock...
Fire Extinguishers - What size and mounted where?
Can some one tell me what the FE7 suspention entails?
Fiberglass bumper cover replacement question, need advice please
Could someone please check thier upper A-Arms, Are they different widths?
Trailing ArmRemoval...what a pain?
What size light bulb
Had a moment in my vette the other day.....
[INFO] Rear Gear Ratios for 78 Corvettes.
Pictures from Ft.Worth CF Hooter's Get Together
Paging all 69's...
Bleeding PS system ?
Louisiana Corvette Clubs Feb 17th
Question for body and paint guys!
Free Dyno day for Corvette Challenge Racers
For Sale-- 81 C3 with 20k miles.
Big Grudge match race is tonight!!!!
Best Flowmasters for C3, 1971
do i need prozac to enjoy my vette????
Who was looking for the rear window latches
Rat Pack had a great day!
New coil spring removal question
Got crank and rotating assembly back from machine shop and am thrilled!!! pic inside
Oil coolers
Horn Button Question
Mechanical Help Please (Car Cutting Out)
60+ degrees today and I drove with the top down!!!! You gotta love February.
Gonna finish putting the side pipes on today
Paging Glenn, Angie or Butch...
I'm thinking about painting the vette...
Vette/Dragstrip/Mc Donalds-long
Beautiful Day To Burn Some Dinosaurs
BigAlex and the twisted frontend
Removing Headlight Bulb?
New Member Needs
Will 10 Gauge wire handle 30 amps max?
Transmission Question 4-speed
1982 Paint question
Does this make sense or what? (rant)
Louvers for 78-82 Corvette rear window
Air compressor recommendation?
Insurance question
More interesting electrical issues
Heater Core Hose Sizes for a 1969???????
Back from the track part II
New Job Moving to VIRGINIA
Aluminum front hubs
Attention Troy!!
" Raised Port Heads and Sidepipes........."
Corvette on Speed Channel at 3 PM EST Today (Saturday, 2/16)...
I think my dynomax header flange is warped
Spy Photos of RedTurbo's new fuel injection
Build Sheets? Options?
Has anyone run a Blueprint cam.......the 350 horse cam??
Best service manual?
Same old questions..on cam, intake, performance stuff
New York State Emissions inspection
New signature picture and also new pics of the car

Page: 1021
A/C Heater Blower Motor Upgrade
Looking to sell c-3 stuff, where else to list, other good Vette web sites
question about my block....
Summit's Hooker Dual Exhaust kit has no part number, why?
Nearest good ground to Passenger storage compartment
Help..1982 Owners!!
Mallory Distribtuor leaking oil
what's the biggest rear tire that fits? asap!
Cool 17" wheels/tires on ebay
Can I use a smaller than stock balancer on my SB 350?
Does it hurt to drive with open exhaust?
Thanks to Forum & Jim Shea
C-3 Rack & Pinion
Engine #'s Question
Would this be available with side pipes?
74 Speaker Help ??
I'm putting stripes on my 81, please look at pictures and vote for your favorite
New tranny or rear gears?
vette brakes monospring, need tips on installation
Old St. Louis Plant?? Where/Was It??
EGR - To block or not?
Nice Alternative for T-tops?
Any good paint shops you would recommend in central N.J.?
Stock deckheight and quench for a 1979 350 engine ?
What is best for cleaning old windows?
M21 with a 3:08
Not a Vette, but still cool!
Lakewood bellhousing/header clearance
Just Died... Any suggestions where I should start
Factory Security system
Where s he cheapest place to buy a BB radiatior?
Main Stud Help!!!!
Who Makes Good Ball Joints?
Polishing the t-top/windshield frame?
Buy this engine?
Long Legs C3 Seat Modification ?
ez out info
Where can I get coil over shock's ?
Englishtown road course
Old picture collector needs to talk to those with prints, or slides
Old glossy press photos wanted of factory Corvette show cars
1980 Shop manual electrical section available
Broken 1973 T-Tops
Front Suspension Rebuild Kit. (Cheapest Price)
Paging btsoom
test of sig
Kentucky Race Teams????
Over charging?
Parts request from anyone who has or will be making the transition to headers
Someone please check these torque specs?
Okay...stereo system your pics please..i need ideas !!
Does clutch pivot stud have to match throwout bearing?
Vacuum Kits = Nuts....
'71 elec problem. Short or ground?
Thinking about selling my 1978SA coupe
connecting to this site sucks
I finally got the remaining payment for my wheels!!!
Rear gears. 3.55 or 3.70
What type of oil on first startup?
Broken exhaust manifold stud:(:(:(
Just received VB TV setup. Need tips for installation
Stan - Please contact me!
Trailing arm Broke
Bloomington Gold has moved! and new dates
Carpet Help Needed!!!!!!!!
Synth. brake fluid problem
Reproduction CE Wheel Caps
Great prices

Page: 1022
How do I....1.6 rockers?
steering & suspension
Desktop Dyno Help!!!
Custom Autosound Feedback
best wiring diagrams
WooHoo - Don't have to sell her after all.
What is it that gives your motor that
Help!!!! Need as much info about 70-72 ZR-1's as possible.
Bubba needs help! Paint blister repair on the cheap?
I need HELP with Brakes (ergent
REAR END ?????????
Clutch pilot bearing or pilot bushing?
Wandering Idle- suggestions?
Tips for removing the dash
Luggage Rack Question (and a t-top carrier opinion solicitation)
1970 LS-5, 1971 LS-5, 1972 LS-5--??????
engine detail...finished?(need help)
Need jeg's part number for good header gasket?
Paging ZWEDE
TEXAS Classic & Antique Plates
Anyone have Chevy High Performance Magazine from September 2001??
How tough is it to replace the ball joints?
off set or inline starter
Distributor Came Defective From Summit..
NOS chrome vs replating quality
Shifting toooooo early
miami area.?.can you do me a favor .?.
vortec cylinder heads question
69 L-88 on ebay...
new headers coming ...what to get ready for??!!!
I might be going to a Dyno on Saturday. Any advice?
Service manual on CD
3.08 to 3.55 rear swap, how many teeth on the speedo gear?
Back to square one on my cylinder heads...
How much would moded 882 heads go for.
Interior restoration question.
Have a question for '81 owners.
LT-1 questions
For those of us who do not understand how engines work...
How can I shrink my sig pic ?????
Need Glyptal!
Can a comp controlled QJet be used on a ZZ4?
How Much Wieght Have I Lost ?
Post the BEST pics of your car: (Large pics)
Holley Problem. Still Searching.
opinions on the eldlebroch performer package ?
Happy valentines day
Gas fumes smell when car is running.
pic of both
C-3'ers from Kentucky
Trim Tag Decoding... Is this right?
SS parking brake shoes
C4 seats in a C3
Another new guy needs answers!
OK, got my cylinder lock how do I fix this?
Help Part Wanted (Cross Post)
Clutch Questions
Some limited downtime expected today (2/14)
smog pump....
ANGRY!!! Difficulty of Installing Dynomax Headers?!
Aluminum exhaust
Sidepipe covers..Is this something new???
Are You Going to Race Rock II ?!
How do you post pictures?
FYI: Small Block 3 x 2 update

Page: 1023
Need differential help!
are all AIM's created equal?
Curious smell after making a hard right...
Shooting for 10.'s or how to get to know the UPS driver on a first name basis...
test picture of my motor
C3 Chassis Stiffness vs. C5
L-81 Engine Info? Please...
Exhaust Leak???
Interested in a C4 to C3 Differential Conversion?
Corvette Shows
Carb Questions
Carb problems!!!!
Are rear rotors riveted to spindles on '69's?
needing plastic seat part for 79.
What is different between the 70-74 seats and the 75 seats.
Having my windshield replaced.
cam grind protection? Patent, Copyright?
Judging Seminar - Tony's Corvette Sunday Feb 17th.
Fuel Pressure help
Can you use 93-2002 front camaro or firebird seatbelts on a c3?? Note these are not rear belts.
Timing Question?
Anyone running a Holley Street Avenger?
vin code 1980 California 305CID
intake manifold GM
Do they serve rice at the German restuarants?
Cheesiest ricer trick on a Mercedes!!!
Houston Corvette Show?...
Hooters in Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton next weekend?
California Smog Hounds
Made a small site..check it out...
Series 22 Locked & Loaded!
WTF.....Is the wave finally Dead.....inquiring minds want to know????
Shifter Pointer Problemo
How can I get rid of the gap between my driver-side window and the T-top?
Holley Carb ID needed
TH400 to TH700R4 - What needs to be changed?
New to forum. I come sporting a big headache ...
NOT the same old poly bushing install question.
1970 LS-6 Corvette?
A "Genuine GM" Price Increase...
GM mini starter for sale about a year ago
Transmission Swaps
Paint car with doors on or off?
need some alt brackets for 79
Intake Manifolds HELP!
How do you break into your Corvette or I locked my drivers side door and now I can't get it open
new weatherstrip leak solution
stall speed prob
Scheduled outage today (1/13) at 1:00 pm EST
Minnesota Event this weekend!
Does this sound more like a Master Cylinder problem rather than rotor runout?
Another Holley question
Need Advice on Rear Spindle Rebuild
Need 3" mandrel bent exhaust system source
Do you have to "jiggle and wiggle" your door to get it to open? Here's the fix.
2.73 gears
Directional signals
It wasn't my MSD 6AL that fried. and rejetting questions
Can front control arm bushing be installed at home?
Side Pipes
Any Chemists Out There? Stem Seals
My 79 is in the April issue of Vette!!
Ordered my 3.7:1 's today!
Question about rivets
GM 350/300 Vortec Engine
Engine Building
Rear spring question.
BB throttle linkage with aftermarket intake...

Page: 1024
Corvette Central Sucks
For post number 600, I give you 6 new pics of my Vette...
Reference Manual Recommendations
Couple Fiberglass Questions
Top Ten Things To Say To The Cop Who Pulls You Over - VERY FUNNY
Bucket seat swap (?)
What's required for Drag racing?
Bumper fit question
You guys seen this fuel additive?
Cynthia, if your having your car prints done by me...
How long will tires keep ?
Holley Help: Locating Rebuild kit for this carb number..
Question about Zaino.
Door hinge broke, any tips for replacement
What oil do I use in rear diff?
Did this site get hacked?
Rear De-Fog Switch/Four In-Line
How much for this 79
1978-82 Armrests-The Final Solution
egr ? oval port ?
Bonehead question #276...
Track location Northern Virginia
My old car...
Why do C3's relay so heavily on vacumn
Can you help me identify these cylinder heads
Show me your......
CORVETTES are for ...
Good Corvette joke.
How much HP did I gain?
Rebuilding A/C Compressor
"Supras RULE Corvettes DROOL" - The Corvetteforum has been hacked by a wannabe, loser hacker
GM Performance Heads...Opinions?
Have we been hacked??
One piece oil pan gasket
Did I gain Hp or is it in my mind?
Electric Fan connection to Fuse Box
Wasaga Beach,Ontario corvette weekend...
Christmas trees
Starter question and [elec. fuel pump]
Tire questions
Serpentine Belt Conversion ?
Planned forum outage this morning
C3 Registry
Sandblasting my doorjambs?
Munci 4-speed rebuild
Trailing arm installation from Hell!! Not so easy with the body on.
Vacuum Questions
Question about Protect-O-Plate stamp...
how to get a smoother ride
Time delay lights
air conditioning and headers
Choke light
Instructions of differential rebuild
BRRRRR, it is freezing outside. Must be 65 degrees. I am going to the track!
Help, valve covers won't fit over Crane rockers
82 passed emissions retest...
Have we been hacked??
Valve train problems...
guys with gtech pro?
Rare Vettes Belong In The Corvette Museum??
BG Carb Questions-Tuning...
350HO swap into 68 (Vortec ?'s)
How to install electric door locks w/pics
Harmonic Balancers
How do you remove the lock cylinder?
Trouble connecting to forum????
Speedo Cable Help

Page: 1025
Replacing alternator bearings - what's the PITA factor?
Holy Cow - The Forum Is Under Attack! Check Your Browser Header!
BB distributor vs. SB distributor
(dumb question) What are roller lifters?
Vacuum Diagram
pics of hurst shifter
Engine detail wrap up(with pics?)
What's the max HP/Torque I can expect to produce with Stamped Rockers?
I get the new Dremel variable speed tool kit for Anniversary & Valentines Day
Mystery of Alternative T-Tops Solved
Passenger side mirror...has anyone installed?
How can I clean coolant off the engine?
'69 on ebay with color keyed front bumper
Need Trailer Hitch
Did you know?
L-88 Hoods
Horsepower/Torque to reach 13.0 1/4
Dampener question
Best way to get stains off Dynomax headers????
Pulling off and repalcing my intake manifold... steps involved?
anyone have an AIM for 1980
Ordered the distributor from Summit/thnx :*(
Lots of Qjet numbers - What do they all mean?
Finally finished my wheels
Who has line lock installed?
Trailing Arm Replacement???
Solid Pinion spacer and shims for Differential
79 vac. advance ???
Making progress ....
AAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I broke the headlight bucket!!!!!!!!!
Hood adjustment (near wiper door, ) 68-72's
Whos gat that F-body Seat belt How-to????
How bad is this,,,, 4 bent spark plug ends
Now she moves
Another auto to 5/6spd question!
Rain Coat frames-have pics!
Bloomington Gold Cancellation or Date Change Confusion???
I bought a Z28
cam question
1.52 roller tip rockers?
Location of Stingray emblems
weatherstrip instalation please
Breathless Shootout Gallery Pics!!!
1970 hood question
Why does exhaust changes affect Carb settings?
Timing chain selection
Single Plane vs. Dual Plane manifold
PICs: New 383 and how I got the RPM Air gap to fit under SB hood
Accelerator cable
***Project update no.4 ,LOTS OF PICS***
Old Guy with Short Memory needs Refresher Course, Please
who can 'make' smileys?
Question for the 1,000HP+ EFI crowd...
Carpet fasteners Please HELP
crate engines
getting head question
You Haven't Lived Until You Have....
FL Misfits Dyno Runs
Shocks/Springs recommendations?
Florida - where are the good speed shops to visit ???
Removeable Rear Window Troubles
Stupid Intake gasket Question
69 in xbox...
Anyone used Sherwin Williams Auto Paint?
Getting Ready For Paint - FINALLY!
Raleigh C3ers Tech session...after the fact.
Need Help! 3" mandrell bent pipe source needed.
Vinyl T-Tops/Would You Buy?
Saga Continues - Leaks Fixed / Runs terrible

Page: 1026
What's the Best Header for my '80 L48?
Balancer Removal, HELP!!!
Only one week to go.
distributor question???
Tube subwoofer question???
#$^&**^%& front end.
Which line lock?
Headrests, how do I recover them?
My server has been killed, no pics available!!!
TH400 to 5 or 6 speed??
Opinions Needed On Jerico Transmission!
Installed 1.6 rockers and car is running cooler. Is this even possible?
Freaking leaks, need help please!!!!
Need lug nuts
Help with PS pump install...
Blower motor electrical probs
Low brake pedal solutions?
Show me some pics of....
Swapping for a big block
Installed 2nd windshield this morning.
Vettes Dead, MSD I think?
Down to gelcoat
Horn stopped working?
Seat Re-covering procedure?
Back from the track:(
Rear rotor removal HELP NEEDED!!
Manual 3-speed transmission in a C3?
Edelbrock Pro Flow and MSD Dumb Question
I never realized how many parts are in 70 vette that wear out,but my Visa knows
I rode in a 11 second 442 last night.
What are Offset T-A's?
4 speed trans- need identification
how far have you driven???
My first *and last* T-arm and rear end swap is finished
What should I do with these?...Pics
Installing Cam
Does anyone know how much play should be in a th-400 yoke!
XE262 vs XE268 vs XE 272
69 Restoration Update
Anyone have any pics?
bracket question
Oval port vs square port BBC heads:
Bad Lifter
snagged good job, your opinions??
hey welders...
For all you engine gurus: What's with the offset roller lifters?
Thanks guys...
Cleaning/Detailing Question
How much for a new windshield or do you really need one.
Does your C-3 Vibrate more than a newer car at highway speeds?
Dyno results, you won't believe this!
How do you remove top dash after screws are out
A night at the track
Salt on the roads,so what!!!!!!!
Valve seals - umbrella vs. teflon
68 with custom chrome tilt column from IDIDIT
Are these heads worth $100 ?
Anyone convert car from auto to standard? how much of a PITA was it
How Many Miles To Expect from Comp Pro Magnum Roller Rockers?
Time to Throw More Speed Parts at My C3...
Any tips on dropping 4-speed transmission?
Key won't turn to Lock position
T-top Adjustments?
BAsic questions on 82 vette
Vacuum Leak-- Tranny wont Shift
Is there such a thing as too much oil pressure?
T-Top Needed
Help on my 72 Power Windows

Page: 1027
Any experience with Ravin mufflers?
is this worth it??
Amazing 1967 L-71 Coupe for sale in Corvette Fever!!!!!!
Quick Question Please!!
kill switch
Quick track tips??????
Installed predator pics
TH-400- does the yoke supposed to have up and down play?
What Battery for 1978 L48?
Door skin removal?
Body lift - finally done!!!
CARB wants to scrap old cars :(
What's the value?
Yet another Richmond Trans question
wiper motor trouble
Should there be a hole in the center of my intake?...take a look...
Vettes paint and interior Is complete!!!
New G-Tech 1/4 times for my 79.
I thought I would share this 4 sale ad with you "cute"
Hey forum!@
Applying finish to rear diff/suspension
68 Restoration progress
What's up with my timing ?
Glass Moonroofs for Sale on Ebay ...
Intake Manifolds
What holds oil pressure gauge to backing plate?
Rear brake calipers
Door handles and windows !!!
Vin Plate Rivet Broke...Now What??
How do I find emisson laws?
What is the difference between wide ratio and close ratio four speeds.
I got a transmission cooler and a remoted tranny oil filter kit, what's the best way to install?
Hey Guys...What year C3 for my sis?
Project update with pics
Which Spark Plug wires for new Distributor...
Rice or Nice?
pic posting question
Rear rotor thickness?
Exhaust Manifold Color
over spray removal
help with 4-post lift installation issues
Is my alternator dying?
Is fiberglass flammable???
Window and Top Adjusting
Is it feasible to lower the motor to gain hood clearance
battery cable corrosion?
Spring Fever...
Vinyl convertible top - how to make it blacker?
How do I get these rotor rivets out?
Help! I need a part... does anyone have a....
Stupid Valve Cover Question
4.56 Installed!!! Pics, 2 Q's, and a SAFETY lesson I almost learned the hard way
Anyone changed Cylinder Heads lately??
Central Texas C3ers
L71 rebuildable engine on ebay
Need 17" Wheels for 82 CE
Cresco Motorsports engines any good?
Very pissed at sidepipes
I have gone full length detailing...some final pics
Getting My Baby Back Today!
Keep the C3 or get a C5
c4 guys aren't talking, any L-98 gurus here in c-3 land? or the case of the missing 5 inches.
Identify GM Heads???
Keep 82 Collector's Edition or sell for C5??
Best electric fan and CFM question
So for those who think that they have the nastiest seats.
JCL Spiral Baffle Dyno Sheet for 69ttop502
How much for 79L82 4speed?
What is your 3 day weekend project?

Page: 1028
Pedal Covers for Heel-Toe?
I made my decision: She comes out this year.
Need Pg from 81 AIM
79 l82 SOLD !!now help me find.....
One last Vacum Connection hose connection question on a 1969?
C3 on MTV
price for a used aluminum gauge bezel from a 69?
I just ordered a new Alternator for ZIP and I have a question.
How to accurately mix paint,sealer and primer ratio's, plus other paint ???'s
Anybody ever dyno a 427 3X2??? Cam choice?
Note from LARS - FYI
California Auto Enthusiasts
L-88 motor for sale on Ebay
who bought my rear end???
No such thing as a 1980 or 81 Vette????
Isn't $300,000 too much for this vette?
Hoods LT1? Big Block?
SR Torquers 67cc or 76cc
rad support in today
Real quick valve adjustment question
Caliper Question????????
Better than 134a refrigerant????
what is the desination?
Anyone use Clear paint in engine compartment??
Interior Lights Staying On?
Need EFE Actuator
Needed: Audio clip of celebration (new years?).
How can I tell if my 1.6 rockers are causing my
How do you get Brake Pistons out... (you can never find your shop manual when you need it)
Diving into center guage panel. Scared... Any tips?
Aluminum pulleys
76 Oil Pressure Gauge Question ...
Inline fuel pressure gauge question
Drive Shaft and U-Joints
Thanks Redtman I got the tach in the mail yesterday- no message
REQUEST: Post Your Questions Regarding the 700R4 / 4L60 automatic transmission. . .
Door mirrors on 1982
Guldstrand 5 Link
Need sway bars!
Cheap Dashpad
T-56 6-speed conversion - What parts do I need?
Going to the Monterey Historic Races in August
Anyone need lower control arm bushings???
Hooker sidepipes on ebay!
New to board, just purchased an 82 vette
Went to the track tonight! some good news and bad news...
Interior Lights, Heater Controls, Tach Questions
what year motor is this?
URGENT HELP! HEATER CORE -Leaking, mechanic suggests replacing, NEED YOUR IDEAS
Insurance for C-3
Floating Corvette ...
1969 corvette
How close is Desktop Dyno?
How I broke my window--??
ERR valve and gasket replacement... how to do it properly?
Complete Front monospring system
Help roughing in toe-in after frontend rebuild.
stampt engine numbers
Rear Speaker Idea for C3's Coups & Roadsters, Simple & Cheap
How to repair Stress Cracks
how do you get this to pass emissions?
Finally Recieved My POR-15
Side lite bulb replacement for 7T6HER
Timing-too much too soon?
Steeroids Driving impressions???
THM400 grinding at medium throttle

Page: 1029
THM400 grinding at medium throttle
Best Chrome Coating?
Alignment question
HUGE backfire!!! Kind of afraid to start it up again
T-Top latch screws
Left turn signal not working
Choosing the right Camshaft.........
I'm so excited .........
What variables go into "programming a transmission"?
Help.... Chevrolet engine listings
Fuel Cell in 80 vette
What is the best method to remove old pin striping?
Did manual LS-4's have a different crank?
Has anyone used/ know of Engine kits online, stoker 383 kit for $999?
Fiberglass Bumpers - Quality?
Ryan's home page link-SB dyno list
1969 Corvette clip
Super Chevy Sunday at my house
What type of engine is this?
Any problems with leaf type front spring conv.?
C3 questions - considering a purchase
Tubular A-arms
Delay wipers on a 82?
Crap. Shoulder belt Retractor stuck on inner fenderwall.
Metal fabricators, need suggestions on custom grill design, materials
82 sometimes bucks while accelerating, any idea ?
Congrats to Red73
Need torque spec - parking brake bolt
Loading troubles
Solid Rollers / Pro and Cons. Any body have one they don't like?
This is my engine - rebuild or replace?
Another classic 79 25th anniversary low mileage vette.
Consul Heater Control Cleaning/Detailing Help
Can anyone tell me what this is for???
Harmonic Balancer
Block casting numbers
Front License Plates and temperature
Three Questions, Please Help
Are all T-arms the same for every year?
Rear gears for 75 L48 4-speed
TIRE COMBOS ?????????
ADVISE - 1986 MultiPort with 700 TRanny
Simple MSD Blaster II coil & 6AL hookup question??
Are these ZL-1 heads ?
68 - 76 Radio Bezel hole cut - adapter plates
Can someone host some pictures for me!?!?!?!?
69 T-Top artwork in chalk?
Lost a clyinder this weekend.
Nearly finished engine rebuild.....pic.
Updating Garage
Transmission & Rear End Questions :)
Need help on brakes stuck !!!
Rod Bolts?
Best headers for C-3...
I need Alternative Radio Install pics.......Cajun75, Bill I know has a nice one
You guys who bought crate engines, I have a couple questions.
need a good place for parts
Special Thanks To Monty!
Heading to the paint shop today
Vacum lines
Anyone put a 502 in a C3? Or heard of it?
Please Help//Engine #
I've been SCAMMED!
Which heads should I be looking for??
Corvettes are for...
Electrical shorts?
1979 front fender question
Fuel tank evaporation cannister
Acessory Brackets

Page: 1030
Lone Star Corvette Classic XIII
BB Lifter Installation
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #26: 36-Gallon Fuel Tanks - the story.
100,000$ 78 vette....
Attention RedTurbo
What heads should I be looking for?
Gear Ratio help
larger valves on a big block
Finally the car will be ready tomorrow!!
Who makes the best U-joints?
Complete engine on Ebay
when is the home page editing coming back on...
79 Corvette Inner rocker???Do they have Inner rockers
Georgia Mechanic
I Married Mrs Goodwrench and had Daughter Ms Goodwrench
71 LS6 Alluminum head cam choice
Engine - Cam Job
Differential drain plug
Vortec VS 041,492,186
New to forum, first question
Boyd Coddington wheels - timeless or stringray
I'm the guy selling the 74 Coup (Vetteski)... Would someone post pics of car for me?
Which years came with auto trans ONLY?
Anyone gone to coilover's yet?
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Suggestions
Oil pan and pickup for a 4.25" stroke 540?
Fiberglass survival rate for an overnight in Nebraska?
Corvette Plant Tour
GM's 3.4 V-6; know anything about it?
383 stroker decals
Net horses on a '69 427/400 ?
1971 LT-1 carb numbers
Trick to open radiator drain to flush ?
Interior - Screw Set
Cam choices for a 540?
Lower radiator hose - HELP
C3 AIM screen names
Who has the best interior packages and pricing?
Body Removed! (pics)
Anyone installed aftermarket power door lock actuators?????
I should have listened to you guys. Broke my new windshield.
Fuel filter opinions
Body Removed! (pics)
Just Installed B&M Shift Kit
HELP!!!!.... Jump starting vette?
Is CC back?
Proposed Government Legislation
Thanks to Zip, Ecklers and Dr Rebuild for a Successful Radiator Support Replacement
Glove box door cover removal HOW?
Emissions tuning
Are we G body type?
Draining the differential?
Leather or Vinyl Seat Trim Covers?? Or Leather Like?
uh oh bad bearings
Winter storage and T-tops?
Change radios?
Edelbrock IAS Shocks...Installed!
Woohoo Dropped the hood off at the paint shop today
Clutch grinds after engine swap. Help!!!
C3VR Server Problems
"STUPID CHEVY!" .. need help (non vette related)
Broken starter bolt in block
Nastee staked Dragula's heart
Please look, does anyone know this car??????

Page: 1031
I have a Forum-type Q...
Any good speed shops in SAN DIEGO ?
what rear end do I have?
B&M TrickShift Fluid?
Replacement chrome seat hinges / wrong holes
When was circuit board used for center gauges?
C3 history
AIM help for `70 seats
81 Computer Removal
Color combinations
Looking for a good site to purchase a Chevy crate motor
Transmission Is Almost Out....
Interior - Vinyl Pull Straps from Zip
Windshield post weatherstrip
Anybody have the Hurst shifter in their 69-79?
Shot in the dark, Moog Part # Idler arm.
Question about Demon discharge nozzles
this must be the car all ricers model from
Why White Valves.
Anyone running Hooker header sidepipe in Illinois? Any hassels with the law?
polishing aluminium rims-theres gotta be an easier way
Terror runs again
Can anyone give me any info on these Big Block heads??
Top dash pads VS. Dash top cap
Don't you hate the obvious things!
I'm burning through money faster than MC Hammer (dynomax ? )
Weiland Stealth Intake
Best plug wires for BB
550 h.p. 600lbs torque from a 1970 LT-1?
Why Does It Have To Be So Hard?
Headlights don't close
How do I tub my 75 corvette?
Q-jet Trivia!
true duals
checking cam lift...
Does anybody know what kind of wheels these are?
Wheel Help please
Help me set my timing
zero lash
Dynomax Header Install Question
What's a C3 hood worth?
My engine assembly experience and help needed
Temp Sensor Ohm Information
Need help with fan shroud for early 70
Has anyone done business with Precision Engineering......
My Batmobile is now dead!
oil pump pickup help
How to stop car from eating its own actuator seal!
Taillight Help Needed
Replacing Rear Door Glass Weatherstrip
Auto Shippers
Brake Pads Dragging Rotors. Normal?
Placing My Order With Jeg's Today!
Melted Spark Plug Wire Boot.
Any thoughts on repro door handles?
Engine Rebuild 350 L-48
Super Bowl
1980 auto Corvette---TH350 or 400?
Aluminum Radiator for Automatic
(Slightly) Custom Lated C3s
My 79
Demon Jetting
long weekend
Took The '80 On A 250 Mile Rural Route Cruise Today And.....
Anybody have any info on
Anyone have a Steel Cities Gray C3????

Page: 1032
Breaking in cam: Header color question:carb tune.
Will this size TT II fit?
Off Topic... But Phoenix Vettes Help Out ....
complete rewire
74 Seat Belt Options
GM Crate Engine HP Compared to my L-82
Will 275 or 295 tires fit my rear wheels?
Sidepipe length?
Just saw CUSTOM C3 - No camera, here goes word picture.
C3 in GT1 on Speedvision
Who has used the black out kits?
SmokedTires...saw your twin last night
tranny drop questions
Calling DDN !
Link to pics of vetteski's Vette for sale...
fuel pressure bounce
stripping headlight bezels??
" Ins and Outs of headers........."
Something missing on this 1969 L-71?
Show me your black C3s.
The "other" Corvette in the neighborhood...
Electric Problem -- BINGO! What is this thing?
anything I should do while the oil pan is off??
Parts - Delivery Time of Zip and Ecklers
The Predator lives
Thanks to Mark aka QikStik.
Who is from where
In case you don't check the C3 for sale... here's a great opportunity!
@@#$%# Buffed through the clear coat.
Got a great compliment...
Early 79 power antenna.....Outer trim???
Rear frame mounts on a 79???
Fuse diagram for a '79
DIY Head porting??
Trailing Arm help!
Stock 186 Heads VS. TFS 23 Degree Heads
Another #'S Matching Question??
Got my engine back from shop.
What Comes with the GM resoration package?
I need someone's old dash pad (78-82)
Master Cylinder leaking
Please post as many high resolution images of your L88 as possible
desktop dyno - cam files source
Stock Crank, Cast or Steel
so thats what timing does?
Attention teenagers/younger adults: I need help with insurance!
Black sheep squadron....How to become member???
Edelbrock carb experts-- help needed
Desktop Dyno 2000 Help
Are all Gen. V production big blocks siamesed?
I almost forgot how much fun it is
Frame Rot
intake manifold, need help.
Fan removal Question..
Re:rear pinion seal gap
Does this sound like Bad Valve Adjusting?
Hello! Ordered VB&P Transverse Kit & Steeroids today
Picture request
1969 Corvette Windshield Frame Repair?
77 Heater control
Low brake pedal!
C3 Vette Registry members
transmition wanted
TH400??? feeling kinda stupid...
what year windshields fit 81's
Remote Transmission filter: GOOD IDEA OR BAD IDEA???
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #25: 1969 Chevy Power - all the specs.
Decisions, decisions: E-Tec or AFR Heads?

Page: 1033
Battery Location?
drove the vette today in the snow
The case of the missing brake fluid
OKAY Canadian Members ------>>>>>>
Had an impromptu gathering at my place today [pictures]
What would you do in this situation?
SF Bay Area, Tom, Chuck you guys get out today?
Ecklers Brand New Calipers?
What does hail do to a fiberglass body?
Bonehead Award of the Week
Someone scratched my car! :(
Engine builders: piston to bore clearance question
Seat frame part search
Help with Turning Signals
UPDATE: converting to power locks...
Help with '77 power windows
Can a C3 Vette be a daily driver?
Need quick help on Rearend and offset TA installation *beware* stupid questions inside
K&N Air filters
Any restoration shops N.E. of Atl, GA?
Hot Rod TV and Superchargers
Desktop dyno please.....
700R4 adjustment question
pics of my heatchoke tube for my freezing problem
Anyone in Houston that knows a good shop
[FL Misfits] The Hooters (MHFontaine) Pics!
torq thrust wheels
Exaust paint or coating
Cartek Corvette Challenge points sign up.
Cam Identification
2002 CARTEK Corvette Challenge ..... " Special " .....9th event .... " Tuners Race "
79 corvette exhaust system parts, Cat converter?
The hunt continues!
rear main seal install question????
Looking for an engine builder in the Md, Va, Dc area
Rad. support here wednesday!
Full hooker exhaust set
Need rear bearings and money, Vette parked. New assembly or just bearings?
Anyone catch Speedvision last night?
The ''Big Brown Truck''!
Vette Brakes
Bloomington Gold moving.......
85 mph speedo to something faster?
A Demon has possessed my vette! (Speed Demon 750 VE)
glowing exhaust manifold
1971 LT1, Engine code # & A/C Avail ?
Petronix or Points?
French Locks
[FL Misfits] Hooters This Saturday! MHFountaine is in Town!
buyer has questions about 72-29 vettes
Need Help Locating Idle Stop Solenoid Supplier
What type thermostat
opinions requested: red line synthetic or royal purple or others?
Pulling C3 fuel tank
Spotted a F-50 today! cool!!
Front speakers for 1980 vette?
Your car: How's the idle???
Could I cut my front srpings w/ a plasma cutter?!?
Electrical Problem... Makin' progress & need help
I got my Baby Back, Baby Back, I got my Baby Back!!!!!
Heater doesn't push warm air...
NCRS / Bloomington Gold WASUP
Looking for a source for transmission yoke
A few questions from a new guy.
Exhaust Manifold gaskets?
Wheels - Swept Fin Spinner Opinions
New turn signals installed.
my tranny?

Page: 1034
info about 350 heads
Check that torque wrench!
My INTAKE came!!!!
just for the heck of it...
Best place to buy L-88 hood?
Roller Rockers to increase performance -- will they help on a stock motor?
Any update on Lars Florida visit?
How do you determine whether TDC is on 'compression' stroke or 'exhaust' stroke ?
Decisions ---decesions
Upper Control Arm Rubber Bumper Installation
Question on outer door window seals
Full hooker exhaust set
Full hooker exhaust set
custom smiley faces??? how??
Bias Ply tire manufacturers
Why I only use ZIPs!!!!!
cc'd my cylinder heads
Turtle Wax chip stick?
cheap radiator support frame on e-bay.
My project: two years in the running
anybody use fuel additives??
Can someone explain this?
How much can the drive train take?
Pushrod guide plates -- Do I need them?
Jeg's Catalog pg 81J >Fuel Fragrance Additive<
Brand New Gears
Headers - Gaskets and Header Bolts
A couple interior questions
What kind of grease?
URGENT.....If you love the car hobby & care about your cars, you better look !!!
griffin generic radiator/camaro dual fan install done...
Are my 454 "Dot" rods forged?
?slot dimensions: long & reg rockers?
Rear Mian Seal
Whoo hoo! Got my Trick Flow 23s :)
I'm married now!!!
Its hot in my car !
.....Zaino: What would you use on a new paintjob with clearcoat?
[NCM] VIN Auction Begins!
How hard should you drive?
1981 L82 on ebay? :rolleyes:
What time is it?
Anyone use electric fans only?
Pictures Wanted
anyone have problems with carb. freezing?
trailing arm bushings
side pipes
Guess who's going full manual...
Should I go with side exhaust?
Calling out Nastee383!!!!!!
Has anyone heard of doing this to header flanges.....
Wheel Locks..
454- What MAX compression ratio on pump gas?
Checking ring gear pattern
Rituals of Spring-The Corvette Comes Out
Carburetor Recomendations Please?
Torque thrust II's how did you get them to fit?
How can you tell the difference between a roller-cam and non-roller cam?
Problems with WilWood Brakes?
Super T10 & Muncie M21..
What engine debuted in the C-3 and carried over in the C-4?
Broke down and ordered 1.6 ratios today
I Need help identifying two tripowers.
Frame and suspension paint?

Page: 1035
69 steering wheel
The Party's Over!!
Who Customizes Their Shark, ERR...Just a little??
Small Block MPFI: Holley Commander 950 vs Accel Pro Ram DFI
Been drivin the vette last couple of days...
Serpentine Pulley Conversion, anybody done it
Affordable Pace Car on EBay
Too much moisture?
Headlight assembly photos?
Help with casting number ID
Build date for 1981 Coupe
Decisions, decisions, decisions - natural unfinished metal or something else?
82 Failed Emissions..Help
When in doubt - get a louder hammer!
I'm so rich my eyes are tearing!!!
Need help assembling the exterior door Handle....ASAP..Please
[FL Misfits] Superbowl Party Details!
After market fuel injection on C3s
help: water pump and timing cover clearance issue.
2002 Corvette Challenge dates ......
Moog part number help
Light up the gauges
can someone confirm the authenticity of this Lt-1 carb?
Headlight Actuator Relay Help
Bowlingreen ky. motels are about gone for the 50th anniversary in 2003!!!!
Idle thoughts revisited-
Autocross in washington?
High End Horsepower+Torque
beautiful convertible 1971 Lt-1 on ebay
What should I do to my suspension
where can I get hood insulation for my L88 hood?
Rear End
License Plate Bezel
Registration for the Cruise Inn now OPEN!!!!!!!!
Evap Hose
FREE email accounts
Elect. fan switch specs.
Holley carb. numbers question.
Tach help
700R4 pressure
Who makes a high temp cast iron paint?
87 mustang vs. 73 guys....
Vacuum lines???
Texas Inspections revisited.
Upload of forum very slow?
Bowling Green Special?
To Wave or not? Plus brakes update
Where to get gears for an 80
Interesting Pace Car For Sale...
Recommendation for a good fiberglass repair guide
My Flow Masters delta series 40 resonnate, crossover help?
Side Exhaust Covers On - What do you think?
Update on PhotoPoint
Dumb Question
Hooker Competition Headers and C3 Vettes?
Blown Head Gasket!!!!!
Which is stronger / more durable Tremec or ROD
Is it possible to change the tach cable from engine bay side?
Whats your plan for your vette this summer?
Head gasket question ?
Got a thumbs up
TH400/3.70 speedo gear help?
HOT ROD magazine (March, '02). Monster Torque! GM's 383 Crate Motor: 500-LB-FT In 6 Easy Steps.
Emissions test: What is the basic idle test?
C3 r/Pinion
Need help selecting SMOOTH riding shocks

Page: 1036
Where is the Vettebrakes front spreader bar supposed to be fixed?
Cracked inner wheel well by Body mount??????
desktop dyno please
Headers or Manifold?
Still a problem with our Home pages?
Attn Ganey: Another Cam question
C4 Tech Judging Seminar, Feb 17th @ Tony's Corvette, Gaithersburg MD.
[Superfast80] Any idea on M21 tranny gears for 79?
427(L36 to L71/L89 conversion)
Aftermarket seats
The ultimate ricer site
Black Sheep Squadron Announcements
Flowmaster mufflers
vette brakes front monospring???
Cracked inner wheel well by Body mount??????
Cracked inner wheel well by Body mount??????
I need help with a carb adjustment!!
Covette Forum Members- Come chat on AOL if you can.
Anyone bought exhaust bezels and\or license bracket??
Is this carburetor original?
Is a MSD6AL for me?
Drag Radials. What Brand, Width, Heighth. Longevity?
Vibration Trouble!!!!
How do I know if the coil springs need replacing?
Chrome Outside Rear View Mirror
Rear Lighting Wiring Harness...What is involved in Replacing it?
Who sells the best door seals/weatherstrip?
Switch from manual to power steering?
Any Naysayers before i order the Airgap manifold?
Idle thoughts on engine buildup...
Question about ride height and half shaft angles
Attention Orlando Area Forum Members.....
How about these rims
Carpet: Whose got the best fit and quality?
Who did the late model engine swap and the 6 spd?
Total Repaint...what to do with the doors
Is There A Difference Between Left and Right Side Exhaust Doughnut Gaskets?
carpet savers..where can i get these?
2 or 4 bolt main blocks
Small Block Engine Numbers
Dyno tuning shops
1982 CFI
Thunking sound in front end...
Matching numbers value question
odometer repair completed
Corvetteforum Suggestion time!
Here are pics of my 377 Stroker engine!!!
Metering jet/rod suggestions for Performer 600CFM?
Now this has got to be the saddest piece of "equipment" available for ricers
Inner Axle End Play?
Question about replacing Headlight/Wiper Control Vacum Lines in a 1969...
Air Filters
Parking lamp fiber optic mystery
Front Spring Removal
It be red...
Atlanta Area members get together in Roswell for Sushi - Feb 9th
1 piece oil pan gasket, OMG $38?
'69 owners can you answer a question for me?
How do you attach new door panels?
I can seldom access the forum anymore.
Base coat clear coat ?
Hey I met KJL Last night
winterizing and T-tops?
VIN Decoding Help
Need help concerning 6 link - please measure something for me
Steering column swap
Engine Block Stamped Numbers

Page: 1037
South Louisiana... Dont forget about the NCRS show.
WOOHOO!! Ordered new parts today!
My 73 finally runs like a vette should
New Holley installed
62-64 327 Block ID and Heads, please help!
Engine building questions??
I can get a good deal on an 81 vette, but want to make sure I can HEAVILY modify it for power.
Rebuild HEI distributor?
G-Tech question
Muskegon Brakes.
Yaahoo! 71 Registry at 100 cars!
Cheap 6 speed
Afterburner Headers by Flowtech?
Rear Bearing End-play
Excessive steering wheel play
What type of Paint for Tire Wells?
This scared me to death today
Spanking Brand New Member
Need help with odometer repairs.
Removing A/C Equipment
How do the repair costs of C3s compare to other cars?
305ci 1980 Corvette
Is auto to 4spd swap possible?
Can you resleeve a previously sleeved engine?
Carburator Size
Holley ID question
I have a few questions about headers
GM Part number for Wiper/Headlight Actuator Relay Valve????
lock question.... can this be right ???
Build it or crate it?
Electric Tach on a 76 not working. What to look for?
Holley carb ID?
Weber Carbs
Att: Troy. Do we have a estimate when our Web sites will be back up
Bought another 76. L82 4 Spd. Gymkhana susp. A/C Side Pipes Alloy Wheels - Cheap!
posi trac?
Bamavettes make the April edition of Vette magazine!!
Rear Differential Removal - Any tips?
Need ya to take a look ...
What's the maximum that you can overbore a BB 402
Does a 76 L82 require an A.I.R. system, or is that only a Calf. thing.
Real bad squealing under the hood??????
Awesome Ride in a Dodge at Orlando Corvette Show...
Intake too high for BB to fit?
Removing the dash mounted headlight switch in a 69?
Sandblasting originial rims
Steering column
Mental health help needed...Decided to restore my 75!!!
Help reunite POP for 71 BB convertible to the car....
Rear exhaust filler pannel installation?
ANyone bought poly tie rod/ball joint boots?
Need pick of altenater bracket for 89 engine
Need info on T-tops for a 79
Dashpad dilema
When Cold, Car starts but then dies on first try, why?
Home page shut down now..
The price of corvettes too high?
Vinyl T-Tops
Trailing Arms in, have a question
Would this cam be too BIG??
Matching numbers vs. Modding it out.
Stuck Oil Filter/Synthetic Oil
Vette Brakes T-Arm Bushing Kit
Help!!!! Got $$$$ Need info...
Tire Question
Big Race Update.
Free Corvette e-mail
Saw a nice Pace Car F S
now what brought cars how to get home

Page: 1038
Fuel-injected years for C3s?
some more pics from atco
Someone hit my truck.......on purpose!!!
My 73 finally runs like a vette should
Can Petronix ignitor go "half bad"
Will not start
73 dist wiring
installing transmission tunnel insulation
Paging convertible owners, looking for hard to find parts!
Jan 27th. Almost 60 degrees. The Vette is out!!
Help troubleshooting an Oil leak....
last week for vette brakes and steeroids sale!!!!!!!
Does anyone have one of these they want to get rid of?
MPG diff b/t 3.08 3.55 and 3.70
FelPro Perma-Dry Oil Pan Gaskets - RTV yes/No?
congrats on gordons 12.70 today
Carb Tuning Basics
Just got my vette back from its inspection..
NQP Dash Panel from Corvette America
What sealant to use around fuel fill port?
Military and C3's
[mod] Brakes on power steering?
My '76 is bleeding red...
Corvette selling update
Crank Id from 350
Att: Moderators or Troy. Web site has been down most of afternoon
Need Recommendation On Valve Cover Gaskets
[PICS] Update on the rear end cleanup.
How big is your seat?
Very nice C3 Drag Car
Any experience with Duracool????
NCRS Show Pics
Big brown truck delivers.....
Transmission Kick Down Cable
Need Help!! Can't get my idle down
Finally got it fired!!!
I found a powecurve i REALLY REALLY like!!! (dd link)
CorvetteForum Dyno Day in Phoenix, Feb. 8
Engine ID help Please.
Seat Dimension
Ate a ricer today and an hour later I was hungry again?????
Differential side yoke follow-up question
Phantom White gauges
1977 T-top Carrier Strap Pictures
Won't turn over
getting passed by pantera(xotic)(pic)
Sidepipes and old exhaust system
Now this scared me to death today.
Front End Rebuild Documentation
Cams: Still totally dazed and confused!
Spindles loose??
NJ engine shop?
69 corvette convertible project: What's it worth??
Northern VA Corvette Club....Concurs d'Elegance date set.....
Wiper Actuator and Headlight Actuator ? on a 69.
Seeking 1973 Vette owner in Atlanta
Rear Gear codes - 1978
1979 Smog? Why at That Time?
power steering valve trouble
One T-arm out!
Jegs = Customer service
Websites for paint colors?
Here's the first custom job I ever did . . .
Sidepipes are done!
1974-75 Coupe questions
California Scrappage Regulations Hearing Set
Installing front pace car spoilers
Rhys, the bumperettes are black
Side pipe muflers
79 rear bumper...license plate light

Page: 1039
L-82? 4 spd? L-what? I'm so confused! Can anyone help me out please?
1979 Registry update
wiper switch panel slot ?
Back from silvervetteman's Barbecue, had a great time!
Speaker Boxes w/ 6x9,s
Rear End Choices for a 383 or ZZ4
Head Bolt Cleaninig
holley carb installation
How do I find members homepages? And how do others find mine?
Replace 72 rear end (3,08) by a 77 rear end (3,55)
How do I drop a steering column
What stall speed do I need?
Inteior lights? Please help a young corvette owner (17)
Feels like Spring
Speedometer problem
I need a page from 81' AIM!!!
wheel size. back spacing?
Please HELP. ’69 soft top release mechanism.
Rear Suspension Rebuild. While I'm at its?
great time at atco today......
Sagging Door How to Fix
Update on the Loaner Carb Program
Hopefully Minor Problems on my '74 Convertible -
Side Pipes - revisited!
Heater Core
Cutting out or bogging near top of RPM's - why?
In need of a tranny shop
I hope it's an April Fool's picture!
This beauty sold at the NCRS chow today in Orlando
Does anyone need a driver side blue mirrored top?
WIPER WOES ???????
FREE Hooker Reverse Flow Mufflers
65 comes down for the first time
Where in the heck are the casting dates on a L-36 at
Bored again..found build sheet, installed new emblem...
Addicted To The Corvette Forum??
Dyno Graph for :Dyno Test Results!! Holy Moly! Post
Desktop Dyno
[Free] 68-77 T-tops
Ignition Switch Replacement
Astro top
1980 syst clock fuse
questions.....I'm installing my own windshield.
60 degrees, January, Ohio
What are the tranny gear ratios for my 79?
What is Black Sheep Squadren?
Squeaks & Rattles
3.70's are in!!!!
NCRS Sunday Car Show!
Got a cool wave today...
82 Vette Driveshaft Question.
Just painted Vette...Check out pics...
81 Exhaust Manifold Removal
This forum is a bad influence (bought ROD 6 spd)
big block hood design ?
Chassis Dyno in N. Ca
78 Shift Kit...
What is the formula for rear end ratio??
Anyone got an Eckler's catalog for C3?
Mufflers or tips...I gotta get some pics
Anyone roll their car around when it's on a lift?
Check out this dyno chart...
seatbelt question
Are SS braided hoses safe for fuel lines?
Oooooze in Rear.
Mississippi (did I get enough "SS"es in there?)
Removing the outer bearing from rear spline
Nice to be buying these instead of parts

Page: 1040
# of sandbags in the back?
What type of fuel do these things use?
Interior dye question
Should I or shouldn't I???
Carter Carb?
What heads/cams would work good with Edelbrock TM-1 Intake?
Added 180 deg. therm. and still running @ 210 degrees
82 idle adjustment???
82 wiring diagram
In dire need of left exhaust manifold
Backorder from Summit?
crate engine torque/hp graphs
69 project car on ebay....
door locks in a 79, need help
Looking at crate engines... need to know what else I need to complete the swap.
R.I.P. sweet Corvette (or: Vettes never die)
changed radiator support frame and fluids..running 40 degrees cooler..
Before and after pictures of my Header and chrome install!!!!!!
ZZ4 verses 383 Stroker?
Canvas T Tops
Rebuilt or Remanufatured Carbs
Anybody had any experience with Brasington GM parts??
Steering Noise- Help!
Alternator Bracket Problem....still......
Finally got another 78.....
She Final lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do I replace the Alternator belt???
Randy's Ring & pinion
can my Q-jet be converted to electric choke
True Dual Exhaust?
After fixing something isn't it great to go for that first drive after?
Grundy Insurance?
So, I thought I had an alright deal on an engine.
Stainless Braided plug wires??
Automotive tech resources needed
B&M Shift Kit : Which Stage?
15x10 rallyes
Yellow 72 Are you online
how much "slop" in the rear wheels?
How can I tell what size (cfm) my Q-Jet is?
Valve stem/guide clearance ?
Michigan 50 degrees Love it!!!!!!!
Taking my baby to the SCCA open race tomorrow...
How original is this engine compartment??
Can someone decode these Alternator numbers for me...
How difficult is a TH350 to 200R4 swap?
Head Id #
How hard is it to change the accelerator pumps?
Which new front rotors?
Pictures from the NCRS Winter show in Kissimme, Florida
Best ways to get more HP out of a 73 350 engine.
TBI question - looking for hard facts
I Have Some Questions...
Cast or Forged Crank????
Corvette Phenomenon?
Driver's side Mirror
Weiand or Edelbrock?
Updated carb listing chart available for the Q-Jet Tuning Paper
Wiper relay
Best way to adjust valves?
What body type do I have?
Parking brake question
Console Shifter Plate
OMFG.....Take a Look!
Saturday Night in Charlotte NC
Got my StreetDampr....I sure is purty!!
Brake Questions
Rear main seal.....

Page: 1041
78 oil pan, can I replace with generic?
Bonehead question of the day ....
3 and 4 series carriers
Picture problem solved
Roll Cage for 74 Vette question
T5 Torq Ratings.
Anyone have a shot from the inside of your removeable rear window?
Headlights on 1982; troubleshooting
Rams Horn Exhaust Gasket?
wheel run-out how much
Cam and Lifters shot! What caused this
Have you heard of these heads? If so, what is your opinion?
Q-Jet choke question
Dyno Test Results!! Holy Moly!
Emission Test/383 or ZZ4?
Richmond 6 speed Trans.
I might have a new frame!
[side pipes] It sucks being on a budget
3,500 HP or 6,000 HP?
TTII's and Convo Pro's
To drive or Not to drive......
Edelbrock Air Gap Question
torque on pressure plate
Happy Corvette Friday...
Gasket help
Get together in Detroit area with go-karting?
Pass side window stuck?
Griffin rad hoses???
Mystery Gasket
Do I need to have a PVC???
need help with dress up. form to the rescue!
That a real seatbelt, or a Sears seatbelt?
Lars- Comp parts from forum members...
fuel psi
What is the best shock for a smooth ride on my 82 Vette????
aligment shims??
Head Gasket Sealant
Ten Commandments For Corvette Owners
bilstien swap
700r4 and stall converter ?'s
Modulator Valve
Ive got some fiberglass questions for you guys
Should he buy it or not?
Value of Vette with different engine?
Calling Mark69BB- Comp Cams XE274H
Afghanistan Arrival
'69 heater control valve
Help - Spun bearing - rebuild or replace?
WOW Tru flex
Brake caliper rebuild HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOM engines
Help in viewing pictures
Finally got my picture on my sig
What can I do to make my engine look better without tearing it apart???
Spider Gear setup specs needed, please respond
Name that vacuum hose (Or What the Heck is a T joint doing there)
once again I am requesting your opinions
What Holley Jet Size???
69 Project New Pics
Lets give away corvette parts!!!!!!
Shifter Knob
[NCM] Sebring 12 Hour Race Info!
any of you guys an attorney????!!!!????
UPS man stopped by today/ cam question
How do you run large fuel lines?
I just rebuilt my steering box & rag joint for 260.00
Why stroke a 350? Why not just go with a 400?
Source for Frame-Off Restoration

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painted my motor electronblue(pics)
60-70's Corvette Magazines - ???
wife + corvette + rain = &%^$((&*^$#
Forum Withdrawals
GWHITE75 and norvalwilhelm: Can you help me out please? :)
I need some Header help
Lowering my RPM's
Has Anyone Pulled a Pilot Bearing?
Help Please!
How are the roads in Canada
Security System
Thermostat leaked so.....
Wiper vacuum hose routing question:
What size tires are these?
Anyone know where I can purchase some coil springs for my 82 Vette in the Los Angeles Area??
OC vette went out of business?
Straight or Angled Plug Heads? Engine Questions.
What type of oil filter do you use?
Please help with LS-5 timing marks
1979 VIN Interpretation-How To....
brakes and b. line replacement
Need help..Regarding front end on 79 Corvette
7 leaf spring measurements
Why Does Chevy Orange Look Red?
Need to locate a Convertible cowl
Fuel Line>Pump to Carb
New digital camera - took a few pics
Demon Carb Prices......
79 L-82 q's
How wide are seats?
got a '79 & I'm working on a plan
Red73 does Corvetteforum proud!
bah...lost interested
Tar removal
sadness...time to sell...
Frame Repair Tips and Photos of Frames for Restoration needed
Fwd restricted view !
Another Ebay wonder...
All Interior Gauge Lights Out, HELP!!!
HEI distributors
Rapping, tapping, clacking sound that won't go away.
Ok, Here's one for you computer/network guys.
Rear gears question
Feeling Feverish...
Carb and Spark Plugs Question
?'s on tools for front suspension rebuild.
Is there supposed to be hold the cam in the block?
So, has ANYONE installed the Steeroids setup and driven it yet?
Holley fuel bowl repair.
'72 Radio Convector / Heat Sink
It's been a bad day, took an S-10 in the nose.
What was the First year of the "Sting Ray" as well as the "Stingray" ?
How Do You Wash Your Vette?
Pertronix Flame Thrower - any good?
? on Grease (Zerk) fitting on Steering Control Valve
Starter getting to hot and it wount please!
Tranny jack w/o engine
Any C3 people in NC?
69 stuck in gear
gear ratios of TH350 versus other 4-SPEED automatics? basis knowledge missing...
Performance Parts in Canada
Anyone heard of a B&M mini-blower?
Automatic to Manual Conversion
Richmond tranny questions
More help needed...
It's alive...thanks to a bunch of great guys!!!!!
Hello All...Rookie Here seeking direction :)
Where to get a 12 volt power supply under the hood?
427v8, you out there?

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I have a Working tach Again!!
Need Engine Compartment Pics!!
Best Corvette Magazine?
What would you do with $2000???
Uhhh, better later than never? Link to pix of fall car show
She's Home! Pic of the New Soft Top...
How do I find my 79's roots?
Does anyone have velour seats with vinyl?
I've got the Corvette Forum Loaner Carb!!!
cam movement (front to back), how much is too much?
hey c-3 las vegas guys where to go when there ?
Need headlight Vacuum Expert on a '78....
I´m sorry to ask this again..... may you post a pic of your spreader bar?
Any updates on Edelbrock IAS shocks? Anybody tested them out until now?
some old pics of my car i just found
Ordered PS hose from Ecklers. Will a pressure hose work as a return hose?
Has anyone seen or know what year has this piece?
A Day at Tom's
Does anyone have any Console Side Trim pieces?
msd 6a instalation in stock 80
Balancing Half and drive shafts
Which cam with this set up?
Americans Helping Americans
Brake Booster Question
Where to find parts
Vacuum controlled heater hose valve
Trailing Arm Bushing Install Questions
Blemish repair after K36?
Hot-Tanking Aluminum Heads
Serial Number Help!!!
282 S cam, valve lash question
First Corvette!!
1970 LS-5 high compression performance vs. 1971 LS-5 low compression
where can i find.....
No top end because of..tranny?
Thank you from The '73 Spot
new web page with pitures of my 1969 vette!
I give up!!!!!
Quick HI-Temp Paint Question
F-Body Electric Fans and Shroud?
Norval's ps assisted brakes
Temp Sensor Question
Carb tuning for "cornering"
Brakes are bankrupting me
Engine compartment paint?
[FL Misfits] Caravan Plans to NCRS Winter Show
NCRS Winter Show Attendees PLEASE READ!
Anyone in NC know of any electronic jobs??
Bump-Stick Equivalent to an L-82
Tried to start my car and POOF
78 Electrical Question
Air Filter Assembly information
Torque convertor selection
[Geek/Humor] MS Office Assistant help image......
Heater/blower question on a 73'?
Chrome trim around back window
C3 Smog Pump Pulley and Spacer-1979
Edelbrock Air Gap Manifolds
The Driver's Edge - Driving School
Sidemount headers for raised port BB - need recommendation
Cams for 350: XE262 or XE268
Jasper Long Block opinions please
Latest Corvette Fever,anybody got one handy??
Practicing Big Block Driving Techniques
Removing the Smog Pump
How much arc should a new 7 leaf spring have?

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160 mph speedo in a 75
Fan Clutch
Piston cleaning while in the motor
How to check is it original
Part numbers please
C3 vs C4 rear suspension...nothing yet...
New Ohio State Title Search Feature at Ohio BMV...
Stunk in 3rd
what would it take to make a LS5 run like a LS6
Rear "C O R V E T T E" letter spacing?
A few pics from the Denver Tech Session hosted by Lars!
Could have died this morning... Corvette scared the life out of me!
Ft. Myers, FL
Bilstein Sport Shocks
71 BB cooling fan part #?????
Vette Brakes Performance Plus Suspension pic's
Bargains at Barrett Jackson ??
New Car???
Head Install - Proper Sequence Help!
How much HP will stock 3/8 fuel line support.
To polish or not to polish, that is the question? (intake & water pump)
Welcome to the newest Corvette Challenge Sponsor
Amp meter dancing around -- suggestions?
GM hight torque starter
370O CFM Cooling Fan and Shroud
Are there any nice aftermarket wheels that will bolt on to a C3??
Alternator Question
Engine paint?
[FL Misfits] Superbowl Party?
Might give our '71 a younger brother! What should I look for in a '76 L82?
Bracket ID, here's the pics
Aluminum intake on 70 454 LS5?
I just went and saw a POOR POOR 69 Convertible...
C3 Alloy Wheels-Can They be Chromed?
I put a new speed ometer cable in today not to bad!!!!!
Air hammer question
Q-Jet Misc & Attn Lars
How difficult is it to change GEARS??
Measurments for body mounts and suspension points on frame
how to wire MINI STARTER???
Does anybody have GM part #'s for shocks?
Shipped Hood Greyhound.
Another distributor Problem.....HELP ME CHOOSE..
omg nice puddle...
T5 Help!!
Wilwood Dynalite vs Dynalite II Calipers
Please check the For Sale section
C3 Convertible question
Finally.. pictures!
Best Street /Strip gear for a TURBO 400 Poll
Crushing our cars !?!?!?!
Sanding and going to put another coat of primer on Check out sig
wheel restoring
crank date ?
What block machining is required to use OEM roller lifters?
Exhaust Question - '79 350 SBC, TH350 trans
Jetting, timing guidance info requested.....Lars?
Attn. '81 Owners: Sign in please!
Alignment Tools?
Piston data
Opinions on KB Hypereutectic Pistons
Oil Leak and warranty questions?
electrical problem
Painting and respiratory protection
Edelbrock Tech. support, interesting reply

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what spring shoud i use with new oil pump?
Wow Lot of work this weekend!! Put in New Headers and Break A WayTourque converter
Has anybody showed a car a at show Before?
Stainless Steel Exhaust Bezels
Cam swap - simple question.
Build your own bead blasting cabinet?
Newbie and future vette owner here.
Locked Out! Just bought my dream 78 Corvette but can't get it unlocked.
gear ratio?
Attention WARP 70
REFRESH MY MEMORY !!!(bolting rotors on)
Replacing vacuum break assembly on 74 Q-jet
Valve Question
Time for new fuel system. Ideas?
Has anyone heard of these headers?
What a difference!
HEI tach ('75) installed, engine off = 300 RPM???
Battery Light and Choke Light stays on
69 Seat Belt Warning Light
Do any C3 owners live in NYC?
Double Pulley for Alternator
Where to Put Temp Switch for Elec. Fans
Series 21 Locked & Loaded!
stupid @#@$@!@#@ing cheap waterpump!!!
The project progresses.....
H.P. Street/Autocross Tires; Goodyear Eagle GT 2's or BFG Radial T/A's?
Help On Exhaust.
question on checking mounts.
Advice on L48 rebuild
Let's Give a big send off to daily driver!
She's "done" - time for dyno!
Door lock rods
1979 L 82 4 speed tranmission
Installing new engine harness
POR15 Website
Oil Pressure satisfaction
The header adventure begins!!!!!!!!
Why does the idle keep increasing?
Heat Shield/Sound Deadening
Head Lights
Put the hardtop on the ' 72 today
Paint that can stand up to brake fluid?
Seat swap done, high power flasher installed. [pics]
Best way to de-gunk C3 undercarriage?
Vacuum Troubles
suspension engineers, give these ?s a try
(stupid question) limited slip vs regular differential
New Water Pump
Looking For Ideas - Rear Speakers For 72
Quality filters?
Fasten Seatbelt Light/Buzzer stays on
today is not my day.... :(
Local Car Show Pic's
Anyone ever see French locks for header bolts?
Big Block Road Race Header - WTB
Glass T-Tops, how do you get them to sit down on the outside?
Want to get side pipes....need advice
Electronic flasher swap- how the ?!?! do I reach the stupid thing?
engine overhaul
Problems with small block to big block swap?
'69 Steering Column Swap, Any Advice?
Will original 1982 rims fit on '76 Vette?
?? Where does this go?
Spal Temp Control
Distributor tilting on Drivers side by at least ¼ inch
location of speakers ?
Sanderson headers for big block
What is the Radiator Core?
What do I do next ??????

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What do I need for ~400 rear wheel HP?
I need HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPP again.........
Machine Shop Called - Bad News
Trick Flow Heads Help
Someone please school me on C3 Steering Hardware
81 Fan Clutch bad?
Vette is in Primer "Quick sand Surfacer"
New Cam or What??????????
What genius at GM decided.....
Shoulder Belt Retractors - Can They Be Repaired??
What sand paper to use before painting metal parts?
fading nose paint on '81 BG car
Parts is parts.
Tornado Fuel Saver
Whats happened to Speedvision?
Seat installation kit ripoff!!
Hey 'Mean Green', Looking Forward to Tune Tech in Feb 2002!!!
Any cool Vet Slogans
Can i convert a HEI to tacho drive?????????
Going on Vacation, Kick Back and Let my Hands Heal
Got new BLOWER
Exhaust Questions?
Parking brake adjustment
Took cruise control modual apart....doh!
700R4 question
What does zero deck height mean?
where are my post's going
Stall Converter Question
Engine building advice....
Florida Events Added to the Calendar
Rear Smart strut rod, what's the real performance gain?
My engine bay...
When is the Houston Corvette Show?
Alternator Suggestions
Trivia for the Day. Eleven-leaf Rear Spring on a 1977?
76 Registry
found steering problem :-)
weight of a stock 79 wheel?
A few more pics of Denver Tech session with Lars (part 2)
ATTN: Ganey
Now it's on to sanding and polishing. Let's go over the details once more.
Anybody running aluminum 1/2 shafts here?
Had my rear bumpers re-chromed
Gentlemen: The paint and clear went on today!!!
Header Part Number
P/S and alternator brackets for BBC
Transmission question (tq rating and what it means)..
Dimming headlights and slow headlight pop-up
Compression ratio?
Help with engine numbers?
ROAD TRIP! Springfield,OR to Ann Arbor, Mi......
[pic] Chrome colored wire wrap
Need a cam and intake for a daily driver 383
DFW Vettes, please check this out
Fine tuning a Demon
Rank the generations of vettes from 1-5
Paging Bence13_33
interior lights question
The Body mounts are off now!!!
HEI tuning ???
'76 Update-what heads ...
I got my website back up yesterday, its been down for 3 months.
Silver Anniversary
Please post your pictures of professional INDOOR show displays
I just can't believe what they did to these poor cars
White stuff in oil
BJ auction on Speedvision today

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Got My Baby Home.
Headlight Switch @ headlamp door
custom front spoiler
Big Block plans derailed, but I still need a plan
Cam question
Aluminum Head re-Torque Question
Suggestions on removing and replacing the fan shroud?
new msd went bad left me stuck on very dark road and im....
Looking for Ralley Wheels
@#$&% brake booster, tall valvel cover won't fit. What do I do?
Window Adjustment??#^()*&^!!
Braided brake hose kit
What is this thing called.
Cylinder Heads HELP!
stress cracks
Cold climate daily drivers check in...
I said Whoa you Mother Freaking Car!
Alternator weirdness? HELP?? (maybe Lars question)
Misc. Things Troubling Me...
Factory Race Bodies??????? History Quiz
any idea how to replace this?
heavy duty struts w/ spherical rod ends
How do I buy (while not getting screwed) a 'Vette over the net?
Please See Cam Specs, and Let me kow if anyone else is using similar Cam
Need help with Spark Plug Wires
Vettevisions -- Newenterprise, PA Are they any good?
Bondo on inside of front fenders?
gotta monster tach, where to place??
new stereo questions
Carb Question, 2 front set screws on a GM stock Carb. ? ? ?
Lars, Is this as bad as it looks?
[DOG] Just got back from a rescue
Rear End Change
Off topic---mechanics plese help
Rear End Gear Marking... How??
Hello from Guam
Strange observations while changing rear main seal, questions????
Spark Plugs
Just Got Word From The Machine Shop....
Removing halfshafts - Do I need to take off the rear wheels too?
A few paint questions
will these wheels fit?
Rare 77 Pace car for sale! Check it out!
How should I install my cam?
Where to get threaded pipe plugs...
Drove The Vette Today.
I need help with Cowl induction Parts.
Jegs vs. Summit??
I just checked with Comp Cams Tech. Line and They Said
Looking for non-Corvette Chevy forum
Removing 69 headrests? - Dah!
Replacement Engine?
Is there different types of vacuum? Nowhere to hook up??
I need some help with another car ....
Glass codes on ttops, need someones expert advise....
79' Front end rebuild
how much $$$ TO: Replace rear-main seal and oil pan gaskets?
Auction on Speedvision
Mileage comparisons
finishing engine detail in 3 days
TH-400 upshift question
Gauge Panel Surgery Required for New Radio/CD head unit?
Chassis dyno questions
Timing on '82
Driving the 'Vette in winter/snow?
Identify this bracket and win a prize!
[FL Misfits] Orlando Hooters Cruise-In Info!
Refrigerant Charge
HEI distrib question
Idle speed too high

Page: 1048
Stud girdle ?
Cowl Induction-who can explain?
66 Radiator Support Question
new guy...and i got questions
new steering wheel for 76
Windshield Installers
Directions to silvervettemans BBQ
Front wheel Alignment
Can cloth interior and carpet be dyed?
Why did you buy a C3 (78-81) vs a C4 ?
2 bolt main 4 bolt main...? What's this mean?
im shipping out tuesday!!! need vette storage info!!
Any Cool Bumper Stickers?
1967 Chevrolet : Corvette Convertible currently at $72,000...reserve not met !!
Smog Check Success - Sort of
'73 Service Bulletins Needed
Dart products block???
Who has a stinger hood on their car?
Carb Question
RTV vs. Teflon Tape For Intake Bolts
front end rebuild
383 question
6 Point Rear....again.
Witch way to prime my oil pump? CW or CCW? is now up....
Brilliant streaks of light.....
Mid America Chambered exhaust system, any user's?
What's the best way to cut exhaust pipes?????
Can someone help me find out what engine I have in my vette?
gas gauge problem
I bought a Hurst Quarter stick Shifter!
Low Profile Floor Jack?
Want a 200r4?
dumb question
Did someone say.....good grief!?
Just got my GM Vintage Vehicle Package! Let's see how much my '71 has changed!
What projects have you completed in the past year?
Brake question !
Lower Drivers side dash panel question
Need help with undressing (stripping) a Vette
How much should I expect to pay...
Free Tech Session & Beer in Denver this Saturday 1-19-02
Need an exhaust pic
Oil Pressure
Rollbar Install Picz.........
I have a heated garage! WhoooHooo!
Corvettes on the Circle 2002 -Sarasota FL
Building a 377 stroker engine for my 82 Vette, but how can I add performance to my 700R4 tranny???
Coervettes in the Memphis area.
Paging: Corzvette69
Painting Kickpanels
Anyone with dual points experience?
Pictures of my 6 link
Oil analysis results for 7000 mile oilchange
Anyone seen Merlin lately?
Header wrap
Thanks for the help
Rebuilding P. Steering Valve
BEST BRAKES AROUND:mov’it brake system for C3!!!
What wax do you use on your C-3?
Door rebuild (1970 coupe)
Carb rebuild how much $$$$$
Who sells the best fiberglass bumpers?
Lunch with C4 and C5 guys from the forum
Where can I get this part?
Quadrajet secondaries
Any problems with jacking a C3 under the front crossmember?

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Weather stripping????
F$%#%^$N Drivers(OT link)
New Paint Care?
Bilstein suspension worth the money?
Need red/red 78-81 C3 pic
Bubba wuz here. Hood scoop questions??
HEI coil advice
Intake Manifold Under a Stock Hood
What should I look for when buying a 68-70 Vette?
Need a fan shroud for a 69 small block
Cam Experts Please explain “Lift and Duration”
Blue Vettes in DFW, TX
Narrowed rear in my vette
How much less for NOM?
Have to make a new fuel line.
'71 454 With 4.11 rear... why is it so lazy?
Transmission Question/ Problem???
Two day free shipping form Jegs!!!
Met Eddie 96 .....
C5 seats in a C3
Who has used (using) Techlines black Satin
Tire Size
"Totalled" '82 CE
Which vacuum port for vacuum advance?
*$#&%* Car Insurance
Quesion about big block heads?
Iron vs. Aluminum Cylinder Head Test
[Speakers] I searched and couldn't find...
Wow! This forum has changed! Cool!
Im going to cut my radiator shroud in half!
attn all Tuxedo Black C-3'rs, advice please
Nice job 76Red
Big Vacuum Test, Reading 11 at Idle and 5 in Drive
Headlight rebuild... slowly but surely
alignment questions
Cruise Control Transducer
Special "Extra" race for the 2002 Cartek Corvette Challenge !!
is 37.50 per arm to much money for control arm bushings?
Fuel Pump Install ?
Stinken Muncie
Additives to clean heads ?
Need help installing new intake/carb
Things I don't want to do again!!!
weak brakes
Power Steering Rebuild
Anyone here going to Cruise-in III?
Good Valve Train Repair Website?
Tranny Trouble
Ram's Horn Exhaust
She's ALIVE!!!
This forum is awesome!
Another reason why this forum is so great.
Rear Tru Flex bumper "CORVETTE" letters
How much weight savings? Headers VS Cast iron manifolds??
steering vibration damper ?
Corvette shop New Sign.
Anyone with a 79-ish C3 have any leftover parts after installing headers?
Eckler's Richmond trans conversion kits?
Hood latch Cable
TH 400 total fluid capacity?
Floppy Mirror
problem with forum or just me???
Valve Cover help.
150 Amp alternator
Carb Jetting - Opinions/Expertise this what I need?

Page: 1050
Horn Button & Headlight Knob removal
Seat Cover Install
Picked up the vette today
What coolant should I use in Florida
Vortec Manifold 1/2" Taller than Edelbrock Performer...Darn!!
Check out, they claim they can blow away a Calloway with an I6.
C4 guy needs C3 help!!!!!
Destroyed C3 from a crash
Cast iron exhaust manifolds
Timing related to piston location question.
Hooker side pipe owners
Why Is It ??????????????
Want to get SICK.....chek this out*&^*$%*
Backfiring- What causes it?
Distributor Recommendations
trouble with steering :-(
Big pics of cappy's car
Painting Fiberglass Side Covers.
Predator carb inputs.
A/F mixture gage is installed
Noise coming from rear tire
Estimate hp/tq???
The Wanderer is alive and well
To header or not to header - that is the question.
Just another dino vs synthetic oil question
new kid in big city
350 HO in a 79
Anybody tried polishing intake manifold ?
Autometer Cobalt Series
Another Potential Buyer doesn't show!!!
Ramps, floor jacks ??????
Edlebrock Performer Intake Routing
Synthetic oil and cork this a problem?
which is cooler?
Electric wiper door switch actuators?
Do any other 700R4 people have this problem?
Wild Cam " Not Enough Vacuum For Power Brakes"
New Exhaust System - what to choose?
anybody heard of a Daaco brand torque converter?
change from Manual choke to electric What would I need
Battery Draw - Somebody will know...
Does a "72" L48 use a ballast or resistor wire to the coil?
Compression Readings Please!
Ever bump your car's nose into the garage wall?
Need advise on new carpet for 79 corvette???
How much should I ask for my 350?
Any suggestions on a dwell meter?
Interesting brake problem.
Bought a new carb, intake, and K&N Drop Base
Looking for transmission shop
speedo cable ??????? 1980
Rip Snorting Fuelie Beast!!!
Wanted - Pictures of Bow-Tie Carb Linkage Adapter Installed
Car is getting harder and harder to start - carb or something else???
ZZ4 Overheating ???
Any-one try using Mechanical fuel pump for power booster vacuum
Ceramic Coating Experiment, anyone have any old beat up block huggers?
68 Body Lift
Startup after 7 years of sitting
Seat installation help??
I'm so glad I have a C3
when is the monterey show this year
Regina, Sask. Corvette Club?
At the Machine Shop
Secondaries opening -- how to tell?
*Normal* vacuum at idle??
Spicers or Brute Force Ujoints?

Page: 1051
Is installing a shift kit essentially rebuilding the tranny?
Getting to the turn signal mechanism
Heater Core Help
Sanderson coated headers?
Desktop Dyno Help Please?
You are SOO ME!!!!
Where to buy Alternator Rebuild parts for a '78
Grills on the back against rear window
Anyone with Electric Fans???
Please run a desktop dyno for me
Be sure to check the REGIONAL EVENTS section of the FORUM regularly!
Mallory Unilite Setup- Help
'73 Motion Vette
Advice on engine mods
Question for you guys.
Front Headlight Assemblies Sinking
Is this guy nuts????????
desktop dyno help
Racing, big TYME...
questions about my "sluggish" 79
Help me ID this gm crate motor please?
Quick question about T-arms; let's beat snot out of dead horse :)
Rocker Panels
Oil Pressure disappointment
Squealing Brake Pads
Strange new noise...
Broke down and ordered the Dynomax Coated headers today from Jegs
planning spring project: engine removal
What causes oil to leak from the breather cap?
Need a little help please.
Even another paint question
Replacing brake calipers, what to expect?
Ok, So I Lied....
home made tear-offs?
L98 injection on a C3?
Anyone put a HUD in a C3?
How SCREWED am I ?????
Winter here - Rear end out!
Will a Test Pipe Help?
Post your Black C3 pictures!
Horrible C3 accident!
Disassembled 68 vette.... should I buy it.
Help needed removing windshield washer tank from my '79
How does this sound for my restoration on the 75...?
wife calls me and says vette drives nice!!!!WHAT?
Replacing turn signal lever
230cc on 383?
What's better true roller, or gear drive timing set?
Front fender emblem measurements.
454 Crankshaft kit?
Foldable convertable t-tops on eBay
Horn question
Will it ever end!
How about this cam for the BB
[Road Test] 1969 L71 4-speed; Car and Driver, September 1969
Rust Inhibitors
HomeMade One Man Corvette Body Lifter
Just got through with Rr Wheel Bearings--What a @#!%$!!!
Silvervetteman's Barbeque
Replacing gaskets in left exhaust manifold. Help!
New starter, alternator and battery.
spraying paint tommorrow....I'm a little nervous.........
96 CE wheels on a 68
NCRS Question?...Anyone!...Anyone!
OPINIONS NEEDED - Upgrading Exhaust system
Oxy - Acet on exhaust?
Atlantic City Convention Center Car Auction?

Page: 1052
3 shocks blew while lifting -- need advice
is there anybody from pittsburgh here?
Corvette Calendar
Goodbye Qjet, Hello Holley?
Ouch. Parking brake
Misc. Questions Troubling Me...
maybe the worst custoization to date ... why, why, why ???
My 79
Fuel injected big blocks (or big cube small blocks) + OD -- who's done it, and what MPG?
Brake Bleeder Screw Broke off - @#$%
Picture This!!!!
Status of `53-`82 parts book on CD?
Electrical Headache!!
Terrible idle when rough - help needed
How do I avoid "lemons" on the Internet?
Flex Fan
Help ID an old chevy (NON VETTE) part
Whats the real difference between a Saginaw and Muncie(M-20 or M-21) tranny??
Last Posting, I leave by mid week.
Exhaust valve clearance problems
lars, qjet guys, see what ya can find on this carb
The NCM and a Show Near You!
Were pace car spoilers an option in 79?
4 Speed Transmission InterLock Cable??? (What should it do?)
Question for Lars or other Distributor experts?
Fauxrs - are you out there?
Rally wheel weight?
Need some advice
Help with idle please!!
Question for Zwede
Small Block Stroker Advice Needed
Help in valuing a 1978 vette
Anybody have any used, original, early-Q-Jet inlet fittings to donate to the Forum??
Oil Temp sending unit?
Getting ready
err... Fan shrowd
Correct Size for Trans Line-To Radiator Hoses
Should my Electric fan be running at idle?Car too COLD!
Must I remove the radiator to put on the body
Looking at a 73 vette.
"A ZZ4 will not pass emissions......ever !!"
Detailing Aluminum Intake
Cam question...
Some BB questions
Isnt it funny what you dont see
What would I run in the 1/4??
Dash Pad, what is the trick to get it out?
Top end engine rebuild
Rechroming Advice
Any experience with Tru-Flex bumpers?
Anyone catch the C3 model on the back of this week's Parade
[VIDEO] Got my line lock installed!
just replaced my cd player.....//
Gas mileage!!??
700R4 questions
Auto shipping company Buddy bought a 71
Deer whisle things
miniature vette side
How do magazines measure width?...
Fuel warning lite on 78
Resistor on alternator??? Anyone have any ideas????
Edelbrock vac. sec questions
Correct numbers on motor?
HELP!!!!!!!!! I need the correct back spacing specs NOW!!!
new gears!!!!!
What Corvette bodystyle do you feel most looks like a "Corvette"
HELP WITH MY 79 VETTE !! ?? !! ?? !! ??
Fouling Spark Plugs
Question regarding restoration of a 79 corvette....need info

Page: 1053
Ignition Buzzers - Which Model is NOT Annoying?
Lars visit to Jacksonville Florida in the works
You guy's think I can beat this guy in the 1/8th?
Sound like wheel bearing / rear suspension rebuild time? Or something else?
Questions regarding 79 corvette resto..need info...
Aux. Heaters Topic 4 in 1
Alternator Wiring BAH!!! Help
Fuel Pump Leaking
[A/C car] Heater core replaced!
HELP! Installing Water Pump. Bolt hole stripped!
Was an airdam under the front available in 1974?
Maurice Whups My Butt
The guy who screwed me on my wheels, Kurt Haugan; "azdesertshark"
New Shift knob for C3 Auto?
440 Chrysler vs. Big Block Chevy:
Side Pipe Cover Protection???
Thanks for Voting!
c-3 drop spindles
stock tire size
**1969 L-88, Hot Rod Magazine, April 1969**
I know I know this is the C3 section..
Hedman Headers in Cdn $
Still need help on changing my username
Who is the guy that runs Corvette
Is it Cool to have the Master Cylinder so Hot???
Rear suspension removal question
Trouble with top end w/ a Edel. 600
Big Block Convertible Question
Power Window Motor Rebuild
Opinions of 72 LS-5 motor?
Edelbrock Carb made all the difference!
SC 400 Lexus faster than a Vette.
T-Top storage,lug. rack?
Distributor Wire Question
Transmission or Exhaust problem
coilover rear shocks
Replacing the Brakes on my 77'
Power Steering Control Valve was NEW!! Will Corvette Central replace?
Old & New Engine Pics>Little BIg<
Pics of Two Cars I had When I Was 18.....
AFR 190cc for SBC
Crate motors?
Please help me out here! Is Nitrous N20 or NO2
Ummm......I think evryone should see this......NOT GOOD!!!!
Two Quickies..Questions That Is!
Trouble shooting Fuel System cont.
A/C experts, oil in compressor? and add a fan to condenser?
Meet German Vette Nuts in Florida!?!?
4,000 RPM @ 80 MPH??????????
Carb question on choke
Weighing Heavy on my Mind...
Window channel lubricant?
'68 L71 long block needed
Time to GET TOUGH on the Tough Love '76! - LONG (winded)
I need some help with my 76 vette
junkyard scrounging
Heat garage with Pelonis Utility 1500 watt Heater
3.08 to 3.70 results
Opinions on Aftermarket hoods
Yet another paint question.
Almost That Time!
PS Control Valve-Pitman Arm Noise
What is the Best shift kit available for a Turbo 400?
700R4 in a 1974 C3
Started the Vette today!!!
Drove the vette 2 days in a row!!!!
Nothing seems to be easy when working on these vettes

Page: 1054
175hp for 1975??? This sucks...what options do I have?
driveshaft question for those with 700R4's in their cars...
Nice 1969 Can Am 'vert for sale!
Illinois Emissions Requirments
Congratulations Paul !! any good? Anyone in Canada order from them?
Highest revving engine
Engine gurus - opinion please
Cooling system Flushing and refill , Best way?
Anyone looking for T-Tops and other parts?
A great trip to Ft. Lauderdale today.
Is the bypass hose from the intake manifold to the water pump necessary
Shop Manuals are GREAT!!!
need pics of engines, for ideas (valve covers & air cleaners)
Going to get my LICENSE Tuesday!!!!!
Would you..
Can someone point me to some online vette parts classifieds?
Accel Super Coil? Who's got-em?
1987 Corvette on a new auction site. check it out
L-36 intake porting
Tough Love
Mushroomed side yokes....
Do your torque control arms scare you????
Installing Intake Manifold with no oil leaks?
Brake Master Cylinder Vacuum Leak???? What the heck???
Got a storage question for you guys.
Any opinions on Valvoline MaxLife?
To nitrous, or not to nitrous, that is my question....
How do you keep your steel ramps from slidding away?
How Was your Week?
Check engine CODE 34, any ideas?
New Hampshire Vette owners.. Any problems with emmissions?
how do i change my registered email address?
homemade car ramps
Motor to 700r4 tranny?????????
bad news(kinda long)
Help on: New Valve Covers, gaskets, etc.
Question on power steering.
Looking for good prices on parts to build a 377 stroker in California, can anyone help??
Leather Seat Patch Upholstery Repair - Directions.
Need Help with These Dam Brakes, Just Installed Power Booster.
Red '76s
Best place to buy a Comp Cam XE 256 or 262.
SpeedDirect Steeroids rack and Pinion Kit Received - Pics and Installation
Help needed with pressure plate ordering!
Brakes- Tap Size??
Attention '71 Vette owners!
Starter Wiring???
Calling FL Misfits
Member for 500 days !!!
My car on the cover of the Corvette Restorer Magazine!!
does anyone have plans to build a box for a remote stereo system?
Is there anything of C3 interest in the Atlanta area?
Radio question
My new Tom's 30 spline posi & inner yokes (pics)
I need a new torque wrench
People really piss me off!
cylinder heads and casting numbers?
I need Parts
Can drooping T-Top headliner be fixed
side window adjusting..
This seems to be a regular topic - Thanks Lars!
Two questions, What paint gun? and Exposed fibers?
Would u cut a hole in your original hood for a blower?
Create Your Own Ricer!
Who was the guy in DFW that lost his 70 vette?
'71 LS6 questions
Intake/Carb combo??

Page: 1055
question about heads
Summit; Supercharger for carb
Timing mark is way out there!
Best thing about The Last Detail...........
question about the stock quadrajet
[NCM] Superbowl Tickets anyone?
Supercharger types.
Just ordered Steeroids R/P kit!!!
DO I need a new oil pan
Which way do the body mount bushings set in?
Refinishing '69 sidepipe covers
Late model camaro % T/A wheels on my C3???
whats our wheel pattern?
Need help with brake line routing
Bair's Corvettes ?????
Woo Hoo Bairs delivers....
I thought I did everything I needed to do for my Rear end to live under serious Big Block driving.
Chuck you have both, give us a run down
Can someone tell me what these numbers on the block mean?
Need a good readily available chemical to brighten oxided aluminum intake
I would like this z06 speedo/tach cluster in my C3
Oil Pressure Line to Dash: Do I need to prime?
VETTEPAUL - Congratulations!
Virginians -- Eliminate Front License Plate LEGALLY.....
No Longer "Wannavette" - Bought a 73 Convertible yesterday!
TLD the last Detail had a sweet 70 vette for sale
I don:t have a clue do u
"Dyno Shop................"
Power steering pump and mounting options
I finally got my bought my dream Vette.
Anyone know what happened to Racing Head Service?
[Early C3 Guys]Steering Wheel Swap, Opinions?
Opinions on rebuilt engines?
Engine - Block Number
My buddy is going for this car!!! what do you all think??
Where do you all get your Zaino products from?
Newbie Hello and Questions
Are driveshaft/half shaft safety loops a good idea?
Which speedo gear for TH400/3.70:1?
forged vs hyper(sp)
Check Engine light on, how do I read the codes?
Air Conditioning Hose question
Rear End Noise - Grrrr.
[Bushings]: C4 needs help from the Shark crew!!!
C3 tilt front end on E-bay
Moon Weber intake for BBC
A GREAT day ...
Building 500+ HP 383, what rear end?
1pc pan gasket: RTV req'd?
Look what the original owner did to 'ol Blue!
Control Arm Shaft Bolts
Never heard of a Devin Corvette before....have you?
Anyone convert to power door locks ???
is this a suffix code
what do you think of this license plate...
81 corvette heads
Clicking sound coming from Turbo400?
Removing Doors on a 79
Hooker exhaust system
Paint prep question....
1973 Front Grills
Question for those who replaced carpet
Painting prices
Definition of "Built" ?
Thw "Natural" look - or "going nnude"
Car in body shop. 2 Pics of engine.

Page: 1056
C-3's with squeezable noses?
Steering box questions??? NEED some help, PLEASE!! PULLING MY HAIR OUT
Fiberglass work question?
any detroiters intrested in some fiberglass side work?
Plastic Wiper Cover
New Windshield Source recomendations?
Sanding after primer and before paint ?????????????'s.
Flywheel -- 153 tooth vs. 168 th
Engine - Finally a K&N
Air conditioning question
Help with manual locks to power locks!!!
Aluminum Flywheel ?
converting coupe to vert
Ooops! D'oh!
Cam kit prices?
block no. ?
Beware of Corvette Barn
1973 Candian L-82 Question
Breaker, Breaker.... Twinne you got a copy?
Ever notice this about Corvettes with automatic transmissions? (worthless trivia enclosed)
Interior Gutted
brocken tack---update
Why do people have to do these things??!!
Whats a 72 BB rolling chassis worth?
Power steering fluid question.
Ladder fell on my hood!
1972 LT1 ?
Which thermostat should I use in South Florida ?
New 383 on the Dyno today HP ok TQ wow!!
Has anyone installed a hidden audio system yet?
Wiper Adjustment
Thank-you ALL for helping me elimitate the Idler Pulley on a 454
I need help real fast on a VIn # please reply asap
Books/internet sites comparing different years of C3?
strange pop??
Thermostat Housing?
Many are replacing gauges this winter....I will cobalt gauges..opinions?
Any good paint for the headers??
Yay!!! UPS Man brought my spring!!!
Thank you UPS man !!!
Need advise; installing carb this weekend
Oil Temp Gauge
Security Systems
Weeping Milodon oil pan?
Replacing Dash Speakers...any suggestions
Changing from 4spd to auto?
Paging YLOSE, Paging YLOSE
E4ME Q-Jet question
Shameless PLUG or S.E.M. products
Help! Smoke coming from the left exhaust manifold
Which Guide T-3 Headlights are correct for a 1972?
Just finished up with my C-F site
Control arm bushings poly or rubber?
Calling redvetracr About fire systems.
Transmission - B&M Installed
How do I drain the oil from the Air/Cond Compressor
Swap 78 door hardware for 72-76
New Hood Consideration
Thanks Lars!
My frame repair...
Wheel stud size?
Let's play, "How did this ever happen???"
Hello and Help (New Engine ???'s)
Mini starters -- better?
Header and True Duels Installation Questions?
I need to buy a new Distributor.. need your advice guys.
Another One Bites The Dust
100th post!!!(almost)
New 69 Project Pics

Page: 1057
Dave Hill presentation in Colorado
I have some questions about the L88 hood for use on my 76
Carb lines, where do they go?
Any-one Tried installing The Belt from Crank to Water Pump with-out Idler Pulley
Removing Differential questions
Question about power locks
Roll Cage - step 1
How much hp does the L88 really have?
removing halfshafts from rear wheels, Help
Wheel ?s, AGAIN!
I got ripped off last night.
Best Torque Converter For Stock LS-5 BB?
What's this made out of?
Need some numbers help "Please"
rim stamp check.....
Newie Question-Difference between a supercharger and a turbo charger??
Trans question
What kind of rear-end did the ZL1 have?
Anybody know where I can find an A.I.R. pump hose?
Roll Bar
More QJet trouble.
Mounting dual 12" Flex a lites electric fans... ?
Hurst Shifter
Custom dual 12" spal fans for 27.5" radiators
Heater cluster lighting question
39043392 alu. heads value ?
HELP engine guru's: stupid mistake involving sand
Well I Got Another Surprise Today....
New Vette Owner
L-88 Hood with Small Block
Valve cover spacers
Any tips for Bloomington Gold SURVIVOR attempt?
32V heads on eBay...
will bigblock halfshafts fit small block car?
Welcome a new member "KENTUCKY81"
Caught Wife Looking At Corvette Show...
Got 3.70's!
Any Sharks with the LT5?
does ur vette do BURN-OUTS ?
Chevy Corvette show in Chicago
350 Heads
Gage face color
Carb choices
Anti-Freeze overflow problem
HP Experts: Care to Speculate?
Q-Jet off idle stumble - Update
Lessons Learned The Hard Way
Front MonoSpring System
ylose, got a question for you. . .
Checking Ride Hieght
Connecticut paint shop
Tire sizes?
Helments & Drag Racing
good lord...ebay...
Harmonic balancer ok ?
Magnafluxing question
Is there an article that can prove that chey put headers into the truck of the L88's
HELP! She won't start!
Rally Wheels
327/350 Cam question
Corvette for sale
I am such a tard.
How much would you bid...
Ammeter needle bounces wildly sise to side
Noticed my neutral idle was low... car stalled idling in reverse.
shipping a hood?
Calling '71 Vette #10310!
Now What.....Rear Wheels Tilting Inward????

Page: 1058
true spoke wire wheels strong enough ?
4speed service, and clutch R&R
68 - 72 Corvette Pics
More paint ??????'s. Spider cracks on front fenders???
Corvetteforum Neighbor Locator is launched!
tornado fuel saver
Q-jet question....lars?
ELECTRICIANS (professional and do it yourselfers) Here is a poll for you.
Rear brake caliber installiation question!!!
going crazy
Would you trade? 69 vette for 69 Z28
What brand of tranny fluid do you use???
Rear End Gear??
Mechanical Fuel Pump Installation
Trailing Arm Bolts
Anyone have a stinger hood for sale?
List for putting your Corvette in storage
Looking for BB, what do u all think..
Oops. How bad did I screw up?
seat reconditioning DONE!!!! heres some tips that i found out the hard way...
BB '68 Roadster without power steering
Gas Gauge Problem
Steering box grease question?????
New clutch\pressure plate suggestions for BB
U-joints...which ones?
white face gauges???
How did you install your dual spals
Who said rebuilding the headlights would be easy???!!!
Anybody running a dominator flanged carb with an L88 hood?
Anthrax.........& my historic license plates
Start the engine and the lights pop up............WHY?
Emblem Installation
How much does TTII wheels weigh??
hood clearance difference from stock to big block
Rack and Pinion for a C3... Check this out
paging BB gurus !
Overheating cars with AC
700r4 lockup
Cams, Cams, Cams...
Question About Zip Corvette's 76-82 Radiator Support
Checking Temperature guage for accuracy
69 Vette - Supercharged and nitrous
L-82 console wood inserts
Windshield trim????.......
need some, cough,ford help
Daily Drivers??
Front Panel seperating Just behind the front Light Lids
Bad for front wheels to hang down for a month???
Who is running 3:55 gears?? Do you like them??
c3 shark tank closed ?
Replacing body mount bushings.
BODY MOUNTS: Replacements? Where & what to get??
just a few more mods........
supercharged and nitrous injected...
is PF35C a tall PF25?
Fuel saving gadgets
ever scare yourself while driving??
Firewall Insulation/Vent Installation
What performance gains can be expected....
Anyone have a link to the previous post
[Vote] ...For your favourite '69 Corvette site!
1982 Trivia
Driving your Vette in snow?
How hard is it to change rear end gears?
Axle shafts
what does stingray mean anyway?

Page: 1059
'79 Tach Testing
Which drop base are you using?
Zip Customer Service = A+
Name the Dirtiest, Stankiest, Place on your Vette!
Question Regarding Electric Fans
Only 36 corvettes in '69?
quick torque converter question...
Explain something to me please...
For those of you wit hthe Paragon catalog...
Anyone Ever Use The Eckler's Analog Radio Upgrade Service?
BB, Need Help On Hood Clearance
Single 16" electric fan install a great success!!!!
Can I have both sidepipes AND rear exausts at the same time?
drag races in hawaii
Antifreeze, is there a better or best brand?
STEEROIDS, anyone?
anyone with Skinny front wheels or new 15" wheels....
Which vendor gave you satisfactory results on interior trim pcs. ?
Front Suspension disassembly????????
Mid America's true dual exhaust - would I do it again?
Anyone have a vacuum line schematic for a 1978?
Log In
73-82 Front bumper brace seals, inner skirts? What are these?
Rear end rebuild tool question
Anyone have a ZZ4 with a Supercharger?
Need Help - Protect-o-plate codes
1) Hood clearance problems/sagging hood 2) A/C system tips needed
Tachometer and MSd 6a
Rebuilt Engine - Minor Head Gasket Water Leak
Wiper Dood Vac Help
welding question
Admissions by EPA - What emission standards before 80
Another EBAY travesty!!!!
Spare Tire Tub Color
No Sunday Vette Driving Today
What do you think of this paint job.
What is a good digital timing light?
What to do with my project...
Help! Need Brake advice.
Rochester or Holley
HELP ON: P/S - new or rebuilt? Rear Leaf Spring is decaying - Rear seal leak
Any-one know the Part # for Idler Pulley on a 73-454
Radiator Removal...please HELP!
designing a body dolly in cad, need mount........
transmisson questions
80 - 82 licence plate light
Big Favor to Ask While I'm Deployed to Afghanistan!
Measured my side yoke play and.....
Finally! New pulleys and fan are inside
sbc casting # help needed-can't find on Mortec
Anyone use Red Line Power Steering Fluid?
Speedo for '82 That reads Higher Than 85?
Edelbrock 2101 vs. Weiand 8004
My In-laws got me stool for christmas!
Hey all I`m thinking "Racing Stripes" Take a look and tell me what you think.
An alternative for you guys looking to buy AR TT IIs!
Phoenix area mechanic needed
"Heavy Duty" rear end (third member) covers
Any other vendor for rear end parts (posi)?
If Everyone in C3 Clicked Right Now!!!
Heading out to sea soon.
Aftermarket wheels in Ecklers catalogue
C3 windshield replacement: advice? experience?
Engine number de-coding help please
Is this normal? or am i about to make a costly mistake?
Vette Wagons. comparison and other info...
which Holley carb should I use 650 or 750?

Page: 1060
Corvette Club Listings?
Bad New Guys, Duty Calls!
Install of new speakers and radio in the 80. Warning several 50K pics.
New Starter
77's and factory side pipes?
Free Trim rings you pay the shippipg!!!!!!
Broken studs in rear tail Light 1968
MICHIGAN C3s sign in here
where is the radio wires?
heater-rear defroster trouble on 78
C3 Bashing going on in the C5 Section
"Bashing" Corvettes -- Take Two!
To pull engine or not- cam/head replacement
Body sanding questions. Yes Again!
New Member of the Family
Anybody going to Barrett Jackson this year? (Scottsdale)
Vortec casting numbers
Which Intake Gasket for Performer Manifold?
What VIP´s drive or own a Vette ???
Stupid Intake Manifold Question
Brake Question and Misc.
Chevy Rumble mag....L79 feature plus other notable small blocks to 1970.
ZZ4 intake help!
Just wanted to say hi
Help Finding a motor!!!
Guilty....I drove the Vette today in Toronto area!
always when i am not in the vette...
Put the body back on frame tonight.. By myself!
sell and buy new or upgrade ..what would u do??
At long last, Series 20 locked & loaded!!
Crossmember mods to fit a 4L80E into a C3
Rookie Restoration Advice
carb for a 76 stingray
The engine is out - few questions
268H High Energy vs. XE262.....cams
Can anyone help with this?
Anyone ever use Bulldog brand car alarm???
Who Do You Think Would Win???
EGR or non-EGR Intake
Coolant capacity 73BB
All you guys using Stall convertors
Calling sellers: 71 value
Tach circuit board - 76
Corvettes and the NCM on discovery channel right now!
Rocker Molding question.
How to change creator name?
Could Someone Please Explain Balancing?
Survivor Car
Small Leak in new header: How to fix?
Oil leak through valve guides ?
Does anyone have Jet Hot Sterling?
Need a part number for the Vacuum T on the intake behind the carb 78'Vette.
Whitening washer tanks
to mill or not to mill...?????
Vacuum Modulator
Show me some pics of....
Alternator Problem
Anyone have the KwikLift?
Has anyone rec'd a C&P Corvette magazine lately?
Radiator Support>Bair's<
Color change?
Air in my brake lines..Help!
Trans necessary is one with a 2400 stall TC?
Brake problem/question
If You Own A Vette and are Deploying to Afghanistan, Please log in.
Numbers help
Gkull - I got my 4L80E yesterday, does it fit?
Any recommended bodyshops, engine rebuild shops or suppliers in Ontario

Page: 1061
Can someone measure this for me...
lights have decided to stay-up :(
License Plate Bezel
What is "double clutching"?
MAC from Ken
C3 Seats ????
Read this before buying any "blue" headlights. VERY interesting site.
Side Exhaust Cool But Big $$$
Car insurance question, who to go with in texas?
i know what's wrong with rice drivers!!
Leaking caliper, what's involved w/ a rebuild?
(poll) Agony...what would you guys have done?
anybody use cranes nitrous cams?
Need electrical wiring id help
To Paint or Not To Paint
You VETTE guys and girls are too much
Wow!!What a bunch of nice guys!!!!
4 wheel disc standard?
Calling the Florida Misfits!
What is currently wrong with your Vette?
this is what happens when you put the pick up in wrong!
Radiator installation
New idea for an avatar! What do you think?
Pics of aftermarket Rims on a C3?
427 block decoding.
Engine Rebuild??
Headers and Spark plugs
What suspension do I need to handle a 9 sec 1/4 car?
@##@@!@# hinge bolts!!!
COrvette guys going to Sandlandstan
Re: C3's vs. C5's: Who is going to show up at the Cruise-In III
1980 Corvette Battery Wire Junction Block.....
RPO Code Location
How long should you have to wait.......
OK Florida Misfits....
Air Leak In Brakes
Speedo / odometer calibration... ???
No Power and a new sqeak - Fuel Pump?
"Bashing" Corvettes
Eric 70...congrats...your car in Corvette Fever
Where to get correct PS pump bracket and alternator bracket??
More stupid shock questions
calling 63banshee
Bad--crashed '71 Coupe
Need a very small favour from a fellow '78 owner
True-flex bumpers-GRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!
Need to find center cap HELP ?
Big block cam advice
Finally got these gears...
early 70's BB belt patterns - help !!
Dissrespecting great sports cars !!
This is the ultimite sight
Putting a ZZ4 in an 82?
Mercury Bottle..What is this?
"Home" Shopping in Northwest Ohio - Gotta Accomodate my vettes (C3 and C5)
Check This Out....Anohter "VetteWagon??"
passenger door hard to open
HD Idler arm, how to identify?
how rare is a 1980 4speed?
Gas Tank Replacement
Will these Mickey Thompson tires fit?
Instant Garages
10 year project almost done, Desk top dyno help please. Critiques
Is it Ok to top off a radiator filled with green antifreeze with orange antifreeze?
A 1963 Corvette in great condition for $2200 dollars????????
Anybody else have a real hard paint to match?
To The Machine Shop.....

Page: 1062
Play in rear yokes
Should I use synthetic oil in my brand new zz4 crate engine?
Crate motor OR rebuild.. Vote + opinions please
Anyone know where to get Moog front end parts ?
rapid fire AC plugs
NCM News Flash....Tours Kinda Reinstated
HELP! Engine won't crank
ZZ4 Owners...please answer these questions
[HEADERS] Air Flow Ponderings, Your Opinions Please...
Mystery 4-speed, will it fit?
Is this the cam for me? Tech help needed.
My Steeroids rack/pinion kit shipped yesterday, I get it Monday.
How i should have decorated my house for christmas!
Please Help!! PS Pump pulley alignment
SNOWING TONS IN SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DOT Markings
OUCH! That labor cost.
Vert hardtops Pics please!!
“Precious Bodily Fluids” for the Car
Starting Problem (NON Vette)
C3 Dual Exhaust
Attention 1968 327/350hp owners!!!
What preparation is needed to install new Trans Lines in a C3?
Is there a Water Pump that doesn't crack?
Ebay question
POSI rebuild ???
Will the power seat mechanism from 81/82 fit a 77 seat?
1979 L-82 Intake differences
Think before Buying Headers " My Bad Experience"
Does cold weather driving affect fiberglass?
What causes backfire through throttle body????
(Stupid?) shock questiosns with pics (Bilsteins,
[pics] seat rebuild is going great!!! very easy!!
c4 seats in a shark? any pics?
Brake Booster help
Has anyone followed the Mission Impossible (355) build-up in Corvette Fever???
Any "How to" manuals on AC/Heater under-dash actuator repair?
Can the TCS? Yes? No? Why not?
What Year Should I Go For Next?
Corvette Fever article
Hey 74 Roadster!!
After turning off the motor I hear an air or vacuum leak sound...
Paging Vettedan, anybody has contact to him?
Separating control valve from pitman arm, pickle fork?
MSD Test - HELP!!!
Do U drop you hood shut or do u shut each side individually
Time Zone Shift???
what to do before making vette daily driver
valve covers on 82
Engine assembley date
Rear Calipers too big
Got a job I will enjoy!!!
Bringing her back to life
The Dreaded Brake Job
I was getting bored...
Lars or other Q-Jet guru's please answer a couple of questions.
Recommended Restoration Reference
rebuild carb (lars)? running way to rich
Good deal on a Stock Alum. intake
Need early 80's 700R4 lockup converter system operation description
What is this cam?
NOS 'Top Shot' is in (pics)
[POLL] What Size Air Compressor?
Update on my accident (rear ended 71)
Has anyone had their Vette appraised for Insurance?
Engine gurus: 383 question
Has anyone used Fiberall on stress cracks

Page: 1063
Power Steering Upgrade
What gear ratio?
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #24: 1962 Corvette Road Racer - the essence of COOL!
Changing rear end ratio
New Mufflers
Wheel almost came off!!
1971 article review
Ad in Hot Rod mag for Edelbrock Performer EPS intake
Whats the best sealant for gas fittings?
Converting From Power Brakes To Manual Brakes?
I miss my green shark.
Here We Go Again. What Now??
A couple of frame questions
Is this an answer for the 5/6 speed upgrade delima?
carb or related problem?
Connections to '75-'77 tach
Fogging oil
Harmonic balancer... which one is worth the money?
What's on your steering column stalk?
Is an LS6 Driveable on the Street?
Converting from an automatic to a manual
Interior Courtesy Lights Won't Turn Off....
Belated update - rappin' and smokin'
Vetteless.. no more
Need Pic of a Tach Filter
With my new zz4 install, should I change the torque converter?
Exhaust for my vette tow-er?
Just came back from a 4 wheel alignment...
C3 urban myth or reality?
Air cleaner questions
Cam Identification
will benice 13-33 ever drive his vette again after the big block install.
What have you replaced on your Vette's drive train?
POR 15 Prep
Q-Jet initial settings for 383
So when do I get my own avatar?
Help Again Please!!!
TeamG Single Plane Installed!
I have to tell them how much $$$
my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!
Corvette Humor, read this guys....
Getting my '75 L-48 4-Speed back on the road...what should I look out for?
I need opnions on TBI and Multi-port FI for a stock BB, please.
1971?? Corvette
I just got a G-tech..............
EASY C3 odometer gears replacement paper now available!! lotsa huge pics!!
Wet Sanding Tired Paint?
A/T Shift Control Cable
Repairs, repairs, repairs
94 up Camaro/Bird belts PIA!
DOOR FRUSTRATIONS!!!-trying to remove mirrors.
Tail light lenses
Thinking of a 1978 vette
Has this ever happened to you guys?
1/4 mile time guesstimates for my car.
Edelbrock RPM Package - It is as good as advertised.
Gosh Darn dang door handles !!!
Useless but Interesting Info
Carburetor size ?????
Another new guy
02 Z06, Convert, Wait for 03 Aniversary Model or C6??
Seat cover mounting question.
Half Shaft Wobble
R/C Racing at the Cruise Inn??? Your input needed!
1971 vin number help
Electric Fans
I need help from a 1969 owner!!!!!
Does anyone have a Polar White/Tobacco '68 convertible?
Floor pans getting soaked

Page: 1064
C3 Picture request
Heres a couple of nice hybrid C3's
1983 Corvette
How can you get history reports for C3 Vettes?
1982 Advise
What to look for in a 68
Administrator help...can't change my personal info
slam the seat??
hide your verts
1969 427 Crane Cam Questions 1.7 Rockers?
What Manual Are Engine Torque Spec's Listed?
cerulla seats, what model fits?
Great article about flat tappet vs. roller cams
Differential noise
Oxygen sensor - okay?
Chassis Dyno in Nor Cal Bay Area?
Timing and a 6AL box
C-3 Things that came out of my garage this year
Body Decals for 78 - Any known vendors?
Help for my MOPAR buddy
Project under way...
How much slack would you give a fellow c3er?
A Happy New Year to one and all from Oz
CorvetteForum Locator......Help!!
Possible Electric Short - ???
Relay rod, control valve separation question
Please recommend the right set of headers for my car.
Getting my '75 back on the road...what should I look out for?
still having problems with fan clutch, now i cant find the right one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Power Steering Fluid Puddle -- Do I go New, Rebuilt, or Rebuild Myself?
Painting halfshafts
10W30 vs 20W50
Brakes-No Rears ARG!!
Has Anyone Installed the 1-piece T-tops on a C3
Thinking of buying
Engine almost out. Any last minute tips?
Blower Motor / Radiator Overflow tank
tranny questions
vacuum advance
ATTENTION: Spring Gathering in Clarksville Tennessee!
New Skins
Big list of vette links....
Hello all
Lars, Lars, Lars, distributor kit upgrade, anybody tried one?
Exhaust Question
K-Kits Comp Cams
Under Dash NOISE
The body is back on!!!
Color Sanding
Does the Manufacturer of Hooker Headers.....
ZL-1 Price
Cool video of SBC street car.
FL Misfits
Air Cleaner Help
My First Picture
Fan problems..the darn shroud is warped, need a recommendation!
Lousy Spark Keeping my 383 Rebuild From Starting
Nastiness found during head change!
Door panel
Thanks Nomad78SA
Fan installation question, this is dumb!
Help with bolt size
TIMKEN bearings “Tech Tips”
Which Distributor? Need performace and tach function.
How I replaced valve stem seals with heads on (small block)
Happy 2002

Page: 1065
WoW, a Sat. night ride in West Palm Beach.
The Little Things...Do They Count?
How to get ALL DOT 3 out of the system???
Gawd...there's nothing like...
Help Needed Finding Power Brake Parts
Recs on wiring harnesses?
removing bolts? and update.
'82 CE pin stripes
Stopped at stop sign. Next thing Dodge Dakota tries to mount my Vette
Weatherstrip Clips
Hi There......Got a question
Does my 76 have a posi rear end?
Lost my lens
Jet hot?
76cc to 64cc how much will the compression go up?
somebody hit my fender...argh
Rewiring Tips?
Leaves and debris inside front pillar
Wondering if my windshield wipers should be doing this
roller cam or XE268 for this engine setup?
Engine Rebuild Question?
Car Lifts
Raised bog block exhaust ports. Custom headers?
Being Smart about my engine buildup.... Drivetrain: High HP C3er's!
Door handle removal
2001 THANKS !!!!!!!!
Many smiles and wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you!!!!
Happy New Year('s EVE)
erratic fuel pressure?4-8lbs.
Dual disc clutch, not for me but maybe someone else is interested
HELP! Harmonic Balancer/Crank Bolt Hole STRIPPED
Any Tricks on removing the Brake Power Booster On a 73
My 69 is permanety attached to me! I got it Tattooed!
What would you guys do?
Bit the bullit and got that V-10!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year From Tennessee!!!
Blue Thunder
Cure for yellowing chrome pipes?
C3's w/ ratchet shifters? pics????
Best Of The New Year To All
Hood won't release
Speakers in a c3
Looking for an outside temp gage?
69 Vacuum tank removal.
Timing Question
Primer prep questions.
banging in muffler ?????????
Questions on '81
Did all 73 454 come with turbo 400 I asumed mine was a 400
Original Brake Caliper identification "71"
My Turbo 400 will not kick-own when I punch the throttle
Well this Vette brakes sale... i have to buy my Rear spring in the next two days... (advice)
Air Fuel Gauge Question??
Valve Cover Bolts?????
Help with Carb re-placement
Not C3 related, but figured that I'd pass it on
Pic of my new car
couldn't help myself
How do I tell what options are on my '68?
Paging Bluvette.
looking for a project??
Extreme Garages at 8:00 p.m. on HGTV
Body Dolly Demensions
Clarksville TN area forum members met today all C-3 owners
Finally proof I own a vette
Some quick pics of my vettes

Page: 1066
Headlight Actuator
68-75 Chrome Mirrors: Can You Fix The Position?
Side pipe question
Exhaust install question
Removing and Replacing hoses
Happy New Years C3er's!!
Diet - Go FASTER!!
Picture test
72 Coupe Rebuild Progress (pics)
If I use the cork ones....
J-56 casting numbers
Posting pictures
Pertronix + MSD 6A = Dead 72???
Would I be CRAZY if I....
Engine overhaul questions for my friends on the forum
Need ID help for R&P
camshaft question
Anyone running a Holley 4010 Aluminum Carb ?
79-80 smog pump #
Oil Pressure problem?
where to buy worm gear for odometer
nose apart and masked, waiting for warm day
MSD Ignition question, pls help!!
a motion???
Distributor Question?
TH350 2:75 First Gear
ZL-1 Aluminum 427 Returns
Carb choice for 74 Semi-Pro Tour
How can I tell what rear end I have?
Got a new cd changer!
headlight problem 1973
Played with Corel photo paint...
corvette show on speedvision
!!!! New Corvetteforum Feature!!! Need your help !!!!
Torch Red C3 - Help me find on
Where is the best place to buy a set of 3.70 gears?
Vette magazine from last month (Yellow car on cover) Need a copy PLEASE!
Corvette Nat'ls-Indy
zwede-Any est. on the repairs yet?
Hey Rhubarb!! How is th 74 Running??
Parking lights wont go off... Help!!
Check out this sounds like a good deal
I got a 76 vette some one help me out
What type of wheels do you have on your C3????
Glass Top
Flames on the hood??????
Wheel Clear Coating Question
just finished heater core exchange
tac wont work..
UH OH! Looks like a clearance problem!!! Longer rods?
Dual Quad carbs on a 71 small block
Torque Setting for Harmonic Balancer
Finally figured it out!
'69 front end support question
Exhaust Recommendations for a 1982
Dead battery - starter problem -- please help!
Gatlinburg Tennessee Corvette Show ????
Break the C3 forum into "Tech/Performance" and "General Discussion"?
Transmission Fluid Recommendations
Iron crank tough enough for 454?
Would you rather recieve....
Missing Brake Fluid!
Physical help required in Michigan.
71' radio
Crate Engine Recomendations?
Where's the *(&#$ horn relay on a '79??
454 with .060 over pistons, how many cubes?
shawn cake Pleassssssssse

Page: 1067
Need Help: directional signal problems
What is my L-48 stock 78 Quadrajet worth?
What I plan to do next is ....
Dash Board Mystery Install?? Who/Why Done It??
Valve cover ID
Buying a '70
Why are 1979s the Runt of the C3 Litter?
Head chamber size on L-48?
Can C4 seat belts be made to work in a C3?
Radar Detectors Info.
this was my saturday afternoon project!!!!!!(not vette)
Heads - Oil Leaking from rear (A little long)
Any-one Install the Following
"Danger Will Robinson" - non-Corvette topic!
car mods
sharp mechanic fooled again! (carb miss)
Hibernating Vette !
Winter storage question.
Misc(dumb) C3 questions
I know.. deadbeat topic: but... 6 link for 1980?
[Warning] Romeo Engineering
I need headlight assemblies for my 69, what can I get them out of 68-82?
Vette Brakes-Sale
Umm... right... my vette has 2 fans?
Will 6x9 speakers fit?
Restoration in progress
Roller Rocker Adjustment Question
Ign lock in 79
Slow to build oil pressure-problem?
Brake Bleeding
Sudden Loss of Electrical Power
Well the sawzall worked....
new tail light pics(bubble ones)
Distributor Heat Shield
Radiator fan blade question and small favor to ask.
Two build sheets ARE better than one!!
Timing Curve...The Real Story
Generator light in my '79
Rebuilding carb and a few other things
Should I Go For A Total Rebuild?
Gear ratio
Power Windows sure operate slow in the cold. Ideas?
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #23: Motion Performance Phase 111 SS-427 GT
Photos of frame (before & after) and tools
Any one From Cleveland Tennessee?
Anyone have a Corvette Tattoo besides me???
Restoration of Pics
Driveshaft Loop?
Attention Pacific Area CF Members!! New Event!!
Head lights won't go up
Anyone heard of All Chevy Engines?
grade a parts vs b ?
Pertronix Ignition questions
Rochester carb... 79 & 81
Battery gauge dancing while lites join in
email messages for SCOTT DIXON!!!!
Exhaust advice or opinions????
Biggest BS EVER!
C-3's in Richardson Tx?
Orlampa Florida. Another date for you diary. March 9th.
Fan Blades have different pitch in them, any ideas?
Body Bushings
Header question
I think I finally decided (carb for zz4) Ever hear of AED Performance??
can someone desktop dyno this please
Need Help. Fan hitting fan shroud
How much HP can the stock 15" rally wheels take?
I wish I could make a backup copy of my Vette at this very moment

Page: 1068
Paging EBay experts and my personal observation
Who won the Corvette Armor 2002 Z06 give away?
Cam Selection
I could use a little help with brakes and engine brakets-pulleys
Clarksville Tennessee Breakfast Gathering 29 Dec
Saw a 78 pace car in the snow today!
Calling Lars Calling Lars
Latest on LT-1 w/282S cam rebuild 12/28/01
Help!!need parts
Almost There!
Zeroing my tach
Would you use teflon for sealing up fuel lines?
How can I identify my cyl. heads??
Oil Pressure Question
Who offers the best price for American Racing TT II 16x8 ??
Question about "the Wave"
I have a few questions about the fuel line from the pump to the carb...
Wheels: 16" front 17" back?
Need Help on '76 Solinoid Wires
Anyone here going to Monterey for the August NCRS nats?
Test Pipe
Buying from willcox
Ouch! Thought I had bad luck...
Crane valve guide seals ??
Does anyone have a line drawing of a C3???
Vacuum advance correct P/N ?
I just found my 2nd vette!!!!!!
My C3 is now etched in Stone
[BABE] Happy belated christmas..
Pacific Area Events for 2002 are posted!!
Tornado Air
couple more pics 78
What type of car cover.
Replaced Lifters only - Broke in for 30 min - Now how long
Help! Need picture of '70 red coupe
disappearing card trick..try this!!!
Corvette Turning 50...
68 and 69 gas tanks the same?????
1952 Corvette.....
Santa brought me a Merlin II!
Radiator Removal
How to Measure Hood Clearance for L88 Hood and cold air box?
A funny thing happened on the way.....
Performer manifold and holley carb will it fit??
Need Window Adjustment Help.
Sold our house in middle of 78 frame off restoration Yikes...
painting in cold weather??
engine vibration cured
Just breathed life into my 81
Finally got tires/wheels mounted -see pics 16X8 Vintage 45 on 71 LT-1
Noisy Muncie
Losing LOTS of juice..
SORRY, but, I'm starting to dislike Corvette Fever now...
Side Window Roll Up Mechanism
Airbrushed Graphics
Which one do you like better?
Wiring ?
a little history....
Intake- sigle or dual plane
Vette trivia at.....
How to match numbers in 74
Paging Merlin522
H-pipe, do I need it?

Page: 1069
What torque wrench to get?
Merry Christmas from Nova Scotia
Clarksville, TN or Hopkinsville, KY guys want to meet?
Original owner of '63 Corvette stored in a barn just died
will a bra for a 75 fit a 73?
Did someone here say they liked Motion Performance Corvettes?
OK...I feel like an outcast..any women here besides me??
Is graphite better for the front susp.
Tire Size Question
Headlamp Question-How to...
AGGGHHH wiper door install
Heater Fan..tick.tick.tick
Why I won't drive my Vette in the winter
When do you usually get on the Forum????
what issue was this??
Bead Blast or Sand Blast Wheels Before Paint?
Clutch thunk
Almost burned the house down on Chritmas!!
'69 side pipe insulation installation q's
TORONTO AREA - Steering Wheel Re-Wrap Service
Machine Shop in Atlanta Area?
Belt Tension Tool??
"Vetteguy" shop in Manchester NH
Please help with zz4 carb selection
How do you adjust hot air style choke?
Day after Christmas - Driving the vette!
For shop manual deficient owners
Where are quality digital images of emblems?
Anyone know VetteGuy????
Engine Run On
Which way to route: top or from bottom as stock?????
Alternator Output or Lack Of
Free Free Headman Headers for 454
Bought Cam now I'm not so sure
HyperTech Power Chip
headlight assembly removal asap
Standard GM Power Stering Box in a C2 or C3
Ricer theme song....
Anyone rebuilt engine with the Performer RPM package?...
changing engine
1982 Crossfire (0 - 60 time and other specs?)
1982 Crossfire Performance Upgrades?
Engine Teardown pics w/ commentary. 12 pics!!
Gas pedal woes!
looking for exhaust parts
Torque Straps
Radio and speakers.
Help with auto shipper???
weep hole
Wiring questions with pics
Does this count as a Christmas present?
how do i post script????
Restoration Guide
drive shaft vibration with my new 700r4
Carb selection for BB (part II)
Sales Tax and Disposal Fees at the Tire Rack ?????
Opinions encouraged
Was Your first car a vette?
Fiberoptic question
falling gas prices??? every where???
Steeroid's rack & pinion
re programing/ burning new e prom/chip
Window Regulator Adj.
Good leather cleaner??
Header Question...????
Opinions Please:Whats Wrong or Right with this
Alleged L-71 tri-pwr '68 big block Conv. ad spotted...
Erratic Tach readings w/ MSD 6A

Page: 1070
1978 Information
How I spent my X-Mass Mini-Vac
Any Real use for the By-Pass Hose, I went through Hell Finding-one
radiator question
Keep C-4 or trade for Big-Block C-3???
Coolant overflow tank
Just spotted a C3 in an old movie
Comet cursor pop-up!!! Spyware!
Santa brought my roll cage car back today!
I think I have found a Corvette. I have a few questions
To my extended family.
2002 Calendar - Yellow Corvettes, who wants one?
What is the difference in length of a 80+ strut and a 79- year strut??????
What did you get for x-mas???
Front springs and wheel assemblies installed, unsure about one side??
Meery Christmas from Tennessee
Parking brake light on
what is your favourite colour??
2.25 or 2.5 exhaust, please help
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #18: 1970 Corvette ZR-1....yes ZR-1
Has anyone installed their own seat covers
Cam breakin - what are you breaking in?
Two questions about 1981 transmission?
Wilcox seat Instructions
What is this?
Question for you 68 xperts!
Best Place For New Floor Pans?...
Finding the correct carb.
I think I bit off more than I can chew!!!! Header Install Part 2
Dimmer switch
articles on sb to bb conversion 80 L82
Merry X-mas from Joe and Dawn (Xracer) N/M
Merry Christmas!
71 corvette big-block upgrade questions
73 AIM
Santa brought Desktop Dyno 2000, question for users
Merry Christmas all - ps. Need some upholstry advice.
Offset Trailing Arms
windshield wiper question
Login Trouble?!?!?!?
Got a C-5 for Christmas.....and gave it back
radiator shroud bracket bolts
wow, talk about a snowball effect
More Horses!!
Chambered exhaust
Ford truck OT....
Taylor Convoluted Tubing - Can it take the heat?
How many miles this year?
synthetic transmission gear oil
ignition testing?
What is "Xmas"?
installation of speed ometer cable???????
DIN Radio Question
camshaft install
Anyone know if a 4L80 tranny will fit in our cars?
Harmonic balancer
What do you want from Santa????
1978 Corvette
Side pipe leg burns,anyone else?
Yahoo Pics
gas guage pegged
1970 or 1969 engine in early 1960 pick up truck
Hooray! I have a power-steering leak somewhere.
Hey C3'rs lets remember
Does anyone have some rear gears for sale?

Page: 1071
What type of cover should I get?
Flowmaster Mufflers! and H-pipe...
griffin is HUGE. Will cap clear?
While I'm in there getting out of hand - need some sympathy
Header advice for Big block
Questions about installing front suspension
Transmission problems
Torque spec for headers?
big block oil leak--help, help
Happy Holidays from your Cartek Corvette Challenge Staff
Happy Holidays to all the C3 Guys and Gals
Out of State Purchase/Sales Tax Issue?
Weather report for Christmas Day
So, what is/are 6 link anyway??
Tom is awesome!!!
I have a couple of small leaks but screw it
C5 Guy waving and wishing You all a..........................
What do you all think??? DO I drive it or let it sit in the garage??
What is it your supposed to put in your egg nog ?
Can't figure out brake problem on '76
solid or hydraulic?
Merry Christmas To All
Anyone hook up a single wire alternator in a '71?
The Florida Misfits Christmas Party Pics!
Pic's of new Paint Job!
kicks back when tryin to start
had smoke come out of the steering column
Door Panel Repair Question
Loud ticking :(
Spilled oil from coil, what do I replace it with?
What to do: Aluminum Manifold
sportsman2 owners..what plugs u using?
Harmonic Balancer - I meet Bubba for the first time!
Anyone have the brake light come on during hard braking??
Tail Light Lenses
Excessive cranking when cold!
Where do you live?
stock 69 small block 1/4 E.T.???
what color?
Which Manufacturer makes a 17x9.5 rim for my C3?
Carb Mystery Vacuum Hose
Latest on LT-1 w/282S cam rebuild 12-23-01
New pics on the web.
I'm all cussed out! Read on guys!
Lesson in mirror dates
weird vacuum hose/wires in the engine compartment
Chrome is hard to seal...Had a oil leak at the timing chain [CHrome}
Locked Out
What caused this ?
save the wave
Happy Holidays
My Late Cousin's Vette
Radiator leak when hot
Anti bump steer kit, please explain?
Ref: CF Steering Box
today is finally the day
Opinions on a 2001 V-10 Excursion???
Has any-one bought the one-piece transparent t-top advertised for $329. Thinking of buying
mr. gasket vs. edelbrock (water pumps for zz4)
Whats involved in stripping paint on a Corvette?
C3 Paint Job
What are you expecting to find in the oil (filter) of your engine after breaking it in?
msd mounting pics..and airgap intake pics(big)
ok Im please
Three water pumps in 7 months!!!
Happy Holidays
My 71 is back and better than ever.
5w20 oil---The "new"new car and truck weight of oil?

Page: 1072
How can I recreate the dichromate look?
Valve Stem Seals ????
engine detail update with pictures!
Got a brand new (free!) alternator, East Coast Auto Electric ''Full Size-Early GM Style'' 1-Wire
Edelbrock Shocks on a Suburban?
C3, 4 wheel alignment specs?
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
possible to put an 80-82 rear bumper on 79 and use 79 taillights?
Pic of my new 74
hey moderators - whats this popup garbage im getting from vetsic when i login to the forum
July 4th proposal
Hood latching please.
Bad rear brake caliper, what to do?
Need Help - carpet
question for those with dual snorkle air cleaners....
Update and Photos on my engine rebuild
Is it worth it to replace the stock 2 plane?
save the wave..GOT IT TO WORK!!!
Info needed on swapping out 3.08 gears and putting in 3.70
March pulley users........problem with alignment
door panel problem
2001 Corvette Racing on Speedvision at 10PM EST
My First Grandson...Best Christmas Gift Ever!
Radiator Leak
Carb recomendations for BBC
will the performer RPM air gap intake fit under my hood...
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #21: 1955 Corvette, "Child of Magnificent Ghosts"
Moroso 7 quart (kick-out) oil pan
Wife doesn't like VETS
Please help me solve this mystery guys!
Up On J-Stands Question
Clarksville, TN or Hopkinsville, KY guys want to meet?
A mirror questoin
What do you do for a living??
Shop/Service Manuals
Good First Car
it finally mine
Ok lets see whats wrong with this picture....
My Car is Finally Back Home
Alternator pulley help
Spare tire useless?
Just got DesktopDyno2000...This is fun
I need information on changing transmissions
Need Some Quick Help!!!! (Pulley/Belt Alignment)
Sold a car I had for over 18 years and kept the vette
I will bet you your stearing box is Dry
What did I just break
Anybody know how to get a hold of Lars?
stupid distributor question
mandrel bent 2.5 exh.
How do you post a picture?
Bleeding brakes, how far out do the screws have to be opened?
radiator and radiator support for sale
Bypassing alarm system...
Happy Holidays from Cleartastic
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #22: 1967 Corvette L71/L89 RoadTest.....oh ya!!!!
C3 Wiper mechanism components finish???
aftermarket cruise control
carb clean up(lars, anyone?)
Smog parts - '74 454
tach drive HEI
DOT3 or DOT5
Question about carb studs
Q-Jet Troubleshooting Help
Edelbrock IAS Shocks now for C3!!!

Page: 1073
Drive or Garage
Personalized Plates
Gravity Brake Bleeding question.
Torque rating is what?
hehehaha...380hp mustang? come on
Rear spindle/Rotor machined
best 69 Lemans Blue touch up paint
Carb questions
Door Hinge Pin Repair
Sqeaking/scrapping kind of noise????
Would you buy a vehcile previously listed as a rental???
What would be NET HP of pre 1970 vettes?
Serving our Country - Going thru Withdrawls
"Florida Misfits" Party - Part II is this Weekend!
Need Help In St Louis
Question on luggage rack installation for 1974.
Ignitor conversion kit
How long should I wait for the cam and heads to break in???
Header Install questions??????:)
Alternator upgrade for electric fans?
Blower Fan Switch will not turn off
Poly Rear Spring Cushions Raise the Car Height????
For those that have purchased C3 replacement urethane bumpers from Ecklers ...
Some pics of my 70 for your viewing pleasure.
Do those plating kits work?
Frame paint
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #20: An honest-to-goodness Corvette Chaser...
ecklers doing inventory blaaaaaaaaaaaahh :( no shipments to wensday
HD bolt in rear?
Catalog Master?
Radiator cap stuck!?
I need more power... Suggestions please?
Gear Drives VS double roller timing chain
Do thermostats go bad?
Do the make an oil filter with a drain plug?
Help, need advice on 74 454 car!
Still can`t get my lights up and down
Plating kits for carburetors
Rear End Oil
Passing Gear
Rear End pinion Seal ??
Box of 78 goodies, free to good home!
Aluminum rivets
Steeroids rack/pinion update
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #19: Bob Paterson's 1963 Grand Sport
I think you guys will like this pic.
I've finally got my wheel and tire pics developed!!
Q-Jet Base Gasket Set for 1966-69 Chevys: Special Forum Offer
[PIC] this is a cow....... this is a cow on your seats..... any questions??
Advice on 81 tranny in a 80 vette
Tune-Up Ques for 81
engine compartment detailing q's
78 Silver Anniversary Price Question
Harmonic Balancer: To remove or not
Bought Vette parts all year, now........
Good Mechanic in KC area?
[REPRINT] Time for more C3 Corvettes in the Our Corvette Heritage series?
Synthetic Gear Oil
Where can I buy o-rings for Air condioning, I want to change all before recharge
Re-installation of the power brake booster question.
Oil Life Question
Buying a 7 leaf spring privately, does this sound right?
Purging the brake lines question.
strange brake pic
Questions Regarding MSD Ignition Box (6A)
canvas/vinyl t-tops
what would cause a burnt valve?
Has thread been removed by moderator?
Steering Coupler problems

Page: 1074
90-96 Dual Fans in a C3?
Can someone help "Edlebrock" Popping from exhaust, smells real rich???
L88 hood price?
Local Tampa Vette Shops
Carter AFB float setting...???
Has anyone gone from hi-perf to stock setup?
*PICS* Finally got some pics of my engine *PICS*
Calling 63Banshee -- LeMans Blue
Engine Gurus, head gasket suggestion??
Welding rod material for frame and cage
Very Critical Trailing Arm Thought...Also, For those That Have Done It, Pivot Bolt
Engine starting for 1st time
MSD and Timing
I put Flowmasters on my 79
master cylinder question
What are the best tune up parts?
Sun Visor???
Leaded Gas...
Jacking up a Corvette--special place and procedure?
regular hooker headers (not sidepipes)
Excellent Taste in Corvettes & how to get it.
Upon further examination....
lbell101 Hey Larry
Does anyone have a vacum diagram for head lights??
Does Wilcox have an online catalogue?
Va. Ratpack 2002 Hooters tour, check out Southeast Events section
Custom chip for 82 X-fire?
beautiful '77 in UK
seat hinge bolts... how da #@#@ do you get these off???
in dragtop dyno...
So this is how my 74 is SUPPOSED to RUN
Look @ our new toy!!!
setting up to paint in home garage?????
Horsepower on new Rebuild Estimate
anyone want a FREEEEEE dashpad ??
Timing Chain??
Lt1-Holley Carb Question
What brand weatherstrip is the best?
What set of urethane bushings should I buy?
Got to love the respect and notice of the C3
What kind of intake manifold do I have????
Windshield washer operation?
Batmobile Corvette on Ebay???
Lars question. How to set float level without a sight plug?
Restoration order question
Where to find Evercoat products online
Vette will sometimes not crank
C4 seats in a C3?
1973 Fans
Stupid comments people make about cars
Vanilla Sky's Star's Corvette...
Is there a instruction manual for the interiors of '68-'69 Vettes?
Another $50,0000 vette, or I think it is
Saw These on Al KNock Interiors Kinda Cool
What is up with Mid America?
Sophia didn't let me down - managed to limp her home tonight...
Don't take your wife Christmas shopping
New sig Check it out :)
Saw an ad for a '72 for sale
Timing set - true roller ???????
front bushings
Dumb (?) question about torque wrench settings.
Dyna-mat my 78
Vintage 45 Wheels on a 69BB
Santa sent me Desktop Dyno 2000
'77 website, what do you think
Hooker side pipes and EFI questions.

Page: 1075
Help, When starting my 454 sometimes the starter will no engage sounds like bolts in a blender
ZR-1 style wheels for my 81??????
WTF! alternator bracket help asap please
What the girlfriend said about the forum.....
1980 TH350 Auto-transmission removal difficulties
Where is the best place to buy sway bars?
code 55.....on an 81...
Has anyone had a flywheel balanced?
Higher redline Tach face swap
Where to place a fuel pressure gauge?
Need opinion on wiring neutral saftey switch????
Tach filter
Where to buy fiberglass materials
How do I use PPG DX330???
1 1/2 years, just bought my first performance part!
Engine offset and transmission to diff alignment
Anyone put a fule injected motor in their C3?
Just got B&M shift kit off ebay. ?Came with a throttle Kickdown bracket?
Was this a good buy?
Question about Big Blocks!!!
Storage compartment question
Gel coat question
Rear Bumper for a 74 C3
Vanacor's body panels
Why do they do this?
got my rpm air gap intake for $100
Carb Recommendations for a 1974 Big Block please.
crate motor for "82
And you thought you knew people who told fish stories about cars!
Removal of Exhaust Manifolds for painting
70 Corvette Registry Members please read...
stock TH-350 Vac. Modulator
ZZ4 Install Questions
THE PROBlEM was!!!!!!!!!
Another Vette Rots away
MSD 6AL problem
MeanGreen2000 Needs your Help!
Who lives in Enid, Ok.?
Not a poll
Project shark
Ball joint extenders
What jets for demon carb setup in Colorado
Does anyone in Canada have a set of gears?
Ekler's Video?
Big block intake
Help 400 yoke needed
DynoMax Header Guys...
Rear End Noise
need input on who to buy caliphers for a 79 from????
Manual tranny diagnosis needed
ballast resistor?
Found the ultimate wheel for my Vette, have a look.......
Full tilt front ends. . . Who's got one or dealt with them?
Will running open headers to muffler shop burn up car?
Is there a repair kit for a 73 vette windshield washer pump
Caution : DO NOT use MSD Box with Solid Core Ignition Wires ; per MSD.
Another perspective on winter :)
T-top leak found at last
Transmission question Part II
Has anyone seen these engines before?
T-top bags
Need help with lots of part numbers
Where on the Net can I get Drag radials besides TireRack??
Need a little NON C3 guidance
71 corvette heads
70 Heater Controls
Tailing arms for 305 tires.
Paging: Cajon 75, and his new Vette (99 FRC)
Pico's phone number
rear-end rebuilt questions

Page: 1076
Are 75's rare???
any of u guys running a 650 Holley CARB???
Corvette Crash in New Orleans Kills Rock Musician
Power?! i have no clue. need help
So What's Santa Gonna Bring You?
what color is this? (i love it!)
Sears won't sell me tires Please comment
I'm a doofus who needs help.
Something for Everybody - 11 new articles for C1, C2, C3 and C4 posted!
Problem Hot starting my engine, after performance Mods..
2 new 1978 Articles added to my site
If you're going to CF Cruise III...
Those "Sharks" are really EXPENSIVE!!!!
Anyone running LT-1 heads
What should I do about header bar rivets "popping" under the fiberglass?
Should I start and/or drive it without mufflers?
This Brake Project has turned into a complete nightmare... I HATE Corvette brakes.
Rear Wheel Bearing Question
Warning!!! Vette's may be addictive!!!!
Checking timing
Grinding noise when clutch is in
Dumb question, can you polish cast iron?
Would it be possible to hide the antenna internally?
Which cam to use?
GM Part number for Radiator Support?
Need a radiator, How much and what kind aluminum??
Will Hooker sidemount headers fit with angle plug heads?
short or long water pump
Are the 81 and 82 Interiors compatable?
What's the deal with 2 seats?
N.K.O.T.B. Hello Everyone!!!!!!
New Best 1/4 Mile Times
Fugliest car you've ever seen.
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #17: 1967 427-435 RoadTest from 1967!
Finally got my new baby - Well sort of
alternator bracket
Ring gear question.
the shift kit is in
94.9 per gallon ??!!
Hooker Sidemounts installation and finished Pics..
Okay guys...Installed the Heads and Cam Last night
Where Can I get my Brake Booster rebuilt in Toronto Area,
Can you convert a vette to a ......?
Anyone see that dual 11" BeCool Fan in Jegs????
Super Chargers
Coolant leak
Brake Booster and Master Cylinder arrived attached, Big Question!
Has anyone had experience with Eckler's spray on gelcoat?
Front End Rebuild Question
Road race project, WHO was looking for a car????????
Driving down the highway with 4.11 gears?!
need some vacuum leak help guys
hey ylose, or anyone who's had experience with Edelbrock performer RPM cam or anyone else...
Finish on intake manifold
Stuck seat belt problem ??
Windshield wiper arms
Redoing exhaust in north Dallas?
Q-jet touble shooting tip
Jet Hot Coating ?
I need to vent!!!! What is wrong with these drivers?
hooker side pipe headers
Hooker Competition Headers and Jet Hot
Carb ID: Numbers Don't Make Sense (Lars, you out there?)
How can I tell if my front springs are worn ?
Houston area C3 web site
[pics] Clamshell C3 hood
Cross Fire To Carb

Page: 1077
Any old timers remember blue dots?
Anybody have a rebuildable Q-Jet to help a Forum member...??
Got an NCCC trophy last night...
what is
How to bleed Master Cylinder
i just got my new dash pad NQP from corvette america!!!
New sig picture
need sway bar install help
1981 4 sale
"Porting" stock exhaust manifolds with high speed abrasives. Ever heard of it?
Good way to tell if PB booster is going
Anyone ever ship wheels and tires?
Lost 't' off my Vette Saturday
Lesson learned.....Don't siphon brake fluid by your mouth!!
What to do with seatbelt color??
Effects of a leaking exhaust manifold gasket?
X-Pipe vs. H-Pipe
Rod & Main Bearings, how do you know when they need replacement??
Grrr...must resist urge to hurt someone that hurt my baby...
Pick of my NEW '74 Roadster
Demise of Camaro & F-Bird
Man I miss this car...
Crank Pulley Removal
SBC intake manifold fitment, FYI.
How to unscrew tie rod ends?
corvette club
Standard to custom door panel conversion
Rear caliper question.
HELP! any way to tell milage?
why did they use longer push rods in my engine...
Free Flow Catalytic Converter
shall I bleed the Master cylinder?
Is there an Air Filter shorter than 3 In in height?????
NOW WHAT ?????????
What could be wrong?
Type of oil to use
Clutch cover...on Ebay (I need one)
Under Carpet Heat Barrier
Who Sells The Best L-88 Air Cleaner Assemblies?
Need Tech Help with Body Bushings
Engine bay repair.
Help Please...Third member rebuild
Carb help please...
Corvette Forum Calendar - Second Round of Printing Coming Up...
How to convert your wiper door to electric, details included
700R4 conversion kit question
Who's weighed their C3?
To ALL Military Personell (past or present)
what was it like??(please read)
V8 blueprints?
Free to a good home: set of 4 french locks for halfshaft yoke flange, 63-79
Her first ride on a flatbed
Money saving tip for C3ers
How do you drive your C3? (Perf driving)
Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads - Remove lifters without removing intake!!!!
Where can I go to look up original GM Part mumbers??
Alternator upgrade
Need drivers side door panel for 81
Is PhotoPoint Gone??
First pics,new camera
Engine Break-In ?
STOP!! many are hurting their vette and don't know it.
maybe I shouldn't have, too late now
Brake problems
I bought the '79 L82 with the bad heater core (pics)
Rear brake lines.
I need contact info for Wilcox

Page: 1078
700r4 oil level
Finding 700r4 website.
fuel injection
Do I need a choke
Wheel spacers
Frame Surgery Complete ... and the patient survives?
Drilled out the rotor rivits... next question
Is this crack repairable?
Windshield Wiper Motor Wiring
750 CFM vs. 600 CFM Carb
Drive line strength & differences.
Need help with Turbo 350 problems.
Rear Bumper Question.
Blower Motor Relay
side pipes
Guess who gets their license tomorrow!!
Headers for big block
i found 69 $$ under my seats in change!!!!! bahahahah
Horsepower gain with carb spacers??
Brake bleeding tip
Do theese parts have to be bought from a vendor, or can I get them at NAPA?
Test post
Fuel Pressure Regulator????????
Small Block vs. Big Block
Anyone install the Ramjet 350 in their C3?
removing power steering pump
1981 Differential Yoke Size
Pick up first C3 tomorrow
Bad vacuum leak, question...
Front Spindle Question
My ideal Christmas present is....
Brake Booster is out, what an ordeal!
'71 Avatar!
battery cables
Can someone post a pic and/or a measurement of this for me?
tach drive is in and msd box
Brake Booster Question
Brake Booster removal question?
Loose Centercaps
what finish for transmission shifter linkages and driveshaft
Fan Switch Question
Hey From a Newbie
Which year C3?
venting, plus good news
[pic] New camera
Corvette Traction Bar?
Power Steering Cap question for 72 & 73?
traction at the dragstrip
Good day?
Door Panel Question
All vettes after 70 have posi rear ends?????
79 L82 what cfm carb
Transducer Service
What are the best heads for the money for a 350??
'71 Owners!
Brake Help Please
Headers don't fit! Help!!
Hand Made header pics...Finally! <bandwidth warning>
This weird but is it normal? Vacuum "thing."
I need an opinion on some brake work.
Lars is the best!
It sounds silly but.....
Brake Booster Vacuum Leak..Autozone says.... True or False?
Trailing arm bushing help? Noise!!!!!!
DOT 5 brake fluid
Bore Limitations Of A 454?
Fiberglass prep

Page: 1079
Exhaust Pipe Diameter (after collector)
I found the vacuum leak!! Brake Booster, please read brake guys!
Tie rod end removal question
Chrome plating costs?
m-22 trans
Courtesey lamp switch contacts
Q-jet Question (choke plate removal)
Some fines and magnetic drain pan plug, Problem?
FINALLY, the Body Off pictures!!!
Oil pump pickup removal
back after crash
God news, bad news about my new Cragars SS....options? help?
Does somebody know if hellcatwheels 16"x8" will fit my 76?
Rear Main oil seal replacement, any tips?
If you leave two 8 foot rubber strips on the road....
Sylvania Xenarc HID lamps
Pictures of my car when it ran [14pics, beware!]
Half Shaft Upgrade?
Air filter questions
Throttle cable length
When I turn the engine off the Brake Booster releases Air for 5 seconds Is this Normal
Removing the body?
Brake gremlins....your knowledge?
hooker sidepipe mounts
Okay so I am putting in New Heads and Cam next week
unleaded gas question
Optional Roof Panel Carrier For 1980-82
Speedo Cable
H-Pipe question
HELP...Central Ohio Vette clubs?????
Decided Against buying the Dodge
This is a must read! I am very lucky!!!!
Future Vette...What years would fit this description?
This is probably a stupid question but...
Think I've made a decision....few questions. Kinda long.
Could improper mixture settings cause a miss?
My AIM specs are in metric, is that normal
driveshaft headaches.
correct order to lash valves (asap)
The saga continues
What is my original 69 (427 L-36) motor and tranny worth to sell
Latest CF - Steering Box
fuse blowing
My '69 has a new buddy
Check out my new licence plate
Pics from the "1st Annual Florida Misfits Christmas Hooters Gathering"
Raced a great guy in a newer Porsche Carrera
Vacuum line to Master Cylinder?
Who here has a very large C3 collection.
how to shorten throttle cable??
Trickle Charge?
Is s 454 truck engine any different than a BB car engine?
Elecrtonic fuel injection in a big block shark
thoughts on reformulated fuels
For Ontrarions-Is Mosport Still Open?
suspension questions
idles smoother at a lower rpm (cold start, no choke)
Battery Died, jumpstart and ammeter pegged
Thinking about a second C3 in my future
Here's this infamous 406....
Got My New Wheels
Cowl Induction Hood for a 72
msd tach drive distributor on its way...
Snapped this pic this morning before I came to work.
brake booster
Holley Experts needed!
I hate to say it but I am thinking of buying a DODGE
Spark Plugs: 1/2 is a red to redish tan?

Page: 1080
Who's going to the NCRS NJ Holiday brunch Tomr'w.?
rotted body mount
Spring for a '74 Gymkhana suspension car?
It wasn't the tach circuit board - what's next?
2nd newbie for today, Howdy all!!!!
How Often Do You Drive Your C3
carb guys need help...
Holley EFI question for Zwede and others
Rear Storage Compartment Units on Sale!!!
Dealer Feedback?
Smoking Tires that you and your 69 BB in Corvette Fever this month ??!!
Headlight mount broke :(
Transistorized Ignition Question??
!982 Collector w/hatchback
More than a month away, but.....Fla. NCRS show in Orlando
Good paint and body shop in Atlanta?
Max Valve Lift Question
3.70 or 4.11?
New tire selection, need advice please:
79 spark plug wire routes
Traded my C4.
Where in Canada can I purchase a 7 leaf spring?
Don't really need another Vette, BUT......
redhotvettes sig line problem
A moment of Corvette Zen.
MODERATOR!!post a reply and it doesn't post! what's up???
run on
Interior Part Question
Increasing power to a stock 79 L82
Need general info on everything!!
Corvette parts prices
Thank-you All on Your Suggestions on Removing the Fan Shroud
Approx. HP for Big Block?
454 Upgrades
AC R45TS Plugs in a stock L-48
Need more horsepower
another new guy
Two new pics of my Vette
What do I need for a tuneup?
700R4 lockup wiring
New to forum
auto dimming welding helmets, should I buy one?
Can a 502 fit ?
May be selling my car check it out under C3 for sale....
Vintage Package from GM Canada cost $45 is it worth-it
Picture request please!
need pic of wiper door relay valve
Been asked before---Mini starter
Interior parts
81 Low Fuel Light Stays On
Fiberglass or Urethane...which is better?
quick question about seatbelts
[pics] 1980 Corvette, Me and my fiancee in our engagement shoot....
Attention Corvette Forum Members!
Crank help for my Big Block!
Q-Jet question (Lars, others)
Can the power antenna on a '79 be removed with the muffler still in place?
Stock Air Cleaner Snorkel or Open Element
Can the Fan & Fan shroud be removed without removing the Rad
I made January!!
Texas Corvetters HELP!
need instructions for installing seat foam + covers???
69 Registry guys, our avatar is up
If you were thinking about getting a Corvette Forum Calendar...
Crossfire injection forum
FINALLY . . . Pics of my 1980 RedVette . . .only took me 5 months ;-)
Tach not working right!!
Hinge covers Thankes
Is Ecklers Gone?

Page: 1081
T-top weatherstrip instal tips
A FULLY RESTORED 77 Coupe on Ebay.
140 mph speedo in my 78. Was this an option????
Lowering C3
Crate engine source/cost?
Polishing OEM aluminum allloy wheels?
does the distributor advance weights have plastic bushings around the pins??
A.I.M. repair maneual
Snow Storm Hits Hawaii
Water pump went out!
Update on 5 point seats and 8 point roll cage
I took the car down the steet last night.
Trying to convince my wife to go with a C3.
Crazy Question
Fuel gauge is nuts! And what's that gurgle sound?
Broken Lifter???
The Fixed Version: Some Photos of my Latest Project.....
frame off w/o damaging body paint?
Anybody have experience with the performance engine "packages"?
Radio for Sell Soon - Anyone Interested?
How come no one every puts a Jet engine in a C-3?
Fast Burn 385 & Tremic T56 six-speed into a 69
I'm an idiot (maybe)
Intake install gone wrong?
ACC carpets????
Tac Question
Glassing in the rear valence panel
Proud new owner of....
A.I.M. manuel?
Urethane bumper cover paint prep
LT-1 Rebuiled: Slight error in assembly
Corvette weight
Rear Window Defogger
Lights - Which color should they blink??
Z-bar or Bellcrank?
Fuel injection on zz4?
Wheel questions
My 78 Corvette was totaled last year.
cracked dash pad... should i get a dash pad skin or a dash pad cover?????
Cool Vanity Plates
Wiper Door Fix
Anybody Priced a fuel pump for a sunfire lately?!?!?!?!/!?!?!
Engine Rebuild
More valvetrain
I am BACK with a vengence w/ a BB
old picture I can't find...HELP
Ignition "kill" switch
c3maddox's 73 vette pic...
Please Help! Need info & Advice
Gonna purchase seat belts for 70--need advice
Some photos of my latest project...
Another success story...
Stuck Trip Odometer?
Fix or replace Seats?
C3 speaker box
Plastic Bumpered C3's are UGLY
will Griffin or other generic aluminum radiators fit?
What is Al Knoch Web address??
I have a history ? with fenders
I thought it had a 4bl but found out it had a 2bl??
Doh! Watch those curbs! Doh!
Flexplate teeth & starter bolt pattern
Cam for big block?
Torque specs for front end?
Finally decided to add my 73 to the sig.

Page: 1082
sniff...wrecked 62 on ebay
Moderator/Administrator Help!
About to get ready to Dye Interior - What's the best stuff to use?
Some photos of my latest project.....
Letter to Chip Miller, Carlisle Productions
Clutch Linkage Questions
vacuum advance questions!!!!
Is this normal? (distributer vacuum)
Non-Corvette rear wheel alignment question.
Interior Lacquer Paint - Is it a decent alternative?
73 emblems
Fan clutch for a 76 L48 W/AC, standard or heavy duty?
How many /what years of other Corvettes have you owned?
Dropped price on vette, need to sell
Horn installation
Anyone know where I can get a .....
How do I adjust the picture size in my signature?
"Auto with shift kit" ???
1979 ZZ/502 2x4 photo
Gas mileage on a ZZ-502?
Preping the car for a paint job...need some guidance please.
how hard is this to do?
HELP.....How do I Post a picture
New engine , should I get a Blow Shield?
Eric's '70 Makes Feb 2002 Corvette Fever...
What does this mean?
1969 Registry Avatar?
which rear spring plate do I need in my 78?
"thud" from the rear
Wanted:Somebody to adopt me part-time
Safety reminder about gas.
Fuel Breather/Canister?
Anybody watch JAG last night?
What does the Lakewood Scattershield weight?
instrument panel lights
New or rebuilt speedo mechanism source???
Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
1982 Stock Exhaust questions
How much less is this worth with a bad heater core?
is there a 71 registory
Another Corvette wagon this one on eBay
Does anyone have season tickets for Illinois State football or Sugar bowl tickets?
Gear Oil
State vehicle inspection question....Yes, I have an inspection question
I can go 210 miles on a tank of gas!!!
At a soccer game this weekend..Had the 74 parked btw:::
Les' '69 in Feb 2001 Corvette Fever
Super High Idle!! Yikes!
Does interior dye really work?
73 Coupe owners
HO HO HO - Santa came today in a big brown truck
A/C Front Seal
Start the engine on the frame?
Has anyone installed a hurst quarter stick shifter in a vette?
Does a tall deck big block fit in a C3?
So, valvetrain question...
heater cor hoses
hood clearance
Thanks to Nomad78SA (Neil)
Trim around rear window
Q-Jet Stripped Inlet Fitting Thread Repair Service Now Available to Forum Members
How do I adjust my fast-idle on my QJet?
Which crank is in a '68 L36?
This is a dumb question but.....
Seat Belt/Ignition Warning Buzzer for '77
Best Books For Diagrams and ease of use
Early C3 guys, what is this electrical connector for? [big pic]
water problem all solved and miss is finally gone.

Page: 1083
ATTN 79 owners- need your help
Trailing Arms rebuild my way
Some May Like This Video...
Urgent Federal Scrappage Alert
Tach Faceplate replacement:who sells?
Key cylinder replacement 81 Corvette
How do you replace a burned out bulb on the instrument cluster.
Stereo system in 78-82, got any ideas?
Vortec head question
dumb question from new '69ner
Does Vacuum Bleeding Brakes Really Work?
Rattle in back driving me completely nuts!
I need a lesson
Hard to find NOS blue seatbelts on ebay at good price
1976 trip odometer
I updated my "sig" with latest pic
Rally Wheel Package NEW Tires $?
Zen and the art of Corvette ownership
Looking for new tires for my 78' SA...Any rubbing problems with 245/60/15s?
[Request] 78-82 Center Gauge Cluster
holy crap some one tell me this is a fake motion
5 hours on 1 rusty bolt
Corvettes featured at 2002 Monterey Historics
Do you ever...
Would like help to replace speakers
Belt alignment
Which 4 Speed?
Fiber Optics to headlights
Need Help-AR Torque Thrust D wheels on a 69 BB
Muffler question - about tone this time.
Anyone live in the Kansas City Area?
newbie with a 1982 need some tips
Show me the blowers
Can cruise control transducers be easily repaired/rebuilt?
SpeedDirect Steeroids Rack and Pinion kit
1978 pace car
most vette owners have class... BUT! (uncalled for gestures)
Header Maintenance ??????
Hey '69 Owners...
New exhaust valves
a lesson in GLASS DATE CODES
Build Sheets
Reading tank sticker
E-bay...actually have a good Corvette for sale?
Driver side door locked shut
Pep Boys
How often to you check Corvette Forum?
I just ordered.............
I'm looking at a 80-81 and considering putting my 575hp LS6 in it.. Anyone done it?
SEMA Update
Exhaust Tips and the Change in Exhaust Sound
cheap seatbelt replacement.... heres what works!!
How about the Canadians, any links to vettes for sale in the Frozen North?
How do I make a scrolling picture in my sig?
Engine Number Help Please!
Attn 4Runner and Tacoma owners, need your help
Rear window defogger dead.
Tank Sticker
C3 ERA Corvette on JAG Right now!!!
Saw this NOS top shot system in the Summit cataloque...
Why do vettes with an IRS need negative camber?
Rhys and anyone else that had a paint job done
Light Pewter Corvette Photo
Miami Judge -- Red 72' Owner killed in accident
:chevyDo you own an AIM:chevy
kids and vettes(again)
When you buy parts from a major vendor, do you ever notice...
Hey Ed T, remember that '72 for $3000 you saw in NY?

Page: 1084
Intake Vacumn ?
Piston removal - what to do?
Stuck In A Bad Business Deal...
rediculously priced vettes
What Speed Rating Tire Are You Running?
Have you tried the new Moroso Ultra 40 Race Wires yet ? (40 ohms/foot...yeah man yeah!)
Bare Blocks?
ok I bought the engine (see included link), do I change the cam or...
plan of attack for "winter project". opinions(long)
C3 - ever replace your WEATHERSTRIPPING?
Wiper well screens for an 80-82..Where to order
Anyone have an Interior Picture of 1978 Pace Car seats ?
Austin, TX: Need to See BB Pulleys and Brackets
Windsheld trim ?
ID Edelbrock performer carb
new tires? which ones for stock?
How do you change User Name?
radio question
Engine rotates, but will not start!
Pertronix Pointless Conversion: Cooked Coil
Convertible top need replacing? Check out Al Knoch Specials
Wiper wells design on C3s
SS Sleeved Calipers SALE!
1979 Model 1:24
I have completed setup of the 3.73:1 gears in my DANA 44
Dye'ing my '69 steering wheel (how to remove metal ring)
SysteMAX System
L88 Airbox: where should I get one?
Hit the brakes hard; engine stalls!
Transmission Question - What does a shift kit do.
New member from Ontario Canada
Are there any straightforward carpet kits out there?
Clutch replacement questions
Front Suspension Original Colors
Anyone Have One?
State Farm agent in north Dallas area?
71 Holley 780 carb numbers?
looking for pix of headers on a big block:
Which-one Turbo 400 or the 700 4-speed Auto for a 73-454 Vette
Anyone have these "mufflers" if you wanna call them that...
Ordering a ZZ4 tomorrow: What other parts do I need with it?
Rear leaf spring questions..
How do you reach the guage light for the turn signal?
Looking for 3" cowl hood for a 69
What do you guys think of this engine
Latest on LT-1 w/282S cam rebuild
Anyone ever "blow out" a torque converter?
harness bar
need help with pedal response
RIKC i have gone back in time
Blower motor question
Tampa Area Hooters Christmas Party!
i have the worst luck!!!!!!!!!
Corvette parts shipping to Canada
Got New Wheels today!!! 71 LT-1
How difficult to change the rotors on a '94 4WD Explorer??
Clock, replace or repair?
Help purchasing first C3 Corvette
weekend brake job..
Radiator Support Rotted
LT-1 Rebuiled: Finally fired it up
the belly of the beast
Anybody have experience with Edelbrock Carbs?
radiator support frame...
special tool req'd to remove main cap bolts?

Page: 1085
Just Purchased A Set Of Heads!
Newbie Buy's First Vette
Hey all, I have a pic request!
alternator...10SI or 10DN (internal or external regulator) for 71?
Bravo Brand Spark Plug Wires
Cruise nights Northern NJ
Converting 80 to 82 opening rear hatch! Can this be done?
Ricer Computer
Where's Them There Speakers
shifting an auto
What is meant by tuning an Edelbrock Carb? Mine won't run when when cold!!
Any suggestions for rad overflow tank?
T5 tranny question for noralwilhelm
81 rear window trim removal
any radio dj's ?
And you thought your Rear End needed some work
found the problem with my lights
Parking brake houseing, HELP
RE: WANTED 78-82 Corvette
Now this was STUPID on my part!!!
Pedals and rubber arms
Anyone ever used Mark's Performance Engine's??
Edlebrock Carb. Advise
Corvette Holiday Poem for my friends
A little off topic
anybody ever use the zz430? do tell.
Spal Fan Questions AGAIN
Need Advice On Solid Roller Cam Selection - Just found this site...
It's offical, as of 5:51PM tonight...
My Vette got smushed! Need Good Body/Paint shop in the Chicago area???
ARGH!!!! BELT!!! HELP!!!
Remote Starter Solenoid Location
A-arm removal
finished pics finally...
ARGH! Streering Column Making me Crazy
Side Pipe Covers
Want to add an '85 third brake light to my '82. Where....
75-76'ers need your help
Anybody ever painted the spare wheel tub.....
M/C Solenoid '81
Gymkhana Suspension
Does anyone still have the "air-plane taking off" sound?
How about these heads, they seem to be worth it...
Weather here stinks....
What's a '70 small block tach drive distributor worth?
Removing Needle from Speedo Face?
Changing out my Girlfriends 69 Engine
Has anyone tried these lights?
Shark Home from Paint!!
Willcox leather seats
resto-guys: which paint to use??
Big block cam suggestions? and bigger carb?
Eastwood "Golden Cad"
rear end noise
Speedometer error
Convertible Top MFG ?
New exaust temperature gauge won't work
'81 will not start need help
Need pics of Dual 11" spal on BB
SLOW FORUM???????????????
Radiator upgrade
Blue Thunder stuff!
CE Engine Identification help needed
Started the Beast today
How much power/torque will a TH350 take?

Page: 1086
Replacing Ignition tumbler
The Silver Beast's Miss is Fixed :)
Body Prep for Paint Poll
season still not over!
Put the Vette away too early?
Electrical help PPPLLLLLEEAASSSEE!!!!!
Any body heard of Ed KNock interiors?
power steering no good
Another classic back on the road soon
Control Valve Help!!!
Distributor rebuilt by Lars(what a difference)
Still don't know if a RPM Air Gap intake will fit
GM weatherpack connector???? where to get??
390HP Crate take a look
Weird Stuff in Transmission!
test sig
Web address help please (
new accell 8.8 300 plus miss is gone finally!
Nice BB '73 for sale at a great price
Where Can I buy a new or rebuilt Air& Heater control module
Clock replacement
side mirrors for a '75
New to the forum .....
msd , hei super coil,good upgrades?
spreader bar
strange gas leak
Anybody rebuild a tilt/tele steering column???
This guy must really hate Ricers (pics)
The suburban is in a coma but the vette still lives...
Fuel line question
2 Questions, 1 stinger hood on C3? 2, vaccum problems
Appearance - Hubcap Emblems
This is breaking my heart!
Can't get hood open! Please Help!
Head Bolts....
Found the source of the "clunk" sound in the rear...
Wiring for temp tach
another fuel line question
How to disable power steering
Christmas came early. (Thanks to Lars)
How about some links to cars for sale?
Here is a tough question on a mysterious part.
What is a "Ford automatic kickdown lever" on a Holley 600?
[need help] Chevy High Performance story on SB to BB swap
getting the zz4, now what? any hints or suggestions???which carb?etc.
Has anyone hears of a polosh for alternators?
Shiny New Toy ends Break-in Period
Ram Jet 350 PFI Engine?...
New winner in the Corvette vendor prices
buying a vette? need help
81 AC/Heater Control
Air Flow Research...Questions...
Heater core: I can hear water flowing
Question about 6 link IRS system for 80-82 vette
How to remove Headlight Switch & Lower Spedo Cable
Why is the Heat/ AC fan so weak in my 81?
Muffler Pipe Size....?
No power?????
Jacking point under the front end, ..Where?
Long Engineering shifter handle?
Anyone ever re-set lock tumblers?
Holley System MAx?
What will an LT4 cam do to a ZZ4?
VAC or Mechanical Secondaries? which is best
Dynomax headers
I need some advice on my Transmission please.
Orlando, We Want You to Join Our Christmas Party!
H.P.(SAE) 57.8 , what is this ? Found on statement of origin sheet
Paint Job woes, check this out!

Page: 1087
Last minute advice needed
Headlight assembly?
New seat covers
Disappointment with the windshield frame and a Tip
Brands Hatch Green Paint
Flashback, The day the frame off started.
What parts do I need to buy to install? Ready to paint
Tips on finding a vacuum leak needed.
How would you guys troubleshoot this...
HELP NEEDED....Please help your friendly moderator
Fun Time - How Fast Will My Rebuilt Vette Go!?!
Gearing on a 78
Looks like I'll be putting off mods on my car for the next 5 years.
New 80 Vett to the board...
Where can I get a zz4 and how much should it cost?
Mysterious Carburetor Problem
electronic ignition
71 coupe new to forum
How do ZZ4's fair in emmissions testing?
Is this a bargain or just fair?
Corvettefaq is back!
Rims Question. (Cragar SS)
Speedometer/odometer HELP!
Battery drain?
ATN:Central Jersey-Need Someone to Inspect '69 427
Which brackets do i need for a SB to BB swap?
I want to know the tech tips to installing L48 valve covers
New clutch recommendations?
Do you think the cops would come after me if...
Follow Up Brake Question...
IE 6.0-Can't Print From
Need help with low clutch pedal on 69 BB
Rear Break problem on 73
alternator problems
Brake Bleeder Question
Custom Floor Mats?
Wheel hop?
New Proud owner of a BIG BLOCK!
Info on Chrome Plating Needed
Has anyone rebuilt their shifter?
Tips for installing the right and left distributor shield supports
Tracy Performance must be run by the good Doc.
All NCM Members and R8C Participants check in!
Leatherette seat covers question please.
Notched Rods?
Hehe, I left some rubber in the school parking lot
1969 OWNERS: Who would like email at...
seatbelts for a 76 from a 98 camaro??? help haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllppp!!
[NCM] 2002 Red Coupe Raffle Winner!
I am considering pulling the Original engine out of my car..(Bagging it)
Oil in intake runners...
Headlight assembly removal for paint, yes or no?
Is this an 82 drive shaft???
winter engine refreshing
Has anyone been able to put a QJet on a Vortec intake?
Polishing wheels.. How did you guys do it?
'73+ hood on a '68-'72?
what paint for brake calipers?
Would you re-use these body mounts?
Clutch safety switch ???
CARPET INSTALLATION - Check out the results!
Exposed my windshield frame last night....
This Just in from the NCM!
What company for new pulley's??
ebay is silly
78-79 lip spoiler
Center cap fell off.

Page: 1088
Rear bearings and seals....need numbers please
I posted new pics of the project Take a look
GM aluminum intake, number 3959594?
question for LARS
Cleaning Carbon from piston tops?
Questions for those using Mid America's true dual exhaust (75-79)
help with bushing kit???
How do you remove the front bumper?
Dead at Age 10: the Big-Block from Hell
Hey bence
Source for a fuel tank cap ? stock or locking..
68-74 mako convert price?
Ignition key /lock trouble ...HELP!!
1969 REGISTRY: Discussion forums on-line!
Driveshaft shortened and installed on Bowtie 700R4 conversion
Anyone mount their tires "white letters in"?
Pootie Tang !
How do you install new air dam foam?
NJ a question about registration......
MSD 6AL Ignition Box
Rear Wheel bearing kit availability, help please!
draining radiator question
Great engine news
Installed Shift light today...What Pill?
Gauge bezel ?
DFW vette lunch
what do u think of this deal? fastburn crate w/430 hp
Xmas Parades
Emergency brake (help)
70 degrees today and Rolling!
Looking for Parts places in the DFW area?
Happy Birthday Buttercup!!
The Wave....
Broken Rear Fixed
blown vette
intake question
Clay Bar Question
LeMan's Fuel Filler
Separator Assem located on fuel tank??
I love my Dart heads!
Fluorescent lights in garage?
Who makes the best orig. paint colors?
Need help finding emblems
The amazing, deep, lustrous, mirrorlike shine......
Glass polish..
16 Inch Rims ?
Intake gasket question
Is there a proper conversion for 1/8 to 1/4? Mph too?
71 Registry?
Rear leaf spring plate.. All created equal?
I've decided on vortec heads, but I have a few questions
C3 Computer Prom Chip
Need carb help please!
help with prepping garage floor for painting
Lots of carbon buildup on valve stems. Help.
Does anyone want to use Wilwood Dynalite II calipers?
I Need Brake "How To" information
Need some advise. Mechanical or vacuum secondaries? Pros and cons.
placement of jack stands
NOS on cross fire ?
ok, im stupid! PLEASE HELP ME
Car covers
Anyone Familiar with 041 heads??
My new sig!
Heat and Air contol Switch
New ZZ4 Crate Engines @ $3250.00
More E-Town video's

Page: 1089
Vortec V8 In a '68?
Antifreeze leaking, need help locating possible leaks
Problem with new parts? Post your story here!
Rear Spring Bushing Kit
chrome wiper door actuator?
Need the link LARS had about changing the weights in the Distributor
Can anyone post a pic of their horns for me?
can I pull motor with tranny out of my 70 coupe
Removal of rusted manifold studs
Replacing air adjustable rear shocks
Instrument cluster wiring for 78
What type of oils to use
my driveline componants(long)???
Finally!! Maiden Voyage w/ new brakes!!
Speed bleeders...
Best way to clean/condition leather
GM restoration Kit fee, an old link please
700R4 shifts hard into drive?
Reverse seat springs??
Might Have Found A Set Of Heads
Replacing a 700R4 Tailshaft housing question
Got to see my freshly painted 75 today
Any one have trouble with the 700r4 kit from BTO?
Need Flat-bed transport: Tampa, Fl. to Findlay, OH
wheel back space.
Paging.....anybody in teh vicinity of central Jersey
Thanks Jenn! My car is Blue Thunder Car of the Month!
Found the leak in the powersteering pump!!
Windshield wipers locked together.
So who here is running a DEMON CARB...I hear nothing but great things
Seat Cover Installation - Lessons Learned
Paging 82dukman
What A Shock !
installed my crossover in exuast...
Aluminum Intake Manifold Sealant
Differential Side Yolk Oil Seal
Recarpeting :) Question about sides of Console
Is this a good deal for heads or no?
Q-jet questions
Suggestion for all "parts for sale" sections.
Question is this a TH350 or Th400
Rear rack removed, what to fill holes with?
-20 degrees Farenheit here. Can anyone beat that?
How to install air dam - any pictures
Need your C3 expertise!
Need help to contact Canadian guy.
Break woes...any Ideas ?
Leaky transmission
Is the MSD 6AL worth the price for street applications?
POR-15 is AMAZING stuff!!!
Anyone ever retrofit used electric fans other than corvette/camaro/trans-am??
Are headers noticeably louder than cast manifolds?
New tubes for hooker sidepipes
Few Questions for a friend about exhaust, headers, and torque converter
How to build a small body, tach drive HEI!
HELP!!! Looking for article on door springs
anyone near Hurst or Dallas, Texas that can look at a car for me
'71 Registry Project #1
Off Topic question
Brake rotor replacement, when to do it?
Any guesses on my vehicle weight?
79 windshield trim ?
Chambered Pipes vs. Free Flow Mufflers
Spal electric fans
Removed Spare should I reinstall Carrier...
Replacement starter
What color should the windshield wiper motor be in a 69?
Help! Major problem!

Page: 1090
Windshield wiper parts?
Yes, Another Newbie
What is Your Opinion?(Air/Fuel Ratio)
5 speed Vs Big Block--> Ear Biting fun
700R4 speedometer gear selection
Compared Vendor Prices and Guess What?
New Application of Dremel Tool (new to me)
Bought my first vette: 74 Roadster
I just lost my lunch!
check out my sig !!! finally
My oil smells like gasoline, why????
NHRA 1972 - Interesting Facts
383 stroker question for Texans (and everybody else)
Question on Choke adjustment.
Differential Side Yolk End Play
Young Vette OWNERS
Rear-end Yoke Play
Headers for a 78 L-48- Anywhere in Canada?
What to use to plug A.I.R. holes on Exhaust Manifolds
Rebuild Speedometer
Help with cruise control
Brand name ring and pinion
What did your zz4 run 1/4?
small block chevy gurus
New to Forum, 1000's of questions
Decals for coolant and fuel on a 77 L48
Paging Vettfixr
Could this Mustang or Honda be a threat to our C3's?
Engine carpment cover? Has anyone done this?
Big block purchase help
'73 LS4 Clutch Advice
Got Another Ride In A Big Block...
roll bars
Corvette Rubber....any opinions.. before I order
Will my old intake work with these new heads?
One fine Saturday afternoon...
Newbie Also
seven questions from somebody who wants a shark
Interesting article on Brake Fluid
Check out these gauges!
Just bought another C3
Holley Carburetor adjustment
The piece you need to make a 700-R4 work with a Holley.
[NCM] Olympic Torch Relay info!!!!
MORE POWER! Just got my car dyno'd. Lets brainstorm!
77 Courtesy Timer
new window rubber question
Finally, installed remaining carbs on sm block 3x2 set up!
Losing Power Need some help!
Replacing Oil Pan Gasket Questions?
Real Quick Question!
Paint (Black)for Bezel & Shifter Plate
4-Speed Conv. Advice
Engine upgrades for a 70 454
Edelbrock IAS shocks for 68-82 -- they DO exist!
Frame Repair and Wheel Chroming
Windsheld frame
Fuel tank Mountings
Can anyone tell me what is happening?
Exhaust Temp
Christmas Suggestion-C3 Models
My daughter wanted to post on
Louisiana Vette Clubs?
Spark Plug Selection
windshield trim question???? HELP!!!
L-88 Induction on a Small Block
Some more video's
Leakdown Test Results and Questions

Page: 1091
A "shiny" new member of the Family
driveshaft shortening??
Need pictures of red corvettes!
WOOHOO!! Passed NJ DMV Inspection!(well almost)
"69 Owners help me get my Horn Back Please
Which suspension kit NOT to buy
Edelbrock Carb Tuning
What determines redline?
Mysterious option.
Christmas gifts - where can she get them for me?
Cleartastic Holiday Special!
Why don't people where their seatbelts?
Mark's engines from Arizona
AFR Heads
front emblem
Any 1975 trivia collectors?
Looking for pics of ladder bar rear susp.
How much are they worth?
Anybody know how fast a '68 Stingray registers???
Anyone using and electric cooling system on a early c3??
Nice piece of trim...
Need some help to pick the right parts for my rebuild.
Dyno tests: compression ratio comparison
Snake like hissing sound
Does anyone sell this?
Sticky steering wheel - what to do?
are your fiber optics still working????????????
Anyone own a VW Passat?
Carlisle 2002-Too Early?
1981 Corvette Speedometer Sucks! Help! White face gauges?
What Service!!!!
Big Block swap articles? Anybody have any?
Wiring up a 75 electric tach?
how come...?
white face gauge install in 78
Car cover recommendations?
Are the pre 1980 rear ends 10-bolt, 12-bolt or neither?
I need a distributor,what to get?
SuperFast80 - Where's the performance chart?
sway bar end links?
problems with brake lights
chameleon paint job.nice car...
Valve springs switch from single to dual???
Ebay 1972/454/Convert
Dec 2 & I had my vette out.
Calling Zwede...
Do You Tear Your Vette Down During the Winter?
Water leak and heat insulation. announcement
Help locate a Maroon, 4spd, 390hp, 427, T-Top. Have papers!
New track in North Texas
OK, so what's the little black box attached to the fuse panel on my '79 for?
How much dye to buy
How to tighten up Sun Visor
Why is there a notch in the drivers side floor mat?
Has anyone seen the Corvette segment on "American Classics" on the History channel?
Door springs anyone??
-- ---- --- Runout??????????
Rear Compartment Door Frames and Main Frame- 1978
Carb is bogging under hard acceleration and black carbon out of tail pipes
[Request] Old Corvette Articles scanned for my archive site...
Anyway to troubleshoot the alarm "brain box" on a '79?
What is considered high compression?
gadge pod for the a pillar
Blower Motor ?
bad fan clutch??
Hood clearance on 78 with Performer RPM
Sinle vs dual pattern cams: What's the skinny?
Mars attacks take two - Phoenix gets sandblasted the second time, pics available

Page: 1092
Wheel adjustment
700R4 Cooler
are these good heads...or should I get vortec's?
200R4 question
L-88 Hood is on.... Pics included... and I need some help
Which is Out? And Which is In?
Are these air/fuel numbers acceptable?
Exhaust size
Okay The link to pics is working
Need some pics of 2 " high rise hood
72 Big block should I part it or bretore it?
Picture Post Help?
Help! Looking for C3 web page background graphic
My 350
Rusty nuts
Body work est.?
1969 CORVETTE REGISTRY: It's live. Come check it out!
How to wet sand? Help!
Compression test
If you are looking for a project check this out
Here is a few pics, of the proj.
Mixed Emotions
what alternator (sp?)
To shroud or not shroud my new(used) electric fan???
What would be approiate price
Anyone notice the new hotrod on the forum
Tachometer just quit working today
Shredded Rear End?
My Loss; Your Gain good deal.........
need pics of 1980 dark vettes
Big Block Intake
New Pics and Great Leap Forward
how do I make a double flared tube?
pics of new crossflags emblem
Horrible paint job question
While we are talking about members ripping us off.... Elec Headlite Motor Conversion
'73 down and gone
"Q" ? for twoRottiedogs
Any headlight experts out there?
One last ride (it's 70 degrees in Boston) and 2 new problems
Step one in my Corvette project complete!!!!
Excite@Home Looks Done-See You Soon!
Need an exploded view diagram of the tilt/tele column.
Anybody ever use Eagles Alloys wheels
Big Block Guys Running Hooker Sides "What The Heck Is My Problem?"
Need a carb fix.
'73 front center grille on ebay
Removing frt brake caliper: How to plug open line?
Q-Jet Secondary Question(Lars?)
75 Registry ?????????
Whats is worth?
Gas Door Emblem Question
rear axle questions
WHEW!! I'm tired!
Tach with an ''attitude''.
Questions??? I'm New and Loving It...
Anti-car jacking device with kill switch
ever heard of a 402 BB
Shift linkage on my C3
Seats - Has anyone tried C-4 or C-5 seats in their C-3????
Finally got a 1/4 mile time!
breakdown of 69 exterior colors
My shark is just like a real shark (dual topic topic)
Do you recommend the Edelbrock Quadrajets?
Miss Mako
Considering going racing..........
Goodbye George Harrison.... :-(
wonderfully odd weather(hot)
QUIZ: What is the lowest possible compression ratio?
'69 PICS

Page: 1093
What the heck!?
Where can I get this part? (Picture inside)
Announcing the Corvette Challenge Avatar
68 radio hook up ?
New air compressor for $90.00...check out the details
Mikeo's new Forum name
71 Rear Axle ID
Just put in new Halogens....
Anyone use a GM PF1218C Oil Filter
quick advice needed before I order mufflers
Speaking of original spare tires…
Found something cool last night regarding mufflers while surfing.
Rivets in rear spindle - drive 'em out?
Wiper door mechanism rebuild....?
Harborfreight PS Pulley Removal Tool
Just got back from the hospital.
Rough question about the value of a car I've found, please read!
what size tailshaft for 77 350 trans.?
What is the appeal of Honda Accords,Civics, to teenagers? I d'ont get it !
1979 resto question??
christmas came early...roller cam is in!!!
paint problem
Price Guide Link Please!
paint question
Heater/ AC blower question?
humm...custom avatars?
New Tip Of The Day!.......Use the right size thread tap!
where can i getthis part ?
Differential side yoke end play specs?
Tip Of The Day: NEVER weld a windshield frame without a welding blanket!!!!!
Desk Top Dyno 2000 vs. 2001
Tampa/Orlando Gathering!!!!
[REPRINT] Our Corvette Heritage #16: The L-88 Mystique!
I was going through my old boxes of magazines...
1978-82 Seat Cushion Install Tool/Bubba Version
Opinions On Big Block "990" Heads
What do you guys think of this?
Who has their original spare tire?
Which big block heads????
Ever got a girl because of the car????
ATTN 1969 OWNERS: Registry Goes Live tonight (crossed fingers).
side exhaust interchange
Dynomax Header gasket question
What price range for a '69??
tall block distributor
Corvette Corral Motors...opinions?
State Farm Insurance - Policies on the Vette with a 16-24 year old as an occasional driver
Picked up my fuel line at the Chevy dealer
Hot Cam for ZZ3?
Wilwood Caliper brackets!
Best C-3 Shark Model???
Is there an easy way to check rear gears?
HOLD EVERYTHING...I think I found my MOTOR
Looking for a Price...
74-76 Guys, Protective alarm switch??????
crooked center bezel
What to do about brake dust
a 22 foot long Corvette (not j/k)
SuperT10 fair price?
Another dumb question...
Rogers Clocks?
KSC Forum Gathering Pics
On headers and collector length for a big block
Anybody ever have the oil press. sender leak?

Page: 1094
FYI My wife and I are expecting.....
'74 Corvette is consuming (burning up?) ignition coils....frequently...
Front fiber-glass install??????????
Classic car insurance
clock woes
Corvette Forum Calendar Project Goes Live… ready for orders!
Where do I find Q-Jet parts/accesories?
Quadrajet lighting
Was this a good purchase on ebay?
5spd in a C3
Gear ratio swap?
Big block intake
Auto to 5/6 speed. Anyone offer any advise?
i need a link to check prices of seats for my 79
Poor performance after installing new Ignition parts
L-82 Valve Cover Black Paint...What kind guys?
Window storage tray rattles AARGGH!
Need help painting air filter housing.
Finally got AC in and......
Who's got the coolest nick?
Avatar pics
New subscriber: Got my first issue today!!!
SHOCKS for Daily Driver
71 Color Info
Quick question, odometer reset knob
Floor Mats?
Where's the power?(427 Guys)
theft deterrent- an elaboration
How do you adjust rich carb condition?
New '69 registry...update info
Vette needs your help-MUSTANG WINNING
check out this ZZ4 :)
what is the best machanical fuel pump?
Any turbo C3 s out there ?
fellow zz4 owners....wanna upgrade??
Interesting big block cam recommendation
put my new 2001 crossflags emblem on
L88 induction
Your Input on 81 Exhaust
Anybody have any info on Hone overdrives( they were in Baldwin motion cars)
Vette VRS Formula: 1 Has To Go
Does anyone know of this color combo.????
69 Info Help Please
Lots of newbie questions...
[video] C3 Autocross video
LS1 conversion update. this time with pics
Looking for online parts diagrams.
What would you do if...
Body is off
Intake off-is a valve job in order?
Mentor sought/Will Pay-Central NJ
Mounting Temperature Sending Unit in Manifold Not Head?
68-69 side gill question.
Passenger Side Chrome Mirror Poll
Spreadbore or squarebore?
Thinking of selling zz4 corvette
Fluid dampner?
Aluminum heads for a big block
Here's where I been for the last month...
Corvette Stamp Petition
Newbie's ? Re Model and Convertible Conversions
Pics of those 186's I bought
79 doesn't need a key to start, help
Dallas Texan's Please stand up!
What would you sell your vette for????
Cost for replacing windshield???
L48 mods - 1979
Will this Long shifter handle fit a C3? (Richmond 5-speed)

Page: 1095
Freezing outside? No problem!
Rear Rotor Question
rubber ducky project..........
Noooo!!! go back to hell you white stuff!!!
Engine After Run
question about battery disconncet switch?
gauge cluster suprise, my car is FULL of suprises
I'm confused and need help
Check out this crate motor!!!
Is the Performer RPM a good intake?
What's an avatar?
anyone like rally car racing??
The 75 is finally in the paint shop.
Buying a Canadian C3
Click sound near distributor; clicks faster as I accelerate
Head light problem....probably something simple
Fuel for 11:1
to dye or not
question for 16-18 year olds
I am in love.
Since it looks like vetteguy ripped me can anyone else help????????
Heater Fan Speed Problem
Mufflers for a '73
Manual Conversion?
Babe in a C5
Front Center Grill Question
'73 Wheel Spec's
Headlight openings and cracks
Hey, I have a wobbly cooling fan. What's up with that?
1971 Corvette Registry
any silver vettes out there?
Cold engine starts: How do you do it?
What Heads to Get?
New to the site... First Question
High Octane Brew
Where to get O-ring calipers?
Help Please
why in the world is my radiator hose.....
79 with engine trouble
MoMo...Where R U?
Nighttime Shuttle Launch Cruise Info, Tampa Area Members Check-In
I thought this was interesting...
Sway Bar size?
Bumpers...The best way
Need to brighten up my dash!!!!
700R4 Fluid Replacement
I need pics of installed offset trailing arms
After a corvette, what would your second classic purchase be?
Ignition Sheilding
[NCM] Annual Giving Campaign Begins!
Flywheel & Clutch Questions?
Help quick! How much to pay for #186 heads
Picture of Lemans style headlights??
Guys with power anttennas, need some help-
steering box ratio???
* - My New Site...opinions please
What Intake for my new 383
Heater fan motor replacement
Yay! Pics of Calipers...
"Newbee" Introduce myself
Oil Pressure
Gutting a Catalytic converter
Does Anyone Here Drive Their C3 As a Daily Driver???
Hardtop Advice
Finally!!!! I can show you my vette!!
Duntov 30/30
Trim code plate help

Page: 1096
Does the 75 vette have Electronic tach.....
dyeing seat belts
Hooker Pipes Pics/Sale
Best time to sell project car?
Carb. experts (Lars) need some help!
What's the best music to play in a '78?
metal or fiberglass?
What is the best exhaust for a '68 327/350hp?
Initial Timing Question
Carb recommendation
Engine bogs down at all speeds!
ruined for other vehicles
shifter lockout rod
R&R of spare tire carrier...big job??
Where can I get a good inside doorhandle??
Valve springs - just wondering.....
Anyone With A ZZ4 In Calif. Passed Emmissions Test ?
master cylinder ok?
need c3 measurements for trailer purchase
69 Registry?
How to Replace a Heater Core-Non/AC C3 Only!
AstroTop ?????
Antenna Flags
What crazy mods do you want to do to your vette?
Is there a 76 Vette registry?
is there a 71 registry
How long should the choke stay on (Electric choke Q-Jet)?
Vette parts new and used
My ebay buddy..... Again...
Is it too cold?
Does Your Wife Or Girl Friend Ever Get Mad?
Crate engines anybody?
SO... How do you remove a MUSHROOMED yoke from the differential???
Got motor started, but would not go into gear:(
Torn between seat covers or performance
"Clacking" noise from engine
Selling my 69 ???
78 pics
Im having Hooker Side Mount installation confusion..Need advice
Possibility of these C5 seats fitting in my C3 ?
Parts Warsher Fluid
Belts sarted making noises after driving for about 45 mins.....
Painting the Alternator...
REAL L-88 for sale in EBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Jacksonville / Gainesville guys -
Assembly Manual for 74 C3
What do you use your Vette for?
77 side yolks...fine or coarse splines?
Cylinder Leak Down Test - How To Do It
Who has replaced the engine/ lights harneses?
Ring and Pinion Question
Vetteguy...............Where are you???????????
Modem friendly pics of my C3 project
[NCM] Museum Raffles 2002 Electron Blue Z06!!!
What The Heck Is This For
Need a picture of a C3 with crager ss wheels
Who has stroked a 454?
Questions on the 400 SBC
Vin Number Question
Who was I sending/selling 80-82 Interior parts to last summer? I forgot your name.
New to the forum
Is this a good idea or not?
C4 Rear suspension inC3
T-Top Alignment Question
10 sec or less c3's??
What color to PAINT
Need your help to I.D. a distributor.....
And now, for something completely different...
Sidepipe/Header questions

Page: 1097
71 LT-1 - 16X8 wheel/tire sizing questions
76 Goodyear vs BFGoodrich Tires
So what kind of sawzall do I need?
75 Roadster emissions exception???
Good deal on HotCoat gun and powder
Desktop Dyno: C3VettesRock
C3 Info Needed
Installing AC what a pain
Need advice from anyone who installed new radio.
rear crossmember cushions
What is the factory correct color of a 77 L48 air cleaner -- blue or black?
Intake setup, will it fit, will it flow: Wanna fit that Edel RPM Air Gap in my SB hood
First mods for a 78 L48
68 backup lights, ventilation, and relays
Disappearing OIL
okay, okay, Here is a pic!
Oh Yeh!!! Paid a $1.18 for Super today
Finally Updated My Website
Transmission Question
Help! Need pics
Help! She can't win! I have to get this thing moving!
Opinions please...
I have Mopar crate engine envy!
My Inspection experience
Calling All Red Vettes....
Vapor Canister... need some help here guys.
Oil Pressure Sender wire
Upper dash pad anchor locations
Control Valve Leak?
Desktop Dyno
A few more pics of the new paint job
do you pick on the boxy 5.0 mustangs??????
extent of work??
waterpump blew
#4 body mounts
Anybody have pics of black '80 or 81 Sharks?
New Guy.
Moonroofs for the 71.... bought 'em.
#3 body mount
Side Pipes are on..What do you Think?
Good and Bad night at the track
How Do I Remove the Rear Brake Disks
Will a Victor Jr. fit under a 1972 stock small block hood?
Today was a special day for bamavettes. 37th anniversary
C3 Tires Revisited
Rear shock mounts...differences left to right
1-piece oil pan gasket for BB?
Head porting tools
test signature;;
68-72 A/C Control Operation
Painters: Compressor thoughts
Link for sterring box lash adjustment?
Getting some 64cc heads to raise compression!
switching distros, to elec, but what about me tach
new best at track
Steam Cleaner for Engine Bay ?
Steel Bumper Big Block located in barn
Turbo 400 Front Seal Leak
C3rs w/C4s, battery question
How can I get about 425 hp and be driver friendly with...
Chrome or Rally Rims on my car
Oh No! Not More Side Exhaust Questions!
Those of you that restored......
increased rocker lift = increased performance??
81 with AC, Heater Core Replacement
power steering valve will not budge
Price Question!

Page: 1098
Original L-88 hood ID?
Compression Ratio Calculation
Productive Weekend
I need a favor. can someone post a picture of....
Okay here is the definitive ruling on, "Should I post the pics of my car?"
Painting an '81
Two questions:
Daytona, Where Were The Vettes
New door wheather stripping, door doesn't shut closed. Any advice??
Suspension Options.
Visited Paso yesterday, look at his project!!! (5 pics)
Quick Question
Has anyone used an aftermarket one piece front end clip?
New steering wheel!
Sell Vette for new house?
427 Emblems are on!
Updated My Signature
Replacement Battery
Huge coolant leak...what can I expect before I dig in?
daytona pic for droptop71
Windshield support rust - What do I look for
painters, how to prevent overspray in engine, frame,etc
Who makes their own Octane Booster or Race fuel
Its back together.
Is this 75 Roadster worth 10.6K
Air Filter System for Demon Carb?
Ign switch Removal
70 to 72 --Anyone ever chrome the Egg crate side louvre thingies?
Why did you pick your handle?
Power steering pump has a leak...keeps losing fluid..
Will a Big-Block fit under a L-82 hood??
ARGH!! Well i have another days work :( Not good
I got a welder this weekend!!
No Reverse
Leather Like seat covers pic
Anyone Here Ever Use a Chem. Stripper to remove paint?
Gary Gruhala
74 front fender question
Corvette Chronicles
Our annual turkey derby!Got 3rd place.
What are those brake lines made of?
Ignition shielding question please.
Calling lou!
Vette drivetrain
Alternator on my 1980
Tampa Area Lunch Gathering Tomorrow
Trailing arm assemblies
No Such Luck with Jerry Luck Carbs.....
general price range for silver anniversary vette
Corvette Station Wagon (seriously)
Headlight actuators
Does anyone have a 427 Hood emblem template?
Emergency Brake replacement
Need Wiring ID Help
Headlight switch gets warm
Shorten drive shaft
AC Compressor what will fit
Transmission Deep Pans??
What carb to get??
frame condition - are you experienced?
Winter Oil 15-50
Increasing compression, need new heads?
What can I expect to pay for a 73 Big Block 4spd?
Por-15 Engine Enamel.. any used it or heard anythign about it?
Anyone intrested in used black hooker headers/sidepipes?
Brakes coming along fine
Weight difference? BBC with aluminum heads vs. SBC with iron heads.
Will one work?

Page: 1099
427 logo debacle again
I want a Porsche, either a 911 or 928!!!!!
What is the best way to find a vacuum leak???
Transmission still leaking, any suggestions?
Carb Mods- Testing this Fri. at Capitol Raceway
noise from wheel
Another timing question....all other attempts have failed
Carb help please...
Bence: Those heads are too big!!!!????
Gel coat please clarify it's use.
Map Lamp Wiring (Early 76)
76 Brake Replacement Cost Estimate
Where to buy replacement windshield for 68 ...non oem ok
c4 wanted to race...
Need Some Heater Core Help('69)
Who sells Eastwood's paint?
any convo pro pics???
\\Happy Thanksgiving to all, Did you drive your Vette today? or the other Car//
How long will a TH350C last behind a ZZ4?
Made the front end kit purchase, here's what I learned
A few interesting Vettes for sale.
Leather Seat Covers
Another Brake Question
Which Automotive Performance Meter is Santa Bringing to YOU?
81 Blower Motor
Hey Lars
Aluminum Heads or Not?
Should I go with a Holley or Demon carb??
Is it possible to put sidepipes on a 79?
Might sell my '70 this after Thanksgiving
HAL Shocks????
To Paint or not to Paint --- (Calipers)
Non stroker, Hi-po 350 guy. Can you give me your engine specs? Cam, heads etc..
I need Pics...Please help!!! Dash Pics are needed
temp. sensor
bent pushrods
Found lars fuel filter parts at pep boys.
What is this car worth?
Anybody have a Paragon catalog and..
Whats better? Coilds or leafs?
What are side exhaust covers worth?
Do you think I had a camber problem?
Well, today is the day for paint.
Gave the wife a little V-8 power today....
Honda/Vette hybrid?
I Am Having A Cam Complex...
Door Springs breaking-any suggestions?
Always a new surprise...
coil over question
Where to locate parking brake bracket on 700R4 conversion
Security horn '80
Whats wrong with Mallory brand distributors???
OK to Bend fuel line?
I give up. Need help. Silver Beast has a miss above 4000.
Engine build up
With an automatic, can the parking brake be relocated to the floor? Bhays?
How do I bond metal to fiberglass?
Good gearing & TQ setup for street & track
Joe Lucia...Do you know if these heads are still available?
Comp Cams Xtreme Energy or Magnum series cam
You C-5 owners enjoy your turkey.....
Modify Strut Rod Bracket to lower the roll center. (Vette Improvement Program)
Spark plug wire mounts...??
Rear end going south. Now, which part?
Faulty fuel warning lamp
Dash panel differences??
what color to paint half shafts?

Page: 1100
Big Block cam
The new audio system goes in on Wed. thanks all for your advice and postings
What will a B&M shifter do for me?
Corner Ballancing ...
Are the "Leather-Like" Seat Coverings any good?
[WATER PUMP] Coupla quick (stupid) questions
Happy Thanksgiving ....
Should I install a transmission cooler????
Wheel question?
Need help (6 or 7 qt oil pans)
Caliper Rebuild Question.
Speaking of Tranny coolers, check out my new one.
Web site for storing photos?
Here you go 67 HEAVEN....
I can't believe my luck!
Home made headers, first impressions
low rpm misfire???
If you could have just one book on your vette
Will a 700r4 improve my 1/4 mile ets?
TV-cable question
700R4.. I was told a while ago that I could use a police package tailshaft housing?
Richmond 6 Speed?
How much were sidepipes?
1980 700R conversion.
Another '80-'81 4 speed question.
Can someone with Desktop Dyno please....
No recommended Vette shops in Detroit listed in CF? Michigan for that matter?
will these headers fit ?
How to check rear gear ratio ?
3.55 rear end in an '80?
78 L-48 cylinder heads specs.
Stingray Name Question
Considering Move to Frozen Tundra from Southern Climate
1969 L-89 CORVETTE PROJECT CAR....Is this a real one?
Urban Legend? Battery on Concrete Floor
What I sold to buy the Vette.
not another poll? haha is it possible....
Okay, the Corvette Challenge Web Page is updated with 11/17/01 results.
502, Big Block questions
Front End Suspension.
Kudos to Paragon
Is there any electrical tape...
Popping/groaning in read when turning low speed corners
Calling body work experts.
Need advice on leak repair
Vibration questions
Exhaust hanging low..
Do you have a paranoid nose when you drive your C3? esp convertible?
Need bolt sizes (lengths, thread pattern, etc.) for '76
Post your Classic Insurance Company......
muffler question
'80 REALLY Loud with True Duals and Dynomax Super Turbos
Driveshaft Balancing
Vette Specialists in Miami?
comparison of L-82 and L-48
Winter Storage In Heated Garage
door lock fell out
Insuring my C3 as a Daily Driver?
Aluminum polish question !
Looking For Muffler Tech( Victory) Address
Any clocking fixing tips?
McLare built 502 657-HP
Need electrical disgram for 68-71 wipers (w/ wiper door)
48's and 82's
Exhaust Pipe question need answer asap

Page: 1101
Fuel Guage sending unit, 1979.
fuel evaporator canister
How much horsepower with addition of Dynomax super turbos
Rear Window Louvers
electronic ignition for my 73
Hooker Sidemounts Headers for 80 L-82
1980 L-82 w/ AC radiator
CorvetteForum Trip to Le Mans!!!
I Got Paint!!!**pics**
Another inexpensive Pace Car
Can an ATI Supercharger be Mounted in Place of the Air Compressor on a C3???
1969 Corvette Question
I guess it didn't end up TOO bad.(BIG!!VERY BIG!!)
Pace Car Spoiler any suggestions
Stock "Camel Hump" flow?
Jim Shea, rack again...please
Paging Jim Shea (Power steering ???)
Attention body workers... How dangerous are fiberglas/polyester particles to your health?
Twisted axles
Backup Lights Don't work?
Trying to find an Exhaust system part. Could use help.
Classic Auto Insurance
Steeroids rack & pinion pics! Ooooo
Will this help?
Is this for real? 4-door C3
another fuel gauge question
Need Advise on Chambered Exhaust
Starting the Stripping Tomorrow - Couple Questions
What the girlfriend said about small blocks
Accessory position on ignition switch
Which coil to use???
I have a 69 Corvette, along with my life story, if your interested!
Put My Baby To Sleep
Poor mans lift part two
EBAY crook disappeared???
Camaro Seatbelt Retractors
Lars - Electric fuel pump question.
zz4 valve covers
Stupid Question of the night....
Help Oil Leak
ZL-1 Intake anyone??
I'm building a garage - any advice?
Interior Carpet Removal and Installation - C3
Women and Auto Parts
1969 Brake Problems
Do you ever let anyone else drive??
Bonding Material?
Auto to 4spd help
bezel screw question
im new to c3's and need direction
New use for small blocks!
Calling Nomad78SA. Side pipe question.
Chambered exhaust "alarmed" a mini-van. Heh, heh, heh
Smart Strut versus Adjustable Struts...redundant???
Oil pan mounting bolts
Off Topic.. Rust in Fiberglass
Final Suspension Kit issues
80-81 4-speed id.
Need help with shopping list and other ?s
Pics of Classic Car show UK last weekend !
[WATER PUMP] What's the best bang for the buck?
Cooling problems
Rear gear parts vendors. Any recommendations?
75 finally ready for Paint!
lock up torque convertor switch
Raw fuel leak....
Relocating Ignition switch
Power Steering Reservoir Leak

Page: 1102
rebuilt engine woes
ShocK mounts POPPED right off!
Removing Scratches from door glass
Speedometer Extraction Advise.
'81 vette, choke light???
Winter Storage
Thank you cotter pin gods...
holley fit stock (Q-Jet) manifold?
Maybe sombody can help me identifying my engine block??
Scrap that pulley
Rear Window Tray Question
15" Aftermarket Wheels
Easy headlight question
just a reminder to check your coolant
Cross fire vapor lock???? what's that about???
Problems with Battery Disconnet Switch
Anyone need an engine from a C5
After one coat of Zaino! (56k'ers beware)
Index Marks on Cam & Crank Gears?
Antifreeze Smell
Englishtown road course?
SB Cam Advancing Question
Corvette Panic Attack..Please HELP!
Q-Jet accel pump not working properly
Frontend body sag????
hp upgrade question about B&M blower
Cleaning road crud from steering components
Need Wiring help ASAP Because I am an Idiot!
Suspension/brake parts Vettes have in common with other Chevs.
umm, This is a Vette. Very Interesting
BSeery's 1980 ZZ4 project -- post 7.
What are the indications of a fouled plug?
Ignition Key will not turn in Locked Position
Steering Linkage Question (semi large photos)
Torker II vs. Performer (2101)
Found green stuff on the floor - oh oh questions?
Disappearing coolant...
Cam specs for 1980 L-82?
Rubber between springs
Here's a link for those of you wondering what I'm talking about.
What a mid sixties Corvette buyer looked like, Part 11
'68 327-350HP R&T spec sheet inside.
I had the best birthday of my life today.
Torque Converter
vacuum hose from brake booster
Cranking Compression Question
Cam lobe going flat?
Valve guide leakage
Need wiring help
nitrous in a stock engine
10.4" or 11" clutch plate?
Water pump leak?
thread taps
Where can I get acrylic laquer paint?
Suggestions for removing torx head from the lower seat belt anchor (version 2.0).
Can I use an electric fuel pump along with my manual pump as a back-up??
i finally broke into the 12's!!!!!!!!
Seatbelts out of 90 Camaro
Thars oil in me coil, is this normal ???
A yoke topic on differentials He He
Recaro (or other) seats
PCV-manafold or ported vacume?
Anyone replaced the Gear in a Tach drive Distributor??
Should I remove all of my interior?
'74 Corvette - 93 miles!!! - L@@K!!!
can i check main bearing clearances...?
lapeer dragway-who was there on Saturday?
Hopefully easy brake cylinder question...
2.5" (or 3") glasspacks for Hooker sidepipes

Page: 1103
what did you use to strip the paint??? and what color should i go????
The Last Detail
car pics
Rear Body mounts rusted? Help
off the subject but mybe you can help
350 CR ???
Balancer question
Dynomax headers
Found a "Lars " in Florida:
Pictures of my non-running project (Caution 56k'ers, 13 pics!)
Need help with Differential gear choices/venders.
Nice 100 mile drive, but not one pass at the dragstrip!
pics of my old 76 drag racing
Private Andrew Malone
Just ordered new wheels and tires
buying a vette
Where on the frame can I find VIN #s?
Too sick to do anything, please post if you have a web page
Need Block ID help please...
Spider webs in paint
Put aside original block or use it for the rebuild?
Could someone take a picture of their 69-77 door weatherstripping?
Help, Need to Replace Power Antenna on 78
Wheel interchange
Biggest Damn project I've ever done is complete!
Its only money. Which heads to use?
If you accidentally cut into the front of your radiator , how would you fix it ?
Beautiful Last Day
I Just Had To !!!!!!!!!!!!
How to cheaply add HP to a stock '81 Vette?
So Merlin...
Need Help Again
High Pitch whistle
Need my radio repair.
ZZ4 Crate..ok ok ...
How high does the car need to be for transmission removal?
Parts ID please. And calling 2101 owners: Nipples needed.
Converting Q-Jet to Speed Demon .. Too Many Hoses !!
Brake pedal goes to the floor.
Found A Crack...
Which carb to use?
how long is the break in period?
hit a deer
Rack and Pinion kit from speed direct any opinions?
rocker arm install
This C3 has some ***European*** history!
Does anyone have the flow numbers for L46 heads?
Mile deep shine on my Black 68 Vette......
Timing recurve kit
Advice needed on installing dual electric fans????
Ring Gap
New guy says thanks
help with power steering vavle removal
New seat installation
Door Hinge Question
Rear-end cover bolt torque?
Look out of your glass tops!
Help! Gas boiling in carb!?
What is involved in converting to a five speed tranny?
Basic brake performance upgrades. (Medium to Low Dollar)
What's up with this?
93 LT1 Swap into a C3
TH400 to Richmond 5speed conversion info and pics
Starter question
original radio repair
Help with hood latch
Do you manual guys use 2nd gear

Page: 1104
5 port washer pump
Yipes!! What happened here?!?!?
My winter project list, please critique.
This is what Corvette purchasers looked like in the mid-sixties!
What's Up with Mustang Drivers??????
Crate motor and emmisions
Any New Jersey guys been to Island Dragway?
Front Suspension Rebuild
Best quality frt/rear emblems?
Cops gave me a warning today
Window Glass
$$$ Aren't the issue..What do I get...
Low Compression?
umm, how do i? (oil pump help)
Quadra Junk
easiest hp upgrades for my 1980L-82
Look what I got today.
Rear oil seal leak question
Which carb base gasket do I use?
T Top Cargo Strap Hooks
Pulling heads off 454
starter wire
Blow the power steering cylinder today@##$%$
INTEREST COUNT: Who would be interested in DRLs for their C3?
What is the weight of a 77 frame???
My 68 BB convert pics!
Mid-America Fun Fest - Opinions Please
How Easy Is It To Get 500HP Out Of A Small Block?
November 15 - Drove the vette in Michigan today with the tops off !!
Another missing bolt question...
corvette parts in jacksonville?
Arcing around spark plugs?
is this a motion?
Engine & trans mount prices!
Will Speed Demon + Performer RPM fit under 78 stock hood?
Who runs a solid lifter cam???
Headers in backwards????
simple engine question
Where can I get some good seat belts (Dark Saddle) for my 72
new spin on ricer stickers, ricer nos, and fast and the furious
Jan 2002 Hot Rodding magazine- 1300hp daily driver C-4! Competition for Merlin!
1980-82 passenger side mirror and vanity
200th post: What are your other hobbies?
Best shocks for a C3
Shift Kit for TH350
Camaro Owner Gets Jealous?
Gas Smell
A.I.R. pump question
Time for new seats .. which ones?
mrvette's rack and pinion pics
L3026F-Anyone have specs for this TRW piston?
Transmission Bolt...What size?
A/C Service, DFW Area
Merlin's websight?
Cutting front coil springs- ride height.
Maybe I'll finally become a corvette owner!
Does anybody have a coupon code for Summit Racing?
Different height tires on rear end?
Bought a air compressor
Corvetteforum Performance Registry is online!!
Diagnosing spark plugs
whats a "divorced style choke"?
Calling a Desktop Dyno Operator ?? Requesting a run through !
rack and pinion
Eastwood Golden Cad Paint system??
Hey vettefixr .... recommended reading ?
Question about my parking brake handle

Page: 1105
Does your parking brake work?
Just had a Car Stolen - Colorado Guys Keep your Eyes Open....
What Type Of Cleaner To Use?
Vette/forum Gathering in North Dallas this Sunday 18th
Northern VA C3ers - Silver Diner Friday 16th?
Guldstrand kit or Tom's kit?
What Year is your Corvette? (Poll 1: 1968-75)
Any comments on my heads....
C3 Show - Spring 2002
I just purchased Richmond's Road Race 5-Speed, what now?!
1978 Pace Car with 10 actual miles!!
ZZ4 crank...Whichun is it?
4+3 in a C3?
Help on getting My dad's 75 running
Nassau Blue on a '79?
Good deal on Richmond 5-speeds
my inspiration
Hardened Side Yokes Are They Worth the Money
I didn't know this about c3 clocks!
Are there any aftermarket radios that fit directly into the console?
Before and After Pics
A wing on a C3?
Another "Where's this wire go?"
Leaking differential
It's time for "What is this thing?"
Do it yourselfer 700R4 rebuild? What's involved?
Cure for poor gas mileage
C3 Owners: Lights On or Off?
Mr Mojo's mailing list
Chrome Valve covers leak?
power steering on a 73/ best cool air intakes
AC Rapid-fire plugs, anyone notice any inprovement with these in a stock L-48?
700R4 swap questions?
Heat Riser with Side Pipes - Yes or No?
5 point harness, and cross bar
Cappy's got new wheels - Check them out
World Sportsman II heads?
What exactly does this button do..
Made a decision on gears
Pics of my 650 Hp SBC and Race Car
Anyone else go to Vettefest in Chicago ?
Race Rock winner - Nassau Blue 82
Update on Broken Rear End
STUPID QUESTION: How will a change in compression ratio affect my exhaust sounds?
One more insurance Question
Did anybody order a car cover from Mid-America and not get it?
Question for Lars -- Carburetor for ZZ4.
My Buddy and Me
Spare Tire/ Jack
Hood hinges ???'s
Do I have to have a crossover on dual exhaust?
Brake Advise Please
A transplant question
weight limit
Anyone else have a Saginaw?
on removing spindle assembly from trailing arm...
Hey bamavette, approve your picture!
WOW! Check out my desktop dyno results!!
'81 Alternator Gauge went dead, but system still charging?
where can i get chrome inserts???
Installing Differential Bushing
Rodent question
Looking for gear ideas
Post your burnout pics!!!
Wiper Door (I know not again!!)
UPDATE on cam button noise:
TALLY: What year is your Vette?
Car Pics

Page: 1106
Real C5 1/4 mile numbers.
Big Block intake manifold suggestions.
help with steering gear removal.
How does a Richmond 4 speed fit in a C3?
What's a Hot Plug?
What is the best way to eliminate CARB loading??
Fuel Filter location?
CF Calendar Update Details
Just got my brakes today!!!
???? Stall Converter
Rear End experts... Side yoke question on late C-3's
Dyno2000 and intake manifolds??
Pics of borla or corsa tips?
Last weekend I had the chance to drive an S2000 Honda, is this car is a true competitor for our C3s?
8T1-7T9 BIONIC VETTE/Cappy's interior pictures
Fogging Oil question
Just had a terrible day with the vette
Congrats to Fred Vetter on his Cartek Corvette Challenge Win!!!!!!
The stage is set for the Corvette Challenge Championship final
Mike69 burnout video
Cartek Corvette Challenge to take a turn. New road course at E-town.
ZZ4 users info needed
Centerforce dual friction good/bad?
Blank'ed Blank Alternator blowout on my truck tonight.
Whistle while it works
Cartek Corvette Challenge RULES for this weeks TOP 16 RACE!!!!
Engine & Trans mounts.
Fiberglass repair manual
Vette Brakes 550 Lb spring
Best way to remove the rearview mirror
73Ken73 -need to ask you a question.......
Which preferred: Pilot bushing or Pilot bearing
Fan shroud
How much of the interior dash/gauges can you remove and still drive the car.
TT2 pics with white lettering?anyone got any?
Help Finding Oil Pan
What is this part and what does it do????
Here we go again.. corvette fever has stricken me one more time!
using the vette on a first date? batchelors help!
This may be overdone,,, but I"m just geting interested. The 7004 trans..
muffler question
Is this the Klean Strip you guys talk about?
Winter project...or perhaps not.
Has anyone converted their rear window to the older removeable style??
Holley LT-1/Z-28 carb
Zarrella out...Lutz in
Spal Fan Installation
Need a recommendation for good motor mounts.
Best Tires?
The car is finally back together and runs so much better!!!!!!
Arizona Corvette Cruise for Cancer Pictures
Your definition of "Drivable"
Finally Found '77 Shop Manual
exhaust manifold bold
Why are all japanese cars "ricers"?
Fuel supply
1bad69 or Tahos Belt questions
Traction - or the lack of it thereof....
Belt alignment for power steering pump???
Hood Question
Web site for muncie transmissions???
Checking Flywheel/Bellhousing runout ?
Can the throttle cable be shortened?
My Exhaust sounds
Followup on cheap Corvette lift
why would gas shoot out of carb?

Page: 1107
update on Andover seatbelts, and radio interference.
I'm a Traitor! Just bought a '67 ex-BB side pipe roadster
HELP???? Which rims would you buy for my car????
1981 Computer Wiring Harness Removal???
Th-400 to Th-700r4 whats involved?
Installed 17" Centerlines today, no spacers
Help me out here.
Pics from the Corvette Challenge @ E-Town Nov. 10
Car fell on its face at the track
Distributor Removal?
Just purchased zz4
How much paint to buy?
Christmas came early :-)
Spider gelcoat
B&M Holeshot 2000 vs. Torquemaster 2000?
23 Corvettes at Sonic Drive-In (Large) Photo
looking to add members to my ill club
help need belt info quick
JRChurch, what mufflers did you go with and how do you like them?
Drag Racing Poll: Is a win by red light an honest win?
Did I Win or Not??
Brake booster removal?
Tail Lens Clean up
pics of my car..let me know what you think....
Requesting pics and comments on ground effects for C-3's
Why ???
Anyone purchased products from Davis Unified Ignition?
Just bought a NCM brick for my C3
Brake Bleaders
Automatic Transmission Shift Control
AZ Cruise for Cancer ...
replacement bumpers
Loud squeaks and thumps out of rear - wheel bearings????
Tach Cable
Fuel Pressure...Not making sense (Lars?)
Weather stripping removal
More TKO questions......Norval
Pulled out the Pertonix Ignitor II Put the points back in and.......
What is the best way to go about this?
Holley Systemax II - no low end power.
%$!@&! DEER!!!!!!!!
Pics of my sideview mirror are on my photopoint website..check it out
Show me your spoilers!
-= Night Driving Without Headlights =-
Do I use this hood scoop ¿
Rear End Noise
What shock should I buy?
Big Block Stew
After ignition problems and a lot of backfiring while driving.....
How would you fix a carb whose butterflys stick a tad against the venturi ?
What Year is your Corvette? (Poll 2: 1976-82)
proportion valves and highway robbery
Converting to EFI Questions
What size sway bar is stock on a '71 BB?
Going to the body shop Which RED to use?
Help! Installing VB rear sway bar.
which gears?
attn H.E.I boffins - need help
H E L P !!! 68 Window
Interesting 72 BB coupe for sale
More transmission questions (Tremec TKO)...
New Here and a Couple C3 Questions
Put on the Passenger side Mirror this weekend!!!
several questions - rear end and more
((Happy Veterans Day)) Any Veterans that owner Vettes out there??
Thermostat Housing Lead
For those interested in 700-R4 swap driveshaft length...
Possible alternative to rack and pinion...Monty...

Page: 1108
Zip Products? None for C3's in the Forum?
Glass replacement for removable rear window.
KYB Gas-a-Just Shocks?
Question About '75 Rochester Quadrajet.
4 speed tranny trouble. clutch related?
Help !!! Want new engine, Old carbed SBC or late model LS1 eng ????
TruFlex Bumpers- Please comment
Tips for getting your car ready for the drag strip?
who just IM'ed me about coil springs
What brand of spring?
Speedometer gear selection for 700R4/3.73 combo?
67 stinger hood for c3
need your opinion on c4 for sale
'75 horn contacts
'75 door striker bolt
Finally got a picture of my other car.
rear end question.
Need help with part off thermostat
Paging Joe Bria
Update: Speedo assembly back in and running!
what gears ? calculates to 3:36, rotating tire 1 time = 3.08? Huh?
Two (2) things.
What is this ?
Neutral safety switch question (4 speed)
desk top 2000 color change
looking for a guinney pig for 3d model
Caster appears way off on rebuild
77 Wire Diagram HELP!
Anybody have pics of 1980 front spoiler bracket?
Chrome valve covers w/1" holes for pvc and breather??
pertronix ignitor = junk
Help needed for Fan Switch problem
Good price for 70 Vette?
Urgent Help Required !!! Hurricane Wheels
1970 Color Interior / Exterior Statistics
Not impressed with Accell right now
Maybe most stupid question ever but here goes
worn out oil pump?
Correct tire pressure?
"again" - vette junk yards?
hydraulic clutch assembly - who's installed one?
73 L48-auto-3.08-stall converter advice
'68 Fiber Optics Question
anybody used...
will pre-75 ignition sheilding fit over a HEI dist. in a 70 vette?
Fuel Gage Problem?
Paging Lars
767 down in NY!!!
which hood blanket do I use for L88 hood?
help!!trying to post pics....
Control Arm Dust Cover Installation
Replaced convertible deck lid springs Saturday. Finally figured it out!! (very long)
Race Rock event - and the winner is.....
"Vettes at the Rock" Pics!!!
Anyone sell adjustable sway bars?
Valve Covers ... Rocker Clearance
A ride in Mike69's Taxi Cab
Why does paint look so much better in photos? [pic]
First Race!
Possible to convert "72" Q-Jet hot air choke to electric?
Tranny types?
rebuilding power steering pump
Silly brake light question
78-82 T-top adjustment instructions
Come on now !
Sounds like a fuse...right?
Do you need 4 bolt mains to build a 383?
Headlights won't go down...Help
"Stock" 10in rims?
GM Parts Interchange Manuals -- Any Good?